• A thread the collect and source for the official Korean and Chinese talents from the Korean and Chinese translation subs of DR:AE.

    We need:

    • Screencaps of the talents, as they appear in the game.
    • The text from the screencaps written in Korean/Chinese text.
    • The English translation of the Korean/Chinese text.
    English Korean Trad. Chinese
    Li'l Ultimate
    초 초등학생 급 체육 시간
    Super Elementary Class P.E. Time
    Super Elementary Students' Level P.E. Class
    Li'l Ultimate
    Social Studies
    초등학생 급 사회 시간
    Super Elementary Class Society Time
    Super Elementary Students' Level Society Class
    Li'l Ultimate
    초 초등학생 급 공작 시간
    Super Elementary Class Work Time
    Super Elementary Students' Level Art & Labor Class
    Li'l Ultimate
    초 초등학생 급 학예회 시간
    Super Elementary Class Play Time
    Super Elementary Students' Level Drama Club
    Li'l Ultimate
    초 초등학생 급 HR 시간
    Super Elementary Class Homeroom Time
    Super Elementary Students' Level Class Activity
    Affluent Progeny
    초 고교 급 상속자
    Super High School Class Heir
    Super High School Level Noble Descendant
    초 고교 급 의 희망
    Super High School Class Hope
    Super High School Level Hope
    초 고교 급 의 절망
    Super High School Class Despair
    Super High School Level Despair
    Writing Prodigy
    초 고교 급 문학 소녀 그
    Super High School Class Literary Girl
    Super High School Level Literary Girl
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    • Masaru Daimon: 초 초등학생 급 체육 시간/Super Elementary Class P.E time

      Nagisa Shingetsu: 초 초등학생 급 사회 시간/Super Elementary Class Society time

      Jataro Kemuri: 초 초등학생 급 공작 시간/Super Elementary Class Work time

      Kotoko Utsugi: 초 초등학생 급 학예회 시간/Super Elementary Class Play time

      Monaka Touwa: 초 초등학생 급 HR 시간/Super Elementary Class homeroom time

      Touko Fukawa: 한국어초 고교 급 문학 소녀 그/Super High School Class Literary Girl

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    • AAAAAA tysm!!!!! I'll update the main post shortly.

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    • Makoto Naegi: 초 고교 급 의 희망/Super High School Class Hope

      DRAE Makoto Naegi Korean Talent
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    • Thank you! o/ Updating post now.

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    • Junko Enoshima: 초 고교 급 의 절망/Super High School Class Despair

      DRAE Junko Enoshima Korean Talent
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    • Thanks again! Updated! :D

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    • Hi! Sorry for taking so long, but I finally got Togami's talent!

      Byakuya Togami:초 고교 급 상속자/Super High School Class Heir

      Am I missing someone else? Perhaps Sho Genocider?

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    • DRAE Byakuya Togami Korean Talent
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    • I completely forgot about Genocide Jack having a named talent because it didn't come up when I searched the game's script for all mentions of "Ultimate", and for finding Byakuya's! If it's mentioned it would be great.

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    • Seems like Sho Genocider's talent isn't no where to be found. ㅠ_ㅠ But I also wanted to note that I accidentally listed Monaka's talent as Kotoko's, I already changed it but I can't change the one in the table.

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    • Don't worry, I got it! o/ Thank you so so so much for the help! It's always really nice to be able to add something as neat as this to the wiki.

      EDIT: Ahaha seems you beat me to it. :P

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    • Thank u >//< I'll also help you with NDRV3 as soon as it gets published in South Korean since we are getting it soon. ^^

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    • OH gosh that would be wonderful thank you! :D Just let me know when and I'll make a project thread for it, just like this one.

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    • Ok!! ^-^ I'll make sure to tell you as soon as I get all the talents and get the game

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    • I'll see if I could upload screenshots later... I've encountered similar network problems in China before and tried several times but failed to post pictures or comments... 

      [Name - Trad. Chinese Title - English transliteration.]

      Nagisa Shingetsu - 超小學生級的社會課 - Super Elementary Students' Level Society Class

      Masaru Daimon - 超小學生級的體育課 - Super Elementary Students' Level P.E. Class

      Kotoko Utsugi - 超小學生級的學藝會 - Super Elementary Students' Level Drama Club

      Jataro Kemuri - 超小學生級的美勞課 - Super Elementary Students' Level Art & Labor Class

      Monaca Towa - 超小學生級的班級活動 - Super Elementary Students' Level Class Activity

      Makoto Naegi - 超高中級的希望 - Super High School Level Hope

      Junko Enoshima - 超高中級的絕望 - Super High School Level Despair

      Byakuya Togami - 超高中級的名門子弟 - Super High School Level Noble descendant

      Toko Fukawa - 超高中級的文學少女 - Super High School Level Literary Girl

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    • It seems that the network problem had been fixed. I've lost my Junko screenshot somehow, I'll post it when I retrieve it.

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    • Oh my goodness thank you so very much!!! I'll get to work adding them right away, this is a big help!!! :DDD

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    • A FANDOM user
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