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For the intermissions that appear in the Danganronpa games, see: Monokuma Theater.

Monokuma Gekijō (Danganronpa 3)
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Monokuma Gekijō (モノクマ劇場) is a series of humorous, animated skits bundled with the Japanese Blu-ray volume releases of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. There are three episodes, and each are only a few minutes in length.

Mirai Zappu no Susume[]

Mirai Zappu no Susume, full title Monokuma Gekijō ~ Mirai Zappu no Susume ~ (モノクマ劇場~未来ザップのすすめ~, lit. Monokuma Theater ~Future Zap Recommendation~). This skit was released in Volume II. This episode is styled after a dietary plan infomercial, with the diet plan being called "Future Zap". The infomercial is hosted by Monokuma, and co-hosted by Monomi. Monomi is tied up, hanging from the ceiling the entire episode. On the monitor, three people are interviewed about the plan, although none of them make much sense. Byakuya Togami is shown gaining weight, Nekomaru Nidai is turned into his robot version form Danganronpa 2, and Hajime Hinata is turned into Izuru Kamukura.


Monokuma DR3 VA ID
Monomi DR3 VA ID
Byakuya Togami VA ID
Ultimate Imposter VA ID
Nekomaru Nidai Despair VA ID
Hajime Hinata Despair VA ID
Izuru Kamukura VA ID
CV: Takako Sasuga
Byakuya Togami
Does Not Speak
Byakuya Togami
CV: Akira Ishida
Nekomaru Nidai
CV: Hiroki Yasumoto
Hajime Hinata
Does Not Speak
Izuru Kamukura
CV: Minami Takayama

Kibō no Heya[]

Kibō no Heya, full title Monokuma Gekijō ~ Kibō no Heya ~ (モノクマ劇場~希望の部屋~, lit. Monokuma Theater ~Room of Hope~). This skit was released in Volume III. This episode is styled after a talk show, with Nagito Komaeda being the host. His guest that day is Juzo Sakakura. Juzo talks to him about how happy Chisa Yukizome and Kyosuke Munakata were whenever he won boxing matches. Nagito makes sarcastic remarks towards Juzo, which causes him to get irritable. Finally, when Nagito is in the middle of going on a rant about hope, Juzo grabs him and takes him off screen, where he can be heard getting punched.


Nagito Komaeda Despair VA ID
Juzo Sakakura DR3 VA ID
Chisa Yukizome DR3 VA ID
Kyosuke Munakata DR3 VA ID
Nagito Komaeda
CV: Megumi Ogata
Juzo Sakakura
CV: Junichi Suwabe
Chisa Yukizome
Does Not Speak
Kyosuke Munakata
Does Not Speak

Yūgengaisha Mirai Kikan[]

Yūgengaisha Mirai Kikan, full title Monokuma Gekijō ~ Yūgengaisha Mirai Kikan ~ (モノクマ劇場~有限会社未来機関~, lit. Monokuma Theater ~Future Foundation LLC~). This skit was released in Volume IV. It follows Ruruka Ando as she interacts with various members of the Future Foundation. During this episode, Kyosuke Munakata is said to be out on a business trip and Ryota Mitarai is apparently on an "Anime Vacation."


Ruruka Ando DR3 VA ID
Sonosuke Izayoi DR3 VA ID
Kazuo Tengan DR3 VA ID
Seiko Kimura DR3 VA ID
Ruruka Ando
CV: Inori Minase
Sonosuke Izayoi
CV: Takuya Eguchi
Kazuo Tengan
CV: Hidekatsu Shibata
Seiko Kimura
CV: Saki Fujita
Daisaku Bandai DR3 VA ID
Great Gozu DR3 VA ID
Daisaku Bandai
CV: Rie Kugimiya
Great Gozu
CV: Kenta Miyake


For screenshots from the skits, see: Monokuma Gekijō (Danganronpa 3)/Image Gallery.


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