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Isshiki Madarai (斑井 一式) is a student of Hope's Peak Academy and a member of the Student Council. His title is the Ultimate Bodyguard (超高校級の「ボディーガード」).



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Main article: The Madarai Brothers

It's revealed in the novel that though originally he was originally assumed to be one person Isshiki Madarai, he is actually one of eight identical siblings. The other siblings are Nisshiki (二式), Misshiki (三式), Yosshiki (四式), Sasshiki (五式), Rosshiki (六式), Shisshiki (七式) and Yasshiki (八式). With superhuman synchronization skills, they pose as one person, and their true shared talent being Super High School-Level Multiple Birth Siblings (超高校級の「多胎児」).