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"Time is Money."

Danganronpa Kirigiri

Suisei Nanamura (七村 彗星) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri and Danganronpa: Togami, serving as a supporting character in both. He is also known as The Fastest Passion "Allegro Agitato" (激情にして最速 "アレグロ・アジタート"). Suisei is an elite detective specializing in homicide, therefore bearing the relatively rare DSC rank of 900, making him one of the Detective Library's small number of Double Zeroes.

Initially, Suisei serves as an ally to Kyoko Kirigiri and Yui Samidare, collaborating with them in giving information relating to the Victim's Catharsis Committee. He allows them to accompany him to the Norman's Hotel Case, where all three become participants in the event.


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Prior Life

Translation Credit: @LiarieCC on Wattpad and User SeriousSeiko and DJ Shocker

Suisei Nanamura is a thirty-seven year old detective that has achieved the rank of Double Zero in the Detective Library, something that out of thousands of detectives, only twenty has ever been able to achieved. During his career, he had been called to take part in about five previous Duel Noirs, having been called to these Duel Noir's due to his high rank. He was also involved in investigations into the Duel Noir, thus acquiring knowledge that they were being broadcasted to an audience of wealthy people who enjoy seeing such a thing, as well as knowing that more than a dozen detectives have wounded up missing when they investigated into the Committee. He also learned more about the Victim's Catharsis Committee and how they act as a regular non-profit organization, as well knowing that the Committee is run by only one Chairman, though doesn't know who. He does hypothesize that it could be the Triple Zero's who's file is missing in the Detective Library, someone who was also the founder of the Detective Library.

Norman's Hotel Case

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 Illustration (5).png

Suisei was one of the seven Double Zeroes given a letter on asking if they could help Yui and Kyoko in their investigation into the Victim's Catharsis Committee. He arrives in a helicopter playing Ride of the Valkyries on his trumpet, and wishing Yui and Kyoko a "Merry Christmas". Yui assumes the appearance of Suisei, a very high ranking detective, has something to do with the Committee, to which he agrees. Suisei holds up a black letter and asks Kyoko and Yui to join him in the discussion of the letter.

He takes Kyoko and Yui to a very fancy restaurant to discuss the Duel Noirs, though he messes around frequently during the discussion (ex. putting a Santa hat on Kyoko) and uses his deduction skills on how much Yui's clothes cost in order to get a good read on her life. During this discussion, he explains to the two girls about the information he gathered and why they would want to chase the Committee, but that question earns a brief argument between the two that he stops via trumpet noise. He remarks that after their little fight, between the two of them, they each make up half of what makes a good detective. He also notes that if the Chairman was a Triple Zero detective that it would be almost impossible to really catch them outside of state-level assistance. However, there would be a slight possibility of getting to the Committee if they could catch the culprit of the Duel Noir and have them admit to what they know, since they would need to get into contact with a representative of the Victim's Catharsis Committee. With Yui and Kyoko accepting his offer of joining him for the Duel Noir, he reminds them that since they weren't the detective for this letter, there was a high chance that they could die and that the culprit would be during their very best to win since it was also their life on the line as well. After making arrangements for where they would meet up, he leaves the premises by jumping from a window with a parachute strapped to his back, as well as leaving the students to the bill which he didn't pay for.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 2 Illustration (2).png

The next day, he met with Kyoko and Yui and traveled to Norman's Hotel by taxi. Entering the hotel, he met the other seven participants of the Norman's Hotel and quickly learned that once they entered they couldn't leave nor could they get any calls out, in addition he also discovers the walls were concrete by breaking a table, meaning no escape from there either (something that earned him ire from the participants there). After introductions were complete, and the other participants were aware of crime notice (without knowledge of the Duel Noir or Victim's Catharsis Committee), Suisei suggested that they all just wait until the time the auction would start, which earned complaints from Yuzen Minase, but otherwise everyone did listen without something else to do.

When 6PM arrived, he led everyone to the now unlocked dining hall where they met Norman, who began explaining the rules of the auction. During this explanation, Suisei asks Norman if the rules will be changed or added midway during the auction, but was met with silence, confirming that Norman was only using prerecorded messages. Compared to some of the others, he kept a cool head when Norman revealed the murderous game of the auction and even sprung into action when Taehime Uozumi was shot and burst into flames by Norman. He ordered the others to throw their jackets onto the fire to smother it, but only Yui and Kyoko followed through. By then it was too late and Taehime was already dead.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 2 - Cast Illustration.png

For the first auction, in order to guarantee he got the Detective's Right, he bid all of his money and flaunted his bag to discourage anyone else from bidding. As others began to bid, he was confronted by Yui, but refused to go into it since it would violate the rules. Aside from Yui, everyone else opted not to bid, thus making the Right his for the day. With it secured, he led the others to their hotel rooms for the night and stayed in room 301, the closest to the stairwell. The plan was that after curfew, Suisei would open their room doors and let the remaining participants out before the culprit could kill one of them. He had managed to get Meruko and Yui out, but that's when they noticed a figure heading into room 312 (the empty room remaining thanks to Taehime's demise). Suisei and Yui give chase and enter the room, where they found no one. By now, Suisei already knew the gist of what the culprit was up to, but spent twenty minutes investigating the room before concluding there was nothing there to give culprit enough time to pull off their murder of Akio. He leaves the empty room, briefly leaving Yui trapped in the process and went into Akio's room, which was right next to the las one. Suisei discovers Akio's corpse, as well as finding the deceased's money. Seeing an opportunity, he hid the money before reporting the death of Akio to Yui. After he escorted the two ladies to the living room on the lower floor of the hotel, he stole Akio's funds and hid them in his room. After that, he let everyone else out of their rooms, and gathered them to the other two's location to discuss what had happened. Once that was done, he waited for morning and spent that eating breakfast with the remaining male survivors.

During the second auction, with all his funds (aside from the now acquired funds from Akio) drained, he couldn't bid and thus was unable to participate, sharing the no bid spot with Kyoko Kirigiri. The auction was won by Yuzen, who revealed that he wouldn't bother protecting anyone. When Yui asked if he was close to discovering the culprit, Suisei gave a vague reply that the things will be revealed in time. That night, Suisei chose one of the remaining empty rooms with Kyoko, and stayed there. Later on, Seiunsai was murdered by the culprit.

The next day, Suisei questioned the remaining survivors, sans the detectives and Yuzen (who had left the group on his own after accusations of him being the culprit), on whether they had committed any serious crimes in the past. The only one that actually had anything was Sae Yozuru, who revealed her miscarriage scam business and he concluded that she might be the next target of the culprit. During the third auction, the Detective's Right was won by Yui and she managed to successfully get everyone out of their rooms that night, thus preventing a murder. Granted, Suisei did remarks that she took a bit long in releasing him, but notes she was also faster than he thought.

By now, he was already long aware that Sae had to be the culprit, but had no desire to defeat her with the opportunity to gain money on the line. When she came to him on the fourth day, she propositioned him: he gives her the funds from Akio to use for the next auction and that once they leave the Duel Noir (with her being the victor), she would pay him back tenfold. He agreed and joined her side, revealing their new little truce during the auction, much to the disgust of Yui and Kyoko (who had ifgured out the murder trick and that Sae was the culprit). When Yui accuses him of getting seduced by Sae, he reveals that he is homosexual and their deal, as well as rejecting Yuzen for not being his type when Yui tries to sway Suisei with him (much to Yuzen's annoyance, and strangely hurt). For the fourth auction, the side of Kyoko, Yui, Yuzen and Meruko won against the side of Sae, Mikado and Suisei, by bidding all of their combined funds to get the Detective's Right for Meruko (who was Sae's final target) and thus saving her for that day. However, Sae's side didn't bid, which would mean she would go virtually unopposed in getting the the Detective's Right for herself (though, in reality, she couldn't due to that conflicting with her status as the culprit).

However, during the final day, Kyoko had used the one million yen she had gotten from Taehime's corpse and hidden from others until now, thus acquiring the Detective's Right, and becoming the final stopping block onto Sae's plans. When Sae accuses him of betraying her (suggesting he paid off a schoolgirl for services in exchange for giving her one million) he retorts that he had done nothing of the sort and had not known Kyoko had the money. With Sae being virtually defeated, but unwilling to admit it, Suisei joined the survivors in staying in Kyoko's room (all aside from Sae) and waiting for the time for the Duel Noir to run out the next morning. However, Suisei wasn't content with letting nine hundred million yen escape his grasp so easily. The next day, he confronted Sae who was going to use such money to help pay back he the Victim's Catharsis Committee, and when she objected, he killed her in the empty room 312 with a hammer that was meant for the Duel Noir.

Susei's Fate

He steals her revolver in order to kill off the remaining people in the hotel to remove any witnesses, with him shooting Meruko in the dining hall and Yuzen in the head in the lobby. He pretended to be dead by laying next to Yuzen, and planned to kill Kyoko and Yui when they approached closer. However, they instead tried to head for the door, forcing him to get up and confront them. He explains that nobody would suspect him if there was no witnesses and it seems he'd be willing to let Kyoko live if she won't tell anyone, but to his disappointment Kyoko decides to be on Yui's side no matter what. He remarks that the world would be better by investing in people as quick as him, and that it has no use for 'slow' people.

He wastes one bullet by firing into Yuzen's body and uses another bullet to graze Yui's ear, boasting the next time he won't miss. Before he can kill them, Meruko bursts into the room and commands his gun to 'bend'. He turns to shoot her, but it strangely stops working. When Meruko collapses he chucks the gun at her and it hits her unmoving body. Still, Meruko's actions distracts Suisei long enough for the entrance hall doors' opening time and the two female detectives to escape. He tries to chase after them, but is shocked to find himself facing with Triple Zeroes and higher-ups of the Victim's Catharsis Committee: Gekka Ryuzoji, Johnny Arp and, the Chairman, Mikado Shinsen. Wordlessly, Mikado hands Suisei a gun, with him getting the implication he was to take his own life. He mumbles that 'the fall' has already begun before committing suicide.

K2K System

Main article: Danganronpa: Togami
Byakuya School Mode Icon.png The article below is from the Danganronpa: Togami light novel series. The canonicity of the series remains dubious as it has not been referenced in any confirmed canonical material in the Hope's Peak Series. Byakuya School Mode Icon.png

Translation Credit: Jinjojess BlackFlirtlarping and The Game Surgery on Tumblr

A year prior to the events of Norman's Hotel, when a string of murders claims the lives of several of the participants in the Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen (lit. Legacy Crown Championship), and fearing they would be all dead before the time limit for the competition was up, Suisei was hired by Mitsuzo Togami to solve the murders. He arrives on the island with his assistant, Polaris P. Polanski, on the seventh day and meets with Aloysius Pennyworth when they arrive. The butler wants them gone, but Susei remarks that he was hired to solve these murders and that the duo was stuck on the island since the people sent to fetch him, the Makabe's, immediately ditched them after completing their job. Thus, they were stuck on the island, leaving Aloysius to begrudgingly to accept them after a body check. Suisei mentions that this case is like a Duel Noir, without any Victim's Catharsis Committee involvement.

Suisei conducts an individual investigation of the remaining participants and once he gets to Kazuya Togami, he remarks that time had not been kind to him and asked whether Kazuya had any sexual feelings for his sister. When Kazuya denies it and brings up their relation, Suisei points out that would be if they were blood related, causing Kazuya to shiver at the implication. From there he questions on what Kazuya knows about the murder, and points out that the bloody writing left by Ichiro could only leave Kazuya, Takaya and Yoru as the culprit of the murder. When Kazuya responds that he didn't do it, and that if he did Ichiro would have written the first part of his name instead, this is met by Suisei telling him that he knew he'd say that. Suisei also remarks that he had already had the pieces together, before ordering Kazuya to take him to Suzuhiko Otsuki's room.

Suisei tries to introduce himself to the hitman, but is met with a laugh full of derision. Still, they manage to get off on a better start with each poking fun at each other's professions stereotypes. When Suisei asks about his opinion on the murders, Suzuhiko just tells him to be wary of the brat behind him, looking in the direction of the only other two people there: Kazuya and Polaris. As they leave, Suisei would hear the brothers bicker with each other, before asking Kazuya if Suzuhiko was always like that. They then visit Saburo, who opens up after Suisei unleashes a barrage of knocking on his door. From where he stood, Susei listed off expensive prices of various paintings that Saburo had, and during his interrogation, uncovered that Saburo was hiding from Kazuya (who he calls an 'imposter') since he wasn't a blood relative of Togami. During this time the twins, Asa and Yoru Togami, had arrived to make cruel remarks to Kazuya (and get thoroughly disgusted by Saburo's remarks to them). Suisei shuts the door on Saburo after he finally notices Polaris.

After the twins leave, with their vow that they know how to win the championship, Susei demands Kazuya to explain how he became a Togami. In Kazuya's room, Kazuya explains his origins as the sole survivor of the Kuchinashi Village Fire, an event that had Suzuhiko slaughtered every single person in town due to overdoing it on his first hit. After slicing everything in half, Suzuhiko set the entire village on fire, but was surprised to learn that the three to four year old Kazuya had survived. Shinobu, who Suzuhiko was tasked to look out for, was brought along with him and saved Kazuya, thus explaining how he became a Togami. Susei is skeptical of the story, since to the common public its a cold case, but he comes to accept that if the Togami Family was apart of it, then even extraordinary circumstances could be expected. That said, he doubts that Kazuya was ever officially accepted into the family and asked if he ever gotten a DNA test, which Kazuya reports as a no (his mother, Michiko Togami, strongly refused it).

Suisei believes that Michiko just wanted another 'chip' to be thrown into the competition to ensure one of her own would become the heir, though wonders if Kijo Togami would consider Kazuya a true heir. Kazuya remarks that if he wins, that would probably be the case, though Susei remarks if Kazuya was just using the surname until the competition was over (causing the young teen to shoot back the rest of his siblings are in the same boat). When Suisei presses the issue between Kazuya and Suzuhiko, Kazuya could only say that Suzuhiko was kicked out of the house due to a 'petty incident' two years ago. Something that Suisei points out that Kazuya had an easier time speaking about the Kuchinashi incident than a 'petty' incident. Suisei reveals to Kazuya he listened to the tape Aloysius had when the Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen had started, and theorized they may be a 'hidden fifteenth person' and that Kazuya didn't actually count towards the total, but could be used by the hidden competitor as a scapegoat.

Suisei then goes to mock Kazuya for his lack of talent or pedigree, causing the young teen to storm out of his room in a huff. On the eighth day, when a fire breaks out in the library, Suisei orders for a fire extinguisher to put it out. In the end, they manage to get rid of the fire, but apparently Asa died in the carnage, but no remains could be found. When Suisei questioned Yoru, she explains that Asa suddenly caught on fire and knocked a bookshelf over, causing Yoru to run out of the library alone. Suisei also asked for the book she was reading as well, which was 'The Sun Also Rises'. Suisei seems satisfied with that answer, before turning around to the others and saying that there was no way a body can burn up that quickly (much to Yoru's protest). On the ninth day of the competition, Yoru was found beheaded in her own room.

Suisei says that the culprit has used up all their luck and gathers everyone, aside from Saburo and Suzuhiko into the cafeteria, in order to reveal the mysteries of the case. First of all, he claims Asa Togami never existed and that what was by Yoru's side was just a doll made to look like her, with Yoru supporting said doll and making her talk via prerecorded lines. When Eyumi asked why bother making Asa and then burning her, Suise theorizes it was to increase Yoru's chances of winning, and that burning her was what Yoru thought was the 'reliance' Kijo had wanted: a brilliant mystery and to achieve that having a person's body completely disappear would be considered brilliant in her eyes. Suisei notes that while she was on the right track, Yoru's idea was poor and Kijo remained unimpressed, When Mitsuzo questions on what the 'reliance' is, Suisei says its their job to figure out, he's only being paid to solve the murders.

Suisei says that there's only been three murders in the competition out of all these deaths so far: the murders of Wasuke, Ichiro and Yoru. He concludes that the only three that could do it based off of a lack of alibis, had to be Kazuya, Suzuhiko and Saburo. He questions Shinobu if Suzuhiko can rip someone's head off with just his hands, though Suzuhiko appears in the cafeteria to reveal he only murders with his knives and uses nothing else. Suisei asks if Suzuhiko did it, though the hitman shoots back to Suisei that the detective knows Suzuhiko didn't do it. Suisei admits that he did knew that it couldn't be the hitman since he lacks a motive and his heart wasn't in the competition.When Suzuhiko retorts he could be lying, Suisei says that he had proof on who did the murders. After a long silence, he reveals that murderer was Kazuya Togami.

Naturally, Kazuya denies such a thing and says he has an alibi, only for Suisei to responds that he actually doesn't. When Kazuya points asks why it couldn't it be Saburo or Suzuhiko, Suisei reveals the evidence for the former. Saburo was in his room dancing in the buff to idol music during the duraction of the murders, with the occasional snacking (a hobby that even Suisei remarks as garbage). Kazuya tries to shoot back that the brothers of Takaya and Mitsuzo alibi's were pretty weak given that they only had themselves to vouch for each other, but both those two had alibis for Yoru's murder, and Aloysius could vouch for them. When Suisei tries to push that Ichiro was writing Kazuya's name in his blood and when he collapsed he muddle the first part of his name, Kazuya remarks that it could have been Mitsuzo and Takaya working together again, but Suisei points out, if that's the case, hiring a high ranked detective like him would be illogical. Kazuya responds that Suisei was in cahoots with them. Suisei is impressed by the speed he's come to that conclusion, but remarks that it still doesn't break their solid alibi for Yoru. Kazuya responds that they could have killed Wasuke and Takaya, but someone else killed Yoru. Suisei mockingly responds about there being tha many killers in the castle.

Suisei points out neither has a strong motive for doing so, but Kazuya retorts neither does he. Suisei poins out that since he's the only one not blood related as a Togami, he's the only one that does have a strong motive and that killing the other competitors could make him the heir by default. Kazuya turns the discussion to the murder weapon and that since he's just a kid he wouldn't be able to kill grown men like Wasuke and Ichiro, plus he lacks a weapon to do so. Suisei presents evidence that surpasses the need for such a thing: namely presenting Yoru's severed head in a bag found in Kazuya's room. Both he and Aloysius investigated it, so he can confirm no trickery was involved in it. With that, the discussion is over and Suisei enjoys a nice glass of wine as he witnesses the others escort Kazuya to the castle's dungeon where they intend to hold him until the competition is over.

However, the next day, Mitsuzo is found dead, with a suicide note left behind saying that he was the true murderer and hired Suisei to cover his tracks (in reality, this was just planned by Takaya who murdered his older brother). Still, with his client dead, Suisei gets on a helicopter to leave the island, at least being grateful that Mitsuzo paid him in advance. He explains this to both Kazuya and Takaya who sees him flying off, and even remarks that if things go according to the odds, Takaya (the only Gold ranked of the Togami siblings) would win the competition (causing both boys to glare at him). When the other surviving participants rush out and beg for him to take them as well, he remarks that the helicopter was overweight. Besides, they still had to complete the competition and wishes them all good luck. As he leves, Kazuya curses him internally that he'll end up in a situation where he would take his own life due to his own greed, which foreshadows his fate a year later. However, Suisei didn't take Polaris with him, and later on it was revealed that she was Byakuya Togami in crossdress, having become Polaris to get closer to the Togami Family. Since Suisei only takes high profile cases, Byakuya knew that one day he would take a case from the Togami Family, so he bid his time as an assistant until he could make his move.

During the Sekai Seifuku Sengen (lit. World Domination Proclamation), when Kazuya met Suzuhiko for the first time in years, he remarks that he has heard that Suisei had perished, but had felt nothing since he had hated the detective.

However, with the revelation that the Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen remembered by Shinobu and Kazuya were among many false memories created by the K2K System, it means that Suisei's appearance and actions during the event were also unreality as well. It's likely he never was involved in the actual Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen, as nobody in the real one truly died.


His first name, "Suisei" (彗星), means "a comet's trail"; somewhat matching the whole flamboyant air her has about him. While his surname, "Nanamura" (七村) means "seven villages".

Suisei's nickname as "Allegro Agitato" in music refers to a tune that is merry and moves fast, much like Suisei.


Suisei appears to be a man in his late twenties to mid-thirties. He has pink eyes and relatively long, grey-green hair which he styles in a very peculiar fashion. He wears a salmon colored suit with a white dress shirt and a light orange necktie. He also wears a wristwatch.


Just as Suisei's whole appearance strongly implies, he is a very dominant, flamboyant person, as shown when he jumps from a helicopter. He is very confident in his abilities as a detective, showing much enthusiasm to delve into the Duel Noir case he was invited to take part in. When it comes to facing against the culprits of the Duel Noir, he has an immense desire to take them down himself, even showing disapproval to Yui when she suggests to call the police (though by then, neither could as the Duel Noir had blocked their cell phone signal) and claims its an insult against the culprit. That being said, while he understands why the culprits take up the Duel Noir, he doesn't care and only sees the event as a challenge. He believes that one can't be a detective without request from a client, and lacking a semblance of principles makes a detective rather untrustworthy.

Just as his nickname implies, speed and time are very important to him and he prefers not to waste the latter as much as possible. Thus, this leads him to deal with everything, from eating to even his investigations, in a fast-paced manner. He usually is acutely aware of how long something would take and would criticize others if they took too long (in his eyes), and wears a watch to help him keep track of it better. He would even let others explain the details or prefer to answer by raising his hand, if it meant saving time and getting on with things.

During the fancy dinner Suisei invites Yui Samidare and Kyoko Kirigiri to after offering them to join him on the upcoming Duel Noir, he makes quite a few playful remarks, giving Yui a very clear impression of what kind of a person he is. He is quite eccentric, doing things such as finishing eating before his dinner guests got their first plate and leaving them to pay the bill, throwing dishes and flatware over his shoulder for the waiters to catch, randomly having a trumpet seemingly out of nowhere which he uses to break an argument and then throws it over his shoulder to the waiters, and excusing himself by parachuting out of a high rise window. At one point, he randomly dropped a Santa hat on Kyoko’s head without her noticing. However, when Yui offered to make a deal with him, he stated that he has no interest in "solicitations from children" and, even revealed that he was homosexual when accused of being seduced by a female.

Despite what his demeanor suggests, Suisei is very intelligent and clever. Through the Duel Noir, even without having a good sense of all the details, he quickly adapts to the situation and takes actions to get ahead of the Duel Noir, even if they're quite risky, such as bidding all his money in the first auction in order to guarantee he got the Detective's Right first, as well as deducing that even without it, since he was the chosen detective for the Duel Noir, he wouldn't get murdered regardless. As the case progresses, it becomes clear to Kyoko that he had already gotten a solid grasp on the Duel Noir since the first auction, but had decided to use it for his own benefit, showing an opportunistic attitude and lack of concern for the dangers the other participants were in.

Despite his flamboyant actions, Suisei is a very observant person, as he can sense the true natures of people just by looking at their clothing and states that knowing the value of what someone wears can help find a person's true nature. In addition, he has immense desire for money, believing more of it allows him to save time and vice versa, and that more money allows him to do what he wants in an even faster manner. Thus, he also has a stingy streak, ditching the girls so that they would pay for dinner instead. This trait takes a severely darker turn when he is even willing to let a homicide culprit get away with their crimes if there was a way he could get a pay cut out of it and he is even willing to commit homicide in order to get large monetary gain without any form of hesitation or regret. He believes that his actions are rational and that the world would be better off investing in people like him in order to advance society, heavily showcasing his vanity and self-centered nature.


Norman's Hotel Participants

Yui Samidare and Kyoko Kirigiri

For a time, Suisei was more than willing to cooperate with the pair in order to find a way to get to the Victim's Catharsis Committee, acting quite affable and even being impressed by the speed of which they come to their conclusions or actions. He even warned them about the dangers of pursing a Duel Noir when they did not have the protection of being the assigned detective. In particular, he seemed to favor Kyoko who proved to be on the same wave length as him. In return, the duo genuinely respected him for his aid and status as a Double Zero. However, Suisei's own greed and decision to help the culprit of the Duel Noir caused both to be disgusted with him, with his image being utterly soured in their eyes. Ultimately, his decision to try and silence them further proved that whatever bond they did had didn't outweight his own desires.

Sae Yozuru

As the detective assigned to the Norman's Hotel Duel Noir, on-paper Suisei would be the enemy of Sae Yozuru. However, his desire for obtaining wealth outweighed any desire to apprehend the culprit of the case, thus he wasn't above aligning himself with her in order to gain wealth, such as when he gave up the funds stolen from Akio to assist her under promise of getting it back tenfold. This relationship was purely business and Sae had no issue with accusing Suisei of sabotaging her once her plan was foiled thanks to Kyoko's hidden funds. This was further cemented when he had no qualms with bludgeoning her to death if it meant he could get the funds for the Duel Noir for himself.

Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen

Byakuya Togami

Suisei hired Byakuya (who was cross dressing as Polaris) to be his assistant and both travelled to Toajo Castle to solve the murders that were occuring during the competition. Their relationship seemed to be purely business, with neither showing much personal care for the other or interacting unless needed. Ultimately, Byakuya was merely using Suisei in order to get to the competition and broke off from Suisei in order to stay on the island to become the heir of the Togami Corporation. Likewise, Suisei had no qualms in leaving assistant behind once the client that requested him died. Given that their interactions took place in the K2K's fabricated events of the championship, its unclear if Suisei and Byakuya ever actually met or had a relationship similar to what was shown in the unreality.

Kazuya Togami

When it came to Kazuya, Suisei was able to quickly get a read on the teenager, especially when it came to his 'interest' in his sister, and had no qualms in having Kazuya show him around and interrogate him about even traumatic events, like the Kuchinashi-mura Fire, with indifference to his personal feelings. He's not above even making fun of Kazuya for not being blood related like his other siblings. Suisei is able to correctly point to the culprit being Kazuya, though he lacks the true context for what had transpired when Kazuya murdered his siblings. Still, Suisei was impressed by the speed of which Kazuya was able to make rebuttals towards his accusation, though once Yoru's head was shown, Suisei took pride in proving his point, complete with a sip of wine. This indifference meant that when Kazuya was freed after Mitsuzo's murder, Suisei congratulated him as he flew off. For Kazuya, he utterly despised Suisei due to his greedy and uncaring nature, and when he learned that the detective had died, felt nothing. With their interactions coming from a fabricated memory created by the K2K System, its heavily implied that the person who thought he was Kazuya, never actually met Suisei.



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Short Stories Danganronpa:
Trigger Happy Havoc IF
Mukuro IkusabaJunko EnoshimaAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChihiro FujisakiGenocide JackHifumi YamadaKiyotaka IshimaruKyoko KirigiriLeon KuwataMakoto NaegiMondo OwadaMonokumaSakura OgamiSayaka MaizonoToko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
Makoto Naegi Secret File Makoto NaegiKomaru NaegiJin Kirigiri
Ultra Despair Hagakure Yasuhiro HagakureKanon NakajimaKotoko UtsugiMasaru DaimonLeon Kuwata
Danganronpa 1 ・2 Beautiful Days
MonokumaMonomiAkane OwariAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChiaki NanamiChihiro FujisakiFuyuhiko KuzuryūGundam TanakaHajime HinataHifumi YamadaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaKazuichi SōdaKiyotaka IshimaruKyōko KirigiriLeon KuwataMahiru KoizumiMakoto NaegiMikan TsumikiMondo ŌwadaMukuro IkusabaNagito KomaedaNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSakura ŌgamiSayaka MaizonoSonia NevermindTeruteru HanamuraTōko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
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