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First Blood Perk[]

Chapter 1 Motive
Danganronpa V3 CG - Monokuma telling the students the first motive First Blood Perk is a motive given by Monokuma to the participants of the Killing School Semester in Chapter 1 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

It stated that the first person to commit a murder would "graduate" without a class trial. This motive was followed by a time limit where, if a murder didn't occur within 48 hours, everyone who was forced to participate in the killing game would be killed.

Each student reacted differently to this motive, especially when the time limit was near. Kaito Momota held a strategy meeting with six other students in the basement's game room to discuss a plan to fight Monokuma, including Rantaro Amami who was murdered shortly after. Unbeknownst to the students, Kaede Akamatsu - who was pressured by the motive the most - had devised a murder plan which aimed to kill the mastermind of the killing game, therefore, saving the innocent students from being executed. Her plan ultimately failed after Monokuma revealed that her victim, Rantaro, was not the mastermind.

Kaede did not take advantage of the First Blood Perk due to not wanting everyone to die because of her failed plan to kill the mastermind and instead went to the class trial where she was found guilty and executed.

It was later revealed that it was not Kaede who killed Rantaro, but Tsumugi Shirogane, the true mastermind.

Motive Videos[]

Chapter 2 Motive
Danganronpa V3 CG - Kaito Momota's Motive Video (English) (1) Motive Videos is a motive used by Monokuma in Chapter 2 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

After the first class trial ended, motive videos were distributed randomly by the Monokuma Kubs while the students were sleeping in the dorm rooms. This incited a heated debate among the students as to whether they should return the motive videos to its respective owner or keep the video they had received. The debate ended as the majority of the students agreed with the latter decision to prevent themselves being influenced by their motive videos.

Unbeknownst to other students, Kirumi Tojo had received her own motive videos out of pure luck. After watching it, she discovered that she was the de facto prime minister of all of Japan and that she was responsible for the entire nation. To protect that duty, she was determined to kill. She had made Ryoma Hoshi her target because she thought of him as the weakest person in the school due to the fact that, by his own admission, he felt he had no reason to live.

Later on in the final class trial of the Killing School Semester, it was revealed that the content of motive videos were entirely fabricated by the true mastermind and ringleader, Team Danganronpa and Tsumugi. However, due to a number of plot beats within the story, it is left ambiguous and up to the player's interpretation as to whether her claim was real.

List of Known Motive Videos:
Image Name Videos Holder
Kaito Momota VA ID Kaito Momota
(百田 解斗)
His grandparents Shuichi Saihara
Ryoma Hoshi VA ID Ryoma Hoshi
(星 竜馬)
Nobody Maki Harukawa
Kirumi Tojo VA ID Kirumi Tojo
東条 斬美
Her people and nation Herself
Maki Harukawa VA ID Maki Harukawa
(春川 魔姫)
Unknown Ryoma Hoshi
Tsumugi Shirogane VA ID Tsumugi Shirogane
(白銀 つむぎ)
Unknown Gonta Gokuhara
Kokichi Oma VA ID Kokichi Oma
(王馬 小吉)
D.I.C.E. Himself

Transfer Student[]

Chapter 3 Motive
Danganronpa V3 CG - Necronomicon (English) Transfer Student is a motive given by the Monokuma Kubs used in Chapter 3 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

The participants were presented with the third motive, the Necronomicon, a resurrection ritual guide book to bring back one of the four people who had died to life already as a transfer student. This motive baffled the students, saying that there's no way the dead could come back to life. However, Angie Yonaga seemed to embrace the motive, saying the "corpses" so far may have just been very accurate imitations to make the real people seem dead. Some of the students argued that there's no way that's possible, but Gonta Gokuhara said that more letters were added to the rock in the courtyard, deducing that perhaps the four people who had died were actually alive and had written that message.

Angie formed the Ultimate Academy Student Council to pursue her plan of resurrecting Rantaro. She strictly enacted and enforced the rule of not permitting anyone to go outside of their room past the night-time announcement to prevent another murder from happening. Meanwhile, every night she was in her research lab making wax effigies of the past four victims in preparations for the ritual within the Necronomicon.

The murder that happened in this chapter, however, was not incited by the desire to resurrect any of the deceased students at all. Korekiyo Shinguji, who murdered both Angie and his second victim, Tenko Chabashira, confessed that he murdered for his beloved sister. He revealed himself as a serial killer whose goal was to grant his deceased sister one-hundred female friends in the afterlife by killing them, and that he was very close to that number.

Card Key[]

Chapter 4 Motive
Danganronpa V3 CG - Monophanie presenting the Chapter 4 motive Card Key is a motive used in Chapter 4 of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Monokuma presented a mysterious card key that according to Monophanie would be the next motive. As everyone contemplated what to do with the card key, Kokichi Oma stole it and ran off, with Kaito Momota in hot pursuit. Kokichi was easily able to evade him however and discovered that the card key was actually for the door at the end of the Death Road of Despair. While everyone else investigated the newly opened areas, Kokichi was able to get through the tunnel alone and discovered the supposed secret of the outside world, and of the killing game itself: that they were the last remaining survivors of humanity and that the Earth had been destroyed long ago by meteorites. With this knowledge, Kokichi began to form the next stage of his plan and kept the location where he hid the card key a secret until the next chapter.

During this time, other students also managed to remember the details of The Gofer Project and the condition of the outside world thanks to using the Flashback Light. Miu Iruma had a breakdown upon learning this information and it led her to attempted murder of Kokichi in the Neo World Program, a killing game simulator VR game she created to escape the killing game. Unfortunately, Kokichi foresaw her plan and survived the situation by manipulating Gonta Gokuhara into killing Miu.

Chapter 5[]

No motive was provided in this chapter.

Chapter 6[]

No motive was provided in this chapter.