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Killing Among Loved Ones[]

Chapter 1 Motive
Danganronpa 1 CG - The Naegi family in Makoto's motive video kidnapped Killing Among Loved Ones is a motive given by Monokuma to the students of Class 78th in Chapter 1 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, and the theme of a planned killing game amongst the Class 78ths captives which was disrupted by the Killing School Life's survivors.
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After several days of the Killing School Life passing with no student willing to commit the first blood, the Mastermind realized that the students needed motivation to try and escape the school by graduating. To this end, the Mastermind had the loved ones of each student abducted, filming the process of abduction. The captives were then held in an apartment building within Towa City.

The videos of these abductions were shown to each student, leaving their loved ones' fate ambiguous but implying they were in grave danger, possibly dead. The intent was that seeing their loved ones in peril would cause the students extreme despair, potentially giving them an incentive to kill their fellow students to find out the fate of their loved ones. The students were each horrified by their videos, but most refused to reveal to the others who their captives were.

Ultimately, the motive worked as planned, causing Sayaka Maizono to break down in despair and plan to murder Leon Kuwata; Sayaka, however, ended up becoming the victim when Leon defended himself against her murder attempt and killed her in the process.

Post-Killing Game:
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The captives were abducted with the intention of pitting them against each other in an additional killing game with the theme "Killing Amongst Loved Ones", with Class 78th forced to watch it as a motive. However, Junko's defeat and execution at the hands of Class 78th's survivors meant that this part of the plan never came to fruition.

Instead, the captives were either freed, or escaped from, their captivity within the tower block, where they were each hunted as part of the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting killing game.

Image Name Videos
Aoi Asahina VA ID Aoi Asahina
(朝日奈 葵)
Her little brother.
Byakuya Togami VA ID Byakuya Togami
(十神 白夜)
His butler.
Celestia Ludenberg VA ID Celestia Ludenberg
Her cat.
Chihiro Fujisaki VA ID Chihiro Fujisaki
(不二咲 千尋)
His father.
Hifumi Yamada VA ID Hifumi Yamada
(山田 一二三)
His big sister.
Kiyotaka Ishimaru VA ID Kiyotaka Ishimaru
(石丸 清多夏)
His father.
Kyoko Kirigiri VA ID Kyoko Kirigiri
(霧切 響子)
Her grandfather.
Leon Kuwata VA ID Leon Kuwata
(桑田 怜恩)
His cousin.
Makoto Naegi VA ID Makoto Naegi
(苗木 誠)
His parents and sister wishing him luck at Hope's Peak. The scene shifts to show the living room abandoned and in severe disrepair.
Mondo Owada VA ID Mondo Owada
(大和田 紋土)
His gang's head of elite guard.
Sakura Ogami VA ID Sakura Ogami
(大神 さくら)
Her boyfriend and family.
Sayaka Maizono VA ID Sayaka Maizono
(舞園 さやか)
Her idol group performing on stage with her. The scene shifts to show the group unconscious or dead on the stage, with Monokuma's face on the monitor behind them.
Toko Fukawa VA ID Toko Fukawa
(腐川 冬子)
Her pet bug.
Yasuhiro Hagakure VA ID Yasuhiro Hagakure
(葉隠 康比呂)
His mother.

Embarrassing Memories and Shameful Secrets[]

Chapter 2 Motive
Danganronpa 1 CG - Monokuma's secrets motive (English) Embarrassing Memories and Shameful Secrets or Shameful Memories and Deep, Dark Secrets in the Japanese Version, is a motive used by Monokuma in Chapter 2 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

Monokuma gathers up shameful memories and secrets of each of the remaining students, placing each into an envelope with their names. He tells the students that if there is not a Blackened in 24 hours, he would reveal the secrets to the world; once again, the intent was to make a student commit murder in desperation to keep their secret safe.

After Monokuma gives a vague response to Yasuhiro Hagakure's questions about Construction Site noises as explosions, he tells the students about the new motive, and the students are shocked to read them. Monokuma threatens to reveal their secrets to the world. Makoto Naegi and Kiyotaka Ishimaru tell him that no-one will kill for their secrets.

Monokuma leaves depressed but warns them about wanting to see the outside world.

Kiyotaka tells everyone that they should all reveal their secrets and is about to start, when Toko Fukawa says that she neither wants to hear it, nor tell hers, a sentiment Celestia Ludenberg and Byakuya Togami agree with. Kiyotaka asks Chihiro Fujisaki, who says he'll tell his later, not wanting things to remain the same. After Aoi Asahina and Mondo Owada say they're not willing to tell, Kiyotaka says it's fine, and tells everyone to prepare themselves for 24 hours time.

Chihiro, not wanting to be weak about his secret, of pretending to be a girl when in reality, he is a boy, asks Mondo Owada for assistance at the Gym, telling him about his secret. When Chihiro tells Mondo that he is strong, Mondo struggling with his feelings, succumbs to his rage and kills Chihiro. Byakuya then edits the crime scene, both to expose Genocide Jack and to see who is the biggest threat in the group.

After Mondo is found guilty. Monokuma explains the circumstances behind Chihiro's and Mondo's secrets, as Mondo was unwilling, and how it led to murder.

List of Known Secrets:
Image Name Secret
Chihiro Fujisaki VA ID Chihiro Fujisaki
(不二咲 千尋)
Although he dresses as a girl, he is actually a boy.
Makoto Naegi VA ID Makoto Naegi
(苗木 誠)
Wet the bed until 5th Grade.
Mondo Owada VA ID Mondo Owada
(大和田 紋土)
Was the cause of death for his brother, Daiya Owada (albeit accidentally).
Toko Fukawa VA ID Toko Fukawa
(腐川 冬子)
Is Genocide Jack's alter.

Ten Million Dollars[]

Chapter 3 Motive
Danganronpa 1 CG - Monokuma's money motive Ten Million Dollars, or Ten Billion Yen in the original Japanese version, is a motive used in Chapter 3 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc offered to the students by Monokuma in an attempt to convince them to murder each other.

Monokuma offers Ten Million Dollars to the student who successfully graduates from Hope's Peak Academy via the rules of the Killing School Life.

After calling all of the students to the Gym, Monokuma declares that he will change his strategy to work with the students than against them. He then announces that the Blackened who "graduates" will receive ten million dollars, which Byakuya Togami states isn't nearly enough for him to consider a proper incentive. Kyoko Kirigiri mentions that money is a common basic incentive, but Aoi Asahina, Sakura Ogami and Makoto Naegi declare that no-one would kill for money. Monokuma brushes them off and leaves. Afterwards Toko Fukawa begins to panic and paranoid about everyone's money situation, until Sakura gets her to stop.

In the end, Celestia Ludenberg succumbs to her greed and comes up with a plan to win the money, stealing Alter Ego and telling Hifumi Yamada that Kiyotaka Ishimaru had done so, as the two were in a feud over it. After Hifumi killed Kiyotaka, Celeste killed Hifumi in turn. Her crime was found out during the Class Trial by a combination of Makoto, Byakuya and Kyoko working together to piece together her crime.

After Celeste was found guilty, before her execution, it was explained that she did this in order to fulfill her dream of owning a castle.

After Makoto deduced that the mastermind was Junko Enoshima, the latter challenged the survivors to guess the "themes" behind each of Monokuma's motives for murder. Makoto correctly deduced that the theme of the third motive - the ten million dollars - was "Greed". Junko later explained that each motive represented a "Seed of Despair", something that could drive people to do terrible things if the right pressure was applied. With the revelation of the world's state following The Tragedy, the money would likely have been completely useless even if the murderer had gotten away with their crime.

Sakura Ogami's Betrayal[]

Chapter 4 Motive
Danganronpa 1 CG - Sakura fighting Monokuma (08) Sakura Ogami's Betrayal is a motive used in Chapter 4 of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc offered to the students by Monokuma in an attempt to convince them to murder each other.

After her family took captive by Monokuma, Sakura was forced by the mastermind to become their mole during the Killing Game. She was assigned to start the killing if nobody else wanted to start it. However, after the third Class Trial ended, Sakura resolved to betray the mastermind by choosing to resist them.

After Sakura betrayed the mastermind, few days later Monokuma took advantage of it and decided to also betray the Ultimate Martial Artist by telling the students her role as the mole. This effectively spread doubts, confusion, and argument between students, most notably Byakuya Togami, Toko Fukawa, and Yasuhiro Hagakure who immediately lost their trust on Sakura, which triggered her best friend, Aoi Asahina, to continuously protect her from the suspicion, to the point she was hurt by Genocide Jack due to their heated arguments about Sakura.

Sakura who realized that her existence would only cause harm to her classmates, she determined to put an end to it by carrying out the mastermind's initial order to her; "to kill." However, in her case, she was going to kill herself, with strengthening the bond of the survivors and to defeat the mastermind themselves as her ultimate goal.

Chapter 5[]

No motive was provided in this chapter.

Chapter 6[]

No motive was provided in this chapter.