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Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi
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I will continue to fight for her!

Danganronpa Kirigiri

Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi (サルバドール・宿木・梟) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

Salvador is a 2nd rank detective, specializing in art crimes and his specialty is fraud and fakes in the field of art, as evidenced by the first two digits of his DSC 752. He also had a partner in the name of the late Taehime Uozumi.

He was summoned to the Takeda Haunted Mansion Duel Noir and d the other Duel Noirs from the Twelve Zodiac Duel Noir Challenge alongside several detectives taking on the Kareobana Academy Duel Noir.


Translation Credit: DJ Shocker, Jinjojess and @Edogawa Translations on Tumblr
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Prior Life

Salvador is part Hispanic and had a great interest in art growing up with some ballet training. He aspired to be an artist but lacked the artistic talent to pursue it. However, he did have an eye for it and thus decided to become a detective specializing in art forgeries. His eyes being sensitive to light forced him to constantly wear sunglasses, though a trade-off is being to see in low vision and spot difference in color.

He had a partner by the name of Taehime Uozumi and cared deeply for her. Unfortunately, during one of her undercover investigations, she ended up getting roped into the Norman's Hotel Duel Noir and was murdered. However, at the time, Salvador did not yet know of this.

Takeda Haunted Mansion Duel Noir

On June 10th, Salvador gathered at the Takeda Haunted mansion alongside four other detectives: Hajiki Yaki, Sachi Mizuiyama, Kakitsubata Kurisu, and Suntatsu Shirasu. His letter requested he come in order to inspect the authenticity of the paintings in the mansion.

When the proxy failed to show up, he alongside the rest of the detective revealed their true cause for coming to the mansion and decided to wait, using his time to examine old art scrolls. However, during that time, the culprit of the Duel Noir, Kakitsubata, murdered her target Suntatsu by the use of turning the mansion's dojo into a locked room. When it was noticed he was missing, Salvador was the one to discover the door to the dojo being strangely locked.

When Kyoko Kirigiri and Yui Samidare arrived, Salvador cooperated in relaying information to them, as well as the police that were notified. He also rejected Hajiki's idea that a ghost could be the culprit of the case. He was present when Sachi was 'revealed' to be the culprit and was escorted by the police home.

Twelve Zodiac Duel Noir Challenge

However, prior to being taken home, he does decide to speak with Kakitsubata and her lawyer as a way to get information on the Duel Noir and the Victims Catharsis Committee, not to mention seeing if she knew anything about what happened to Taehime.

The next day, Salvador was called up by Kyoko in order to recruit him to partake in the Twelve Duel Noir Challenge of Gekka Ryuzoji, believing the detectives called upon the Takeda mansion case were unrelated third parties to it, and thus no connection to the Victims Catharsis Committee, making them safe to try and rely on their aid. Salvador arrives at the meeting point in a car and invites the other four in, as well as doing some mild flirting with Mizuiyama who was in the passenger seat.

After Kyoko and Yui fill them on the situation on what the Duel Noir's are, he asks if they know anything about Taehime. After being informed she was killed during a Duel Noir, he is shaken up by the loss though does try to hide it. Still, he is the first to agree to partake in the challenge and comments that he didn't reveal his knowledge on the Committee to see if what Yui and Kyoko say matches up with what he knows. He informs them that Kakitsubata is unharmed, that a rule for this Duel Noir that the culprits’ debt will be paid for by Gekka, though they will still have to face the law.

For his Duel Noir, he takes up the one farthest away since he's often going around the world and it's easy for him to travel. As such, this nets him the Kareobana Academy Duel Noir in the mountains. While traveling there, he thinks about Taehime and about solving this case in order to avenge her (though, corrects himself in that she would have wanted him to focus strictly on solving the case). Due to a landslide, he has to traverse by foot. After walking through a snowy forest he finds a worn-down, wooden school. Entering its gym he finds the body of Rei Naruko, killed by a sharpened candle in a cultish manner.

Salvador was about to leave when he runs into the Ouu Daitouitsu University Mystery Research Club consisting of: Goro Anbo (Columbo), Eri Wan (Ellery), Toru Uchuida (Toru) and Kosuke Kanzashiichi (Kosuke). Rei was their fifth member known as Grey. They were called by a mysterious letter from the Black Magic Club, a cult that holds a grudge against them since the Mystery Research Club got their former club room, which called them out to the school or else something horrible would happen. The club found their dead member but without a way to call and the rockslide, they were forced to stay at the school for the time being.

Salvador investigates and deduces the trick was made to give the culprit enough time for an alibi, meaning it could be one of the four clubmates there even still. Still, he and the club decide to focus on staying warm since the area has begun to colder. Before that could happen, a helicopter arrives with Licorne who comes to assist them. On that helicopter ride, its revealed that Tooru was the culprit (which Salvador didn't know for certain, but ultimately thought he was the most suspicious) who took up the Duel Noir to avenge his sister who was killed by the Black Magic club and that Gray was actually a spy sent by them. With the culprit found, Salvador asks Lico to take him to a specific place.

Libra Girls Academy Case

Salvador arrives at the Libra Girls Academy Duel Noir with the Mystery Research Club with the intent to meet up with Yui Samidare. However, when he arrives he is ambushed and wounded by his former ally, Sachi due to a blow from the head from a pipe. However, thankfully, he is taken to safety by the efforts of the Tooakistu Nazuna and Tsukiyo Nada, two students were the third parties in the Libra Girls Duel Noir. While he was unconscious, Sachi was able to be detained thanks to the Mystery Research Club's efforts. From there he was taken to a hospital and placed in the ICU. He had Nazuna call in later to Yui to inform her about his solved Duel Noir, and that he will have to leave the 'front lines' but won't give up fighting for the sake of his partner.


Salvador having survived through all the Duel Noirs, decides to set off to find and prosecute all corrupt detectives, so that a group like the Victims Catharsis Committee will never start up again.


His first name, "Salvador", is the Spanish for "savior” a common name in Spanish speaking countries.


Salvador is tall and slender with silver hair and blue eyes. He wears a very expensive suit and sunglasses. He also wears a white blazer over a black shirt and white tie. He wears shoes with the size of 28.5 cm.


Among the detectives recruited, Salvador has the most experience under his belt, with the rank of two in the Detective Library to prove it, and one of the smartest. He was also the most agreeable, willing to lend information out towards Yui and Kyoko to a degree, though at the same time is also quite cautious and capable of a sharp degree of foresight, such as choosing to interrogate the apprehended Kakitsubata in order to gain more information on the Duel Noir in case what the girls say did not match up. He served as the most grounded of the three recruited detectives and helped kept things realistic, such as dismissing Hajiki's train of thought for thinking that ghosts were the culprit.

He comes across as being quite cultured and passionate, with a love of art and classical music, as well as taking part in the ballet. He also shares a sharp degree of self-awareness and flexibility, like knowing his limitations in art meant he can't pursue it professionally, but he can take part in the industry by using his eye for it to stop art forgeries. This self-awareness extends to even realizing his pursuit of the Victim's Catharsis Committee has him acting to a degree like the 'victims' that they spurn to commit murder given they, too, are acting out of a feeling of vengeance.

He cared deeply for his fallen partner and was deeply saddened when he learned she was killed during the Duel Noir, however, its unknown if this care for her was romantic or simply platonic. Her death caused him to join in the fight against the Victim's Catharsis Committee in order to avenge her, with the injury caused by Sachi barely stopping that desire to continue onwards for her sake.


Unique Eyesight

Salvador is capable of seeing subtle differences in color and spotting discrepancies in fake paintings.

Salvador is capable of seeing well in the dark and masterfully navigates space at night, though this is traded off in that he does require his sunglasses in daylight since his eyes are sensitive to it.


  • Salvador loves classical music and listens to Stravinsky.
  • His appearance greatly resembles Kyosuke Munakata, a central figure in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, from their facial features to their similar attire. Given that Salvador debuted first, it is likely Kyosuke's design was influenced heavily by Salvador’s appearance.


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