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Norman's Hotel Murder Case is a Duel Noir case featured in the second volume of Danganronpa Kirigiri.

The participants of Norman's Hotel Murder Case are members of the Detective Library, with "Norman" acting as the host via a portrait.

Black Letter


Translation Credit: @LiarieCC on Wattpad

Danganronpa Kirigiri

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Once Tadashi Asakura was arrested, Yui, Kyoko, Suisei Nanamura, and other detectives were summoned to participate in the Norman's Hotel Case. Everyone meets at the front door of the hotel when they open the thick double doors to find a small room inside with another set of double doors. They open this to enter the hotel lobby, which seemed to be as wide as a gymnasium. The detectives unaware at first, get trapped inside the hotel, they meet seven people inside the lobby, Yuzen Minase, Akio Chage, Meruko Mifune, Mikado Shinsen, Sae Yozuru, Taehime Uozumi, and Seiunsai Toyano'oh. Yui and Kyoko introduce themselves to everyone that they are detectives who have come to capture a criminal, leaving out details about the Duel Noir and the Committee. Instead, she tells them that they received a notice that a murder was about to take place between the space of today and New Year's Day. Suisei decides to wait until 6 p.m. to come around and see what this auction is about.

Inside the Hotel, a microphonic voice suddenly speaks up. This voice came from a portrait and the boy's portrait mouth seemed to be able to move. In that microphonic voice, he introduces himself as Norman and his position of being a serial killer who died a century ago. Norman starts to tell them to take their seats at the dining table to begin his explanation. When everyone takes their seat, starts to tell everyone to empty their pockets and put all the money they had on the center of the dining table, due to the money not being eligible for the auction. Norman also asks everyone to body check the people on their left to prevent any cheating. Taehime afterward is ordered by Norman to collect all of the money on the table and throw it into the fireplace. Norman tells them not to fret, and to stretch their legs under the table. There they find heavy knapsacks, which they pull out. Each knapsack contains 100 million yen. Norman explains to them the rules of the Duel Noir rules. An auction every day will be hosted at 6 p.m. Since the time limit of the Duel Noir is until January 1st at 10 a.m., that means the auction will be held five times at most. No one will be able to leave the auction house until the auction is over. Also, there will be only one item, the same item, put up for sale at each auction. That way, if they miss buying it at one auction, they would have the chance to get it next auction. That item is “the Right of Detective”— the right for whoever has it to be a detective.

During the events of the auction, everyone was getting killed by a mysterious murderer, with only some people remaining including Yui, Kyoko, and Suisei. Suisei attempts to murder everyone with a revolver to take all the money in the house for himself. Suisei attempted this to not make him a suspicious culprit if there were no witnesses, Suisei approached Yui and Kyoko in an attempt to murder both of them. However, Suisei was willing to let Kyoko live if she didn't tell anyone, but to Suisei's disappointment, Kyoko decides to be on Yui's side no matter what. However, Meruko who was shot earlier appears to be still alive against all odds and it's heavily implied that she used her psychic abilities to prevent Suisei's gun from firing, ultimately saving Kyoko and Yui's lives as she managed to distract Suisei long enough for the entrance hall doors' opening time. On their way out, Yui and Kyoko encountered Mikado Shinsen. Besides Mikado, two other participants were also found behind him. Yui and Kyoko had discovered Mikado's true identity during the events. Suisei later commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. They found out that he was the head of the "Victims Catharsis Committee", standing behind the Duel Noirs, and a rogue master detective on par with Fuhito in terms of Detective work and was possibly a rank 000 detective.

List of Rules

  • Rule #1: The "Right of Detective" will be put up for sale at every auction.
  • Rule #2: The serial killer will kill one person each night. However, they cannot kill whoever has the “Right of Detective.” Also, they cannot kill in front of the person that has “Right of Detective.”
  • Rule #3: The "Right of Detective" is only effective until the next auction.
  • Rule #4: Guest rooms are locked from 10PM to 4AM. Everyone must be in their rooms by 10PM.
  • Rule #5: The serial killer has a master key. Whoever earns “Right of Detective” will also possess a master key.
  • Rule #6: If you survive, all of the money that you have left is yours.



Mikado Shinsen

Profile DSC number Status
Mikado Shinsen ID.png
Mikado Shinsen
000 Alive


Detective Library

Profile DSC number Status

Yui Samidare
887 Alive
Kyoko Kirigiri DRK ID.png

Kyoko Kirigiri
917 Alive
Suisei Nanamura ID.png

Suisei Nanamura
900 Deceased


Profile DSC number Status
Sae Yozuru ID.png

Sae Yozuru
- Deceased

Taehime Uozumi

Gender: Female.png Female / Status: Deceased / Affiliation: Detective Library
DRKiri Taehime Uozumi.png Taehime Uozumi (魚住 絶姫) was a participant of the Norman Hotel Case.

Taehime looks like a maid, but in reality, she's an undercover detective who specializes in counterfeit cases. Her DSC number is 756. She was also the partner to another detective, Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi.


Taehime is an average fair-skinned lady. She has short black hair that reaches her shoulders and short, straight bangs. She has blue eyes, with two beauty spots under the left, and wears a long-sleeved maid dress with white cuffs and frills.

She wears a white apron, a large coral pink bow on her collar, and long black thigh-high socks with frilly white tops. She also wears a pure white maid headdress that has a long pink ribbon, with two smaller tied ones to each side.


Taehime is a very determined and quiet detective. She is shown to be serious about her cover job, and she doesn't like others trying to steal her work, as evidence when she accused Yui of trying to do so. That said, she is willing to work with others to achieve her goals. She is very driven with her work, with Salvador even noting there would be periods where she would be absent from home as she was busy with investigation. She is fairly good at acting given that she played the part of a maid without arising much suspicion from even the other detectives present. It was noted by Yui that she had a rather husky voice.

Prior Life

In the past, Taehime served as the partner to Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi, another detective that dealt with art crime, with both caring deeply for each other. During this time, she began investigating into Seiunsai, uncovering the fact that he was, in actuality, a con artist that scammed tons of money out of people by selling counterfeits. She had been digging into Seiunsai for the past few months so that when she learned he would be participating in the auction, she contacted the auctioneers in order to go undercover as a maid.

Norman's Hotel Duel Noir

Taehime is the last detective Kyoko Kirigiri and Yui Samidare meet from the unfamiliar group of people who were stuck in the hotel until everyone had gathered. She says that she was employed by the auctioneer to serve the other guests food and clean their rooms, but she was also allowed to participate in the auction.

Later on, she grabs Yui and locks both of them in the bathroom, Teahime takes out a card from her pocket, which shows she is a detective too. Yui asks her if she knows about the Duel Noir, but Taehime says she has never heard of it. Taehime explains that she is here to catch Seiunsai in the act and explains how he is actually a con artist responsible for scamming a number of people.

Yui tells Taehime about the Duel Noir, since they’re fellow detectives, and Taehime thinks it’s possible that Seiunsai is the culprit, though notes that if he was he never came to the hotel aside from the one time to attend the auction. Taehime tells Yui to not touch Seiunsai, since that's her case. Yui promises, and they shake on it, promising to share relevant info with each other. Yui returns to where Kyoko is sitting and doesn't tell her about Taehime yet and Taehime continues pretending to be a maid.

Taehime's Fate

At 6PM a door opens and it turns to be a dining hall. Taehime and the rest of the group enters it and they meet Norman here. Norman tells them that they must be anxious to start the auction and, ignoring their questions, tells them to take their seats at the table so that he can begin explaining.

When everyone is seated, he first tells everyone to empty their pockets and put all the cash they have on the table. Any money they carry will not be eligible for the auction. Norman tells them to body check their neighbors as well so that no one cheats and hides money on their person. He orders Taehime to collect all of the money on the table and throw it into the fireplace. She hesitates a bit, but does as she’s told. Then Norman, to cries of outrage, tells her to take the matches from the mantelpiece and light the fireplace.

Norman tells them not to fret, and to stretch their legs under the table. There they find heavy knapsacks, which they pull out. Each knapsack contains 100,000,000 yen. Taehime confirms that they are authentic. Norman tells them that this money is a present from him, which they can use freely for the auction and begins to explain the auction.

Having at last explained everything, Norman suggests that they have dinner first before beginning the auction. As he’d said before, this dinner will be prepared for them. He tells Taehime to step up in front of him. Warily, Taehime walks up the balcony to stand in front of the portrait. In a flash, Norman's face changes into the evil look of a serial killer and a gunshot rings out.

Taehime seems to falter, and there is another gunshot. Taehime stumbles backwards, over the balcony railing onto the table below. She lands on top of her own knapsack, as her seat was the one closest to the portrait. There are bloodstains over her apron where she was shot twice and her face is pale. Yui is about to reach for her when Taehime suddenly bursts into flame. Suisei Nanamura cries out for them to extinguish the flames but only he, Yui, and Kyoko do so with their coats. They're too late to save Taehime, and Norman says “Tonight's menu is a fully roasted maid.”

Norman ordered Taehime's funds to be disposed of, but before that could happen, Kyoko had taken to stealing one million yen for herself, something that would prove useful in gaining the upper hand in foiling the culprit of the Duel Noir: Sae Yozuru. Her death spurned her partner, Salvador, into fighting against the Victims Catharsis Committee Duel Noir's himself.

  • Her last name, "Uozumi" (魚住), means "the dwelling of fish" - which could be a hint at her tragic fates through how reminiscent it is of the saying "to sleep with the fish".
  • "Taehime" (絶姫) is composed of the characters 絶 tae (usually zetsu as in 絶望 zetsubō - "despair"), all of the meaning of which are of negative connotation and include "discontinue", "sever", "abstain", "cut off", etc. and 姫 hime - "princess"; making her given name a hint at her fates as well.

Akio Chage

Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Deceased
Akio Chage Navbox.jpg Akio Chage (茶下 昭雄) was a participant of the Norman Hotel Case.

Akio is an occult researcher who, after taking pictures of a UFO, was sent to the auction at Norman's Hotel Duel Noir by Men in Black.


Akio has lightly tanned skin and is fairly tall. He has short, dark brown hair covered by a baseball cap. He has a light brown stubble and wears black shades.

Akio chose to wear a typical black baseball outfit with white details (matching his hat) to the auction because that's his idea of formal wear.


Akio is an eccentric man who claims to know “just a little bit” about the conspiracies of the world. He is very superstitious and a huge fan of the occult. He works day and night trying to prove the existence of various cryptids. When things go awry at the Duel Noir, he believes it to be the work of organizations from the United States and blames things on conspiracies regarding his misfortune.

Akio doesn't mind getting pushed around, as shown when he dealt with the Men in Black. Despite his work he is not planning on keeping it to himself and is rather friendly, such as when he plays cards with Seiunsai Toyano'oh, Yuzen Minase and Meruko Mifune. However, he is not unflappable and gets quite scared when learning he was in a life or death situation, and even sweating immensely as the first auction drew near. He is also fairly knowledgeable concerning past scandals, such as remembering Mifune's former fame, and a bit about technology usage such as him immediately putting together that there was a scrambler in place preventing the group from getting phone calls out. He also appears to have good instinct when it comes to trusting people, such as giving out information regarding Shinsen to Yui solely off of sixth sense, right before his demise.


Akio is first shown as one of the ten people locked inside Norman's Hotel. When Yui Samidare goes around to introduce herself to the others, Akio introduces himself as a man who knows "just a bit" on the conspiracies of the world, pointing out that there must be something in place preventing them from contacting others and states that he was brought to the auction after he took some photos of a UFO. It wasn't his first time seeing one, just the first time he could get good photos. However, after Akio took the pictures and started to wonder where to send them did the Men in Black arrived. They confiscated his camera and gave him an invitation to the auction.

During the remaining greetings, Akio states that he had heard about Meruko and her psychic powers, and expresses sympathy concerning how she ended up getting her name dragged through the mud.. Later on he is shown playing cards with the other inhabitants, when a door opens. After Suisei Nanamura opens it - to reveal a dining room, and he is shocked when Norman appears and explains the events concerning how the Duel Noir operates. Throughout the encounter, he wonders if various conspiracies are to blame for their predicament and is openly unnerved by the ordeal, and even begins spell chanting after witnessing the murder of Taehime Uozumi.

After Taehime Uozumi was killed, he participated in the first auction. However, he (alongside most of the group) didn't bid after Suisei made a grand display of showing his bag of money before making the first bid. When it came to determining the rooms, he stopped Minase from claiming his on his own, though was considerably dejected when he got the farthest room. Right before the participants entered their room, Akio went to Yui and explained that he saw Shinsen Mikado in several old photos next to disasters that claimed a multitude of lives. Upon seeing Shinsen there, he says that he believes that he is the Grim Reaper that has come to claim their lives and see how they react when they face death. When Yui asked why Akio would tell this to her, he said there wasn't much of a reason beyond sixth sense.

Later that night, he would become the second victim of the Duel Noir, having been strangled to death in his hotel room by Sae Yozuru. The funds he was given for the auction were stolen by Suisei Nanamura. Later on after beating Sae, she explains that Akio was one of her several targets, and that his end of the world conspiracies drove her widow mother to sell off their possessions prior to her suicide.

  • The name "Chage" (茶下) means "giver of tea".
    • Chage's name is probably a reference to Shibata Shūji (柴田 秀之; born January 6, 1958), a Japanese musician known under the stage name of CHAGE (チャゲ) as part of the popular music duo CHAGE and ASKA. The reason for the reference lies in how similar Akio and Shibata look.
  • "Akio" (昭雄) means "shining hero" - which is somewhat ironic considering how he simply let Men in Black send him to Norman's Hotel without opposition and how he was the first person to be killed.
  • Akio's hat bears the styled English initials of his name, CA.

Seiunsai Toyano'oh

Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Deceased
Mitsuru Toyano'oh Navbox.jpg Mitsuru Toyano'oh (鳥屋尾 充), more commonly known by his stage name Seiunsai Toyano'oh (鳥屋尾 青雲斎), was a participant of the Norman Hotel Case.

He is claims he is an escape artist whose skills rival that of Houdini. However, in reality, he is also a con artist being chased by Taehime Uozumi, due to selling counterfeit objects and scamming people of their money.


Seiunsai is a fair skinned fragile old man. He has long white hair tied in a ponytail and sideburns. He also has a long beard tied in the middle with a small pink ribbon, with the loose end curling back upward.

Seiunsai has a wrinkled face, pale brown eyes and a rather large nose with a large beauty mark on it. He usually wears a white suit with a white dress shirt underneath, as well as a black tie with a white polka dot pattern.


Seiunsai prides himself on being a high class magician and being an important figure, but often comes across as being quite gullible (which is ironic given his true profession) such as when Yui points out how obviously shady his invitation was, and has a tendency to lie to save face. He becomes quite upset when someone calls him out on his bravado and jabs that refer to his old age. Throughout his time in the Duel Noir, he is easily rattled by being placed in a life threatening situation. He is also very greedy, displayed when he tried to hoard money despite Norman telling them to give up all the cash that was on them. Despite this he appears to be rather friendly and social with others, as he plays cards with Yuzen Minase, Akio Chage and Meruko Mifune. He has a major interest in auctions and claim that collecting rare artifacts was his hobby.

Given that he is a con artist with a record of swindling others out of their money, it can be said that he is a fairly good manipulator and shows no qualms of fooling people of their money. When the Duel Noir was underway, he was concerned only with his own safety and tried to get everyone to ignore second auction so he could snag the Detective's Right to protect himself, becoming quite enraged when his plan failed.


Despite his claims of being a high class magician, it seems that was merely a cover for his job as a con artist. By selling counterfeit items, he gained a lot of money for his efforts, as well as the notice of Taehime Uozumi, who was investigating into him for months on end in order to catch him in the act, though he was unaware that she was prowling after him. During one auction he was approached by people claiming to be the from the Ercassam Group, which he believed that it was named after a famous auctioneer, and came in order to obtain rare artifacts.

He boasted about being a famous magician, but was made fun of by Yuzen Minase for not figuring out a way to escape by now. After killing time by playing cards, he was present for Norman explaining the rules of the auction for the Detective Right and was extremely against having his money being burnt. He tried to keep some for himself, but was found out and, reluctantly, had to give it up. He was in a noticeably better mood once receiving a share of one hundred million yen like the rest of the participants. He was noticeably panicked after witnessing the death of Taehime and learning this his life would be in danger.

For the first auction, he opted not to to bid after seeing Susei's bold display as the detective bid first, something that turned out to be a wise decision as Suisei had used all of his money to acquire the Detective's Right. Something that shocked Seiunsai as he wondered how would Susei fare for the next rounds. When it came to deciding how people should get a room, he offered to use his deck of cards to decide the order. However, in fear of cheating, the cards were inspected by Sae Yozuru (who used such a thing to ensure she get her desired room) and handled by Minase. As a result, he got the second to last room.

The next day, after Akio's death, he tried to get the others to not bid, under the claims that ignoring the auction and just hiding outside their rooms, huddled together with barricades to protect themselves from the culprit, would be a better solution. However, all of the remaining participants see through this act, and bid with Minase claiming the Detective's Right at the auction this time. Seiunsai is furious that his plan failed, but was told to be quiet from Minase, who flaunted his victory and grabbed the elderly man by the collar and shoved him aside.

Later that night, he was strangled to death in his hotel room by Sae Yozuru and his funds were stolen by Yuzen to use in the subsequent auctions. After Sae's defeat, she admits that he was one of the targets for revenge after he swindled her widowed mother out of her money prior to her suicide.

  • His last name "Toyano'oh" (鳥屋尾) means "bird dealer's mountain slope". The character 尾 also means "tail" - matching how his beard curls.
  • His stage name, "Seiunsai" (青雲斎), means "high-order ritual purification". Being a stage name, the reason for its grandiose meaning is quite understandable.
  • His actual given name, "Mitsuru" (充), means "to be full", "to allot" and "to affect".

Yuzen Minase

Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Deceased
Yuzen Minase Navbox.jpg Yuzen Minase (水無瀬 有全) was a participant of the Norman Hotel Case.

The descendant of an alleged wealthy noble family, he is a freelancer from a humble upbringing striving to make himself a name. Aside from doing part-time job and receiving an allowance, he also earns money by selling things online. Though, in reality, these online auctions are merely scams he uses to swindle people out of their money. He accepted the Norman's Hotel Duel Noir invitation in order to acquire artifacts for him to sell.


Yuzen is a young man with blue eyes and blond hair that is painstakingly combed backward, with only a single lock hanging on the front. He wears a black suit with a white dress shirt and a red bow tie. According to Yui, the outfit doesn't quite suit him and makes him come across as a clown.


Yuzen is extremely proud of his noble blood and come across as haughty and arrogant. While initially polite and forward compared to the others, he has a tendency to be rude (such as insulting Meruko by calling her Pumpkin-Head) and quick to anger, especially when faced with things he doesn't understand or those that annoy him. When learning he was in a situation that could cost him his life, he quickly starts panicking and makes it clear he's only in to save his own hide, believing that the only way to survive is to win the auction.

This self-preservation mindset goes to even maliciously selfish territory when he wins the Detective's Right in the second auction and taunts the others over his victory and that, despite being safe from getting killed by the culprit that night, he wouldn't bother in saving them. He's also very greedy, reacting in horror as his money is burned by Norman and becoming ecstatic when one hundred million yen was given out. He is capable to a degree of cleverness, such as taking Seiunsai's money after his death to use for himself, but throughout the game comes across as somewhat bumbling, childish and rather slow on the uptake.

He has no regrets over his scams of others and even defends his decision to do so as him being forced to because his parents were 'honest idiots' (something that makes even Kyoko wonder as to how two people can make someone like Yuzen). Regardless, he is willing to work with others if there is an good chance of success, and is genuinely willing to be friendly once things aren't on the line for him, such as him playing cards with Meruko happily after their side won the last auction. Yui notes that even she had grown somewhat attached to him by the end of things. His main desire is to restore his family's wealth.

Prior Life

Prior to the Norman's Hotel Duel Noir, Yuzen claims that he was a descendant of nobles with history of land ownership, but in the modern era they now reside over a pitiful apartment complex in the city. He usually lives off his parents money and a part-time job, however he also found a way to make money by re-selling items online. However, in reality, he was actually scamming others by hosting items that he didn't have or getting people to buy items that would never come. When he got the invitation for the secret auction at Norman's Hotel, he was skeptical but decided to go anyway for a change of pace and even borrowed 200,000 yen from a loan company to work with at the auction.

Norman Hotel Case

Arriving at the hotel, he was initially trapped there alongside most of the group until the arrival of the three remaining people needed: Suisei Nanamura, Kyoko Kirigiri and Yui Samidare. When they arrive he tries to stop them from closing the door, which would lock all of them inside, but it was in vain. Of the group, he introduces himself first and spends the time prior to the first auction making fun of Mifune and Toyano'oh, and rather doubtful of the competency of the detectives who informed him of the crime that would take place (with him being quite annoyed with Suisei's antics). When meeting Norman, he was quite surprised by the auctioneer being a painting, and was angered when his money had to be incinerated. Though, he recovered quickly and was joyous when, in return, he got one hundred million yen in return. Yuzen was quite scared when told that they would now be in a life and death situation, and even cried in fear after the death of Taehime.

During the first auction, he opted to not bid after witnessing Suisei's display, which proved to be a wise decision as Suisei bid all of his money in order to acquire the Detective's Right. He was quite skeptical of them cooperating with each other and tried to snag a room closer to the detective before being stopped by Akio. After the rooms were decided via cards, Yuzen entered his. During this time, he ended up having a conversation with Meruko for a few minutes, who was let out of her room by Suisei.

The next day, after Akio's death, he defended Meruko from Shinsen who thought that she was the culprit due to her being left alone in the hallway. He also grew even more convinced that the only way to survive was to rely on himself and get the Detective's Right. When Seiunsai proposed an idea to boycott the auction, Yuzen (like the others) didn't believe Seiunsai was being truthful and opted to bid the second option, with it being thirty million yen. After that, he began bragging about his victory and how he wouldn't bother protecting anyone, though might make an exception for women if they would 'please' them, much to Yui's ire as both Meruko and Sae leaped to gain his favor. He even shoved aside Seiunsai after the latter was bitter over his Yuzen winning. However, that night, Yuzen didn't bother to help anyone, leaving the remaining participants stuck in their rooms. After Seiunsai's death, he went into the deceased room and stole the remaining money that Toyano'oh had for himself to use in the third auction.

The next day, he admitted to going into the room under the claims of using the master key at least once. However, this earned him accusations of being the culprit himself, causing him to storm off. During the third auction, he tried to bid 51 million yen in order to counter Kyoko who had goaded him just before he went in to bid. However, this was a ploy to get him only to focus on Kyoko, who bid 50 million yen, only to have Yui's 52 million yen bid come out on top to win the Detective's Right. Unlike Yuzen, Yui did care about protecting the remaining people and immediately let him out of his room after the curfew to stay inside was over, alongside the others. Thus, preventing any murders from happening that day.

On the fourth day, he was approached by Kyoko. She asked about his past, and after some prying uncovered Yuzen's scamming business. From there, Kyoko propositioned him to join Kyoko and Yui's side in order to gain victory and overcome the Duel Noir, but on the condition he surrenders all the money he has. He was initially skeptical of the offer, but after being given the remaining time of the day to consider, he joins their side in the fourth auction. When its revealed that Suisei and Shinsen would be working with Sae (the culprit of the Duel Noir) side, he briefly considers joining them, but dismisses it as a joke thanks to a glare by Yui. He also felt somewhat disappointed after Yui offered Yuzen to Suisei to get him on their side, only for Suisei to turn down Yuzen because he wasn't his type (though he was widely against be used to bargain like that). Through all their combined funds, and Sae being unable to bet due to that conflicting with her role as the culprit, they are able to get Meruko the Detective's Right, though both Yuzen and Yui react in dismay since they believed that Sae had planned for them to waste all it, then go about the next day to kill Meruko with no detective to stop her.

On the final day, Kyoko managed to win the final auction by using the hidden one million she had taken from Taehime's corpse before anyone could notice, thus foiling Sae's plans. After Sae laid out her motives, Yuzen told them they would report her to the police, only to reel back upon seeing her pull out a gun. That night, he happily played cards with Meruko.

Unfortunately, a few hours before the Duel Noir would officially be over, Yuzen was murdered by Suisei Nanamura who had killed Sae and stole her gun from her, which was used to kill Yuzen. Yui and Kyoko run out into the lobby where they come across his body which was shot in the face, which was next to Suisei, who was playing dead in an attempt to lure the girls in further.. Later, his lifeless body is shot again by Suisei to waste one of his bullets before he would try to kill Yui and Kyoko.

  • "Yuzen (有全) means "to have everything", referring to his aspiration to become as known and wealthy as his ancestors.
  • His last name, "Minase" (水無瀬), means "waterless current" - matching how, according to him, his family used to be nobility and owned many lands but now only owns a rundown condo.

Meruko Mifune

Gender: Female.png Female / Status: Deceased
Meruko Mifune Navbox.jpg Meruko Mifune (三舟 メルコ) was a participant of the Norman Hotel Case.

She used to be a psychic girl with an ability to bend spoons with her mind.


Meruko has short, greenish-blond hair, styled in a bob cut, and green eyes. She wears what appears to be a green sleeveless dress and has a pendant around her neck.


Meruko is a kind, ditzy young lady, often coming across as even more emotional and childish than the two schoolgirls involved in the Duel Noir. She is also rather eccentric, as along with being a former psychic, her hobby is collecting vacuum tubes. She is a staunch believer in her powers and quite proud of them, becoming defensive when others think otherwise and dejected if she can't get them to work. When the situation is revealed to be deadly, she easily breaks down into crying and just desiring to go home. Compared to the others, she can be rather dim, but is more than willing to cooperate with others for their safety and doesn't hold onto grudges for long, given how she let go the matter of Shinsen accusing her of being the culprit. Even when she is mortally wounded, her actions are to try and save the life of others rather than worry about her own.


Meruko, as a child, claimed that she was able to bend spoons with her mind. Her parents brought her to a television station where it was broadcasted and, thus, she became famous for it until the mass media got bored of her and started to slander her name, calling her abilities fake. Despite that, she was able to move past it as she grew up, though she was adamant that her powers were real.

Meruko came to the auction because she heard she could get a special vacuum tube there. Yui asks Meruko if she's still able to bend spoons with her mind. She thinks she does, but nothing happens when she tries to do it, thus disappointing both Yui and Yuzen. When 6PM arrives, she is present for Norman's explanation of the auction, being utterly confused by the rules at first and teases Yuzen over the loss of the money he had gotten for a loan (and getting promptly insulted with the nickname of Pumpkin-Head). Still, once she learns how deadly their new game will be (in addition to witnessing Taehime's death), she begins to cry and wishes to just go home.

For the first auction, she decided to not bet after seeing the grand display Susei made as he went in first, which proved to be a good move as Suisei bid all his money to ensure he got the Detective's Right. When rooms were decided, Meruko got the third one. At night, Suisei let her and Yui out of their rooms, with the intent of releasing everyone from there rooms. However, before that could happen they saw a figure turning the corridor. Yui and Suisei gave chase, but Meruko was left with the orders to stand watch and yell out whoever came by. During this time, ended having a conversation with Yuzen and Sae for about twenty minutes.

The next day, after Akio had been killed, Meruko meets with the others with discussion about what had occurred last night. During this, Shinsen had accused Meruko of being the culprit on the basis that she was out in the hallway alone. However, both Yuzen and Sae defended her alibi by pointing back to their conversation last night. Thus, Shinsen relents, leaving Meruko annoyed, but not willing to press further with her name cleared. When Seiunsai tries to get them to boycott the auction, Meruko sees through the ploy and goes to bid in the second auction, but, in the end, Yuzen acquires the Detective's Right. After hearing that Yuzen wouldn't bother protecting them, she breaks down crying and is more than willing to 'please' him if it means safety when he makes such an offer. This earns a scolding from Sae, who believes that women should be the one using men and not vice versa, but doesn't quite stop such a thinking, instead asking for ten million in exchange of 'pleasing' him all night long. However, nothing comes form it and, thus, Meruko is stuck in her room, crying all night.

When the next day comes along, Meruko, alongside the surviving participants besides the detectives and Yuzen (who stormed off after being accused of the killer) are interrogated if they had done anything wrong, since the target of the Duel Noir's are those who have done serious crimes. Aside from cheating to win toys when she was a kid or believing people who made spoons would hate her, she has no wrongdoing to report compared. During the third auction, she didn't bid and it was won by Yui who went on to quickly let her and the survivors out of their rooms once she able to, thus preventing a murder that night.

During the fourth day, both Kyoko and Yui had deduced that Sae was the culprit and in order to complete the requirements for her Duel Noir it was Meruko that needed to die. In order to foil her plans, Kyoko had informed Meruko, who was gladly willing to work with her in order to be safe. With all their combined funds they were able to get Meruko the Detective's Right, thus ensuring she would be safe that night, though there were concerns from Yui and Yuzen since they were all seemingly out of money. Thankfully, for that final auction, Kyoko used her hidden one million yen she got from the deceased Taehime to acquire the Detective's Right, thus foiling Sae's plans for good.

When Meruko demanded to know why Sae wanted to kill her, Sae retorted that her father created the television that Meruko was on and garnered fame. However, once people began believing her powers was a hoax, the blame was placed all over Sae's father until he committed suicide when she was twelve. Thus, she wanted to exact vengeance on Meruko. That night, Meruko spent it with the other survivors sans Sae in order to wait out the Duel Noir until morning when it was over (alongside the fact that Sae had a gun that she could use against them, so they couldn't apprehend her). There she happily spent the night playing cards with Yuzen.

Unfortunately, when morning came, Meruko was shot by Susei in the cafeteria, who planned to steal all the money from the Duel Noir and get rid of any witnesses of his crime. However, she is able to cling on to life and appeas when Suisei is about to shoot Kyoko and Yui. There, Meruko commands Suisei's gun to "bend". Suisei attempts to shoot her again, but his gun suddenly strangely doesn't fire. She collapses, but the gun still doesn't work causing Suisei to throw it, where it hits her back. Due to having succumbed to her injury, she is unresponsive. Ultimately, she saved Kyoko and Yui's lives as she managed to distract Suisei long enough for the entrance hall doors to open, thus allowing them to escape.

  • Her last name (三舟) means "Three Ships".
  • Meruko's given name is written in katakana, and so its meaning is purely phonetic. It should be noted that it is very uncommon for a Japanese person to present their name in katakana, allowing for the possibility that despite sounding so, her given name isn't actually Japanese.

Death Order

Norman's Hotel Murder Case
Participant Cause of death
Taehime Uozumi Headshot.png Taehime Uozumi Burned to death.
Akio Chage ID.png Akio Chage Murdered by Sae Yozuru.
Seiunsai Toyano'oh Murdered by Sae Yozuru.
Sae Yozuru ID.png
Sae Yozuru Murdered by Suisei Nanamura
Yuzen Minase Murdered by Suisei Nanamura
Meruko Mifune Loss of blood after being shot by Suisei Nanamura
Suisei Nanamura ID.png Suisei Nanamura Committed suicide by shooting himself.
YuiSamidareHeadshot.pngKyoko Kirigiri DRK ID.pngMikado Shinsen ID.png
Yui Samidare, Kyoko Kirigiri and Mikado Shinsen

Results and Aftermath

  • Mikado, the mastermind behind the Duel Noir survives.
  • The hotel disappears without a trace.
  • Winter vacation ends, and a new school term started up.
  • Kyoko Kirigiri briefly went missing.


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