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Mimiko Tomizawa (富沢 みみ子) is an antagonist featured in Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer, a spin-off manga connected to Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School.

Mimiko was the lone samurai serving under Kinari Kunugida in her previous life. In Chapter 7, she murdered Nobuo Takeda, the man who introduced Kinari to the idol world and later was decapitated by Takumi Hijirihara.


The following is based on translations by SHSLScans.

Pre-Wedding Mystery Tour[]

In the beginning of the chapter, Mimiko was enjoying herself at the hot spring tour while drinking alcohol. Then she cheered Misaki and Takumi when they were hugging each other. Some time later, she couldn't stop herself from vomitting because of too much drinking.

Mimiko Tomizawa looked at the body

Kinari was worried about Takaeda so, followed by everyone, she went to his room but the only thing she saw was a horrific image - a severed head that was lying on the back of Takaeda's body and blood was running down the floor. That made Mimiko feel bad so she immediately ran to the bathroom.

But, Takumi was hiding in the girl's bathroom so he scared her to death. While she was washing her face, Hijirihara asked if Mimiko killed Takeda and not thinking much, Tomizawa told him saying that she got busted.

DRG Killer Killer Chapter 7 Mimiko Tomizawa in her previous life

After that, Mimiko explained why she murdered Takaeda. In her previous life she was a devoted samurai who served her master - Kinari. But one day appeared an 'old man' named Takaeda who touched Kinari at every opportunity so she had to teach him a lesson.

DRG Killer Killer Chapter 7 Mimiko Tomizawa lost her fight

When she explained that to Takumi, he gave her only 12 points for killing, and annoyed by that, she started a fight with him using a katana. Sadly, Mimiko wasn't fast enough to match Killer Killer and died by Takumi's "Super Decapitation".

Although she had a very detailed memory of her previous life, it's not proven to be truth.


Mimiko is a young and slim woman. She has dark, straight hair that in the back of the head are tied into little ponytail. Mimiko has pale skin and big, bright eyes. On her nose are big glasses.

Modus Operandi[]

DRG Killer Killer Chapter 7 Mimiko Tomizawa Psychopathy

Mimiko was very obsessed with Kanari, thinking that in her previous life she was her samurai. She served her all the time but one time Takaeda appeared. Takaeda was a bad guy who touched her master everytime he could, so she killed him, saying that it's a message - "Don't you guys get carried away either". Mimiko knew how to use a katana and by that, she got rid of Takaeda using an old public execution called "Sarashi Kubi". But even her love for Kanari wasn't enough for Killer Killer who gave her only 12 points. Mimiko died by Killer Killer's "Super Decapitation".


  • Tomizawa means "wealth" (富) and "swamp" (沢).
  • Mimiko (みみ子) written as "美美子" means "beautiful beautiful child".


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