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The Ultimate Punishment (超高校級の絶望的おしおき lit. Super Duper Nasty Torture) is an execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, with Junko Enoshima and Monokuma being executed. It is a combination of all six of the executions seen previously in the game.


Before the execution commences, Junko is shown standing on a desk, proudly waving at the "camera". As the view slowly zooms out, parts of the previous execution stages appear behind and around her, ending with the crusher from After School Lesson emerging in front of her.

Throughout each stage of her execution, Junko reacts with varying levels of calm, happiness, and even boredom. She also appears more or less unharmed until the very end of the execution:

  • In The 1,000 Blows, a smiling Junko happily endures a barrage of baseballs from the pitching machine, while wearing usual baseball attire, with a bat and a glove.
  • In The Cage of Death, Junko is shown sitting cross-armed on the motorcycle spinning in the electrified death cage - she appears unfazed, although her eyes swirl from dizziness.
  • In Excavator Destroyer, Junko sits on the same pedestal that Alter Ego sat on, grinning madly as the excavator pummels her head relentlessly.
  • In Blast Off!, Junko is shown waving before being sealed in a rocket that briefly flies into space before crashing back down to Earth.
  • Finally, in After School Lesson, Junko is shown sitting on a chair on the conveyor belt heading to the compactor, her "royal" persona's crown on her head and Monokuma clutched to her chest. She holds up a peace sign and grins in maniacal triumph as she approaches her demise, but the compactor stalls just as her chair goes under it. Just as Junko looks up in confusion, the block comes down, crushing her to death and splattering blood everywhere.

After Junko's demise, the emergency control for the academy's front gate is shown lying beside the conveyor belt in a small pool of blood.


  • Like most other executions in Trigger Happy Havoc (excluding Alter Ego whom lacked this completely), this execution begins with a pixel art animation of the student being taken away to their execution by Monokuma. However, unlike the others, which feature Monokuma dragging the blackened off-screen, instead Junko walks alongside Monokuma to her fate.
    • The only other executions in any of the Danganronpa games to have significantly different pixel art animations are Please Insert Coin, Strand of Agony, and Ultimate Annihilation.
    • Additionally, during the pixelated animation phase of each Trigger Happy Havoc execution, text is displayed above and below the animation, reading, "Game Over, Time for the punishment!" Junko's execution is the only exception to this, with the text instead reading "Congratulations, Time for the punishment!" (This is likely because Junko was looking forward to feeling the despair of her own death.)


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