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The Burning of the Versailles Witch (ベルサイユ産火あぶり魔女狩り仕立て lit. Versailles style Witch Hunt Stake) is an execution in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, with Celestia Ludenberg being executed.


The execution starts off with a medieval public burning at the stake - the preferred method of execution for "witches" between the medieval times and the mid-17th century. Celestia is at the center of a stage, supported by columns with a giant, worn-out bunny ragdoll resting atop its beam. Lots of Monokumas can be seen in an audience witnessing the execution (just like how burnings at the stake were historically held in public). Another Monokuma is seen wearing an executioner's mask as he sets the hay around Celestia on fire.

Celestia seems somewhat happy to be burnt at the stake, as this particular romanticized, gothic kind of execution is the manner of death she would have imagined herself going through. However, while the fire continues to envelope Celestia, the Hope's Peak fire truck suddenly appears from behind the audience surrounded by big red and blue letters (reading Help!! Help!! There's Fire!! Help!! Help!! Help!! Help!!) and immediately rushes and jumps onto the stage, finally crashing into Celestia - ending her execution in an ironic fashion.

In the end, Monokuma, dressed as a firefighter, is seen "heroically" putting out the last remaining bit of fire; a little further away from the fire truck suspended in the debris of the destroyed stage, Celestia's death site.


  • The drafts for Celestia's beta design reveal that the giant bunny ragdoll adorning the stage of her execution was initially intended to be a regular size doll for Celestia to carry around as an accessory.
  • Celestia covering her mouth as she looks around may be a reference to her famous poker face. Because her hands are covering her mouth, the player cannot tell what she's feeling, similar to a poker face.


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