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Yui Samidare
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I always wanted to be an ally of justice. I always wanted to save those in need of help. That was why I started walking down the path of a detective.

Danganronpa Kirigiri

Yui Samidare (五月雨 結 Samidare Yui) is one of the protagonists and a participant of the many Duel Noir murder cases featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

Yui gives her assistance to Kyoko Kirigiri, who is younger by three years. Her initial DSC number is 888; as the story progresses, she is promoted, and her DSC becomes 885.


Volume 1

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Translation Credit: @Edogawa Translations, TheGameSurgery and @Kamase Megane on Tumblr

Early Life

When Yui was 9 years old, her younger sister, Mayu Samidare was kidnapped and killed, and the case remains unsolved. This fueled Yui's desire to become a detective, registering in the DSC at the age of 13. Her desire to solve cases and 'save' others resulted in her turning down an invitation to attend Hope's Peak Academy with her talent of jumping so she could further her skills.

Yui boards at an exclusive all-girls' combined middle and high school, which is known to be an extremely popular missionary school for wealthy girls. Since attending high school, Yui has been living in the school's dorm rooms.

Yui is also one of the few detectives in her school. While at the school Yui was sent two love letters in her first year; one she rejected and the other by a person Yui couldn't find. While part-time jobs were against the school rules, the school would give permission to anyone if they requested it beforehand. Yui was the first student in the school's entire history to ask for permission to work as a detective in her high school years. In order to prioritize her work as a detective, she didn't have a lot of social life and didn't attend any school clubs.

Sirius Astronomical Observatory Murder Case

While attending High school, Yui received a black envelope that contains two letters, there was a letter from "Yoshizono Ooe " who said that he was speaking on behalf of his client and that he wanted Yui to meet him at Hatesaki Station on December 22nd at 3 p.m. to be picked up. She received an interview with the client at Sirius Astronomical Observatory and, upon his approval, became privy to details of a very important case. In order to solve the puzzle written on the letter, Yui searched information about Sirius Astronomical Observatory online on the data processing room found at her school.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (4).png

Yui took absence from school and arrived at Hatesaki Station; at this point is when the snowstorm slowly began to fall. Because the station was pretty empty, she quickly learned that the other people who gradually joined her there—Eigo Amino, Shīta Enbi, Kō Inuzuka and Kyoko Kirigiri—were other detectives who had also been called to the case. When they were ready, the driver dropped them off a bit away from Sirius Astronomical Observatory, telling them that his orders were to drop them off there, and the groups will walk the rest of the way. Kyoko thought something was wrong and suggested to Yui that they leave, but, seeing the three men walking ahead in front of them, she whispered that she couldn't "leave them to die" and decided to stay on board.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (1).png

While on their way, they encountered a sign that read “Welcome to Delightful Sirius Astronomical Observatory” is crossed out to read “Welcome to Despair Sirius Astronomical Observatory.” After the team arrived, they started to investigate the building and its furnishings. However, Yui along with the other detectives were tricked as the client never showed up, but instead, they ended up in another situation.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (2).png

Yui later awakens on the ground with tears streaming down her face and her right arm handcuffed to a bed. She doesn't remember if she is crying because of a sad incident or because of 'that' dream. She tries to gather her thoughts and remembers that she arrived with 4 other detectives at Sirius Astronomical Observatory to their client that never showed up. Yui frees herself by lifting the bed a little and releasing the chain and goes to examine her surroundings. However, she spots one of the other detectives who had accompanied her, Kyoko. She was found by Yui lying unconscious on the across the floor. When expecting her, she found next to her a blood-stained hedge clippers and spots the key for Yui's handcuffs in Kyoko's grip.

While investigating, Yui finds the other detectives lying on beds; decapitated with their bodies switched around. With a heavy snowstorm outside to prevent anyone from getting in or out, and the fact that only she and Kyoko are the only people alive, Yui suspects Kyoko of killing them. Kyoko later awakens at the sound of the handcuffs click, and after spotting the clippers, slowly reaches out for them. Yui quickly handcuffs Kyoko's left hand to a chair, afraid of what Kyoko would do with the clippers and confronts Kyoko on her suspicions of her being the murderer. Kyoko denies killing anyone and begins recalling what she remembers from before her current situation.

While Kyoko was tied to a chair, Yui investigates in Kyoko' s place. While investigating, Yui learns that the corpses of the three bodies were actually cut into smaller pieces— the arms and legs are cut into three pieces, with all body parts rearranged. Yui later decides to investigate the roof. Yui is put up to play the role as a detective, while Kyoko was set up to play the role of the murderer. Yui and Kyoko later investigate the main building, closet room and various rooms to find clues that could lead to the culprit. Kyoko later suggests that one of the three detectives is the murderer. Yui points out that this is impossible, but with Kyoko's thought process, they conclude that another man — someone who looked exactly like one of the three men they'd seen — was murdered beforehand and cut into smaller parts for easy transportation. Then when the murderer killed the other two men, he could use these smaller body parts he'd transported to succeed with the three-body crime.

However, after investigating in detail, there seemed to be no place inside the building for the culprit to hide. Yui searched everywhere, and even when the rest of the detectives were alive, they had searched the building thoroughly to find no place for a full-bodied man to hide in. Kyoko later reaches to the conclusion that the culprit isn't a full-bodied man. To prove her point, she asks Yui to trust her and untie the ribbon around her right hand. Yui without hesitating listens to Kyoko. Kyoko, still sitting with her left arm chained, takes a bottle of whiskey from Kō's bag and pours it over her legs. Then she takes a lighter from Eigo's bag and holds it up, saying that she will light herself up in five seconds unless the murderer reveals himself. Yui thinks she's gone crazy, but Kyoko assures her to be quiet and counts down. Just as she reaches one, a man's voice calls out and heard by Yui and Kyoko, standing up, tells him to come out from there. A man, who looks very much like Shita, comes out from inside a small chair. Both of his legs are amputated from the thighs down because he lost them in a fire.

The culprit who revealed himself revealed that he was just another participant in this “game”. The man who looked identical to Shīta, revealed he's real name was Tadashi Asakura and his plan before meeting with the other detectives, he sent a letter with a different time to the real Shīta Enbi, before the other detectives. When both of them meet, Tadashi killed him and dismembered him and hid his body in the telescopes and in the chair. When Yui and the other detectives arrived, Tadashi was setting his plan in motion and began when the detectives fell unconscious on the floor, he began by murdering Eigo and Kō, when finished he tried to frame Kyoko by placing the handcuffs key next to her and make Yui suspect Kyoko.

After Kyoko finished revealing Tadashi's plan, Yui apologized to Kyoko for suspecting her of being the possible murder and unlocked her handcuffs connecting Kyoko's left hand to the armchair.

Yui started to question Tadashi about what he has done. Tadashi never intended to start any game by killing them. Tadashi wasn’t the real mastermind behind this game, but another player who was forced by the real mastermind. Tadashi bought the locations, the weapons, and the tricks that he needed to pull off this incident from the mastermind and used those weapons to fight against the detective. Tadashi promised to Yui and Kyoko he would reveal the mastermind, on one condition. That condition was this murder case.

Tadashi summarized the Duel Noir to Yui and Kyoko, without hiding anything. Once the letter of challenge was opened, Tadashi had been given 168 hours to indict the culprit. If he had failed, he would have received all the money indicated that was used to buy the tricks and so on, and on top of that, he'd be given the privilege to start a new life as a different person. However, his experiment had failed and has just become a murderer now. In the end, he wasn't any better than the person he had resented for so long. The futility of it all was almost too much. The true culprit was revealed to be Kō.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (3).png

Tadashi called Shīta because he looked just like him in order to make him as a body double. Amino was used for the dismemberment trick. Lastly, Kyoko was called because she was the newest detective and was going to be used to play the role of the pitiful criminal. Tadashi was later arrested by a crowd of police officers who stormed into the Sirius Observatory. Before he is led off, Tadashi asked Kyoko and Yui to stop these games and gives them a hint that they choose detectives for investigations in the Library by rank. He is then shoved into a black car and driven away from there. Tōkichirō Endō was revealed the true mastermind behind Duel Noir and manipulated Tadashi in order to get his revenge. In the end, Kyoko saved Yui and close this case.

Daily Life

After the events of Sirius Astronomical Observatory Murder Case, normality returns to Yui's life despite such a severe murder case. Kyoko attends school like normal, and Yui corners Kyoko to set up a date at the Detective Library. From their talk with Tadashi, Yui is interested in finding out more secrets on the Committee and thinks looking up info at the library will be a good start.

At the library, Yui and Kyoko learn that they have increased in rank, with Yui and Kyoko now being rank 7. Kyoko states to Yui that she aims to be zero-class, if she is to be acknowledged as a detective, and in order to raise in rank, she will have to solve four more cases similar to the Sirius one. But waiting around for these cases to fall into their laps isn't going to happen, which means she will have to actively find these cases. To do this, she investigates detectives that are of triple-zero-class with not much case history, meaning that they must have solved Committee murders to achieve such rank, but doesn't find much info she can use, so she moves on to the double-zero class. Even then, the two don't find much info, so they write a note to the detectives, saying that they wish to know more about the "Victims Catharsis Committee, please contact Yui Samidare".

While waiting for contact, Yui spent most of her time getting to know Kyoko and become even closer. Yui learns that she was born from a family of detectives and was raised by her grandfather, Fuhito Kirigiri; according to Kyoko, she has no known father nor mother.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (5).png

Yui calls Kyoko's residence to ask her to meet her at the school to celebrate Christmas Eve at 7 p.m.

Yui takes Kyoko to the school rooftop, showing her a brilliant sight of the campus. There, Yui reveals to Kyoko her childhood and her younger sister who was murdered And the reason she became a detective. Yui sometimes feels that she is unable to see her reason for continuing to be a detective, but seeing Kyoko and how she acts inspires her. Yui tells Kyoko that if, one day, Kyoko is also troubled like her over her reason for being a detective, then Yui wants Kyoko to stay her true, pure-self.

Yui gives Kyoko a present, Rose In Vitro, which Kyoko is very pleased with. Kyoko asks Yui if she sees Kyoko as a replacement to her sister, which Yui denies. Kyoko is Kyoko, and no one can replace her dead sister, Yui says. While Yui is grateful to Kyoko, Kyoko also says that she is grateful to Yui for believing in her during that murder.

The two shake hands when Yui's phone goes off. Yui answers it to hear Wagner's Die Walküreplaying on the other end, including a live trumpet. A helicopter arrives above them, where this song is being played. A man's voice on the other end tells Yui “Merry Christmas,” and the owner of this voice jumps out of the helicopter onto the rooftop they are on. Yui recognizes him as Suisei Nanamura, whose ID number is 900. A double-zero class in 9 distinction is pretty rare. Yui guesses that this has to do with the Committee, and Suisei agrees, taking out a black envelope from his inner suit pocket. Suisei invites them to join him, which the two agree. Another case was about to be explored, this time addressed to Suisei Nanamura. Because this Duel Noir comes at such a high cost, Suisei says it is a sign from the murderer that they fully intend on winning.

Volume 2

Daily Life

Immediately after the helicopter landed, Suisei takes the girls to the top-floor restaurant of a really fancy hotel. The total cots of being on that floor for one night is ¥74,450,000. Suisei takes a look at Yui and estimates the value of her glasses, coat, and shoes, telling her that by knowing the value of what a person wears, they know that person's true nature. Suisei is able to determine that there is a tragedy in Yui's back story from how she has good quality shoes that support her leg power but decided to be a detective instead of an athlete.

Suisei invites them to dinner while they discuss the case. He puts a Santa hat on Kyoko for no reason, which Yui lets slide because it's cute. Plates and plates of food appear before Suisei, disappearing rather quickly. This is Suisei's fifth Duel Noir, which he credits to bad luck. Normally, not many detectives know about Duel Noir or the Committee.

Suisei tells the girls that the Duel Noir is broadcasted to the viewers as a "closed circuit" event, where people watch the events. While he doesn't know specifically who those people are, they seemed to be very rich people.

Suisei asks both of them ad of why they are chasing after the Committee. Yui says she can't let evil run free, but Kyoko says she doesn't really care because she was only interested in developing her detective skills, although she does admit she was feeling frustrated about being used by the Committee.

While at dinner, Suisei tells Yui and Kyoko what he knows about the case. So far, there was some double-digit number of detectives who have gone missing during investigations of the Committee. Suisei says that the Committee actually has an office inside a large building, where people can freely walk in and out. To the public eye, they are an open, non-profit volunteer organization. Suisei says that a detective investigating the Committee has told him that the Committee has a true purpose that isn't just about posting on a murder show for some rich people. However, Suisei tells Yui that the detective has been missing since, and he assures that he does not know if the detective was gotten rid of because they came too close to the Committee's secret.

Suisei asks Yui if she thinks the Committee is an evil organization and full of people that are targeted were murderers, and they run free without being punished, while those who have lost everything are forced to go back to living a normal life. To those wretched people, what the Committee offers is indeed catharsis because it fits their idea of getting back at their wrongdoers and fixing this unfair world. Yui wonders if that is the Committee's true purpose, to be a necessary evil. Yui assures borrowing the power of an evil organization to change one's life is very selfish. No matter what despair there is, it's just meaningless if it isn't conquered on its own. Suisei proceeds and tells Yui that the Committee is led by only one person, called the chairman. The chairman founded the Committee 10 years ago and it has been active since. The Duel Noirs involve unsolved cases or cases that did not really accuse the real criminal. When the Committee finds the real criminal when the police weren't able to do it on their own, this took a lot of deductive skills that only a detective possesses. And it would have to be a rather high-ranking detective. Kyoko says that, among the four detectives of the 000 class, one had deleted his record from the DSC and it could be possible that they are the chairman. Suisei thanked Kyokofor explaining that thought process. The only people who would know that person's identity would be the three other detectives who share the 000 class or the founders of the DSC. One of them was also apparently involved in the founding of the DSC as well. Yui remembers that Kyoko's grandfather, Fuhito Kirigiri, was one of the founding members and starts to wonder if he was the chairman behind the scenes.

Suisei says that despite knowing that much, there is nothing he can do against the Committee because it is all conjecture. Even making a protest against the 000 class cannot be done because the abilities of the 000 class are so vast that one cannot compensate for them with time, money, and talent. If any of the detectives of the 000 class were to “fall from grace” and become criminals, they would need a national level of security to confront them. Yui is awed because if a detective of Suisei's rank easily admits to his loss against the 000 class, they must be highly formidable. The closest the three can get to the Committee is by capturing the Duel Noir criminal and getting info from them.

Suisei puts on a rucksack that a waiter hands to him, and explains that he wants the girls to join him on his Duel Noir. Except this time, since they are not the detectives assigned to it, it's very possible that they will be killed. Yui agrees readily to help him, while Kyoko gives Yui a look but agrees as well. The Norman's Hotel where the Duel Noir will take place in a dilapidated hotel deep in the mountains and far from civilization. They will be setting out for it the day after tomorrow because Suisei has something to do tomorrow that he cannot get out of. He doesn't think letting a day pass by will be a handicap. Then he opens a window of that top-floor restaurant and jumps out, bidding them good luck. The rucksack he had on is a parachute.

Yui and Kyoko continue their dinner. Kyoko says she won't die easily, and Yui says, of course, she won't, silently adding to herself that Yui will protect her if that time comes. She doesn't say this out loud because she doesn't want Kyoko to think that Yui is seeing her dead sister in Kyoko. Also, Yui isn't confident that the ghost of her sister doesn't haunt her, because somewhere in her heart, she still feels a desperate need to atone and save the girl she couldn't save.

A waiter goes to them with the check for the dinner— 62248 yen. Suisei hadn't paid for them. Kyoko takes out her credit card and puts it all on the card, while Yui looks at her in awe.

Yui insists on walking Kyoko back home since it’s late, which Kyoko says she doesn’t need. She demonstrates this when Yui pretends to attack her from behind and Kyoko twists Yui’s left arm in a self-defense move. Yui says she wants to walk Kyoko home anyway because she wants to talk more with her. Kyoko wordlessly starts walking away at this, and Yui takes this as an invitation to walk beside her.

Yui asks Kyoko if it’s possible for the Committee chairman to be Kyoko's grandfather, but Kyoko says that it isn’t because her grandfather has never registered in the DSC. If he’s never registered, then he’d never have an account to delete in the first place. Her grandfather is very proud of the Kirigiri name and detests the idea of detectives raising their rank. He was the only one in his group against the establishment of the DSC. Also, since her grandfather mainly lives overseas and deals with people from various countries, Kyoko says that the Committee is probably a small-scale organization of one country in his eyes.

Yui thinks about how incredible the Kirigiri blood must be, judging from Kyoko. But since none of the detectives they've met reacted to the name Kirigiri, Yui thinks that the Kirigiri detectives must act behind the shadows, without bringing attention to themselves. She wonders to herself why Kyoko's grandfather allowed Kyoko to register for the DSC if he himself was so against it.

They arrive at Kyoko's residence, and Kyoko sighs that she is past her curfew because walking with Yui had slowed her pace. Yui offers to explain to Kyoko's guardian, which Kyoko accepts, saying that would be a big help. They walk onto the mansion grounds. Kyoko lives here with only her grandfather and three housekeepers. She started living here the past 2 months; before that, she had been traveling overseas with her grandfather for the past 5 years. But since she had no choice out of attending Japan's compulsory education, she came back alone.

Kyoko tells Yui to wait outside while she gets her grandfather. Yui tells Kyoko to take off the Santa hat first, which Kyoko had never noticed she was wearing. As Yui waits, it begins to snow. She thinks that Kyoko must be very close to her grandfather because she seemed really upset about breaking curfew. Meeting Kyoko has lightened the loneliness and nihilism that Yui feels as a detective, and she tries to imagine the two of them being together still next year. All she can imagine is pitch-black darkness.

A voice cries out from above her, “Are you the fiend trying to seduce my Kyoko!?” and she sees an old man wearing a haori. The old man jumps down behind her and hits her knees with his cane and pushes her shoulder down so that Yui ends up lying on the concrete. His cane is about to come down on her head when Kyoko cries out “No, grandfather, it's not her! She's female!” Kyoko's grandfather pulls away the cane, peers into Yui's face, and even gropes her chest to see for himself that Yui is indeed female. He got the wrong idea because he had heard that Kyoko was eating dinner with a man.

Kyoko's grandfather is described as having glossy silver hair and appearing young. He does not have deep wrinkles, and his body isn't bent, his back is straight. His eyes have a bright twinkle in them. While he held a cane in his right hand, it didn't appear as if he had it because he needed support but rather because he used it as a weapon.

Yui explains to Kyoko's grandfather that she came home late because they were discussing a case, and to please excuse her for breaking curfew. Kyoko's grandfather says “Screw the curfew! If it involves detective work, I will allow Kyoko anything.” He tells Yui that being a detective is the infallible thing one must do as a Kirigiri. Even if they're faced with the death of a family member, a Kirigiri must prioritize their role as a detective.

While Yui still has Kyoko's grandfather there, she asks his permission that Kyoko leave home for a few nights to deal with the Duel Noir, which he readily gives. Yui is rather surprised by this since surely he must know that dealing with a Duel Noir means danger for his beloved granddaughter. She wonders if she should ask him questions about the Committee but he disappears back into the mansion before she can.

Before going inside herself, Kyoko asks Yui if what her grandfather said earlier is strange, if it is strange to prioritize detective work even if it involves the death of a family member. Yui says she considers it strict rather than strange since it must show how much dedication the Kirigiri family has to being a detective. However, Kyoko says that isn't what it really means. What it really means is that, for a Kirigiri, their work as a detective is far more important than the death of a family member. This is a doctrine that must be adhered to, as if like a religion. Kyoko asks Yui again if she thinks that is strange, and Yui says it's not very normal, but she still thinks it's amazing because it shows how much pride they have in their abilities. Kyoko keeps pressing Yui, asking if it isn't normal, and Yui wonders if Kyoko is feeling doubts about what she's been taught as a Kirigiri. Yui asks Kyoko what she thinks, and Kyoko says that she doesn't think of it as strange at all… but that could only be because she's convinced herself that it isn't. Because if she doesn't think that way, she would end up empty inside.

Yui afterwards hugs Kyoko, reassuring her that as long as Yui is around, she won't let her feel that emptiness. Yui assures to Kyoko that she's fine just the way she is. Both afterwards return to their dorm room.

Norman's Hotel Case

About to initiate the case, Suisei timed their arrival at the hotel so that the Duel Noir has 120 hours remaining. He reminds the girls of his nickname “Allegro Agitato,” meaning "furious and swift." He explained how he gained his nickname to Yui and Kyoko due to him solving his cases extremely fast. Yui was looking forward to seeing him work.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 2 Illustration (2).jpeg

Walking towards the hotel, Yui and the rest come upon a sign that reads "Welcome to Norman's Hotel. We will cater to your every desire." Someone yet again, has crossed out part of the word “desire” so that instead it read, "We will cater to your every despair." The similarity to their last case, the Duel Noir. Kyoko began to wonder if it is meant to be a sign that the Committee’s game is taking place, or if someone was just fooling around with them.

When everyone reached the front door of the hotel, they open the thick double doors to find a small room inside with another set of double doors. They open this to enter the hotel lobby, which seemed to be as wide as a gymnasium.

As Yui steps into the lobby, an old man appeared wearing a tuxedo and standing next to the sofa shouts at them. As he shouted, "Wait, wait, hold that door open!" As they turn around to find the door closed and locked. The door doesn’t seem to have a keyhole and is instead locked automatically. Everyone inside are unable to open the door from inside.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 2 - Cast Illustration.png

There were six people around the sofa where the old man was sitting, and they had been locked in this place since yesterday. The seven people begin to stir because of the arrival of Yui and the rest have brought the total number of people to ten, and after asking if there is a detective among Yui and the rest are set to start this case. Yui confused by their behavior until the old man in the tuxedo gives Yui a letter in blood-red ink that was addressed to the group. The letter read about Yui, Kyoko, and Suisei, along with seven people were invited to Norman's hotel to participate in a secret auction. This auction was expected to last for 7 days.

Trapped inside the hotel, they meet seven people inside the lobby, Yuzen Minase, Akio Chage, Meruko Mifune, Mikado Shinsen, Sae Yozuru, Taehime Uozumi, and Seiunsai Toyano'oh. Yui introduces herself and tells to everyone that they are detectives who have come to capture a criminal, leaving out details about the Duel Noir and the Committee. Instead, she tells them that they received a notice that a murder was about to take place between the space of today and New Year's Day. Suisei decides to wait until 6 p.m. to come around and see what this auction is about.

While the group decides to sit and wait until it's time, Yui is restless and takes a look around the lobby. while investigating, Yui finds a small office room for staff is behind the front desk, containing nothing but a small office desk. There is another door inside, which Yui opens to find a bathroom. Yui is about to step back out when someone pushes her into the bathroom from behind, locking the door behind them. Warning Yui to keep her voice down, Taehime takes out a card from her apron pocket and shows it to Yui. Taehime reveals herself to Yui, that she was also a detective, although the rest don't know that. She's here on an undercover operation and wearing a maid outfit to disguise herself. Yui asks her if she's here about the Duel Noir, however, Taehime apparently has never heard of such a thing. Taehime specializes in cases that deal with counterfeits, and she has been after Seiunsai for the past few months. Yui tells Taehime about the Duel Noir, since they're fellow detectives, and Taehime thinks it's possible that Seiunsai may be the culprit. In any event, she had grabbed Yui aside because she wanted her to know not to touch Seiunsai since he was her case. Both eventually agreed to a promise and shake on it, promising to share relevant info with each other. Yui eventually returns with everyone and wait until 6 p.m.

Hotel's Auction

While waiting, Yui spends time reading a novel inside the lobby along with everyone else. When 6 p.m. comes around, a door opens. Inside they find what appears to be a dining hall. There is a long table with a white tablecloth at the center of the room, five chairs on each side. Plates, forks, and knives were found on top of the table. The room had a high ceiling, with a balcony that circles all around the room so that people can walk up the stairs to it and view the dining hall below. All of the windows are locked down so they cannot see outside. There is no one inside the room. Entering the dining hall, they notice two strange things. On the left side of the room is an electronic billboard counting down in red numbers. The numbers read 111:57:48, Yui understood immediately that it's counting down the hours left of the Duel Noir. Next to the billboard is a booth the size of a telephone booth. There is a door in the front of it for people to enter it. Further along the wall, past the booth, is a fireplace. There is wood in it and appears ready to light at any time.

Some minutes later, a microphonic voice suddenly speaks up. This voice came from a portrait and the boy's portrait mouth seemed to be able to move. In that microphonic voice, he introduces himself as Norman and his position of being a serial killer who died a century ago. Yui thinks she must be dreaming. Suisei had gone up the balcony at some point and was already investigating the portrait. He says that it isn’t a portrait at all, but an LCD screen put into a decorative frame. The screen is running an animation whose mouth movement goes along with the voice so that it appears to be talking.

Norman starts to tell them to take their seats at the dining table to begin his explanation. When everyone takes their seat, starts to tell everyone to empty their pockets and put all the money they had on the center of the dining table, due to the money not being eligible for the auction. Norman also asks everyone to body check the people on their left to prevent any cheating. Taehime afterward is ordered by Norman to collect all of the money on the table and throw it into the fireplace. Norman tells them not to fret, and to stretch their legs under the table. There they find heavy knapsacks, which they pull out. Each knapsack contains 100 million yen.

Norman tells them that this money is a present given by him, which they can use freely for the auction. The participants present in the dining hall, such as Sae, suddenly showers Norman with praise, and she wants to live again and remarry and have children and Mikado wonders what sort of auction must he want for giving that much money.

Norman tells them that until the timer on the electronic billboard reaches zero, they will be holding an auction every day at 6 p.m. Since the time limit of the Duel Noir is until January 1st at 10 a.m., that means the auction will be held five times at most. No one will be able to leave the auction house until the auction is over. Also, there will be only one item, the same item, put up for sale at each auction. That way, if they miss buying it at one auction, they would have the chance to get it next auction. That item is “the Right of Detective”— the right for whoever has it to be detective.

The group is confused, while Suisei and Kyoko immediately look at Norman suspiciously. Norman’s face changes into a hideous expression and he reveals that there is a serial killer hiding inside the auction house. By the way, it isn’t Norman. After all, he’s dead. When night comes, that serial killer will kill one person per night. However, that serial killer has a weakness, and that weakness is the detective. The serial killer cannot kill the detective and they cannot kill in front of the detective in order to keep their identity secret.

Yuzen and Meruko are still confused, but the rest seem to have got it. Whoever wins the Right of Detective in the auction gets to be safe from the serial killer for the night. Yui proposes to the group that whoever gets the Right that night can gather everyone and protect them all so they won’t be killed, but everyone is skeptical. Mikado says, apologetically, that they’ve only just met and he can’t be sure that Yui would protect him properly if, for instance, she was Detective for the night. She could double-cross him. Being Detective themselves would be the safest choice. Norman start to recap to everyone at the dining hall the rules of the auction that is about to begin.

DRKiri Taehime Uozumi.png

Before beginning the auction, Norman suggests to everyone to have dinner before beginning the auction. Norman orders Taehime to step up in front of him. Warily, Taehime walks up the balcony to stand in front of the portrait. In a flash, Norman’s face changes into the evil look of a serial killer and a gunshot rings out. Taehime seems to falter, and there is another gunshot. Taehime stumbles backwards, over the balcony railing onto the table below. Taehime lands on top of her own knapsack, as her seat was the one closest to the portrait. There was blood stains all over her apron where she was shot twice and her face is pale. Yui is about to reach for her when Taehime suddenly bursts into flames, burning alive.

Suisei, Kyoko and Yui start to try to extinguish the flames with their coats. However, Yui and the rest were too late to try to save Taehime with Normal replying that for diner they will have a burned maid. Norman had sacrificed the maid to show the others that this auction wasn’t a joke. Also, her death does not count for the night because “she wasn’t killed, she was cooked.” Since the dead cannot participate in the auction, their money will also be confiscated and he orders one of them to throw her knapsack into the fireplace so there won’t be cheating— not that it would make any difference since she had landed on her knapsack when she’d burned so there was nothing left. With the participants suddenly reduced from 10 to 9, they begin the auction.

Day 1 Allocations.png

During the events of the auction, everyone was getting killed by a mysterious murderer, with only some people remaining including Yui, Kyoko, and Suisei. Suisei attempts to murder everyone with a revolver in order to take all the money in the house for himself. Suisei attempted this in order to not make him a suspicious culprit if there were no witnesses, Suisei approached Yui and Kyoko in an attempt to murder both of them. However, Suisei was willing to let Kyoko live if she didn't tell anyone, but to Suisei's disappointment, Kyoko decides to be on Yui's side no matter what. However, Meruko who was shot earlier appears to be still alive against all odds and it's heavily implied that she used her psychic abilities to prevent Suisei's gun from firing, ultimately saving Kyoko and Yui's lives as she managed to distract Suisei long enough for the entrance hall doors' opening time. On their way out, Yui and Kyoko encountered Mikado Shinsen. Besides Mikado, two other participants were also found behind him. Yui and Kyoko had discovered Mikado's true identity during the events. Suisei later commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. They found out that he was actually the head of the "Victims Catharsis Committee", standing behind the Duel Noirs, and a rogue master detective on par with Fuhito in terms of Detective work and was possibly a rank 000 detective.

Volume 3

Kyoko's disappearance

Shortly after the events of Norman's Hotel, Yui and Kyoko returned to their normal lives. A new year has begun and both of them return to school after the end of their winter vacation. Since the events of Norman's hotel, Kyoko has been completely absent from school. During recess, Yui goes to the middle school campus to find Kyoko. However, Kyoko's seat was empty. Due to Yui's and Kyoko parting ways after the events of Norman's Hotel, Yui felt very worried about Kyoko and decides to escort her home and returned to her dormitory room afterwards.

After those events, Yui's life was completely "normal". She hasn't done anything but live her normal days, devoided from any murder investigations or Duel Noirs. During her ordinary days, Yui's mind of those who died weighed heavily since the end of that case. Worried about Kyoko, Yui decides to call her and see how she was doing. However, nobody picked up. Worried, Yui decided to stop by her house in person. When arriving, Yui found her home very odd. When pressing the intercom button outside her house, it didn’t trigger any response and all the lights around her house were off, and nobody seemed to be home. Yui suspected that Kyoko was kidnapped, and decides to investigate.

Yui decides to first stop to the Detective Library, hoping that she would find a message or clue left for her. Yui remembered that the library had a lot of archived files with information from various detectives where she could freely browse their leisures.

After exiting the bus, Yui steps inside the Detective Library to find clues regarding Kyoko's disappearance. Yui steps in forint of the counter and asks the librarian to check if she had any updates. Yui to her surprise didn't seem to have any updates in her ID Detective Card. after being understandably disappointed, Yui made her way inside the library and went straight to the "homicide detectives" section to locate Kyoko's file. Yui couldn't find any updated information on Kyoko's file regarding Norman’s Hotel. Running out of ideas, Yui decides to check Suisei's shelf in order to find information regarding Norman's Hotel Case. In the end, Yui couldn't find clues relating to Kyoko's disappearance. The library's closing time drew near, Yui started making her way to the room's exit. On her way out, the library had a weird sensation. The lamp above the door started to flicker and a mysterious boy appeared in front of Yui believing to be a ghost. Something about that mysterious boy who had disappeared captured Yui's imagination, but decided not to dwell on things any further, and left the Detective Library empty-handed and continues to search for clues.

The next day, there was still no sign of Kyoko. Yui brought up her concerns with her homeroom teacher and the nuns in charge of the academy about Kyoko's disappearance, but none of them took Yui seriously. That same day, Yui decides to stop again to the Detective Library to check if there were any new messages for her left behind. Yet again, Yui didn't receive any new messages regarding Kyoko's case. While in the library, Yui notices from 20 yards away the kid from yesterday whom she believed to be a ghost. The kid was looking directly at Yui with a smile in his face as if he was waiting for her arrival. The very next moment the kid made, he disappeared into the shadow of another bookcase and was completely gone. Yui spotted a small iron door in the wall at the end of the aisle believe that maybe he ran there. Opening the door, a lot of brisk breeze came blowing through the door frame. Making her way out into the flurry of snow, Yui made her way through the arch to find that mysterious kid.

On the other side lay a parking lot. It was surrounded by a tall hedge. There, a long black limousine was currently parked there with that Kid waiting for her to arrive. The kid opened the door car for Yui. Yui didn't trust that kid and didn't want to go with him. However, Yui thought that maybe Kyoko was kidnapped this way and decided to go along with it in order to find Kyoko. inside the limousine, Yui meets the triple 000 detective rank, Gekka Ryuzōji. Gekka and Yui sat facing face-to-face in the limousine. They were heading to his detective agency with the purpose of investigating the Duel Noir that she has participated in.

Gekka began delivering commands into his cell phone. "In precisely 60 seconds, change all of the traffic signals on Route 4 between Point A and Point C to red."

Gekka suddenly then pulled out a second phone and continued speaking. "The bus hijacking is not an act of terrorism; it is cover for a heist targeting valuables onboard the vehicle. An elderly man with a suitcase filled with 50 million yen in cash and an old woman with 200 million yen worth of accessories in her bag are among the passengers. No, it is not mere coincidence; it is all part of the thieves’ plan. The chaos has diverted the attention of the passengers from their belongings; in fact, the real suitcase and bag have already been stolen and replaced with fakes. The valuables will be transferred to an accomplice driving a convertible with the roof retracted, an unnatural sight in this frigid weather. Their plan is to toss the bags from the bus window into the convertible when the vehicles pass one another at the intersection." Gekka was thinking of stopping a busjacking in progress while on their way. After finishing this tas, the police arrived and thanked Gekka for completing such a task without any problem.

After finishing, Yui proceeds and started to question Gekka if he perhaps had anything to do with Kyoko's disappearance. However, Gekka didn't know anything about her disappearance and revealed to Yui that the Victims Catharsis Committee was apparently also looking for Kyoko.

Gekka escorted Yui for his personal desire without any knowledge from the Victims Catharsis Committee. Gekka revealed to Yui that the Committee has already prepared a new Duel Noir, summoning Yui once again as a detective.

Shortly, they arrived in front of the marble entrance while everyone greeted Gekka in his wheelchair with the help of the kid.

When arriving, Yui meet inside a lot of kids who worked for Gekka inside his building. Going up in the elevator, they entered Gekka's office with a lot of books, documents, and photos found all over the room. Taking seat, Gekka explained to Yui the role of the children who worked here. All the children are orphans that work for Gekka and served as detective trainees who helped him.

After looking around, Yui and Gekka had a talk about the children and Rei Mikagami and the current situation Yui is facing about Kyoko and what’s about to happen.


Her first name, "Yui" (結), is Japanese for "to tie" or "to fasten".

Yui's name could be inspired by the word 結論 ketsuron - whose first character is the same as her name's - which means "conclusion" (e.g. of a detective's investigation). There could actually be a more clever wordplay behind Yui's given name, meant to imply at her being an essential part in the solution of the mysteries discussed in the novels. The wordplay goes as follows: The collaboration between 結 Yui and her detection capabilities and Kyoko with her deductive prowess of conjecture refutation = 論破 ronpa that allows the two to reach the conclusion = 結論 ketsuron of their investigations.

Her last name, "Samidare" (五月雨) translates to "early summer rain."


Yui Samidare Fullbody.png

Yui is a 16-year-old teenage high school girl.

She is tall and has green eyes, red glasses, and short brown hair with a few blonde streaks. She wears a dark green sweater on top of a white, collared shirt with a red ribbon. She is described by many including Suisei Nanamura as having very powerful legs. She usually wears culotte shorts instead of a skirt, unlike her classmates. Yui also wears leather boots as part of her uniform in school and detective work. She always carries a red backpack, where she keeps her important detective supplies.

During the Twelve Duel Noir Challenge, she wears a dark green coat.


Yui is a very normal high school girl, but she doesn't like to talk about her family. Her detective skills are average compared to Kyoko, though she is still very intelligent. She sees detectives as people who should fight for justice. She gives off the image of a reliable older sister.

Yui seems thoughtless sometimes for a detective, but those instances are rare and she's more often reasonable and analytical. Yui is very cautious every time she starts an investigation. As a detective, Yui is not as skilled as Kyoko but has solved a lot of cases on her own.

At times, Yui can be very protective; this is commonly seen when she tries to protect Kyoko whenever she’s in trouble. Her protectiveness comes from her past trauma when her younger sister was murdered years before she became a detective. This became one of the main reasons she sometimes exhibits trust issues, and one of the reasons she became a detective. Because of Yui living almost on her own a lot of the time, she sometimes has a hard time relating to certain people and subjects, because she has lived on her own and has been working as a detective ever since her sister was murdered. Because of the event, Yui can take things more seriously than someone else might. She may even risk her own life by trying to solve mysteries and protecting the people she holds an affection to (e.g. Kyoko Kirigiri).

As the chapters progress, Yui has more confidence in herself and is now more skilled at solving detective cases on her own.

Skills and Abilities

Detective Work

Ever since Yui was a child, she had strong desires to become a detective since the death of her younger sister. As a teen, Yui is a pretty skilled detective and has solved many cases along with Kyoko Kirigiri. Throughout Danganronpa Kirigiri, Yui's detective work has been developing a lot thanks to her associates and her progress during the events of the Duel Noir having been summoned to various murder cases and eventually get her DSC promoted.

Jumping Skills

As described by many people, Yui has powerful legs with very high jumping abilities. Through using her legs, Yui is capable of jumping extremely high and she was able to jump to the roof without any problems as seen during the events of the Duel Noir challenges. Due to this event, she was even invited by the headmaster himself, Jin Kirigiri, to attend Hope's Peak Academy with a Super High School Level Talent. Despite this, she ended up rejecting the offer to focus on developing her abilities as a detective instead.



Mayu Samidare

When Yui was 9 years old, her little sister, Mayu was kidnapped and killed. It was her murder that fueled Yui's desire to become a detective since the case was never solved.

Detective Library:

Kyoko Kirigiri

At first, when they meet, Yui was very surprised that someone that young was a detective. During chapter 1 before starting the case, Kyoko tried to warn Yui that something was wrong and suggested to leave, but, seeing the three men walking ahead in front of them, she whispered that she couldn't "leave them to die" and decided to stay on board. Later when staring the case, Yui was very suspicious of Kyoko due to her being the only one alive after all the detectives have died. However, after discovering the true culprit, Yui apologized to Kyoko for being suspicious of her.

After resolving Sirius Astronomical Observatory Murder Case, Yui and Kyoko got to know each other even more and became close friends even getting to know her grandfather. Yui also invites Kyoko for a Christmas party held in her school. Yui gives Kyoko a present, Rose In Vitro, which Kyoko is very pleased with. Kyoko asks Yui if she sees Kyoko as a replacement to her sister, which Yui denies. Kyoko is Kyoko, and no one can replace her dead sister, Yui says. While Yui is grateful to Kyoko, Kyoko also says that she is grateful to Yui for believing in her during that murder.

During the events of Danganronpa Kirigiri, Yui is seen as Kyoko's accomplice. They met when Kyoko was in the 7th grade, in a situation where Kyoko was the only possible suspect. This led Yui to initially distrust her, but the two eventually became close. Yui thinks that Kyoko is cute and admirable. She insists that Kyoko call her oneechan (お姉ちゃん; "older sister" in a familiar, affectionate tone), but Kyoko calls her Yui-oneesama (お姉様; "older sister" in the most honorable yet emotionally distant tone).

As said previously by Yui, Yui doesn't see Kyoko as a replacement for her younger sister, still, she cares deeply for her and seems to be very protective of Kyoko. Yui's love for Kyoko is most notably seen in the third volume. During those events, Kyoko disappeared along with her grandfather. Yui was very worried about her disappearance and never gave up trying to search for clues related to her disappearance.


Licorne and Yui appear to have a friendly relationship despite their differences. They occasionally work on investigations together and thus have disagreements but at the same time, Licorne is comfortable enough to joke with Yui about kissing him in order to gain his help with her investigation, which she was willing to commit to before he withdrew. Yui has also stated to have a fondness for Licorne despite being easily frustrated by him also, the two tend to interact and joke between each other often.

Tōhachirō Uzuchi

Tōhachirō thinks of Yui in a good way, and he respects her as Kyoko's friend. When he first meets her, he thought she was a man trying to make advances on his granddaughter, and after everything is cleared up, he apologizes.


Danganronpa Kirigiri (Japanese)

Volume 1:

  • "My name is...Samidare Yui, I'm 16. I'm a detective."
  • "There are around 20 rank 000 detectives."
  • "To me, being a detective and being alive are the same thing."

Volume 3:

  • "The dawn of a new year. That was how he referred to it. What awaited us was quite possibly not simply the turn of the calendar year, but instead, the end of one era and the start of another."
  • "Someone like you should despise crime and constantly be fighting against those who break the law."
  • "I always wanted to be an ally of justice. I always wanted to save those in need of help. That was why I started walking down the path of a detective."


  • Yui shares her birthday with Kiyotaka Ishimaru.
  • At one point, Yui gives Kyoko a Rose In Vitro. In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the rose in vitro is one of Kyoko's favorite presents.
  • Yui was indirectly mentioned on Kyoko's last Free Time Event when Makoto Naegi asks what the gloves are for, Kyoko states "...there was a time when I grew attached to someone, and I made a bad decision. I was forced to learn a very powerful lesson, and these gloves are a daily reminder of that. So on these gloves, I swore to never make the same mistake again." This is a reference to Danganronpa Kirigiri Vol. 7 ending.


  1. Yui's Birthday confirmed on Danganronpa Kirigiri Vol. 7 (Image of confirmation).


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