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Gundham Tanaka

Giving up on life and choosing death...is nothing but a blasphemy toward life. It is a violation of the natural order! It is the arrogance of humanity!

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Gundham Tanaka (田中 眼蛇夢), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. His title is the Ultimate Breeder (超高校級の「飼育委員」 lit. Super High School Level Animal Breeding Committee Member).

He, along with Class 77-B, return in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School to explore their school life leading up to The Tragedy.


Gundham Tanaka Fullbody Sprite (1)

Gundham wears a long, black jacket that stops below his knees that is always left open, with a dark red coloring on the inside; according to his reference sheet, it is part of his school uniform. The left sleeve is rolled up to the elbow and fastened to the jacket with silver pins. Gundham is also known for his long purple scarf, which wraps around his neck and covers his chin. Vertical (presumably occult) symbols are emblazoned on the back of his jacket and the ends of his scarf. Underneath his jacket, Gundham wears a white button-up layered over a slightly darker shirt with a grey-purple cross design on the chest. His black pants are tucked into black boots riddled with straps.

Finishing Gundham's Free Time Events yields the item 'Gundham's Undergarments' which are invisible to those who have too low of an "astral level". This hints that Gundham possibly doesn't wear them.

Gundham's skin tone is noticeably pale and grey, suggesting that he doesn't get outside much. He wears an undercut, and the top section of his hair is slicked back into a single curl. His hair looks more wild and jagged when he's enraged. His hair color is black with light grey streaks through it. This may be the result of either dyeing his hair or a melanin deficiency known as poliosis, giving him several 'Mallen streaks.'

Gundham has no eyebrows, which is confirmed in the limited edition's art book.[5] He has grey eyes but he wears a red contact lens in his right eye. The grey scar that runs through his left eye onto his right cheek appears to be a tattoo. His left arm, which he calls the "cursed arm," is bandaged up to the elbow, presumably from injuries he received while taking care of his animals. Gundham's Hell Hound Earring (Devil Dog Earring in the Japanese release) hangs from his right ear, and he wears silver rings on the index and middle fingers of his right hand.

During his high school years at Hope's Peak Academy, Gundham wears the traditional Hope's Peak Academy's uniform. He accessorized the uniform with the same scarf, shirt, belt and boots he wears in SDR2. Instead of just the Hell Hound Earring, he wears an earring in each ear. He still wears an undercut, but the longest pieces of the top section frame his forehead. Additionally, he calls himself "Tanaka the Forbidden One."

He is always seen with his hamsters, the Four Dark Devas of Destruction: San-D (orange and white), Jum-P (grey and white), Maga-Z (tan fur with peach underbelly, chipped ear), and Cham-P (fat, orange). The Devas often camp out inside the scarf that Gundham always wraps around his neck, but they frequently appear during conversations or at his command.

As a member of Ultimate Despair, Gundham appears to wear a type of straitjacket underneath a large jacket with a fluffy white collar. His face has more tattoos, including a scar-like tattoo on his right cheek and an obscure symbol on his forehead. Using his talents as the Ultimate Breeder, Gundham controls armies of beasts. He seems to always keep his eyes closed. Instead of carrying the Devas, a large, dark snake wraps around his body.


Gundham has an eccentric and somewhat dark personality, his delusions of self-grandeur likely stemming from an inferiority complex and chuunibyou syndrome. He claims that he was gifted with evil powers of the underworld, the result of "an angel and a devil" joining together. Gundham refers to other people as "pathetic human beings" and states that even the gods fear his abilities. He often rambles about his status as "The Supreme Overlord of Ice" and his interest in the dark arts, alchemy, and astral levels. Preferring to be alone, he prioritizes himself and taking care of the Devas over connecting with his classmates. For instance, in Chapter 1 of Goodbye Despair, he failed to help investigate the murder of his classmate after he lost the Hell Hound Earring and obsessed over recovering it. As a result, he initially comes off as self-centered and aloof.

Despite making a poor first impression, Gundham offers comic relief in what he says to Danganronpa players and other characters. His outlandish responses and dramatic voice acting are reminiscent of a cartoon super villain. He sometimes goes as far as to compliment other characters if they say a "nice line," which teases at breaking the fourth wall. Gundham is notably contradictory—during his introduction, he tells Hajime Hinata to step forward and introduce himself, for Gundham will destroy Hajime once he does. It is heavily implied that though Gundham appears prideful and shuns spending time with mere mortals, he may actually feel lonely. He tends to cover up how he feels alienated from others; for instance, he claimed that he was "searching for solitude" before slowly wandering off.

Gundham's harsh facade conceals a softer, more sensitive side. Sonia's compliments cause him to blush and hide the bottom half of his face in his scarf; he even stammers a little. However, it's hinted that Gundham has serious problems with socializing and physical contact. He has been strict about not wanting to touch nor be touched by others since childhood, going as far as to avoid sports and playing with other children. In his typical manner, Gundham claims that his flesh is "poisoned" to disguise his fear of intimacy. He tells Hajime that he can only be touched by very specific persons with astral levels that match his own. Throughout the game, he improves a little with handling both social and physical contact.

Though he may be awkward around other people, Gundham deeply cares about animals (despite how he refers to them as his evil minions to stay in line with his overlord persona). He claims that anything that can talk "will eventually betray you," suggesting that he has been hurt by others in the past and prefers to trust animals for their loyalty and sincere nature. Gundham demands that animals are treated with respect. He uses his talents to educate people who don't know how to properly take care of animals - during his Free Time Events, Gundham tells Hajime that he maintains an informational website about breeding. He also says that he pities livestock for being raised for the sole purpose of human consumption. This may mean that Gundham is a vegetarian or vegan; on the other hand, his words may imply that he is only against eating animals defiled by human involvement. He takes great offense to people interfering with animals' natural instincts and autonomy. In Island Mode, Gundham reveals that he even hates anthropomorphic cartoons of animals, likely because their human-like behavior insults the dignity of the animals they are based on.

Gundham has great respect for the nature and its laws. He understands that nature is indiscriminate in its harsh cruelty, and he does not fear death. At the same time, he strongly dislikes mankind's malicious ways. Notably, Gundham hates the idea of giving up without a fight, for he believes that all creatures are born to fight tooth and nail to survive. According to him, giving up your life willingly is blasphemous toward nature (and by extension, oneself). When his class is starving and trapped in Strawberry House, Gundham challenges Mechamaru to a duel to revive everyone's will to survive. Gundham ends up killing Mechamaru. When he is exposed as the murderer, Gundham is quicker than past perpetrators to give up his defenses and accept his fate. He justifies his actions by explaining that fighting for survival, sometimes even killing another person, is simply the natural order of things. He also points out that Mechamaru could have run away or called for help, but instead chose to stand his ground and fight. However, when Nagito tries to take over on summarizing the entire case; saying that he pressed Mechamaru's goodnight button without fighting him, Gundham is absolutely furious at his accusation, hinting that Gundham gets very livid at those making assumptions of him doing the very opposite of what he would intentionally do.

While he claims he killed Mechamaru from his innate will to survive, it's implied that Gundham felt conflicted about sacrificing his friends. His parting words suggest he was partially motivated to complete the murder in order to save his class from succumbing to hunger (though he vehemently denies this, as it isn't befitting of a dark overlord). His rousing speech about not giving up on life in the face of despair is a good tell. Regardless, he accepted that he might get away with murder and let everyone die, according to his own ideology about the cycle of life (though this would have likely caused him guilt). Gundham is quick to accept his punishment with dignity, reassuring the others that he was merely a "temporary visitor" in this world. During his Punishment, Gundham sets the Devas aside to save them. Despite talking about going to Hell, his execution closes with winged animals flying him to heaven, confirming that his true nature is good.

Interestingly, there are moments in which Gundham shows he has a deeper understanding of certain situations and isn't lost in his own world. For example, Gundham is the only one who openly acknowledges Nagito's grey morality (despite strongly disliking him). Gundham also states that murder is murder regardless of motive.

There isn't much information about his brainwashed personality as a member of the Ultimate Despair, but this version of Gundham seems to use his talents to control armies of wild animals, like elephants and tigers. His straitjacket and tendency to keep his eyes closed may reflect a state of spiritual confinement, self-loathing, and pain.

Talent & Abilities[]

Ultimate Breeder[]

Danganronpa 2 Gundham Tanaka English Game Introduction

Gundham has an empathic connection with animals, who he feels are more trustworthy than humans. Due to his understanding of animals' emotions, he tries not to involve himself with livestock and other domesticated animals fated to be eaten.

Gundham is acknowledged as the Ultimate Breeder because of his incredible achievements with hybridizing breeds, saving endangered species, and animal research. Gundham's agents carry on his work in his absence; these select individuals understand the mechanics of genealogy and respect animals' rights. Gundham uploads his findings to his breeding blog, which he claims is a cover for his website about the dark arts.

He provides plenty of exercise, high-quality food, and shelter for his breeds. He also has the ability to tame wild animals. He reveals his secret technique to taming animals to Hajime. First, he must approach them with an innocent guise and repeatedly speak to them in an innocent voice, saying "Good girl, good girl," over and over until he earns their trust. As their bond grows deeper, Gundham will start to hear tamed animals “speak" with him. Hajime thinks that this phenomenon is unique to the Ultimate Breeder.

Gundham's favorite animals are his pet hamsters, the Four Dark Devas of Destruction. His bandaged "cursed arm" is likely wrapped to protect him from being bitten by the Devas. Gundham put a great deal of effort into training them, and they can follow basic commands.

Ultimate Breeder official translations in other languages
Language Talent Translation
日本語 Japanese 超高校級の「飼育委員」 Super High School Level Animal Breeder
français French L'Éleveur Ultime The Ultimate Breeder *
Ultime Éleveur Ultimate Breeder *
Deutsch German Super-Highschool-Tierzüchter Super Highschool Animal Breeder *
italiano Italian Super Allevatore Liceale Super High School Level Animal Breeder *


Gundham is one of the most intelligent characters of the second game. He can create very complex plans and figure things out quickly.

In Danganronpa 2, while not being the most prominent contributor to trials in the group, whenever he did contribute it was quite substantial, he's also very skilled at planning as well as problem-solving.


Prior to the Tragedy[]

As a child, Gundham lived with his mother; his father was likely absent. Though he and his mother seemed to have a good relationship, his mother was terrible at cooking. This later became the basis for Gundham's belief that his body is brimming with poison. He explains that he couldn't refuse to eat her food because that would make her cry, which prompts Hajime to think that Gundham is actually a "really nice guy."

Gundham never liked crowds and large groups, and he suggests he dislikes being touched by other people. In elementary school, he regularly skipped Sports Days and never held hands with other children. During his FTE, he says that the nurse was "a member of my tribe," so he camped out in the infirmary to avoid social interaction.

He has many other animals at home, cared for by individuals he chose to assist with breeding duties. Gundham also claims to run a website about the dark arts containing dangerous esoteric knowledge disguised by breeding information.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc[]

Episode 01 - Hello Again, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Gundham was seen on the top of the Animal Shed. He gave his homeroom teacher, Chisa Yukizome, and his classmates a dramatic speech. Everyone listened to him but due to have no time to waste Gundham agreed to join them without any difficulty.

After several students of the Class 77th's first group have been gathered, Chisa tasked them to clean the classroom while she off to retrieve Chiaki Nanami and the Ultimate Imposter. Gundham gladly accepted her request with the help of his Four Dark Devas of Destruction.

After returning to the classroom, Chisa was happy to see that everyone had waited and that the classroom was clean. When Gundham and the others once again bring up that they didn't have to go to class, so long as they have their talent, Chisa reminded them that talent isn't everything, and wanted them to build strong relationships and "hope" with each other.

Episode 02 - My Impurest Heart for You[]

In class, Gundham and the others take cover on the right side of the class from Akane Owari and Nekomaru's destructive training. After they fix the classroom, Gundham and Nekomaru challenge each other to a video game that Chiaki brought for the group.

During the break time, Gundham and his classmates eat Teruteru and Hiyoko Saionji's nikujaga together. They aren't aware that Hiyoko poured a bottle of aphrodisiacs in the food, making Gundham and the others overwhelmed by lust. The next day, they listen to Chisa's decision to elect Chiaki as their class representative. Like the others, Gundham gladly accepts it.

Episode 03 - A Farewell to All Futures[]

At beginning of the episode, Gundham and his classmates walked past Hajime heading toward the Main Course building. Later during the break time, Gundham lend his Maga-Z to be tamed by Kazuichi Soda.

Episode 04 - The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda[]

Gundham was listening to Chisa's announcement and reading about the information regarding the annual practical exam. He remained silence with the rests of his classmates due to the deaths of Natsumi Kuzuryu and Sato affected his class' morale greatly.

At the end of the episode, Gundham protested Chisa's transfer to the Reserve Course. However, the principal's decision can't be changed and he must bid his farewell to his beloved teacher.

Episode 05 - The Beginning of the End[]

Gundham was part of Chisa's welcome back party. Dueting with Sonia, they welcomed Chisa back using Gundham's unique way of speaking. During his teacher's transfer, it was revealed that Gundham's habit picked up and followed by Sonia.

Episode 06 - A Despairfully Fateful Encounter[]

As they are clearing the classroom, Hiyoko inquires if Gundham's white rabbit is 'trash' and he immediately responds, hollering that it is an offering and requesting she takes her hands off him immediately. The rabbit is eventually returned to Gundham and he begins to calm it down. Later, him and the rest of the class have moved to their new classroom in the new school building.

Episode 07 - The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope's Peak Academy's History[]

Gundham somehow managed to bring a live brown bear to class, apparently to demonstrate his talent with animals by performing a series of strange gestures with the animal. When the bear eventually bit Kazuichi and Teruteru's hands (which were holding a donut and a banana, respectively), Gundham claimed it was karmic retribution for the duo's off-color suggestions about Mikan Tsumiki and Ryota Mitarai's absence. He also pointedly ignored Mahiru Koizumi's repeated questions about how he managed to bring a live bear to class.

Following The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy, Gundham was among the rest of his class as they watched the Reserve Course students rioting outside the main school's gates.

Episode 08 - The Worst Reunion by Chance[]

Gundham reported that his 'Twelve Zodiac Generals' (hamsters identical to the Four Dark Devas of Destruction) were unable to find Mikan despite their best efforts. Upon hearing from Nagito that Mikan was around the West District, Gundham and the class go search for her on the school grounds. He searched in a group consisting of Kazuichi and Sonia.

Episode 09 - Chisa Yukizome Doesn't Smile[]

Gundham and the rest of the class reconvened at the school classroom after failing to find Mikan, assuming what Nagito told them was false information. Chiaki reaches the classroom with an unconscious Nagito, explaining to them that Chisa is in danger. Gundham becomes pleased at the chance to unleash his power. Nagito convincingly makes clear that it'll be dangerous and there is a possibility of them dying, to which Gundham contemplates these concerns but Chiaki convinces him otherwise.

Gundham is shocked to discover the Ultimate Imposter's true identity, although he came to accept it rather quickly given the situation. After leaving the Main Course building, they encountered a large group of Reserve Course students seeking to open placements on the Main Course by killing Ultimate students. Nekomaru and Gundham stayed behind to fend them off, Sonia wishing them both luck.

On the way down the stairway to Junko's lair, everyone becomes worried for Gundham and Nekomaru's safety. Kazuichi convinced Sonia that Gundham knew how to get things done, promptly realizing that he'd just helped his romantic rival's credibility.

Episode 10 - Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope[]

The class continue down the corridor after making their descent of the stairway. A door is flung upon unexpectedly, with two pairs of eyes glowing in the darkness, causing Kazuichi to scream loudly, Gundham and Nekomaru then appear from the dark hallway. The class is relieved that they are both okay. After Gundham explains in his own way that him and Nekomaru are tired from their battle, Akane becomes confused, expressing he's making less sense than usual, to which he smiles. He then continues by giving Mikan his thanks, Nekomaru explains that if it wasn't for Mikan telling them where to go over the phone, they would never have found the rest of the class. Ibuki proclaims all that is left is to save Chisa, to which Gundham and the rest of the class agree.

Mikan, now leading the group, approaches a large red door at the end of the corridor, pressing a button which opens the door, Gundham and the rest of the class follow her inside. Once inside, Junko reveals multiple monitors showing Chiaki Nanami's Punishment, Gundham horrified by what he is seeing, wants to find a way to save Chiaki but is powerless.

Once Chiaki reaches the "goal" in her execution, she opens the door. She sees Gundham, the rest of the class, and Chisa on the other side. Once she reaches for Chisa's hand, spikes appear from under the ground and stab Chiaki everywhere on her body. As the broadcast ends, Gundham and the class fall silent, with a patterned swirl in their eyes, they have now lost their hope and become part of Ultimate Despair.

Episode 11 - Goodbye, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Gundham and the rest of the class have returned to the classroom, receiving their final lesson before graduation. Chisa stated that she has been honored to be their teacher and started reading a letter she prepared. Gundham and the rest of the class clap with gratitude.

After the speech, red lights turn on, and Chisa started to cry. The patterned swirled return in their eyes as they all make a declaration of what they will do upon graduation. After Sonia expressed that she will bring her country peace and no war, Gundham voiced that his class 'have all proven to be true comrades'. After bidding her class a final farewell, Chisa activated a bomb that fakes the death of Class 77-B. Gundham and his class stand outside the school grounds as they watch Hope's Peak Academy's destruction.

Chisa's narration later revealed Gundham helped to infect the world with despair.

During the Tragedy[]

The members of Ultimate Despair did all kinds of horrible things during the Tragedy, causing despair all over the world. Gundham was seen commanding an army of animals, wearing a large snake around his own body like a scarf.

After the death of Junko, the remnants of the Ultimate Despair attached some of her body parts into their own bodies in order to make her survive within them and feel closer to her. They then agreed to an insane plan to have AI Junko take over their bodies, so they could resurrect their leader.

The remnants of Despair are later found by Future Foundation. Makoto Naegi plans to undo Junko's influence by putting them into the Neo World Program, but the program is taken over by AI Junko, right according to the Ultimate Despair's plan.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc[]

Episode 01 - Third Time's the Charm[]

As a member of Ultimate Despair, seen in the flashback, Gundham led his wild animals army on Tokyo's main street, ready to devour anyone spotted walking on the road.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

Prologue - Welcome to Dangan Island! Panic at the Heart-Throbbing School Trip!?[]

Gundham can first be found in the Airport, along with Kazuichi, and is quick to alarm Hajime with his extraordinary personality. In the beginning, he seemed to keep his distance from all the other students on the Island, not participating in the Beach Party and not doing anything particularly noticeable.

Chapter 1 - Destination Despair[]

Gundham plays an important part in the Class Trial of Chapter 1, due to him losing his precious Hell Hound Earring at the Ultimate Imposter's party. At some point in the party, Gundham had dropped his Hell Hound Earring that he claims he got from a fearsome Hell Hound, which was a Pomeranian, which he later discovered to have fallen between the floorboards under the Old Lodge.

With Chiaki Nanami's help, Gundham had gone around the building to look for a place to get in under to no avail, and later found a secret door in the Storage of the lodge that allowed him to get under the floorboards and retrieve his earring; all information which helped to prove Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu innocent and pin Teruteru Hanamura as the culprit.

Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts[]

Gundham is seen at the restaurant with everyone else grieving over the death of their two friends. He is later seen joining in on commenting about Hiyoko Saionji's smell, saying that it was as if a demonic eclipse was going to happen.

Gundham is also seen mocking Monokuma about losing one of his Monobeasts, until Mahiru Koizumi tells him to stop. He later agrees with the others to find a way to escape.

Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent[]

After the events of Chapter 2, Gundham explores the third island's hospital. He states that the hospital brings back memories, stating he went to one after obtaining the "mark of defeating the devil". He later tells Hajime to forget what he said. After Hiyoko's construction of a sinister memorial for Mahiru, Gundham came in late to the Restaurant after everybody else right after they had managed to stop Hiyoko's crying. Even he was shocked to see the memorial and claimed it stunk of evil intentions and spirits, unintentionally making Hiyoko cry again.

Later, When Gundham discovered that Hajime and Kazuichi came to join the girls-only party, he said that he needs to be alone, which according to Hajime's mind that he actually want to join the party too.

Gundham was one of the students along with Sonia Nevermind, Kazuichi, Hiyoko, and Chiaki who moved to the Motel after the outbreak of Despair Disease. Hajime met him on his way to the hotel after the discovery of Ibuki Mioda's body in the music venue, giving Gundham an alibi as to where he was when Hiyoko's body was discovered in the same place later.

During the trial, when it's revealed that the imitations and condition of Ibuki's body were used to mix up the killing order, revealing that Hiyoko was killed before Ibuki, Gundham objects to this, saying there was no blood on the floor. But when Hajime and Chiaki have proof that the killer wiped the blood off afterwards, Gundham finds it wiser to retreat for the time being.

Around this chapter, he began to become friends with Sonia, much to Kazuichi's unhappiness and leading to an argument in the Third Trial where they both threatened to kill each other.

Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Clockwork?[]

In Chapter 4, Gundham helped explore the Strawberry and Grape Houses and their respective Towers with Sonia. Gundham was one of the boys who stayed in the Strawberry House, and was given one of the two Deluxe Rooms to stay in, Nagito taking the other.

Initially, Gundham did not seem particularly alarmed at the fourth motivation as announced by Monokuma, which was starvation until a murder took place, and he found that the seeds of the flowers planted around the Strawberry House were sufficient food for his hamsters.

However, refusing to have everybody just idle around until they all dropped from starvation, Gundham planned and carried out the murder of Nekomaru on the third day of starvation by using the secret of the Fun House to drop Nekomaru from a height of four floors, very successfully killing him.

In the Class Trial, as the evidence pointing to him began piling up, Gundham became noticeably panicked and surprisingly angry, even slightly losing his usual manner of speech. When Nagito tried to take over on summarizing the entire case, he said that Gundham pressed Nekomaru's Goodnight button without fighting him; This assumption easily made Gundham extremely furious. After Hajime gave out the decisive evidence that proved Gundham as the culprit of Nekomaru's death, he calmly accepted his fate. Gundham revealed that he and Nekomaru battled in a duel, to which Nekomaru had agreed to fight. Though he refused to admit his concern for his classmates' lives, everyone understood that Gundham ended up challenging Nekomaru because Gundham couldn't stand to watch them needlessly give up. His final speech about the value of life confirmed this.

All the students decide to remember Gundham's speech, promising each other to stick together and never let another life go to waste. Akane forgave Gundham for his murder of Nekomaru, going off to eat some proper food for the first time in days because "that's what living's about."

Epilogue - The Day Before the Future[]

Currently, Gundham is most likely comatose, just like most of his classmates. The survivors of the Killing Game are waiting for him and the rest of their classmates to wake up.

Danganronpa 2.5: Nagito Komaeda and the World Vanquisher[]

Illusion World[]

Gundham returned as a part of Nagito's imaginary world following his death from the Neo World Program.

Before class began in the morning, Gundham is seen staring out a window while his pet bear Grizner is being fed meat by Teruteru.

Gundham later attended Kazuichi's funeral due to him being murdered by the World Destroyer. Gundham waited outside after the service with the rest of the Class 77-B before leaving, wearing a hooded coat to shield himself from the rain.


After Nagito awoke from the simulation, he learned that all of his friends, including Gundham, were alive and awake from the Neo World Program. He boarded the boat with the rest of Class 77-B and they all then headed for the Future Foundation Headquarters.

Side - Hope: The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair[]

Gundham returned in Side: Hope alongside the rest of the Class 77-B, having been resurrected by Izuru Kamukura. After rescuing Byakuya Togami and Yasuhiro Hagakure from being trapped under rubble, Gundham engaged the mind-controlled Future Foundation forces. He battled the former Ultimate Falconer on the roof of the building, unlocking the seal on his name and unleashing his full power. By doing so, he was able to take control of his foe's falcon and defeated him.

Later on, he helped to convince Ryota to abandon his plan to brainwash the world. When Hajime began convincing him to join them, Gundham stated he 'need not show restraint when walking the path of carnage'. Shortly afterword, he and the other Remnants of Despair shoulder the blame for the Final Killing Game in a broadcast to the Future Foundation, relieving the organization of any wrongdoing.

With the battle won, Gundham and the Class 77-B return to Jabberwock Island. He is last seen talking with Sonia as the boat takes them home.


Main Article: Gundham Tanaka Stampede



His Mother[]

Gundham lived with his mom during his childhood. Even though he greatly disliked his mother's terrible cooking, he didn't want to make her cry and forced himself to eat her cooking. It is indicated that his mom raised him alone and he genuinely loves and respects her as a result. Gundham has referred to himself as the offspring of an angel and a devil, possibly indicating that he sees his mother as an angel while considers his father who doesn't appear to be around a devil.

His Pets[]

Four Dark Devas of Destruction[]

The Four Dark Devas of Destruction are Gundham's most loyal pets. They can be seen with him at all times from his time at Hope's Peak Academy, to his time as a Remnant of Despair and the Neo World Program. Their names are: San-D (orange and white), Jum-P (tan fur with peach underbelly, chipped ear), Maga-Z (grey and white), and Cham-P (fat, orange).

Class 77-B:

Sonia Nevermind[]

Though they were already shown to speak to one another before, Sonia and Gundham's relationship deepened during Chapter 4. Sonia asked to accompany Gundham on a trip to an amusement park in hell. They became close due to their complementary interests (such as Sonia's interest in the occult, her understanding of his odd behavior, and her liking of his "cute hamsters"). Sonia showed interest in Gundham's hamsters multiple times, which unintentionally flustered Gundham and made him stutter and blush.

Sonia constantly took his side. In the main story, Sonia is also the only one who has made Gundham blush. It's implied that they have a romantic interest in each other, much to Kazuichi's annoyance.

She is also the only one that Gundham does not refer to as kisama (a way of saying 'you' that suggests contempt, or alternatively an archaic polite form of 'you') or by their last name, instead calling her "she-cat" at one point or "the Dark Queen", which is mentioned to be his fantasized version of Sonia. He claims that the Dark Queen has great power, which has not been awakened yet.

When Gundham is deemed the culprit of Chapter 4, Sonia refuses to believe it, urging him to object against Hajime's accusations. Gundham did defend himself but was unusually silent, and Sonia begged him to say something many times. She also pleaded with Monokuma to save Gundham from his execution, but finally let Gundham go after she was convinced by Gundham himself. He told her actions were "unbecoming of someone of your status".

Gundham's Four Dark Devas of Destruction are entrusted into Sonia's care after his death. After Gundham's execution, Sonia has a new resolve to make it out alive without any more killings because of his last words about not giving up.

During their time at Hope's Peak Academy, Sonia latched onto Gundham's eccentric personality when Chisa left and the two bonded. Gundham refers to Sonia as "she-cat" and while he enjoys her investment in the occult, he considers her a low-ranking demon. Much to Kazuichi's jealousy, the two got very close as time passed and they can even finish each other's sentences.

Kazuichi Soda[]

Gundham and Kazuichi end up locked in a form of rivalry with each other over Sonia, due to Sonia preferring to be around Gundham, while Kazuichi has a strong liking for Sonia. Although the feeling of rivalry was mostly one sided (from Kazuichi) at first, they end up arguing in Chapter 3's Class Trial, both throwing around childish insults and threatening to kill each other. Otherwise, in Gundham's eyes, Kazuichi is at the Pathetic Mortal level and he does not pay him much attention.

Nagito Komaeda[]

Gundham appears strange even for Nagito, as even he is confused by the other's eccentric behavior. During the Despair Disease, Gundham states that he would not mind if Nagito died, but it should be noted that he also appears to be one of the few characters who understands that Nagito has grey morale instead of simply black and white.

In the 4th trial, When Nagito tries to take over on summarizing the entire case; saying that he pressed Nekomaru's goodnight button without fighting him, Gundham is totally enraged at his accusation, while Nagito remains unfazed by his fury.

Nekomaru Nidai[]

Despite not seeming to talk much during their time in Class 77-B, they both fought together against brainwashed Reserve Course students during The Parade, successfully defeating them offscreen and getting to their other classmates, implying that they may fight very well together.

In Chapter 4 trial in Danganronpa 2, it is revealed that Gundham was the one who murdered Nekomaru. Before he is executed however, Gundham clarifies that he did not in fact ambush Nekomaru, but challenged him to a duel to the death as he figured that out of all his classmates Nekomaru would understand and agree the easiest regarding the need for self sacrifice in order to prevent everyone from starving to death in the Funhouse. Nekomaru understood his intentions and agreed to the duel. Through this information, one can assume that Nekomaru nor Gundham felt any ill will towards the other regardless of who won or lost.

Hiyoko Saionji[]

Gundham is also one of Hiyoko's targets for her bullying, as she openly feels embarrassed around him and slightly insults him for his outlandish responses of his evil powers of the underworld, saying he's just a breeder and nothing more. But Gundham doesn't care.

Reserve Course Students:

Hajime Hinata[]

At one point, Gundham is implied to have tried to follow Hajime and the rest of the students, though when discovered, he denied it and went away. Hajime and Gundham become rather good friends through Free Time Events, and in his final FTE, Gundham makes Hajime sign a contract via handshake and declares that with the contract, Hajime will not be permitted to die without exclusive permission from Gundham Tanaka himself. Hajime thinks to himself that he would like to return that promise back to Gundham, though he figured that Gundham might get angry instead. Comically, their handshake ends in a mutual hand-squeezing to the death.

Free Time Events & Bonus Mode Guides[]

The links below are full transcripts and indepth guides for Gundham Tanaka's relationship routes in Free Time Events, Island Mode, Ultimate Talent Development Plan, and Danganronpa S Development Mode including his MonoMono Machine Present preferences and most effective dialogue options.

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Free Time Events Island Mode Ultimate Talent
Development Plan
Danganronpa S
Development Mode


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (English)


  • "Kehehe, would you like to know my name? Others may see your courage as recklessness... However...I welcome it. In honor of your courage, I shall reveal to you my name. May you never forget is as long as you live! You may call me...Gundham Tanaka! Remember it well, for it is the name that will one day rule this world!"
  • "Hmph! Is it wrong to call trash "trash"? Trash like you should not dare to speak to one as grand as me! Who do you think I am? I am the great and powerful Gundham Tanaka, Supreme Overlord of Ice!"
  • "Taming evil by using myself as a bed... Truly, this is the secret art of the Tanaka Empire!"
  • "One of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, Mirage Golden Hawk Jum-P, has this to say: "We're not used to going easy on our enemies...so don't make us angry. You wouldn't like us when we're angry."
  • "If you wish to know, you must pay my price... After all, this world is ruled by the law of equivalent exchange... However, is someone like you capable of offering a tribute that would satisfy a tyrant such as myself?"

Chapter 1:

  • "A bold boast... However, let me give you some advice. The truly strong...do not raise their voice so recklessly."
  • "All civilizations are destined to collapse... Nothing begets existence...and existence begets nothing..."
  • "No problem... No matter how large this organization may be, they will not be able to stand against us... They are destined to fall and turn to ash at the might of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction!"
  • "Even though that man is a lowly worm, it appears his cooking skills are most impressive, indeed... Nevertheless, even his food cannot stand against the gourmet cuisine of the multiverse..."
  • "...All is not what it appears to be."
  • "You humans...are so satisfied with clothing yourselves in layers of false knowledge! But even with all those layers, you still will not survive the winter! Tch! It was foolish of me to rely on you fools... Fine, I shall do something about it on my own. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go save the world."
  • "As long as the probability is greater than zero...that will suffice."
  • "Remember this well! A main character arrives when he intends to!"
  • "Simply listening is...acceptable... However, I won't allow it to end with mere play! Now then, let us lift the curtain for a bloody spectacle!"
  • "Kehehe... It's understandable. After all, you fools only view the world through eyes of glass... But I am different! With the power of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, it is of no concern! Truly, this is the "Evil Fourth Eye!" Before the might of the "Evil Fourth Eye," all visual chaos is rendered asunder!"
  • "Fuhaha! Tremble with fear, fools! Behold my power!"
  • "Very well... Even if we are not able to change the future, I guess I should at least change my tomorrow..."

Chapter 2:

  • "He is cursed... A child who summons misfortune, so to speak."
  • "Though this is merely the prelude, the climax will occur soon after... Now then, let me hear your scream! I shall make such sweet music for you!"
  • "A new land has opened... However, it does not mean we will find salvation there... Griefs is all that awaits us...but that would be quite entertaining!"
  • "Monokuma...I shall listen to you spout nonsense all you want, while I puff cigar smoke at your lifeless body."
  • "The wind is running amok today... It's carrying the lost souls of Byakuya and Teruteru. Are they destined to be cradled against the Heavenly Mother's bosom, or to burn in the fires of Gehenna...? Perhaps you should pray for them, human child... It's possible that prayer might save their souls..."
  • "Hmph, that's truly a nice line. Every fiber of my being agrees with you. That's right, there is no existence more troublesome than that of an incomprehensible human... What they like and what they hate... What makes them happy, what makes them angry... It's normal for all beings to have standards rooted in experience so they can predict their opponent's actions. But at times...those standards do not work on certain opponents. Those are the most fearsome opponents of all. Establishing a relationship with such a human...is impossible."
  • "The wind is very quiet...I do hope it is not an ominous portent..."
  • "Despite your lowly intellect, you humans attempt to create worlds within games, but... Fuhahahahaha! How humorous, how pitiful! You humans behave like gods in your fictional worlds... That act alone is an imitation of us. Because... The reality you humans cling to and believe to be real is merely one of the countless board games we won!"
  • "What sort of supreme ruler feels concern for the ants who are destined to be crushed!? My name is Gundham Tanaka! I am the forbidden ruler who makes even the god of darkness flee in terror! All I desire...is silence and indifference..."
  • "There is nothing you can hide from me, the supreme overlord who wields the Four Dark Devas of Destruction. It matters not, for what I love is silence and solitude..."
  • "You should be honored... A mere human such as yourself will be present to witness the beginning of the end!"
  • "Tanaka may be an ordinary family name, but it's far better than Sato or Suzuki!"
  • "The investigation conducts universal chaos..."
  • "Your stance is neither white nor black, but gray... And you do not yearn for your life, or even for victory..."
  • "Among flowers, the cherry blossom. Among men, the samurai." I commend your decisiveness, at least... Very well. If you admit it, this ends now! Let's cast our votes!"
  • "There are no second chances in life... We cannot return to what has already transpired... There is no other way than to move forward, like an arrow of light piercing through the darkness..."

Chapter 3:

  • "...Humans are such foolish creatures."
  • "Kehehe, for you to actually greet me in the morning... I praise your admirable endeavor, slave. Speaking of slaves... Peko, too, was a foolish soul... I accept her desire to merely remain her owner's loyal tool. However...that's a limitation of base creatures. My Four Dark Devas of Destruction are not tools, nor are they slaves... They are healthy underlings...and also friends whose loyalty is matched by their devotion to military rule! At times, we clash over our ideals and our tempers flare... But that only bolsters our power, and allows us to reach greater heights! That is why I will one day exist as the Supreme Overlord of this world!"
  • "I would not mind if Nagito retired...permanently..."
  • "Kehehe...there's no need to panic. Even I...attend to the needs of my Four Dark Devas of Destruction."
  • "Fret not...we are not going to abandon you. I shall station myself nearby in case anything happens. We must be vigilant about protection! I have those who I must protect!"
  • "That is an unkind thing to say, you fiend...! How dare you call my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, "hamsters"!"
  • "...You seriously are a loud one. Your presence alone ruins tense situations. ...Ever since your character was formed!"
  • "Like last time...if this means no one of us killed these two... Then...we cannot let this be."
  • "Abandon your overdependence and complaints this instant... Those have no place in this world."
  • "Pitiful humans...they refuse to lift their heads up for fear of doubting the authenticity of the blue sky..."
  • "Hmph, it's about time I showed my serious side."
  • "Jeez, how troublesome... But I suppose I can display my true power for the sake of our two fallen comrades."
  • "Kehehe... How light... Your words are so light, as light as the sylph's feather... Fuhaha! Your opponent is out of your league! It is too absurd to try to perplex me so inadequately!"
  • "Fuhaha, is that it!? A shepherd dressed in his Sunday's finest still reeks of lamb, Hajime Hinata!"
  • "Does that mean you have a rebuttal?" ...Hmph, that's a good line. But...are you sure you're sure? If I show you how serious I am, this world might be destroyed, you know! You're so frightened you can't even make a sound... It seems you've realized our difference in status. However, the time for conviction starts now! You better entertain me to the fullest!"
  • "It appears that...it is wiser to retreat for now... Fine then... But regardless of good or evil, there's no deceit in upholding one's convictions."
  • "Hmph. Kazuichi... It seems you have quite the fashion sense... Do you want me to incinerate your clothes? Perhaps I could do that while you're wearing them?"
  • "Of course... I've already overlooked no less than then opportunities to kill you...!"
  • "I agree...it is truly difficult to believe someone could be killed by such a slow-witted woman..."
  • "If you are happy...you should honestly greet him with open arms. Perhaps those who have been taken from us would do the same if they still lived..."

Chapter 4:

  • "I don't know what you're planning, fiend, but we're not going to fall for it...!"
  • "Is a mere human going to offer his opinion to me, an Overlord? Fascinating, fascinating, you fiend! I'll play your game, you rogue. Come, tell me... Try to satisfy my Four Dark Devas of Destruction!"
  • "...I already told you. Hamsters are merely their temporary form. A fiend like you is incapable of imagining what would happen once they shed their transient guises. Kehehe, ignorance is horrendous... That's why it's only interesting to converse with humans once in a while."
  • "Be still...my heart!"
  • "Plunging yourself into a trap is an act of sheer madness... Fuhahaha! That's what makes it truly interesting!"
  • "Fuhahahaha! The madder the action, the more interesting it is!"
  • "He probably wants to live like humans as much as he can... Such is the sad nature of robotic organisms..."
  • "I have waited for you, Invading Black Dragon, Cham-P! Exert your strength to your heart's content!"
  • "Where were you? I swear, making an Overlord wait... Very well... But this won't happen a second time."
  • "Kazuichi... You should be grateful to Sonia. If you'd gotten your hands on my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, your body would be incinerated by hellfire!"
  • "Kazuichi...and you lowly humans... Fall to your knees and show your gratitude to me, the Overlord of Ice of the Destroyed World of Death!"
  • "Allow me to tell you a little old story... I was born as a result of a union between a human and a demon, and my existence was shunned by both races... Perhaps it's because nobody has ever bought me a toy before, but I believe this is truly remarkable..."
  • "Have you fiends made up your mind? Don't forget to pray to your god. Well, it's not like I have a god to pray to, anyway... I already know...God has been wiped out by my very own hands!"
  • "Emissary of evil... In accordance with our ancient contract... The time has come to lend me your aid... Pierce through! Supernova Silver Fox San-D!"
  • "I see, your eyes managed to follow San-D's movements... As expected of the Dark Lady, you have my praise."
  • "Now then, kittens! Choose which house you would like!"
  • "So I take 2nd place... That's fine. I was getting bored of always being on top."
  • "Wait to die from impending starvation... Or wait for someone to kill someone else before that happens... At any rate, it's a rather difficult situation."
  • "It's a tantamount to being killed twice... Truly...he was a man burdened by terrible misfortune..."
  • "...Is this acceptable? If I show my serious side, things will not end with mere child's play."
  • "The killer's intent... I can think of only one explanation. Perhaps...they intended to keep me from entering the scene of the crime. Which means the killer was afraid! Afraid of the conclusion promised by my assumptions!"
  • "The time has come to destroy all murderous illusions...!"
  • "Even mongrels like you possess a soul... And that soul resides within your heart... But no matter how hard you search the insides of this machine, you will never find a heart. So where did Nekomaru's soul wander off to...? It's interesting to think about, don't you agree?"
  • "It appears that the Netherworld is behind this occurrence. Fortunately, for you humans... The portal created by the demon's power was too small, so it existed in this realm for only a brief second... But the portal's impact managed to dislodge the chain... And it was sucked into the portal as it closed shut! This is the truth behind the chain's disappearance!"
  • "I agree. I detect the scent of danger. Even my familiars are saying, "Do not go inside..." How interesting! If you can kill me, you're welcome to try! Try stabbing your sword through my very heart! Fuhahahahahaha!"
  • "That's right...you've seen it clearly. Because I, the one who has claimed dominion over evil, am the Ultimate Weapon! I am he who cuts the insolent catalyst which flows out from the chaos with the sword of victory... It's only fitting that I deserve to be called the Ultimate Weapon...!"
  • "There is no such thing as murder for the sake of hope. Murder is simply murder... Forcibly sacrificing others for one's own desires...! Even one as diabolical as I would avoid such actions!"
  • "Hmph... Don't just make things up when you don't know the method..."
  • "There's no point in saying that. "If" does not exist in this world!"
  • "If the bell of catastrophe rings throughout the night, it is the universe's providence to stop it..."
  • "Answer me this... Including myself and my Four Dark Devas of Destruction, how many ears do we possess? The answer is ten... That's right, I possess ten ears... That means I have five times the hearing of a normal human! The soundproof system here may as well not exist!"
  • "D-Do not panic... The truth...shall now commence!"
  • "At the time, I left my room to go to the bathroom. By coincidence, I heard the alarm. That's right, that's all it was... The world is always so simple."
  • "Kehehe...I was simply at a loss for words after being dumbfounded by your pathetic assumption... In fact, I shall deny the very basis! Your assumption has been wrong since the beginning! Fuhaha, have you learned your lesson, pitiful humans!? You cannot overcome this contradiction!"
  • "Hmph, if you value your life...you should stop with your scrutiny..."
  • "Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me when I'm angry!"
  • "Hold on...y-you, what did you just say? ...That...I didn't battle...!? Don't...mess with me...! Don't mess with meeeeee! I cannot ignore those words!"
  • "You fools...do not understand... You don't understand at all...! Ha! You make me laugh! After all this time, you still don't understand anything at all! ... It appears...I cannot finish just yet...! Maybe I'm just a human destined for hell! However...I cannot finish just yet! I cannooooooooooooooot fiiiiiiniiiiiish! It's obvious! I'm going to destroy your illusory assumptions!"
  • "Just as I thought, truly frail...succumbing so easily to this simple argument...it was just a mere illusion... Fuhahahaha! If you want to set me up as the killer, at least surpass your own human limitations!"
  • "Hmph, such a wonderful line... However, I cannot say that I'm satisfied. Listen well! I shall teach you two tips for making someone admit their defeat! First, you must crush them with your own overwhelming power... And as for the other... ...You must provide a reason that will persuade that human! You...have not fulfilled either of those yet!"
  • "Kehe... Kehehe...fuhahahahaha! Not just myself...but you actually brought up how splendid my subordinates are... ...Hmph, I have no recourse but to admit it."
  • "It appears I've obtained a one-way ticket to hell... Fine! Then you must trample me underfoot and advance! Victory can only be built upon a foundation of corpses! You cannot find peace without sacrifice anywhere! Now, trample this life! Trample it as though it were mere trash on the side of the road! Pull the curtain strings of this worthless performance with your own two hands!"
  • "Kehehe... Splendid... Fuhahahaha, that was splendid! For a mere human, you did quite well!"
  • "...You don't wish to forgive me? Do you feel regret? Then finish it! Cast your impure votes for Gundham Tanaka! My beloved, deadly foes! Let the voting time begin!"
  • "...Why do you want to talk to one who has lost? The loser merely leaves... It would just be unnecessary for me to say something... Nekomaru did fight...that is no mistake... And because he fought, he lost...and died. If he was just trying to cling to life, there are many ways he could have done so... However...he did not allow that... In that situation...if he wanted to run away, it would have been easy for him to do so. He could have run away...or even called for help... But...he did not turn his back to me. Instead...he chose a fight that risked life and death. He was serious, too. He gave it his all to try to kill me..."
  • "I am the warlock, Gundham Tanaka... Heroes, lords of darkness, and even the gods themselves flee from me... I need not cling to any trivial reason! I'm simply going to kill you because your very existence is an annoyance!"
  • "Nekomaru Nidai! Your blood will drench the foundation of my empire!"
  • "Hmph... I will not argue... I have no intention of forcing my values upon you. However, I must say this! What's the point of living if you're just waiting until you finally die? There's nothing courageous about that! That is abandonment! A mere feeling of resignation! Ever since we were locked inside that building, everyone had been dominated by that feeling of abandonment... However...nothing is born from resignation. That is simply a reason to give up. Giving up on life... That's just an insult to life itself! Have you fools heard of the term, "dog eat dog?" In zoology, cannibalism is a commonly observed phenomenon... Many creatures at some point in their life span engage in cannibalism. That is what it means to live! If you say killing for the sake of living is "evil," then what would you call giving up on life itself? If a world would consider that justice, then I will fight that world with every last fiber of my being! Giving up on life and choosing death...is nothing but a blasphemy toward life. It is a violation of the natural order! It is the arrogance of humanity!"
  • "That man...had the courage to die when he needed to die. That is why he challenged me to our battle... Regardless...as I've already said, I do not intend to force my values upon you fools. I have betrayed you all... That is the absolute truth. But...even so... Don't you think it's a better alternative to slowly starving to death here...?"
  • "Hmph...I can't believe you would ask such a foolish question. Just who do you think I am!? I am Gundham Tanaka, history's greatest monster! My cursed existence is feared by all mankind! There's no way I'd sacrifice myself for the sake of you fools! Not in a million, not in a billion, not in 10,000 billion years! In the name of Pandaemonium, it is impossible!"
  • "Now then, let us be rid of this foolish talk. It's about time the fun started...! Monokuma! Let us begin!"
  • "Sonia... An act as unrefined as stopping a man from going to his death...does not befit a noble such as yourself."
  • "Yes, I do not mind...however... ...What is it, my Four Dark Devas of Destruction? Are you worried about me? Oh, my feared Four Dark Devas of Destruction, that is not like you at all... However, there is no need to fear... In this world, I am only a temporary visitor... I was simply visiting for a moment...and now that my duty is complete, I must return to the darkness... That is why, until the very end... Pride! Conceit! Courage! Insolence! Fearful of nothing! Daunted by nothing! Let us laugh uproariously! That is Gundham Tanaka! I shall stick with my evil until the very end! Open Sesame, Pandaemonium! I shall fill hell with true hell! FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Panic Talk Action Remarks:

  • "I won't let you!"
  • "For the Tanaka Empire!"
  • "This pressure...!”
  • "Amen!"
  • "Wither..."
  • "Show me the cadaver!"
  • "Crushed as David prophesized!"
  • "You weakling!"
  • "It's Nekomaru's back! Do you really think I can get behind him so easily!?" (Final Argument)

Chapter 5:

  • "Tremblewithfear!@%’*)P()~)~%$# Iwilldie2wiceeeeeeeeeeeee:@`?" (Gundham's cottage post-fifth trial)
  • "Hmph, a coincidence you say? Wrong! That is the will of causality guiding you."

Free Time Events:

  • "After knowing my true terror, it'll be quite a sight to see how long your sanity will last."
  • "Is there anything in this world that isn't difficult? Pleasure and pain are irrelevant as long as you have a purpose, and take action for that sake."
  • "Just because they're adorable doesn't mean you can let them get fat... Think of the strain upon their hearts!"
  • "You will never experience such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity... But if you ever do breed them, make sure you provide plenty of exercise, high quality food, and a place to sleep. Such luxuries mean everything to creatures who only live 1,095 days after they're born... ...Remember well."
  • "Such creatures are born to be eaten by humans. Even if I had the All-Seeing Eye, I couldn't change that fate... Thus, I try not to involve myself with livestock. It would bring a calamity onto my mind, after all..."
  • "They are no good. Anything that can talk will eventually betray you. And most importantly...they aren't cute."
  • "Even if you're just a foolish human, I'm not so cruel as to yearn for a meaningless death."
  • "You wouldn't understand how much pain I had to endure... Plus, that woman would cry if I didn't finish my plate. What choice did I have but to suffer in silence.."
  • "You...wouldn't understand... I'm in isolation for a reason... There will never be a day when you understand why I became who I am! I'm the offspring of an angel and a devil, a cursed being shunned and rejected by everything in this world! Once I lose the only thing I love, I'm destined to spend my last days being devoured alive by demon beasts! Truly I am mankind's natural foe! Evil incarnate! A walking cataclysm! A shapeless insanity! GUNDHAM TANAKA!"
  • "You asked me the other day what sort of existence would be capable of touching me. The answer to that is...the singularity. A being who can make the impossible possible...by overcoming various limitations..."
  • "Hmph...don't get ahead of yourself. A simple creature like you does not have that much power. However...I can lend you my powers, as long as you yearn for them."
  • "With this...the contract is complete. I will not allow you to die without my permission."

Island Mode:

  • "Oh...? I never took you for a certified architect of royal castles. Fine then. Show me your skills! No matter what fortress you erect, I will crush them all!" (About sandcastles)
  • "No matter what you say, I'm not foolish enough to expose this body of mine to meaningless UV rays!"
  • "Hmph. How foolish. You may be confident in your ability to find the kernel of truth contained in fiction... But I must say, that is a waste of time. If you want to spend your time wisely, you had better choose something more nourishing to your mind's eye." (About novels)
  • "So you don't understand the value of this place... In the end, you're just a mere human after all. I have nothing more to say to you. Go wherever you please on your own."
  • "...Bad idea. If a commoner like you foolishly sticks his head where it doesn't belong... you will die."
  • "You fiend... Where do you think you are? In a library, it is an ironclad rule to hide things within bookshelves. Have you not heard the saying, "The best place to hide a leaf is within a forest"!?"
  • "...Just so you know, I refuse to watch anime featuring beasts who walk on two legs and speak human languages. That is the only thing I will never accept... It is the most offensive thing by far..."
  • "I am the embodiment of horror itself! How would I be entertained watching such a farce! I don't even know who you are anymore..."
  • "Oh... Do you really think you can sleep peacefully while you sit next to me...? You fiend... You must have a death wish..."
  • "As long as you stay by my side, you'll be invincible! Use that power to your heart's content! With our combined power, we will trample this castle of dreams until it is nothing but rubble!"
  • "Hmph... This place is supposedly a castle of dreams. The world of humans needs a place like that, too. There is no danger here whatsoever. In theory, that is... This place was made for commoners like you. Don't hold back as you enjoy yourself to the fullest." (About the amusement park)
  • "You must take responsibility for your decisions until the very end."
  • "Exciting...? Did you bring me here just to make such foolish talk? Go pretend to be friends with some other human on the same level as you..."
  • "I am the beholder of this garden's undying purgatory, the supreme conqueror of twilight, Gundham Tanaka!"
  • "From now on, you will fully assist me with my magical beast synthesis! Until this life ends, you must stay by my side, as my slave/manservant/sacrifice/housekeeper/friend!"

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "Those who walk the path of magic often seclude themselves from the world to master their art..." (To Himiko Yumeno)
  • "Hm...our ways of thinking are incompatible. But your faith will make your magic shine..."
  • "A soulless vessel is easily filled with hatred. Wards are needed for the electric spirit..." (About K1-B0)
  • "I am reluctant to call on such a vile power... Yet this dark path befits an overlord..."
  • "Kehehe... So you will count me as a mere pawn on your chessboard. But that arrogance amuses me! Very amusing, Nekomaru! I shall leave my fate to you for now!"
  • "Perhaps one as purehearted as you may be able to touch the Four Dark Devas unscathed. But do not forget...they are still demon beasts. If you underestimate their fangs, you shall pay."
  • "Indeed...beings who speak words will inevitably betray you. You are one such being."
  • "A work of mad genius befitting a mad scientist, but even your madness cannot pierce my barrier."
  • "Oh, make no mistake... I have no intention of aligning myself with the likes of you. You, a supreme leader of evil, master of ruin... I, a demon, the embodiment of madness... Do you think it possible for those who wear the masks of darkness to mingle? The answer is no!"
  • "I see... To make the ephemeral moments of this world eternal...that is your secret art!"
  • "...The flow of time cannot be halted by anyone. Not even I, the Supreme Overlord of Ice... However, that is why we shall laugh uproariously this night. This night will never come again...that is why we must etch it into our very souls." (To Sonia)

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English)

Episode 01:

  • "An abominable name, the speaking of which is forbidden. Right now, I am Tanaka the Forbidden One. The Taboo King, served by the Four Dark Devas of Destruction. Remember this well. For I am the man who will one day rule this entire world!"
  • "Let us embark to purify this tainted Gehenna."

Episode 05:

  • "Regardless, as befits this Dark Sabbath, our mentor has returned! With a toast to the Lords of the Nine Circles of Hell... ...let our dark feast... ...begin!" (With Sonia)

Episode 09:

  • "As a Warrior of the Void, I can tell... High school is not a lonely place."
  • "Don't say that. At the end of endless trials, fate has gathered us here." (to Mahiru)
  • "My name is Tanaka the Forbidden! I will blast you to the edge of the Six Realms. Go forth, my Twelve Zodiac Generals!"

Episode 10:

  • "A simple Maze Barrier such as this is no match for Nidai and me, freed from my Seven Chains."

Episode 11:

  • "In the end, you all have proven to be true comrades..."

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Hope Arc (English)

  • "Once the seal on my true name is revealed, the rising sun will burn the multiverse to ash. And before you die, you will hear it! This is the hour to break the seal. Listen well. My name is... ...Gundham! Gundham Tanaka! Shiver and sleep."
  • "The Lord of War welcomes all who wold walk his path!" (to Ryota Mitarai)


The link below lists all official licensed merchandise featuring Gundham Tanaka:


  • The kanji in Tanaka means "rice field" and "center". Together this may mean "central rice field". The kanji for Gundham use irregular readings, though can roughly mean "snake eye dreams".
  • His name is a reference to the popular Japanese mecha anime, Mobile Suit Gundam, which later spawned an entire long-running series. His execution refers to a particular scene from the original anime as well.
    • The choice of his Japanese voice actor, Tomokazu Sugita, is a meta joke to his name, as Sugita, though always express his desired to voice act a Gundam pilot, is one of the few major Sunrise-aligned voice actors who never gets to voice act a major character (Gundam pilots) in the Gundam series.
    • In Danganronpa 3, Gundham's first name is never mentioned, not even in the credits. This may be due to risking copyright infringement from Sunrise - in-universe, Gundham claims that his first name is "cursed" and cannot be spoken aloud.
      • However, in the Side: Hope, Gundham breaks the seal on his name and declares himself to be Gundham Tanaka. Interestingly, in the speech he makes prior, he mentions about a rising sun (or even sunrise in some translations), most likely a reference to the Sunrise company.
  • His nickname in Danganronpa 3, "Tanaka the Forbidden One", is a direct reference to the Yu-Gi-Oh! card, "Exodia the Forbidden One".
  • Gundham's title in the original Japanese release, "Super High School Level Breeding Club Member", is a bit more specific than his English title. The Breeding Club (whose Japanese name could also be interpreted as "Animal Care Club") is a common after-school club in many Japanese schools dedicated to taking care of the animals (usually small birds, reptiles and rodents) kept within the school grounds. As made clear by his many achievements as a Breeder, Gundham has transcended the regular Breeding Club member's expertise by leaps and bounds - which may be the basis for his claims about his existence being superior to that of humans'.
  • The names of Gundham's four hamsters are: San-D, Jum-P, Maga-Z and Cham-P. All of the names are references to shōnen manga magazines (Sunday, Jump, Magazine, and Champion).
  • Gundham also shares similarities and quotes with Oskar von Reuenthal from The Legend Of The Galactic Heroes, starting with his prideful personality, having both diferent eye colours in one of the eyes, being both raised by their mother with an absent father. Their dying quote and ideals are also the same, as they accept their final role as a sacrifice symbolizing the root of all, that will end with their death while still fighting until the very end.
  • In the Danganronpa Another Episode artbook, a beta model who appears to be Gundham controlling Robo Justice robot is seen. This could hint that Gundham was originally going to appear probably as a boss as part of the Ultimate Despair.
    • This could also be a reference of the anime of Mobile Suit Gundam as Gundham's name is a reference to that anime.
  • In Island Mode, Gundham states that he isn't very effective against "water-types", possibly hinting that he can't swim. This is a Pokémon reference.
  • Gundham's English voice actor, Chris Tergliafera, also voices Ryoma Hoshi in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.[6]
  • Gundham's stage actor, Masahiro Inoue, was married to Sonia's 2015 stage actress, Jaimie Natsuki.[7]
  • Gundham has been shown to possibly possess magical abilities in the games, but has never shown an actual work of his magic. However, in many other games which Gundham has appeared in, he has been shown to use magic symbols. Another possible magic ability is his power upon animals. As in Danganronpa 3's Hope Arc, Gundham miraculously summoned the eagle from one of the Super High School Level Elite Task Force Members.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Girls Gun 2 x Danganronpa Game Gundham Tanaka

Gundham and his hamsters in the Danganronpa 3 x Hōkai Gakuen collaboration.



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