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The Megaphone Hacking Gun (拡声器型ハッキング銃 kakuseikigata hakkingu jū; lit. "megaphone-model hacking gun") is a device used both as a tool and as a weapon by Byakuya Togami, Kanon Nakajima, and Komaru Naegi as they journey through Towa City in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, and Ultra Despair Hagakure.

According to Toko Fukawa, the hacking gun sends out programming codes in an electromagnetic wave, allowing it to hack into the target's mechanisms from a distance. The hacking gun's abilities seem to depend on where and for what the converting tactical operations they were created for.


The origins of the Megaphone Hacking Gun are unknown, but it was presumably developed by the Future Foundation to use against Monokuma Units and other robots belonging to the Ultimate Despair group. Byakuya Togami used one during the Future Foundation's rescue of Komaru, masterfully taking down a Monokuma Unit that was threatening the girl.

Afterward, Byakuya gave a bewildered Komaru a Megaphone Hacking Gun of her own, and the player's first attempt at using it begins.

Kanon meets Yasuhiro by chance. Believing that he's just a random citizen, she saves him from Monokuma Units with her Hacking Gun. The two manage to escape the Monokuma Units and find a safe place for a night in a shopping mall. Kanon asks Yasuhiro about the Hacking Gun and why it's effective against Monokuma Units. Yasuhiro explains to her that it was made for Towa machinery. He thinks Towa Group is a suspicious and possible cause of the riot, as it seems they built the Monokuma Units. Later Yasuhiro gave Kanon the Megaphone in order to defend herself against the Monokuma Units.

Creation and Development[]

In the first trailer for Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, the megaphone's sidebar used to resemble Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc’s the health bar (Influence bar) from this game and the Truth Bullets. The Megaphone Hacking Gun had some minor differences from the final release. The early design featured a more gun-like model when not in use, and whenever Komaru took it out of her case it would become the megaphone gun to destroy the Monokuma Units in Towa City.

Truth Bullets[]

Unlike the original Truth Bullets from the main series, truth bullets are used by Komaru Naegi during the Demon Hunting to shoot at Monokuma Units.

At first, the hacking gun is equipped with all eight functions available indefinitely. However, after getting caught by the Warriors of Hope and transferred to their flying base, the gun gets tampered with and is left only a limited amount of "BREAK" bullets and an unlimited amount of "MOVE" bullets which are installed onto the gun immediately after receiving them from the Servant upon waking up in the Warriors' base.

Different Truth Bullets will have different stats:

  • Ef. determines how efficient the bullet is. A higher efficiency will have different results depending on the bullet; for example, Break will deal higher damage, Dance will last longer, and Knockback will have a larger area
  • No. determines the maximum ammo of the bullet.
  • Sh. determines the shooting speed of the bullet. A higher shooting speed results in less time in between shots.

As the game progresses, several Monokuma Kids will give Komaru the remaining functions of the hacking gun, albeit with limited ammunition.

The eight types of Truth Bullets are as follows:

Bullet Description Stats
Ef. No. Sh.
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Break
Break, the simplest offensive function of the Megaphone Hacking Gun. It releases a blue orb which knocks Monokuma units back upon contact. It usually takes four of these shots to destroy a Monokuma Unit, unless you hit it in its weak spot (its jagged red left eye) which will instantly destroy it, and trigger the "NICE SHOT" bonus.

The "NICE SHOT" bonus causes the destroyed Monokuma Unit to drop more Monocoins, and powers up the next Break shot, making it capable of downing a standard Monokuma unit regardless of where it hits.

100 40 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Move
Move allows Komaru to collect items from vending machines, move vehicles, and activate puzzles. Unlike the other Truth Bullets, Move can be used infinitely, though it has no direct offensive use whatsoever. 0 0 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Dance
Dance stuns enemies and causes Monokuma Units to stop walking around, and instead begin dancing. While Monokuma Units dance, they will be completely helpless and dance towards the player. This makes them easy targets and can also momentarily remove stronger enemies from play.

Additionally, hitting a Siren Monokuma with "DANCE" will forcibly cause its siren to go off while it dances, attracting other Monokuma units towards it. Using "DANCE" strategically on Siren Monokumas is essential in order to clear many of the game's challenges, clear enemies from paths, and conserve ammunition.

70 20 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Detect
Detect generates a cone of purple light that allows Komaru to search for hidden things in the environment, such as Hidden Kids and other graffiti. It possesses no ammo and is used simply by aiming. 0 0 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Knockback
Knockback has low range and damage, but fires multiple shots in a small horizontal spread. Its main ability is to blast enemies away a good distance. It is first introduced to remove the shields of Guard Monokumas and make them vulnerable, but it is also useful for giving Komaru some breathing room against swarms of enemies, or for knocking Monokuma Units off of platforms and into pits/pools of water. 80 20 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Paralyze
Paralyze fires a shot that creates a field of electricity on impact with an enemy, which greatly damages and stuns all Monokuma Units in range. When used on a target standing in water, its range spreads to hit everything touching the water - including the user if they don't get to dry land first. 500 10 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Burn
Burn fires bullets that deal less damage per hit than a Break Truth Bullet, but fires extremely quickly. Burn also has the highest capacity of all Truth Bullets (with the base amount being 150). It is introduced as an option for countering fast-moving enemies such as Destroyer Monokumas and Beast Monokumas. Enemies defeated with Burn will explode in a purely aesthetic burst of flame. 50 150 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Link
Link allows Komaru to take control of a Monokuma Unit. A controlled Monokuma can be moved around and made to attack its allies or activate certain pressure plates. Once time runs out (indicated by pixels disappearing from an image of Monokuma's left eye), the Monokuma unit breaks free of Komaru's control - stronger units will break free more quickly. 300 10 32
Megaphone Hacking Gun Truth Bullets Hope
Hope appears in the end of the battle with Big Bang Monokuma. You will only be able to use it in the final boss battle to defeat Big Bang Monokuma. N/A N/A N/A

Bling Bullet[]

The following was researched by Mia Jenkins
Menu komaru shooting Monokuma

Bling Bullets (デコダマ Decodama) are bullets that help you in increasing your stats for Truth Bullets that you buy in the Shop. There's a total of 32 Bling Bullets, though some of them won't be unlocked until you complete the game.

Some Truth Bullets such as Break, Dance, Knockback, Paralyze, Burn and Link can be equipped with Bling Bullets. Each Truth Bullet can contain two Bling Bullets. If you add two Bling Bullets, it's possible to find Good or Excellent Combinations, which affect the stats of your Truth Bullets even more.  

Bling Bullet Stats Monocoin Cost
Ef. No. Sh.
Abudantly 0 20 0 220c
Adorably 0 6 4 180c
Beautifully 0 9 8 280c
Brightly 15 10 8 740c
Correctly 8 5 4 290c
Definitely 4 3 2 100c
Devilishly 0 0 32 3333c
Divinely 100 30 24 10000c
Endlessly 0 25 0 480c
Energetically 0 15 0 90c
Erotically 0 0 24 720c
Feebly 15 15 0 460c
Furiosly 25 0 0 480c
Gorgeously 0 0 20 380c
Gracefully 0 0 16 336c
Harshly 6 0 4 168c
Hatefully 9 9 0 252c
Interestingly 0 12 10 540c
Largely 0 10 0 80c
Ornately 9 0 8 380c
Painfully 30 0 0 680c
Passionately 15 0 12 660c
Powerfully 40 0 0 800c
Prettily 0 15 12 560c
Proudly 12 0 10 540c
Repeatedly 0 30 0 999c
Sadly 6 6 0 200c
Silently 12 12 0 480c
Sincerely 12 7 6 350c
Splendidly 60 0 0 1200c
Strongly 20 0 0 280c
Swiftly 0 0 12 120c

List of Good Combinations[]

The following was researched by WolfOfLight on GameFAQS.
Bullet 1 Bullet 2
Abundantly Endlessly, Energetically, Furiously, Largely, Beautifully, Energetically, Interestingly, Ornately
Beautifully Adorably, Erotically, Correctly, Gorgeously, Prettily, Strongly, Swiftly
Brightly Erotically, Gracefully, Energetically, Interestingly, Prettily, Sincerely, Splendidly
Correctly Definitely, Energetically, Silently
Definitely  Passionately, Proudly
Devilishly Feebly
Endlessly Largely, Painfully, Repeatedly, Sadly 
Energetically  Interestingly, Largely, Splendidly
Erotically Gorgeously, Gracefully, Passionately, Prettily, Proudly
Feebly Hatefully, Painfully, Silently
Furiously Energetically, Largely, Sadly, Swiftly
Gorgeously Gracefully, Interestingly, Proudly
Harshly Painfully, Passionately, Proudly
Hatefully Ornately, Painfully
Interestingly Proudly, Splendidly
Largely Repeatedly, Strongly
Ornately Powerfully, Proudly, Splendidly
Painfully Strongly
Passionately Strongly, Powerfully
Powerfully Silently, Strongly
Prettily Proudly
Silently Sincerely, Swiftly, Strongly
Splendidly Swiftly

List of Excellent Combinations[]

Bullet 1 Bullet 2
Adorably Brightly, Prettily
Beautifully Gracefully, Passionately
Brightly Gorgeously
Correctly Powerfully, Sincerely
Definitely Sincerely, Swiftly
Endlessly Hatefully, Swiftly
Energetically Feebly, Proudly
Erotically Ornately
Feebly Sadly
Furiously Harshly, Ornately, Passionately
Sadly Hatefully, Painfully
Splendidly Largely, Gracefully
Strongly Harshly


There are six PSN trophies / Steam achievements associated with the Megaphone Hacking

  • Two bronze for destroying 1, then 100, Monokuma Units, and one silver for destroying 1,000 Monokuma Units. Destroying Monokuma Units with the Megaphone or by playing as Genocide Jack will count towards the last 2 trophies.
  • One bronze for finding half of the Bling Bullets, and one silver for finding all of the Bling Bullets.
DRAE Trophy 15
Monokuma Fighter

Defeated your first Monokuma.

Trophy Bronze
DRAE Trophy 16
Monokuma Hunter

Defeated 100 Monokumas.

Trophy Bronze
DRAE Trophy 17
Monokuma Genocider

Defeated 1,000 Monokumas.

Trophy Silver
DRAE Trophy 18
Combat Veteran

Defeated every type of Monokuma.

Trophy Bronze
DRAE Trophy 19

Found half of the Bling Bullets in the game.

Trophy Bronze
DRAE Trophy 20
Blinged Up

Found all of the Bling Bullets in the game.

Trophy Silver


  • Pointing the Megaphone Hacking Gun at Toko Fukawa or Haiji Towa will cause them to duck defensively.
  • The Dance Truth Bullet fired from the Megaphone Hacking Gun causes Monokuma units to perform a variety of dances seen within the franchise, such as a dance Monokuma uses in the anime adaptation's opening.
  • Humorously, firing a Paralyze Truth Bullet while Toko is standing in water will cause her to spasm in midair.
  • Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp implies Byakuya Togami may have come up with the concept for the gun.


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