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Demon Hunting is a killing game featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. The event took place within Towa City and was hosted by the Warriors of Hope. Unlike the previous killing games, this one did not involve mutual killings.



Originally these "Demons" (captives made up of young teens and adults, along with two pets) were used in the Class 78th Killing School Life as the first motivation, however with the Execution of the Mastermind at the end of the game, the Captives were left trapped in apartment rooms where they had been for two years previously.

They were freed for a few minutes before suddenly being hunted by Monokuma Units and not much later, the Warriors of Hope. The cover for the "Demon Hunting" was an end goal of creating a paradise for kids without any adults according to the Warriors of Hope; but, unbeknownst to the Warriors and the "Demons", Monaca Towa's true end goal for this game was to use it to mold Komaru Naegi into the second Junko Enoshima.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls[]

The Demon Hunting was first shown when Komaru wakes up in the secret base of the Warriors of Hope where she meets "The Servant" and much later the Warriors of Hope. The Warriors of Hope revealed to Komaru that she was actually about to participate in a Killing game by the name of "Demon Hunting" where she will be hunted by the Warriors of Hope to kill her in Towa City along with the other Hit List Targets.

The Warriors of Hope used a Hit List Entry to track and record information about the "Demons" while also using bracelets to keep the "Demons" in the playing field of Towa City. If a player attempted to leave Towa City, it would trigger their bracelet which would make it explode and ends up instantly killing the player.


Profile Name Position Fate Status
Kurokuma VA ID Kurokuma
The Advisor Defeated by Komaru and Toko
Survives the Demon Hunting
Masaru Daimon VA ID Masaru Daimon
(大門 大)
Li'l Ultimate P.E.
Head of the Hero Class
First "Fake" Leader
Defeated by Komaru and Toko
First to be punished
Survives the Demon Hunting
Jataro Kemuri VA ID Jataro Kemuri
(煙 蛇太郎)
Li'l Ultimate Art
Head of the Priest Class
Defeated by Komaru and Toko
Second to be punished
Survives the Demon Hunting
Kotoko Utsugi VA ID Kotoko Utsugi
(空木 言子)
Li'l Ultimate Drama
Head of the Fighter Class
Defeated by Komaru and Toko
Saved from her punishment by Genocide Jack
Survives the Demon Hunting
Nagisa Shingetsu VA ID Nagisa Shingetsu
(新月 渚)
Li'l Ultimate Social Studies
Head of the Sage Class
Defeated by Komaru and Toko
Fourth to be punished
Survives the Demon Hunting
Monaca Towa VA ID Monaca Towa
(塔和 最中)
Li'l Ultimate Homeroom
Head of the Mage Class
True Leader
Defeated by Komaru and Toko
Survives the Demon Hunting

Monokuma Units[]

Profile Name Status
Monokuma DRAE VA ID Monokuma Active
Bandicam 2014-09-12 20-59-00-979
Bomber Monokuma Active
Ball Monokuma Intro English
Ball Monokuma Active
Siren Monokuma emerged
Siren Monokuma Unknown
Junk Monokuma Unknown
Destroy Monokuma
Destroyer Monokuma Unknown
Beast Monokuma
Beast Monokuma Unknown
Guard Monokuma
Guard Monokuma Unknown
Final battle against BB Monokuma Big Bang Monokuma Destroyed


Profile Demon Name Captive Fate Status
Komaru Naegi VA ID "Slowpokemaru" Younger Sister of Makoto Naegi Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Hiroko Hagakure VA ID "Hironosaurus" Mother of Yasuhiro Hagakure Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Kanon Nakajima ID "Kanondos" Cousin of Leon Kuwata Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Yuta Asahina VA ID "Yutax" Younger Brother of Aoi Asahina Bracelet exploded after trying to escape the playing field Deceased
Fuhito Kirigiri "Kirihitotein" Grandfather of Kyoko Kirigiri Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Taichi Fujisaki VA ID "Taichinchin" Father of Chihiro Fujisaki Supposedly killed by a Beast Monokuma Unknown[1]
Kenshirox "Kenshirox" First Love of Sakura Ogami Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Ayaka Haneyama "Ayakanegon" Fellow Idol Group Member of Sayaka Maizono Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Fujiko Yamada "Madafujirus" Older Sister of Hifumi Yamada Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Aloysius Pennyworth Hit List Photo "Gross Butlerix" Butler of Byakuya Togami Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg Hit List Photo "Nekonekomaru" Pet Cat of Celestia Ludenberg Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Takemichi Yukimaru "Gontakerus" Fellow Biker Gang Member of Mondo Owada Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Takaaki Ishimaru Hit List Photo "Takaakix" Father of Kiyotaka Ishimaru Survived the Demon Hunting Alive
Kameko "Kamekox" Pet Stinkbug of Toko Fukawa Survived the Demon Hunting Alive

Other Participants[]

Profile Name Fate Status
Shirokuma VA ID Shirokuma Survives the Demon Hunting Unactive
Toko Fukawa DRAE VA ID Toko Fukawa Helps Komaru fight against the Warriors of Hope Alive
Haiji Towa VA ID Haiji Towa Survives the Demon Hunting Alive
The Servant VA ID The Servant Assisted the Warriors of Hope during the Demon Hunting Alive

Results and Aftermath[]

Monaca is saved by Nagito after her failed execution, and attempts to become the next Junko Enoshima. Toko and Komaru decide to stay in Towa City to help with evacuations.

Later in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School it was revealed that the former Warriors of Hope got separated from Monaca after the events of the Killing School Trip. In turn, Monaca participates in the Final Killing Game through a robot and an AI, though she abandons the idea of becoming the next Junko, and flies into space to become a NEET.


  • The title card for the Japanese version of the game says "Demon's Hunting" in the style of the Demon's Souls logo.
    • In the localizations, "Demon Hunting" is used as the title instead.
  • The Demon Hunting is the only killing game that does not feature any Ultimates.
  • As of right now, this is the only known killing game that has more than 16 participants, in the games.
    • This is also the first Killing Game to not be hosted by Monokuma in any of the games.


  1. Taichi may not be dead, as his body (along with the laptop) is gone when Komaru and Toko return to Towa Tower's ground floor in Chapter 3, unlike how most corpses are not moved in the game. Also, a note that he has written is in his place, explaining how he will not die until he has confirmed his wife and child's safety.


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