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Toko Fukawa
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My theory is that happy people can only write happy, shallow novels. But the downtrodden can vividly imagine their ideal world, perfectly envisioned in true beauty... And that's the spirit I put into my novels.

Danganronpa Another Episode

Toko Fukawa (腐川 冬子), is a student in Hope's Peak Academy's Class 78th, and a participant of the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Her title is the Ultimate Writing Prodigy (超高校級の「文学少女」 lit. Super High School Level Literary Girl).

She later returns as the deuteragonist in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls alongside Komaru Naegi.


Danganronpa 1 Toko Touko Fukawa Fullbody Sprite 01
Danganronpa 1 Character Design Profile Toko Fukawa

At the beginning of the Killing School Life and in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, Toko appears to be a young high school-aged teenager, but due to the memory loss she is two years older than she believed. Toko is of average height and possesses a thin figure with somewhat broad shoulders. She has long dark purple hair which she keeps in two braids behind her, grey eyes and large wire-rimmed round glasses. Hidden by her long skirt are tally marks carved onto her upper thighs—a count of how many men Genocide Jack has killed. On the left side of her chin is a small mole.

Toko's outfit is a typical purple Japanese school uniform with a noticeably lengthy skirt compared to those worn by other girls. On the upper sleeves of her shirt is her Former High School symbol. Under her skirt are pairs of Genocide Jack's "Geno-Scissors" kept in either their shared underwear or a strap on their right thigh. She also wears white socks and brown loafers.

About six months later, in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Toko lets her hair flow freely instead for keeping it in braids. She wears several thin hair clips and now possesses an ahoge. Her uniform is noticeably more in tatters and tears than it was during her time at Hope's Peak Academy, and a large rip in her skirt leaves the tally marks Genocide Jack left on their shared body's thigh visible. She also has black thigh-highs and Mary Jane heels.


Toko is intellectually gifted, yet she has problems in social behavior. It's been stated that she either never learned or never bothered to learn social skills. She even considers herself a 'gloomy outcast', often deciding to distance herself from others.

Due to the constant bullying she faced as a child, Toko is highly suspicious of other people, frequently accusing them of thinking bad things about her. She expresses her opinions freely and extremely, which can come across as mean and often rubs people the wrong way, though she claims she is just being honest. She has an unusually quick tendency to self-victimize and she refuses to believe compliments from other people. She also is very self-conscious about her body and tends to think that other people consider her ugly. At times, in Another Episode, she tries to appear as young as possible and she is paranoid that others might consider her "an old hag", However, she is also offended if her body is not considered attractive and adult-like.

In the first game, Toko can often be seen stalking Byakuya Togami, seeing him as the “ideal boyfriend", behaving submissively toward him and calling him "master". After the reveal of her alter, Genocide Jack, Toko's crush on Byakuya took on a more distinctively sexual undertone, and she was capable of neither proper judgment nor control over her perverse fantasies. In Danganronpa Another Episode, it's confirmed that she's a masochist, though she also seems to have sadistic fantasies about Byakuya. Ironically, she has a tendency to scold other people for being indecent, sometimes with no good reason. Due to her paranoia, she easily assumes that boys have bad intentions if they wish to spend time alone with her.

Toko is also extremely afraid of blood and the dark due to very traumatic experiences. She also strongly dislikes bathing, to the point of fear, which might also be a result of an unknown trauma. Furthermore, she gains a fear of ghosts due to Komaru's ability to interact with them, even though she denied their existence previously.

In Danganronpa Another Episode, Toko revealed a kinder and more caring side of herself as she traveled with Komaru throughout Towa City. Though she remained rather pessimistic and gloomy, she was more mature and stronger. She forced herself to be strong and believed that fighting against all odds is the only way out, often echoing Makoto's sentiments and begrudgingly crediting him with the courage she had gained. When Komaru approached the point of giving in to despair, Toko encouraged her to stand up and face her fears. While not used to touching other people, she is later fine with hugging Komaru, and willing to comfort her, though she says she isn't good at it. She finally finds a true friend in Komaru and is willing to stay by her side, and says that she's found her hope in her.

As a result of her experiences in the killing game, Toko also became easily frustrated by people who give up and make excuses, calling them cowards. She accuses them of not being prepared to stand up for themselves, something that reminded her of her past self. She also took a stand in challenging her own fears; she no longer faints at the sight of blood, having taken Byakuya's advice about growing up. However, she still remained extremely disgusted at the sight of large amounts of blood.


Ultimate Writing Prodigy[]

Danganronpa 1 Toko Fukawa English Game Introduction

As the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, Toko possesses extreme writing skills. The first time she knew that she has a talent for writing was when one of her teachers in elementary school found her love letter and later supported her to keep writing and expand her knowledge about literature.

One of her romance novels 'So Lingers the Ocean' was extremely popular. Even at her young age, she received many awards.

Some books she has written are seen in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls such as So Lingers The Ocean, Blue Thread from the Scarred Mountain, and The Family From The Day Before Yesterday. Toko has written at least more than 80 novels as she used to write every day.

Ultimate Writing Prodigy official translations in other languages
Language Talent Translation
日本語 Japanese 超高校級の「文学少女」 Super High School Level Literary Girl
中文(臺灣) Chinese (Trad) 超高校級的“文學少女” Super High School Level Literature Maiden *
超高中級的文學少女 Super High School Level Literary Girl *
中文 Chinese (Simp) 超高校级的“文学少女” Super High School Level Literature Maiden *
한국어 Korean 초 고교급 문학소녀 Super High School Class Literary Girl *
français French L'Auteure Ultime The Ultimate Author *
La Romancière Ultime The Ultimate Novelist *
Deutsch German Super-Bücherwurm Super Bookworm *
Ehemalig: Super-Highschool-Bücherwurm Former: Super Highschool Bookworm *
italiano Italian Super Topo di Biblioteca Liceale Super High School Level Bookworm *
español Spanish (Spain) Super Estudiante de Instituto Nivel: Rata de Biblioteca Super High School Student Level: Bookworm *
Superescritora de bachillerato Super High School Writer *
nci Spanish (México) Súper estudiante chica literaria Super Literary Girl Student *
es-AR Spanish (Argentina) Súper escritora de secundaria Super High School Writer *
polski Polish Super Pisarka Super Writer *
português do Brasil Portuguese Garota Literária Supercolegial Super High School Literary Girl *


Prior to the Tragedy[]

At the hospital where Toko was born, a baby born at the same time died in a medical accident. It was unclear which mother's child was the dead baby. Both mothers refused to test their blood, as they both wanted their child to die. Around the child's accidental death, it became clear that the two women slept with the same man.

Toko lived with one father and two mothers. Though the circumstances are a bit unclear, it's been confirmed that she was mistreated as a child. She was once locked into a closet and forced to stay there for three days without food. This traumatic experience resulted in her developing a pathological fear of the dark. She experienced severe psychological pressure and at some point turned to novels for comfort, but her negative feelings were too strong. This childhood trauma caused her to form Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), with one alter named Genocide Jack. Jack was a serial killer who murdered several young men; the people on the internet, unaware of her gender, started to call her Genocide Jack. Toko blamed her mothers for Genocide Jack's creation.

On top of it all, Toko didn't have friends and was bullied in school. When she was in third grade, someone's lunch money was stolen and it was found in her desk. Toko was blamed for the theft, and her classmates tied her to the jungle gym with a garden hose.

Toko became extremely close to her pet stink bug, Kameko. She believed that Kameko was a special insect that could understand her feelings.

Toko's first love was a boy who she had been friends with in elementary school. When she found out he was moving away to Shikoku, she realized that she was indeed in love with him. Being too shy to tell him in person, she instead wrote him a letter. The next day, Toko found that the boy had pinned her letter on the bulletin board as a way of mocking her. Genocide Jack reacted by following the boy to Shikoku and killing him.

In Toko's eighth grade year, a boy from the neighboring class asked her out on a date completely out of the blue. She then spent three days and three nights planning the date. Toko eventually decided to go see an action movie. Halfway through it, her date disappeared. She later discovered that the boy had only asked her out because he'd lost a bet with his friends, causing her great emotional trauma.

However, the letter Toko wrote for her first love was read by her teacher. The teacher told her she had a way with words, which started Toko's career as a writer. One of her romance novels, 'So Lingers the Ocean', was a huge hit that managed to shoot fishermen to the top of all the "Hottest Men" polls. Despite her young age, Toko won several awards and was constantly on the top-selling list.

Toko used to attend Riverbank Girl's High School and was later invited to Hope's Peak Academy's 78th class as the Ultimate Writing Prodigy.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc[]

Episode 11 - Goodbye, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Toko was seen chatting with Byakuya and Yasuhiro Hagakure when Class 78th were working together to shelter the old school building during the Tragedy.

During The Tragedy[]

Jin Kirigiri, the Headmaster of the Academy, planned to seal the school building and let the students take refuge in the Academy. The class agreed to this plan, and they sealed the building together and lived peacefully inside it for a year, not knowing that the Ultimate Despair members were already in their midst.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc[]

Prologue - Welcome to Despair[]

At the start of the Mutual Killing Game of Class 78, Toko loudly accused everyone of persecuting her even though no one had, and then quickly became cooped-up and withdrawn.

Chapter 1 - To Survive[]

Toko was being cooped-up and withdrawn until the first trial that more of her personality was laid out in the open, including her perpetual obsession over ham.

Chapter 2 - Boy's Life of Despair[]

In Chapter 2, Toko starts to fall in love with Byakuya. However, the attraction is apparently far from mutual, as Byakuya seems utterly indifferent towards her. However, Toko seems blissfully unaware of this fact and always stays by Byakuya's side.

During the trial, Byakuya reveals that Toko has Dissociative Identity Disorder and that her alternate personality happens to be the infamous serial killer Genocide Jack.

Chapter 4 - All•Star•Apologies[]

In Chapter 4, Sakura sends Toko a message to meet with her at the rec room. Afraid of Sakura, she comes earlier than the meeting time and hides inside a locker. She sees Sakura enter the rec room, followed by Yasuhiro soon after.

Toko is shocked after Yasuhiro suddenly attacks Sakura with a Monokuma Bottle, causing Sakura to faint. Yasuhiro then creates a fake dying message on a magazine, writing Toko's name with Sakura's blood. After Yasuhiro escapes from the rec room, Toko nervously comes out from her hiding place to hide the magazine, but she accidentally places it upside down in her panic.

Joining the Future Foundation[]

Toko and the others survived together in the apocalyptic world until they were found by the Future Foundation. The group decided to join them in order to fight against despair, and the Future Foundation helped them to recover their school memories.

However, Toko wasn't accepted as a full member of the Future Foundation, since Genocide Jack was considered a threat, and instead became an intern. Toko was annoyed that Aoi and Yasuhiro became members first and strove to control Genocide Jack and become a full member. She promises Byakuya that she won't let Genocide Jack murder anyone ever again.

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer[]

Chapter 3 - Bessatsu Shounen Zetsubou Magazine[]

Toko was seen in the explanation of the Tragedy, along with the survivors of the Killing School Life as one of the people integral in stopping the Tragedy's mastermind, Junko Enoshima.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls[]

Toko appears as one of the main protagonists in Danganronpa Another Episode, aiding Komaru in her journey to rescue Byakuya.

Chapter 1 - Crying for Love in Hell[]

Toko first appears in Chapter 1, after Genocide Jack brings Komaru to a safe point and quickly switches back out to Toko. She explains to Komaru that she is an ally, revealing that she can now control Genocide Jack using a stun-gun; Toko can switch with Genocide Jack for as long as the electrical charge lasts.

After Toko and Komaru succeed in getting rid of the Monokuma Units on the rooftop, Toko introduces herself to Komaru. She explains that Genocide Jack has been completely tamed by her stun-gun and would not be committing murder ever again, but that she would only use the stun-gun in an emergency because using it too many times would fry her brain.

Later, Toko gets mad when she overhears that Komaru was saved by Byakuya, saying she won't let anyone get in her way of love. Toko decides to remain in Towa City to save Byakuya from the Warriors of Hope, a group of kids who murder adults in the name of Monokuma.

Toko and Komaru find two corpses near the shelter, and they arrive at the supply room where the generator is located. When they succeed in opening the shelter, Komaru asks Toko to bring her the Megaphone Hacking Gun, but she refuses, claiming that she is allergic to machines. They encounter more Monokuma Units and a Monokuma Kid standing next to a gift box.

Komaru thinks the Monokuma Kid was the one who she met in the park, but Toko refutes this theory. The Monokuma Kids, as Toko describes it, have been cooperating with Monokuma to kill all adults. Komaru takes the gift box, and the Monokuma Kid runs away from them. They continue their escape, finding many books along the way. Finally, they arrive at the Monitoring Room and discover an arcade machine (Monoku-Man), which Toko says has been played by the Monokuma Kids.

The machine actually shows the map of the hospital lobby. Toko suggests that Komaru should try not to get discovered by the Monokuma Units and finally they succeed in escaping from the hospital.

After Toko and Komaru succeed in getting out of the hospital, Komaru asks Toko how she recognized her. Toko is caught off guard by this for a few moments, before reluctantly answering that she overheard Byakuya mentioning Komaru's name in the Future Foundation's helicopter. She explains that she is not a formal member because of Jack's existence still being considered as a threat, but that she was still a research assistant. She can only become a formal member when she can control Genocide Jack so no more murders happen. This explains why she does not wear a Future Foundations uniform. It is also revealed that she didn't have any other clothes except her dark purple sailor uniform. Komaru explains to Toko that her only plan is to escape from the city because if she stayed, she would only be attacked by more Monokuma Units. However, she eventually changes her plan to stick together with Toko to help search and help Byakuya. Komaru, who was very thankful that Toko is sticking with her, hugs her. Komaru then notices that there is a bridge to escape from the city, so the duo heads for Towa Bridge.

On the way to the Towa Bridge, Toko tells Komaru to test her Hacking Gun by trying to move an elite Towa electric car. At this point, they are met with many Monokuma Units and Monokuma Kids who had been killing adults. After they work together to climb a big container, they are suddenly attacked by two Bomber Monokuma. Fortunately, Komaru defeats them and the duo arrives at a ruined hotel.

On the second floor of the hotel, Toko and Komaru find two phones that led Komaru to believe that they could contact the police to save them. But Toko states that the internet and cell phones have been disconnected. They also discovered many books in the hotel rooms, which they later discuss.

After that, Toko and Komaru arrive in front of the lifts. Here, they discover a Hit List card. Komaru learns from Toko that she is not the only one who has been targeted by the Warriors of Hope. It is also learned that The Warriors are also the ones who created the cards as a way to more efficiently hunting down their targets. Toko and Komaru, using the lifts, go downstairs and use another game machine as a map. Toko suggests that Komaru try to destroy the Monokuma unit with one blow. Komaru then shoots the bomb packs of a Bomber Monokuma, which explodes and takes care of the whole Monokuma Unit.

Succeeding in defeating the Monokuma Units, Toko and Komaru are again met by a gifting Monokuma Kid. This one gives Komaru a letter, which reveals a challenge from the Monokuma Kid. They want Toko and Komaru to answer their riddles and deduce the secret password. It's revealed that the secret password was written as "hell" based on the sofa's arrangement. After defeating the Monokuma Kid by cracking the secret password, they finally get out of the hotel and could see the bridge near that area.

Upon arriving on the side of the bridge, Toko feels that something isn't right, questioning why they so easily arrived at the bridge, almost unscathed. Toko reasons that something dangerous might come from the bridge. While they both ponder the dilemma, a boy named Yuta Asahina suddenly approaches them. He then introduces himself, leaving Toko shocked upon hearing his last name.

Toko, Komaru, and Yuta had hoped to cross the bridge in order to escape, but soon find that half of the bridge has been destroyed. This realization sends Yuta into a mental breakdown before he is reminded by Toko that they must keep moving if they want to survive. Yuta is motivated by her words, to return to the city before the bridge completely collapses.

Though the bridge had completely collapsed, Toko, Komaru, and Yuta manage to escape to safety. Not dismayed by the fallen bridge, Yuta decides that he will swim out of Towa City. Komaru asks him if it is really far to the other shore, before Toko chimes in and warns that there may be some strange creatures living in the sea because of the pollution. Yuta confidently answers that the only thing that he needs to do is to be careful, although he admits that it will be very troublesome.

Toko tried to stop him but to no avail. While swimming, his bracelet is activated (as a result of being too far from Towa City) and explodes, killing him instantly. Komaru is devastated by what happened to Yuta and bursts into tears, stating that it's impossible to escape. But Toko encourages her to at least die trying to find a way out instead of waiting to die (adding quietly that they were words from Makoto). While encouraging Komaru, she states that she can't hide Yuta's death from Aoi, his elder sister. The two then try to use the underground subway station to escape, by returning to the place where they left the hotel first.

On the way, Toko and Komaru meet with a Monokuma Unit lead by a Siren Monokuma, which they easily get rid of. Inside a building called "Koban", they meet with a Monokuma Kid who gives Komaru a new bullet. This Truth Bullet is called "Dance" mode. It is in this building that the duo also finds another game machine to use as a map to escape from the building.

After Toko and Komaru succeed in defeating the Monokuma Unit using Komaru's new truth bullet, they meet with an adult who survived the Monokuma Kids attack alone after his parents and son were killed by Monokuma Units. When Komaru invites him to went along, he rejects because his right leg was injured heavily by the Monokuma Unit. Toko responds that it's fine to leave him alone because it would be troublesome to carry him along, and as they leave suggests that hiding is the best way for that man to survive the riots.

Upon arrived at the underground subway station, the gate is seen to be shuttered. Komaru starts to get panicked, but Toko calms her down by telling her that the shutter was locked by someone and that there must be a clue as to who did it somewhere. They look around and eventually come across a key on the corpse of a station worker that was killed by the Monokuma Kids.

As soon as Komaru takes the key, a Monokuma Kid appears, hits her and steals the key. Toko and Komaru then chase the Monokuma Kid until they arrive at the construction site. Inside it, the Monokuma Kid climbs the building, knowing that Toko and Komaru won't climb it as well. Komaru suggests to them that they should go around the building entrances and trap the Monokuma Kid in a "dead end" area. Arriving at the dead end, they find a challenge-letter from the Monokuma Kid to come to the hospital, the place where Toko and Komaru's journey began.

Arriving at the hospital, Toko and Komaru are trapped by the Monokuma Kid inside the operation room where they encounter a Junk Monokuma. Komaru tries to escape, but the door is locked until they defeated the Junk Monokuma. They follow the Monokuma Kid until they finally arrive in the Director Room, where they get another challenge from the Monokuma Kid.

Komaru earns the new Truth Bullet called as "Detect" bullet. Her task is to uncover the secret of the "four public figures" photo sequence and enter the secret password to get the key of the subway station. After they managed to defeat the Monokuma Kid, which later seen crying and running away, they take the key from the safe and returned to the underground subway station.

In front of the subway station, Toko and Komaru are confronted by a panicked female adult who can't say things clearly and keeps apologizing to Komaru and Toko. After talking with the adult, the duo is finally able to open the shutter and go downstairs. However, the only thing they can see is darkness, until someone suddenly turns on stage lights and fixes them onto the girls.

Finally, Toko and Komaru realize that they have been trapped in the center of an arena full of Monokuma Kids, who are being happily overseen by the leader of the Warriors of Hope. This leader is the person in charge of the Hero Class, Masaru Daimon. He explains that he will banish all of the "demons" (adults) from Towa City to make a children-only paradise.

After that, Masaru opens the door below him and many corpses of adults appear. He states that they're the corpses of all the adults that he has killed. As the Monokuma Kids continue to cheer from around the arena, he begins to feel fear; something which he apparently never felt in any of his previous "demon-slaying sessions".

Seeing his left hand trembling, Masaru enters a state of panic, mixed with the resurfacing of his abusive past. He frantically chants to himself over and over that "heroes aren't afraid of anything," then proceeds to beat his own left arm for trembling in fear. Komaru tries to calm him down, but after he is finished panicking, with his arm completely blue with bruises, he only seems more determined to defeat the girls.

However, Toko and Komaru succeed in defeating him, which results in having the Monokuma Kids execute him. Komaru is shocked by this, but Toko remarks that it was too simple (since she was already experienced in witnessing horrific executions back at her school). The two leave, only to see another subway station has been opened. Upon noticing this, the two decide to enter, still hoping to find an exit from this town. Without their knowing, someone has been spying on them this whole time.

Chapter 2 - Legend of the Revolution[]

Komaru and Toko entered the opened subway station only to find an unmoving train. Feeling down for a moment, Komaru finally decided to walk along the railway. Komaru could sense Toko worried about something, but she kept denying it and repeat herself that she was worried due to the dark. During their exploration, an earthquake suddenly struck and made the ceiling collapse. Toko lost consciousness after a large rock hit her, and switched out to Genocide Jack, who quickly dashed back to the entrance followed by Komaru. At the very last second, Komaru and Jack managed to escape the destroyed tunnel. Komaru questioned why "Toko's personality" suddenly changed, and Genocide Jack answered that losing consciousness and sneezing causes a personality switch.

After Jack sneezed and switched out to Toko again, Komaru became depressed, wondering if she couldn't really escape from Towa City. Just before Toko could rally Komaru again as she did after Yuta's death, two Monokuma Kids approached them with a television monitor. The monitor connected to the Warriors of Hope headquarters, and Jataro Kemuri, one of the Warriors of Hope, appeared on the screen. Jataro introduced himself to the girls before explaining that Komaru, having a wristband, can't leave the city because she is one of the Warriors of Hope's targets. He also explained that there's a limit within the game. Toko guessed that's why Yuta's wristband exploded when he tried to swim away from the island. Jataro replied that it wasn't the Warriors of Hope's fault and that the wristband is made to explode when the wearer goes outside the town without permission.

Before he left, Jataro presented his masterpiece: a diorama featuring a giant Monokuma behind adults happily dancing together, with the hopes of making the girls hate him. Soon, however, the video changed to reveal the puppet master, a Monokuma, moving the adults' corpses with wire and giant bolts screwed through their wrists. As the television shut off, Komaru cried. Toko once again rallied Komaru to not lose her hope to survive, saying that she was with Komaru to fight beside her, and for her to rely on.

Komaru and Toko later decided to go the back the way they came. On the surface, they were surprised to see hundreds of Monokumas and Monokuma Kids dancing. For their safety, they retreated back down to the subway. Toko, forgetting that she is afraid of the dark, suggested to go back to the underground, to which Komaru agreed, thinking that Toko was showing her how to go forward despite being scared. Annoyed, Toko eventually had no choice, and the two of them traveled back to the underground.

Exploring the district deeper, the two girls then saw someone underneath a white sheet being kicked by Monokumas, crying and begging them to stop. After Komaru destroyed the Monokumas, she went to uncover the white sheet to check if that "someone" was okay. Komaru was surprised after discovering that someone was a white Monokuma.

Just when Komaru and Toko speculated what and who he was, he then started to speak, surprising the two girls. Even though the bear confessed that he's not a suspicious bear, Toko ordered Komaru to shoot him. He was shocked and told them that he's different than the other Monokumas because he has an AI inside him, introducing himself as Shirokuma. Toko told Komaru to not be fooled by his cuteness but was eventually fooled herself when he said that he wanted to be friends with many pretty ladies. Shirokuma also confessed that he can tell the date and time of someone's first kiss, making Toko further fooled by him.

Once Toko calmed down from her "heated" imagination to uncover those "fraudulent career women's virginity", Shirokuma asked them why Komaru and Toko were in the city. Komaru answered that they had no place to go, so Shirokuma offered them a safe place to hide. Toko didn't trust Shirokuma, thinking he wanted to kidnap them. Shirokuma said that that the safe place is a secret base underground where adults are living in hiding. Komaru thought it a good idea to go there. Toko once again left with no other options, the girls follow Shirokuma to the adults' secret base.

After traveling for a while in the underground subway station, the group decided to take a short break. Toko, who still didn't trust Shirokuma, accused him of lying in wait for them earlier. Shirokuma admitted to this but claimed that he watched them only so he could save them. Komaru asked Shirokuma why he wanted to save them, and he answered that he "just wants to save people." Komaru was amazed by Shirokuma's dedication and decided to keep relying on him as an ally, but Toko stayed suspicious. Shirokuma then led them down a hole with a ladder to the Towa City Sewers, where the secret base was.

Exploring the sewer, the group eventually found the ladder to the secret base. Shirokuma told the girls to follow him up the ladder, with Toko forcing Komaru to go first because she might die if Komaru saw her panties.

Komaru and Toko were surprised to see many adults in the secret base, which was an old warehouse used to store water tanks that the kids didn't know existed. Komaru questioned why there were so many trailers inside the base and Shirokuma answered that he brought them there to make it a little easier for everyone to live. He then let them meet with some of the other adults around the base before speaking with them further.

Komaru and Toko chatted with several adults until finally, they met with a woman a bit different from the others. Komaru was surprised after the woman showed them her Monokuma wristband. The woman was glad to finally meet an "ally" and explained that there are plenty of Hit List Targets hiding throughout the city. If possible, she wanted to save them and bring them to the secret base. She explained that nobody but Shirokuma was allowed to go outside unless they could sneak out, commenting that she has adults sneak outside to bring her cigarettes. She introduced herself as Hiroko Hagakure. Toko, who knew that the women were related to one of her classmates, wondered if she was his older sister or maybe the mother. Hiroko quickly nicknamed the two girls "Koko" and "Fufu."

Shirokuma invited them to the conference room. Inside, he saw no signs of the leader of the Resistance. Shirokuma wanted to introduce him to Komaru and Toko. While they waited, Komaru and Toko read several notebooks inside the room's lockers. Then suddenly the door opened and Haiji Towa, the leader of the Resistance, showed up. Toko, who didn't expect the leader to be a "handsome" guy, quickly introduced herself, followed by Komaru. Komaru stepped in before Toko could ask him nonsense questions and instead asked Haiji if he was related to the Towa Group. Haiji replied that he is the son of Towa Group's chairman, and had lost everything: Towa Group, as well as the entirety of Towa City, because of the kids. Haiji commented that he doesn't know the full details of Towa City's current situation, as the only one who does know is his father who has been missing since the riots.

Komaru became depressed when she suddenly remembered her missing parents and asked Haiji if he knew how to escape the city. He told her that all of the roads outside the city are completely blocked and Komaru's wristband would explode if she tried to escape. Komaru desperately asked if she could somehow get rid of the Monokuma wristband, but neither Haiji nor Shirokuma knew how. Haiji advised that staying put and keeping quiet is the best move. Toko questioned why the Resistance doesn't try to fight the kids, but Haiji insisted that it would be suicide if they tried. Toko called him a coward, but he claimed that he's only waiting for the opportunity to strike back. When Komaru felt that Toko's harshness had gone too far, Toko confessed that she was also speaking to Komaru and criticized her for only making excuses rather than fighting back.

Toko then guessed that maybe Future Foundation's technology could get rid of the wristband. When Toko revealed herself to be a member of Future Foundation, Haiji angrily ordered Toko and Komaru to get out of the secret base and refused to cooperate with them.

Toko and Komaru decided to leave the secret base, but as they did they saw adults screaming while they watched a monitor. Shirokuma diverted their attention, saying it would be best if they didn't watch, and offered them to stay the night as it wouldn't be safe for the girls to go out at dark. He then led them to a makeshift room, which was actually a prison cell.

Shirokuma asked Toko and Komaru if Future Foundation would really come and save the adults, to which they replied that it's impossible to reach them. Shirokuma then gave the girls a wireless laptop developed by Togami Group that can send audio and video, noting that it wasn't available to the public aside from groups like the police and Future Foundation, and the girls could use it if they got around the jamming radio waves emitted from Towa Hills be climbing to the top of a building called Towa Tower. Toko asked why Shirokuma didn't send other adults for the job if he already knew all this, but he explained they're the only ones he trusts can fight the Monokumas and safely reach Towa Tower. Komaru insisted on ongoing, as she wanted to keep trying to survive and move forward. Toko reluctantly agreed and the two decided to get some rest for the night before heading out the next day. Komaru, who could finally see a ray of hope thanks to Shirokuma, hugged and surprised the white bear.

The next morning, feeling refreshed after a night's sleep, the two were seen off by Shirokuma. Now above ground, Komaru and Toko made their way along the riverside shopping district and finally arrived in front of Towa Tower. As they tried going inside, Jataro revealed himself and ordered a large group of Monokumas to attack them from every direction. Once they defeated them, Toko cautioned Komaru that they should be wary of a second ambush by Jataro and that the whole situation could be a setup by Shirokuma.

Once inside, the two tried using the elevator, but it wouldn't open without a key card. Despite Toko's protest, the two defeated the Ball Monokuma blocking the stairs and climbed the tower on foot. On the fourth floor they met a man with glasses who confessed that while hiding from the kids he was trying to program away on his laptop to remove his wristband. Upon Komaru showing she wore the same wristband, the man regrettably informed her that until they are removed neither of them can leave the city; Komaru denied this, saying they would contact Future Foundation from atop Towa Tower using their laptop's wireless communication. The man understood and offered to try programming around the elevator's card key function. Even though he didn't expect them to want his help as they can't trust someone they just met, the girls gladly accepted.

At the elevator, the man had barely begun hacking around the security system when Junk Monokumas appeared, forcing Komaru and Toko to cover him. Once finished, he thanked Komaru and Toko, saying that because of them he finally started to see a ray of hope and that given a good connection Future Foundation would surely save them. Unfortunately, when the elevator opened, a Beast Monokuma emerged and attacked the man. After the girls defeated the Beast Monokumas, the man apologized for not accompanying them further but assured them that they would be fine. On his dying breath, he told Komaru and Toko that he has a child around their age and his only regret was not being able to see her one last time. Komaru then found the man's handbook nearby, and inside discovered a picture of him and his child; she hoped that the child was all right, while Toko was silent due to knowing the child's fate and recommended they move forward.

The two then entered the elevator, but just before Toko wanted to talk with Komaru about Future Foundation, the elevator suddenly stopped. The girls forced the elevator's door open to find themselves in a dungeon where Jataro and the audience of Monokuma Kids waited for them. Toko asked Jataro why he wore his mask and told him to take it off, but Jataro refused, telling them that "if they look at his face, their eyeballs are gonna rot off" and asked aloud why else his mother forced him to wear the mask every day unless he was ugly. Komaru replied angrily that the kids' doing is unforgivable, no matter their reasons. The Monokuma Kids then boo at Jataro, making him more ecstatic due to being hated by even them. He summoned his robot, saying the only one who liked him was "Big Sis Junko." Komaru and Toko defeat Jataro's Priest robot, which destroys itself with a misfired final homing bomb shot, causing the Monokuma Kids to pull off Jataro's mask and 'punish' him.

Feeling no remorse for Jataro, Komaru told Toko to go with her. Toko tried to warn Komaru about Future Foundation one final time but forgot what she was going to say, instead proceeding to enter the code on the laptop so Komaru can speak with Future Foundation. It seemed unable to connect, but just as Toko said they should give up, Makoto Naegi from Future Foundation 14th Division appeared on the screen.

Chapter 3 - Cute Girl's Battlefield[]

Makoto explained that he joined the Future Foundation and also reveals that Toko went to rescue Byakuya without orders from Future Foundation. Komaru realized that Makoto and Toko already knew each other and wondered why Toko didn't tell her, to which Makoto responded "that's Toko for you." Toko then told Makoto that Byakuya had been captured by the kids, which led Makoto to explain that he, Toko, and Byakuya survived after being trapped inside Hope's Peak Academy with their classmates and were forced to kill each other. The mastermind broadcast the Killing Game so she could show the world the students of Hope's Peak Academy, the symbols of hope, falling to despair and death, thus furthering The Tragedy. The survivors resolved to join Future Foundation and fight against the Remnants of Despair, who were trying to spread despair to the entire world. Toko suddenly cried after remembering the suffering of The Tragedy, while Komaru commented that she had no idea any of that happened due to her imprisonment.

Komaru begged for Makoto to remove her wristband and save her, but Toko interjected, saying that she would refuse to let this happen as it would put Master Byakuya in danger. She went as far as threatening to kill Komaru, but by this point, the wireless connection had cut off. Having found the girls, the Monokuma Kids shuttered the windows and plunged the top floor into pure darkness. Luckily a Monokuma Kid dropped a glow stick and tracked paint across the floor, leading Komaru and Toko to an emergency staircase. This was a trap, however, as the door exploded and briefly knocked the girls unconscious. Once they both awakened, Komaru shot a Bomber Monokuma, destroying a cracked window allowing them to escape to Towa Tower's second floor via a ladder. They then cleared a handful more of Monokuma Kid challenges before finally exiting Towa Tower. Once outside, Komaru asked Toko whether she was serious about killing her, to which Toko responded that she was certainly willing to kill a friend if it meant Byakuya's safety. This led to a short-term rift in the twos' friendship but they ultimately returned to the adults' secret base together, with Toko tailing Komaru for her own "reason."

Upon their arrival at the secret base, the girls were greeted by adults giving them the cold shoulder. Shirokuma then appeared and brought them to the conference room to speak with Haiji, who brought up a plan to reason with the kids, which was immediately refused by the other adults. Komaru tried to support his idea but Toko reminded them that the children had no mercy whatsoever. In response, Haiji further insisted to lie in wait for a better opportunity to strike. Toko once again accused Haiji of being a weak leader, but Komaru sided with him, arguing that Toko did not understand the feelings of the weak.

Before the situation escalated further, an adult broke in the conference room and announced that Monokumas had found their base and were already massacring adults. In response to Shirokuma's plea, Toko and Komaru succeed expelling a large group of Monokumas from the base. Despite their efforts, however, Haiji had the two girls imprisoned as he believed they led the Monokumas back to the base to begin with.

After Komaru kidnapped by Kotoko, Toko decided to save her and infiltrated Kotoko's personal train. She finally encountered the fighter and while speaking to her, Toko used Kotoko's trigger word "gentle," causing her to lose her composure and call on her robot to fight the two girls. Upon the robot's defeat, the Monokuma Kids attempted to 'punish' Kotoko for losing, but Genocide Jack was instead able to save her for interrogation purposes.

Suddenly, Nagisa appeared and requested that Toko and Komaru leave the city. Already prepared to persuade Monaca, Nagisa insisted upon letting them escape in order for the Warriors of Hope's Children's Paradise to succeed.

Chapter 4 - The Way We Live[]

Chapter 5 - Absolute Despair Girl[]

Epilogue - The Changing World We Made[]

After defeating Big Bang Monokuma, the two girls obtained the keys to the storeroom that imprisoned Byakuya. They ended up having an argument right outside the storeroom because of Komaru's wish to try to save both the enraged adults and the brainwashed children; Toko was extremely frustrated that after Komaru had so desperately wanted to get out of Towa City, she ended up wanting to protect the denizens of Towa City.

After freeing Byakuya from captivity, Toko decided to remain behind in Towa City with Komaru instead of going back to the Future Foundation, mainly for Komaru's sake as a friend, but also in order to cover for Byakuya's escape and to stay the Future Foundation's hands on the city, preventing them from discovering the dark secrets of the Towa Group.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

Toko doesn't appear in this game, having remained in Towa city with Komaru after the events of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Kyoko mentioned her, telling Byakuya that someone is waiting for him to return. Byakuya then told her not to remind him of "something so horrifying".

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc[]

Episode 06 - No Man is an Island[]

Komaru is trying to force Toko to take a bath when they got a call from Byakuya, who presumably informed them of Monaca's involvement in the Final Killing Game that was taking place at the Future Foundation's headquarters. Toko got her taser ready as Komaru grabbed her Megaphone Hacking Gun to hunt down Monaca who is hiding somewhere in Towa City.

Episode 07 - Ultra Despair Girls[]

Toko is running alongside Komaru as they battle through Monokuma's and make their way to Monaca's base. Toko got tired of running and used her taser to turn into Genocide Jack, attacking some Monokumas. She turned back into Toko after they clear away the Monokumas.

As they make their way to Monaca's base, they encountered more Monokumas. Toko said she can't lose this battle as Byakuya wanted her help. Toko then has a fantasy about her and Byakuya being together with eighteenth sons and a "mini-Komaru" that is Toko's friend and servant. Byakuya insults mini-Komaru and says that Toko is more beautiful. As the two of them reached Monaca's surprisingly "stood out" hideout, Toko turned back into Genocide Jack to fight Monokumas, but they are overpowered and escape into a room with a bunch of robots. The lights turn on, and a giant curtain reveals a large TV screen that Monaca appears on. Monaca welcomed them, and the robots turned on and move. Monaca talked about how she will destroy everyone's hope. Toko said she did behind everything, and Monaca declared herself as "Junko Enoshima II", and that she will bring Makoto to despair. Toko pushed Komaru out of the way as one of the robots fires a rocket. The robots close in on Toko and Komaru, and Monaca suddenly says she surrendered, declaring hope will win, and detonated the robots, blowing up the top half of her fortress.

Toko and Komaru saw a van and see that Monaca is in it. Toko asked if Monaca wanted to be the Ultimate Despair. Monaca answered that she found the whole hope and despair thing embarrassing, and wants to forget it. Toko demand she tells them everything. Toko and Komaru learned that Monaca wasn't the mastermind, killed the real Miaya Gekkogahara, and knew that a survivor from the Killing School Life might die because of Makoto. Monaca said she knows who, but refuse to tell them. Toko turned into Genocide Jack, but Monaca escapes. Toko and Komaru take control of the fake Miaya Gekkogahara to tell Makoto. Toko contacts Byakuya and also tells him what Monaca said.

Episode 08 - Who Killed Cock Robin[]

After contacting Byakuya, Toko joins Komaru, who is currently talking to Makoto. Hearing Komaru support her brother, Toko comments that all their brother-sister talk was giving her goosebumps.

Episode 12 - It is Always Darkest[]

Toko and Komaru are seen watching Ryota Mitarai's hope brainwashing video on their laptop back at the hotel.

Side: Hope - The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair[]

Several months after the Final Killing Game, Makoto became the principal of a newly built Hope's Peak Academy and is working alongside Kyoko. Toko and Aoi both helped move boxes of materials, although Toko became exhausted. Komaru offered each of them a drink, Toko responded in thanks and began to drink swiftly.


First Kiss Prank: Toko is thrown into complete darkness. In the distance, Byakuya can be seen, so she begins to run towards him. Suddenly, a huge roller appears between the two of them. Though Toko tries desperately to escape, the roller catches up with her and presses her paper-thin, killing her. This execution is only described in the Danganronpa Visual Fanbook.


Alternate Personality:

Genocide Jack[]

Toko dislikes Jack because they share the same body, and she could be accused for Jack's murderous actions. She blames Jack for her isolation from her peers and their uncleanness. She will do anything to keep Jack concealed to prevent her from getting out and killing people. The two share certain traits, such as emotions. As such, they share an obsession with Byakuya, a close friendship with Komaru, and dislike of Yasuhiro and Aoi.



Kameko was Toko's pet stink bug and was the one she cared about most, which is shown when she became her Captive. Toko was also the only one who could stand Kameko's stench.

When Kameko's "Hit List" entry is discussed with Hiroko, Toko gets unusually emotional, showing just how strongly she cared for the bug. She is offended when Kameko is called a bug and she calls Kameko her dear insect friend, "a friendsect". She believes that Kameko is a special insect that can understand her feelings, but Hiroko and Komaru make her realize that Kameko is just a normal bug. Nevertheless, Toko misses her pet dearly and wishes to see her again.


Komaru Naegi[]

Toko appears and helps Komaru through the Demon Hunting game. She constantly calls her "Omaru" instead of her real name. During an interview with the crew behind Danganronpa Another Episode, Kodaka states that the game is about "the deepening friendship between Komaru and Toko."

Komaru respects Toko and admires her as a strong, skilled and amazing person, and doesn't even seem to mind her serial killer split personality as she considers her "just a bit strange, that's all", though Toko strongly disagrees and says that she is nothing like that. At first, Toko finds Komaru and her occasional slow-wittedness and gullible nature irritating, along with her tendency to call herself "normal girl" and breaking down crying when things get bad. However, she also gives Komaru support and encourages her to improve during such tough situations. When Toko "officially" agrees to assist Komaru, she hugs Toko in happiness, which makes Toko uncomfortable due to her not being used to physical contact. Toko is also noted to make most of the decisions, due to Komaru being too unsure to do that. She also remains rather silent about many topics, even if she is actually familiar with them. She is also strongly annoyed by Komaru's love for manga because she hates them.

In Chapter 2, Toko is shown to be suspicious of Shirokuma and appears slightly protective of Komaru due to her gullible nature. After they enter the Resistance's secret base, Toko and Komaru sleep the night in the same bed, though Toko feels cold because Komaru stole her blanket while sleeping. Komaru agrees to assist Shirokuma and the Resistance with newfound confidence, surprising Toko and making her uncomfortable, because she does not want to contact the Future Foundation.

Later, when the two manage to contact Makoto in Chapter 3, Toko even threatens Komaru's life in order to protect Byakuya who is currently the enemy's hostage. After getting out of the building and the danger, the two have a big argument over this, as Toko claims she is serious about her threat if needed. Komaru is shocked that Toko would kill her friends, but Toko just seems to assume that Komaru is only trying to manipulate her with nice words such as "friends". Saddened, Komaru tries to tell Toko that she truly does trust her, and Toko appears to feel slightly bad but stays silent. When Toko accuses Komaru of doing nothing on her own, but Komaru thinks that is way too mean to say, because she has done some things too. Toko asks if Komaru is expecting her to thank her or something and claims she has never done that to anyone. In the heat of the moment, Komaru shouts that is the reason why Toko doesn't have any friends. Toko is shocked and hurt by this and then tries to claim that she wants to be alone and would rather die alone than be with a coward like Komaru. However, she still continues to follow Komaru to the Resistance's base, claiming that she has to. However, the two remain mostly silent during the whole way back.

When Toko accuses Haiji of cowardice back in the Resistance, Komaru surprisingly speaks back to her, sympathizing with the Resistance's weak people. This seems to shock Toko a bit, as she assumed Komaru would be on her side. Komaru accuses Toko of not understanding the weak and blaming them for it, but Toko says that she simply blames them for using their weakness as an excuse. Toko is angered and offended when Komaru says that she doesn't understand weak people, stating that she is obviously very weak too, but has stopped using it as an excuse and tries to survive. A bit later, after Genocide Jack saves Komaru from Kotoko, Komaru breaks down crying and apologizes for saying horrible things like that Toko doesn't have any friends. The two then makeup and work together again.

In Chapter 4, after Nagisa decides to help the two escape, Toko hesitantly seems to be willing to let Komaru go and leave the city. However, the Servant appears and it's revealed that Toko was forced to assist Komaru and bring her to the children's base so that she can be exchanged with Byakuya. Komaru is shocked to hear that Toko has lied to her the whole time, with Toko obviously feeling very guilty. However, she then continues to speak mean words and even attacks Komaru with the aid of Genocide Jack, but Komaru realizes she isn't being serious and wants to give Komaru a chance to escape and make her own decision. Genocide Jack and Toko then decide to turn against the Servant, claiming that they wish to protect Komaru and Byakuya. In turn, Komaru decides not to hold the supposed betrayal against Toko, as she was forced to do it, and decides to stay with Toko because they are friends. Toko is immensely happy by this and blushes shyly because she has never had a real friend before. Afterward, she thanks Komaru very genuinely for the first time and begins to call her Komaru instead of the somewhat insulting nickname Omaru. After this, the two become real friends, with Komaru trying to teach Toko about friendship, with the two still a bit comically bickering at times. Toko begins to be more nice towards Komaru and genuinely considers her an extremely important person to her, rivaling her love for Byakuya. In Chapter 5, Toko has also shyly claimed while blushing that Komaru has made her happy and it's indicated that Komaru has helped Toko's mental state greatly.

In Chapter 5, Toko snaps Komaru out of it in the time of despair and swears to help Komaru whenever she can't do something on her own just like Komaru would do for her. Toko gives Komaru a very warm, genuine smile and hugs her, which is extremely notable coming from Toko who normally hates hugs and being touched. After defeating Monaca and rescuing Byakuya, the two stay in Towa City to help its people and wait for Makoto. They also keep sleeping in the same bed, though Toko claims that she does that only because of her fear of ghosts.

Komaru and Toko are seen still together in Towa City in Danganronpa 3, with Komaru somewhat unsuccessfully trying to get Toko used to bathing which she fears. They have a mission to defeat Monaca, but it ends in Monaca's surrender and Komaru saving the two of them from falling. Many months later, they are seen building the new Hope's Peak Academy building along with everyone, and Toko gives a very genuine happy smile when Komaru offers her a drink after the hard work.

Komaru is mentioned by Toko in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony's bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, when she has to pick her "best friend" for scavenger hunt during Summer's sport festival, and she laments that she can't pick someone who's not there. She then decides to pick Makoto, because their "surnames match", indicating that Komaru is her best friend in this alternative universe as well and that they just obviously don't go to the same school. However, this is translated incorrectly in the official English version, with Toko inaccurately stating she has no best friend and with no mention of the matching surnames.

Class 78th:

Byakuya Togami[]

Toko has a one-way obsession with Byakuya. Byakuya does not reciprocate her feelings and is annoyed by her behavior. He often commands Toko to do a variety of tasks, which she blindly carries out. She entrusted her secret of Genocide Jack with Byakuya, who traitorously revealed her secret to the rest of the students during the school trial for Chihiro's murder. Despite this, she remained madly in love with him. She defends him if she feels that anyone is insulting him, even when that is obviously not the case.

Even after Byakuya becomes slightly nicer after the Killing School Life, he continues to treat Toko harshly, as she continues to give him unwanted attention. Toko begins to visualize Byakuya being shirtless and imagines her fantasy of being with him as a couple which Byakuya sensed it and feels grossed out. However, he is grateful after she and Komaru rescued him in Another Episode and trusts them to defeat Monaca in Danganronpa 3.

In the Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, her attraction to him is so psychotic, she, very openly, stated that was turned on by the thought of being his doormat.

Aoi Asahina[]

Toko would usually direct cruel remarks toward Aoi, calling her “stupid swimmer” and “brainless mermaid”. Toko was very furious when Aoi slapped Byakuya and began to argue with her the next day about Sakura. She also made many sexual and degrading jabs about her appearance. In spite of this, when her younger brother Yuta dies, Toko is reluctant to deliver the bad news to Aoi, for fear of upsetting her.

Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Toko considers Yasuhiro an idiot, calling him names like "shitty occult fortunetelling bastard" and "occult idiot". Toko is somewhat jealous that Yasuhiro and Aoi became full members of the Future Foundation before her.

Makoto Naegi[]

A fellow survivor of the Killing School Life. Toko openly expresses her disapproval of Makoto to Komaru and accuses him of boasting about his title (Ultimate Hope) which Makoto continually denies. However, Toko sometimes thinks of Makoto as reliable and seems to consider him a friend at the end of her 5th Free Time Event.

Hifumi Yamada[]

Hifumi appears to think his writing is better than Toko's, making her feel insulted. The two are competitive and often argue over whose writing is better.

Warriors of Hope:

Kotoko Utsugi[]

Originally, enemies, Genocide Jack saves Kotoko from the hands of the Monokuma kids. During their confrontation with Monaca, Kotoko defends Toko from Haiji, who was attacking her.

Towa City Residents:


Toko first finds Shirokuma after saving him from other Monokuma Units. When she first saw Shirokuma she thought he was just like all the other Monokumas. Toko doesn't seem to trust Shirokuma very much due to him being a Monokuma Unit. Shirokuma is very kind to her and always tries to be gentle and help her. Despite being very nice to her, she is very mean to Shirokuma calling him by names and treating him like all the other Monokumas. She gets carried away whenever Shirokuma says something that she is interested in.

Hiroko Hagakure[]

Hiroko and Toko appear to be friends to some extent, Hiroko calling Toko "Fufu" ("Fukawachi" in the Japanese version). Unlike with Komaru, Hiroko uses her last name; when Toko asks for an explanation, Hiroko brushes it off by saying that either name works.

Yuta Asahina[]

Toko travels with Yuta for a short time. Noticing that he shared the same surname as Aoi, Toko was able to quickly identify him as Aoi's younger brother and makes jabs at him that were similar to the ones she made of Aoi. However, Toko appears worried about Yuta while he is swimming past the limits, watching him fearfully.

Haiji Towa[]

Toko faked a sexual attraction to Haiji, hoping her "female charm" would convince him to disclose more information about the Warriors of Hope and the situation in Towa City, though it's also implied that it may have been partially genuine. However, she soon found out that he's a coward and was openly disrespectful towards him, calling him "a mole man" for hiding underground. After Komaru mentioned her intentions to contact Future Foundations and noted that Toko was a member, Haiji immediately became sour towards Komaru and Toko.

At one point, Haiji mentioned that he doesn't have a sexual interest in Toko, as she isn't his type (she is older and "noisy"). After this information was revealed, Toko suspects that Haiji might try to harass Komaru and is protective of her.

The two continue to nag at each other thorough the later game, with Haiji always referring to Toko as "Four Eyes" and often appearing willing to ignore or even leave her behind. He later physically attacks Toko and threatens to hurt her more in order to get the Monokumas' controller.

Free Time Events & Bonus Mode Guides[]

The links below are full transcripts and in-depth guides for Toko Fukawa's relationship routes in Free Time Events, School Mode, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Danganronpa S Development Mode, including her MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options.

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Free Time Events School Mode Ultimate Talent
Development Plan
Danganronpa S
Development Mode


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (English)


  • "N-Not that you'll remember my n-name anyway, but... I'm T-Toko... Toko Fukawa."
  • "Wh-What? I-It's not polite to stare, you know. Stop staring at me like I'm some filthy creature!"
  • "I-I know what you "just" thought...! You just thought you've n-never seen such an ugly woman. You just th-thought it was sooo funny...!"
  • "Don't bother trying to l-lie to me! I know it's true. Otherwise, you... I know you can't stand looking at me! Wh-Whatever, I don't really care. I'm used to it..."

Chapter 1:

  • "Your mind is as th-thin as your body. You m-make me sick to my s-stomach..."
  • "Haven't you b-been listening!? Looking around was a t-total waste of t-time! We d-din't find a way out, didn't f-find out who's behind this. We still have no idea what's g-going on!"
  • "L-Let me make this perfectly c-clear! Me hanging out w-with two people who have muscles where th-their brains should be is not by ch-choice!"
  • "S-Stop trying to drag me farther into y-your meat dimension!"
  • "Everyone says they'll work together, but in our hearts we're all afraid someone might betray us..."
  • "I h-hate romantic comedies like this. I don't care what h-happens to her, personally..."
  • "Wh-What? Is it s-so awful to be l-late?"
  • "Being s-so insistent, even though you obviously k-killed her... Very i-impressive..."
  • "Why d-do you say that? Is it b-because you think I'm u-ugly...?"
  • "P-Plus...she *was* the Ultimate Pop Sensation... A t-totally forgettable kid, o-or a national superstar... Who are you m-more likely to believe?"
  • "Of course we can't cut f-free of the outside world! Being trapped in this insane p-place...!"

Chapter 2:

  • "Plus, most "fanfic" is j-just porn drawn by a bunch of a-amateurs..."
  • "And w-with a face like yours, anyone can tell n-nothing you do is worthwhile."
  • "Stop trying to one-up e-everyone..." (to Kiyotaka)
  • "S-Something might've happened, right? Being alone r-right now might not be safe... As long as I'm w-with the sports idiot... ...if something d-does happen, I'm sure she'd jump in without th-thinking and take the fall..."
  • "Well, it's n-not like anyone would care even if I w-was gone, right...? Actually, I bet you all *w-want* me gone! You all think I'm d-disgusting! You think I d-don't know, but I do... You want me g-gone! And I'm s-sure...the rest of you want the same th-thing, don't you!?"
  • "W-Well I already know I'm annoying. I came here kn-knowing that, so...that makes it o-okay..."
  • "Hey, um...Byakuya? Remember how you said, "Don't be a woman who dominates w-weak men. Be a woman dominated by a s-strong man"?"
  • "That's t-true. There's really no w-way to know... But the distance between u-us doesn't change our love...! Because as soon as you realize your feelings, the love is born. That's h-how love works! There m-might come a day when y-you understand. Maybe. S-Someday."
  • "The world has a front and a back, a top inning and a bottom, a sea of truth and a web of lies!"
  • "I...! I won't let Genocide Jack have control ever again!"
  • "Don't go assigning adjectives to my t-tone without permission..." (to Kiyotaka)

Chapter 3:

  • "Why does e-everyone keep making fun of me...? I hope you all win the l-lottery and get hit by a b-bus..."
  • "How rude... A maggot like you has no right to speak that way to our heaven-sent Master...!"

Chapter 4:

  • "If it's wh-what Master wants, I'd do anything h-he asks."
  • "Byakuya said he...l-likes a girl to have some meat o-on her bones, so... I'm g-gonna start eating! I'm gonna force it d-down into my stomach! I'm gonna eat till I d-drop!"
  • "Ah! It's a-amazing! Indecent ideas are c-coming to me one after another!"
  • "Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Don't hit me don't hit me don't hit me don't hit me! If you w-wanna hit someone, hit Master. Please h-hit him. Oh, please *please* let me w-watch you hit him!"
  • "Wh-Wh-Wh-Why are you all ganging up on me! You're all nothing but v-v-v-vermin!"

Chapter 5:

  • "I'll follow you a-anywhere, Master! To all ends of the E-Earth!"
  • "Oh. Then...I don't mind b-breathing in the carbon dioxide you exhale. That's enough for m-me to live..."
  • "Master told you h-he trusts you? MASTER t-told you that! Well d-don't let it go to your head!"
  • "Now do you u-understand, you useless insect!? You're banned from t-talking to Master ever again!"
  • "Master's g-going around all this stuff... It's like an all-you-can-watch buffet..."
  • "Y-YOU'RE weird...! Weird in every p-possible. And not j-just weird... Super weird!"
  • "If you're l-lying, you'll die a cruel and unusual d-death...!"
  • "Usually, when there's a s-scene where an important character dies, it has a lot m-more detail..." (About Mukuro)
  • "By d-denying the sprinkler....are you trying to deny my e-entire existence!?"
  • "I'd love to s-scoop out that nasty brain of yours, throw it on the g-ground, and spit on it!"
  • "Talking back to Master... You have no r-right!"
  • "It's similar to Aesop's fable about the bundle of sticks... One stick is weak, but put them together, and they become strong. It's meant to teach cooperation."

Chapter 6:

  • "Ugh, you s-stink...! Are you rotten!? Rotten ph-physically, mentally, every way you can b-be rotten!"
  • "Without Master, the r-rest of you are like... ...coffee with cream w-without the cream! Or c-coffee! You're totally useless!"
  • "Am I so d-disgusting you want me out of y-your sight?"
  • "I don't want that! I'm sick of a-always being looked down! Why w-won't anyone accept me...?"
  • "I'm not weird, okay!? At least l-listen to what I have to say b-before you deny me!"
  • "It's not like y-you're an endangered species or something! How l-long do you plan to keep hiding?"
  • "Yeah! Master's way more p-perfect! Cuz on top of everything else, he's got that n-noble blood!" (To Junko)
  • "Are y-you telling me to swap places...w-with HER!? N-No! Absolutely not! That'd be like f-forfeiting my entire identity!"


  • "I-I'll go with you! I'll follow you anywhere you w-want to go!"
  • "I d-don't know why, but...I have a b-burning desire to start writing...! I might b-be able to pull it off... A story about M-Master and me! A-And the others, I guess..."

Bullet Time Battle:

  • "It's a l-lie!"
  • "I admit n-nothing!"
  • "I h-hate you!"
  • "I curse you!"
  • "Shut up...!"
  • "N-No no no!"
  • "I d-don't know anything!"
  • "That's en-nough!"
  • "A-are you trying to blame me?!"
  • "I'm r-right about this!"
  • "Hold on...!"
  • "Hiding i-in the rec room? Don't be r-r-ridiculous!" (Final Argument, Fourth trial)
  • "H-how can you say it wasn't the s-sprinkler?!" (Final Argument, Fifth trial)

Free Time Events:

  • "What, more p-pity? Aren't you such a g-good person, showing me all this pity...?"
  • "My whole life is one u-unpleasant experience after another...!"
  • "Hmmmeeheheheeh... Whaddya mean, f-friends!? You think I'm s-stupid? You're trying to trick me! I've already been h-hurt once before... I'm not gonna l-let it happen again...!"
  • "Nng...! I'm blind! Your s-straightforward nature blinded me! Hyeeeeeeeehhh!"
  • "Delusions let you fall in l-love as much as you want, even if you n-never do in real life!"
  • "I've been t-trapped in here too long. There's nothing to do. The boredom's s-started killing me... So I thought maybe I could write my n-next novel... The p-pinnacle of romance literature! But I c-can't do it... I've got writer's b-block... My powers of delusion are i-in a complete slump...! This has never h-happened before..."
  • "You're saying I sh-should take these feelings of anger and e-emptiness...and turn them into a novel? Aha...ahaha! That's n-not a bad idea...! Fine! I'm g-gonna do it! Write from the h-heart! Ahaheeheha...! I...I'm gonna d-do it! Ahohuhehueh...!"
  • "Mine's still a w-work in progress, though. But as soon a-as it's finished... ...it's going to b-become a shocking masterpiece that'll change the face of the I-Novel f-forever!"
  • "On a locked and rusted door / I dug my nails in and dragged them down / Warm blood mixed with old rust / Flowing down my wrist / Coils like a snake / Embracing my body / You watch me / A smile in your eyes / You watch / Time runs away / And you with it / You leave me drowning in a red sea" (A poem to Makoto)
  • "S-So...that's it for now. You've helped me find m-my motivation. Now I have to do my b-best to bring the story to an end. And when there's someone there t-to support me for that... ...that's what you c-call a friend...right?"

School Mode:

  • "I know what I h-have to do... And I'm g-gonna do whatever it takes..."
  • "The mere suggestion that I m-might be interested in you is beyond d-disgusting..."
  • "Taking something I read in a book and t-turning it into a delusion is pure ecstasy..."
  • "The power of d-delusion lets you draw bits and p-pieces from everything..."
  • "C-Can't people be satisfied without me having to e-explain every last little thing?"
  • "I'd f-forgotten how fun it is...! The feeling of the pen tip gliding over the p-paper... It's incredible!"
  • "But like they s-say, it takes a minute to learn, b-but a lifetime to master."
  • "If your talent r-really is luck...a good pull means you could b-be set for life. But all humans are s-scum, either way."
  • "You need to make sure and e-enrich your ears whenever you can, M-Makoto."
  • "But when it comes to what's "b-beautiful," everyone's going to agree with f-flowers, right? In m-my opinion, it's more interesting to find out what people consider u-ugly. When I write, th-that's what I want people to see, so that they understand the beauty i-in the ugliness. I want to do whatever it t-takes to get people to see that..."
  • "If all it t-took was staring at someone, nobody would ever bother r-reading romance novels! I understand that b-better than anyone..."
  • "W-Well, unlike you, I can't just lie to myself to make everything all h-happy and fun. Seeing something so o-obviously fake doesn't do anything except make me depressed..."
  • "I did say something like that, d-didn't I? When you're in a s-slump, it's supposed to be your friends that cheer you up..."
  • "I can't have my d-delusions anymore because you genuinely w-wanted to spend time with me. E-Even though I kept doing things wrong, s-saying the wrong things, you... You n-never ran away."
  • "Some things d-do need to be said, but... ...s-sometimes, it's enough to have the thought in your h-heart...right?"

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "Delusions let you fall in l-love as much as you want!"
  • "Don't pretend to be so innocent! You get turned on by way weirder stuff!"
  • "W-Wait! I'd never do anything to make you happy!"
  • "Atua this, Atua that! You're deluded if you think that convinces anyone! I-It's fine to have faith, but you're obviously just doing it to manipulate people."
  • "...You should keep your friends close. Don't hurt them."

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls:


  • "I'm sure you're just going to forget it right away, but... It's Toko Fukawa. Oh, sorryyy for having such a boring name! I bet you think it's perfect for a hag like me, right!?"

Chapter 1:

  • "I can't just keep saying I'm afraid. I need to overcome my fear of blood. After all, you gain meaning in life through personal growth."
  • "I mean, look at this! He's using dissociative identity disorder as a plot point, the hack! Poking fun at his subject without even considering how they feel... This is *not* professional!" (About Billy Milligan Royale)
  • "Keep being condescending and I'll cut you with a kitchen utensil only master chefs have heard of!"
  • "The police? That collective of psychos that think all humans are criminals until proven innocent!?"
  • "I'm liberal arts to the core. No energy...at all."
  • "If you have the energy to shout and scream like that, use it to move your weak ass instead!"
  • "If you wanna live, you can't always take the easy path. Sometimes, you gotta take the painful ones. On that path you might suffer and writhe in pain, but at least you'll survive.”
  • "You gain nothing from averting your eyes from reality. No matter how horrible or painful.”
  • "If you think you're going to die, at least run away. If you're wrong, you live. If you were right, then at least you die on the run and not just standing here, suffering."

Chapter 2:

  • "Believing a lie so strongly just makes the truth that much more painful. Pop idols aren't virgins, lottery numbers are fixed... This world is much easier to deal with if you look at it rationally."
  • "But even if you can't escape, you can still survive. All you need to do is face them. Fight them."
  • "I'm not telling you to deal with it on your own... You better not forget... I'm with you, too. I-If it's impossible to do on your own, well then I guess I have to do it with you! So just a little more...just fight a little bit more."
  • "Girl power is mostly from virginity. This is why so many girls try so hard to be seen as virgins.
  • "If you're ugly, be proud of it, dammit! That's the ugly girl way! Be PROUD!”
  • "Yeah, okay, maybe you are just an average, common, ordinary character with no special talents! A drab girl who lacks presence and charm, with no athletic or intellectual skills! ...But what's wrong with that!? Someone who just keeps making excuses and doesn't even try to fight back… You’re worse than dead. Totally worthless."
  • "No matter how much pain or despair you feel, nothing will change if you keep denying it. So why don't you just try to change it yourself? No matter how scary the situation was, he faced it head on, and moved forward... Thanks to that, I'm alive today."
  • "If you're gonna be a slut, you should at least be proud of it."
  • "Only the most narrow-minded vermin measure a person's worth by their sexual experience."

Chapter 3:

  • "I may be liberal arts to the core, but I am capable of thinking logically."
  • "What's so great about me, huh? I'm a w-walking inferiority complex! I don't have confidence! I never have! But what's going to change if I just keep saying that? Using that as excuse every day!? I-I learned that...from the killing. I suffered for it, but I did something about it. So for you to say that I was just "chosen," like I had nothing to do with it... I won't allow it."

Chapter 4:

  • "You bring in the weak people and attach them to your own dream... The revolution you're talking about... It's all just another piece of despair to her."
  • "I don't care how unfortunate your childhoods were, killing humans will never be okay."
  • "Why would you believe in me!? I have a split personality with a serial killer! I'm abnormal! A-Al my life, nobody...even tried to trust me. It's always been like that."
  • "Hope"... It sounds disgusting when you say it."
  • "Well, it doesn't matter what you're scheming. Master and Komaru... I'll protect them both. Even if it takes my life."
  • "We should be going for something more like...a woman's ultimate happiness."
  • "My theory is that happy people can only write happy, shallow novels. But the downtrodden can vividly imagine their ideal world, perfectly envision true beauty... And that's the spirit that I put into my novels."
  • "Sometimes it's better not to wake up from a dream."
  • "You think I'm too gloomy to have a character arc!?"
  • "Everything comes in handy if you use it right. Even a Monokuma..."
  • "Well, even if you're bound to fail, I'll always proudly watch over you."
  • "Having a dirty mouth and a heart of gold is like, my *thing*."
  • "...I'm with you...so do your best!"
  • "Yes...I will achieve my heart's desire with a full frontal assault instead!"

Chapter 5:

  • "You're right... We've come this far. Only thing to do now is believe in ourselves and go for it."
  • "Well, you won't change my opinion that manga is trash, but I told you I won't make fun of you. And besides, the desire to *be* something is admirable. I would never make fun of that."
  • "Stop worrying about other people... Right now, you should be worrying about yourself."
  • "When your purpose lies just before you, sometimes you need to be as calm as a corpse."
  • "You need to be in love... A woman in love is the most beautiful woman of all..."
  • "About this town...and about what happened to you... I'd rather keep it a memory... A memory just for myself."
  • "Hmph, ramen broth and climaxes should always be light. Or would you prefer an ending that has us getting beaten up and thrown from one despair to another? ...Just like your older brother."
  • "Choice!? I could never make that choice! I wouldn't chose one and leave the other behind! Both... Both are important to me! S-So...I'll definitely protect both!" (About Komaru Naegi & Byakuya Togami)
  • "I-I'm sure you don't understand since you have plenty of disposable friends, but... I finally made a friend in Komaru! So...I'll never hand it over!"
  • "If you can't do something on your own... All I have to do is help you. If I can't do something on my own... All you have to do is help me. Helping each other... That's the advantage of working together, right?"
  • "It’s normal for friends to help each other."
  • "Komaru and I...are not alone. As long as there are friends who help each other, there's no need to despair at all! I... I finally found it. A "hope" to call my own."

Danganronpa: The Animation (English)

Episode 08:

  • "How dare you threaten Master Byakuya! That doesn't deserve just one death sentence, but a hundred million of them!"

Episode 13

  • "I'll go anywhere as long as Master Byakuya is with me!"

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc (English)

Episode 07:

  • "Jeez... Wait up... I'm a reader, not a runner!" (to Komaru)
  • "I... I can't lose this battle... Master Byakuya wants my help, and that almost never happens."
  • "I always thought she was a terrible little bitch, but now I'm starting to think she may only be an idiot."
  • "But we have to fight."
  • "When will she realize that doing nothing is just a form of despair?"

Episode 08:

As Genocide Jack:

  • "I'm the type who reads a mystery starting with the last page."

Creation and Development[]

Toko Fukawa Beta Designs 1

According to the series' creator, Kazutaka Kodaka, Toko represents the games' worldview the most.

Probably the character most different from the first impression players get, she's based on the literary girl the creators had since the first planning stages, who turned into such an intense character in the end.

Together with Genocide Jack, she has the most facial expressions in the first game. The process for deciding on facial expressions in the game involved first making rough designs for expressions requested by Kodaka, and then, after reading the actual script, adding more expressions in case there aren't enough. There isn't a single character who ended up with less expressions than was originally requested. "In other words, I just ignored the project's schedule by adding more expressions for every character", the character designer Rui Komatsuzaki states, "I felt the pressure most in Toko's case - she had a lot of expressions to begin with but I still thought there weren't enough".

Toko is Rui Komatsuzaki's favorite character in the first game.


  • Toko's last name (腐川 Fukawa) consists of the characters for "rotten" and "river". 腐 fu is also the first character in the word Fujoshi (腐女子; a girl who enjoys reading manga featuring male homoerotic relationships), a term Genocide Jack used to describe herself.
  • "Toko" (冬子) consists of 冬 - "winter" and 子 - "child".
  • Toko's birthday, March 3, coincides with Japan's Girl's Day.
  • Toko suffers from a pathological fear of the dark, blood, and ghosts.
  • Toko had one father and two mothers that she lived with before the events of the first game.
    • It can be assumed about Toko's two mothers that one is Japanese while the other might be from a western country. Evidence of that can be found during School Mode: when asking Toko about which breakfast she prefers, “Japanese or Western”, she'll mention one of her mothers liked Japanese while the other liked Western.
  • The most common cause for Dissociative Identity Disorder (abbreviated as 'DID') is severe psychological trauma or stress experienced during early childhood.
    • The reason for her fear of the dark, which she reveals to Komaru in the Ultra Despair Girls, strongly insinuates she was mistreated as a child.
  • In one of her free time events, she made a reference to a famous Japanese filmmaker, Seijun Suzuki and his three masterpieces: Tokyo Drifter, Fighting Elegy and Branded to Kill.
  • It is implied that Toko does not take a lot of showers often. In Danganronpa 3, she even appears to be afraid of bathing. Her pet stink bug obviously doesn't help the matter.
  • It's revealed during Toko's free time events that after Makoto suggested to her to write a novel "from her heart", she immediately finished it as an I-Novel. According to Makoto, Toko's I-Novel is the best writing he has ever read, and it will be a shocking masterpiece because of its super dark story that will change the face of I-Novels.
  • Toko is the only character so far to play a major role in two games.
  • When Toko shouts "The power of Christ compels you!" to "exorcise" Komaru, the quote is taken from the classic 1973 film The Exorcist .

Appearances in Other Media[]

  • Toko appears as a guest character in Chain Chronicle: Brave New Continent. Her Max ATK is 7240 while her Max HP is 5740. Her weapon is "the fountain pen of the literary master" and its ability is doubled attack power. Her deathblow is called "Delusion Dream". It recovers the allies' HP a bit and cures debilitating conditions.
  • Toko and Genocide Jack appear in the Danganronpa 1.2 Reload x Divine Gate collaboration event as a Five and Six Star rank character.


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  2. In Danganronpa Another Episode, Toko explained her father had sired two babies with two different women, who were born at the same time in the same hospital. One of the babies died, and due to a mix up the doctors didn't know who the baby belonged to. Toko was the surviving baby.
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