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Sonia Nevermind leading the Monokuma Soldiers of the Monokuma Army, with Mahiru Koizumi photographing the scene.

The Kingdom of Novoselic is a small European monarchy that exists in the universe of Hope's Peak Series. It is Sonia Nevermind's home country.

During the Tragedy, Novoselic was destroyed by the forces of Ultimate Despair, including its own princess. Whether it recovered following the Tragedy is unknown.


Based on Sonia's stories, Novoselic is an extremely small country governed by an absolute monarchy. Though the population is small, its economy is thriving, so the people of the country can live comfortable lives.

For generations, the royal family has protected the Kingdom and its people from its neighboring countries. Thanks to that, the people still have complete trust toward the royal family.

Novoselic has many unique traditions, some of which revolve around mysterious local wildlife. For instance, couples in Novoselic cannot get married until they each capture a rare animal native to Novoselic called a Makango and show them to one another; if the relationship involves a member of the royal family, they are expected to catch a Golden Makango instead. Additionally, the people of Novoselic are not acknowledged as an adult until they consume an animal called a Skong. Sonia expresses concern that these practices may be endangering the ecosystem, and wishes to adjust the traditions to preserve the Makango and Skong populations.

According to Sonia, Novoselic has a legendary hero that looks exactly like Hajime Hinata, although the description simply indicates that said hero has a white shirt, an ahoge, and a completely unremarkable face.

Novoselic Royal Castle[]

The royal family of Novoselic has been living in the royal castle for over a thousand years. Even though the castle is old and small, it's truly a wonderful, historic building.

Sonia states that getting lost in the castle subterranean labyrinth is easy. The barracks are fully equipped as well.


Sonia reveals many facts about Novoselic throughout her appearances in the Danganronpa series.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

  • There aren't any Amusement Parks in Novoselic.
  • Wine and chocolate are two of Novoselic's hidden specialties.
    • The latter is referenced in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan; Rantaro Amami mentions buying Novoselic's delicious chocolate while traveling in Europe, although he has never visited the country itself. Sonia describes Novoselic's chocolate as a national specialty.
  • Anime is wildly popular in Novoselic, particularly the children's show Sun Witch ♪ Esper Ito. According to Sonia, 90% of Novoselic's entire population watches it regularly.
  • Novoselic's Elementary Schools teach a course on warfare, to the point where grade-school children can operate a tank.
    • Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp reinforces this when Sonia comments that everyone in Novoselic knows how to operate a tank.
    • A deleted scene, shown in the Danganronpa Decade Artbook, was going to feature Sonia driving a tank.
  • If a meeting is scheduled in Novoselic, the participants are expected to arrive 13 minutes earlier than the agreed time. According to Sonia, being any later is severely punished.
  • "Mamango" is a dirty word in Novoselic, which can be problematic due to its similarity to "Makango".

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School[]

  • In Despair Arc Episode 2, Chiaki Nanami mentions that Willy (a fictional character from Double Dragon II) is said to have kidnapped a woman, shot her repeatedly with a machine gun and killed her. Sonia mentions that such incidents happen in Novoselic, surprising the rest of the group.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony[]

With Sonia's appearance in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan bonus mode, new facts about Novoselic are revealed:

  • Tsumugi Shirogane asks Sonia if wearing gorgeous dresses is normal for her in the country. Sonia replies that, much like other countries, those type of clothes are reserved for special occasions.
  • Makangos multiply when frightened.
  • Those who tell fortunes for the royal family must offer their own Makango as a hostage.
  • While talking to Shuichi Saihara, Sonia mentions "The Case of the Missing Makangos," an incident involving a Novoselic priest's missing pets.
  • Sonia travels to academies around her country to celebrate their festivals, which begin with her cutting the largest Skong being served at the event.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp[]

  • Sonia mentions to Celestia Ludenberg that Novoselic's beaches have a mild climate with refreshing wind.
  • Although Novoselic lacks conventional entertainment businesses such as casinos, there are certain games unique to the country:
    • One game involves betting on how many times a Makango will multiply when scared; this also doubles as a time of prayer for the safety and prosperity of the kingdom. The winner receives the finest of all the multiplied Makango of that year.
    • Another traditional game played in Novoselic is Makango Bolongo, where an animal called a Bolongo is spun quite violently (whether or not Makangos are also involved is unknown).
    • Borongo Twisting is also a popular game amongst children. It is currently unknown if Bolongos and Borongos are the same creature with a different official translation between them.
    • Makango Spinning and Makango Swinging are other games played in Novoselic. It's possible that these games are related to the above-mentioned bets on traumatic Makango multiplication.
  • Apparently Makangos live in a peaceful coexistence with the native bugs of Novoselic.
  • Novoselic lacks many biologists or biological researchers.
  • The Kingdom of Novoselic is looking into expanding its sports programs so that the country may be able to host the Olympic Games one day. It also wishes to expand its culinary arts.
  • Curry and watermelons are uncommon in Novoselic; they may be strictly imported foodstuffs. By extension, Suikawari is not practiced in the kingdom.
  • In one region of Novoselic, when a child's life is in serious peril, it is customary to offer up a sacrifice of a fully-raised Makango before praying for the child's safety.
  • Novoselic has a large national library.
  • Not everyone in Novoselic respects the royal family; there have been conspiracies to remove them from power, but none have succeeded.


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