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Monobeast Execution is an execution in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, with Monomi being executed.


After Monokuma becomes annoyed by Monomi, he decided to execute her as an example for the students by using one of his Monobeasts.

Monokuma laughs and jumps on top of the Eagle Mecha as it begins looming over a terrified Monomi, and prepares two giant Gatling Guns, awaiting for Monokuma's signal to fire, after a small delay, he quickly lowers his hand and Monomi gets fired at with an onslaught of bullets, destroying her entirely.

After a bullet almost hits Hajime, the shooting finally stops as Monokuma and the Eagle Mecha creepily loom over what remains of Monomi, a single bow filled with bullet holes.


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