Wild West Insecticide (バグズ パニック Baguzu panikku; lit. Bugs Panic) is an execution in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, with Gonta Gokuhara and his Neo World Program avatar being executed, and Monophanie and Monotaro being destroyed in the process.


Gonta is tied to a post in the middle of a "wild west town" complete with tumbleweed. Gonta has a laptop attached to him with his AI avatar on screen. Monophanie is immobilized on the ground with a bloated belly while Monotaro looks on in shock. Monokuma passes by dressed up as a cowboy and stops at the post. Monokuma pulls out a revolver and shoots a robotic wasp at Gonta.

Monophanie's stomach gets bigger as Monotaro starts to panic. As Monokuma shoots tons of robotic wasps at Gonta, and Gonta starts getting boils over his skin due to the stinging. Meanwhile, Monophanie's stomach starts to inflate even further and Gonta gets more and more sickly and swollen.

Monophanie's stomach explodes as a robotic wasp, much larger than the ones from Monokuma's revolver, pops out of her stomach and slices Monotaro in half. The huge wasp spots Gonta and skewers him in the torso, straight through the AI computer. Monokuma pulls out a flamethrower and kills the bug and Gonta by torching the post. Gonta's charred corpse is tied to the burnt post, as Monokuma walks away laughing.


  • Gonta's execution references Wild West movies, with Monokuma dressed as Clint Eastwood and the execution music remixed with a country song.
    • This execution might also be a reference to the Alien movies. During the execution, a huge robot wasp pops out of Monophanie's belly, just like how a baby alien bursts out of the chest of a crewmate in the movies.
  • The vocals of the execution music are from the "Voices" Apple Jam Pack.
  • The title of this execution is a possible reference to the American film Infestation, which was released in Japan with the title of Bugs Panic.
  • This execution is similar to Excavator Destroyer, in which Alter Ego is destroyed. The similarities here are with Gonta's "Alter Ego" AI being destroyed during the execution, and both occurred in Chapter 4.
    • This execution is also similar to The 1,000 Blows, in which Leon Kuwata is executed as both blackened are tied to a post while items related to their talents (Baseballs for Leon and Insects for Gonta) are launched at machine gun speeds towards them. The same also happens in Deep Fried Teruteru, in with Teruteru Hanamura is also tied to a post and if fired with a barrage of missiles.


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