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This article contains information and transcripts for Tsumugi Shirogane's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 1 2 4 2 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 215 50 75 125 75 125 100


Guide Project Tsumugi 04
A high school filled with amazingly talented students... Could this turn into a battle manga?


Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Umm, it ended up being more of a high school slice of life than a battle manga.
It was a peaceful, uneventful three years... I guess that's okay sometimes.

Friendship Events[]

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

FTE Guide Ryoma Mini Pixel
With Ryoma Hoshi
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Sorry for making you help me carry the prints, Ryoma.
Guide Project Ryoma 06
Hmph...I haven't fallen so far that I'd ignore a girl struggling to carry so many things.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Since I'm so plain, I usually don't get called on by the teacher during class...
But for some reason, I still get asked to run errands all the time even though I'm so plain.
Guide Project Ryoma 01
It's probably because you're the diligent type who'd make sure to do it right, don't you think?
The teachers know that much. Whether you stand out or not shouldn't matter.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
You don't need to put a positive spin on it, but that's nice of you to say.
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Oh, I was going to thank you, but we got off topic. Thanks for helping me, Ryoma.
Guide Project Ryoma 06
Don't worry about it... You don't have to thank me for something like this.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
I bet you're just plain popular with the girls, aren't you?
You probably get a lot of chocolates on Valentine's Day, right?
Guide Project Ryoma 09
Huh? That's the first time anyone's said that to me. What makes you think that?
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Compared to other boys your age, you're levelheaded...and you're good at sports...
And it might be a troublesome topic for you, but guys with a dark side are attractive.
Guide Project Ryoma 14
I won't deny that I've got a dark side... But any girl who really knew me would run away.
Guide Project Ryoma 15
No woman would pick a guy like me. Even if they did, I'd just make them unhappy...
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Ah! Yeah, yeah! That's it! There are girls who would be way into that!
Guide Project Ryoma 07
Hmph...there are some strange people out there.

With Hifumi Yamada[]

FTE Guide Hifumi Mini Pixel
With Hifumi Yamada
Guide Project Hifumi 19
Hmhmhm... At last, the two most powerful Ultimates have gathered together.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
At last...? We've plainly been in the same place a bunch of times.
I've seen you at a number of cons before.
Your booth's always next to the wall and there's always a long line, so you're easy to find.
Guide Project Hifumi 17
Oh? Ms. Shirogane...you go to fanfic conventions too?
Guide Project Tsumugi 16
Well, I sometimes cosplay at my friends' booths to help them sell their fanfics.
Guide Project Hifumi 03
Hmhmhmhm, I see, I see. Then this conversation will go quicker than I thought.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Ah...I get it. Next, you're going to say, "Please be the cosplay sales girl at my booth."
Guide Project Hifumi 13
"Please be the cosplay sales girl at my booth." ...gwah!
Guide Project Hifumi 06
Well now that we've done that classic gag, what do you think? We work well together, huh?
Guide Project Hifumi 08
Bwehehe... Combining your fanbase and mine would be huge, Ms. Shirogane...
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
The Ultimate Fanfic Creator and the Ultimate Cosplayer would certainly be a powerful combo.
Guide Project Hifumi 02
Mhm, it'd be a Big Bang Impact!
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Sorry, though. I'll have to decline.
Guide Project Hifumi 22
Guide Project Hifumi 04
Wh-Why...? You should've at least said the "But I refuse" line there.
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
You mentioned my fanbase there, right?
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
I feel like...two Ultimates together would stand out too much. People would say it's a stunt.
Guide Project Hifumi 16
Well, I mean...there are some cosplayers who do stuff like that, y'know?
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Yes, but...the most important thing for a cosplayer is to dress as characters you love.
Guide Project Hifumi 09
That's exactly right! Even in fanfic, we treat our source material with love!
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Right!? Even though fanfic creators and cosplayers are different, we agree on that!
Guide Project Hifumi 18
Well said! Though our jobs are different, we're meant to stand side-by-side after all!
So you'll be the cosplay sales girl at my booth after all, right Ms. Shirogane!?
Guide Project Tsumugi 06
Oh, I'm going to have to decline.
Guide Project Hifumi 04

With Ibuki Mioda[]

FTE Guide Ibuki Mini Pixel
With Ibuki Mioda
Guide Assets Ibuki 17
Hellooooo Tsumugi, are you heeeere?
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
I'm plainly here. Did you need something, Ibuki?
Guide Assets Ibuki 20
Um well, to be honest... I forgot my sewing kit.
Guide Assets Ibuki 08
Ughhh, I didn't finish my costume yet for next week's show...and I wanna sew on my break...
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
I see. So you figured I'd have a sewing kit on me.
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
Ding-dong, you're right! I'm in real shit! If you have one, please let me borrow it!
I'll give you tickets to my concert this weekend as thanks!
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Oh, sorry. I have a cosplay event this weekend.
But you can still borrow my sewing kit. You'd do the same if I needed help.
Guide Assets Ibuki 14
Ah, my goddess! I will never forget what you've done for me! I'll even write a new song about it!
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Wait...did you make the outfit you wear on stage all by yourself, Ibuki?
Guide Assets Ibuki 16
Hell yeah! I'm an awesome seamstress and I can make a killer beef and potato stew, too!
Guide Project Tsumugi 08
Y-Your girl power levels are through the roof! My girl power scouter's going to break!
Guide Assets Ibuki 19
Huuuh? Aren't you skilled at sewing too, though?
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Well, I am pretty good at it... As a cosplayer, I deal with more than just fabrics, though.
Guide Assets Ibuki 05
Mm-hm, mm-hm...that's a lot. Fashion is a deep labyrinth that goes every which way.
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
We've only begun our descent...down the infinitely deep slope that is fashion.

With Peko Pekoyama and Toko Fukawa[]

FTE Guide Peko Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Toko Mini Pixel
With Peko Pekoyama and Toko Fukawa
Guide Project Toko 06
Guide Project Peko 18
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
...Glasses girls levels at critical.
Guide Project Toko 07
D-Don't include me... I bet you're thinking you don't want to be lumped in with me anyway.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Um...I didn't mean it quite like that.
Guide Project Toko 08
What did you mean then!?
Guide Project Peko 08
Calm down, Toko. We are only sitting at the same table by coincidence.
Guide Project Toko 08
You're the biggest problem here!
Guide Project Peko 09
Guide Project Toko 07
Glasses, braids, and a black uniform... You're basically copying me!
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Don't worry. No matter how similar you two look, your characters aren't even a tiny bit similar.
Guide Project Toko 08
I-I know that! I just don't want us to be compared, so don't sit near me.
Guide Project Peko 17
No one would do something so meaningless as compare people who are just having a meal.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Yeah. Everyone's focused on eating. They're not looking at us.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Well, I'm plain so... no one pays much attention to me anyway.
Guide Project Peko 08
People don't pay attention to you...? Are you suppressing your presence?
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
I don't mean to. I'm just plain plain.
Guide Project Toko 06
Hmph...you really don't have much of a presence. But no one pays attention to me, either.
Guide Project Toko 10
*gasp* Could it be the cosplay girl is the one who's copying me instead!?
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Don't worry, I may not have much of a presence, but our characters aren't even a tiny bit similar.

With Sonia Nevermind[]

FTE Guide Sonia Mini Pixel
With Sonia Nevermind
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Hey Sonia... In your country, do you wear gorgeous dresses and tiaras and all that?
Guide Project Sonia 24
Indeed. Though I only wear them for occasions that call for pump and circumference.
Guide Project Tsumugi 14
A dress and a tiara for a princess... I bet they're beautiful and well made.
I'd really like to see them. I bet they'd be a perfect reference for cosplay.
Guide Project Sonia 03
Would you like to wear them? Although they are quite plain, I did bring a couple dresses.
Guide Project Tsumugi 12
What!? I-It's okay. It's too glamorous for me... Besides, I only cosplay fictional characters.
Guide Project Sonia 07
Um... This "cosplay" you speak of, it involves dressing as imaginary characters, yes?
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Yeah. It lets you become someone totally different and live in a different world...
Guide Project Sonia 10
I think I can understand longing to be a different version of yourself in a different world...
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
What!? Could it be!? Are you interested in cosplay, Sonia!?
Guide Project Sonia 22
No...how should I phrase this? It is something to which I can certainly relate.
To become a normal girl, and to live as a normal girl...is a deep longing of mine.
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
I-I see... For you, being a normal student is like fiction...
Guide Project Sonia 24
Yes, if I may borrow your words... I might be living in a fictional world at this very moment.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Umm... I think it's a little different.
Guide Project Sonia 07
Hm? Whatever do you mean?
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Because right now, you being a student with us...is reality.
I think that Princess Sonia and Student Sonia are the same Sonia after all.
Guide Project Sonia 09
Your expertise in all matters fictional have exposed my own lack of understanding.
Guide Project Sonia 13
For that, you have my utmost praise!
Guide Project Tsumugi 08
Ha, haha—! I'm very grateful!
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Wow...I feel like falling to the ground... The aura of a princess is powerful.
Guide Project Sonia 23
Hmhm... You are a delightful person, Tsumugi.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
You too, Sonia. To be honest...I'm so plain that when I'm near someone as sparkly as you...
I feel like someone's cast Poof and I'm going to disappear without leaving any XP or gold.
But it's plain to see that we get along well.
Guide Project Sonia 18
Yes, I agree! I'm hella down to hang out with you anytime, soul sistah!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to do your best for an introvert!
The other events seem to be still in progress... Maybe you should cheer for them?
FTE Guide Kazuichi Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll check out the boys basketball game
Guide Project Kazuichi 23
Hm? Oh, it's you, Tsumugi.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Were you hoping Sonia would show up? Well, too bad. It's just plain old me.
Guide Project Kazuichi 09
No, I'm not disappointed or anything. Girls are totally welcome here!
Did you come to cheer for your classmates? Cheer for me too, while you're at it!
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Well, okay. Why not? Is your team taking a break right now, Kazuichi?
Guide Project Kazuichi 14
Yeah...I'm exhausted from having to deal with all these athletic-type people.
They should really think about balancing these teams better.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Those athletic-types are on a whole different level. I'm an intellectual type, so I get it.
Guide Project Kazuichi 24
Right? I thought you'd understand! It's hard enough just trying to keep up with them!
Guide Project Kazuichi 23
...If Miss Sonia heard me saying stuff like this, she'd think I'm pretty lame, huh?
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Guide Project Kazuichi 20
Wh-What? What's the matter?
Guide Project Tsumugi 16
Umm, I think your problem's a bit more basic than that...
You should just talk with Sonia normally and plainly, like you are with me right now.
Guide Project Kazuichi 23
Normally...? She's a real live princess, y'know? Besides, I'm already trying to be normal...
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Ah...so that's what you were going for...?
You gave him some plainly sound advice, but he probably won't make good use of it...
FTE Guide K1-B0 Mini Pixel
Stand up! If you love footb—...er, soccer
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, good. It looks like I'm in time for the second half of the match.
Guide Project K1-B0 18
Tsumugi, did you come to cheer for us?
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Yeah. I'm going to plainly cheer, so do your best.
Guide Project K1-B0 03
Yes. My sports abilities may be plain for a robot...
But I will do the best I can. So please, cheer for me.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
I think it's pretty amazing a robot can play soccer with humans...oh, but is that robophobia?
Guide Project K1-B0 14
Yes it is. I would like to correct your misgivings, but...
Guide Project K1-B0 08
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
What's wrong? It seems like you're tired, but...
Guide Project K1-B0 10
Many people seem to be under the impression that I have amazing soccer functions...
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Aaah...and you don't have any functions like that, right?
Guide Project K1-B0 08
Even I am beginning to think I should have had a soccer function installed...
You plainly cheered on a depressed Keebo...
FTE Guide Monokubs Mini Pixel
I'm not used to exercising, I need a break
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Sometimes I stay up all night making an outfit and then go straight to a con...
But doing sports tires me out in a completely different way. Sorry everyone, I need a break.
Guide Project Monotaro 12
Rise and shine, ursine!
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Wah! You scared me.
Geez...don't just pop out of nowhere like that.
Guide Project Monophanie 12
People think we're not part of the events, even though we said we're here to help...
But we're busy too. We can't take care of you all the time.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Well...even if you weren't here, I don't think anyone would miss you.
Guide Project Monodam 01
Guide Project Monotaro 06
Oh, Monodam closed his heart! Is he broken!?
Guide Project Monosuke 04
No...I think he was just shocked.
Guide Project Monokid 03
Hey, Four-Eyes! That was a shitty thing to say! We're working behind the scenes!
Guide Project Monotaro 08
Like sneaking into everyone's dorms and jumping on their beds! Or drinking honey!
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
I don't think that counts as working.
Guide Project Monotaro 14
Huh? Is there anything we're supposed to do besides be cute and lay around?
Guide Project Monosuke 06
Speaking of work, apparently Papa Kuma's been busy behind the scenes, too.
Guide Project Monophanie 04
Even as a student, he still hasn't forgotten to be a nuisance... That's our daddy!
Guide Project Tsumugi 06
You guys should learn from Monokuma and try a little bit harder.
You took a break while talking about Monokuma's work ethic with the Monokubs!

School Festival[]

Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Today is the fall school festival... You decided to exhibit all the cosplays you've made so far!
Let's greet the people who have stopped by!
FTE Guide Peko Mini Pixel
I didn't expect to see you here
Guide Project Peko 18
...So, these outfits are what they call "cosplay."
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Yeah, these are all the outfits I've made. Are you interested in cosplay, Peko?
Guide Project Peko 15
Well, I'm certainly intrigued...or rather, I want to understand what it is.
People have mistaken the way I dressed as cosplay a few times before.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Ahh... I can see why people would make that mistake.
You're beautiful, Peko...a school girl outfit, bamboo sword, glasses, pigtails. You're perfect.
But I don't want to trouble a normal person... For some reason, I feel like I'm bothering you.
Guide Project Peko 02
If I am dressed in a way that makes me more noticeable, should I change to stand out less?
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Oh, Peko. You're perfect just the way you are. So much so, I want to beg you not to change!
You explained to a confused Peko that there's no need for her to change...
FTE Guide Chiaki Mini Pixel
I knew you'd come!
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Welcome to my exhibit, Chiaki.
Guide Project Chiaki 09
I saw some cosplay outfits of game characters from outside, so I decided to take a look!
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Umm, I think you've probably played a lot more games than I have, so...
"I want to become a game character..." "I want to live in a game world..."
...Have you ever thought like that?
Guide Project Chiaki 08
Ummm...not really. Although, I do love playing games.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
I see... That's a shame.
Guide Project Chiaki 05
Your outfits are so well-made. I can instantly tell which game character's clothes these are.
It's as if the character jumped right out of the screen... I can see why you'd be into this.
Guide Project Tsumugi 29
R-Really? Thank you...
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
If you start to get interested in cosplay, talk to me any time. I'll fully support you!
You showed Chiaki lots of video game character cosplay!
FTE Guide Celestia Mini Pixel
I'm really glad to see you here
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Welcome, Celeste. To be honest, I'm nervous to have you look at my outfits.
Guide Project Celestia 08
Such skill is expected from the Ultimate Cosplayer. I'm tempted to request a commission from you.
Guide Project Celestia 05
However...if I asked *you* for one, I'm sure you would create an outfit from an anime.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Celeste...are you not interested in cosplay after all?
I mean, I know that gothic lolita cosplay is different from gothic lolita fashion.
Guide Project Celestia 02
Well, among those who love elaborate clothes, there are some who appreciate cosplay as well.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Yeah, yeah! I was wondering if you were like that too, Celeste.
Guide Project Celestia 04
Unfortunately, I am not.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
I see... Yeah, I suppose that makes sense...
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
You're so discerning when it comes to clothes though, I'd love to talk with you about them.
Guide Project Celestia 03
That is true... I'm sure we can easily hold a conversation about the value of clothes.
...You discussed how to handle clothes and wigs, and shared makeup techniques!


Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school.
You finished cleaning the classroom! Now, what to do next?
FTE Guide Celestia Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll take a break in the dining hall
Guide Project Celestia 03
Oh, Tsumugi...your timing is excellent. I wanted to talk to you about something.
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Huh? You wanted to talk to me about something? What is it?
Guide Project Celestia 17
I need an outfit with a vampire motif... Although, I have not decided the design yet.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Ah...you need it to make your dream come true, don't you, Celeste?
Guide Project Celestia 03
Yes, I dream of obtaining a luxurious castle, along with my handsome butlers at my side.
They must serve me dressed as vampires, so I can spend my life in beauty and decadence.
Guide Project Celestia 16
In order to match my aesthetics, the outfit's quality is important. You understand, don't you?
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Of course. High-quality outfits make things more exciting.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
But it's not like you want your handsome butlers to cosplay as characters, right?
If you want my help, the best I could do is make you some cosplay of vampire characters...
Guide Project Celestia 08
Thank you...but instead of an existing outfit, I'd like an original design for my handsome men.
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Hmm, if only there was an Ultimate Designer at this academy...
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Oh, I know! How about having Hifumi design it for you?
Guide Project Celestia 02
Hifumi? I cannot imagine he would share the same aesthetics as me...
Guide Project Tsumugi 05
Clothes like that are pretty much the specialty of someone like him.
Oh, or you could at least have Hifumi draw handsome men in the outfits you want.
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Umm... But I wonder how good Hifumi is at drawing handsome men...
Guide Project Celestia 09
Don't you think this conversation has steered toward your hobby, Tsumugi?
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Ah...sorry. I got all excited and went off on my own. But I think it's a good plan.
If you have Hifumi design a character, then it'll be a fictional outfit...
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
And if it's fictional, then I can make a prototype out of it!
Once you can actually hold it in your hands, you'll feel one step closer to your dream.
Guide Project Celestia 06
Oh, is it truly alright for you to do this much for me?
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Honestly, I just got caught up in the moment... But that's important when designing outfits.
And your dream... You want to be a person you created in a world you created, right?
That's just my interpretation... But when I think of it that way, I want to cheer you on.
Guide Project Celestia 03
Then...I will ask for your help. You must know that you cannot take your offer back, correct?
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
That's fine. Let's create a wonderful outfit!
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
...Although, we sort of roped Hifumi in without asking...
You talked with Celeste about how to make her dream come true...
FTE Guide Leon Mini Pixel
I need to organize all my outfits
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Ah, Leon. Are you cleaning your own room too?
Nah, not "cleaning." I'm going back home on New Year's, so I thought I'd pack.
I don't really have much, though. Just clothes, CDs, and gifts.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
I'm so jealous that you can travel light like that. I have a ton of cosplay and props...
Cosplay stuff, huh? Are you gonna keep doing that after you graduate?
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
I'm just getting started. There are still a ton of costumes I want to make.
You're pretty devoted to it. But aren't you gonna get too old for that soon?
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
L-Leon... That's kind of a sensitive topic...
Oh, shouldn't have asked a lady about her age, huh?
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
Cosplayers don't care about that sort of thing. But I can understand why a normal person might.
Guide Project Tsumugi 16
But that's just the way I think... There shouldn't be an age limit on things you enjoy.
Even if at a certain point you notice that all your friends are younger than you...
You shouldn't throw your hobby away if you still enjoy it, right?
Yeah...guess not.
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Oh...sorry! I got caught up in the moment!
Guide Project Tsumugi 29
Waaah! I messed up... I'm sure nerds getting passionate about stuff scares you off, huh?
Nah, it's not a bad thing. Coming from girls like you, anyway.
From guys like Hifumi? Shit's creepy.
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
You're very honest... If this was a dating game, that line would get you -30 relationship points.
What!? That bad!?
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
But I was relieved that you didn't think I was creepy.
Ha, what can I say, I'm a tolerant guy.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
No...I wouldn't really go that far.
...You chatted with Leon for a bit!
FTE Guide Monokuma Mini Pixel
There's something I need to finish soon
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, Monokuma... I didn't see you anywhere while I was cleaning. Where did you go?
Guide Project Monokuma V3 08
I was at the underground Monokuma factory. Looks like it'll be up and running in time.
With the school year ending soon, I gotta finish prepping for next year's fun.
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
I see. I'm glad everything's going well.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
What about you? Are you finishing up your preparations?
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Things are going okay. The world I'm going to cosplay has already been picked out.
It'll be something I can cosplay 1,000 times. That way, the fun will go on longer.
Guide Project Tsumugi 31
Cuz if I'm gonna do it... I've gotta cosplay with love!
The two of you reported your plans for after graduation to each other...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Akane Owari[]

Guide Project Akane 15
Today is the sports festival... But you were roughed up by Monokuma earlier!
You need to recover in time for the events in the afternoon!
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Guess I should go change...
Guide Project Akane 01
Alright. There we go...
Guide Project Akane 02
Huh? Are you changin' your clothes too? Uh...what was your name again?
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Geez, did you forget already? My name's Tsumugi Shirogane.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
You need to go ask Hina for some tips on remembering people's names.
Guide Project Akane 03
Sorry, sorry. You're so plain, I couldn't remember you.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
I'm well aware I'm plain...but when I take off my glasses, I look amazing, y'know?
Tsumugi got annoyed by you...but you didn't really care!

With Byakuya Togami[]

Guide Project Byakuya 02
Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt!
Meaningless child's play...but defeat is not an option for the head of the Togami Corporation!
So, which card will you pull...?
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Toko Mini Pixel
"Someone who wears glasses"?
Guide Project Byakuya 01
How boring. Hardly a challenge for me.
Guide Project Byakuya 06
I suppose I *have* to participate in this childishness. Tsumugi, come with me.
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Huh, me? Umm...okay.
But why would you need plain old me? Was your card "someone with glasses" maybe?
Guide Project Byakuya 14
...Just get moving.
Guide Project Toko 11
...Master! If you need someone with glasses, I'm right—wait, Master!
You took Tsumugi with you to the goal, hurrying her along!

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Guide Project Hifumi 04
Your last winter at the academy... You finished your work—it's Christmas Eve!
But the convention in a few days is much more important! You don't feel good though...
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
I'll go home and prepare for the grail war
Guide Project Tsumugi 16
Hifumi...you look a little pale. Are you losing sleep working on your manuscript?
Guide Project Hifumi 05
Ah, Ms. Shirogane! You are correct, nothing gets past you.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
There are plenty of cosplayers who stay up all night working on their outfits before a con.
It's cliche advice, but make sure you eat and sleep enough so you can make it to the end.
Guide Project Hifumi 18
I appreciate your advice, my 2D-loving comrade! I am planning on sleeping early!
Guide Project Hifumi 17
Of course...after a good rest, I plan on starting my next project...
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Already!? Isn't that too ambitious!?
Guide Project Hifumi 16
I don't have a lot of time! Over the past three years, my idea book has gotten thick.
Guide Project Hifumi 19
And I am planning on creating more completely original works!
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Oh my, an original work? That's amazing! Let me read it when it's done.
Guide Project Hifumi 18
Of course! I'm planning on creating a futuristic anime, movie, and game!
Guide Project Hifumi 19
You will probably want to cosplay it... I'll be sure to lend you the material!
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
What confidence. It'll be exciting to experience the moment a new fictional world is born.
It sounds so impressive... I'll be looking forward to it.
You parted ways with Tsumugi after discussing your ideas for your own work!

With Junko Enoshima[]

Guide Project Junko Enoshima 12
Today is the fall school festival... It's a boring event full of hope!
Will you work or go around looking at the exhibits?
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll look at the exhibits or whatever
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
Welcome. I didn't expect to see you here, Junko. Are you interested in cosplay?
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 17
I guess. You've got a bunch of clothes and wigs here... Did you really make 'em all?
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Yeah, I did. I actually like making cosplay more than I like wearing it.
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 12
But you do wear them, right? I've seen pictures online. It's like you *become* those characters.
I wonder if someone like you... could become more like someone than even themself.
Guide Project Tsumugi 18
Please don't be mistaken! Cosplay is different from disguises!
In my case, I can only do fictional characters!
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 07
Hmm... then if I was a character from something, you could cosplay me?
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Of course. You'd be quite a flashy character to cosplay, Junko...
Guide Project Tsumugi 03
It'd probably be fun figuring how to do the makeup just like you and making a wig.
Oh, and you're a model. I'd probably get fired up studying model poses.
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 12
I see... if I was going to have you become me, I'd want you to have that much passion.
I wish that a certain disappointing big sister would try a little harder.
You discussed makeup and posing in front of a camera with Tsumugi for a while...

With K1-B0[]

Guide Project K1-B0 23
Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school.
Where will you clean first?
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll help clean the classroom
Guide Project K1-B0 24
Phew... We somehow managed to finish cleaning.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
It feels good to clean it up. I've become attached to this classroom.
Guide Project K1-B0 18
I can't believe how fast the last three years have gone by.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Hey...how were the past three years for you, Keebo?
Guide Project K1-B0 23
For me? Let's see...
Mostly good, though I think combating casual robophobia will still be a daily struggle for me...
Guide Project K1-B0 18
But overall, these last three years were quite wonderful.
It's appropriate that our time at Hope's Peak Academy was so full of hope itself.
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
I see... Yeah, I feel the same. I wish we could've stayed here a bit longer.
Guide Project Tsumugi 25
Don't you want to have more fun...with everybody?
Guide Project K1-B0 09
Yes...but even after we graduate, we should still be able to keep in touch.
Whether we want to get together and talk, or if one of us needs our help...
No matter what, I'm certain we'll see each other again when the opportunity presents itself.
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
It's plain to see you're right.
Even if we graduate...it's not the end.
Guide Project K1-B0 18
You're right. We were quite an excellent class.

With Leon Kuwata[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the crepe stand to get girls!
Because you're kind of a big deal, you decide to take a walk around...
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Cosplay exhibit?
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, I'm surprised to see you here, Leon.
Aw man, you're not gonna greet me in cosplay or something?
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Ah...did you think this was a maid cafe or something? I'm just displaying my outfits today.
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
I didn't think you were interested in cosplay... Some normal people are, but not you, right?
Cosplay? Hell yeah I'm interested! You've worn all this stuff, right?
Oh, this one is sexy! I wanna see you in it!
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
I think you're mistaken... That outfit isn't for showing off skin.
Well, I guess it's understandable why you'd think that. There are some famous cosplayers...
...who cosplay to get attention and be fawned over, not because they like the characters.
Well cosplayers or not, everyone wants to be popular. It's cute.
Guide Project Tsumugi 09
Urk...That's a sound argument from a regular person...
You may not understand it...but the whole situation is actually pretty complicated.
Guess I don't understand it, but I can see how it's pretty tough.
...So to be clear, you're *not* gonna wear anything for me?
Guide Project Tsumugi 07
Tsumugi sighed and rolled her eyes at you.

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Guide Project Mahiru 01
Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
Lately, a lot of people have asked you to take pictures as keepsakes.
You brought a few of them to the closing ceremony. Who do you give them to first?
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
I'll give Tsumugi her cosplay pictures
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, Mahiru. Do you have something for me?
Guide Project Mahiru 07
Yeah, the pictures I took the other day. I gave you the files, but these are printed copies.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Huh? Really!?
I'm so happy! Your pictures are wonderful.
Guide Project Mahiru 09
I'm glad you like them. I was a bit worried since it was my first time taking cosplay shots.
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Of course I like them. Besides, I was the one who kept pestering you to take them.
Having the Ultimate Photographer take pictures for my photo shoot is just too extravagant.
Guide Project Mahiru 07
Oh, don't worry about that, just relax. It was fun for me, too.
I was a little surprised how different you were when you're cosplaying, though.
Changing into the different characters like that... Cosplay is pretty interesting.
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
What's that? Are you interested in cosplay?
Guide Project Mahiru 06
Uh, well...I don't think I'd be any good at it. But let me know if you need more pictures.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Ah...in that case, I was actually going to rent a studio with my cosplay friends.
Guide Project Mahiru 18
Ooh, you even go to studios. Taking pictures with a lot of people sounds pretty fun.
Guide Project Tsumugi 35
Oh, it's very fun. If you aren't busy, why don't you come along?
Seeing it for yourself will show you how fun cosplay can be better than any explanation.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
As thanks for the photos, I'll teach you about it without dragging you into the cosplay swamp!
Guide Project Mahiru 02
A-Alright... I guess I'll go then?
It seems like you got closer with Tsumugi...

With Maki Harukawa[]

Guide Project Maki 51
Today is the sports festival... You were forced to be captain of the basketball team.
It's an unavoidable hassle... That being said, what's your strategy going in?
FTE Guide Kaede Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Well...I should do things at my own pace
Guide Project Maki 04
I'm not really expecting anything, especially from the ones on my team.
Guide Project Maki 02
...It'd be better to avoid doing anything too rash, so we don't hurt ourselves.
Guide Project Kaede 16
Maki, thanks for worrying about me... But I'll do my best today!
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Yeah, I think I'll do well here. I've cosplayed as basketball manga characters a few times.
Guide Project Maki 14
...I have no expectations of either of you.
You were able to have a pretty fun game!

With Makoto Naegi[]

Guide Project Makoto 01
Today is the school festival... You went to a classroom doing an escape room!
Let's show some teamwork and escape together! What do you do?
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Has someone played an escape room before?
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, I'm just plain experienced in escape rooms.
I've gone with my cosplay friends to a number of anime escape rooms before.
Guide Project Makoto 21
Interesting...then we can depend on you, Tsumugi!
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
Well...I've never been able to escape, though. I get pretty far...then I get caught in a trap.
Guide Project Makoto 03
I-I guess it's not that easy to escape...
Well, this is just a school festival. Maybe it won't be that hard.
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
You never know... This game *was* created by an Ultimate student.
What if we're never able to escape and we have to live in this classroom forever?
Guide Project Makoto 06
...Let's make sure that doesn't happen!
You worked hard with Tsumugi to escape the room!

Guide Project Makoto 01
Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
FTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
I'll have a look at the school building
Guide Project Tsumugi 01
Oh, Makoto...what's wrong? Aren't you cold out here?
Guide Project Makoto 21
Oh, Tsumugi. I wasn't really doing anything in particular. I was just thinking about how it's been three years since I stood here last...
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
I see... It's almost graduation. I can understand feeling lonely.
Guide Project Makoto 23
Maybe...but I feel like we should be happy about our time here too.
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
You've gotten a bit more confident, haven't you Makoto? You look different these days.
Guide Project Makoto 22
Huh? You think so?
Guide Project Tsumugi 04
Yeah, I do. When I look at you, I feel like I'm looking at hope itself.
Guide Project Makoto 04
You're exaggerating... My only strong point is that I'm a little more gung-ho than others.
Guide Project Tsumugi 32
That's what's amazing about you. Just being with you makes me feel positive.
It's like...being infected with hope.
If you were a fictional character, I bet you'd have a lot of fans. Everyone would love you.
Guide Project Tsumugi 17
To the point where it'd be like, "Ugh, this guy again..." Er...no, sorry, I mean—
Guide Project Makoto 21
No, come on...you're making me embarrassed... But thanks, Tsumugi.
You and Tsumugi talked about your school memories...


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