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Dorm rooms are the personal living quarters where each student sleeps inside Hope's Peak Academy. Most of these rooms are decorated to suit the tastes of the individual who lives there. They are all located in in a corridor on the first floor of Hope's Peak Academy, known as "Hotel Despair". Each individual's dorm room has a red door with a sign on it, featuring a pixelated likeness of the resident and their name.


The dorm rooms each have one room that serves as both a sitting room and bedroom, and a private ensuite bathroom. Each room includes a memo pad, a potted plant, and some basic wooden furniture, including a bed, desk, a chair, a round table, and a shelving unit. Like most rooms in Hope's Peak Academy, they are monitored by security cameras, and have a monitor mounted on the wall from which Monokuma gives wake-up calls, night-time alerts, and other school announcements. The default design of the room features colour-coded bedding based on the gender of the occupant - pink for girls and blue for boys. Girls' rooms come equipped with a sewing kit in the desk drawer, whereas boys' rooms include a tool kit. Girls' rooms also feature a locking bathroom door, which the boys' rooms do not. The water supply to all of the bathrooms is cut off after 10pm.

The dorm rooms are extremely secure, with a lock which cannot be picked and a sophisticated key which is hard to replicate. They are soundproofed, so no sound from inside the room can be heard in the corridor or adjacent rooms. Each room has its own doorbell.

Room Layout[]

Danganronpa Dorm Room Map


Makoto Naegi[]

Makoto Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Makoto Naegi Sword Makoto's room is the default design for boys at Hope's Peak Academy. It features blue bed sheets, a desk and memopad, a round table, a lint roller, and empty shelving. During chapter 1, Makoto keeps an ornamental sword on his shelves for self defence. The bathroom door in Makoto's room does not fit the frame properly, and has to be lifted in order to open it.

Switching rooms with Sayaka[]

In chapter 1, Sayaka Maizono is found dead in Makoto's dorm room. The previous night, Sayaka had switched rooms with Makoto, claiming that she felt unsafe sleeping in her own room. Sayaka invited Leon Kuwata to the room and attacked him with a knife from the kitchen, but Leon defended himself with the golden ornamental sword, leaving slice marks all over the walls and floor of Makoto's room. Leon broke his way into Makoto's bathroom door, disarmed Sayaka, and murdered her with the knife. Sayaka wrote the word "LEON" upside down on the bathroom wall as she died. The crime scene was entirely cleaned up after the class trial, with no evidence the event ever occurred, but in the proceeding chapters whenever the player selects the bathroom door for Makoto to observe, he expresses discomfort and mourns Sayaka.

Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Kyoko Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Kyoko Kirigiri Kyoko's room is the default design for girls at Hope's Peak Academy. It features all the same furniture as Makoto's, except with pink bed sheets and no lint roller. 

In Chapter 5, Byakuya confiscates the key to Kyoko's room after he suspects her to be the mastermind. After Mukuro Ikusaba's body is found and Kyoko has gone missing, Makoto and Byakuya enter Kyoko's room to look for clues for where she might have gone. They discover a wood block key on her table, which opens a locker in the dojo containing titanium arrows. They also find Mukuro's school profile hidden under the bedsheets, as per instructions that Kyoko gave Makoto incase anything happened to her.

Aoi Asahina[]

Aoi Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Aoi Asahina Aoi's room reflects her passion for fitness, including exercise routine charts, a medicine ball, resistance bands, a dumbbell, a step machine, her bathing suit, gym bag and running shoes. She also has a large first aid kit, due to being very accident prone.

Byakuya Togami[]

Byakuya Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Byakuya Togami Byakuya's room is ostentatious, with a red carpet leading from the entrance, paintings, an ornate dining chair and light fixture, a tablecloth, and a yellow rose in a vase. He has a large glasses stand with 10 pairs of his trademark glasses. He has an a violin, metronome, sheet music, and a music stand. What seems to be a coin collection is in a case behind his bed.

Celestia Ludenberg[]

Celestia Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Celestia Ludenberg Celestia's room reflects her love of gothic lolita style, even having an ornamental coffin. She has black lace tablecloth, and a candelabra. She displays tea sets, a crown and a victrola. She has a large case of beauty products and sewing supplies, and two outfits on mannequins - Celestia designs her own clothing. She has a gothic lolita themed cat plushie at the foot of her black bed.

Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Chihiro Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Chihiro Fujisaki The most prominent item in Chihiro's room is a large bank of computer monitors and an office chair. Chihiro has a telescope, and several photographs of space. He has a DSLR camera, tripod, and camera case. On his bed are some grippers, reflecting Chihiro's drive to become strong.

Hifumi Yamada[]

Hifumi Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Hifumi Yamada Hifumi's room reflects his passion for anime, particular Princess Piggles; a cosplay set, poster, bedding, figurine and pillow of of her are visible. He also has many other figurines, posters, and several large stacks of manga - possibly doujinshi - are visible. Sketchbooks and a bag of cheese snacks are on his table.

Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Kiyotaka Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Kiyotaka Ishimaru Kiyotaka's room is studious and orderly. Behind his bed is a collection of dictionaries and reference books. On his walls are pieces of calligraphy and a pi chart. He has an ironing board set up, as Kiyotaka likes to iron his uniform every day. He also has a practise Kendo sword.

Leon Kuwata[]

Leon Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Leon Kuwata Leon's room reflects his passion for music, despite his talent of Ultimate Baseball Star. He has a large shelf full of CDs, a CD player, an electric guitar and amplifier, over-ear headphones, and a microphone on a stand.

Mondo Owada[]

Mondo Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Mondo Owada Mondo's room is full of large flags, all featuring the name of his biker gang, The Crazy Diamonds which reflects his loyalty and remembrance of the group. Bike magazines are on his bed. He has a Rising Sun flag on his table. Hair care products are on top of his shelves. He has knuckle dusters, and a cypress stick weapon.

Sakura Ogami[]

Sakura Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Sakura Ogami Sakura's dorm room is filled with martial arts equipment. She has several large stacks of breaking tiles, and she has drilled wooden training dummies into the floor. A Gi and red belt hang on the clothes rack near the bathroom door.

Sayaka Maizono[]

Sayaka Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Sayaka Maizono Sayaka has the default girls' bedroom, but featuring a pink garbage bin. Makoto finds Sayaka's DVD in the bin when the two switch rooms.

Toko Fukawa[]

Toko Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Toko Fukawa Toko's room is covered in huge stacks of books. She has covered her bolted windows with pages of her manuscripts. She has two vases of flowers and a flower shaped doily on her table.

Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Yasuhiro Door Sign Dorm Room Dorm Room Yasuhiro Hagakure Yasuhiro's room is full of divination items from several cultures, including a poster on palmistry, tarot cards, Buddhist prayer beads, and yarrow sticks.

Junko Enoshima[]

Junko Door Sign Dorm Room

This room likely belonged to "Junko", who was really Mukuro Ikusaba disguised as Junko Enoshima. The interior of her room is never seen, although it is profiled in the "Headmaster Monokuma's Roomcheck" section of the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc artbook. If the real Junko has her own dorm room elsewhere in the school building (there are only fifteen dorm rooms on the first floor), it is also never seen.

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Junko Dorm Room Art Book

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