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Monopad Themes are collectables in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, also serving as customization settings for the Monopad.

There are 38 themes in total:

  • 2 defaults.
  • 30 Casino exclusives (marked with Casino Coin).
    • 18 character-themed (16 students, the Monokubs, and Monokuma).
    • 3 based on the previous games of the series.
    • 3 Truth Cylinder-themed (note that it doesn't affect the truth cylinder inside Class Trials).
    • 3 school badge-themed.
    • 3 Exisal-themed.
  • 5 bonus mode rewards.
  • 1 endgame reward.

List of themes[]

Danganronpa V3 Pink Default Monopad Theme 00 01. Default Handbook
This is the basic theme.
Start the game.
Monopad-01-1 Monopad-01-2 Monopad-01-3
Monopad-01-4 Monopad-01-5 Monopad-01-6
Danganronpa V3 Blue Default Monopad Theme 00 02. Default Handbook
This is the basic theme.
Equipped after taking control of Shuichi Saihara.
Monopad-02-1 Monopad-02-2 Monopad-02-3
Monopad-02-4 Monopad-02-5 Monopad-02-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Shuichi Saihara 00 03. True Blue
Shuichi Saihara's theme.
For those who pursue the truth!
Casino Coin 5000
Monopad-03-1 Monopad-03-2 Monopad-03-3
Monopad-03-4 Monopad-03-5 Monopad-03-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Kaito Momota 00 04. Cosmic Violet
Kaito Momota's theme.
Mark your mark on the universe!
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-04-1 Monopad-04-2 Monopad-04-3
Monopad-04-4 Monopad-04-5 Monopad-04-6
Danganronpa V3 Ryoma Hoshi Monopad Theme 00 05. Prison Navy
Ryoma Hoshi's theme.
A fall from glory, the sorrow of sin...
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-05-1 Monopad-05-2 Monopad-05-3
Monopad-05-4 Monopad-05-5 Monopad-05-6
Danganronpa V3 Rantaro Amami Monopad Theme 00 06. Mysterious Lime
Rantaro Amami's theme.
Pondering it only makes it stranger...
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-06-1 Monopad-06-2 Monopad-06-3
Monopad-06-4 Monopad-06-5 Monopad-06-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Gonta Gokuhara 00 07. Insect Green
Gonta Gokuhara's theme.
You can practically hear the bugs.
Casino Coin 10064
Monopad-07-1 Monopad-07-2 Monopad-07-3
Monopad-07-4 Monopad-07-5 Monopad-07-6
Danganronpa V3 Kokichi Oma Monopad Theme 00 08. Supreme Purple
Kokichi Oma's theme.
Control the world from the shadows.
Casino Coin 10800
Monopad-08-1 Monopad-08-2 Monopad-08-3
Monopad-08-4 Monopad-08-5 Monopad-08-6
Danganronpa V3 Korekiyo Shinguji Monopad Theme 00 09. Folklore Brown
Korekiyo Shinguji's theme.
The wonderful world of anthropology.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-09-1 Monopad-09-2 Monopad-09-3
Monopad-09-4 Monopad-09-5 Monopad-09-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme K1-B0 00 10. Electric Blue
K1-B0's theme.
The pride and pain of being a robot.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-10-1 Monopad-10-2 Monopad-10-3
Monopad-10-4 Monopad-10-5 Monopad-10-6
Danganronpa V3 Kirumi Tojo Monopad Theme 00 11. Bespoke Grey
Kirumi Tojo's theme.
Tailor-made to your desires.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-11-1 Monopad-11-2 Monopad-11-3
Monopad-11-4 Monopad-11-5 Monopad-11-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Himiko Yumeno 00 12. Magical Turquoise
Himiko Yumeno's theme.
It's real magic.
Casino Coin 10135
Monopad-12-1 Monopad-12-2 Monopad-12-3
Monopad-12-4 Monopad-12-5 Monopad-12-6
Danganronpa V3 Maki Harukawa Monopad Theme 00 13. Assassin Madder
Maki Harukawa's theme.
Quiet your heart. Fulfill your duty.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-13-1 Monopad-13-2 Monopad-13-3
Monopad-13-4 Monopad-13-5 Monopad-13-6
Danganronpa V3 Tenko Chabashira Monopad Theme 00 14. Neo-Aikido Mint
Tenko Chabashira's theme.
Sure to get your spirits up!
Casino Coin 10105
Monopad-14-1 Monopad-14-2 Monopad-14-3
Monopad-14-4 Monopad-14-5 Monopad-14-6
Danganronpa V3 Tsumugi Shirogane Monopad Theme 00 15. Metamorphosis Azure
Tsumugi Shirogane's theme.
Beware the phantasmagoric charm!
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-15-1 Monopad-15-2 Monopad-15-3
Monopad-15-4 Monopad-15-5 Monopad-15-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Angie Yonaga 00 16. Divine Yellow
Angie Yonaga's theme.
May Atua watch over you.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-16-1 Monopad-16-2 Monopad-16-3
Monopad-16-4 Monopad-16-5 Monopad-16-6
Danganronpa V3 Miu Iruma Monopad Theme 00 17. Flash Magenta
Miu Iruma's theme.
Guaranteed to tickle your brain.
Casino Coin 10019
Monopad-17-1 Monopad-17-2 Monopad-17-3
Monopad-17-4 Monopad-17-5 Monopad-17-6
Danganronpa V3 Monopad Theme Kaede Akamatsu 00 18. Rhythmical Pink
Kaede Akamatsu's theme.
Enjoy the harmony.
Casino Coin 10000
Monopad-18-1 Monopad-18-2 Monopad-18-3
Monopad-18-4 Monopad-18-5 Monopad-18-6
Danganronpa V3 Hope's Peak Academy Monopad Theme 00 19. Hope's Peak Academy
Hope's Peak Academy theme.
This is where it all began...
Casino Coin 11037
Monopad-19-1 Monopad-19-2 Monopad-19-3
Monopad-19-4 Monopad-19-5 Monopad-19-6
Danganronpa V3 Jabberwock Island Monopad Theme 00 20. Jabberwock Island
Jabberwock Island theme.
Blue sky, white clouds...
Casino Coin 10314
Monopad-20-1 Monopad-20-2 Monopad-20-3
Monopad-20-4 Monopad-20-5 Monopad-20-6
Danganronpa V3 Ultra Despair Girls Monopad Theme 00 21. Ultra Despair Girls
Ultra Despair Girls theme.
These two girls can save the world!
Casino Coin 14696
Monopad-21-1 Monopad-21-2 Monopad-21-3
Monopad-21-4 Monopad-21-5 Monopad-21-6
Danganronpa V3 Danganronpa 53 Monopad Theme 00 22. Danganronpa 53
Danganronpa V3 theme.
Finish the game.
Monopad-22-1 Monopad-22-2 Monopad-22-3
Monopad-22-4 Monopad-22-5 Monopad-22-6
Danganronpa V3 Monokuma's Test Monopad Theme 00 23. Monokuma's Test
Monokuma's Test theme.
Beat Monokoppa at floor 50 of Monokuma's Test.
Monopad-23-1 Monopad-23-2 Monopad-23-3
Monopad-23-4 Monopad-23-5 Monopad-23-6
Danganronpa V3 Love Across The Universe Monopad Theme 00 24. Love Across the Universe
Love Across the Universe theme.
Watch at least one Love Across the Universe graduation event after reaching 10 hearts with a student.
Monopad-24-1 Monopad-24-2 Monopad-24-3
Monopad-24-4 Monopad-24-5 Monopad-24-6
Danganronpa V3 Talent Development Plan Monopad Theme 00 25. Ultimate Talent Development Plan
Ultimate Talent Development Plan theme.
Graduate after completing all 3 years inside Ultimate Talent Development Plan at least once.
Monopad-25-1 Monopad-25-2 Monopad-25-3
Monopad-25-4 Monopad-25-5 Monopad-25-6
Danganronpa V3 Monokubs World Monopad Theme 00 26. Monokubs World
Monokubs' theme.
It's a dirty, dirty Monokubs world.
Casino Coin 15000
Monopad-26-1 Monopad-26-2 Monopad-26-3
Monopad-26-4 Monopad-26-5 Monopad-26-6
Danganronpa V3 Extreme Monokuma Monopad Theme 00 27. Extreme Monokuma
Monokuma's theme. It's super cool!
Casino Coin 15000
Monopad-27-1 Monopad-27-2 Monopad-27-3
Monopad-27-4 Monopad-27-5 Monopad-27-6
Danganronpa V3 Death Road of Despair Monopad Theme 00 28. Death Road of Despair
Death Road of Despair theme.
Praise V3!
Reach the end of the Death Road of Despair.
Monopad-28-1 Monopad-28-2 Monopad-28-3
Monopad-28-4 Monopad-28-5 Monopad-28-6
Danganronpa V3 Love Suite Monopad Theme 00 29. Love Suite
Love Suite theme.
Those memories will never fade...
Watch a student's Hotel Kumasutra event.
Monopad-29-1 Monopad-29-2 Monopad-29-3
Monopad-29-4 Monopad-29-5 Monopad-29-6
Danganronpa V3 Truth Cylinder Blue Monopad Theme 00 30. Truth Cylinder Blue
Truth Cylinder theme.
A cool theme with a blue base.
Casino Coin 2500
Monopad-30-1 Monopad-30-2 Monopad-30-3
Monopad-30-4 Monopad-30-5 Monopad-30-6
Danganronpa V3 Truth Cylinder Pink Monopad Theme 00 31. Truth Cylinder Pink
Truth Cylinder theme.
A pop theme with a pink base.
Casino Coin 2500
Monopad-31-1 Monopad-31-2 Monopad-31-3
Monopad-31-4 Monopad-31-5 Monopad-31-6
Danganronpa V3 Truth Cylinder Green Monopad Theme 00 32. Truth Cylinder Green
Truth Cylinder theme.
A calm theme with a green base.
Casino Coin 2500
Monopad-32-1 Monopad-32-2 Monopad-32-3
Monopad-32-4 Monopad-32-5 Monopad-32-6
Danganronpa V3 Boys School Badge Collection Monopad Theme 00 33. Boys School Badge Collection
Boys' school badges theme.
Casino Coin 3000
Monopad-33-1 Monopad-33-2 Monopad-33-3
Monopad-33-4 Monopad-33-5 Monopad-33-6
Danganronpa V3 Girls School Badge Collection Monopad Theme 00 34. Girls School Badge Collection
Girls' school badges theme.
Casino Coin 3000
Monopad-34-1 Monopad-34-2 Monopad-34-3
Monopad-34-4 Monopad-34-5 Monopad-34-6
Danganronpa V3 Coed School Badge Collection Monopad Theme 00 35. Coed School Badge Collection
Everyone's school badges theme.
Casino Coin 3000
Monopad-35-1 Monopad-35-2 Monopad-35-3
Monopad-35-4 Monopad-35-5 Monopad-35-6
Danganronpa V3 Exisal Pink Monopad Theme 00 36. Exisal Pink
Exisal theme.
For the mischievous and wild.
Casino Coin 3500
Monopad-36-1 Monopad-36-2 Monopad-36-3
Monopad-36-4 Monopad-36-5 Monopad-36-6
Danganronpa V3 Exisal Silhouette Monopad Theme 00 37. Exisal Silhouette
Exisal theme.
Has a cool, mature vibe.
Casino Coin 3500
Monopad-37-1 Monopad-37-2 Monopad-37-3
Monopad-37-4 Monopad-37-5 Monopad-37-6
Danganronpa V3 Exisal Analyze Monopad Theme 00 38. Exisal Analyze
Exisal theme.
What truly is an Exisal?
Casino Coin 3500
Monopad-38-1 Monopad-38-2 Monopad-38-3
Monopad-38-4 Monopad-38-5 Monopad-38-6


Thank you to ndrv3-omake-guide for translating kanji on character themes.
  • There's some untranslated kanji present on the students' themes:
    • Shuichi: "lie",
    • Kaito: "moon",
    • Ryuma: "prisoner",
    • Rantaro doesn't have any,
    • Gonta: "insect" and "butterfly",
    • Kokichi: "lie",
    • Korekiyo: "love", "traditions", "language", and others,
    • K1-B0: "person", "man-made", "heart",
    • Kirumi doesn't have any,
    • Himiko: "(a magician’s) trick",
    • Maki: "heart/spirit" crossed out,
    • Tenko: "abruptly turning",
    • Tsumugi: "makeup", "manufacture (crafting)",
    • Angie: "god",
    • Miu doesn't have any,
    • Kaede: "harmony".
  • Some of the names were changed in the English release:
    • Electric Blue was originally Electric Black (エレクトリックブラック)
    • Bespoke Grey was originally Order-made Grey (オーダーメイドグレー), a play on words between made/maid.


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