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The Detective Library also known as the Detective Shelf Collection or "DSC" for short, (探偵図書館, Tantei toshokan), is a location featured in Danganronpa Kirigiri, and briefly mentioned in Kirigiriso, Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa: Togami; A neutral organization free from bias created 15 years ago according to the book's timeline to serve the public.


The Detective Library With ~65,500 registered Detectives[1], each serve a purpose to be sought and contacted by the public for whatever their concerns or cases may be. It was originally founded by Fuhito Kirigiri[1] along with Mikado Shinsen[2], The detective's files are arranged by their specialty, rank, and numbered categories in a specific order. The physical file is described as being a leather-bound book, with the name and rank listed on the spine. The profile contents includes their basic information such as a photo, name, birth-date, contact info if listed, relevant solved cases, and a date of death. Because there are a sheer volume of similarly matching numbers, the files are arranged and compacted on shelves like a library. There are also shelves and sections to separate the differently numbered categories.

Danganronpa Kirigiri - Volume 1 DSC Illustration.png

Upon registration, DSC members receive a DSC card, their primary form of identification and can be updated by a card reader at the front desk. Members can also seek their solved cases, skills and other info by searching for their physical file within the Library, as well as gaining the advantage to be sent more requests without the use of a middleman. With its public nature the Victim's Catharsis Committee, culprits and members of the general public can use the info freely to recruit or send messages to a detective if their contact information is listed on the file. Each detective registered with the DSC has an ID, with a DSC number assigned to it. It is assumed that the Detective's Rank starts at 9 depending on the time of their registration and changes depending on activity, and cases solved.

The DSC number has three numbers. The first number signifies what their specialty is, with the second number going into a bit more detail of that specialty. The last number signifies their rank.

The DSC Detective Library classification goes as follows:

  • 0. General - General.
  • 1. Religious crime - Brainwashing, illegal teachings, etc.
  • 2. National crime - Terrorism, rebellion, destructive action, etc.
  • 3. Business crime - Fake currency, embezzlement, breach of trust, etc.
  • 4. Nature crime - Destruction of nature, poaching, illegal disposal, etc.
  • 5. Technology crime - Illegal access, using the internet to swindle, etc.
  • 6. Sex industry crime - Prostitution, gambling, etc.
  • 7. Art crime - Art theft, counterfeit selling, etc.
  • 8. Freedom crime - Threatening, confinement, kidnapping (acts that take away one's freedom), etc.
  • 9. Murder - Mugging with murder, murder in locked rooms, etc.

The higher detectives get in rank, the lower their number becomes. The highest rank is 0 and they are known as zero-class. When their middle number becomes 0, it means that they have mastery over a wide range of topics in a particular branch, making them double-zero-class. 00 class alone means they are a pretty famous detective and the top of the crime. However, there are also those who become triple-zero-class, making them legends. While the Detective Library has been active for about 15 years, only four people have managed to achieve 000 class.

An event involving the Detective Library was hosted during the events of the novel known as the Duel Noir where members participated on a Murder Case.



Profile DSC number Specialty
Mikado Shinsen ID.png

Mikado Shinsen
000 All around
Fuhito Kirigiri.png

Fuhito Kirigiri
- Unknown

Known Registered DSC Detectives

Category 9 - Homicide

Profile DSC number Specialty
Kyoko Kirigiri DRK ID.png

Kyoko Kirigiri
912 (Former)
915 (Former)
917 (Former)
919 (Former)
Impossible Crime
Suisei Nanamura ID.png

Suisei Nanamura
900 General

Kō Inuzuka
943 Locked Room
Kadomi Senshi 920 Robbery
Saiko Ayako 950 Common Crime

Category 8 - Freedom Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty

Yui Samidare
886 (Former)
887 (Former)
888 (Former)
Yukimura Shiroko 880 Kidnapping
Unnamed Detective 813 Unspecified

Category 7 - Art Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty
Salvador Yadorigi Fukurou ID.png

Salvador Fukuro Yadorigi
752 Art Fraud/Fakes
Taehime Uozumi Headshot.png

Taehime Uozumi
756 Art Fraud/Fakes

Category 6 - Sex Industry Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty
Hajiki Yaki ID.png

Hajiki Yaki
666 Gambling

Category 5 - Technological Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty
Sachi Mizuiyama ID.png

Sachi Mizuiyama
527 Architecture

Category 4 - Nature/Wildlife

Profile DSC number Specialty
Korisu Kakitsubata ID.png

Korisu Kakitsubata
488 Animal Welfare

Category 3 - Business Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty

Eigo Amino
367 Business Spies
Tatsutora Oboro 355 International Counterfeit Currency

Category 2 - National Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty

Shita Enbi
245 Terrorism

Category 1 - Religious Crime

Profile DSC number Specialty
Suntetsu Shirasu 126 Oriental Cults

Category 0 - General/All

Profile DSC number Specialty
Gekka Headshot.png

Gekka Ryuzōji
000 All around
Johnny Arp 000 All around
Licorne ID.png

Rei Mikagami
000 All around

Unknown Category

Profile DSC number Specialty
Detectives devoured by Kyouka and Hybrids ??? Unknown*
Unknown Detectives* ??? Murder Cases
Multiple Missing Detectives* ??? Unknown*
Unknown Detective* ??? Gender Case Studies
Suzuyari Motosuke ??5 Unknown



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