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Clan of Assassins

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Detective Library Staff

Gender: Male.png MaleFemale.png Female / Status: Alive
The Detective Library Staff are minor characters first mentioned in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1. These include receptionists, cleaners and other desk workers that all wear white shirts and old-fashioned black arm warmers. They are described to be like silent working machines.

The main receptionist (the only one to actually talk) is a male in his fifties with sunken cheeks, and appeared to be the type to enjoy true literature. He updated both Yui and Kyoko's cards, despite his disinterest in them. Like most librarians, he gets upset when people are too loud, shushing Yui when she became over-excited at levelling up her DSC number. He took the notes that Yui wanted to give to the triple- and double-zero-class detectives before leaving.

Framed Astrologer

Gender: Male.png Male Status: Deceased
Five years prior to the Sirius Observatory, their was an infamous serial arson case happening plaguing the neighborhood, destroying much property and resulting in even claiming the the lives of Tadashi Asakura's family, as well as Tadashi losing his two legs. During this time a detective, Kō Inuzuka, had noticed that the arson sights made a sort of start shape with a known astrologer's house being in the middle. Kō went to confront the astrologer, but all that was left of him was his charred body and message claiming that he was responsible for the arson in order to 'change the stars. However, that was a lie created by Kō himself who was the real culprit of the arson and did it all to raise his rank in the Detective Library.

Kouhei's Teacher

Gender: Gender Unknown.png Unknown
Kouhei's Teacher is a minor character featured in Kirigiriso.

In the joke Extra Scenario ending, in Kouhei's dream where he transferred to school with Kyoko Kirigiri, the teacher makes them sit together during classes. As this character is only in a dream they are likely not a real person.


Gender: Female.png Female
Kyouka Kirigiri Sou (1).png Kyouka (キョウカ) is a plant-human hybrid appearing in the sound novel Kirigiriso. She lives in an abandoned mansion off in the forest. She was made with Kyoko Kirigiri's DNA by a mad scientist.
Appearance and Personality:

Since she was made with Kyoko's DNA, she is described to look exactly the same as Kyoko Kirigiri, in addition to wearing a plain white dress.

Being a hybrid made form both human and plant DNA, Kyouka cares for nature and, especially for the 'children' who couldn't be like her and is quite protective of them, even willing to go to murderous lengths in her attempt to help them. Despite being made from Kyoko's DNA, she is the opposite of her in terms of demeanor, having a more openly cheerful and warm attitude compared to Kyoko's stoicness. Her actions during both the Plant Girl and Earth Defense Force paint her as an expert manipulator and ruthless if her true intentions are exposed.

She isn't without humanity, with endings of both mentioned routes having her give up her schemes when faced with true kindness. In the Plant Girl route, her diary entries expose her severe loneliness over being unable to go outside and her desire to form connections with others. Despite this, in the Plant Girl route, she also expresses severe doubt in her ability to atone for her actions, opting to killing herself and the hybrids instead. The Another End route imply that, if given a chance to start over, Kyouka would have been a regular cheerful girl.


Kyouka was created after DNA of Kyoko Kirigiri (acquired from police evidence off a case from ten years ago) was mixed with plant DNA, forming a plant-human hybrid. For most of her first years she was isolated in the same mansion from the outside world, with only her Father and his friend for company. She couldn't go outside as a result of the air not being good for her due to her weak body, and couldn't talk with her brethren due to the bacteria she had could have hurt them. As she grew up quickly thanks to her status as a clone, she began quickly outgrowing clothes. She was amazed by the fireworks outside and longed to visit the outside and make friends, this being as a result of her mansion isolation leaving her quite lonely.

As time passed, and she became fully grown, she decided then to take care of her brethren who were incomplete and couldn't be human yet without proper nourishment. This being other people. In order to acquire proper nourishment, she lured in detectives from the Detective Library with false requests and fed them to her family. Of these detectives, one of them was Kyoko Kirigiri who brought along a civilian by the name of Kouhei Matsudaira.

As the they investigate they wind up meeting Kyouka. She first meets Kouhei, slipping a piece of paper to him that tells him to trust her. When Kyoko tries to interrogate her, she runs away further into the mansion, leaving Kouhei to make a choice between trusting her or Kyoko.

Plant Girl Ending

If he chooses to trust Kyoko, they both give chase in trying to find Kyouka. Their search leads them to meeting one of the incomplete creations and Kyouka. The creature captures Kyoko and Kyouka demands that Kouhei leaves her behind. Kouhei refuses and frees Kyoko. Kyouka claims she just wants to live peacefully, but Kyoko rebuttals its the opposite. She deduces the true intentions of the mansion inhabitants of murdering detectives that they lure there. Kyouka remarks that she won't abandon them.

Fearing that Kyouka was getting attacked, various plants attack Kyoko and Kouhei, who make a run for the exit. Kyouka appears in the hallway and has the plants tie up Kyoko and Kouhei. At the last moment, Kyoko gives Kouhei a flask they found in the mansion's hidden room with an unknown liquid and tells him to throw it at Kyouka. When it hits her, Kyouka screams and her skin dries up, turning a sickly green. Her eyes also turn red. The liquid that was thrown on her was herbicide. The mansion plants loose their grip on Kyoko and Kouhei, and they both leave the mansion through a window with bent bars. As they both get away, Kyouka continues screaming until she abruptly stops. Kouhei looks back and sees that the mansion is gone. In place there is a large tree. With Kyouka, the client, gone Kyoko has no reason to stay there and thus allows Kouhei to escort her out of the forest.

Bad Ending 1

This bad ending happens near the end, were Kouhei has a choice to leave the mansion or help Kyoko. In this end, Kouhei takes up Kyouka's offer to leave the mansion and leaves Kyoko behind. Some time afterwards, Kouhei hears a knock on his dorm door. He looks through the door hole and sees Kyoko outside. He panics because he thought that she died in the mansion. Then he remembers that it could be Kyouka, and thinks she could be coming back to kill him because he knows the mansion's secret. As the figure opens the door, Kouhei asks it if she is Kyoko or Kyouka. The game ends as she begins to answer his question.

Bad Ending 2

This bad ending happens near the beginning, were Kouhei has a choice of picking up Kyoko or not. In this end, Kouhei doesn't pick Kyoko up from the road and keeps driving. He then drives into Kyouka the same way he did with Kyoko. Kyouka then gets into his car and he keeps on driving. Suddenly she takes the steering wheel and crashes the car into a tree. Kohei is barely conscious as a suit of armor carries him from his car to inside the mansion, and Kyouka feeds him to the plants.

Plant Girl True End

In this end, when Kouhei comes backs with a kitchen knife to cut the rose wall and sees Kyoko is missing, he has a choice of searching for her in one of the guest rooms. If he enters it, he finds Kyouka's diary entries of her past. He keeps them with him.

If Kouhei chooses to trust in Kyouka, he leaves Kyoko in an attempt to talk with her. Once he arrives in the room with the plant/human hybrids, he meets Kyouka. She explains that the DNA of these hybrids were taken only from exceptional and talented people, since only the exceptional DNA could have survived. She then tries to feed Kouhei to the hybrids, but Kyoko intervenes and saves him. Like in the Plant Girl route, both get captured by her plants out in the mansion's hallway.

This time, Kouhei remembers Kyouka's diary pages in his pocket and takes them out. He tells her that she can go outside the mansion with him and Kyoko and that they can have fun together. Kyouka says that she can't do that because of the amount of people she killed for her plant siblings. Kyoko responds that even if she really done awful things, if she's willing to change, there was still a chance for her. While touched, Kyouka forces them out of the mansion as she sets it on fire. As they are clear of the burning mansion, they see her body lying out of the mansion thanks to the hybrids carrying her out, before they themselves die. However, it is too late as Kyouka was already dead. She and the hybrids were buried before Kyoko and Kouhei left the scene.

Six months later, Kouhei returns to the mansion, finding a mass of white flowers surrounding one, giant, one. A flower which Kouhei mistakes for Kyouka.

Extraterrestrials vs Earth Plants Against Invaders Defense Force End

In this joke route, Kyouka presents herself as a civilian that Santa saved from being attacked by the Rhinogradentia. From there, she joined his team to fight against the alien invaders, thus becoming quite close to him. Throughout the route, she assists the team (which has recruited Kouhei and Kyoko) in fighting back against the Rhinogradentia that are invading the mansion.

However, later on after the mansion is burning down from Santa's explosive pinecones (which also seemingly kills Santa as well), its revealed that she was, in actuality, an alien spy for the Rhinogradentia as a Super Galaxy Level Invader. She claims that her side is doing everything to protect the Earth. She prepares to kill Kyoko and Kouhei with her mothership's laser, when Santa reappears. He points out she'll destroy her sakura tree if she does so, and that won't she stop all of this to comrades with him again. She hesitates but responds that its too late to stop the laser. Santa takes the laser that was about to hit her tree and that selfless act convinces her to call off the invasion, and weep for the seemingly dead botanist. Once it was revealed that Santa also survived that, she tearfully hugs her leader, agreeing to make him sakura tea again.

Bad Ending 3

Within the team, Kouhei volunteers to deliver the little Rhinogradentia to the Rhinogradentia group. As the team walks toward the group, Kouhei steps ahead with the little Rhinogradentia. He puts it down and it walks towards the group. However, the Rhinogradenta rush ahead, crushing it. The team runs away from the charging aliens, but Kouhei gets caught in the rampage and dies.

Extra Scenario Ending

In this joke scenario, Kyouka is the adopted younger sister to Kyoko and has been looking after her older sister who had been asleep for many years. She claims that the hardships from her detective life had lead Kyoko to abandon it and play games in the mansion instead, and making money off her re-selling items. However, Kyoko then decided to just lay in bed asleep, thus requiring a person to come wake her up with a kiss. Throughout this time, the asleep Kyoko had created illusions to lure in other people, but only Kouhei had made it this far. Kyouka urges Kouhei to go through with it and has a video camera prepped to record it. At the end of the route, it's revealed that this was all Kouhei's dream after getting into a car wreck.

Plant Girl Another End

In an alternate timeline, after the events of the Plant Girl True End, Kouhei visits Kyouka's grave and sees a girl that looks exactly like Kyouka standing there. Kyouka didn't recall anything besides the forest and plants, but did sense that she felt like she knew Kouhei and agrees to go with him. As Kouhei fills her in on the details, they run into Kyoko by chance who also agrees to talk with Kyouka about what happened. Kyoko and Kyouka quickly grow to like each other, and all three end the route by going shopping with each other.


Kyoko's Schoolmates

Gender: Female.png Female / Status: Alive
Kyoko's Schoolmates are all minor characters first mentioned in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1. As it is a women's middle school, they are all female.

Kirigiri's Schoolmates love to gossip, and let Kyoko do as she pleases alone in class. When Yui comes to talk to Kyoko about the Duel Noir in private, it only fuels the gossip about the two, until Yui says they are "planning a date". This causes them to all squeal and gossip further about the two's relationship.


Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Deceased
Norman (ノーマン, Nōman) is an antagonist featured in the second novel of Danganronpa Kirigiri.
Appearance & Personality:

Norman's portrait is usually seen as young Caucasian male with brown hair, with the use of LCD that allows his lips to move and change expressions.

For his time in the hotel, Norman comes across as rather similar to Monokuma. He is depicted as amiable with a desire for seeing fair play, such as ordering all funds to be burnt and replaced with the one hundred million yen for each participant, though rather impatient with his refusal to repeat the rules of the auction. However, he has no qualms in putting the participants into a life or death scenario, and even grins sadistically before killing Taehime Uozumi, with her death even causing him to whip out a cruel joke, showing a morbid sense of humor. Given that his entire dialogue is prerecorded, it stands to reason that Norman has no true personality of his own.


At 6PM of the first day, the entrance to the dining hall opens and the ten participants meet Norman, who ends up shocking several of them as they weren't expecting their host to be a talking painting (however, they are calmed down quickly once Suisei Nanamura reveals it was an LCD monitor instead). Norman orders for the participants to set at the dining table and give up all of their funds, citing the auction can not start without it. With vary degrees of reluctance, all the group's money is placed on the table where Taehime is ordered to throw all of it into the fireplace, much to the dismay of the greedier of the participants.

To cheer them up, he orders them to look under their seats where each participant has a bag of over 100 million yen. In order for them all to be on equal grounds for the auction, that yen is what they'll be using to bid. He then reveals what will be hosted: The right to be the detective, otherwise known as the Detective's Right. He goes on to explain the reason why something like this is up for grabs is because there will be a killer that will try to off one of them each night and the only way to protect themselves is to become the detective, the only one that the culprit of the Duel Noir can not kill. He goes on to explain the rules of the Norman's Hotel Duel Noir and the schedule, however, during this exchange Susei questions him if the rules can be altered, though Norman ignores him (something that gives away the fact that Norman himself is only giving out prerecorded lines).

When all the rules have been explained, he then says that before the auction starts he's going to prepare dinner and orders Taehime to come to the balcony of the dining hall where his painting was stationed. While reluctant, she obeys and stands in front. Unfortunately for her, this was a trap and she is shot twice, with her body falling onto the table below before it bursts into flames. He announces dinner as being roasted maid and that he killed her to prove to the others that this situation was real. He also notes that since she was 'cooked', she didn't count for the one person per day rule. With that said, he leaves under the excuse that he has to find his mother and that the participants will never see him again (but since he wasn't a central character it was fine), thus leaving future auctions to be hosted by his 'family'.

Norman's Hotel Participants

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Ryuichiro Kiba

Gender: Male.png Male Status: Alive
Thanks to the boom in the iron industry during the the postwar economic boom, Ryuichiro Kiba was able to amass quite the fortune. With enough made, Ryuichiro retired and created the Sirius Observatory to live the rest of his life in seclusion. However, later in life, he got in trouble in the government for committing tax fraud and was taxed extra. As a result, the government seized the items within his Observatory, with the building being put for sale two months before the Duel Noir could commence and bought by an IT company that was thought to be a shell organization, thus making him no longer involved with the building he once had. Unfortunately, details of Ryuichiro's absence was only revealed later on by Shīta Enbi to the four remaining detectives that were there there, well after it was too late for them to turn back from the Duel Noir.

Shīta Enbi

Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Deceased
Shīta Enbi (燕尾 椎太) is a Minor character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1.

Shīta along with the other detectives are decapitated by Tadashi Asakura, however Shīta was already dead by that time.


Shīta wore grey sunglasses, a black tanktop and a green coat.


Not much is known about Shīta, as he was dead before the start of the novel, however if Tadashi acted similarly to Shīta, he would have been quiet and kept to himself.


Shīta was a 28 year old detective and specialized in terrorist cases. His DSC number is 245. He was murdered by Tadashi, who then disguised himself as Shīta, as they look very alike.

  • The name "Shīta" (椎太) is composed of the kanji 椎 - "oak" and 太 - "plump" or "thick" (although it could also figuratively mean "healthy"); making the name's overall meaning something along the lines of "thick like an oak". This could be a reference to Shīta's physique.
  • "Enbi" (燕尾) means "swallow's tail".

Sirius Astronomical Observatory Case #1 Participants

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Sirius Astronomical Observatory 7th Parallel Participants

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Takeda Haunted Mansion Case Participants

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Taxi Company Minivan Driver

Gender: Male.png Male / Status: Alive
The Taxi Company Minivan Driver is a minor character mentioned in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1.

He is described as wearing a dark blue suit, and acts in a friendly, polite, yet business-like manner, which is shown through his willingness to wait for more people to show up as well as him offering coffee to the detectives. He was hired by Yoshizono Ōe to pick up all the detectives to take them to the Sirius Observatory, where the first Duel Noir took place. He had also received instructions to give out coffee, which unbeknownst to him, were spiked with sleeping drugs. After he drove halfway, as instructed, he dropped the detectives off so he wouldn't be caught up in the Duel Noir.

The Sponsors

Gender: Female.png Female / Male.png Male Status: Alive
The Sponsors are various people from affluent backgrounds who desire to watch people 'take back their own lives' by watching the Duel Noir. In exchange for viewing such events, they have help in regards to the game by donating vast sums of money for the Victim of the Duel Noir to use to purchase the Technqiues needed to go about their murder trick. Notably, if the Victim wins the Duel Noir the funds used in the Duel Noir would be theirs. If they fail, in order to payback the money used in such affairs, they will be executed in order to gain life insurance payments from their deaths.

Twelve Zodiac Duel Noir Challenge Participants

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Yoshizono Ōe

Gender: Male.png Male
Yoshizono Ōe was the name used by Tadashi Asakura when writing the request letters to lure the five detectives he needed for his Duel Noir at the Siruis Observatory and calling to organize the affairs of it. As noted by Kyoko, if one were to read the writing of such a name a certain way, it spells out Yueen or, to be exact, U.N Ooe. This is a references to U.N Owen, a play on the words 'unknown', an alias used in the novel And Then There Were None about ten people being lured to a deserted island after getting letter under such a name. The name is brought up during the Katashiro Island Duel Noir which was influenced by the aforementioned novel.

Yui's Schoolmates

Gender: Female.png Female / Status: Alive
Yui's Schoolmates are all minor characters first mentioned in Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1. As it is a women's high school, they are all female.

One is a friendly girl from a dormroom near hers that greets Yui and teases her about her receiving love letters.

One is a small squirrel-like girl from the schools crafts club. She is one of the two girls to have sent Yui love letters, which Yui turned down. She is occasionally seen by Yui stalking her around the school. After the first Duel Noir Yui was involved with, she came to express her concerns for Yui.

Another is a girl who sent a very poetic love letter to Yui anonymously. Yui turned down the invitation and didn't bother using her detective skill to look into it.

There are also other various classmates and dormmates who expressed concern for Yui after the events of the first Duel Noir.