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Kiwotsukete, Buko-hime! Dai Kaijū Shinkō!! (気をつけて、ブコ姫! 大怪獣侵攻!!, lit. Watch Out, Princess Buuko! Great Monster Invasion!!) is an Execution featured in Danganronpa 1 (Trial Version)s manga adaptation, with Hifumi Yamada being executed.



Hifumi is placed in an empty room after being found guilty. Behind him, Monokuma appears and starts to operate a large more robotic Monokuma and in front of Hifumi a large version of Princess Buuko appears. Hifumi is then punched and kicked in the face by her, launching him into the air while the other students watch on in horror. After that, Princess Buuko then fires a charged arrow attack at him, the same time the giant Monokuma fires a beam, causing an explosion and Hifumi to disintegrate completely.

Danganronpa Visual Fanbook[]

Kiwotsukete, Buko-hime! Dai Kaijū Shinkō!! - A gigantic Princess Buuko comes flying to a place where an enormous Monokuma is rioting at. Both start fighting. Hifumi, who is stuck between them is being hit from both sides. At the end, he dies when being hit by 'Certain Kill' beams from both simultaneously.


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  • This Execution has the distinct honor of being the only execution that was never put in any game, but is still from an official source outside the art book.


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