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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Monodam (モノダム) is one of the mascot characters and antagonists featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, appearing as part of a group called the Monokuma Kubs. With his siblings: Monotaro, Monosuke, Monokid, and Monophanie they control the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles alongside Monokuma.



Danganronpa V3 CG - The Monokubs Entrance (8)

Monodam, along with his four other siblings were created by Team Danganronpa, a group of people who created the famous reality show called Danganronpa, a series which tells the story about Killing Games. Monodam and the Monokubs' roles are to aid Monokuma in hosting the Killing Game.

It is unknown when they were created and in which Killing Game they started to appear. Their notable appearance is the last Killing Game entry, the 53rd Killing Game, (known as the Killing School Semester).

Prior to the Killing School Semester[]

Danganronpa V3 CG - The Pre-Game students ambushed by the Exisals

After the students woke up and left the classroom, the Monokubs began to drag every student to the gymnasium by chasing them with the Exisals. After every student entered the gym, the Monokubs entered the gymnasium in their Exisals, after realizing that they're off-script and shouldn't be in the Exisals for their first appearance, they jumped from their Exisals and appeared face-to-face with the students. Although this seems strange to the students and they raise many questions, Monodam and the others concentrate on incoherent things, until at last they realize that the students did not possess the appropriate clothes to be "Definitive Students", and that Monophanie did not fulfill her task of giving them their "first memory", and so the Monokubs give them new clothes and are forced to stop the beginning of the mutual killing game and wait another time, removing all of the students's memories of the event and giving them their "first memory".

It was revealed that this event happened right before the 53rd Killing Game occurred when the students' memories were about to be fabricated by Team Danganronpa.

Killing School Semester[]

Main article: Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

After the students are put back to their respective places, the Monokubs reappear to make their proper on-script introduction, and ask the students to explore the school and meet their classmates, occasionally appearing from to explain the functions of school, but while the other Monokubs talked, Monodam stayed completely silent. After all of the students finished introducing themselves, Monodam and his siblings make an announcement to reunite in the gym to tell them about the Killing School Semester. There, they appear inside their Exisals, though after Monokid's line gets stolen by Monodam, they almost end up battling each other.

But just as they're about to brawl, Monokuma makes his debut, much to him and the other Kub's joy, where after a brief beating due to them making the prologue go on for way too long he explains the rules of the their new lives in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Killing Game. During the Killing Game, Monodam, along with his siblings, were shown in the monitors of the Academy to announce the daytime and nighttime and other events about the Killing Game.

When Kaito Momota was about to attack Monokuma, the Monokubs appeared to squish him with the Exisals for breaking a school rule. However they end up accidentally crushing Monokuma instead "killing". Monodam was shocked about Monokuma's "death", but was still quiet, later followed by his siblings, who began to cry for their father, thinking he is truly gone They then go to give him a proper send off, by eating his remains. In that period, Monodam was the only Monokub to appear in the announcements due to the others being too busy making stew with Monokuma's body. But by the next day, Monokuma reappeared and made the Monokubs happy to see that their father is still alive, and after he licked the Kubs as part of their "emotional reunion", he announced his time limit motive, with Monodam and his siblings reminding the students of said time limit in the day and nighttime announcements.

Monodam appeared once again along with the other Monokubs when Rantaro Amami was found dead. There, Monophanie grabbed the cameras found at the crime scene to print and develop the photos that were taken during the incident. Later, Monodam and the other Monokubs announced to the students to head to the basement so they could get the developed pictures. After Kaede and Shuichi arrived, Monodam and other Kubs showed up and gave to the students the printed pictures found at the crime scene.

Monodam and the other Kubs appear again during the first Class Trial, when Kaede Akamatsu is voted as the culprit, some of her friends try to stop her from being executed, but nevertheless, the Monokubs threaten them with their Exisals so that they couldn't intervene with Kaede's execution.

Monodam's Revenge[]

At the end of the punishment, Monodam, who had enough of Monokid's constant bullying and abuse, shoved him inside the spiked piano in Kaede Akamatsu's execution, effectively destroying his body when the piano slammed shut, much to the rest of the Monokubs's shock. Monodam claimed that the reason he did this was to unify his siblings and solidify the bonds that they shared, as he saw Monokid nothing more than a noisy trouble maker.

At the start of Chapter 2 after Monokid's death, Monodam started talking a lot more than before, constantly praising his siblings announcements, and while they were afraid of him at first, Monotaro and Monophanie eventually start warming up to Monodam, even letting him do his own announcements and praising the way he does them, though Monosuke stays very suspicious of Monodam and keeps trying to make the other Kubs hate him by reminding them what he did, with little to no success, as none of them liked Monokid in the first place. When Monokuma presented a new motive, the Monokubs gave a Kubs Pad to each of the students with the motivational video in it.

Monodam was the only one to appear when Angie called the Monokubs out, due to rest of his siblings being asleep. When the students questioned him about the switch-up of the videos on the Kubs Pad, Monodam simply answered that he will give it to each on of his owners before leaving.

Despite him trying to get along with Monosuke, even defending him for his slip-up at the Class Trial, seeing that he later became a hindrance for the siblings, Monodam killed Monosuke in Kirumi Tojo's execution by pushing him right below Kirumi's falling body, crushing him. Monodam justifies his actions by saying that Monosuke was no diferent from Monokid, in that he was getting in the way of them getting along, and that they don't need him, Monodam then furthers his claims by saying that not even Monokuma can stop them from getting along, and even insults him by saying that he dosen't know what's good for him.

At the begining of chapter 3, when the Monokubs are supposed to give their prizes, Monodam turns against Monokuma, accusing him of treating his children like slaves and stating that from now on he will be calling the shots. Since the Monokubs have Exisals on their side, Monokuma is forced to surrender and stays in a comatose state through most of chapter, leaving the academy to the Monokubs. After Monodam became the new headmaster, he becomes a lot more agressive, openly threathening the students and the his siblings to make them obey his orders, even changing the Monokuma Theater segments to the Monodam Theater segments, with Monotaro and Monophanie only doing what he says out of fear of what he'd do to them if they didn't.

At a certain point, Monodam told the students to meet in the gym, threatening to use the Exisals to peel their faces off if they don't, There, Monodam ordered his siblings to present the motive that is supposed to get them closer together, where Monotaro and Monophanie say that the students can use a Necronomicon and resurrect one of their dead classmates as a "transfer student" and participate in the Killing School Semester once again, after that, Monodam forces Monophanie to punish Monotaro for forgetting that the motive isn't for murder, which she willingly does off-screen after Monotaro accidentally admits to make fun of her behind her back.

Monodam once again appears in the computer room along with Monophanie and Monotaro, where he insists that Shuichi worked together with his classmates to get to it, even though that's not the case. They presented to Shuichi the new computer that could create a completely "new world" with this technology. The Monokubs also gave Shuichi a Flashback Light with a new memory.

Danganronpa V3 CG - Angie Yonaga smashing the Flashback Light

Monodam and the other Monokubs appeared in the cafeteria with the students to give them a Flashback Light to prepare their new plan. However, Angie grabbed the Flashback Light and destroyed it right in front of the them, ruining their plan, In shock, Monotaro and Monophanie began to question Monodam about the situation, but as he dosen't know what to do now that the Flashback Light was destroyed, he left the cafeteria. To both Monotaro and Monophanie's suprise, with them also leaving right after.

Monodam later appeared when Angie's body was found in her Research Lab. There, the other Monokubs scold Monodam, as he failed to make the students get along, but Monodam replies that murders are necessary to bring the students closer together, then he gives the Monokuma File so the remaining students could start the investigation. Later on, when Tenko's body was found, the Monokubs where shocked to see two murders during an investigation. And since they all didn't know what to do in that situation, Monophanie and Monotaro called their father for help, but Monokuma also couldn't answer, as he was still in the same petrified state since the begining of the chapter. After Monophanie and Monotaro try using "the power of love" to snap him out of it, another Monokuma appears and reveals that he was actually on vacation and that he simply left the academy to be ran by the Monokubs, and also that the silent Monokuma was just a part timer he got to cover for him while he was gone.

After Monokuma regained his position as the headmaster and started the Class Trial, Monotaro and Monophanie started to bully Monodam even worse than Monokid did to him before, saying that they wouldn't waste a ressurection on his corpse and later on just ignored him completely. Due to the excessive bullying and the fact that he failed to get along with his siblings, Monodam took his own life during Korekiyo Shinguji's execution, by running into the flames that were boiling Korekiyo alive. Monotaro and Monophanie are both shocked and saddened by his suicide, though Monophanie refused to admit she had a factor in it while Monotaro almost immediately forgets who Monodam was.

At the begining of Chapter 5, Monokuma is seen crying for his deceased children, though he almost immediately starts wondering why they even existed right after.

Monodam was mentioned when Monokuma first showed the students where the Monokubs store the Exisal Units, since Monodam and his siblings were dead, Monokuma gave to the students this room since no one can use the Exisals but the Monokubs.

Monokubs' Return[]

Danganronpa V3 CG - The Monokubs reappearing (1)

Monodam and his siblings were rebuilt by Monokuma after the Chapter 5 Class Trial and began to be active once again. Monokuma stated that the factory that built the Monokubs was still in function and bought the latest models of them, but since they still had their factory settings, they had no memory of their past lives and thus were confused at the current situation. Monokuma specifically brought them back to have power over the Exisals once again since Monokuma can't control them, but Monodam and his siblings can.

at the begining of Chapter 6, Monokuma and the Monokubs arrive in their Exisals and threaten to destroy K1-B0 for damaging the school in an attempt to end the Killing Game. K1-B0 reassures everyone to find the truth while he engages the Monokubs in combat, fighting them the entire time everyone else is investigating the real truth about the Killing Game. After Shuichi gathers enough information, he proposes to Monokuma, the Kubs, and K1-B0 to solve this conflict with one final Class Trial, Monokuma agreeing to these terms and ordering his children to remove K1-B0's weapons so that he can participate.

Right at the begining of the final Class Trial, despite the fact that Monodam and his siblings were all brought back not too long ago, Monokuma revealed that he has a self destruct button which he'll use to destroy the Monokubs once again if they didn't participate in the Trial or if they simply got on his nerves, causing them to be much more active in the discussion than ever before.

Though since they don't know anything that happened prior, they are all incredibly scared and confused and keep throwing argumets and theories that are very quickly debunked, Not helping is the fact that Monokuma keeps dodging questions and leaving it for them to answer. Though Monodam made the most valid arguments out of all of his siblings and tried to convince the other Kubs to keep quiet and listen, he was the second Monokub to be blown up while warning his siblings to calm down so that their father dosen't yell at them.

Creation and Development[]


Like Gundham Tanaka, Monodam's name is a reference to the Gundam mecha anime series. His much stronger resemblance to a stereotypical robot compared to the other Monokuma units can also be seen as further referencing it.

Alternate Fates[]

He also appears in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) along with his brothers. He first appeared when Yasuhiro Hagakure's body was found. He later appeared in the Class Trial along with his father and brothers. In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Monodam and his siblings are headmasters of a school similar to Hope's Peak Academy.


Danganronpa V3 Monodam Sprite (1)

Monodam's appearance is similar to that of his father, Monokuma, but the part that is black on Monokuma is an olive green color. Likewise, his right eye is gray with a red pupil while his left eye is white. He also has light gray cheeks, meant to represent blushing, and a yellow pacifier in his mouth to represent the fact that he is a child.

While all the siblings are robots, Monodam is more robotic in appearance; his limbs are made of gray, bendable metal, his ears are flat and his body, his face and his forehead appear as different connected parts. The two halves of his forehead also appear to be different parts with the left half being slightly larger than the right half. He also speaks in a stereotypical, monotone robotic way.

When he gets nervous, his ears pop up, releasing steam. Like a rocket, he is also capable of flying forward very fast, leaving behind a trail of bright light. He can also extend and retract his limbs to a small extent.

In the Anthology manga, Gonta thought that Monodam looked very similar to a drone beetle due to his shape and his green color and tied him to a tree.


Monodam is a child-like robot. Unlike his overly talkative siblings, he is very quiet. For the most part, he doesn't speak even to his fellow siblings, and he is somewhat of an outcast in the group.[2] He sometimes appears a bit shy and seems to be blushing, like during the time when he made his first official announcement.

When he does talk, Monodam speaks in a typical monotone robotic manner, making him appear very emotionless and thus unpredictable. He tends to silently stare at others, with no visible reaction when others speak to him. He occasionally speaks short sentences unexpectedly in a rather loud voice, which may startle others due to his usual silence. The rare moments when he laughs sounds especially unnatural due to his very robotic voice. All of this causes him to come across rather creepy, much more so than his siblings. Like all the Kubs, Monodam imitates Monokuma by constantly calling the students "you bastards" and having his own version of his father's signature laughーa monotone "pu-hu-hu-hu".

Monodam is constantly bullied by Monokid, both verbally and physically, possibly because of his different looks. Monokid has fun making up new ways to be cruel towards Monodam and he also tends to blame Monodam for anything that goes wrong. This is said to be the reason why Monodam has closed his heart long ago. He appears to protest very little or even react against the abuse he endures. However, he later states he strongly dislikes bullying, and in the anthology manga he seems to even break his silence to react whenever someone says the word "bullying". Despite appearing very unresponsive, it's later shown that he seems to act more independent than the other Kubs, like when he arrived to deliver Kubs Pads by the students' request all by himself and mentioned that the other Kubs were asleep.

Later, Monodam's character takes an even darker turn, as he suddenly kills the siblings who bullied him and forces the rest into submission with threats of violence, making even Monokuma creeped out because of his actions. He even forcefully takes Monokuma's place and becomes a temporary headmaster, accusing Monokuma of treating his children like slaves, though later Monokuma claims that he was just taking a vacation and gave the Kubs the place. Monodam turns very passive aggressive, saying that everyone should get along and be friends... or else "he won't forgive them". Claiming everyone is friends and everything should be harmonious, Monodam even appears to be against murders and the killing game, though he later seems fine with them since the class trials increase the students' unity. Monodam physically abuses his siblings whenever they do something wrong in his eyes, since according to him, friends punish each other when one does something wrong. Despite this, the other two Kubs, Monophanie and Monotaro, are seen speaking back to him or even ignore him completely. In the end, he ends up killing himself by running into flames during Korekiyo's execution, because he saw himself as incapable of getting along any longer with his siblings. It's also implied that he was inspired to do this by the other Kubs and Monokuma's talk about how some people get more "popular" after dying since other people then talk about and think about them much more.

Monodam's hidden aggression seems to be hinted at in the Prologue when the Kubs use their Exisals to chase the students into the gym—while the other Exisals are seen taking slow steps, Monodam is seen charging towards Kaede and Shuichi at full speed.

After Monokuma rebuilt him and the Kubs were under a threat of being exploded if they didn't make good arguments, Monodam started to become a little more concerned for his siblings and started to talk more than he used to, and advised his siblings to be quiet and listen to the conversation multiple times. It appears that he is the most intelligent out of the Kubs, as he is capable of staying calm and make logical arguments when the other Kubs were too scared and/or confused to do so, and even when he knew barely anything about what is going on. He also became more aggressive during the final Class Trial and started to participate, unlike in the previous ones, trying to protect his siblings and the Mastermind. After he warned his siblings not to shout so much or else their father will yell at them, he was destroyed by Monokuma.


Controlling the Exisals[]

Monodam, along with the other Monokubs, are the only ones who can control the Exisals.

Monodam can control the Exisals on his command to manipulate the students into doing something, since the Exisals carry dangerous weapons such as a saw and a gun. He also uses the Exisals to punish any students who break the school's rules.

In Chapter 3, Monodam and the other remaining siblings forced Monokuma to surrender and give them the power to control the Academy, as Monokuma couldn't stop them because they were using the deadly Exisals.

Fixing and rebuilding[]

Monodam and his siblings seem to be able to repair and fix machines as they were the ones responsible to fix K1-B0's antenna to get a signal from the audience from the outside world and are also able to remove gear and heavy weapons around him.




Monokuma is the self-proclaimed father of Monodam, Monotaro, Monokid, Monosuke and Monophanie.

He calls them his "adorable children" and seems even disturbingly attracted to them because they look like him and he loves his own looks. He is mostly annoyed and neglectful towards the Monokubs, even saying at the begining that he tolerates their tiresome antics only because they're so cute.

Monodam tends to call Monokuma simply "father". When Monokuma was assumed dead, Monodam appeared very shocked, but still remained completely silent.

Later, Monodam turns against Monokuma, openly insulting him by saying he dosen't know what's good for him and later on calling him an outdated piece of junk, accusing him of treating his children like slaves. Since the Kubs have Exisals on their side, Monokuma is forced to surrender (though he later claims he was simply taking a vacation and gave the Kubs the job). Even Monokuma seems creeped out by Monodam. When Monodam later commits suicide, Monokuma is shocked at first, but then seems to think that his own child committing suicide is just adorable.

Monokuma Kubs[]

Monotaro, Monokid, Monosuke, and Monophanie are Monodam's siblings. Monodam is the quietest of all the members and usually does not speak to anyone due to his backstory of being bullied. He goes as far to even kill his other siblings who bullied him and takes control of his other siblings to get along and be friends.


Monokid loves to bully his brother, Monodam, both verbally and physically, even though they should be comrades. He also tends to blame Monodam for everything, no matter how illogical the suggestion would be.

Monokid says Monodam has "an ugly and cheap-looking body", implying that he may dislike him because of his different looks. It's said that this bullying is the reason why Monodam has closed his heart. Monodam usually stays completely silent and doesn't seem to react to Monokid's hostile words nor actions.

In Chapter 1, Monodam shockingly killed Monokid during Kaede's execution. He claims that he did it for the sake of solidifying the siblings' bonds, as Monokid was unable to live in peace with them due to his personality.

In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Monodam is seen having his revenge on Monokid once again, as he seemingly kicks the other Kub while he is lying on the floor after eating too much honey.


Monosuke seems to find Monodam a bit boring due to his silence and wishes he would talk more for the sake of entertainment.

After Monodam murdered Monokid, Monosuke finds the turn of events very interesting, but also becomes suspicious of Monodam and keeps reminding the other cubs of what he did.

During the second trial, Monodam repeatedly defends Monosuke after his slip-up provides the students critical information. However, Monosuke does not appreciate this and keeps his belief that the Kubs should be hostile towards each other, causing Monodam to murder him during the execution.


Monotaro seems to like Monodam the most out of all the other male brothers he has. Monotaro seems a little upset and even surprised that Monodam refuses to speak to him.

Later, Monodam forcefully takes Monokuma's place and forces Monotaro and Monophanie into submission, threatening them with violence if they refuse while claiming it's all for the sake of them getting along. Because of this, the two other Kubs are afraid of Monodam. However, Monotaro later speaks back to Monodam, telling him that he doesn't understand "the power of love" because he has never been loved before when they try to get their father back.

During the Class Trial, Monotaro along with Monophanie start being a lot meaner to Monodam, with him even saying that he wouldn't waste a resurrection on his corpse, and is later seen ignoring Monodam multiple times, and pretends he didn't hear anything. Due to his memory problems, Monotaro almost immediately forgets who Monodam was after he dies.


In general, Monophanie seems to like Monodam. She thinks he is cute whenever he is being shy.

Later, she doesn't really seem to care that Monodam killed Monokid, since she hated him anyway. However, after Monodam forcibly takes the headmaster's place and threatens the other kubs into submission with violence, Monophanie is afraid of him as well. She occasionally tries to calm him down whenever he is angered.

However, later in the Class Trial, both Monophanie and Monotaro are seen bashing and ignoring Monodam multiple times. After Monodam kills himself, Monophanie appears saddened and grieves, though she also refuses to admit she had a factor in his suicide.

Ultimate Academy Students:

Monodam and the Monokubs are all under the control of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles' students and host the Killing School Semester along with his father. The Monokubs usually call the students' "bastards" to imitate their father, as he always calls the students that. The Monokubs also always give the students the awards after completing the Class Trial for making it out alive.

Unlike the other Monokubs, Monodam doesn't really interact with them that much and usually keeps completely silent due to his heart being closed and refusing to talk to others. When he becomes the new headmaster however, he seems to want the students to get along instead of killing each other, though he dosen't seem to care when a student is murdered, as that also brings them closer together.


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List of Appearances[]


  • Monodam is the only character not to talk in the demo.
  • In the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, Monodam can be found behind the school. He calls Shuichi "detective" while asking him if he knew that his father Monokuma only eats salmon. He then discreetly hands the boy 12 casino coins and leaves. When talked to a second time, he is seemingly frozen and repeats "UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN... LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT-B-A...", a clear reference to the Konami Code. He then discreetly gives Shuichi 7 casino coins.
  • Monodam's English voice actor, Jason Wishnov, also provides the voice for Byakuya Togami and the Ultimate Imposter when they are in their Byakuya disguise in Danganronpa games.
  • In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Monodam the 3rd most popular Danganronpa V3 Monokuma Unit.[3]



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