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Hajiki Yaki
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Danganronpa Kirigiri

Hajiki Yaki (八 鬼 弾) is a character featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri.

Hajiki is a 6th-rank detective specializing in crime in the sex industry and his specialty is gambling, so he has the title DSC 666. He was summoned to the Takeda mansion alongside several detectives, unaware that there was a Duel Noir taking place.

He survives the ordeal and the next day is recruited by Kyoko Kirigiri to help in defeating Gekka Ryuzoji's Twelve Duel Noir Challenge. He takes on the Bar GOODBYE Duel Noir, but is killed by his ally Sachi Mizuiyama.


Translation Credit: DJ Shocker and @Edogawa Translations on Tumblr
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Takeda Haunted Mansion Case

On January 10th, Hajiki was summoned to the Takeda haunted mansion, having been lured out to the mansion under the ruse of it being a place for gambling. He was alongside Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi, Sachi Mizuiyama, Kakitsubata Korisu, and Suntetsu Shirasu, and all five revealed themselves as detectives. When Shirasu went missing into the dojo (having been killed by the culprit) Hajiki tried to open it, but it was unable to be opened until Kyoko and Yui Samidare arrived on the scene, with the former directing him to pull it open with a good tug.

It worked and the detectives were able to discover Shirasu's corpse and call the police. From there, as a result of finding the newly arrived duo suspicious, the remaining detectives confess their profession and give out their alibis for what they were doing around three since it was the last time the victim was discovered. Hajiki suggests that the suits of armor that was used to prop Suntetsu up were possessed by a ghost and are the killers, something that gets him scolded by Salvador and dismissed by Yui. He was also present of the 'framing' of Sachi Mizuiyama (in reality, this was merely a trap to lure out the true culprit which was Kakitsubata) and was escorted by the police back home.

Twelve Zodiac Duel Noir Challenge

The next day, Hajiki was called by Kyoko Kirigiri to meet at Moeri Station, arriving there first. She had called him, Salvador and Sachi under the impression that since they were an unrelated party to the Haunted Mansion Duel Noir they were not connected to the Victims Catharsis Committee. When Kyoko and Yui explained the situation whilst they traveled in Salvador's car, Hajiki agreed to give his help and was placed in charge of tackling the Bar GOODBYE, the Scorpio case, though he is initially disgruntled since it's such a cheap price. When Sachi asks if he wants to trade, he refuses and goes off to meet the case.

Hajiki's Fate

With Bar GOODBYE being situated on the rough part of town known for gambling and prostitution rings, he brings a friend along named Ryou Ooba (a former gambler that quit due to becoming a father, as well as suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of Celestia Ludenberg). The bar is owned by Gunzoe Arai and, just before he enters, he requests that both give them their birth dates with Arai's being a Scorpio (making him the culprit). Unfortunately, he is unable to piece together the significance of this. Gunzoe gets a call on his phone, where a man is in the bar and in need of help. He tells them to stay on the line and breaks into the bar. The man is tied up and has a knife in his back, but is still alive. After doing some more investigation, he takes off towards the backdoor of the alleyway to see if the culprit ran away. Upon doing so he runs into Licorne, who warns him that the culprit didn't come this way and that he shouldn't continue onward, otherwise he'll perish.

Lico takes off, but Hajiki doesn't heed the warning and follows. Hajiki instead meets Sachi, who came by to check in on the case, and shares info on what he knows with her. She then explains that he had completely missed the culprit and breaks down the case in that it was actually Arai. When Hajiki realizes this, he thanks Sachi and invites her to come stop them. She agrees, but as soon as his back is turned, she bludgeons him in the head with a pipe. He survives the initial blow, but she kills him with another blow to the head. The news reports his death later on, whilst the Yui learns of his fate by Sachi during the Libra Girls Academy Duel Noir.


His full name, "Yaki Hajiki", translates to eight demons which reflects both his personality and his Detective Library number, “666”, which is normally known as the "number of the beast".


Hajiki is a muscular man that dresses to what Yui thinks is a 'wannabe gangster'. He has a navy-blue pompadour and green eyes, and wears a white t-shirt under a black jacket with gold highlights.


Hajiki comes across as very hot-blooded and stubborn, being quick to rush into things compared to his allies such as Salvador and Sachi, and such impulsivity would lead into him dying at the hands of Sachi and missing the culprit. Initially. Hajiki also has a rather large degree of confidence in himself, believing that even with the absence of Salvador and Sachi, he was more than enough to handle the upcoming challenges. He can also be rather slow on the uptake, like when he failed to connect the reasoning as to why the birthday of those involved in the Duel Noir was important, and often comes across as less competent than the others. He also is somewhat superstitious, such as believing it was the supernatural controlling the knight statues that killed Suntatsu instead of a person.

Still, he posesses a strong sense of justice and determination to apprehend wrongdoers, to the point where he became a detective with enough prowess to reach sixth rank within his field in the Detective Library. His actions during the bar Duel Noir were also driven by the need to prove himself towards the group, and towards Ryou he even admits he's somewhat out of his league taking on a homicide case. He's somewhat sensitive of his age and people criticizing his fashion choices.


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