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Every human has regrets, has things they'd like to go back and change. But I don't! 'cause I'm a bear.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Monokuma (モノクマ) is a stuffed robotic bear and the self-proclaimed Headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy who instigates the Killing School Life featured in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

He later takes over the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, kicking out Usami in the process.

He later returns once again in the Hope's Peak Series, taking over the Future Foundation HQ and starting the Final Killing Game featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.

Monokuma returns one last time in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Series, starting a new Killing Game, the Killing School Semester, featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony alongside his children, the Monokubs.


Danganronpa 1 Character Design Profile Monokuma
Monokuma V3 Sprite (4)

Monokuma is a bear whose whole face and body are divided by the center into two parts. It resembles the Yin-Yang symbol, of which there is a balance between two opposites in a way similar to a “flow”. Its right side is white and has the classic expression of teddy bear; While its left side shows a more sinister appearance. It is black, has a red, horizontal, jagged eye that resembles the Hope's Peak Academy logo and an evil smile. In Danganronpa V3, Monokuma appears slightly wider, with thicker arms and more defined lines in his hands. The shading appears in a more blocked pattern as in the latter 2 games it was blended out. His black half is also lighter, being more gray then black. Although it is completely divided into two opposite sides, the only parts of Monokuma that are not affected by the division in its area are the snout and the belly, since both remain white. He also has a large, obvious belly button on the underside of his belly. His protruding navel has an "X" shaped mark on it. Inside him, he has a lot of wires due to him being a robot and a bomb. Monokuma also comically has a tongue seen in various promo art and in Danganronpa V3.

Danganronpa 2 Height Chart Monomi and Monokuma

Monokuma & Monomi's Height Chart in Danganronpa 2.

Monokuma's height varies in each installment. In Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, he is 75 cm (2'5"). In Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair and Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, he is 65 cm (2'1").

In Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Monokuma maintained his appearance with only a few new things that changed in his game sprites. His body appears to be a little bit chubbier and small, and his black side seems to be a little more black-grayish in this game compared to the previous installments.


In Danganronpa 2, Monokuma briefly wears a light blue suit with a white shirt and a long red tie around his neck. The collectible Monokumas are seen wearing various outfits. In Chapter 1 he is wearing a bikini made out of clams and in his right ear he has a red hibiscus with him. In Chapter 3, he haves what seems to be a red Poncho and a Sombrero. In Chapter 5, he seems to supposedly be wearing a COMP from the Megami Tensei series.

In the Wizard of Monomi, Monokuma is seen wearing a golden king crown with three blue diamonds seen. He is also wearing a red king cape around his neck and body.

In cosplay, Monokuma resembles the Yo-Kai, Jibanyan, from the Yo-Kai Watch franchise. He becomes a black and white-colored cat with cat ears and a chip in his right ear. He also wears a blue and white-collar in his neck around him, matching the flames at the end of his two tails being him.

During the Monokuma Theater in Danganronpa V3, he is seen wearing various cosplays from famous American movies that represent each of the characters from the movie.


Monokuma is often described as easygoing and cheerful at first glance, but with a very sinister undertone. However, he always rather quickly reveals his evil nature by describing killing games and his desire for despair, and he is very well known for his habit to say and do whatever he wants to. He loves hysteria, violence, and chaos, summarized in one of his catchphrases "thrills, chills, kills!". He also has his own signature laughs, a sadistic "puhuhu" ("upupupu" in the Japanese version) and a mocking "ah-hahahaha".

In many ways, Monokuma represents duality both in design and personality, with his white good side and black evil side. He can sometimes act polite or cute and innocent, even patronizing, and during rare moments he even seems to give genuine positive and wise advice. However, he is mostly known for his malicious and cruel side, possessing a twisted sense of humor and a tendency to torment others and do anything for the sake of despair. He can switch between these traits at the drop of a hat, making him unpredictable for his students to deal with. He usually gets excited about the Class Trials and does everything he can in order to make them entertaining for himself.

Monokuma enjoys the suffering of others, which makes him madly excited. And in turn, he gets bored and disappointed if the situation doesn't have as much despair as he hoped. Occasionally, he is so bummed out by the lack of despair that he seems to lose some of his energy and withdraws to make new plans. It's been shown that he can also get hypocritical about his ideology of despair, as he is very much willing to lie and cheat if he gets desperate enough. Still, even he seems to have some standards, as some people are so vile that they disgust even Monokuma.

Monokuma is immature and childish, often acting sarcastic and mocking towards the students, and occasionally dramatically pretending to be offended when rightfully accused. In general, he cracks a lot of jokes (especially bear puns) and breaks the fourth wall often. Monokuma is usually seen impersonating a lot of pop culture characters, this most notably seen in Danganronpa V3 as he cosplayed as Jibanyan. Monokuma doesn't seem to take the students' situation seriously, though he claims that despair is a very serious matter to him. He seizes every opportunity to belittle the students, dodging the blame and claiming that they are the ones responsible for everything bad that happens in the school. He also tends to ignore the students or act like he doesn't understand what they're talking about whenever they expose him with correct evidence.

Monokuma can be quite impatient and might attack people with his claws, his self-destruct function, threats of execution, or any other means if he is annoyed or threatened enough. However, most of the time he holds himself back, under the claim that he cannot hurt his "beloved students". His bullying and abusive nature is especially clear in the way he treats Monomi, as he gets physically and verbally abusive towards her even if he is just slightly annoyed or seemingly for no reason at all. Similarly, he is seen acting very violent towards his children if they annoy him, though originally in a very cartoony way that didn't seem to bother them. However, he turns increasingly more cruel towards his children as the game progresses, and they are shown to be quite saddened by this as they mention that Monokuma used to be much more loving towards them in the past. He also likes to make fun of K1-B0 for being a robot, even though he is also one. In the case of the students, Monokuma generally dislikes those who don't obey him or have such optimism or intelligence that they are harder for him to manipulate, and he tends to describe these people as "annoying".

Monokuma is also very arrogant and tends to treat others in a rude manner, with Junko being the only one he refers to respectfully as "Lady Junko". Fitting his arrogance, he has multiple fake stories about his past, many of them nonsensical and with a silly, dark or even thoughtful message in the end. Strangely, he seems to take great pride in his supposed role as the headmaster, demanding respect for the rules and getting angry if he is called a teddy bear instead of headmaster.

Notably, he seems to be strongly against any shameful acts that could taint his respectful school, yet he himself often incorrectly accuses the students of having dirty motives and goes into way too much detail about his suspicions. Even though he acts like he is above all that, he can aim perverted comments at his students, boys and girls alike (especially for being teens). His perverseness and love for himself becomes especially clear in V3 as he seems disturbingly attracted to his own children simply because they share his "handsome" looks and only tolerates them for his "cute look". He tends to call the Monokubs "his cute cubs" and at one point he even turned bald because of the Monokubs' cuteness.

As seen in Danganronpa: The Animation, Monokuma, befitting of his role as a bear, seems to like salmon and honey. Monokuma's favorite food is apparently salmon (due to him being a bear) and is usually seen eating salmon in Danganronpa: The Animation and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. It is also noted in Danganronpa 2 that he dislikes any kind of red food, and he is also seen eating the meat prepared by Teruteru Hanamura. It's unclear how eating works for Monokuma considering that he is a robot, but it seems to be just a part of his comical act, just like his sleeping. In the animated series, Monokuma also seems to be more visually comical than usual. He tends to have different objects with him, like a honeypot or a fish. He also refers to people in the anime as "yer" (you).

Monokuma's personality is originally one of Junko's personalities which she uses in the First Killing Game while she controls him, though the personality stays consistent even when he's an avatar for different people. According to Kodaka, Monokuma is the easiest character to write because he is the type of character that can make him say anything he wants without fear of repercussion.[8]


Hope's Peak Series

Prior to the Tragedy

During the refinement in preparation for the Killing School Life, Junko determined that a mascot is necessary as well - not even a host dressed in a sort of a cartoon character outfit would do. Therefore, during the prototype execution featuring Chiaki Nanami, she hosted the broadcast to the Class 77-B with a non-robotic stuffed bear version of Monokuma. At around the same time, she contacted Monaca, the Head of Towa Group's robotics division, to create the robotic version to be used for the Killing School Life, as well as additional units to serve as Junko's army. In order to hide the true nature of the robot, Monaca claimed that she wanted to develop a series of robots that could assist in rescue operations and other scenarios that would be dangerous for humans. The Monokuma units were then secretly distributed to the various branches of Ultimate Despair, with Junko taking several for her plot at Hope's Peak Academy. Junko also creates a personality for Monokuma in the Killing Game while she controls him.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Prologue - Welcome to Despair

Monokuma is first shown in the opening cutscene, watching a man who has been blindfolded and tied to a chair. After a second, Monokuma presses a button to trap the man in a rocket that blasts off into space and then crashes back to the earth, reducing the man's body to a skeleton because of the intense heat of crash landing back down. Monokuma laughs at his handiwork as the screen turns black.

During the game proper, Monokuma is first seen through the monitors, where he talks to the students to head to the gymnasium so they could begin the ceremony for entering to Hope's Peak Academy as Ultimate Students.

He makes his physical debut when the trapped students were gathered inside the gymnasium. He introduced himself as the Headmaster of the Academy (to the students' skepticism), explained the Mutual Killing Game, the School Rules, and the e-Handbook.

At some point around this time, Monokuma approached Sakura Ogami and forced her to become his accomplice by threatening her fighting dojo. Sakura was to act as a mole among the students, and if things didn't escalate soon enough, she was to commit murder to kick-start the "Killing School Life".

Chapter 1 - To Survive

Soon after then Killing School Life began, Monokuma showed to everyone their dorm rooms and explained the detail and feature of each room, along with a sewing kit with a map of vital organs for the girls, and a toolkit for the boys. After Makoto tried to open the door because it didn't worked, Monokuma pops up and explained Makoto how to open it as his door had a problem because of the doorknob could get jammed. After giving the students a short period of adjustment to their new lives, Monokuma unveiled the first of many "incentives" to convince the students to kill each other: video tapes implying that their friends and family were being harmed. When this revelation caused Sayaka Maizono to break down into panic and despair, Monokuma was heard laughing evilly.

Soon, the Headmaster was gleefully announcing the first murder in "his" academy - Sayaka was found dead in Makoto's room. He ordered the students to come to the gym, where he explained what would happen next; they would descend to a courtroom beneath the school to participate in a Class Trial. If they correctly identified the murderer of the case, that person would be executed; if they failed to accuse the right person, the murderer could leave the academy as everyone else was executed. After explaining most of the information about the Class Trial, Monokuma was challenged by Junko Enoshima, who decided to defy his orders. Monokuma's attempt to make Junko submit only got him knocked on the floor and stomped on; however, this only prompted him to activate the "Spears of Gungnir". As Junko was skewered through the chest, the other students realized that they could not hurt the headmaster to stop his plans. Monokuma then sent them off to begin the investigation of Sayaka's murder.

After the investigation, Monokuma made the students head to the courtroom to start the first Class Trial. He had to deflect a few questions from the students first, starting with Kyoko asking why there were 16 seats in the courtroom; he explained that it only meant that the courtroom was built to accommodate a maximum of 16 people. He was also questioned about the posts with the faces of the deceased in two of the empty seats; Monokuma replied that he put them there to allow the dead students to "participate" in the trials with their classmates.

In the end, Makoto Naegi managed to find the culprit of the murder, Leon Kuwata, prompting Monokuma to begin his execution. With everyone shocked by the brutality of the execution, Monokuma sent them back to their rooms, saying that since the class trial is over, any corpses and evidence related to the case will be disposed of by him. A task he claims will "uplift" the students since no one wants to see a rotting corpse, but quick clean up only makes it seem like the students who died are as unimportant as trash and there is no time for the remaining alive students to grieve.

Chapter 2 - Boy's Life of Despair

After the trial, Monokuma and the remaining students were seen in the gymnasium doing morning exercise with Monokuma. However, the students questioned Monokuma if he called them just for that. Monokuma was annoyed and said that it was a waste of doing exercise and was only there to announce to the students that they're now allowed to access the second floor of the academy, where they discovered that the academy has been actually closed for years. Because the pool's locker rooms required the e-Handbooks to have access to the gym, Monokuma introduced a new school rule: lending your e-Handbook to another student is strictly prohibited. During the daily meeting in the cafeteria, the students theorized that Monokuma's controller must be a known psychopathic killer because of the situation they are in, this killer was theorized to be Genocide Jack, but they could not explain how someone could do such a planned execution, even if he had saved millions for it.

The next day, Monokuma announced his next incentive; envelopes sent to each of the surviving students. He warned that everyone's secrets would be made known publicly unless someone was killed in the next 24 hours, but Makoto doubted that anyone would kill over something so insignificant. The next day, however, Monokuma appeared in Makoto's room to wake up Makoto and announce to him physically that someone was murdered, this student was discovered to be Chihiro Fujisaki murdered in the girls' locker room, hung with strings with the words "Blood Lust" written with blood on the wall. Monokuma soon announced the investigation of the second murder case.

After the investigation, the Class Trial of Chihiro's murderer began. During the trial, Byakuya Togami claimed that the murderer was the serial killer, Genocide Jack; however, this was disproven when Genocide Jack herself clarified that she did not murder anyone. Due to an error of the killer himself, Makoto and Kyoko discover the identity of the culprit: Mondo Owada, who had lost his temper with lethal results after discovering Chihiro Fujisaki's secret: he was a boy disguised as a girl. Before executing Mondo, Monokuma explained both the killer and the victim's tragic backstories, and how they had collided to lead to murder.

Reveling in the students' despair, Monokuma initiated Mondo's execution, ignoring the protests of a distraught Kiyotaka Ishimaru. Monokuma was quick to execute him and at the end gen turned Mondo into butter.

Chapter 3 - A Next Generation Legend!

After the Class Trial, Monokuma allowed the students to access the third floor of the academy. When Makoto Naegi and a shattered Kiyotaka discovered the air purification machine, Monokuma deceives Taka by saying that it was a time machine that could only return "a minute ago", adding "salt to his wounds" over Mondo's death. Later, Makoto found a strange photo in which Chihiro, Mondo, and Leon appeared together, but it was taken and torn to pieces by Monokuma. He later promised a lot of money to the student who got away with murder; despite Sakura's assertion that human lives could not possibly be worth money, Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada were both found dead the next morning.

When the investigation into the murder of Kiyotaka Ishimaru and Hifumi Yamada concluded, the next Class Trial began. After many debates, Makoto deduced that Celestia Ludenberg was the guilty party, having tricked Hifumi into murdering Kiyotaka before murdering him in turn. Cornered, Celestia revealed that she hated the Killing Game and that her dream was to live in a castle; with Monokuma's monetary reward for graduating, she could greatly increase the chances of her dream coming true.

After the execution, Kyoko warns Makoto about a secret room in the academy she found. Makoto investigates, only to be knocked out by a mysterious masked figure; after awakening, he follows the sound of a commotion to the gym, where Monokuma and Sakura Ogami are in the middle of a battle.

Chapter 4 - All●Star●Apologies

Sakura announced that she was done serving as Monokuma's mole; she would fight against him to ensure the mastermind's demise. The next morning, Monokuma publicly announced Sakura's role as his accomplice to the remaining students, renewing his command for her to commit murder. This announcement had a double purpose - punishing Sakura for her defiance and giving the students another motive to kill each other. After his announcement, Monokuma settled in to watch as his revelation divided the students over whether or not to trust Sakura. With tempers rising amid increasingly violent confrontations, another murder seemed inevitable.

To calm the chaos, Sakura decided to commit suicide, but not before writing a note for her classmates that explained her motives and what she knew about the mastermind's real plan. She intended to give the note to Aoi Asahina, but Monokuma replaced it with a note of his own, in which "Sakura" claimed that she was taking her life out of despair for the situation now gripping the academy. As Monokuma hoped, his forged message drove Hina to despair when she found it after Sakura's suicide - blaming herself and her fellow students for pushing her friend to kill herself, she resolved to lead the others to a false verdict in the next Class Trial, which would lead to all of their deaths.

Unfortunately for Monokuma, the remaining students managed to uncover the truth of Sakura's death and correctly vote her as the culprit of her own "murder". Afterwards, Monokuma casually revealed that the "suicide note" Hina found was actually a fake that Monokuma only wrote, and he proceeded to read Sakura's real suicide note to the stunned group. After revealing Sakura's true motive for killing herself, he gleefully mocked Hina for falling for the phony message, anticipating that the others would turn on her for almost getting them all killed for nothing. However, his plan backfired when Makoto pointed out that Monokuma's tampering was to blame for their strife, causing the surviving students to band together against him and the mastermind.

When even Toko Fukawa and Byakuya Togami vowed to focus on bringing down the true source of the academy's horrors, an enraged Monokuma executed Alter Ego for his attempts to hack into the main network of Hope's Peak Academy, revealing that he had known about the AI's existence all along and allowed him to access what files he'd collected and deciphered. Before leaving the courtroom, he also read one last part of Sakura's suicide note, revealing that the mastermind did "something" to the students as part of their plan, but left without revealing any further details.

Chapter 5 - 100 Mile Dash; Pain of a Junk Food Junkie

With the six remaining students now united against the mastermind and Sakura's "final blow" revealed to be breaking the lock to the mastermind's control room, Monokuma knew that he had to finish them off quickly. As such, he finally unleashed his "ace"; the sixteenth student, Mukuro Ikusaba.

In the middle of the night, Makoto found Byakuya, Hina, and Yasuhiro Hagakure, dismantling Monokuma. Byakuya claims he found Monokuma inactive, so they started dismantling him to find out what makes him tick.

Monokuma popped back up after the group (minus Kyoko Kirigiri) found his control room, revealing that he was recording them and broadcasting it to the world. He soon announced that the investigation for Mukuro was about to begin. At the Class Trial, suspicion fell on Kyoko as the murderer of Mukuro Ikusaba, only for her to deflect it onto Makoto. Before the Ultimate Lucky Student could prove his innocence, Monokuma suddenly called "time's up!", declaring that Makoto would be considered guilty of the murder. Despite everyone's shock and protests, Monokuma took Makoto to his execution, only to be thwarted by Alter Ego who was still in the system. After a moment of surprise and fury, Monokuma laughed off the mishap, noting that Makoto had fallen into the garbage chute, where he would eventually die; unfortunately for him, Kyoko was able to rescue him.

Chapter 6 - Ultimate Pain, Ultimate Suffering, Ultimate Despair, Ultimate Execution, Ultimate Death

After Kyoko and Makoto returned from the garbage room, they confronted Monokuma over his manipulation of the previous trial; noting that Monokuma's defiance of his own rules was a sign of desperation, Kyoko demanded a fair retrial. Intrigued, Monokuma agreed to Kyoko's challenge; if the students solved all of the mysteries of the school (including Mukuro's death and the identity of the mastermind), Monokuma would let them go, but if they failed, he would execute them all. Monokuma tried to get rid of some important information that was scattered around the Academy to prevent the students from knowing the truth behind the Killing Game.

During the retrial, Monokuma left his throne and took the long-unoccupied sixteenth seat in the courtroom. He interrupted the students' speculation about their lost memories, insisting that they focus on Mukuro's murder first. He gradually lost his composure as Makoto and the others slowly came to the realization that Mukuro had died long before the events of the previous night, revealing that she had been masquerading as Junko Enoshima the entire time. Cornered by his own attempts to conceal Junko's identity, Monokuma appeared defeated, but this only prompted Junko herself to make her appearance.

After Junko was found as the guilty murder, she and Monokuma executed themselves in the The Ultimate Punishment.

Epilogue - Goodbye Despair Academy

After Junko executed herself in the wake of her failed attempt to drive the remaining students to despair, Makoto and the others finally escaped the academy. However, Monokuma remained in the class trial room, seemingly defunct. He suddenly laughs and reactivates himself, declaring, "I am Monokuma... And I am your--I am this school's... ...headmaster!"

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

Main article: Monokuma (DRAE)

Although Monokuma never physically appeared, he was indirectly mentioned many times during the Demon Hunting game in Towa City. An entire army of mass-produced robots in his likeness served as the main enemies of Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Prologue - Welcome to Dangan Island! Panic at the Heart-Throbbing School Trip!?

Monokuma hacked the Neo World to enter and start a new Killing game. Monokuma first appears after Usami lets the students go swimming. He keeps a low profile while Hajime Hinata introduces himself to the others, and only appears when Hajime decides to relax and joins the others. He hijacks the camera systems and tells all the students to gather at Jabberwock Park. When they do, he suddenly pops up from the Jabberwock Statue and states his name and the fact that he is the School Headmaster.

He then announced being the headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy and the Killing School Trip that was about to begin. Monokuma started to fight Usami who was willing to protect the students, however, in the end she lost to Monokuma and her magic stick was broken. Once again, Monokuma started to fight Usami to change her to a more satisfying look, this turned out to be Monomi and Monokuma claimed that he's her older brother. Because Monomi was being annoying to Monokuma he started to punch and hit Monomi due to his annoyance. He then called out the Monobeasts to execute her. After this, the Killing School Trip officially began.

Chapter 1 - Destination Despair

Monokuma, unlike the first game, doesn't need to prepare the motive as one of the students plans out the murder and another student commits a murder. Later, when it's revealed that Teruteru hid the skewer he used to kill "Byakyua" in some meat, Monokuma stepped off his throne to eat the meat and revealed the skewer to everyone.

Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts

Monokuma calls the remaining students to the central island and presents a new motive, a video game that has incriminating evidence on two students.

Later after the class trial Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu interferes with the execution, getting gravely injured. Monokuma is forced to help him by healing him.

Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent

Monokuma is challenged to a fight by Akane Owari and defeats her. He prepares to execute her for breaking the rules, but she is saved by Nekomaru, who is gravely injured instead. Monokuma is then forced to collect him and heal him.

Monokuma prepares the second motive to the group, the Despair Disease that infects three students during the night. Later it infects another student and they end up committing a murder.

Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork?

Monokuma, instead of presenting a motive, simply traps the remaining students inside the Grape and Strawberry houses and starves them until a murder occurs. To his excitement, one student murders Nekomaru Nidai.

Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair

Monokuma had made the students believe that a sinister organization was responsible for them being trapped in the Killing Game was Monomi and Chiaki. Monokuma fought with Monomi trying to protect Chiaki and the other students from getting executed, but then Monokuma reveals that he has more than 1,000 spares. He later executes Monomi alongside Chiaki at the end of Chapter 5 and all of her remaining copies were destroyed.

Monokuma decided that he would execute Monomi alongside Chiaki, since because Monomi is not a student he wasn't bound to the rules of the Killing Game. Both Chiaki and Monomi accepted their fate for the sake of the surviving students, willing them all to not give up on their futures. They were both executed by Monokuma in a punishment themed around Chiaki's talent of Ultimate Gamer, called "Please Insert Coin".

After the execution the students are shocked to see that they both die.

Chapter 6 - This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair

The nature of the Neo World Program and its purpose, as well as Monokuma's role as an intruder, are revealed. Later, during the final class trial, Monokuma transforms into his true form which is Alter Ego Junko.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc

Monokuma instigates the "Final Killing Game" among the Future Foundation members, but his intentions, goals and the mastermind behind the killings are unknown. In episode 11, it's revealed that the Monokuma seen is merely a recording.

Episode 01 - Third Time's the Charm

Monokuma appeared for the first time via the monitor after he attacked the Future Foundation's off-shore facility and cut off every exit to the building.

Recording from Hope's Peak Academy's gymnasium, he informed that the Remnants of Despair was in the verge of extinction thanks to Future Foundation's effort. As a reward, he trapped the Future Foundation's Division leaders as the participant of the Final Killing Game, the last and the conclusion's battle between Monokuma and Makoto Naegi. He cheerfully told Makoto that the Final Killing Game can't be prevented because it already started with Chisa Yukizome's body fell from the ceiling.

This marked the final battle between Monokuma and Makoto as the conclusion of their story and the battle between Hope and Despair.

Episode 02 - Hang the Witch

Monokuma explains to the captives about the game rules.

A familiar voice appeared taking to Monokuma in which he had no idea who she was and decided to change her into a more "familiar look", he appeared behind Usami and started to fight her and changed her to Monomi, this caused Monomi to loose a lot of her abilities.

When Makoto, Hina, Great Gozu and Miaya Gekkogahara fall asleep he asks the traitor if they are awake and questions who they will kill next.

Episode 04 - Who is a Liar

Monokuma appears in the recap stating what happened in the past 3 episodes of Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc.

Episode 09 - You Are My Reason to Die

Monokuma appeared in the recap stating and explained the events occurred past eight episodes of Future Arc.

Episode 11 - All Good Things

When the fifth time limit hit, Monokuma appeared on the monitor Makoto was forcing himself to watch to determine whether or not Kyoko's theory about the brainwashing videos driving previous victims to suicide was true. Because Monokuma did not acknowledge Makoto, he figured out that the video was pre-recorded. After mockingly introducing "Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday", he appeared in a video similar to his old Monokuma Theater, nearly driving Makoto to kill himself before Juzo Sakakura intervened.

Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Series

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Monokuma returns in Danganronpa V3 as the main antagonist. This time, he is accompanied by his "children" the Monokubs, led by Monotaro and appears in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles where he forces sixteen students into the Killing School Semester. He is also the only returning character from previous installments. Unlike in previous installments, Monokuma acts independently instead of being directly controlled by the mastermind. In this case, Tsumugi Shirogane can still remain as part of the group while Monokuma orchestrates the events of the game.


Monokuma was created by the organization that created and featured Killing Games for the outside world's entertainment, Team Danganronpa as the mascot of the series and the host of the Killing Games featured in the TV show. Monokuma has appeared ever since the first entries of the series as part of the Killing Games' host, most notably the Killing Games at Hope's Peak Academy, the Killing School Life and the Killing Game at Jabberwock Island, the Killing School Trip. Since Monokuma is the mascot of the series, he is the face of the entire TV show. Ever since Monokuma's debut, Team Danganronpa decided to give him more potential as a character for the show, creating the Monokubs as his children.

Danganronpa 52nd

Monokuma hosted on Danganronpa 52nd before the events of Danganronpa V3. He along with Tsumugi and Rantaro participated during the events of the 52nd Killing Game. Monokuma was the one who forced Rantaro to be executed in order to make him participate once again in the 53rd Killing Game and become the Ultimate Survivor.

The Gofer Project

Main article: The Gofer Project

Monokuma was a robot who was supposedly created by the remaining members of the Ultimate Despair. After the Gofer Project was put into action, Kokichi Oma lied about being a part of the Ultimate Despair and was supposedly the one who let Monokuma enter the spaceship, where Monokuma began piloting the Ark on his own and returned it to "the Earth after its destruction" after hundreds of years the sixteen students were put into a cold sleep and forced them to participate in the Killing School Semester. The Earth current state is completely demolished by meteorites, devoid of oxygen, devoid of all living things. All of this was done in order to get everyone to fall into so much despair that they would not continue the Killing Game by using the Flashback Lights.

After Shuichi Saihara woke up, Monokuma was the first thing he saw, Shuichi shocked at Monokuma started to question him speculating he knew about the events prior to Danganronpa V3. Monokuma without much saying used a Blackout light in order to make him forget all his "memories" and force him to participate in the Killing Game.

Killing School Semester

Main article: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Prologue - Ultimate Revival

Danganronpa V3 - Monokuma Appears (3)

Appearing before the students.

Monokuma made his debut when his voice was heard by the Monokubs after they began to fight inside the Exisals. The Monokubs were excited to see their father. He appeared behind the podium inside the gymnasium with wings. His appearance effectively ended the siblings quarrel and made them very happy to see their "daddy" back.

After Monokuma appeared he started to compliment the Monokubs, because of how adorable they are. Due to the Monokubs talking a lot, Monokuma became angry, he began to hit his Monokubs. After that, Monokuma introduced himself as the headmaster of the Academy to the students and begins to talk about the new Killing Game that would be done inside the Academy, after he stated that to leave the the Ultimate Academy one had to murder another student without being discovered. The students were shocked and refused to participate, however, they had no choice but to listen to Monokuma's orders.

Chapter 1 - My Class Trial, Our Class Trial

After Monokuma officially started the Killing Game, the students found the Death Road of Despair, when the students failed to get outside, Monokuma and the Monokubs appeared and started to taunt the students. Monokuma stated that no matter how much they try they won't be able to make it to the outside world.

The next morning, Kaito Momota committed violence against the headmaster, Monokuma, when gathering at the dinning hall, the Monokubs appeared with the Exisals to make an example of what happens when they break a school rule. However, the Monokubs accidentally stepped on Monokuma causing him to explode. After he explodes and "dies", the Monokubs begin to cry for their father, thinking he is truly gone and vow to avenge his death. This made the students believe that the Killing Game had ended.

Danganronpa V3 CG - Monokuma telling the students the first motive

The next day, Monokuma appeared in a cosplay by the name "Jibakuma"; Tsumugi complained how awful his cosplay was. Monokuma then revealed his actual form, to the elation of the Monokubs; he revealed that he had a lot of spare bodies, while they only had one each. Monokuma stated that he appeared from a rumored machine where he supposedly respawned.

Monokuma reveals a motive for the students, by forcing them to kill someone within 24 hours, if not done in time all the students will be attacked by several Monokumas and eventually get killed.

One hour before the deadline, Monokuma warned the students about the deadline while playing a creepy video seen on the school monitors.

When the first victim was found Monokuma, announced through the monitors, that the students barely got to survive the attack. After this Monokuma revealed a Monokuma File to the students with every detail about the crime scene.

During the trial, Kaede was found guilty for accidentally "killing" Rantaro when she was targeting the mastermind, Monokuma unjustly and brutally executes her by hanging her and orchestrating it, tossing her hanged body around like a rag doll until her neck breaks and dies. After the execution, Monodam betrays Monokid and causes him to be destroyed during Kaede's execution, Monokuma seems distraught, but then brushes it off and says that's why you have more kids.

Chapter 2 - A Thin Line Divides Heaven and Hell

The next day after Kaede's execution, Monokuma presents to the students their prizes for surviving the Class Trial meant to be used to open new areas around the Academy. While exploring the Academy, Monokuma was seen in the Casino with Kaito and later in the swimming pool.

Monokuma prepared a second motive to the students, which the Monokubs passed out the Monopad where Monokuma targeted Kirumi Tojo to commit a murder.

After Shuichi found the Blackened, Monokuma announced that Kirumi will be executed shortly. Kirumi however did not give up, not wanting to die and return to her country, however she could not escape and was chased by Monokuma. She ends up running straight to her execution and gruesomely dies as well. Monosuke dies during the execution caused by Monodam, Monokuma seems visibly shaken by his actions and explodes.

Chapter 3 - Transfer Student From Beyond the Grave

Danganronpa V3 CG - The Monokubs rebelling against Monokuma in the Exisals (2)

After Monodam takes over the academy with the help of the other Kubs and the Exisals, Monokuma seemingly turns completely unresponsive and stars to turn bald from shock. This lasts for quite awhile until the Kubs don't know what to do and Monotaro and Monophanie start to cry, begging for their father to come back to them and telling him that they love him. Another Monokuma then appears, claiming that he had just been on vacation and left the Kubs the job, and that the unresponsive balding one was just his hired replacement.

Danganronpa V3 Monokuma Ghost Sprite

A ghost Monokuma can also be found inside the middle one out of three creepy rooms. He is supposedly the ghost of the Monokuma who got crushed by an Exisal.

Chapter 4 - Live and Let The Languid World Live

Monokuma however, was disappointed that the motive went to waste. Knowing this, Kokichi later met with Monokuma in secret in the game room at nighttime and proposed that they reuse the motive in order to make the Killing Game "more interesting". Monokuma happily went along with Kokichi's plan, placing a Flashback Light that revealed the secret of the outside world within the Killing Game simulator.

After the investigation of Miu's murder, Monokuma seems to completely loose his motivation, through the entire first half of the trial, and gets his motivation back by comparing one part of the virtual world's crime scene to his hatred of Sonic the Hedgehog. When Monotaro & Monophanie talk about having a newborn cub soon, Monokuma remains silent, hinting that he was onto something about them. When Gonta Gokuhara was discovered as the blackened, Monokuma programs Alter Ego Gonta containing Gonta's virtual memories to explain on the real Gonta's behalf.

When Monokuma executes Gonta, he also killed Monophanie and Monotaro due to them ignoring him (when in reality, Monotaro was having severe memory issues and Monophanie was trying to take care of him) by having a giant robotic wasp burst out of Monophanie like in a horror movie and bisect Monotaro in half. Monokuma took pleasure in killing his last two children while K1-B0 was heavily distraught and upset at him for doing such a thing to his own childrern.

Chapter 5 - Voyage Without Passion or Purpose

Danganronpa V3 CG - Monokuma's Funeral for the Monokubs (1)

All the Monokubs died and got destroyed during the executions, Monokuma was seen mourning for them in private but quickly brushed it off questioning himself on why they even existed.

When the students headed to the cafeteria, Monokuma also appeared to give the students their prizes for surviving the fourth Class Trial. However, the students didn't want Monokuma's prizes and tried to ignore him, however at the end the students kept the prizes.

When K1-B0 and Shuichi began to investigate the new areas in the Ultimate Academy, K1-B0 and Shuichi triggered an extremely loud alarm which caused Monokuma to appear and got angry with K1-B0 and Shuichi. He then deactivated the alarm. The students then questioned Monokuma about that highly guarded door, Monokuma decided to let the students enter that room since it's now a pointless room due to the Monokubs being destroyed. Monokuma gave to Shuichi the alarm button so he would be able to deactivate it whenever they wish. Monokuma stated that only he and the Monokubs know the secret passcode to enter this room, he then opened the door to the students so that they could enter anytime they wished. K1-B0 and Shuichi entered the room just to encounter the inactive Exisals. Monokuma appeared once again and stated that those are useless now since all the Monokubs are dead and nobody else apart from them know how to control the Exisals.

While Shuichi was investigating the new area, he encountered Rantaro's research lab that he couldn't open. However, Monokuma appeared claiming that it was closed because the owner is dead and he states that there's a rule that people who have died and not opened their lab, that the lab will be closed forever.

The students challenged Monokuma as they wanted to not take part in this Killing Game anymore. The remaining students started to prepare a plan to end this Killing Game by destroying Monokuma. However, Monokuma went missing for an entire day and never showed up in the gymnasium. After the remaining participants cleared the Death Road of Despair, Kokichi appeared and started to talk about him supposedly being the mastermind of the Killing Game and that he was the leader of the cult bent on stopping the Gofer Project. He lied about being the one who let Monokuma enter the spaceship, which effectively forced everyone to participate in the Killing School Semester as he supposedly was the one who started all this.

When Kokichi took Kaito as a hostage Monokuma was once again seen in the middle of the Exisals as he was surrounded by four of they were all on autopilot to guard Monokuma from the Exisal's hangar.

After the students found Kokichi's body Monokuma was appeared on the monitors and told everyone to meet at the crime scene. Due to Kokichi's plan, Monokuma was not able to know who was killed and wouldn't have any proper judgment to create during the class trial.

After the investigation, Monokuma announced to the students to meet up in the usual spot to begin the class Trial, this time without the Monokubs. When the students arrived, Monokuma was already in his position and ready to start the Class Trial. The students ordering Monokuma to reveal the suspect, disappointed he told "Kokichi" to come out.

Kaito in the Exisal pretending to be Kokichi, challenged Monokuma in the Class Trial in order to end the Killing Game and confuse him on who the real blackened is in order to make him quit the Killing School Semester. During the Class Trial Monokuma teamed up with the survivors in order to defeat "Kokichi" inside the Exisal. This is what made Monokuma participate in the fifth Class Trial and introduced himself as the Ultimate Despair Headmaster. Due to Monokuma relying on Shuichi this is what lead Shuichi to lie to Monokuma in order to confuse him from who was the actual blackened from the Class Trial.

After Shuichi found Kaito as the guilty murderer of Kokichi, Monokuma was quick to execute him, but Maki refused to let him get killed whether or not he was sick. She was ready to kill Monokuma. However, Monokuma then revealed that he brought all of the latest models of the five Monokubs to be reconstructed and are active once more, meaning that all five Exisals are once again under their control and will be defend Monokuma.

Kaito stated that he wouldn't let him complete his execution and finish this. During Kaito's execution, his illness ends up being the end of him instead of the execution, as he died in the middle of the execution, he was killed by his own terms and not Monokuma's, much to his annoyance. After the execution, Monokuma triggered a Flashback Light to the students so that at some point they would remember something new from their memories.

Chapter 6 - Goodbye Danganronpa

K1-B0 suddenly began a rampage in order to destroy the Ultimate Academy. Monokuma and the Monokubs, riding their Exisals, arrive and threaten to destroy K1-B0 for damaging the school and ending the Killing Game. K1-B0 reassures everyone to find the truth while he engages the Monokubs in combat, fighting them the entire time everyone else is investigation for the real truth about the Killing Game.

After Shuichi and Himiko find out about Rantaro's true talents, he gets angry at Monokuma for breaking his own rules and executing Kaede wrongly as he stated that the mastermind was the one responsible for killing Rantaro and was all a trap done by the mastermind and Monokuma. Shuichi demanded a Class Trial to Monokuma that would make the students point out the real murderer that killed Rantaro and end the Killing Game itself.

Soon after the investigation, Monokuma and the Monokubs are present in the final class trial with the remaining students as the students are ready to discover the mastermind's true identity and stop Monokuma and the mastermind. Monokuma forced the Monokubs to participate in the class trial by revealing that he has a self destruct button he'll use to blow them up if they don't participate or if they simply got on his nerves, even though they don't know anything that happened prior and are unable to make an argument, leading to Monokuma destroying them one by one as Shuichi Saihara gets closer to learning who the real mastermind, with Monotaro and Monophanie being the last Monokubs to explode just before Tsumugi reveals herself to be the mastermind. Despite Tsumugi revealing herself as the mastermind, Monokuma continues to operate independently of her and assists her during the Trial.

While the other survivors were quick to oppose Tsumugi and Monokuma, they both reveal that the previous Killing Games were fictional and that the participants of the Killing School Semester are also "fictional characters", whose memory, personality, feelings, and talent were all fabricated in order to provide an exciting setting for the Killing Game for the outside world.

Monokuma and Tsumugi revealed themselves as the ones behind the Killing Game and Team Danganronpa, the real masterminds behind the Killing Games. Monokuma was created by Team Danganronpa to be the mascot of the TV show "Danganronpa", where he was the one to host the Killing Games of every Danganronpa season (excluding the spin-offs). Monokuma began to show the students that the Killing Game is broadcasted throughout the world with K1-B0's point of view.

Frearing that the audience would get bored, Monokuma tried to force the students to participate in the Class Trial as they were not participating, Monokuma and Tsumugi tried to manipulate the students to make K1-B0 execute himself and force them to participate once again in a new Killing Game that would take place in the Danganronpa timeline.

Danganronpa V3 Tsumugi Shirogane's execution(19)

When Monokuma displayed the results of the final voting, Tsumugi was shocked to discover that no one had voted, proving that the audience does not want Danganronpa to continue. Monokuma was upset due to Danganronpa ending like this and states that it is not the proper way to end the long-running reality series. Tsumugi, upon realizing that Danganronpa was indeed over and done with, promptly loses all of her hope in living as she denied a world without Danganronpa, but had not prepared a proper execution beforehand and as such left it to K1-B0 to begin the Ultimate Annihilation.

K1-B0 did not hesitate and proceeded to execute everything, sparing everyone but Monokuma and Tsumugi, who both waved at the camera with a look of disappointment in their faces before they got crushed by a giant piece of rubble inadvertently caused by K1-B0, before he went and self destructed himself, ending the Killing Game and the entire Danganronpa franchise for good.


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Junko Enoshima

Junko was the mastermind behind Monokuma throughout the events of the Killing School Life and Killing School Trip - as she controls him -, and the creator of his concept and personality. Before Junko is exposed as the mastermind, Monokuma desperately tries to conceal her identity from the survivors. Monokuma's personality is based on one of Junko's many personalities, that she created for him, and reappears when she held him over her face while she talked. Junko is the only student that Monokuma respects, and he tends to call her "Lady Junko". Monokuma and Junko are part of the Ultimate Despair, of whom they are the original founders. In Danganronpa V3, his self-proclaimed talent references Monokuma formerly being part of the Ultimate Despair, only by adding headmaster to the title.

Monaca Towa

While Junko created the concept of Monokuma, Monaca brought him to life by creating his body. Via her position as the Head of Towa Robotic Branch, Monaca mass-created Monokuma units.



Usami is Monokuma's self-proclaimed adoptive little sister. When Monokuma shows up on the island, he quickly fought Usami and won, stripping away her "magical" abilities. Then he changed her appearance to resemble his own, renamed her Monomi, and forcefully adopted her as his little sister, as he thought her previous position was too wishy-washy. Monokuma does not care about Monomi at all, and constantly expresses his hatred of her, an example of this is when he executed her with the Monobeasts without any hesitation due to simply finding her sense of justice annoying. Monokuma usually beats her up whenever she irritates him, which happens often. Monokuma also likes to make fun of her, and keeps dragging her on to events with him even though she clearly dosen't want to. Monomi doesn't like to be called little sister by Monokuma and does not consider Monokuma her brother. Monomi hates Monokuma a lot due to him forcing the students participate in the Killing School Trip. Even though Monomi hates Monokuma, she still sometimes calls him "Big Brother".

At the end of Chapter 5, Monomi stood up against Monokuma and decided to sacrifice herself for the sake of defeating him, grabbing hold of Monokuma and self-destructing herself. Monokuma stopped her by revealing that he has millions of spares which he had been mass producing in Jabberwock Island's factory and that she only has 10 left, she realized it was futile to continue attacking him. Monokuma proceeded to execute his little sister (along with her spares) with Chiaki Nanami with no worry remembering that he is an only child. In Chapter 6, Usami forcefully shuts down Alter Ego Junko along with Monokuma to protect the students by resetting them.

In School Mode and Island Mode, Usami shows up to help the students escape the school. Usami attacks Monokuma until he agrees to release the group from the Academy.

In Danganronpa 3, Monokuma claims he doesn't recognize Usami, but he appears to be just joking as he then hacks Miaya's computer and turns Usami into a more "familiar" form - his "little sister" Monomi. In the Danganronpa 3 relationship chart, Monomi tells Monokuma that he isn't her big brother.

In the non-canon Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Monomi takes her position as Monokuma's sister again. During her school life Monomi was trying to stand against Monokuma's bullying. Monokuma and Monomi usually hosted a talk show during school festivals. Monomi considered Monokuma a terrible father due to him planting his "adorable kids" in the audience by filling empty seats in the talk shows. Monokuma considered Monomi a "nagging aunt" to the Monokubs.

Monokuma and Monomi are usually paired together in a lot of Danganronpa merchandise to represent Danganronpa 1 and Danganronpa 2 mascots.

Monokuma Kubs

Monokuma is the self-proclaimed father of Monotaro, Monokid, Monosuke, Monodam and Monophanie. He calls them his "adorable children" and even seems disturbingly attracted to them because they look like him and he loves his own looks.

Despite Monokuma's constant gushing about how cute they are and that he could watch them forever, to the point where he started balding and even exploded once due to their "cuteness", it's very clear that he doesn't actually care about any of the Monokubs, and seems to be neglectful most of the time, as he apparently didn't realize that the Kubs bullied each other until the start of Chapter 2, even though that was the sole reason one of them was killed in the first place. Considering himself the headmaster, he gets annoyed whenever his children try to steal the show, and even stated in the prologue that he tolerates them only because they are so cute. Monokuma loves to lick his cubs affectionately, though this often feels like passive-aggressive punishment since almost all the cubs hate the licks, excluding Monophanie.

Monotaro and Monodam usually refer to him as "father", while Monokid calls him "Papa Kuma", Monosuke "pops" and Monophanie "daddy". Out of all the Monokubs, Monokuma seems to like Monophanie the most due to her unique kind personality and general cuteness, creepily stating that he could eat her up, which startles even her. However, Monophanie's sweetness also seems to annoy Monokuma at times, since he himself is so evil. Monokid and Monotaro also greatly respect their father, with Monotaro especially loving him, and even Monodam seems fond of their father at first. Monosuke seems the most indifferent towards their father, though he still respects him in his own way.

In Chapter 3, Monodam forcefully takes Monokuma's place with the help of the Exisals, accusing him of treating his children like slaves. The Kubs also accuse him of being too old for his job. Monokuma begins to lose his hair over this and becomes unresponsive in shock for awhile, though another copy of him appears later claiming that he'd just been on a vacation and left the job for his Kubs and the balding substitute.

Monokuma doesn't really seem to care whenever his Kubs die, and he even decides to kill Monotaro and Monophanie himself during Gonta's execution in Chapter 4. He gives a petty excuse that they had only been spending time together and ignoring him. (angering K1-B0) He quickly feels a mix of sadness, amusement and then laughs it all off by stating that he's probably never going to get the hang of the whole parenting thing. He is later seen grieving his Kubs, in a somewhat pretense way, but he doesn't even care enough to mention all of their names and then begins to wonder why they even exist.

He later creates new copies of his Kubs in order to have the ability to use the Exisals once again in order to protect him from danger and have full control at the Academy once again. During Chapter 6 in the Final Class Trial, Monokuma has a self-destruct button to destroy the Monokubs whenever he gets excited or their participation in the Class Trial dissatisfies him, and presses the button to destroy all of them one by one; showing that he lost all love for his children.

Another member of The Monokuma Kubs are Nanokumas. They helped Monokuma on monitoring the Killing School Semester from inside the Ultimate Academy and transmitting the live footage to Motherkuma.

In the non-canon Danganronpa V3 bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Monokuma straight up admits to Monomi that he doesn't care about the Monokubs and states that all they're good for is filling up empty seats, referring to them as "suck-ups" and "the boring one".



Monokuma has the Monobeasts under his control as they will do anything he requests. He seems to treat them as pets rather than mere machines and tools. Because Monokuma refers to his relationship with the Monobeasts as per their 'contract' it could be that the Monobeasts aren't fully under his control but simply have an arrangement.

Team Danganronpa

In Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Series, Monokuma was created by Team Danganronpa and used as the mascot in their reality show titled Danganronpa.

Tsumugi Shirogane

Tsumugi and Monokuma are members of Team Danganronpa and both of them worked together in the latest season of Danganronpa.

Tsumugi and Monokuma don't interact with each other that much, which could be to hide the fact that they both work for Team Danganronpa, and always act as if they didn't know each other.

Tsumugi tends to yell whenever Monokuma appears out of nowhere, as she states that something is about to happen everytime he shows up.

Monokuma executed Kaede in order to protect her from the students suspecting her to be the Ringleader.

In Chapter 6, Monokuma and his children try to keep Shuichi Saihara from discovering the truth behind her. And they took pleasure in his, Maki, and Himiko's despair and misery over having to die for entertainment with fabricated lies. At the end of the last Trial, both of them are seen waving their hands as both get crushed by a rock and die together.

In Ultimate Development Plan, Tsumugi and Monokuma are seen to have a good relationship as they are interacting well and report to each other about their plans at the festival.


K1-B0 along with Monokuma, were created by Team Danganronpa for the TV show, Danganronpa. However, K1-B0 seems to get very annoyed whenever he forces the students to do something as he pleases, even refusing to listen to him and trying to ignore him. Monokuma always mocks him for being a robot and makes puns about him. K1-B0 doesn't trust or likes Monokuma in any way. He tries to protect the students when Monokuma threatens to execute them. K1-B0 was also distraught and enraged at Monokuma for killing Monophanie and Monotaro after Gonta was executed. At the end of Chapter 5, after Kaito was executed, K1-B0 states that he wants to kill and end Monokuma. When the students start to lose hope, Monokuma mocks them, confirming that they should give up on hope since there's nothing left for them. However, K1-B0 refuses to give up on hope and lose to Monokuma, and wants to help his classmates no matter the cost.

In Chapter 6, K1-B0 begins a war with Monokuma and his children in order to stop him and the mastermind by destroying the academy.

During the final Class Trial, K1-B0 gets challenged by Monokuma a lot of times to defend Tsumugi and hide the truth behind the Killing Game. Soon after the final Class Trial ends, K1-B0 starts to destroy the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, only sparing Shuichi, Maki and Himiko. In the end, he betrays Monokuma and Tsumugi by letting his classmates live.

In bonus mode, K1-B0 is angry at Monokuma because he treats her sister badly, and states that robots shouldn't fight like that, especially when they're "family".

Hope's Peak Academy Students:

Makoto Naegi

During the Killing School Life, Makoto feels intense hatred for Monokuma, especially after the events of Chapter 1. The two maintain a fierce rivalry throughout the Hope's Peak Academy saga, a battle between Hope and Despair. In Danganronpa 3 - Future Arc, the Final Killing Game, Monokuma states that this will be their final battle and conclude the history of each other, during this last battle of Hope and Despair.

Kyoko Kirigiri

As one of Monokuma's captives, Kyoko is, at first, very cautious around him, suggesting to her fellow students that they obey his orders. But later, when Kyoko breaks the school rules and steals one of Monokuma's possessions, she angers Monokuma. He then tries to manipulate the students to suspect Kyoko as the culprit who supposedly killed Mukuro Ikusaba and vote for her as the blackened. Following the bad ending, Monokuma executes her, leaving the other students live inside the academy. Following the good ending, Kyoko challenges him in Chapter 6, with the goal to find the mastermind behind the killing game and the murder of Mukuro.

Sakura Ogami

Monokuma blackmailed Sakura into serving him, else she would have to watch her family and her lover Kenshiro be killed. Sakura's hates having to work with Monokuma, however, he leaves her no choice. She however ends up rejecting serving him, refusing to further endanger her classmates. Monokuma then decides to expose Sakura's role as the traitor to everyone out of revenge, leaving her no other choice than to kill herself to protect her remaining classmates. In her dying message, she reassures everyone that they will be able to destroy Monokuma's plans and will uncover the mastermind, and she blames Monokuma for her death and everything that has happened during the Killing Game.

Ultimate Academy Students:

Shuichi Saihara

During the Killing School Semester, Shuichi feels lots of hatred for Monokuma, especially after the events of Chapter 1. The two maintain a fierce hatred throughout the battle between Hope and Despair in Chapter 5 & 6. In Chapter 6, Shuichi challenged Monokuma and his Kubs to have a Class Trial. Shuichi always considered the mastermind and Monokuma to be the real villains. Monokuma & Tsumugi took pleasure (along with the audience) in Shuichi's despair and misery over having to die for nothing for the audience's pleasure and entertainment. Shuichi then refuses to vote and persuade the audience to stop watching and loving Danganronpa.

Kokichi Oma

Kokichi seemingly saw Monokuma as a cool robot. However, unlike with K1-B0, Kokichi didn't tease him for being a robot. He thought that Monokuma was the coolest one of all the Monokumas and even considered his children, the Monokubs, annoying ripoffs of Monokuma. He occasionally talked to Monokuma in a friendly and casual manner, even if his words implied the opposite.

Kokichi and Monokuma worked together in Chapter 4 in order to make the Killing game much more interesting and both prepared a motive for students, which was the outside world. Monokuma appeared amused as he pointed out that Kokichi truly is an evil bastard. The other students accused him of being allies with Monokuma and some even noticed that he had started to talk and act like the bear. However, Monokuma wasn't pleased with the downer ending of the trial, but only laughed it off when Kokichi said that his plan to make the game more interesting was just a lie.

In Chapter 5, Kokichi lied about being the mastermind who started the Killing School Semester by letting Monokuma enter the spaceship during the Gofer Project. However, this was just part of his plan to outwit the true mastermind and later during the trial Monokuma appeared genuinely angry towards Kokichi for his troublesome actions and even offered some information against him "purely out of spite". In order to defeat Monokuma and end the killing game, Kokichi tried to create an unsolvable case, with Kaito speaking for Kokichi by using his script and acting very passive aggressive towards Monokuma. In the end, Kokichi considered Monokuma and the mastermind his true enemies, as you can only truly win the game by beating them and because he claimed to truly hate the killing game and its creators.

Free Time Events & Bonus Mode Guides

The links below are a full transcript and in depth guide for Monokuma's routes in Ultimate Talent Development Plan and Danganronpa S Development Mode.

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Development Mode


Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (English)


  • "I'm not a teddy bear! I...am...Monokuma! And I am this school's headmaster!"
  • "How dare you compare me to a child's plaything! You've cut me deep. Deeper than the Mariana Trench... My remote control system is so complex, even the folks at NASA can't recreate or even comprehend it! Ah, but don't make me say stuff that might destroy NASA's dreams. I just couldn't BEAR that! Now, ah, make no mistake—you few students, so full of potential, represent the hope of the world. And to protect such splendid hope... ...you will all live a communal life together solely within the confines of this school. Everyone will live in harmony together, and adhere to the rules and regulations of the school. I am not screwing with you! I am no liar, of that can be 100% sure. No matter how much you may yell and scream for help...help will not come. So with all of that in mind, feel free to live out your life here with reckless abandon!"
  • "You keep saying this is a lie, or a joke. A bunch of skeptics, all of you. But I guess you can't help it, huh? You all grew up in an age where you're taught to doubt your neighbor... Well, you'll have plenty of time to find out whether or not what I say is true. And when that time comes, you'll see with your own eyeballs that I speak the undeniable truth."
  • "Stabbing, strangling, bludgeoning, crushing, hacking, drowning, igniting, how you do it doesn't matter. You must kill someone if you want to leave. It's as simple as that. The rest is up to you. Give it your all to achieve the best outcome in the worst way impossible."
  • "Like I said before, you guys are the hope of the world. But you know... Taking that hope and seeing it get murdered creates a darkened shadow of despair. And I just find it so...darn...exciting!"
  • "To kill each other is to kill each other. I'm sure there's a dictionary here somewhere if you need it."
  • "Listen. From this moment on, this school is your home, your life, your world. Got it? And you can kill as much as you wanna kill! So go ahead, go on a kill-kill-killing spree!"
  • "Joke? What, you mean like your hair?"
  • "Any naughty boy or girl who violates my rules won't get off with just a little swat on the butt."
  • "Rules restrict, yes, but they also protect. Society, for example, would be utter chaos without laws. The same thing applies here! Which is why it's crucial we have strict punishments in place for violators. Please enjoy your abundantly dreary school life! And...see ya!"

Chapter 1:

  • "You're supposed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student, right? But looks like you're not lucky at all!"
  • "Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite..."
  • "In any normal school, Mr. Monokuma would be a kind teacher. But when I think about what's coming up... ...I'm just so full of pride and joy."
  • "Remember that you're all students of Hope's Peak Academy, and strive to refine your ideals. I swear to you, I will send you all off into a new tomorrow!"
  • "Good morning, everyone! It is now 7 a.m. and nighttime is officially over! Time to rise and shine! Get ready to greet another beee-yutiful day!"
  • "Ahem, so...I'm sure that you've noticed the killing game has begun, but... ...there's still room for a little laughter. It seems our newest students, already so filled with despair, still have some hope of escape! Puhuhu... So when will it begin? When will their hope begin to die? Is it time yet? Is it time!? Heartpounding excitement!"
  • "I need an immediate, fast-acting pick-me-up! If it doesn't act now, it's the same as giving in to regret. What do you think guides the world? Speed, of course! That's why Formula One drivers are so popular! Any idiot can accomplish something if they take it slow. Even a human piece of excrement could create a masterpiece if they spent their entire life on it! Someone who does things in a timely fashion is both wise and admirable. Straight is better than a curve or an angle. Freestyle is better than the backstroke or breaststroke! Drive-thru is better than sit-down! A sunday comic artist is smarter than a graphic novelist! What I'm saying is, speed is the gold standard of the standard world. Which is why I said I need that pick-me-up!"
  • "The police? You're putting your faith in the police!? You guys, seriously... Do you understand what role the police exist to fill? All they're good for is being a foil, playing against a villain or anti-hero or evil organization. The bad guys come along and destroy them, and that shows just how badass they really are. Are you sure you wanna rely on such an unreliable group of losers? I mean come on! If you really, REALLY wanna get out of here, all you gotta do is kill!"
  • "Your life here has already begun and a couple days have gone by, and nobody's killing anybody! I thought all of you kids were lazy and selfish, and here you are working together. But I'm totally bored!"
  • "All the mystery ingredients are here—right people, right place. So why hasn't anyone killed anyone yet? That's what I couldn't understand. But I just realized there was one very important piece missing! If you wanna know, I'll tell ya! It's motive! Puhuhu! It's so simple! I just have to give everyone a motive!"
  • "What do I want from you...? Well, if you must know... Despair. That's all. If you want to know more than that, you'll have to figure it out for yourselves. Do whatever you need to to uncover the mystery hidden within this school. I won't try and stop you. Cuz to be honest, it's entertaining as heck watching you guys search so desperately for answers! So I guess I want amusement from you, too."
  • "If I hadn't avoided your punch, you would have just violated school regulations. But boy are you slow slow slow slow SLOW! I could've downed a thousand-dollar full-course dinner in the time it took you to finish your swing! Your speed, agility, alertness, passion, boldness, sense of despair, antagonization, it's all lacking!"
  • "But even our divine world of freedom has a few rules. After all, freedom can only exist *because* of rules. If you're really dead set on returning to that tiny piece of dog poop you call Earth... ...please do your best to follow the rules. I hope I've made myself perfectly clear. So then, let's everyone do our best to follow these new guidelines and live happily ever after together!"
  • "I can promise you, I won't do anything that goes against the purpose of your school life here. I'm famous at safari parks throughout the world for following the "Bear-Times-One" rule!"
  • "You think it's really that easy? You can just kill someone and waltz on outta here? You're super naive! Devilishly naive! HELLISHLY NAIVE! No no no, the real thing has just begun."
  • "Execution is...execution. Ex-e-cution! Electric chair, bzzt bzzt! Poison gas, cough cough! Torn apart like a paper plane in a hurricane! But judge carefully, because all your lives are on the line!"
  • "Don't be so selfish!"
  • "The evil standing here before me... I'm trembling with fear...! But I won't give in to such evil! It's my style to stick it out and resist till the very end...! If you really wanna get out of here... ...you'll have too go through me first!"
  • "Now I am painfully aware of the great power and meaning of a promise... I really wanted to keep a corpse from popping up for no good reason, ya know? But I guess you all needed to be taught a lesson, after all. Ahh, what an amazing promise! But now you guys understand, right? Now you see just how serious I am... Defy me and you get shot full of holes, exploded, buried alive, disintegrated...et cetera. So if you don't want that to happen to you, you' best obey those school regulations!"
  • "It's no more remarkable than the inevitable demise of the entire human race. It's just as natural as the eventual end of the world itself. This isn't some superhero comic. So it's not like when you die, you didn't *really* die. This is reality!"
  • "Kill this entire time...? Don't be silly, you can't kill time! Or are you being metaphorical? Are you saying I wanted to waste time this whole time? Come on, what do you take me for? I'm Monokuma!"
  • "Please board the elevator in front of you, which will transport you to the courtroom... ...where all your fates will be decided."
  • "I'd feel awful if they got left out just because they died. Friendship penetrates even death's barrier!" (About death portraits)
  • "But ya know...you're supposed to be the Ultimate Lucky Student, right? But to have such a cruddy door... Puhuhu...! That's not lucky at all!"
  • "Make triple sure you vote for someone! You wouldn't want to be punished for something so minor, right?"
  • "Boy howdy! The entertainment industry must sure be terrifying, huh!? I mean, to try and kill someone just because of those relationships! She seemed so nice and lovely on the outside, but inside...she'd descended into pure madness!"
  • "I understand, really I do. Yup yup! You're in utter despair thanks to Sayaka's betrayal, right? Compassion, intimacy, love... The stronger those feelings, the stronger those feelings, the stronger the despair when they collapse!"
  • "Uh-oh! Did you awaken to your sense of justice!? Well, it just so happens that there's nothing more unethical than an unwavering sense of justice. After all, it's people with that sort of mentality that perpetuate war all over the world. Is that the kind of justice that's awakened within you!?"
  • "No more begging! No more excuses! You must pay the penalty for breaking the rules! Society demands it! Well hey, if you don't like it... ...all you gotta do is swear to cut all ties with the outside world and accept living here forever! But that's only if every single one of you can get onboard with that. Puhuhuhu... Waahahahaha! Bwaaahahaha!"
  • "It seems like you're trying to use common sense to make sense of something that doesn't make sense! That's like trying to put a mile on a scale! I just don't think it's possible..."
  • "Puhuhu. You must really hate me to get so angry, huh? But if you do that, you're barking waaay up the wrong tree. What happened, happened because more than one of you decided you wanted to get out, right? No matter how much time passes, you can't cut free of your regrets from the outside world. You're to blame!"
  • "I need to save some of the fun for later!"

Chapter 2:

  • "It's okay, no need to thank me! Just seeing your delighted, smiling faces is thanks enough for me! After all, nobody wants to look at a rotting corpse every day! That can't be good for your health... Nyohohoho!"
  • "It was totally obvious before that you were trying to make yourselves feel better and justify what you did. Now pay attention and remember this well! The burden of judging others is a heavy one to bear. So be well aware of your actions! Order and stability rely on the sacrifice and responsibility of everyone!"
  • "Ahh, doesn't this feel just great!? Being stuck inside like this, you gotta make sure to stay healthy!"
  • "Don't sweat the small stuff! That's my motto. Whoa, I sounded pretty cool just now, don'tcha think? Did you fall in love with me? Am I just to die for? Am I just to die in writing agony for? If exercise makes you laugh, exercise will make you cry! Now, if you keep doing these exercises, you will uncover the secret of the Assassin's Fist! Passed down from generation in the empire of darkness... The power can be yours! So go ahead, look around all you want! Enjoy the brave new post-trial world till you explode!"
  • "Anyone who commits such indecency will be punished without mercy for their scandalous sexual depravity!"
  • "You like that? I'm kind of a genius, right? It's cuz my brain is 100% cotton! It's cuz all you teenagers are sex-crazed maniacs! You're at that age you'd try humping a plastic bottle! So to keep anything unseemly from happening, I have to maintain a rigorous watch!""
  • "All I care about is protecting the holy image of the school itself! I don't care what happens in your private dorms! By force or by cunning, do whatever you want!"
  • "Mr. Monokuma... Mr. Monokuma, do you have a second? I...I don't really like myself. I don't have any kind of skill or hobby I can say I'm super good at... And my grades are totally average, too. My reflexes are okay. Not great, not awful. I could get into a decent college, where I'd make a few friends. Maybe even find a normal girlfriend.. Which is exactly why I don't like who I am! I understand that now! My life is just one giant copy-paste! I don't have any imagination! I'm a perfectly average cardboard cutout! You see what I mean, right Mr. Monokuma!?"
  • "Whenever I spot a cute girl, I have a tendency to stare. I can't help it—I just gaze with intensity. The other day, I rode my bike to the train station... I was in the bathroom, just looking at myself in the mirror..."
  • "If fate does exist... ...does that mean your future is decided the moment you're born? If all your yesterdays pile up to create your tomorrow... ...is your future as final as your past? I just don't know. That's why I'm still alive—because I don't know. That's why I desperately cling to life!"
  • "Who wouldnt've ever guessed she would go for someone like him? But eager passion can also be scary! Sometimes that leads people off in the wrong direction!"
  • "I'm low on energy these days. My stitching's even losing all its shine and luster... I'm thinking, it's probably become of this ho-hum, boring old everyday life. I'm looking for something with a little more stimulation, something rife with danger and intrigue! Listen, can I just be frank? The next blackened hasn't shown up yet, and I'm getting booooored!"
  • "As long as you're alive, it's a given that there's things you don't want other people to know about you! So I did a little investigating of my own, and I dug up some of your darkest secrets!"
  • "But there's a HUGE difference between "Oops!" and "That's right." You know what I'm saying, right? Anyone can kill someone in the heat of the moment. But surprisingly few can do it with calculated intent. To make that choice, then put it into action, it's way harder than just letting your emotions lead you. It's all about preparation. Resolve."
  • "What, does that freak you out? You guys got no balls, you know that!? Is there just nothin' down there at all? Well, I'll let you pray to mine if you want. Actually, I don't have any, either! Sorry!"
  • "I mean, if one person went around and killed everyone, your lovely student life would be all over, right?"
  • "Well in a good mystery, you don't want to miss out on at least the *potential* of a serial killer angle! Nyoohohoho! Just one would totally murder that possibility!"
  • "Kyaaah! You're treating me like a puny little appetizer instead of the main course that I am!"
  • "Good, good, you're rip-raring to go! Gotta say, I don't hate it! Not at all! Okay then, let's get this show on the road!"
  • "Once the killing game had begun here at the school, he had no choice but to accept this fact. After all, this world is survival of the fittest. If you're not strong, you don't survive."
  • "As soon as our killing game began, he realized... ...no matter how tough he pretended to be, he was just another weakling that could die in an instant."
  • "Look at him! You see? You're all just like him! For a secret from the past, for a memory... For that, he killed living human in cold blood! He couldn't cut free of his regrets from the outside world. He doesn't know what true strength is. Do you see hope anywhere in there!? Cuz I sure don't!"
  • "Laugh at death, and your soul will forever be at peace."
  • "But you know, this punishment, this despair—it's not jut for you. All this punishment, all this despair is my gift to mankind itself! I am not overexaggerating! These punishments are meant to transform all hope to despair!"
  • "Good GRIEF! I don't understand why you have to pick apart every little stupid thing!"
  • "Oooh, so cool! It's like you're the main character of a video game or something! No trash mob for you!"
  • "Once things really get moving, it'll be like a rollercoaster. There won't be any stopping it! Fear and despair charge forward at a speed nothing can hope to match."

Chapter 3:

  • "You peeked, didn't you!? Well, they all had some pretty dazzling smiles, huh? They were definitely living their school life. It's like they ripped a page right outta the book of youth!" (About a picture showing Mondo, Leon, and Chihiro together)
  • "Puhuhu... Have fun in your man's fantasy...! Have a smashing good time!"
  • "Up till now, I've been using the WOOSH of the North Wind to get you all moving. But sometimes you gotta use the Sun to light a fire under someone's butt! Ahh-hahaha!"
  • "C'mon, stop trying to act tough. The most important thing is to live a pure and moral communal life!"
  • "Little kids have it so easy... Cuz they can put Li'l in front of their name, and right off the bat everyone thinks they're cute! Well fine then! I want everyone to start calling me Li'l Monokuma! See? Just by adding that, my cuteness goes up by at least like, 10%. Right? Yeah, the world doesn't have nearly enough "Li'l"s! More "Li'l"s would lead to the salvation of the world! Just imagine... "Li'l Arsonist," "Li'l War Criminal," "Li'l Destruction of the Environment"...! "Li'l Hit and Run," "Li'l Death Tax," "Li'l Great Depression"! Even the darkest subject can suddenly become brighter! Our dreams are expanding-ding-ding!"
  • "Happy New Day! I'm the kinda guy, I don't wanna celebrate a new year. I wanna celebrate the dawn of every new day! Because every new day deserves celebrating! So... Once again, happy New Day!"
  • "Murder" is a word whose definition changes with time, with place, with society. If murder is evidence of abnormality, then all of history's greatest heroes must have been abnormal. Sometimes the murders that people forgive are way more abnormal than the ones they don't!"
  • "Are you excited? Are you pumped!? It's time for the Class Trial to begin! Like the bright burst of fireworks, like the flash of a soul clashing with life and death...!"
  • "Hmhmhm... When I see all of you gathered together like this... ...I realize just how few of you there are left! Your school life is slowly reaching its climax!"
  • "What what!? Do you really hate me so much? But I'm so cute! Don't rush me! Of course I'm gonna start it! I'd never hold out on you like that! ...Okay, let's begin! Get to your assigned seats! I would never be like, "Stay tuned for the action-packed Class Trial after this commercial break!"
  • "You all done? Okay, then let's get rollin'! The blackened disturbed the peace, and must pay the price!"
  • "Someone couldn't cut free of their regrets from the outside world, and so more people had to die... You guys are still young! You need to place more value on your lives! Jeez... And here I thought you guys were gonna pass the torch of hope to the next generation!"
  • "You're all the embodiment of hope, whether you like it or not. And it's my destiny to knock you down one by one! It's sad, yes it is. But that reality just can't be avoided."
  • "If you get lonely, gimme a shout! Not that'll do anything about it, of course! Puhuhu... See ya!"

Chapter 4:

  • "A forgery plot? What are you, a middle schooler? You think the moon landing was faked, too? Come on! If there were such a thing as the Nobel Truth Prize, I'd take first, second, AND fourth place!"
  • "Oh, Makoto. You're so eager to split things in half, aren't you? But it's no use. It's just no use... If you try to split something that can't be split, you'll end up feeling like YOU'RE the one being split."
  • "Knocking down your headmaster's door? What kind of war on education are you trying to start here!? You seriously don't wanna piss me off. You have any idea how much bacteria lives on a single bear claw?"
  • "Etch this on the walls of your brain, okay? When you do something to me, I do it right back... An eye for an eye, a fang for a fang..."
  • "As long as you're human, there will always come a point where you wish you could do things differently. Even a baseball player in the major leagues... Even a soccer player touring Europe... Even a famous singer who started her career as a backup dancer on a sketch comedy show... She makes a brilliant debut, but instead of going for more, she marries some third-rate actor and retires. Every human has regrets, has things they'd like to go back and change. But I don't! Cuz I'm a bear."
  • "Sakura came to a most regrettable end without even getting the chance to finish things with me... Which, thank God for that! It saved me the trouble of having to go through with our little fight. Cuz even for someone like me, it would've been no mean feat to take down a behemoth like that!"
  • "Oh, I've just recently discovered the power...of emoticons! Like, no matter how awful something is, if you toss in a smiley face, it turns positive! For example... You're at a picnic and you find a dead body! XD And how about the reverse? No matter how great something is, if you put in a sad face, it makes it look super negative! For example... Do you have a hundred friends? T_T"
  • "I'm not filthy! I didn't do anything. Did I falsify evidence? Did I affect the outcome of the Class Trial? The case played out between you and you alone. You were the ones jerking each other around. Heck, even if the will *had* factored in, it still woulda been between you guys. So what's the problem!? This is all part of the production process! Okay, and...scene! Cut! And isn't it just so unfortunate? Killing yourself is just so final, ya know? You can never hear the rest of their story. The truth is lost in darkness. Gives me the willies...!"
  • "She died so you guys wouldn't try to kill each other, but you almost ended up doing it anyway! Thanks to you, her death had no purpose at all!"
  • "But anyway, are you sure about that? This killing game is a competition between all of *you*, remember? Your enemy...is each other."
  • "Huh? You were friends with a laptop? That's pretty pathetic. What's next, friends with a basketball!?"
  • "Experiencing a meaningless death is so soothing! It makes me remember that every low can get even lower!"
  • "It makes your brain rumble and tumble, huh? It makes you so mad you don't even friggin' know, huh!? That's the whole point, STUPID! It's to get back at all of you for hardening your resolve!"

Chapter 5:

  • "Stop trying to blame everything on me!"
  • "Of course, even in the outside world, people die bloody, gruesome deaths every day! So it's not really a big deal! Just keep your chin up and keep on livin', soldier!"
  • "But you're not a little kid, right? You're too old to go running through sprinklers anyway. ...Or do you have some kind of water fetish!? I'm gonna tell everyone! Ahh-hahaha!"
  • "Such an eco-friendly creation is vital for the future growth of a healthy society!"
  • "Your teacher had such faith in you... And this is how you repay me? With betrayal? Reality is filled with so much hardship, isn't it? No wonder people run away into their fantasies..."
  • "Whether I'm a mademoiselle or a dudefella? But in the bear kingdom, there IS no male or female!"
  • "Every day is peaceful. Every day is joyful. Happy days from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Wishing only for those unchanging, unending happy days, days of boredom repeating forever and ever. No abnormalities as far as the eye can see. Life without the tiniest speck of abnormality... If the world were like that, I'd consider *that* pretty damn abnormal."
  • "Of course I'm different! Evolution is perfectly natural! After all, I've been hibernating for two years already... Oh yeah, that's it. Puhuhu... The look on your faces right now is sublime! That's what I wanted to see—the moment you went from hope to despair..."
  • "Why would a bear pretend to be dead? You're the ones who should pretend to be dead when you see a bear! I mean, that's totally laughable! It's make me laugh! I'm gonna laugh now! A-ha-ha-ha! And that's that. Well, it's almost time to cut off your past so full of hope, and begin to despair at the future ahead of you! I want you to all have way more fun in this killing game!"
  • "Get out of here? Are you still obsessed with getting out of here? How do you not get it!? There IS no getting out of here! And besides... This life isn't all bad ya know! I mean, there's stuff you won't like about life no matter where you are!"
  • "That kind of overconfidence is a major weakness in your crisis management system, you know that?"
  • "Everything has a meaning, you know... All those hints I gave you, all those tantalizing tidbits about the school's mysteries... Even me luring you here right now... Why would I do any of that without a reason? It was all for my captive audience—to show them true despair like they'd never seen it before! I became the director of a despair-based production! This is the ultimate reality show! The best in despair entertainment!"
  • "Sure, some people might yell at their TV to try and warn you. But who would actually come here to help? Don't you think that's possible? I don't really know personally though, so whatever!"
  • "I'll leave the next Monokuma File right here. Everyone give it all you've got, okay!? Okay! Things are gonna get pretty crazy from here on out! You're in for a heck of a ride...! I can't wait...! I can't wait!"
  • "Time is utterly silent, and yet it constantly assaults us—organisms, the earth, natural phenomena... It damages us little by little, until the end. You should really think about that."
  • "If you wanna fight, do it at the Class Trial! You need to save some of the fun for later, right?"
  • "Ahahahaha! We're this far into the game, and *now* you decide to blame me? Stop wasting time! Stop wasting energy! You really think your little trick is gonna work!?"
  • "But it's still not enough... I'm still not satisfied! I'm still gonna bring despair to the rest of you—bring despair to the entire world...! Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu... Puhuhu..."

Chapter 6:

  • "When you learn the whole truth...what kind of despair will you show me?"
  • "Imagine how depressed everyone would get if the school mascot just up and stopped moving!"
  • "Now, then, when, doesn't matter! Failure can strike anywhere, anytime! That's what failure IS, right!?"
  • "For anything that has a start, there has to be an end. And if the end comes, then that means it's time for a fresh start. There is no night that doesn't have a dawn... Although that dawn is totally pitch-black! There is no storm that won't eventually end... Of course, then that leads to drought! But as I said, every end is the promise of a new beginning. Which is why I'm sure we'll get to meet again. Because the end is only the beginning! Anyway, let's get started! The beginning of the end of the Class Trial!"
  • "This final Class Trial is gonna be slathered in pitch-black despair! Climaximum sorrow! If there was a Mr. Fair Guy Universe contest, I'd take home the tiara every year! I'm gonna win this game super fair and square! And I'll make sure everyone watching at home knows... ...that despair is mightier den de hope."
  • "Of course not! Bears never go back on their word!"
  • "Fear is only possible where hope is possible. I only have despair, so fear is an alien concept to me."
  • "Did you really think the story would end once we reached the climax of the case? Wrong! There's still plenty more to go!"


  • "Kehehe... Interesting... Things are getting veeery interesting indeed. Puhuhu... Puuhuhuhuhuhuhu! Like I said at the beginning...I'm not a teddy bear. I am Monokuma... And I am your—I am this school's...headmaster!"

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (English):


  • "Why, hello there! Thank you all for waiting! Long time, no see guys! I am Monokuma! I'm the headmaster of this academy!"
  • "I'm livid, you know... And I'm about ready to barf thanks to your lukewarm attitude!"
  • "Nobody wants to see high school students living calm and peaceful lives. What everyone wants to see is... Other people's misery...and despair..."
  • "This is what happens when you defy me... I'll crunch ya! I'll bite ya! I'll rip you apart!"
  • "Pay attention this time. Except in manga, a little sister is never smarter than her big brother." (to Monomi)
  • "I'm not ordering anyone to kill. Whether or not you kill someone is entirely up to you. But be careful! Youth doesn't last forever! Anyway, I'd like for you all to go through with this killing school trip in a healthy and positive manner."
  • "Surge... O gods who dwell between light and darkness... In accordance with our contract, I summon thee now... Come forth, Monobeasts!"
  • "If something doesn't fit within your narrow notions of common sense, you just deny it outright... How stupid. Ignorant cavemen are better than you all!"
  • "Classifying events according to their genre is a disease of the modern age."
  • "Ah, I know! This is nausea! Your sickly sweet sense of justice makes me wanna puke!"
  • "Just so we're clear, you guys can't defy me. If you don't want to end up as a fish food, you better not disobey me! Just so you know...I don't feel mercy or sympathy. Cuz I'm a bear, after all. An excuse like, "I got high off this tropical atmosphere," won't work on me at all!"
  • "Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, either. Well, that's also true of any society, really. Now then... Enjoy the remainder of this liberating and harsh school trip!"

Chapter 1:

  • "Nighttime can be confusing... If you're out at night and accidentally meet a killer, then it sucks to be you! However, before you go to bed, I strongly recommend you lock your doors. You never know who might be planning to kill you!"
  • "To those of you who are borrowing "Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair" from a friend... You always risk losing friends when you borrow their things, so you should buy your own copy just to be safe. From now on, I promise you'll be charmed by this world! It genuinely deserves to be called a true game! So...make sure you get excited, and immerse yourself in the heart-throbbing action to your heart's content! Now then, until the very end, please enjoy this game to the fullest."
  • "Gooooood morning, everyone! Looks like today is gonna be another perfect, tropical day! Now then, let's show some enthusiasm and make sure to give it our all today!"
  • "Humans are natural born cowards. They even cry after their mom squeezes 'em out."
  • "They say, "Impossible is a word that's only found in a fool's dictionary"... Obviously, it's impossible to use a word that's not in your dictionary. If someone can actually make the impossible possible... You can truly call that person someone who doesn't have the impossible!"
  • "Look, he has such a horrible expression on his face, don'tcha think...? A face filled with regret that his life was ended by force, all thanks to someone else's selfish desires... To have a dying face such as this... If this isn't murder, then what the heck could it be?"
  • "C'mon, c'mon! Let's hurry up and begin! An impassioned, life-risking battle between you guys and the blackened! Annnnd...it's already started! It started the moment one of you plotted to kill someone!"
  • "No matter how much you interfere...there is only ever one truth."
  • "Now then...in the spirit of lovey doubt and dovey deception, put your heart and soul into investigating! Yahooooo! I wish you the best of luck!"
  • "Jeez, explaining the rules all the time reaaaaally breaks my bones... Well, it's not like I have bones in the first place... Like, don't even make me say such lame jokes!"
  • "I'm so nice I wanna be known as the Mother Teresa of the Mascot World!"
  • "Still, don'tcha think Monokuma's such a nice guy!? In a popularity contest, he'd take first place!"
  • "Puhuhu... Complain all you like, I'm used to it by now."
  • "Most definitely... There's no doubt that the blackened is lurking among you. Such a sad state of affairs, isn't it?"
  • "I'm the type who hates favoritism and prejudice... Well, not as much as I hate Monomi, of course."
  • "The only lies I tell are friendly lies!"
  • "Heeeey! It's okay if you guys fight, but I won't allow a burly brawl that might offend people!"
  • "It doesn't matter if it's an accident, self-defense, or intentional, a murder is still a murder! If you kill someone, that's murder!"
  • "It seems there's no point in basking in the afterglow, so let's hurry up and begin the punishment!"
  • "Huh? Didn't you learn when you were in elementary school? If you badmouth someone... The teacher writes it in a note, and makes whoever you badmouthed read it to you in front of the class... When that happens, only then do you think about how it feels to be badmouthed. The same applies to murder."

Chapter 2:

  • "A wise catbot once said, "Our eyes are on the front so we can keep moving forward!""
  • "Rule breakers will be shot to death... That's just common sense!"
  • "But only losers are terrorists. If they manage to win, they become "heroes."
  • "You seeeee, our society is filled with various hidden conspiracies that are closer than you might think. Make sure you guys be careful, too."
  • "Learning the motive means you're gonna be prepared, you know. Humans who are prepared...and humans who aren't... I don't have to tell you which is strong and which is weak, right? You guys are all enemies, you know? Is it really all right for your enemy to have an advantage? If you're going to just ignore it, then do whatever you like, even if you're fully aware of the situation."
  • "The biggest obstacle to challenging new things is definitely your past successes. Those always hold me back, all the time."
  • "I'm so jealous of people who don't have anything. People with no expectations sure are happy. I mean, they can do anything they want without worrying about anything. Man, being successful is tough!"
  • "Life isn't just about moving forward."
  • "When confronted by an important question, it's good to stop moving and take your time thinking about it."
  • "Life is like that every now and then. Suddenly an important question gets in your way."
  • "Well, it's impossible to get sick and die on this island. Not when Monomi takes such good care of people."
  • "Well fine! I'm not gonna lose to your bashing! I've decided to become a tough kid!"
  • "Moving after you're told would be too third-rate, so I made sure to be one step ahead!"
  • "The time for unparalleled hedonism...has come to an end... Come! Now is the time to fight the decisive battle! The hostility of fresh blood! The insanity of a contest of wits! The Class Trial is finally raising its curtain! Soooo, meet up...in front of Monokuma Rock!"
  • "Hey! If you don't stay put, I'm gonna make you a part of this island's food chain!"
  • "Well...it's all good. If the trial heats up, it's all good."
  • "Nothing really... Essentially, this killing game is just to kill time anyway. To break away from my purpose! That alone is my purpose! A purpose is only gonna be a weakness! Those who have purpose are always the weakest ones in the bunch! That's why you guys should forget about such cheap-ass purposes like "trying to survive..." And enjoy the Class Trial from the bottom of your heeeeeeaaaaarts!"
  • "Getting killed is sooooooo violent, don'tcha know."
  • "Noooot cool! I went to all the trouble of making this death march, so you gotta stick with it to the end!"
  • "The happiness you feel when the mystery you create is solved... Only producers know this feeling of ecstasy!"
  • "Damn right! I'm such a stickler for the rules that even safari park rangers want nothing to do with me."
  • "Puhuhu... If I reveal the answer before everyone's ready, they'll all be shocked... They'll all...feel despair..."
  • "I believe Prince Shotoku was from the future. A man from the future is always directing the flow of history."
  • "Well...as long as I keep things ambiguous, I can respond to situations with some flexibility."
  • "Well, of course you don't understand. Cuz humans are completely different from one another. Everyone's birthplace and upbringing is different. It's obviously impossible for them to understand each other. So everyone just pretends to understand...and pretends to be understood."
  • "There's no way a human *that* meddlesome could ever be considered a tool!"
  • "People who act as proud as you always shed tears of despair in the end."
  • "Calling me a ladder, huh... You say some pretty interesting things. Puhuhu... In a way, your misguided thoughts of what hope should be...remind me of him."
  • "Were you filled with hope at the thought of saving her yourself? That's why you ended up like that."
  • "Why do I have to burn my precious calories just to save some yakuza scum!?"

Chapter 3:

  • "Movies with no images, music with no sound, novels with no words... These are things that truly don't make sense. So you can't say something this simple "doesn't make any sense"!"
  • "I wouldn't know an important story like that! Cuz the only thing I'm good for is being cute!"
  • "I AM MONOKUMA! On this island, my word is law!"
  • "Superheroes live to stop people from achieving their hopes and dreams, y'know? They immediately attack people in groups because they don't' have many friends themselves, y'know? They're all short-tempered and say stuff like, "Now I'm mad!" and "I won't forgive you!" and laugh, y'know? They're lazy people who'll run away once the other guy starts fighting back, y'know? They're willing to use weapons even if they're fighting someone who is alone or unarmed, y'know? They're always the winner, so they don't know what it's like to have a weakling's worries, y'know? And they like to wear flashy costumes, y'know? Which means they're all a bunch of smart, good-looking, violent, stubborn elitists who don't have many friends. Do you really wanna admire people like that?"
  • "It's a waste of time to constantly worry about things. Well, if you really wanna waste time that badly, I won't stop you. I'm not saying that killing meaningless time is bad or anything. I mean, even happy times, sad times, painful times, fun times, times you want to remember or want to forget.. They all end up becoming nostalgic memories eventually. So...isn't killing time by worrying about things an effective way of dealing with that worry? Puhuhu, do your best at worrying about things and killing time."
  • "Well, you know...we're on completely different levels. That means we view the world differently. It's like a character from a punk manga challenging an enemy from a superpowered battle manga. Puhuhu, it's obvious you can't win."
  • "You think monsters are scary!? It's humans that are the scary ones! Everyone! Now is the time to rise up against the humans! We must protect nature from the humans and return the world to a peaceful place where monsters roam free!"
  • "A killing that occurs while everyone has a completely different personality! Think of all the murder tricks!"
  • "Why...is there a need to treat it? I mean, this Despair Disease isn't supposed to make you suffer. It's a disease that cures your soft hearts! Your soft hearts toward killing! And with this, you can finally take the plunge and commit murderrrr!"
  • "Puhuhu, now that I've given you a new motive, how will things develop? Will the killing start after everyone gets the Despair Disease...? Or even before that...? I'm soooo excited about it, I'm just gonna stand around naked! Juuuuuust kidding...I'm always naked."
  • "A hospital is a facility for sick people, so it's not for lodgings or young romantic trysts, you know?"
  • "In the wild world I live in, popularity is a symbol of power."
  • "Gamer brains are not to be underestimated...I should just shut up and go back to my cave..."
  • "It's the beginning of the long-awaited Class Trial! Please enjoy it to your heart's content!"
  • "Think about it... A suicide means you've killed the most important existence of all: yourself. Unfortunately, that means there's no blackened to punish but...I guess in a pinch I can always punish Monomi."
  • "Jeez...And I thought a certain robot's little sister was supposed to be the best..."
  • "I am Monokuma! My existence is entirely my own! Puhuhuhuhu."
  • "I mean...you're both pawns of the Future Foundation. So you guys are like two hearts beating as one, right?"
  • "Who cares about who I am!? More important, I'm tired! The drama just kept going and going, I didn't even have time to eat my black bean right eye during the break!"
  • "You know, isn't it said that life has its ups and downs? It's fun because downs come after ups, but if life was full of downs, wouldn't it get boring?"

Chapter 4:

  • "What the commoner considers advanced is not much of an advancement. If you think advancements exist in colleges and laboratories, that's a huge misunderstanding! The real advancements exist...in the place where you can pass on that talent."
  • "By making a robot one of the main characters, a genuine mystery is transformed into a sci-fi mystery... And the hard-boiled is transformed into cyberpunk! Oh well, who cares!? As long as it's fun, it's totally fine! Ahhhhhh-hahahahaha!"
  • "Don't wet your pants. Well, it's okay if you do...just don't spray it on me."
  • "Allow me to guide you all to the world of surprises on this train that runs toward glory."
  • "Now then, if you're feeling heroic and you're willing to risk your life to continue living. You should challenge the Final Dead Room!"
  • "Puhuhu...if you're planning to kill someone, I highly recommend you make your kill as soon as possible! It'll be too late if you get so weak you have no energy to kill!"
  • "Aw, I'm so loved! I don't think I'll belong to one person for a while!"
  • "Make optimal use...of earth's gravity...and release yourself...from the tension of your conscious self... Control your breathing...slowly and softly... Move as if you're drawing a circle... Naturally...just as you are...relax...your body and mind..."
  • "Phew, we sure worked up a good sweat! Staying healthy definitely super important!"
  • "The road to good health is not an easy one! It might be painful, but we'll do this again tomorrow! Unless something big happens, I won't allow any tardies absences. Make sure you remember that!"
  • "Use those powers that your anger has awoken for the investigation!"
  • "A life that dies once will never return twice... That's reality for you."
  • "Jeez... Whether you're upbeat or depressed, I still don't understand you at all!"
  • "Well, I just thought it was ironic... Out of everyone here, someone like you was the one who obtained Hope's Peak Academy's student profiles... I'm not sure if you're lucky or unlucky... But...looks like things are gonna get interesting... Yes, Nagito! You might be the one who makes thing much more interesting!"
  • "If I wrote something like that, you'd be able to find out who the blackened is! If that happens, the Class Trial won't get heated up! The number of fans who are eagerly waiting for the moment I present the Monokuma File... ...is over 100,000! It's not made up! I have proof, you know. Well... You wise guys should already know that!"
  • "To tell ya the truth, I'm tired! Extremely tired! I feel like spending the rest of my life hibernating already! Man, I know it's bad but I'm so sleepy. I just wanna ditch. Phew... Though I don't really feel like it... I'll show you my serious side when you come to the Class Trial... Even though it's impossible since it's so annoying... You can count on me to take this seriously..."
  • "I understand your desire to applaud this wonderfully vulgar trial ground... But it's so exhausting to discuss useless things, so let's just get on with it already!"
  • "I'm sure you guys are starving by now, but let's get revved up and raring to go!"
  • "You say I'm inhuman...but I'm just a bear, so I was never human to begin with. I'm different from these lowly humans!"
  • "Stupid, fat, and ugly... The perfect Jetstream Attack incorporating all three of these would be... Tadaaaa! Stufatly!"
  • "So how long are you guys gonna stand around chattering? The Class Trial is over, so it's okay for you to hurry back over to Jabberwock Island! However, the killing school trip will proceed as usual, so make sure you know that!"
  • "What's wrong with that? If it's my job to heat things up, it's okay if I do something small like that, right? I mean...I want to make everyone in your group feel despair! That includes you, too! Besides...I just wouldn't be able to handle the sadness when you inevitably betray me later on..."

Chapter 5:

  • "Mascot popularity doesn't last forever! I gotta earn the big bucks while I can! A mascot that isn't popular anymore is like a piece of candy without any sugar... In other words, it has no reason for existing!"
  • "Let's do our best together! We'll be as popular as songs were in the 90s..."
  • "A half-pink rabbit is so lame! You don't even have one ounce of good fashion sense!"
  • "Words are extremely dangerous. Unlike letters, words cannot be undone with erasers or with a backspace. That's why you need to be extremely careful. Same goes for me. There was a time in my past when I went through a lot of trouble cuz of that..."
  • "Puhuhu, Nagito is so reliable! I don't have to do anything cuz he's shaking things up!"
  • "My motto is to do a good deed every day."
  • "It makes me so happy when someone else is this happy! Doing a good deed every day is awesome!"
  • "I think giving up is really important. If you don't give up on your dreams, they'll come true. That's just irresponsible and lazy encouragement. No matter how much you try without giving up, it's useless in the end. Persistence is just the worst. That's why giving up is so important. But...you can't give up if you don't even try. That's actually the worst of all."
  • "Everything is a lie. Monokuma doesn't exist. The Monokuma Theater doesn't exist. Everything is fiction. There's no meaning whatsoever. There's no relationship whatsoever. Everything was made. Monokuma can't be found anywhere. What are you doing here anyway?"
  • "Just because my important merch was ruined doesn't mean I should be depressed about it forever! Whenever I feel depressed, I always ask myself this question: "Why are your eyes on the front?" So we can move forward! Don't be sad about what's already happened, and be positive..."
  • "Yep, we gotta do it! We gotta find out who Nagito's killer is! No matter who you guys sacrifice, you're determined to survive and leave this island, right? Then the time for action...is now!"
  • "Ah, does that mean...you guys are getting bored of this school trip? Don't worry! The end is near!"
  • "If you're mistaking a plushie for me than there's something wrong with you!"
  • "You seem more pissed than usual these days, Monomi, but you better watch what you say... If I feel like it, I can wipe you out easily, you know!"
  • "Monomi...it's not good to lie, you know..."
  • "...Hm? What are you saying? There's no way a big brother would ever crush his little sister!"
  • "The Ultimate Imposter has no name, no permanent address, and even his age and gender is unknown. Basically...he doesn't exist. Because he doesn't exist, he's able to exist as nobody... That's his talent! Puhuhu, though I'm not jealous of that at all!"
  • "In that sense...compared to the other Ultimates, your life might be a bit more liberating."
  • "Puhuhu, it's dripping with despair, isn't it? You wasted your precious time on something that isn't a clue... ...Was that a wise decision? Time's up, you know."
  • "What is most important for living things...? Well, personally, I think time is. I mean, your bank account may go up and down, but time will inevitably run out, right? That's why we gotta cherish time. There is nothing more wasteful than wasting time. ...Sooooo time's up! We will begin the last Class Trial, so please gather at Monokuma Rock! Puhuhu, I'll see you soon!"
  • "So...you gotta show some enthusiasm and make sure you give it your all!"
  • "Now then, let's get this trial started! This is the last class trial! Let's show some enthusiasm and kill each other!"
  • "You're right. Now's not the time for me to horse around with Monomi. The Class Trial has started, after all."
  • "A bleeding plushie is super scary! It's got the same fear factor as a doll whose hair grows too long!"
  • "You say you can't believe it... Puhuhu, you just don't want to believe it, right? But that's why you keep getting betrayed over and over again, right? Same goes for this time, too..."
  • "Puhuhu...how interesting... You sure do believe in Nagito, huh? Because you believe in his malice, you continue to suspect his malice... I see... I guess that's what passes for friendship these days!"
  • "Hey, how much longer are you planning to sulk? Let's get along like we always do."
  • "Friendship is measured by how long you can stand the silence when you're all alone with someone else. Sooooo, Monomi and I are the bestest of friends!"
  • "Distrusting your friend is much more shameful than being betrayed by that friend, you know."
  • "It's sad to live a life without friendship! That's even sadder than watching a high school romcom full of guys!"
  • "...So Nagito's ghost is whispering to you, huh!? Puhuhu! The power of friendship bursts beyond death, eh? A fiery outcome like this is right out of a teen manga! ...Still, that's pretty messed up."
  • "After all, a mystery that can be solved is destined to be solved in the end. However, he also prepared a mystery that couldn't be solved. As you solve mysteries and bolster your hope, a huge mystery comes along and slaps you in your faces... For those of you who believe there are no unsolvable mysteries, that is when you finally taste despair... Meaning, he used all of the prior Class Trial verdicts to prepare this trick. Not all mysteries can be solved. Puhuhu, such a devious trick he played on you! As expected of Nagito."
  • "In the end, even if Monomi risks her life or does whatever, it doesn't matter to my army of 10^60. Hahaha, there's no value in that life you're risking! So how about this! This overwhelming despair! Does it make you dizzy from excitement!?"
  • "I know everything! I am the conqueror of the new world!"
  • "To wait or not to wait...that is the question. But which will cause more despair? That's the REAL question... If you think about it, you'd know, right? There's no way I'd wait!"

Chapter 6:

  • "Well, as the headmaster, I'm conflicted, you know. One one hand, I'm really happy that you're finally going to graduate... But on the other hand, I'm worried about whether you guys will be okay in the outside world. That's why I'm thinking about telling you what the outside world is like before you make a decision. Whether you wanna leave Jabberwock Island...or stay here..."
  • "Good, very good... It's fine to hurry along the graduation exam, but it's in my nature to provide a little entertainment."
  • "Puhuhu! Let's start with history first, class! Reading manga is the third best way to learn about history! Then what's the first, you ask? That depends on the person!"
  • "You wanted to be confident in yourself, so you wanted to forget everything that embarrassed you. You know, when humans experience trauma, sometimes they erase their memory of what happened... It happens pretty often! Now that I'd know anything about that though!"
  • "When things get inconvenient, you always get angry and try to brush it off... Well, that's expected of a Reserve Course student."
  • "For a genius known as the Ultimate Hope to cause such a gruesome incident... A talent like that is too regal for society... It's like trying to buy juice with a bar of gold!"
  • "Hey hey, are you seriously yelling at a manga...? How crazy are you!? A high school student who doesn't like manga is like an office lady who doesn't like to eat candy!"
  • "Please understand, I'm rooting for you. If you don't learn about the full extent of the outside world, you guys will suffer for it. I just want to help you guys so you can live well adjusted lives in the outside world!"
  • A high school student who doesn't like manga is like sumo wrestler who doesn't like eating hot pots!"
  • "Humans who are obsessed with their philosophy have an uncanny power to attract others... It's a trait shared by many famous leaders throughout history, right? There's nothing strange about it. That...holds true for Lady Junko. With her charismatic ability to attract people, she even influenced those in the highest echelons of power... Her connections were the main reason that incident became The Tragedy in the first place! For Junko Enoshima, despair isn't purpose, a set of principles, a way of life, or an instinct... Despair is what defines Junko Enoshima as Junko Enoshima. I'm a stuffed plushie. Hajime is a human. It's exactly like that... Junko Enoshima is full of so much despair that she's truly hopeless. Living, dying, eating, loving... For her, everything is despair. With her overwhelming force of personality, Junko recruited the Ultimate Despairs one by one... She controlled their despair by taking advantage of their love, hate, grudges, anything really. Junko's despair is far more dreadful than any other. That idea had been slammed right into their minds. And so, the Ultimate Despairs who had been recruited became nothing more than Junko's limbs. All despair, whether it was their own or anyone else's, was dedicated to Junko Enoshima. Like believers making offerings to their god... Like a mother providing food to her children... They dedicated all despair so they could escape from despair all in Junko Enoshima's name. For example... They killed their families and friends, and even destroyed their bodies through relentless mutilation. And to hopelessly top it off... They completely believed it was something that they *had* to do."
  • "Well, who cares about me anyway? That's not important at all."
  • "You gotta raise the flags more in order to clear my character route! Now then! Despair is waiting for you!"
  • "The moment you discover that the truth was a lie... All hope will disappear. Puhuhuhu."
  • "I mean, your resolve hasn't firmed yet, right? Your will to be swept away by society's harsh current."
  • "It doesn't matter if you're involved or not, you're just a bunch of chumps in the big picture. That's why it has nothing to do with you. Just perform your roles without complaining."
  • "I know, I know... The "All In Your Mind" trope makes you feel such cruel despair... But who cares!? I've revived all the suspense and mystery with just one line! Cuz it's a game!"
  • "I know you guys are pissed but you were having fun too, right? A world where anything goes only exists in games! ....Soooo, just force yourself to accept it. This closed space, this game world, was the true stage of this killing school trip!"
  • "Back in the day, people must've reacted the same way when they first saw the airplane take flight... But like wearing contact lenses, it'll stop feeling strange once you just get used to it."
  • "Your refusal to accept your mutual memory loss is why you can't notice all the important parts... You've lost your memories. End of story. You guys are avatars who had their memories taken from them."
  • "Just because it's a game doesn't mean everything was a lie."
  • "Well, nobody's gonna appreciate a game where you don't die when you're supposed to, right!?"
  • "Don't get all mushy towards a game character!"
  • "You don't have to force yourself to return to a painful reality. Let's just play this game forever and ever."
  • "Wh-Who is he...? Simply put, he's Makoto Naegi, who's known for being a cutie-patootie!"
  • "Violence is not allowed! This isn't that kind of game, it's a much smarter game, right!?"
  • "This game...is over...? No no no...I'm gonna let you finish yet... There's no way this can end before I've been transformed. A transformation is customary in a final boss battle, right? You know like that one role-playing game. You know what game I'm talking about. Final..."
  • "Now then! Make sure you burn this ginormous despair you're about to see into your memories!"

  • “I can't hear you!”
  • “Better luck next time!”
  • “What are you talking about?” (Voice: “W-What are you even talking about?”)
  • “What? What do you want?”
  • “That's impossible!”
  • “Proof, proof, proof!”
  • “Punishment is waiting for you!”
  • “You're getting all riled up!”
  • “Enough already!”
  • “Graar!”
  • “Are you sure about this?”
  • “I'm not listening!”
  • “La-la-la! I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la!” (Final Argument - BTB/MTB 1)
  • “I tried to protect her identity?” (Final Argument - BTB/MTB 2)
  • “You insolent fool! If you're saying he's not Makoto, then show me some proof!” (Final Argument - PTA).

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc IF:

  • "I want you all to trample over the deaths of your friends and grow up to have hardened hearts. It's good to be a little naughty. I want you all to grow poisonous personalities."
  • "The evil standing here before me... I'm trembling with fear...! But I won't give in to such evil! It's my style to stick it out and resist till the very end...! If you really wanna get out of here...you'll have to go through me first!"
  • "There are some things even I don't understand."
  • "Life doesn't always follow your textbooks say... It's sad, but that's what love is."
  • "Man, you're so shy. You can shoot people's hearts and brains no problem, but you can't even woo some stupid boy into liking you!"
  • "Just so you know, 'despair' and 'disappointment' are completely different things, okay? They're as different as bears and pandas."
  • "I wonder which part of you is a wolf anyway? You're just a dog that blindly follows Junko's orders. What does the tattoo on your hand even mean? Are you just a bitch who's pledged her loyalty to her owner? I bet Toko would say that. I'm positive."
  • "I'm a huge fan of endings where the characters think they're gonna live, but they're really headed to a Final Death-tination!"
  • "There isn't a bear anywhere that gives up as easily as I do."
  • "Oh my, don't ya know? If you wanna lure the mastermind out of her Heavenly Hidey-Hole, you need to bring a worthy sacrifice. You're not worthy enough at all. Do you really think the mastermind would show herself for your pathetic hope and despair?"
  • "They say people's lives don't come with reset buttons, but I'm not a people. Whether it's soft resets or hard resets, I can do as I please."

Danganronpa: The Animation (English)

Episode 01:

  • "I'm no stuffed animal! I'm Monokuma! I'm the principal of this school, making me yer principal! Nice to meet ya!"
  • "Highly promising high schoolers, just like you guys, are none other than the hope of the world!"
  • "In order to protect our wonderful rays of hope, yer expecter to carry out communal lives here on campus and nowhere else!"
  • "Only a student who has committed murder will be permitted to leave. It's a simple rule, and only one. Beat! Stab! Club! Slice open! Torch! Crush! Strangle! Cast a curse!
  • "Salmon and humans can't understand the excitement the endorphins are releasing in my body!"
  • "Fellow “rays of hope“ are thrown into a situation where thymus kill each other! It's so exciting!"
  • "Please enjoy an enriching school life filled with gore!"

Episode 02:

  • "Even in safari parks, I was famous for being the biggest nitpicking bear you ever saw when it came to rules!"
  • "You look like yer hearts have been hit by a Gatling gun!"
  • "You're way too optimistic! Devilishly optimistic! Hellishly optimistic!" (to Byakuya Togami)
  • "“Executions“ are “executions“! Exe-cu-tions! Get zapped on an electric chair! Choke on clouds of poison gas! Or your body could get torn apart by one of those hurricane thingies!"
  • "B-But just so you know, I will not give in to evil!"
  • "I will fight until the end. It's the Monokuma way to fight to the very end!"
  • "This is the courtroom that'll determine yer fates"

Episode 3:

  • "Whatcha think? Doesn't it match what you were expecting?"
  • "It doesn't seem right to leave them out just 'cause they're dead, now does it?" (Monokuma paling about the dead students)
  • "Yahoo! That's extreme! Adrenaline is filling every inch of my body!"

Episode 04:

  • "Every living person is bound to have embarrassing memories and things that they want to keep secret."

Episode 05:

  • "The despair doesn't belong just to you kids! This punishment goes out to all of humanity, as does this despair."
  • "It's meaningless to latch onto the meaning behind each and every thing!"
  • "I get the feeling that you and I are gonna be good buddies!"
  • "O Death, smile gently... And may your soul rest in peace."

Episode 06:

  • "Do yer best to enjoy yer pure and upright coded lives!"

Episode 08:

  • "You're free to take over from here. Boil her! Burn her! Kill her! Get killed by her!"
  • "I came to realize something. Parentheses are amazing! No matter how negative something sounds, if you throw "LOL" in some parentheses after it, it becomes positive!"

Episode 09:

  • "That's just some chicken scratch I wrote."
  • "A suicide means you've killed the most important existence of all... YOURSELF!"
  • "Oops, I almost read a spoiler!"
  • "It's three in the morning! GO to bed!"

Episode 10:

  • "One of you stole my treasure!"
  • "Y'all can wander in the streets during the employment ice age!"
  • "It was just the two of you in the bath a minute ago... You two were all hot and steamy! I bet you were doin' all sorts of naughty things together!"
  • "I'm careful to enjoy a healthy surveillance lifestyle that is totally free from R-Rated scenes!"
  • "I can't believe it! I'm shocked! It's like a 100-megawatt shock!"
  • "How could a bear possibly play dead?"

Episode 11:

Episode 12:

  • "If all things have a beginning, then they must also have an ending. And if they have an ending, then they must also have a new beginning. There is no such thing as a night that does not end! But that dawn us pitch black! There is no such thing as a rain that does not stop. But then the drought is to follow!"

Episode 13:

  • "Kukuku... Fascinating! This is turning out to be beary fascinating. That's right! I'm not a toy. I'm Monokuma! I'm the principal of yer school here!

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc:

Episode 1:

  • "As long as there's despair in people's hearts, Monokuma will always come back!"
  • "If it happened twice, it'll happen three times."
  • "We're about to begin a killing game that will determine the fate of humanity!"
  • "The last and greatest, battle between hope and despair"
  • "Because...this battle is the conclusion of your history and mine." (To Makoto)

Episode 2:

  • "I am the god of this new world."

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo):

  • "You're an upperclassman protagonist... I think you can come up with a better line than that." (to Hajime Hinata before the Class Trial)
  • "Whether or not this demo is exciting depends entirely on you!" (to Makoto Naegi and Hajime)
  • "I can't stand inconsiderate robots!" (to K1-B0)

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony:


  • "I am the god of this new world... ...and the headmaster of the Ultimate Academy! The one, the only...Monokuma! Nice to meetcha!"
  • "...I hold the power of life and death over each every one of you."
  • "You guys aren't friends at all... You're enemies out to kill each other."
  • "Now then, unleash your talents and have a happy, homicidal, horrific, hilarious killing game!"
  • "It never gets old! It's so fun and entertaining that I just get un-BEAR-ably pumped up!"

Chapter 1:

  • "Seeing your anxious eyes shine with murderous intent makes me oh-so happy."
  • "Please just relax, calm down, and kill! After all, the first one's free!"
  • "You should be focusing on how you plan to survive. You just gotta kill someone, right?"
  • "So unless you wanna end up as pink smears, you might wanna take this game seriously!"
  • "I won't let you kids ruin your futures! You need to have your own kids and ruin their futures!"
  • "I see...Well, if you're suffering, you all better hurry up and start the killing game. Puhuhu... Then you can say bye-bye to the suffering."
  • "Don't you realize that working together is pointless? So just knock it off already."
  • "You're surrounded by strangers, neither allies nor friends. No need to worry about them."
  • "You can all die working together, or you can survive on your own. It's your call."
  • "It's very important to express gratitude to someone who has done something for you. It will make that person feel happy, and they might do something special for you later. In other words, "thank you" isn't just about conveying gratitude... ...it also conveys the expectation of a favor in the future. So the more you say "thank you," the more you can use the people around you. So always say "thank you" to people, and make them do lots of stuff for your benefit!"
  • "Are you stupid or something? I can't stand people having a good time!"
  • "Try your hardest to nab the culprit. And believe me, that's no lie. If I lied, it would shake the game to its very foundation. So trust me and please enjoy the Class Trial without any worries."
  • "What's done is done, what's dead is dead. No point crying over crushed cubs... ...Unless you wanna end up like these sad sacks."
  • "Puhuhu! All this adrenaline creates such an exquisite feeling of despair! It's moments like this that make all the killings worth it!"
  • "Hey, I know human life is precious. I'm not a monster, y'know. Cuz if human life wasn't precious, ending it wouldn't be nearly as much fun!"
  • "There's no greater joy than witnessing such a display of despair entertainment!"
  • "If you really wanna know what's going on, you're gonna have to work for it. ...Though the corpse formerly known as Rantaro may have had a hunch."
  • "Oh well! He's dead and that's that! That's the indifference of death for ya!"
  • "Maybe spend less time worrying about nonsense and more time watching your back, okay? You never know who's gonna become the next killer."
  • "Ah, I can't wait! I wonder what kind of killing game we'll get to see next!"
  • "It's nice to see that at least one of you has some chutzpah around here. I have a feeling you're gonna live for a while."
  • "Work hard and do your best to graduate! Cuz the fun's only just begun!"

Chapter 2:

  • "No bullying! Bullying is not cool! Bullying is the worst!"
  • "Personally, I think bullying is cuz of lousy parenting. It's all the parents' fault! They should do a better job raising their kids!"
  • "Who cares? Just put your best foot forward. It's easier to move forward than backward."
  • "Man, I'm glad I built this casino! Watching suckers lose everything is hilarious!"
  • "Regardless of my true identity, my goal is crystal clear. And that is, to make you guys participate in the killing game! That is my only desire!"
  • "Boost your focus by throwing away all those comic books and video games! Oh, but Spike Chunsoft games are fine. They're specially made to improve your focus." (Directly referencing to Danganronpa's game developer, Spike Chunsoft)
  • "If you can't focus at all, it's also good to confine yourself somewhere and study! The thrill of studying in a place where you might get caught does wonders for your focus!"
  • "Oh, and I also recommend studying in a disaster zone. The thrill of studying in a place where you could actually die does wonders for your focus."
  • "Oh, and I also recommend studying in the middle of your exams. The thrill of knowing it's too late to get any studying zone does wonders for your focus."
  • "I'm not playing dumb! I never tell a lie! Cuz bears do not lie!"
  • "All kinds of miracles happen every day. Life is made up of little miracles. But whenever a miracle does happen, it just gets chalked up as fate or destiny or whatever."
  • "Be grateful for the miracles that have already happened instead of hoping for new ones. If you do that, you should be able to enjoy miracles, right?"
  • "Already tired of investigating? Oh, you've been tired of it for a while now? Well, that's how it goes. Investigations aren't all that fun, you see. But it's a necessary step before we can move on to the main event... Kinda like searching the Internet for that perfect porno video!"
  • "Now, show me just how you intend to bargain for your lives."
  • "Puhuhu... Human beings have always been selfish, self-centered creatures."
  • "Bears do not lie!"
  • "I am the ruler of this world. Nothing is beyond my power."
  • "Why do humans lie!? Why are humans the only animal that tells lies!?"

Chapter 3:

  • "Normally, most companies won't even let you take time off to go on vacation... But I was able to do it! The secret is to just leave whether you get permission or not!"
  • "There's nothing better than being praised by my cute cubs. There's nothing better than spending time with my cute cubs. For as long as you live, I will never let any of you go."
  • "Confidence... Dreams... That's what the killing game is all about! Killing game fans! Hold your head high and watch with your own two eyes! Baseball! Soccer! Mobile games! They're all nothing compared to the killing game! The killing game just can't be beat!"
  • "At last, the Class Trial will begin! I hope you enjoy it to your heart's content!
  • "Now, smiles everyone! It's showtime! Let's get this crazy-awesome trial underway!"
  • "Because death is unfair. All deaths are unfair deaths. Why do you think news stations get such high ratings when they're reporting about death? Because...everyone likes unfair deaths."
  • "It's so freakin' cute that he would kill himself cuz he couldn't get along!"

Chapter 4:

  • "Running in the halls isn't normally allowed, but I suppose boys will be boys."
  • "His white half's whiter than freshly made rice! His black half's blacker than the darkest night! It's Mono-Mono-Monokuma!"
  • "It's honestly easier to go through life without telling a single lie. Which means honest people are just lazy jerks who'd rather coast through life."
  • "By the way, the recent trend of encouraging honesty is actually a lie. You see, it's better for liars if there are more honest people in the world to deceive. They've been lying about that trend so there can be more stupid honest people. ...But that might be a lie, too. Puhuhuhuhu."
  • "I was holding back cuz we already had one vulgar cast member, but now it's my time to shine! Thankfully, I'm adorable so I can get away with saying all kinds of crude stuff. Yay! I finally get to be a foul-mouthed asshole!"
  • "I'm certain you guys'll make this turn of events very entertaining! Asshole!"

Chapter 5:

  • "Boo-hoo-hoo! My grief is pilling up like freshly fallen snow! I told them—make the most of your life, cuz you only get one shot at it... And once it's over, nothing can replace it! Oh, why did they take their lives for granted!? If only they cared about their lives, they would've worked harder to earn my love! It's all their fault! Bad stuff always happens to kids whose parents don't love them!"
  • "Killers, this is your chance to strike! Victims, you have my condolences! Will you sleep like a baby tonight? Or sleep with the fishes? Either way, sweet dreams!"
  • "Recklessness is a beautiful thing. It's so beautiful, I want to print the words "Reckless Beauty" on a t-shirt. Because recklessness is the stuff that dreams are made of. It's what makes you run at full speed, with no regard for your limitations. It's what makes you excited by anything. Some say it's foolish, but recklessness is what causes new events to unfold. So while you're still alive, live your life so recklessly that it makes you immortal. And if haters laugh at you, let them. They just don't appreciate reckless beauty like you do."
  • "Rise and shine, kiddos! It's another gorgeous day for a killing game! So get out there, embrace your homicidal urges, and have a fabulous day!"
  • "Puhuhu. What would the world be like if all lies were denied outright? I bet it would be a very lonesome world. Lies are what make the world go 'round."
  • "If you're searching for the meaning of life, you're already doing it wrong. Your life doesn't need a meaning. It just needs a purpose. In other words, you just need something to live for. You can live for spending time with loved ones, or chasing dreams... You can even live for eating delicious food, or playing games... Most people can get by as long as they have something to live for. If you say Danganronpa is your reason to live, I couldn't be happier. Puhuhu... It's been a real pleasure doing business with you."
  • "The thought of seeing young people brimming with hope, killing each other just to survive. Watching their hope fade away... There's nothing more despair-inducing than that... My dear students, carrying humanity's hope... Betraying, deceiving, and killing each other... It makes me...oh-so sad... Oh, how I long to see everyone's despairing faces, soaked in blood and tears..."
  • "Ah-hahahahahahahaha! The killing game just keeps going and going! The despair's not over yet!"
  • "Puhuhu. Looks like you have a lot of twists and turns to sort out during the Class Trial. That's what the killing game's all about, after all! I hope you pour heart and soul into this investigation, too!"
  • "A mascot's appearance at a murder scene brings a scene of relief and peace of mind."
  • "Even if it puts someone at a disadvantage, the Class Trial must always be fair."
  • "By the way, renting movies is so old school. It's more thrilling to illegally download them... It's like trying not to get caught by a big-game hunter while holding your breath during sex!"
  • "That's right! It's time for the Class Trial, where hope and despair meet head-on!"
  • "Ahhh, a battle like this takes me back... After all, hope and despair are natural enemies. Yes, this is truly a magnificent theme. Puhuhu... Only esteemed works of fiction have themes as magnificent as this."
  • "Mix equal parts life and death, add a dash of lies and truth, bake it in fires of conflict... And when it's golden brown and bubbling, you have yourself a truly decadent Class Trial!"
  • "As the one running this trial, it bothers me when anyone says mysteries don't matter. It affects the overall entertainment value, so I encourage you to reaaaally think about things."
  • "Unlike the lies you love so much, the truth should be impartial to everyone."
  • "Humans love to help. They jump at any opportunity to extend a helping hand."
  • "When a life ends, those closest to it mourn. But if you could somehow recycle that life... Then those closest to it wouldn't need to mourn anymore, right? If we could recycle life, the world would be filled with hope. That's my point."
  • "There's nothing a participant can do to end this killing game. No way! Nuh-uh! This game is gonna keep going and going for a long time!"
  • "You'll remember that despair is the only choice you have. And that hope doesn't exist here at all! Ah-hahahahaha! The killing game will never end!"

Chapter 6:

  • "Didn't I tell you? It's impossible to end the killing game. Cuz the killing game is forever eternal!"
  • "Never forgive rulebreakers! Anyone who messes with the killing game must die!"
  • "The bonds of trust you've forged, your disgusting promises of friendship... All that's gonna go bye-bye when the killing game starts!"
  • "Puhuhu, it's not up to you or me to decide whether or not this is the end."
  • "Don't worry! As a good parent, I will do my darndest to motivate you!"
  • "You know what they say... If your kids are cute, put a bomb inside of them!"
  • "I'm the best at being the worst, don'tcha think so!? Puhuhu... I tell ya, people can't get enough of my crude antics!"
  • "But those were some pretty fireworks. Even in death, my kid's a real cutie."
  • "Reject your logic without explaining why! That's the Monokuma debate style!"
  • "Puhuhu... You're upset and irrational. At times like this, a voice of reason is necessary."
  • "You idiots kept getting jerked around by meaningless lies!"
  • "The walls of this academy are your world now. The outside world is of no concern to you. The audience certainly agrees with me. Isn't that right, you guys?"
  • "You noticed way too late! There's no Danganronpa without Monokuma! Since I'm here, that means this is Danganronpa!"
  • "Well, yelling for help is useless for fictional characters anyway. It makes the viewers even more depraved and obsessed when they feel sorry for you. They watch, knowing that they shouldn't, just to revel in the depravity of it all. That depravity is the appeal of death games. It's the appeal of this very killing game... It's the appeal of Danganronpa itself."
  • "It's still a sin to throw your life away. Even if your life is fictional."
  • "I'm giving the world what it wants! I won't let hypocrites interfere!"
  • "Okay! Then let's begin! Who will be chosen as the blackened!? Who will win-hope or despair!?"
  • "What a half-assed ending. This is no way to end Danganronpa."

School Mode:

  • "I...am...Monokuma! And I'm this school's headmaster! Nice to meet you all!"
  • "This entrance ceremony was supposed to be your chance to make your big high school debut! As the headmaster, I did my best to put on a happy face, but... It's just impossible. You can only lie to yourself for so long, ya know? But if ya can't do it, ya can't do it! I've lost my confidence, my groove, and there's no getting it back!"
  • "You people just keep on reacting the same way... That's just making me more and more depressed... Even if the hardware is backwards-compatible, I guess the same doesn't go for the characters. Humans are so stupid. Worse than any piece of software... Ugh, I'm just getting lower and lower...and...there's rock bottom. Here comes the Earth's core..."
  • "You're right. I screw around too much. I've spent half my life apologizing for the other half of my life. But I've been spending so much time trying to think of what to make you guys do, and I'm just...lost. Meanwhile, I've been totally neglecting myself. Trying to laugh it off now would just be another lie..."
  • "Don't be stupid! Without a headmaster, how can your life here run smoothly?"
  • "YOU guys are gonna break me! You blew me up in the prologue last time, and tore me apart in chapter 5!"
  • "Well you're gonna, right? It's important that you grow as students, sure, but... ...you also have the opportunity to help your teacher grow!"
  • "But I won't go out that easily! I'll use my NASA-level technology to run and hide and you'll never find me!"
  • "Ugh! Would you guys please stop nagging me? "I wanna go home, I wanna go home!" I thought bears were crazy about *our* homing instinct, but you guys really take the cake! But I guess you can't really help yourselves. You're all part of that new-wave enlightenment generation. You need a specific goal to motivate you!"
  • "If you want to escape, you'll have to live here peacefully and build me my backups! And you can't just half-ass it, either. Build me a superior machine with flawless performance that thrills and delights me, and you pass!"
  • "Whatever! Stop complaining and just do it!"
  • "You guys would totally slack off if you didn't have a time limit. Humans give in so easily to corruption."
  • "Of course you can't just make one and be done with it! Who knows what kind of violence you guys might commit against poor old me? I need all the help I can get! Heck, just a second ago you were talking about how you should just destroy me right now! I heard you! You wanna...wanna...waaaah!"
  • "Fake...? No, I really am sad. All your heartless comments have made me sad! But your teacher won't let it get to him... No matter what, I'll put you all on the right path!"
  • "Hmm...you seem pretty confident. Maybe I spoiled you a little too much... But there's nothin' I can do about that! I'm just so sweet and kind and sincere! Well even if you decide you can't, I'm not gonna help you anymore!"
  • "I'm glad to see you getting all fired up, but... ...don't overwork yourself, or I'll be the one who ends up taking care of you. Take plenty of breaks! Drink lots of fluid! Promise me you'll be safe, and make your teacher proud! Also, make sure you keep everything clean! If you can't do it yourselves, I'll MAKE you do it! This is where you live, right? You need to put in the effort to keep it nice and tidy!"
  • "Even a strange, childish little boy like you might stumble on some bittersweet love if you're lucky!"
  • "Although, spending all this time building your friendships and deepening your bonds... It might just make things that much harder later on, ya know? Ahh-hahahaha!"
  • "I don't go out with guys just cuz they talk to me nice. What kinda bear floozy do you think I am!?"
  • "What I'm saying is, you gotta curry that favor! But it doesn't matter how smoothly things go, if you can't get to your pal's deepest spots... ...then you'll be able to face each other and confess all your darkest, most awesomest secrets!"
  • "And when I say no work, I mean it! All work is absolutely prohibited! Okay?"
  • "Even I, in my infinite patience, have grown sick and tired of your uselessness. But still, your teacher will not abandon you! I will begin making preparations for tomorrow... Because tomorrow is when your real school life begins! Puhuhuhu! I just can't wait!"

Love Across the Universe:

  • "Nyah-hahahaha! Kids these days... Always worrying about the future as if failure is a guarantee. Take chances, get messy, make mistakes! Worry about failure when it happens."
  • "In a democracy, everyone shares the blame!" (to the Monokubs)
  • "I dunno. Celebs who've fallen from the public eye... Artists whose projects get canceled... They knew the risks of pursuing their dreams and failed anyway. So they should take responsibility for that failure, right?"

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "As long as people have despair in their hearts... I will appear!"
  • "Well, having a talent is tough, too. You can't live a normal life or any other way, really... You pretty much have no freedom."
  • "My kids make me so happy. There's nothing better than spending time with family."
  • "I can't do my job with those five bugging me... All they're good for is filling empty seats. But it's okay cuz they're cuuuuuuuuuute! Their only purpose is to look and act cute!"
  • "Well, people do love the raw, uncut drama that happens during troubled productions like this!"
  • "Raising a daughter is tough, lemme tell ya."
  • "Kids, it's winter break now! That means you can forget your roles and just let me love you!"
  • "Just when someone thinks the danger is over... ...they end up bein' the next victim on the chopping block!"

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

  • "Myyy PRECIOUUSSS! They stole it! (famous quote from the character Gollum)

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

  • Heeeey! It's okay if you guys fight, but I won't allow a burly brawl fight that might offend people! (reference to the Matrix)
  • You know what game I'm talking about. Final... (reference to Final Fantasy series)

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

  • Dun dun dunnnn! A notebook that will kill anyone whose name is written in it! (a reference to Death Note)

Creation and development

Danganronpa 1 Monokuma Early Design

Monokuma is based on the idea of guilty (黒, literally "black") and innocent (白, literally "white"). His first beta design showcased him resembling an anatomy model commonly used in science courses. His "white" and "black" sides were originally a fully skinned side and one that exposes muscle and organs.

Monokuma Beta Designs 1.2 Reload Artbook

As the style of the game changed, the character was made cuter and he became a teddy bear instead. Another beta showcases Monokuma similarly to how he is now with the exception of his bellybutton, the addition of paws (with very notable claws), and a slimmer body. His current design doesn't show his claws.

On early design sketches featuring both his slimmer and his final self, Monokuma was also represented to be driving a car, carrying a pair of knives or using them to chop a pig into pieces.


Monokuma's name is a combination of the romanization of “monochrome” (モノクローム, monokurōmu), referencing his black and white color scheme, and クマ (kuma), the Japanese word for “bear”.

Alternate Fates

In Danganronpa IF, it is revealed that Chihiro Fujisaki created Monokuma's software after the characters' memories are restored. However, this event takes place in an alternate timeline, and so may or may not be true.

Monokuma also appears in Danganronpa 1 (Trial Version) and Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) as the headmaster of the academy and the host of the mutual killing games. Monokuma first appeared in the gymnasium when the protagonist arrives where he introduces himself and talks about the killing game that is about to happen. Monokuma also appears in the Class Trials along with the students.

Monokuma also appeared in School Mode. Similarly to the original game, Monokuma makes an announcement as he does in the main story, however, he declares that he is currently at a loss on what to do since he has forgotten to create "backups" for himself, and therefore cannot truly begin the group's "School Life". Although all the students are confused and reluctant to go along with Monokuma's words, he reminds the group that the door is sealed and that there is currently no way to leave. Monokuma then announces that in order to escape, the students must work together to create backups based on his specifications. After he leaves, the students all reluctantly agree to go along with Monokuma's orders since there was no telling what could happen if they refuse. After reaching the 51st day, if the player manages to build every backup assigned, the students will all gather around Monokuma, who yells at them for making a "backup" that doesn't even look like him. Out of anger and frustration, Monokuma decides to punish Makoto, saying that it would "motivate" the other students to do a better job next time, but the "backup" suddenly comes to life, introducing itself as Usami. After a small argument, Usami attacks Monokuma until he agrees to release the group and gives them the escape button before disappearing.

List of Appearances


  • His original Japanese voice actress Nobuyo Ōyama is popular from her voice acting of Doraemon, which Spike Chunsoft purposely made Monokuma sound like. Due to her battle with dementia, she retired from voice acting, with her last in-game role being Cyber Danganronpa VR.
  • His name in DISTRUST was originally Phantom.
  • Monokuma also shares some similarities with Zero lll from Zero Escape including that they are highly advanced technologies structured after animals that are intermediaries behind the mastermind and the players.
    • Another thing that should be noted is that both of them have highly erratic and ecstatic personalities, though occasionally lower their voices in threatening remarks. They are also voiced by TARAKO, which was likely cast in reference to Zero III since both Kotaro Uchikoshi, and Kazutaka Kodaka are known friends.
  • Another similar character to Monokuma is Billy the Puppet from the Saw series. Both act as avatars to the masterminds behind their violent games, both have a black, white, and red color scheme, both revel in giving their victims a tiny chance of survival (although Billy tends to be more genuine about it than Monokuma), and both make use of elaborate traps meant to inflict grisly, ironic deaths on their victims.
    • It should also be noted that Danganronpa was originally going to have a more horror look.
  • In Chapter 4 of the second game, it is revealed that Monokuma and Usami both hate and are afraid of mice.
    • This is another reference to his resemblance to Doraemon, who is terrified of mice ever since a robotic mouse gnawed off his iconically-absent cat ears.
    • This trait is later revealed to have an important role in the story; it's a trait given to the Observer which makes sure they can't enter the Nezumi Castle, which would act as a hiding place for the students if the Observer went rogue and contains the password to escape the program. After Monokuma stole Usami's role as the Observer, he inherited her fear of mice, meaning it's a trait he doesn't normally possess.
  • In one of the instances of "Monokuma Theater" in Chapter 4, Monokuma speaks in morse code. Translated, the message reads "BE SURE TO DRINK YOUR KUMATINE", a reference to A Christmas Story.
  • It appears that Monokuma's “evil” left eye is meant to be similar to the symbol located on the front of Hope's Peak Academy's insignia. It is later shown in Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc that, upon arriving at the school's gates, Junko took a glance at the Hope's Peak insignia and incorporated part of it while designing Monokuma.
  • As seen in various promotional beta art, Monokuma was likely going to appear in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and have a major role in the game as he is seen running away from Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa.
  • In the beginning of the second game's second Class Trial, after the students discuss the murders which took place in Hope's Peak Academy and inspired the Twilight Syndrome Murder Case, Monokuma and Monomi (who is tied up next to his seat) get caught up in a small discussion over how violent high school students have become nowadays. The humor behind this little exchange stems for the fact that Monokuma and Monomi's voice actresses, Nobuyo Ōyama and Takako Sasuga, respectively, are both senior voice actresses who are best known for the roles they have portrayed in some of Japan's most famous, long-running animated shows since the 1970's.
  • Monokuma's English voice actor, Brian Beacock, also voiced Monosuke[9].
  • In the end of the fifth chapter of the second game, Monokuma decides, apparently on a whim, to execute his “adoptive little sister” Monomi along with Chiaki Nanami - after the latter's words motivate Monomi to “finish off” Monokuma by grabbing onto him and self-destructing repeatedly (a plan that was, however, prone to fail as Monomi had around 10 spare copies at the time while Monokuma had novemdecillion (10^60) - claiming that he “suddenly remembered that he's an only child” and that he has no reason to keep someone who does nothing but constantly interfere with his plans around. This is very reminiscent of how Junko killed her twin sister Mukuro for the sake of her personal devices - a decision Junko later admits to have made on a whim as well.
  • Monokuma is Kazutaka Kodaka's favorite Danganronpa character because he is the easiest to write and because he can say whatever he wants to say.
    • In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Monokuma the most popular Danganronpa V3 Monokuma Unit.[10]
  • Monokuma is a guest character in Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, featuring as a DLC boss.
  • In Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, Monokuma is revealed to hate Sonic the Hedgehog with passion, seemingly jealous of his fame. On November 3, 2017, Sonic the Hedgehog's official Twitter page answered to Spike Chunsoft about Monokuma's outburst using comments by Sonic, Doctor Eggman, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Doctor Eggman, of course, agrees with Monokuma's opinion while Sonic quotes Danganronpa's famous catchphrase by going "you've got that wrong" (the original quote in the English localization is "No, that's wrong"). He uses his hatred to Sonic-in-game to regain his motivation by comparing him to a crime scene in the Neo World Program .
  • All of his major deaths involved him getting crushed.
  • Monokuma is referenced in Master Detective Archives: Raincode, where he is mentioned as one of the scarce, limited edition releases of Ama-Pal as a bear variant with differently coloured left and right sides.

Appearances in Other Media

As the mascot of the Danganronpa series, Monokuma is the character with the most appearances in other media and crossover collaborations.

  • A Monokuma skin appears in Persona 4 Arena and BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle for Teddie.
  • A black and white bear resembling Monokuma known as Monobear appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Rebirth and talks about punishing students for despair.
  • Monokuma appears in the anime Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life where the main character Wooser shown acting as Monokuma and Monokuma did also made a cameo appearance laughing in the background and at the end of episode in a Class Trial with Wooser and his friends.
  • A Monokuma hoodie appears in the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan.
  • Monokuma appears as a guest character in Chain Chronicle: Brave New Continent. His Max ATK and Max HP are 8600. His weapon is Monokuma sword and his weapon's ability is doubled attack power. His deathblow is called "Blade of Monochrome", a dash attack which causes medium damage to the enemy.
  • Monokuma appears in Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics as one of three designs available for the Ultimate Student class, alongside Makoto and Komaru.
  • Monokuma returns in the new game Zanki Zero: Last Beginning through a special requirement.
  • Monokuma was referenced in AI: The Somnium Files, a Spike Chunsoft's game from 2019. When Date goes back to the first crime scene with Iris, if the player investigates a panda ride, Iris says "A black and white bear... I'm not gonna be punished, am I?" When Date asks her what she was talking about, Iris replies with "Just thinking about a game I like." Monokuma's all-white and all-black faces also appear on Junko's autograph, shown when the player chooses to read the autograph in the middle in Mayumi's Somnium.
    • Monokuma himself appears in the sequel, AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative in which he can collected as one of the Kusemon to fight Ryuki's enemies during Iris's somnium. Ryuki can add Monokuma to his party if he finds his egg and then hatches it by walking around for two minutes. Monokuma's attack is Punishment, which has Monokuma hit a buzzer that summons a large amount of weapons that hit the enemy. It then spawns a car that drives into the enemy. His head can be unlocked so that Aiba and Tama can be customised to look like him with Monokuma's head and the girl's body.
  • Monokuma appears as a Titan and as an unlockable costume in the 3DS Game Attack on Titan 2: Future Coordinates.
  • Exclusively in the Japanese edition of the game Terraria, a Monokuma costume may be unlocked for their character.
  • Monokuma appears in all waves of the Danganronpa 1.2 x Divine Gate collaboration both normal and a Baum form.
  • Monokuma is included in the second collaboration of Identity V x Danganronpa as a skin for Guard 26.
  • Monokuma was featured as a fishable character in Fish Island 2.
  • Monokuma was featured in a promotional art by Rui Komatsuzaki from the anime Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life and Akudama Drive.
  • Monokuma badges can bought by Itsuki Yuge which he can then give a gift to the Star Maidens to increase their friendship in Conception Plus: Maidens of the Twelve Stars.



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Hajime HinataAkane OwariByakuya TogamiChiaki NanamiFour Dark Devas of DestructionFuyuhiko KuzuryuGundham TanakaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaJunko EnoshimaKazuichi SodaMahiru KoizumiMikan TsumikiMonobeastsNagito KomaedaNatsumi KuzuryuNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSonia NevermindSatoTeruteru Hanamura
Another Episode:
Ultra Despair Girls
Komaru NaegiToko FukawaGenocide JackJataro KemuriKotoko UtsugiMasaru DaimonMonaca TowaNagisa ShingetsuHaiji TowaHiroko HagakureHit List TargetsIzuru KamukuraThe ServantTaichi FujisakiYuta Asahina
Danganronpa V3:
Killing Harmony
Kaede AkamatsuAngie YonagaExisalsGonta GokuharaHimiko YumenoKaito MomotaK1-B0Kirumi TojoKokichi OmaKorekiyo ShingujiMaki HarukawaMiu IrumaRantaro AmamiRyoma HoshiShuichi SaiharaTenko ChabashiraTsumugi Shirogane
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The Animation
Makoto NaegiMonokumaAoi AsahinaAlter EgoByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChihiro FujisakiGenocide JackHifumi YamadaJin KirigiriJunko EnoshimaKiyotaka IshimaruKyoko KirigiriLeon KuwataMondo OwadaMukuro IkusabaSakura OgamiSayaka MaizonoToko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
Danganronpa 3:
End of Hope's
Peak High School
Future Arc
Main Characters Makoto NaegiAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiChisa YukizomeDaisaku BandaiGreat GozuJuzo SakakuraKazuo TenganKoichi KizakuraKyoko KirigiriKyosuke MunakataMiaya GekkogaharaMonaca TowaMonokumaMonomiRuruka AndoRyota MitaraiSeiko KimuraSonosuke IzayoiYasuhiro Hagakure
Minor Characters Komaru NaegiToko FukawaGenocide JackWarriors of Hope
Danganronpa 3:
End of Hope's
Peak High School
Despair Arc
Main Characters Junko EnoshimaMukuro IkusabaIzuru KamukuraAkane OwariChiaki NanamiChisa YukizomeFuyuhiko KuzuryuGundham TanakaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaKazuichi SodaMahiru KoizumiMikan TsumikiNagito KomaedaNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaRyota MitaraiSuper High School Level ImposterSonia NevermindTeruteru Hanamura
Minor Characters Jin KirigiriJuzo SakakuraKazuo TenganKoichi KizakuraKyosuke MunakataNatsumi KuzuryuSatoThe Student Council
Main Characters Nagito KomaedaFuyuhiko KuzuryūKazuichi SōdaMikan TsumikiPeko PekoyamaSonia NevermindWorld Vanquisher
Minor Characters Akane OwariChisa YukizomeGundham TanakaHajime HinataHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaMahiru KoizumiMakoto NaegiNekomaru NidaiRuruka AndoRyota MitaraiSayaka MaizonoSeiko KimuraSuper High School Level ImposterSonosuke IzayoiTeruteru Hanamura
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Danganronpa Zero Ryoko OtonashiYasuke MatsudaChihiro FujisakiIsshiki MadaraiIzuru KamukuraJin KirigiriJunko EnoshimaKyoko KirigiriMakoto NaegiMukuro IkusabaThe Steering CommitteeSōshun MurasameThe Student CouncilYuto Kamishiro
Danganronpa Kirigiri Kyoko KirigiriYui SamidareDetective Library membersFuhito KirigiriGekka RyuzōjiHajiki YakiJin KirigiriLicorneMikado Shinsen • Nazuna Tooakitsu • Norman's Hotel Murder Case participantsSachi MizuiyamaSae YozuruSalvador Fukuro YadorigiSuisei NanamuraTadashi AsakuraTōkichirō Endō • Tsukiyo Nada
Kirigiriso Kyoko Kirigiri • Kouhei Matsudaira • Santa ShikibaKyouka
Danganronpa: Togami Byakuya Togami • Blue InkAloysius PennyworthSuisei NanamuraTaeko KanaiUltimate Imposter
Short Stories Danganronpa:
Trigger Happy Havoc IF
Mukuro IkusabaJunko EnoshimaAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChihiro FujisakiGenocide JackHifumi YamadaKiyotaka IshimaruKyoko KirigiriLeon KuwataMakoto NaegiMondo OwadaMonokumaSakura OgamiSayaka MaizonoToko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
Makoto Naegi Secret File Makoto NaegiKomaru NaegiJin Kirigiri
Ultra Despair Hagakure Yasuhiro HagakureKanon NakajimaKotoko UtsugiMasaru DaimonLeon Kuwata
Danganronpa 1 ・2 Beautiful Days
MonokumaMonomiAkane OwariAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChiaki NanamiChihiro FujisakiFuyuhiko KuzuryūGundam TanakaHajime HinataHifumi YamadaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaKazuichi SōdaKiyotaka IshimaruKyōko KirigiriLeon KuwataMahiru KoizumiMakoto NaegiMikan TsumikiMondo ŌwadaMukuro IkusabaNagito KomaedaNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSakura ŌgamiSayaka MaizonoSonia NevermindTeruteru HanamuraTōko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
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