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Duel Noir (黒の挑戦) are a series of events featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri. They were created and hosted by the Victim's Catharsis Committee as a way for victims of crimes to receive 'Catharsis' against the one responsible for ruining their life that had not been brought to justice either because the culprit was never found, the wrong person was arrested or they were never punished for their crime.


A Duel Noir generally involves four parties: The Culprit (Also referred to as the 'Victim'), The Detective, The Target, and the Innocent. When accepting The Duel Noir, the Culprit has to assemble a 'deck' first. This is done by 'renting' Techniques to use by the Committee, Techniques that can not be traced by any means. These Techniques range from murder weapons like poison or a baseball bat to tricks to assist them in the Duel Noir like, for example, hidden rooms, and, finally, the location on where it is held. Every Technique has a price assigned to them.

The Culprit can invite other Innocents unrelated to the crime against them, who they can frame, kill, or do anything freely, but there is no benefit or setback for doing so. Once their 'deck' is complete, a letter will be sent to the Detective. This letter has an electromagnetic lock which, once opened, will automatically start the Duel Noir. The Detective is always chosen from the Detective Library and their quality is decided based on the price of the Culprit's 'deck'. For example, going for a cheap 'deck' will result in a poor Detective and vice versa.

In order for the Culprit to win, they have to kill their Target and for seven-days not get found out by the Detective who they are not allowed to kill. Upon completion, they will gain 'Catharsis' and receive the amount of money their 'deck' was worth with the added options to start life under a different name and different country. As a result, a Culprit might be inclined to risk the Duel Noir against a good Detective for high monetary gain. If the Culprit is found out by the Detective or if the Detective dies, then they immediately lose and the Committee will cut ties with them, leaving them to face the law, in some cases. Besides, they will have to pay the Committee the money they used to purchase their 'deck'. If the Culprit can't pay, they will be executed.

According to Tōkichirō Endō a Duel Noir has a 70% chance of success in favor of the Culprit, and there have been cases of the Detectives not even showing up to stop them, thinking it was probably a prank.


Previous Duel Noirs

Before the events of the novels, there were many undocumented Duel Noirs. The exact amount is unknown, however Suisei Nanamura and Saiko Ayako stated to have participated in at least multiple of those past Duel Noirs. According to Tōkichirō Endō, one of the past Duel Noirs Location was set at a School (40 Million Yen), with the Weapon of a Metal Bat (3 Million Yen), and the Trick of a Hidden Room (100 Million Yen), which in total cost 163 Million Yen.

Sirius Astronomical Observatory Murder Case

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Norman's Hotel Murder Case

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Twelve Duel Noir Zodiac Challenge

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Takeda Haunted Mansion Case

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Libra Girls Academy Case

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Fuhito Kirigiri Versus Mikado Shinsen

After Fuhito arrives back in japan after staying in Los Angeles since before the Sirius Astronomical Observatory Murder Case, Mikado, disguised as a taxi driver, picks him up from the airport and challenges him to a game. The fastest to solve a certain murder case, before the other detectives there, wins. Not even Mikado was aware of any of the details himself. Fuhito agrees, and they begin their game. The details are not shown.

Katashiro Island Case

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Weidrun Mountain Villa Case

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Edenside Amusement Park Case

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The Final Duel Noir

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Profile DSC number Status
Gekka Headshot.png

Gekka Ryuzōji
000 Deceased
Mikado Shinsen ID.png

Mikado Shinsen
000 Deceased


Profile DSC number Status
Tokichiro Endo Headshot NoBG.png

Tōkichirō Endō
- Alive


Profile DSC number Status
Kyoko Kirigiri DRK ID.png

Kyoko Kirigiri
912 (Former)
915 (Former)
917 (Former)
919 (Former)

Yui Samidare
886 (Former)
887 (Former)
888 (Former)

Eigo Amino
367 Deceased

Kō Inuzuka
943 Deceased

Shīta Enbi
245 Deceased
Suisei Nanamura ID.png

Suisei Nanamura
900 Deceased
Johnny Arp 000 Alive
Taehime Uozumi Headshot.png

Taehime Uozumi
756 Deceased
Licorne ID.png

000 Alive
Salvador Yadorigi Fukurou ID.png

Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi
752 Alive
Sachi Mizuiyama ID.png

Sachi Mizuiyama
527 Alive
Hajiki Yaki ID.png

Hajiki Yaki
666 Deceased
Korisu Kakitsubata ID.png

Korisu Kakitsubata
488 Unknown
Suntetsu Shirasu 126 Deceased
Tatsutora Oboro 355 Alive
Suzuyari Motosuke ??5 Unknown
Saiko Ayako 950 Alive
Kadomi Senshi 920 Deceased
Yukimura Shiroko 880 Deceased
Fuhito Kirigiri.png

Fuhito Kirigiri
- Alive


Profile Status
Sae Yozuru ID.png

Sae Yozuru
Tsukiyo Nada Alive
Meruko Mifune Deceased
Akio Chage ID.png

Akio Chage
Tsurugi Hitomoshi Alive
Copycat Alive
Night Flyer Alive
Nazuna Tooakitsu Alive
Jin Kirigiri Zero ID.png
Jin Kirigiri
Rei Naruko Deceased
Tōru Uchida Unknown
Gorō Anbo Alive
Taruhi Hoshī Alive
Suou Kyuuren Deceased
Shikon Kyuuren Deceased
Touya Tsutsumi Deceased
Kamato Hachisuka Deceased
Joshua Lindbergh Deceased
Yuhain Deceased


  • This is by far an event with most participants and one of the only ones with a majority of non Ultimate Students from Hope's Peak Academy, barring Tsurugi Hitomoshi.
  • Under the K2K Systems influence, Suisei Nanamura mentions the Jiki Tōshu Kettei-sen, is like a Committee-less Duel Noir case.


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