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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Nekomaru Nidai (弐大 猫丸), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is the Ultimate Team Manager (超高校級の「マネージャー」 lit. Super High School Level Coach).

He, along with Class 77-B, return in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School to explore their school life leading up to The Tragedy.


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair design document
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair design document
Nekomaru Nidai Fullbody Sprite (1)

He is a very tall, muscular man with black hair and brown eyes. He wears a white tank top under a black gakuran, as well as blue tracksuit pants and Getas. He has chains around his neck with a whistle hanging in the middle part and emits a blue electric aura from his eyes.

Nekomaru has two scars running from the top of his both eyes downwards in their own directions. He also has a towel tucked into the back of his pants. Like Peko Pekoyama, he has also been mistaken as a cosplayer due to his appearance.

During his time in Hope's Peak Academy, his appearance remains largely the same. However, he wears a full tracksuit with his shirt unzipped and both are royal blue with a white stripe running down the sides of his figure.

DR2 Present 120 Nekomaru's Undergarments

During his school years, he wore a set of white briefs. They were manufactured by a company named: "Military World".

His swimsuit in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp consists of a pair of black swimsuit briefs with an electric blue aura pattern. He also keeps his chains and whistle.

As the Ultimate Despair, he wears a white outfit with golden patterns, notably with a long white jacket. His blue electric aura appears to have changed to red.


Nekomaru is a vigorous, boisterous, openhearted student who is passionate about supporting athletes, but suffers from dyspepsia. He frequently shouts when speaking, being a team manager. He is very optimistic and his willpower is immeasurable, but he isn't very smart and he's very bad at lying. He also really appears to enjoy fighting, often in the form of very serious training.

Nekomaru sees no shame in talking about certain things that could make others feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. For example, he never misses a chance to loudly proclaim when he needs to go to the restroom, irritating Mahiru Koizumi, and causing him to apologize. He also tends to get too close to other people's personal space, though he does this just to check their potential as athletes. Furthermore, as the self-proclaimed Ultimate Masseuse, he frequently offers his special massage to the others to the point that he forces them to receive his massage, as shown in his first and fifth Free Time Events with Hajime. He states that his massage is his own ultimate weapon that can relieve fatigue in an instant, but it also appears to be highly addictive to the receiver.

Though Nekomaru may appear scary and aggressive, he has a very kind heart. He cries quite easily and isn't afraid to show it. As a team manager, he can be quite strict, but he is very supportive and inspiring to his athletes and strives to improve them however he can. Teamwork and fighting spirit are very important to him.

In his fifth Free Time Events, he states that he will give everything he has to fully support everyone so they can escape the killing game together. True to his statement, he is the only one who willingly coached Akane by giving her a training routine and paid attention to food that she ate so she can stay fit and healthy. To prevent murders from continuing, he and Kazuichi Soda even tied Nagito Komaeda in the old lodge after he manipulated a murder to happen during the party in Chapter 1. He has a protective side to all of his classmates, Akane in particularーwithout thinking twice, he sacrificed himself to save the Ultimate Gymnast from her punishment in Chapter 3. During the surprisingly romantic moment, they share the effect of aphrodisiacs in Danganronpa 3, Nekomaru acts more tender and bashful towards her than usual.

Talents & Abilities[]

Ultimate Team Manager[]

Danganronpa 2 Nekomaru Nidai English Game Introduction

Many athletes become top-notch and set new records under Nekomaru's guidance. His talent, Ultimate Team Manager shouldn't be viewed as an insult, as Nekomaru states that there are no athletes who could've reached the top without a manager's help. He believes the bonds that are created between a manager and athlete are the secret of many athletes' winning.

In the past, Nekomaru had a baseball player who got an offer to join the major leagues while he was still in middle school, a figure skater who performed six and a half spins, and a tennis player who managed to win a thirty-six-hour long match.

Nekomaru has been working in the management profession for a quite long time. He could easily tell people who will have a good future as an athlete just by checking their body size. He suggested Hajime Hinata play rugby under his supervision. Even though Hajime thought that Nekomaru overestimated him, Nekomaru simply judged from Hajime's positive points such as his calm judgment skills, high degree of mobility, and knowing the importance of teamwork, which are all basic requirements to become a natural rugby player.

Nekomaru prepares different techniques to train his athletes for each sport, but he conducted that top athletes must have these three essential things including physical fitness, visual acuity, and willpower. After the athlete wishes to strengthen those three essentials, he gladly prepares a solid and effective training regiment for them. He supports each athlete to reach what they want to become and never allows himself to choose the available sports for his athletes. He said that it is a real challenge to bring out the maximum potential of each individual athlete.

Even though Nekomaru's training is a bit harsh, slowly but surely the trained athletes will get used to his principles and eventually win many competitions, as expected from athletes that are trained directly by Nekomaru.

What makes Nekomaru become a different manager from the others is his special massage. Using his talented fingers, he can instantly relax tense muscles and promote maximum blood circulation. He can push out intravenous toxins and restore fatigue in an instant; thus calling himself the Ultimate Masseuse.

Not just to train athletes to make them reach the top, but it's also a manager's duty to protect and support their athletes, as Nekomaru states in one of his Free Time Events. He wanted to become the official manager of the participants of the Killing School Trip and will support them until they “win” the match by working together to escape from the island.

Ultimate Team Manager official translations in other languages
Language Talent Translation
日本語 Japanese 超高校級の「マネージャー」 Super High School Level Coach
français French Le Manager Ultime The Ultimate Manager *
L'Entraîneur Ultime The Ultimate Coach *
Ultime Manager Ultimate Manager *
Deutsch German Super-Highschool-Trainer Super Highschool Trainer *
italiano Italian Super Allenatore Liceale Super High School Level Coach *
nci Spanish (Mexico) Superlider de equipo de preparatoria Super High School Team Manager *
português do Brasil Portuguese (Brazil) Super Colegial Líder Super High School Manager *

Ultimate Masseuse[]

While not recognized by Hope's Peak Academy for his massaging talents, as a team manager he developed his abilities as a masseuse in order to help his athletes grow and to fully prepare them for intense training by maximizing their blood flow. But he uses this technique very sparsely as many become addicted to it very quickly. During a special event with Akane, Nekomaru gave her a full body massage and deep tissue treatment while in her cottage. He states that the title 'Ultimate Masseuse' is an alias that belongs to him, believing that he has great skills in this field. He would have likely performed these techniques on his own athletes to improve their strength and lower fatigue through massaging every pressure point. Nekomaru is very thorough when massaging his athletes and sees it a necessity not to cut corners with any massage for them to have their full effect. He gives Hajime a massage during their final Free Time Events together, and Hajime states afterwards that his body feels 'extremely light' and that he didn't want to admit that he couldn't live without Nekomaru's massage. It even allowed Hajime to do an impossible amount of training which shows the excellence of Nekomaru's massage therapy.

Hand-to-Hand Combat[]

In physical combat, Nekomaru has been quite successful in ability to match and overcome his foes and friends. On many occasions during the Neo World Program, Nekomaru and Akane would train together. When Akane appeared at the diner in her swimsuit, she was covered in blood and said she had ran into Nekomaru and had to fight him. Her injuries and scarring were only minor, but extensive, showing the strength of Nekomaru's combat skills, and she explained that Nekomaru was a surprisingly 'strong opponent'. When Gundham challenged Nekomaru to a duel of life and death, Nekomaru accepted and did not run away. Gundham explained that Nekomaru 'gave it his all' to try and kill him, showing Nekomaru to be a worthy challenge.

When Nekomaru was revived by Hajime from the Neo World Program, he battled a Monobeast at Future Foundation Headquarters which was allied with the Super High School Level Elite Task Force. He was able to match the power of the robot, using his arms to block its head charge. Nekomaru overcame the robot, despite its large amount of strength, making it easy to imagine how strong he is against normal human opponents in hand-to-hand combat.


Prior to the Tragedy[]

Nekomaru was born with a heart defect that left him bedridden and confined to a hospital. The doctor who treated Nekomaru told him that he would only live to be 20. Because of his sickness, he never got to play sports and didn't participate in P.E. in school. He was also teased a lot when he was young, being unable to make friends and making frequent trips to the hospital.

While at the hospital, Nekomaru met a boy named Daisuke, who suffered from the same condition. Daisuke was a team manager and Nekomaru took notice of how many people came to visit him in the hospital. When Daisuke died without seeing the team he had been training reach their championship, Nekomaru was inspired to continue in his footsteps and realize Daisuke's dream by becoming a team manager himself.

Nekomaru quickly gained a reputation as a skilled team manager, turning around several poorly-trained teams and leading them to national recognition. His clients have included baseball stars, figure skaters, and rugby teams. His job ended up developing his muscles and learning a special massage for athletes by using his fingers. He previously attended First Yokoyama High School before enrolling in Hope's Peak Academy.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc[]

Episode 01 - Hello Again, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Nekomaru was in the bathroom when his homeroom teacher, Chisa Yukizome and his classmates went to retrieve him. Due to his massive "power" when using a toilet, he destroyed the entire stall after he was done. He apologized to his teacher and later joined his classmates to search for the others.

Nekomaru helped Chisa tie Teruteru Hanamura and restrain Akane to a cross. Throughout the day, to prevent Akane from escaping, Nekomaru carried her on the cross on his shoulder.

Nekomaru and the others were asked by Chisa to clean their classroom while she went to retrieve the two remaining students. After returning to the classroom, Chisa was happy to see that everyone had waited and that the classroom was clean. When the students once again bring up that they don't have to go to class, so long as they have their talent and pass their exam, Chisa reminded Nekomaru and the others that talent isn't everything and that she wanted them to build strong relationships and "hope" with each other.

Episode 02 - My Impurest Heart for You[]

Nekomaru and Akane were having a deadly training session in the class, making the teacher who attended the class faint and they destroyed half of the classroom. Chisa told him to stop, but Nekomaru insisted on continuing their realistic combat conditions. His teacher understood what he meant and left the class immediately.

After he cleaned and repaired the mess that he made with his classmates, Nekomaru played games that Chiaki Nanami brought. He was dueling with Gundham in a fighting game, resulting in a tie when both of the players fell from the arena.

During their break time, Nekomaru told everyone that the frightening growling sound came from Akane's stomach. Then he and his classmates proceed to eat nikujaga that Teruteru and Hiyoko Saionji cooked. Nekomaru noticed the sudden change of Akane's attitude after she ate big portions of the food. His heart raced when Akane called his name in a shy tone, slowly get closer to her.

The next day, after he and his classmates recovered from the aphrodisiac's effects, Chisa gathered them in their classroom. Chisa elected Chiaki as their class representative, and Nekomaru said that he agreed with his teacher's decision.

Episode 03 - A Farewell to All Futures[]

At the beginning of the episode, Nekomaru and his classmates walked past Hajime heading toward the Main Course building. Later during the break time, Nekomaru was shown laying on the ground in the school's park with his classmates playing with rabbits owned by the Academy.

Several days later, Nekomaru looked worried at Mahiru who cried on Hiyoko's chest in the classroom after she lost her friend from the Reserve Course, Sato.

Episode 04 - The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda[]

Nekomaru was listening to Chisa's announcement about the annual practical exam, still showing no spirit after the deaths of Natsumi Kuzuryu and Sato affected his class's morale greatly.

At the end of the episode, Nekomaru had to bid his farewell to his beloved teacher Chisa as she was transferred to the Reserve Course after the bombing incident involving one of his classmates, Nagito.

Episode 05 - The Beginning of the End[]

Upon Chisa's return to the Main Course from the Reserve Course suspension, the class created a party in celebration of her return. Nekomaru and everyone welcomed her back, Nekomaru encouraging Chiaki by telling her to not be so modest as she was the one who brought the class together in the first place and that she had his seal of approval. Nekomaru then laughed happily as he rubbed Chiaki's head in approval of all her hard work planning the party.

Episode 06 - A Despairfully Fateful Encounter[]

Nekomaru is seen cleaning his desk as everyone in the class prepares to be upperclassmen by moving to their new classroom in the new school building.

Episode 07 - The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope's Peak Academy History[]

When Hiyoko lays a flower on Nagito's desk stating it was 1 year ago that he died, Nekomaru confirms to her that they rather can't keep in touch with him.

Episode 08 - The Worst Reunion by Chance[]

Nekomaru starts to inquire about Mikan Tsumiki's absence, Hiyoko responds by telling him that she probably got scared off by the parade. Upon discovering Nagito saw Mikan in the West District, the class and himself go to look for her on the school grounds. He goes in a group with Akane and the Ultimate Imposter, later conceding to search the cafeteria upon Akane's request.

Episode 09 - Chisa Yukizome Doesn't Smile[]

Nekomaru and the class reconvene at the school classroom, after a failed attempt to find Mikan they presume Nagito gave them false information. Chiaki makes her way to the classroom with an unconscious Nagito and explains that Chisa is in trouble, the class are concerned and agreed to help. Nagito points out there is high risk and a chance of them dying, Nekomaru and the class consider these concerns although Chiaki convinces them otherwise.

The Ultimate Imposter reveals his true identity, Nekomaru is shocked however he comes to accept it quickly. Nekomaru later exclaims 'To battle' and the whole class lifted up their fists in agreement.

Nekomaru and the class leave the Main Course building and head for Junko's lair but encounter the Reserve Course students who wish to take them on in the battle to create placements on the Main Course for themselves. Nekomaru automatically agreed to stay behind and fend them off and Gundham also agrees to assist. Akane accepted his decision and Sonia wishes them both luck. Nekomaru admits he has nothing against the Reserve Course students personally but that they will be in for some pain.

The class soon reached the stairway leading to Junko's hideout underneath the Izuru Kamukura statue and begin to descend. The class worry for Nekomaru and Gundham's safety although Akane believes that Nekomaru will have them in training before too long.

Episode 10 - Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope[]

The class continue down the corridor after making their descent of the stairway. A door is flung upon unexpectedly, Nekomaru and Gundham appearing from the dark hallway. The class is relieved that they are both okay. Nekomaru explains that if it wasn't for Mikan telling them where to go over the phone, they would never have found the rest of the class. Ibuki proclaims all that is left is to save Chisa, to which Nekomaru and the rest of the class agree.

Mikan, now leading the group, approaches a large red door at the end of the corridor, pressing a button which opens the door, Nekomaru and the rest of the class follow her inside. Once inside, Junko reveals multiple monitors showing Chiaki Nanami's Punishment, Nekomaru hollering 'what the hell is this' causes Junko to respond, stating 'The prelude to a fantastic tale of despair'. Nekomaru horrified by what he is seeing, wants to find a way to save Chiaki but is powerless.

Once Chiaki reaches the "goal" in her execution, she opens the door. She sees Nekomaru, the rest of the class, and Chisa on the other side. Once she reaches for Chisa's hand, spikes appear from under the ground and stab Chiaki everywhere on her body. As the broadcast ends, Nekomaru and the class fall silent, with a patterned swirl in their eyes, they have now lost all their hope and become part of Ultimate Despair.

Episode 11 - Goodbye, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Nekomaru and the rest of the class have returned to the classroom, receiving their final lesson before graduation. Chisa stated that she has been honored to be their teacher and started reading a letter she prepared. Nekomaru and the rest of the class clap with gratitude.

After the speech, red lights turn on, and Chisa started to cry. The patterned swirled return in their eyes as they all make a declaration of what they will do upon graduation. Nekomaru expressed that he will support everyone's dreams. Chisa then explains that they will 'officially' have to die at the classroom to be taken off the list of protected students, Nekomaru agreeing that in protective custody no one would believe they were Ultimate Despair. After bidding her class a final farewell, Chisa activates a bomb that fakes the death of Class 77-B. Nekomaru and his class stand outside the school grounds as they watch Hope's Peak Academy's destruction.

Chisa's narration later revealed Nekomaru helped to infect the world with despair.

During the Tragedy[]

After the death of the True Ultimate Despair, Junko Enoshima, the Remnants of Ultimate Despair agreed to an insane plan to have AI Junko take over their bodies, so they could resurrect their leader.

The remnants of Despair are later found by Future Foundation. Makoto Naegi plans to undo Junko's influence by putting them into the Neo World Program, but the program is taken over by AI Junko, right according to the Ultimate Despair's plan.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc[]

Episode 01 - Third Time's the Charm[]

As members of the Ultimate Despair, shown in the flashback, Nekomaru and Akane reinforced Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu and Peko who were battling the Future Foundation, but all of them were eventually captured by the Future Foundation.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

Prologue - Welcome to Dangan Island! Panic at the Heart-Throbbing School Trip!?[]

Nekomaru introduces himself to Hajime outside of Hotel Mirai on the first day of the trip. Nekomaru later joins his classmates in relaxing at the beach at Usami's suggestion. When Monokuma appears and introduces the rules of the Killing School Trip, Nekomaru is rattled, but remains adamant that nobody will die.

Chapter 1 - Destination Despair[]

During the party organized by the Ultimate Imposter in Chapter 1, Nekomaru suffers from constant digestive issues, but is unable to use the then-locked bathroom. His testimony that the bathroom was locked before the blackout at the party becomes a vital piece of information proving Peko's innocence in the Ultimate Imposter's murder.

Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts[]

In Chapter 2, Nekomaru works with Kazuichi Soda to tie up Nagito and keep him confined in the old building near the hotel, afraid that Nagito might become dangerous if left unwatched. Though the other students protest their course treatment of Nagito, the decision is made to leave him in the old building. Nekomaru later spars with Akane on Chandler Beach; while he criticizes her lack of proper technique, Nekomaru is amazed that Akane has the strength to wear him down.

Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent[]

In Chapter 3, Nekomaru becomes wary of the fact that Akane is appearing less and less frequently in front of the others. He believes she may be training on her own, something he is against as her self-appointed manager. During the concert organized by Ibuki Mioda, Monomi appears to tell the others that Akane is dueling Monokuma. Furious, Nekomaru rushes over and throws himself in front of Akane, shielding her from a bazooka launched by Monokuma.

Nekomaru is injured severely by the blast and is rushed the hospital by Monokuma, who insists that Nekomaru will ultimately live. Nekomaru remains in the hospital for the remainder of Chapter 3 and is subsequently absent from the third Class Trial.

At the end of the third trial after Mikan, the culprit of Ibuki and Hiyoko's murder case had been executed, Nekomaru returned as a robot on the sandy beach, much to the surprise and shock of the others, but Nekomaru didn't appear to mind.

Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork?[]

Nekomaru returns to the group at the start of Chapter 4 having been converted into a robot by Monokuma, who claims it was the only way to save Nekomaru's life. Though his personality remains unchanged, Nekomaru's robot body comes with a variety of bizarre features, including cola and tea dispensers that function from his eyes, a radio clock with an alarm embedded in his chest, and a "Good Night Button" on the back of his neck that immediately renders him unconscious.

When the students are locked in the Funhouse, Nekomaru attempts to keep everyone in good shape. He keeps his spirits up and dutifully attends Monokuma Tai Chi every day as instructed. Eventually, Nekomaru is confronted by Gundham and the two agree to engage in a duel to the death in order to prevent the other students from having to starve to death inside the Funhouse. Nekomaru ultimately loses and is murdered by Gundham.

Danganronpa 2 Minimaru Nekomaru Nidai Akane Owari

After Nekomaru's death, Kazuichi takes some of his parts and constructs a toy replica of Nekomaru dubbed "Minimaru" in order to cheer up Akane. Akane keeps Minimaru with her from then on. Minimaru speaks with a robotic version of Nekomaru's voice and repeats things that Akane says, says cheering phrases, and shouts some of Nekomaru's "catchphrases".

Epilogue - The Day Before the Future[]

Currently, Nekomaru is most likely comatose, just like most of his classmates. The survivors of the Killing Game are waiting for him and the rest of their classmates to wake up.

Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the World Vanquisher[]

Illusion World[]

Nekomaru appeared in Nagito's imaginary world following his death in the Neo World Program.

During morning class, Akane is seen using two chairs as a stand to perform handstand push-ups to which Nekomaru observed her progress.

He later attended Kazuichi's funeral after he was murdered by the World Destroyer. Nekomaru, with an umbrella, waited with Akane in the rain after the service is finished before leaving.


Nagito is the last to be awoken from the Neo World Program by Hajime. Nekomaru along with the rest of Class 77-B board a ship to take them to Future Foundation Headquarters.

Side - Hope: The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair[]

Nekomaru returned in Side: Hope alongside the rest of the Class 77-B, who had been resurrected by Izuru Kamukura although Izuru was now combined with the personality and memories of Hajime. They arrived at the island where the Future Foundation headquarters were situated, having left from Jabberwock Island and proceeded by rescuing Byakuya Togami and Yasuhiro Hagakure from being trapped under rubble, they then began their fight against Ryota's brainwashed rescue squad troops, including the Former Super High School Level Elite Task Force.

Nekomaru is seen facing off against a robot unit from the Super High School Level Elite Task Force of Future Foundation, holding it off with his arms. Being surrounded by a second Monobeast, Kazuichi comes to his aid, sending an army of remote control Mini-Mecha Nidai robots (The same design of the one he made for the class in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair) to defeat the second Monobeast and save Nekomaru from danger.

Later on, Nekomaru helped convince Ryota to abandon his plan to brainwash the world. When Hajime began persuading him to join them in atonement, Nekomaru happily accepting Ryota. Upon leaving the broadcasting studio, Nagito held Makoto Naegi's hand and began to ramble about his talent before being swiftly carried away by Nekomaru and Akane for speaking too long.

Shortly afterward, he and the other Former Remnants of Despair shoulder the blame for the Final Killing Game in a broadcast to the Future Foundation, presenting themselves in their despair persona and relieving the organization of any wrongdoing.

With the battle won, Nekomaru and the Class 77-B return to Jabberwock Island. He was last seen eating Teruteru's cooking as the ship began its journey back home.


Class 77-B:

Akane Owari[]

Nekomaru is close to Akane due to their desire to improve themselves physically. Nekomaru, after Peko's execution, decided to guard the third island's entrance, due to being worried that Akane would do something reckless. Nekomaru trained with Akane through rather serious looking fights, and Nekomaru also gave her his famous massages, making some other students mistake their relationship as sexual due to them referring to the massages as "it" (though the massages were definitely quite suggestive, as shown in the bonus scene in Chapter 3).

Nekomaru sacrifices himself to save Akane, and she was the most shocked to discover that he was a robot and was really depressed about his death, never saying thank you to him because he always defended her. This led to Kazuichi to use some of Nekomaru's remains to create a miniature version of himself to cheer her up.

During their time at Hope's Peak Academy, Akane and Nekomaru would often fight, Nekomaru considering it training, but Akane considering it battle. The two were rather close despite their constant fighting. When the students were looking for missing Mikan, Nekomaru agrees they should check the cafeteria after Akane gets hungry, and looks at her with a tender look when she is cheered up by this.

It's hinted that Nekomaru and Akane have romantic feelings for each other, with his massages and her reactions to those being quite suggestive. While under the effect of aphrodisiacs, Nekomaru is at first protective of her when something seems wrong and then bashful when she tells him not to touch her. The two then share a surprisingly romantic moment, being swooned and looking at each other.

In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, before graduation, Nekomaru states he will become Akane's manager to handle her paperwork so they can train and have massages whenever they want.

Gundham Tanaka[]

Although Nekomaru was murdered by Gundham in the Killing School Trip, they fought together against the group of Reserve Course students who were infiltrating the school in reality. The two of them seemed to have a different relationship in the real world, though even then they didn't mingle much at all.

Kazuichi Soda[]

The first major interaction between Kazuichi and Nekomaru was tying up Nagito, fearing he'd be a danger to the group. This could have either been a strategic move or they were previously acquainted, though they rarely spoke to each other since. He was fascinated when Nekomaru rejoined the group as a robot. It is implied that Kazuichi thought he wouldn't survive, so these emotions were probably a mixture of his thoughts toward the "impossible" technology and that Nekomaru actually survived. After Nekomaru's death as a robot, Kazuichi created Minimaru, a small toy made from the remains, for Akane to help cheer her and the rest of their classmates up.

Chiaki Nanami[]

Nekomaru, like the rest of his class, appointed Chiaki as their class representative without hesitation. Nekomaru and the class admired Chiaki's hard work, and he expressed annoyance at Chiaki selling herself short for organizing Chisa's welcome back party and fondly rubs her head. During Chiaki's slow execution at Junko's hand, he expressed a desire to help her, but finds he can't move. He is then brought to tears as he has to watch Chiaki's slow and torturous execution.

Reserve Course:

Hajime Hinata[]

Nekomaru's Island Mode relationship differs from that of his real-life relationship with Hajime. During Nekomaru's Island Mode ending, he believes there is something inside Hajime, but he is unsure what it is. The correct answer is "hope", but if Hajime suggests "love", Nekomaru become surprised and then begins to consider that his feelings for Hajime are romantic. If Hajime chooses a bad option during an event Nekomaru will say: "Hmmm… That date wasn’t exciting at all… A detailed plan produces maximum results in both dating and training. You won’t make me fall for you if you act like this! Bye now!” showing that his feelings for Hajime appear to be on a romantic level.



Daisuke was the reason why Nekomaru became interested in being a manager. When Daisuke died, Nekomaru took over his work in order to help Daisuke's baseball team win. This showed that Nekomaru admired him and became close friends with him, going so far to help Daisuke's team so his work wouldn't be in vain.

Free Time Events & Bonus Mode Guides[]

The links below are full transcripts and in-depth guides for Nekomaru Nidai's relationship routes in Free Time Events, Island Mode, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Danganronpa S Development Mode including his MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options.

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Danganronpa S
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Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (English)


  • "Instead of trying to figure out why we're here, we should try to figure out why we can't leave..."
  • "Even with all my might, I couldn't open it! It'd be absolutely impossible for all of you..."
  • "I am the Ultimate Team Manager, NEKOMARU NIDAI!!!"
  • "Hold it right there! Your voice is too soft! Let your voice rise from the bottom of your stomach!"
  • "I AM NEKOMARU NIDAI! Don't forget it, even if you go to hell!"
  • "I don't want to get violent, but if I do, I have no idea what might happen!"

Chapter 1:

  • "Which means the answers are: a good appetite, a good night's sleep, and a good shit!!!"
  • "I see... Even sports teams need captains, after all..."
  • "It's important to be flexible in situations like this... Perhaps a diversion from all this is just what we need."
  • "Don't stop me, Byakuya... There comes a time when a man knows he's gotta go...! If I don't go now...it would shame me as a man. Shitting my pants would totally shame me as a MAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!"
  • "However, if you think I'd be angered by something like that, you've all underestimated my nerve and patience. Do all and achieve all with one's presence of mind! That is the goal of a true leader! In other words, a leader must never falter in any situation, but always have the presence of one's mind!"
  • "If she locked herself in the bathroom for that long, there's no doubt... it's shit. GAH-HAHAHAHA! Aw, there's no way she'd admit it! There's no way she'd admit she was taking a shit!"
  • "D'ohhhhh! Man up and speak more clearly!"
  • "Teruteru...just man up and be straight with us."
  • "Damn fiend...I won't give up until the very end! I won't die in vain... I'll give my entire existence, my entire power, my entire body and soul, and fight to the very end!"

Chapter 2:

  • "She's not a weakling who'd get killed by a weak blow like that..."
  • "Akane... It seems you're the type who learns through actions rather than words..."
  • "Basics! Make sure you understand the basics! You'll always be second-rate if you just rely on instinct!"
  • "You, too... Basics are the foundation for everything!"
  • "Impossible! Injuring an athlete would disgrace me as a team manager!"
  • "I have no interest in weak things like video games!"
  • "I can't understand what they're talking about! No matter how you look at it, I'm only a team manager!"
  • "No matter how others view us, we are ourselves! There is nothing to worry about!"
  • "All I can do for Mahiru is find out who the killer is and teach them a lesson."
  • "If you don't have enough power, harness your talent energy! C'mon, bring out that energyyyyyyyy!"
  • "If you don't unleash your power here, where else are you going to unleash it!? Don't you want to avenge Mahiru's death!?"
  • "Fine, let's figure out the weapon. If this keeps up, I'm gonna feel like I need to shit... ...Which means I'll feel disgusting!!!"
  • "This will never end if you keep being so suspicious!"
  • "H-How...would Peko be a tool in the first place...? Peko is a legitimate human being!!!"

Chapter 3:

  • "FIIIIRE! START THE FIIIIIIIRRRRRE! We'll have a grand bonfire so Mahiru can reach Nirvana!"
  • "Akane...Fuyuhiko has finally come back to us. You better not do anything reckless... I can't stand...the thought of losing someone...any longer."
  • "There's only one Ultimate Masseuse and that's me! NEKOMARU NIDAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! I'll knead every pressure point throughout your body, and I'll help you see a brand new world!"
  • "Your voice is too soft! Project your voice more from your stomach! Gahahahahaha! All right, now your voice will reach the sun! And...to our departed, Mahiru and Peko."
  • "I'm just a mere team manager... Therefore, I don't know anything about art. However...when I saw Mahiru's photos for the first time... My vulgar heart was greatly shaken! Truly, that is a splendid thing! It's a pity what happened to Mahiru, but I will never forget how she taught me the value of art!"
  • "It's fine, just let him be. Apparently yakuza have pain tolerance down to an art..."
  • "That stupid fool! No...I'm the one who was the fool... It was my mistake to not keep my eyes on her! Tch...! As a team manager, I should've had a proper grasp of my athlete's private life... Dammiiiiiiit! This failure will haunt me for the rest of my life, or my name isn't NEKOMARU NIDAIIIIIIII!!!!"
  • "Fuyuhiko finally returned to us... The thought of anyone else in our group getting taken... I won't allow it! I will never allllllooooowiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttt!!!"
  • "This is NEKOMARU NIDAI's final firework! Make sure you sear it into your eyes!"
  • "Ha... Isn't it obvious...? Supporting their athletes....is...a manager's duty. H-However... Wh-What a shame... For someone like NEKOMARU NIDAI...to... It was just a little shot from a bazooka... I really am the worst... Heh...hehe...hah... Akane... The time I've spent with you...i-it...it wasn't so bad... Don't...die...Akane..."
  • "The name's NEKOMARU NIDAI!!! I've been reborn in the rivers of hellllllll!!! Gah-hahahahaha!"

Chapter 4:

  • "The name's NEKOMARU NIDAI!!! I've been reborn in the rivers of helllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! Gahaha! No matter how you look at it, I'm still me!"
  • "It's not just for show, it's PURE ELECTRICITY! I've been reborn as PURE ELECTRICITY! GAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"
  • "Gahahaha! Don't worry about it! A lot of stuff happens when you're alive!"
  • "If you keep sweating the small stuff, you're going to end up getting more grey hairs!"
  • "That's right! I've resurrected from the depths of hell in shining silverrrrrrrr!"
  • "It's better to just be alive... Hey, don't you agree? If I'm alive, I can still talk to you all. If I'm alive, I can still fight... It doesn't matter what happens to my body! Not one bit!"
  • "Fool! How many times do I have to tell you that it doesn't matter! No matter what shape or form I take, I AM NEKOMARU NIDAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"
  • "Once again, I hope we can all get along!"
  • "Hey, hey...it's not like I came back as a monster. I'm just a robot now, you know?"
  • "As always, you sure do eat a lot! I feel relaxed just by looking at you!"
  • "Future Foundation! World Ender! Hah! There's obviously something wrong with you if you believe in something so unrealistic!"
  • "Don't you think fighting with ourselves like this is Monokuma's trap!?"
  • "Gah-haha! It's not like complaining about it will change anything! We're just a traitor and a robot, after all!"
  • "Well then, Hajime... Let's show everyone else the value in leftovers! Let's magnificently find the exit with our very own hands! If we do that, it will solve everything!!!"
  • "Hiyoko and Ibuki... Those two were quite the noisy bunch. It's as if a fire was smothered... And I cannot believe...Mikan was the one who murdered them..."
  • "Ngh...? Then I must live up to everyone's expectations! As long as I'm here, I will not tolerate any more victims! I won't allow iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"
  • "This building is peculiar... Look at the inside of this bathroom! I can't take a peaceful shit like this! Preventing me from taking a good shit... This house is certainly defective! Tch... Every time I see a bathroom, I get this lonely feeling... When in the world is my constipation going to be fixed!?"
  • "It's not even worth playing if all you get after winning is a weapon...!"
  • "Ha! We just have to go for it! The only way we can overcome this situation is to make a move!"
  • "As soon as she learned there was no food, she was overcome by hunger... Obsessions are truly annoying... But at least try to stay calm! Now's not the time for you to paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic!"
  • "Do you need to go that for to test it? I won't tolerate any robo-prejudice!"
  • "Then the men shall have Strawberry House! Strawberry men are known for passion!"
  • "Regardless, if I ever decide to get serious with this body, you won't even last a second!"
  • "This scorching, stinging, tense atmosphere... I've been a team manager for so long, I'd nearly forgotten this... This is great! What a comforting atmosphere!"
  • "Gaaahahahaha! You'll drench your soul with evil until the bitter end, huh...? SPLENDID! In response to your spirit...I shall kill you with all of my might! I won't go easy on you! Don't even think about holding back! Don't waste your breath on cowardly tactics! Give me everything you've got!"

As Minimaru:


Chapter 5:

  • "SHITK&&p#spds~=~~+@:T;^--8y*?`*DOIT:OGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" (Nekomaru's cottage post-fifth trial)

Free Time Events:

  • "Hajime, you don't know anything. All roads lead to managers... If you yearn to master something, you will naturally require a manager's help. Countless records in this world would not exist without managers! The bond between a top-notch athlete and their manager is one that cannot be severed!"
  • "Now that you understand, don't mock managers. As long as you never do that...I'll lead you to victory, no matter the match!"
  • "I'm a manager, you know? It's my job to help athlete figure out what they want to become. I don't mind which athlete you want to become, but it's wrong for me to decide that for you."
  • "Your calm judgement skills, your high degree of mobility... And you obviously know the importance of teamwork. You may very well be a natural on the rugby field."
  • "It's my job to take care of athletes so they can give it their all. The technique varies for each sport, but every top athlete needs three essential things. Physical fitness, visual acuity, and willpower. If an athlete wishes to strengthen these three essentials... Then it's my job to prepare a solid and effective training regiment for them. A lot of the science behind the training is based off principles of sports medicine. It's a real challenge to bring out the maximum potential of each individual athlete."
  • "For some people, forfeiting in the middle of a match is a greater loss than death."
  • "As long as you have friends who have your back, you'll be able to clear a path to the future without giving up."
  • "Well, it's my duty to support my athletes, after all. There's no way a manager should be more concerned than his athletes."
  • "From this point on, I will be the official manager for all of you! If we win this "match" by working together to leave this island... Then I'll give it my all to support each and every one of you!"
  • "No matter what, basic physical fitness always comes first. In any situation, you'll need muscles to survive! As long as you're armored with muscles, you won't die so easily!"

Island Mode:

  • "If you have time for naps, then hurry up and start your work out!"
  • "No matter what, we must always warm up our bodies first! C'mon, let's get started already!"
  • "Stories about achieving victory through friendship and hard work always warm my heart.."
  • "You won't win your matches reading such tiny print! If you're gonna read, read technical books or exciting sports comics!"
  • "Regularly gathering new information and developing new training methods are the duties of a manager. At times, you need to study diligently at your desk. So let's devote lots of time and energy to studying today!"
  • "How can you be bored when there are so many books here...? You don't understand anything at all."
  • "You have a lot of growing to do...! Why are you so negative before we've even begun!? Show some spirit and let's go!"
  • "A man going off to compete, while being supported from the sidelines by the one watching over him... A moving story like that can't be watched without choking up! This is the path we are going to advance on together! Let's watch it for future reference!"
  • "If worse comes to worse, even if the story is boring, as long as I can enjoy some human drama, it's all right!"
  • "A horror movie, huh... I don't really understand why feeling "fear" is supposed to be "fun"..."
  • "Despite my appearance, my heart is quite delicate."
  • "Ghosts are not worth being afraid of..."
  • "A battle with an amusement park is a battle with time... You'll need a detailed plan and quick reflexes. But you'll be completely fine! Don't be afraid and give it your all!"
  • "I'll definitely help you win so don't worry!"
  • "What? Weapons? What do you need something like that for? As long as I'm alive, I'll never let you do anything that's a breach of regulation!"
  • "You are like a bud before it blossoms... And I would like to make that flower blossom with my own hands..."
  • "All this time, I've always felt like I was missing something... However, I...finally met someone who has it... The resilience and fortitude that you naturally display... You're someone I can invest all of my passion into!"
  • "Stick with me and we won't just be able to take on the world, we'll take on space, too!" (to Hajime)
  • "There's no need for boring modesty! You should feel more reassured! I've got your back, after all!"

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "In response to your spirit...I shall kill you with all of my might!"
  • "Hmph...I, Nekomaru Nidai, won't be taken in by an amateur like you!"
  • "Eat more! Or else you can't build your body!"
  • "Sometimes, it's good to get knocked down a peg by a huge rival. Especially for people like her."
  • "That single-mindedness of yours... It doesn't change no matter how strong you get. If you want, I'll support you from the sidelines."
  • "You've both got guts! There's no need to hold back! JUST DO IT!!!" (To Fuyuhiko and Gundham)
  • "Oh! Going up against a guy like you will be as refreshing as taking a huge shit!"
  • "Let me tell you one thing... Your talent will only have meaning once you have a goal to direct it towards."
  • "I don't understand art, but...your photos have a power that shakes the soul of NEKOMARU NIDAI!"
  • "That's fine. You don't need to play sports to become a pro. You can enjoy them with your friends... Or use them to polish your mind... That's the charm of sports."
  • "Even if you're trying to become a gentleman, you can cultivate that mentality through sports. In sports, you need to have gentlemanly conduct at all times."
  • "To battle...to win...to stand on the court... I can't help someone who doesn't want those. But your relationship with your manager doesn't end when you step off the court." (To Ryoma Hoshi)
  • "Hmph...even if you're not an athlete, I'll support you. Because you're my classmate. It's not just me. Everyone in our class would've gladly helped out."
  • "Exactly! Meals that fill your heart with joy do wonders for an athlete's vitality!"

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English)

Episode 05:

  • "Don't be so modest. You've brought us all together this past year. As the Super High School-Level Team Manager, you get my seal of approval!"

Episode 09:

  • "Onward, to battle!"
  • "I have nothing against you, but you're in for some pain!"

Episode 11:

  • "I'll be supporting all your dreams!"

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Hope Arc (English)

  • "I'll just have to use my full power!"
  • "We survived. So we must atone for our sins."


  • His first name literally means "round cat", something he was often teased about as a child.
    • Nidai means "two" and "big". His full name may translate to "Two big round cats".
    • When written as 二台, "Nidai" means "two machines". This could be a reference to how, over the course of Danganronpa 2, Nekomaru gets turned into two machines - first Mechamaru, then Minimaru.
  • Nekomaru's birthday, February 22, falls on Cat Day, in Japan, most likely a nodoff to his name.
  • Nekomaru's hair and clothing is probably a reference to Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • Also, in comparison to the characteristic drawing style of the Danganronpa franchise, some of Nekomaru's features (i.e. relatively small eyes, a very defined muscular, bulky physique and the "angular" shape the scars running over his eyes give his face) seem to be inspired by the distinctive drawing style of Hirohiko Araki, the creator of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • During a secret event involving Akane in chapter 3, he is heard yelling "Atatatatatata", which is known as Kenshiro's war cry on the Fist of the North Star series.
  • In the English version of the game, Nekomaru proclaims himself the "Ultimate Masseuse", although it is the feminine form of "masseur".
  • When Hajime first meets Nekomaru, it is implied that he used to train Leon Kuwata, as Nagito says that "he used to train that famous Japanese baseball player", which is later stated by Nekomaru himself in one of his Free Time Events by saying that he's been with various athletes; one of them being "a baseball player who got an offer to join the major leagues while he was still in middle school."
  • Nekomaru is the only killing game participant to be completely absent from one of the class trials while still being alive, as he sustained critical injuries in Chapter 3.
  • The morning after Nekomaru sustains fatal injuries while protecting Akane from an attack by Monokuma, the other students ask the latter where he is. Monokuma acts as if he has forgotten who Nekomaru is in response, and asks if he's "the boy who turns into a girl when splashed with cold water" - making a reference to the Ranma ½ manga series.
  • Nekomaru, like Nagito Komaeda, has had a fatal disease that would prevent them from living no longer than 20. Seeing however that they would be 22 by the events of Danganronpa 3, it has shown that both surpassed the illness.
  • Nekomaru's high school, First Yokoyama High School is a possible reference to the many athletes with the last name Yokoyama.
  • Kazutaka Kodaka states that he liked Nekomaru's fierce face and crotch bulge, but requested not to show the bulge too much.[5]
  • Minimaru is shown occasionally in Ultra Despair Girls - Danganronpa Another Episode, appearing to Komaru Naegi in a small UFO.
  • Nekomaru's English voice actor, Patrick Seitz, also voiced Monokid[6].



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