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The Warriors of Hope's Robots are major antagonists in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, where they serve as the main boss fights for each chapter. They are controlled by the members of the Warriors of Hope with a total of five robots, one for each of them.


Hero Robot Mark Guyver[]

Hero Robot Mark Guyver (勇者ロボマークガイバー) is a white and yellow Robot with a yellow helmet on top of its head and glowing pink eyes. It has a very notable weak point, which is the Monokuma symbol on its chest. Its hands are drills which are used as weapons. Its special move is Mega Drive Drill, which Masaru Daimon, the Hero Robot's controller, announces every time before he uses it.

Priest Robot Doctor VonGerolt[]

Priest Robot Doctor VonGerolt is a Robot colored completely in blue, with glowing yellow eyes. Its main attacking method is shooting explosive Monokuma balls and bullets from inside its cannons and arms. It is also able to fly due to possessing a jet pack. Its weak spot is the Monokuma symbol on top of its head. The Priest Robot is controlled by Jataro Kemuri.

Fighter Robot Highlander the Great[]

Fighter Robot Highlander the Great is a Robot whose main colors are red and orange all around its body. Although it has glowing green eyes, they are mostly blocked by a gray visor. The Robot's armor resembles that of a knight. It has a yellow fighter symbol in the middle of its chest, representing Kotoko Utsugi, its controller. The Fighter Robot also has boosters attached to its legs, allowing it to hover in the air. Inside its body, it has a Monokuma symbol which acts as a weak point. Its weapon is a giant battle axe, which it uses to try to repeatedly hit the player with, as well as spin around with.

Sage Robot Hannibal X[]

Sage Robot Hannibal X is a Robot that resembles a guerrilla soldier. Its body is mostly dark green and dark brown with sand brown, dark gray and glowing red spots. The right side of its face is dark gray with a glowing red eye, while the left side, which resembles half of a broken mask, is sand brown and has a black and white eye that looks like Monokuma's face. It wears a light brown cape with a yellow symbol on the side to represent the controller, Nagisa Shingetsu, and it carries a sniper rifle which it uses for ranged combat. The foot part of its left leg is also missing, and is instead built to resemble a sharp pegleg. While the Sage Robot is unable to fly, it can jump high to travel long distances. It can also maneuver fast enough to leave momentary green outlines in the Robot's shape behind it. It possesses a dagger and grenades, although it's never seen using the dagger. One of its attacks involves throwing a group of grenades on the ground.

Mage Robot Black Suspirian[]

Mage Robot Black Suspirian is a black, white and gold Robot that borrows elements form every other Warriors of Hope Robot. Its black and white sides are split in the middle with a black dot eye on the right, white side, and a red, jagged eye as well as an evil smile on the left, black side, similarly to Monokuma's design. It is the only one of the Robots that isn't bipedal, as it has four legs, accompanied by two drills, four arms and a long tail. The drills are seemingly from the Hero Robot, while one of the left arms is that of the Priest Robot, and the other left arm is the Fighter Robot's, along with its battle axe. One of the right arms is the Sage Robot's accompanied by its rifle, while the other right arm holds a golden staff with a seat on top of it for Monaca. The Robot's upper body resembles a female human, with a hatchet below it for Kurokuma to stay in. He's the one that appears to be controlling the Robot instead of Monaca. Kurokuma is forced out of the hatchet after the weak spots all over the Mage Robot's body are hit.


Demon Hunting[]

Main article: Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

The Warriors of Hope's Robots are the bosses found in each chapter, which serve as killing machines to kill all adults during the Demon Hunting games. It is unknown when they were created and who created them but it could be possible that the Towa Group created them before the events of The Tragedy.

After each battle, the Robots were destroyed and the Warrior of Hope who was present gets executed by the Monokuma Kids, because they weren't satisfied as the audience who wanted to see the protagonists die. However, it is later revealed that all of them survived.

During Chapter 5, it was revealed that the Robots weren't actually destroyed or at least spares of them. Each one of the blocked a giant door which guided the players to find Monaca and Kurokuma, in order to fight the last Robot, the Mage Robot Black Suspirian.

After the events of the Demon Hunting, it was shown that Monaca possessed several reproductions of all of them. They are used in order to defend Monaca's hideout during the events of the Final Killing Game.


As seen in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls:



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