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The guide contains spoilers for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, and is not recommended for players who have not completed Chapter 1. Read at your own risk. Homepage Alert Monokuma
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This article covers information about Shuichi Saihara's Free Time Events, which feature in the game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.


NOTE: Shuichi will only initiate 2 FTEs in Chapter 1. After Shuichi has completed 2 FTEs, he will still accept gifts, but will not initiate any further Free Time Events in Chapter 1.

KEY: O Can talk to X Cannot talk to
 1  2  3 4 5
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4


Shuichi can be found at the following locations during Free Time.

Chapter 1
1 2 3 4
Danganronpa V3 FTE locations chapter 1 - 03 Danganronpa V3 FTE locations chapter 1 - 06 Danganronpa V3 FTE locations chapter 1 - 012 Danganronpa V3 FTE locations chapter 1 - 017
1st Floor
Shuichi's dorm room Basement
1st Floor
(Classroom A)


Shuichi prefers the following presents from the MonoMono Machine:

Shuichi Pixel Head Icon
Loves: 032. Cufflinks 037. Travel Journal, 130. Key of Love
Likes: 001. Oolong Tea, 002. Boba Tea, 003. Ginger Tea, 009. Astro Cake, 017. Gyoza In the Shape of a Face, 020. Striped Necktie, 031. Ladybug Brooch, 045. High-End Headphones, 059. Plastic Moon Buggy Model, 069. Potted Banyan Tree, 077. Clock-Shaped Gaming Console, 081. Jelly Balls, 082. Upbeat Humidifier, 085. Weathercock of Barcelous, 086. Pillow of Admiration, 091. Space Egg, 094. Helping Yacchi, 095. Home Planet, 097. Sparkly Sheet, 099. Cleansing Air Freshener, 102. Rock-Paper-Scissors Cards, 106. Dangan Werewolf, 110. Fully-Automated Shaved Ice Machine, 111. Gun of Man's Passion

Present Reactions[]

When you give Shuichi a present, he will give you a different reaction depending on how much he likes it. There are two possible reactions for each "tier" of present, and which of the two reactions you receive is random. Each line is a separate response.

Kaede...Thank you.
I've never received something like this before. I'm so happy I... I don't know what to say!
Ah? For me?
Kaede... you're amazing! How did you know I wanted this?
Can I... really have this? Thank you, I'll take good care of it.
It'll help soothe my anxiety at dark time like this.
I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into this... Thank you.
You're giving me something this wonderful... I wish I could give you something in return.
You're... giving this to me?
Thank you... I'll cherish it.
Ah, do you like this kind of stuff, Kaede?
I don't really get it... but maybe I'll learn to love it?
I didn't know the academy had things like this... I wonder If this was prepared for us.
If it was, they must have quite the budget... They can afford to have aesthetic items like this.
Ah... I don't know... why you'd give me this...
Ah! Is it a joke? S-Sorry, I-I don't get it!
Ah, um, I don't think I can accept this...
I do appreciate the thought, but... I'm sorry.
...I-I'm sorry... Even if it's a gift from you, I can't accept it.
I'm really sorry...  I know you're just trying to make me happy...
But for you to give me something at a time like this, I... I can't believe you'd do that.
I can't believe you'd be the kind of person who would do something so tasteless...

Free Time Event Dialogue & Option Guide[]

Full dialogue from Shuichi's Free Time Events:


Guide Project Kaede 43 Um... Are you an Ultimate student, too?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 10 Y-Yeah... Well, then...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 07 I'm... Shuichi Saihara. They call me the Ultimate Detective, but...
Guide Project Kaede 06 What? You're a detective? That's amazing!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 14 Ah, no...I don't have the credentials to call myself a detective yet.
I just...happened to solve a case that I came across and...now people call me that.
Guide Project Kaede 09 Not many people can "just happen" to solve a case. You should be more proud of that.
Guide Project Kaede 37 Oh, yeah... My name is Kaede Akamatsu. I'm the Ultimate Pianist. Nice to meet you!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 18 Ultimate...Pianist...
Guide Project Kaede 14 Well, no one calls me the Ultimate Pianist. Usually just Piano Freak.
Ever since I was a child, I would play the piano whenever I got bored...
There were even times I played the piano so much, that I would forget to eat and sleep.
Eventually, I won trophies from concerts. And people started praising me...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 18 That's how you got your Ultimate title? That's way more impressive than me...
Guide Project Kaede 14 No. That's all I'm good for, really.
Guide Project Kaede 37 But this is my first time meeting another Ultimate student.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08 Well, Ultimates are scattered all over the country. They're difficult to find.
Guide Project Kaede 09 Even so, there are sixteen Ultimate students gathered here now.
But why is everyone here? Were we kidnapped?
Guide Project Kaede 03 If so, then...is some organization out there trying to kidnap all the Ultimates?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 10 Ah... about that...
I... don't remember.
Guide Project Kaede 06 Huh? You don't remember?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 18 I've been trying to remember it, but I can't...no matter how hard I try.
I have no idea how I got here...
When I woke up, I was in that locker. I...don't know how I got there...
It's like...that memory just fell out of my head-
Guide Project Kaede 26 Same here!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 04 ...Huh?
Guide Project Kaede 18 I can't remember anything...
Even though I'm trying so hard to remember-
Guide Project Kaede 04 ...Kh!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 03 Ah, are you okay? What's wrong?
Guide Project Kaede 31 Oh...I'm fine. I just got a headache...that's all.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 18 ...It can't be a coincidence that we *both* don't remember. What happened to us...?
Guide Project Kaede 14 I-I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Probably not a big deal.
Guide Project Kaede 16 We're confused. We just need to relax, is all. Oh! Let's imagine Maurice Ravel's "Sonatine"...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08 Is that...music? I-I...don't really know much about music...
Guide Project Kaede 44 I see... That's unfortunate. When we get outta here, I'll share it with you...
Guide Project Kaede 15 But first, let's look for a way out.
And if there are other Ultimate students here, we should talk to them, too.
At least one of them has got to know something.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 01 Yeah. Good idea.
Obtained Friendship Fragment!
Shuichi's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.

Free Time Event 1[]

Spend time with Shuichi
Guide Project Kaede 37
Hey, Shuichi. What does an Ultimate Detective like you do most of the time?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 33
Huh? What do I do?
Guide Project Kaede 37
Do you wear a cap, smoke a pipe, and use a magnifying glass to investigate crime scenes?
Guide Project Kaede 32
Do you say stuff like, "Indeed, most intriguing!"
Guide Project Kaede 15
Y'know, that sorta thing?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Um, I'm not old enough to smoke a pipe...
Guide Project Kaede 13
Hahaha, I guess that classic old-fashioned detective look is pretty outdated, huh...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Yeah...I don't do much investigating either...
Guide Project Kaede 35
Really? Then what kind of cases do you get? Do you spend most of your time doing nothing?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
No, actually...
My uncle's detective office is actually fairly popular, so we receive lots of cases...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 34
A lot of those cases are small jobs... Infidelity cases, background checks...
Sounds pretty routine
Guide Project Kaede 44
Sounds pretty routine.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 34
You only see flashy detectives in movies and novels... It's actually better that way.
Guide Project Kaede 09
Yeah, I guess it'd be bad if flashy murder cases kept happening around you!
People might think you're the male version of Jessica Fletcher or something!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Infidelity cases sound intense...
Guide Project Kaede 05
Infidelity cases sound intense...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Yeah... Honestly, there are times when it gets pretty hard.
Guide Project Kaede 08
Yeah...I'm sure he's seen some pretty rough things.
Guide Project Kaede 14
Are you alright, Shuichi? You're not weirded out by romance or women, right?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
Guide Project Kaede 33
Oh! And just because you see it happen a lot, that doesn't mean cheating is okay!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 04
N-Never! I would never do something so dishonest!
Guide Project Kaede 09
Shuichi's frantically shaking his head. Yeah, he doesn't seem like the type who would do that.
Sounds boring, but you still work hard
Guide Project Kaede 09
Sounds boring, but you still work hard.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 31
Ah, well...I'm pretty good at doing boring research...
Guide Project Kaede 34
Oooh, I see. You would be good at that stuff. I can tell by your eyes.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 10
You can tell...by my eyes?
Guide Project Kaede 13
I'm kidding, but...you do come across as someone who dives into the deep-end of their work.
I think that's pretty impressive.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 09
Y-You really think so? Thank you...
Guide Project Kaede 37
What other cases do you get?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
The other cases are just stuff like...finding runaways and stuff.
Guide Project Kaede 34
Ooh! That could be part of an even bigger case!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Ah, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but those cases are rarely connected to crimes...
It's my job to find them before it comes to that. And it's after they're found that's the hard part.
Guide Project Kaede 36
After they're found?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 31
It's necessary to follow up with both the client and the runaway, to make sure all is well...
Guide Project Kaede 03
Detectives have to follow up with them, too?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 31
Well, perhaps not all detectives do that...but it was my uncle's policy.
And it's a policy I agree with.
People have reasons for running away...so the case is only closed when all parties are happy.
Guide Project Kaede 09
That's true...
If you don't take care of the problem, they'll obviously try to run away again...
I didn't know detectives were so considerate. Or is Shuichi just a special case?
After parting ways with Shuichi, I returned to my room.
Shuichi's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.

Free Time Event 2[]

Spend time with Shuichi
Guide Project Kaede 03
Hey, Shuichi... Why did you start getting involved in detective work?
Did your uncle ask you to help him?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
Ah, not really. It just kind of happened. It was also a kind of thanks for taking care of me.
Guide Project Kaede 06
He took care of you?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 34
I suppose I never mentioned this before... I'm living with my uncle and his wife right now.
Guide Project Kaede 38
Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to pry...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Ah, no, there's not a sad story behind it or anything. My parents went overseas for business.
Guide Project Kaede 45
I see. What are they doing overseas?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
One's an actor and one's a screenwriter.
Guide Project Kaede 08
A-An actor!? And a screenwriter!? Whaaaat!? Th-That's so cool!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Well, for me, they're just a mom and dad who have a...hands-off approach to parenting.
So I don't really see them as celebrities or anything...
Guide Project Kaede 45
Shuichi's smile seems bitter. I wonder if his parents jerk him around a lot...
Guide Project Kaede 37
Oh, we got off-topic! Um, there's something I wanted to ask you, Shuichi...
What was your first case?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
First case...?
Guide Project Kaede 37
The first case you personally oversaw. First times are usually a big deal for people, right?
I still remember my first piano recital.
Without a doubt, the experience of my first performance is still with me to this day.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 13
Yeah...I suppose I do remember the first time I oversaw a case.
It's actually not a case that came through my uncle's office. I accepted it on my own.
Guide Project Kaede 06
Huh? What do you mean?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
A classmate who knew I was helping at the detective's office asked me to find her pet.
Guide Project Kaede 06
His first case as a detective was to find a missing pet?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
...You look like you weren't expecting that.
Guide Project Kaede 44
...That obvious, huh? I guess you don't need to be the Ultimate Detective to deduce that.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 06
Well, detectives occasionally get requests to find missing pets too.
My uncle's office doesn't have a big staff, so he usually just recommends an ace pet detective.
Guide Project Kaede 06
I didn't know pet detectives were a thing...
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
I couldn't say no, so I accepted the case...but I didn't expect I'd have to find an alligator.
Guide Project Kaede 05
An alligator!? Not a dog, not a cat...but a freaking alligator!?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
Ah, well, it was a *miniature* alligator. One that you can keep as a pet.
Guide Project Kaede 31
Okay, but still...that's pretty intense.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 11
I researched alligator behavior and spent a long time preparing tools to capture it...
I had to climb around mountains and swim up rivers... It was a lot of work.
Compared to that, the first fight I came across during an infidelity case was nothing.
Guide Project Kaede 36
Geez, that sounds rough... So did you manage to find the alligator?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 32
Yes, of course.
Guide Project Kaede 16
That's a relief! Your classmate must've been happy too, right?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 32
Ah, I suppose... She, um...gave me some chocolate for Valentine's Day...
Guide Project Kaede 06
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 08
...I'm pretty sure it was just as friends, though.
Guide Project Kaede 17
That's not it! I don't think that's worth all the trouble you had to go through!
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 17
Heh, you might be right... But I think it was reward enough.
Guide Project Kaede 09
Are you sure...?
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 13
The knowledge it took to solve that case...became the foundation for my detective work.
And...I was so happy to be of use to someone. I can still hear her "thank you" to this day.
Guide Project Kaede 46
Shuichi laughed bashfully. He seems pretty satisfied with how everything turned out.
Guide Project Kaede 29
I'd say being a detective suits you, Shuichi, but I think it's more than that...
I think you were destined to be a detective.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 31
...What makes you say that?
Guide Project Kaede 37
When you told me how you follow up with your clients...
It never once occurred to me that detectives could show that kind of compassion.
Compassion makes people trust you. If you offer them your hand, they'll reach for it...
The world needs more detectives like you. So...I hope you'll stay a detective forever.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 31
Guide Project Kaede 14
Oh, but that's just my opinion! In the end, it's your decision, Shuichi.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 09
Yeah, of course... But thank you, Kaede.
Guide Project Kaede 38
Wh-Why are you thanking me? I just gave you my opinion, that's all.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 09
Because...that's the first time someone has ever said that to me.
Guide Project Hat Shuichi 13
I'll never forget this moment. I'll be able to believe in myself and be proud of being a detective.
Guide Project Kaede 45
I can feel the resolve behind that statement.
I'm not sure how Shuichi interpreted my words...
But if it helped him in any way, then that's good enough for me.
After parting ways with Shuichi, I returned to my room.
Shuichi's Report Card has been updated based on your experience with him.

Complete Report Card[]

With Kaede Akamatsu


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