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Kenji Tsuruhashi
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Kenji Tsuruhashi (鶴橋 賢治) is an antagonist featured in Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer. He is a member of Future Foundation, the platoon head of Future Foundation Special Troops under the command of Juzo Sakakura. Kenji assassinated the Republic of Lamieca's Secretary of Defense, but then was killed by Takumi Hijirihara.


Kenji has medium length light colored hair that parts two ways, with one hair streak going in the middle of his face, as well as light eyes. He wears a usual Future Foundation suit.


Kenji doesn't show much of his personality before being revealed as the culprit. He is shown to be really hateful towards Juzo, killing another person just so he can get fired. He also hates being looked down upon, getting furious when someone does.


Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer[]

Chapter 5 - Firework Lyrics[]

On Juzo's signal, Kenji led the Special Troops to apprehend anyone related to the Serial Killer Gambling. During the chaos, he killed the Republic of Lamieca's Secretary of Defence by hanging him from the top of the Arena's roof. He then pursued Takumi and ordered him to surrendered himself. After Takumi deduced that Kenji was the killer of the Secretary of Defence, Kenji begin to laugh maniacally, recalling the scared expression of Juzo. His main motive was to develop an international accident using the murder so Juzo can be fired. Takumi mocked his motive and made Kenji angry. He was eager to kill Takumi after he rated his crime with a mere 0 points. When Kenji was about to strangle him with his tie, Takumi easily used his tie back and pushed him while with his tie wrapped around his neck, killing him instantly.


Future Foundation Members[]

Juzo Sakakura[]

Juzo is the boss of Kenji and they seem to dislike each other. Kenji says that Juzo threatens him and works him hard every day. Kenji hates him more than anything and wanted to see his scared face for a long time, this being the basis for the murder of Republic of Lamieca's Secretary of Defence.


  • Kenji's name (賢治) means "clever administer". His name can be a reference to his job.
  • His last name Tsuruhashi (鶴橋) can translate to "crane bridge".


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