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This article contains information and transcripts for Usami's Development Mode events from Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp.


Guide Project Usami 03
I couldn't be happier that I get to watch all my lovely students learning and growing together.

Hope Fragment[]

Guide Project Usami 02
I swore I wouldn't cry today. We're all going home together, and we're going to smile about it!

Friendship Events[]

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NOTE: Usami's events will only appear while playing as Usami, as her events are alternate versions of Monomi's Friendship Events. They will not appear while playing as any other character, but will be accessible from their Event Gallery after Usami's route is completed.

Usami & Maki[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Maki Mini Pixel
Usami & Maki
Guide Project Usami 09
*pant pant pant*
Where did those kids run off to...
Guide Project Maki 02
If you're looking for the elementary schoolers, they're gone. They headed toward the forest.
Guide Project Usami 08
I-Is that so... I don't think I'll be able to catch up with them now...
Time for a rest. I'll resume the pursuit after my broken heart mends itself...
Guide Project Maki 04
What happened this time?
Guide Project Usami 01
My house is in the amusement park, but those kids made it into their secret base before I knew it...
Guide Project Usami 08
That in itself would be fine! But the important academy documents...
Guide Project Maki 01
Ah, they messed them all up?
Guide Project Usami 06
Oh, Maki...that's right. It wasn't easy, but I managed to fix them up... I was going to let them off with a light warning--
Guide Project Maki 15
But you're having trouble catching them in the first place. My condolences.
But wait, you can't even catch the girl in the wheelchair?
Guide Project Usami 08
Oh, um...that's correct. She seems really good at hiding.
Guide Project Maki 02
Or...you're really bad at finding.
Guide Project Usami 11
Especially as their teacher, I need to be mindful of poking into the circumstances of others.
Guide Project Maki 01
So you're saying you can't talk about it. That's fine.
No matter what circumstances a child may have, I know it's not a simple matter to deal with.

Usami & Tsumugi[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Tsumugi Mini Pixel
Usami & Tsumugi
Guide Project Tsumugi 02
Your modeling really tickles my inner child's heart, especially your stick and neck.
Guide Project Usami 03
Hehehe, I'm glad. I like those parts of me too.
Guide Project Tsumugi 05
Still, as a high-school teacher... Put plainly, your design is too childish.
Guide Project Usami 08
Ooh, my heart! I'm weak to hearing people say that!
Guide Project Usami 11
B-But...bunnies and magical girls are loved by children and grownups alike, right?
Guide Project Tsumugi 16
I love them both, personally. It's completely normal for an otaku to like magical girls!
And I'm sure you'll be thrilled to hear that many adults love stuffed toys too...
Guide Project Usami 04
That's right! Love me for what I am!
Guide Project Tsumugi 06
But as a teacher...I think you lack dignity.
Guide Project Usami 09
My heart...

Usami & Miu[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Miu Mini Pixel
Usami & Miu
Guide Project Miu 10
Imagine *my* surprise when I found out I was the older sister of my own teacher.
Guide Project Usami 08
Me too...at how quickly I was dragged into such an absurd fantasy!
Guide Project Miu 01
What do you mean? Aren't you Monotaro's auntie? And I'm his mother.
Guide Project Miu 30
That makes me your older sister! Sheesh, you've been holding out on me all this time!
Guide Project Usami 12
Up is down and down is up and I don't understand any of it! How did any of this happen!?
Guide Project Monotaro 09
Guide Project Miu 25
Mommy's here!
Guide Project Usami 08
Not the mama!
Guide Project Monotaro 03
What's wrong? Auntie... Have you forgotten Mommy?
Guide Project Miu 03
You are related after all, Monotaro. It would make sense if she's as forgetful as you are.
Guide Project Usami 01
Do I force myself in as the straight man or what?
Guide Project Miu 23
The only thing getting "forced in" "straight" is rod shaped! Like that thing you're holding!
Guide Project Usami 11
M-My stick wasn't made for things like that!
Guide Project Monotaro 11
Was I...made to be loved by Mommy and everyone else?
Guide Project Miu 25
Of course you were, dear. And I'm sure Usami thinks her little nephew is adorable too.
Guide Project Usami 03
Wha? Of course I do! All small children are adorable.
Guide Project Usami 12
Er... That was close! This weird roleplay almost had me convinced!
Guide Project Monotaro 08
Auntie Usami! Give me some allowance!
Guide Project Usami 02
Okay, here you are.
Guide Project Usami 12
...I'm not your auntie! I can't possibly be!
Guide Project Miu 25
Just cut it out already and let's all be one big, happy family.
Guide Project Usami 09
Urgh... My sense of self is wavering... Gwaaah!
Guide Project Monotaro 05
I love you, Auntie!
Guide Project Usami 05
Ooh, I love you too, little guy! Isn't Monotaro so cuuute, sister?
Guide Project Miu 25
Hehe, he sure is.

Usami & Monokuma[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Monokuma Mini Pixel
Usami & Monokuma
Guide Project Monokuma V3 10
Hey, Usami! Let's play soccer! With Usami as the ball!
Guide Project Usami 12
Gah, owww! What are you doing! Please stop!
Guide Project Monokuma V3 04
You dare to defy me? How foolish of a mere Usami!
Guide Project Usami 11
Of course I'd defy someone using me as a soccer ball! Ugh, bears like you...
When will you finally settle down? You should be a good role model for your children as a father!
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
You're right...which is why I'm being a good role model right now. A fine, model bear for my Kubs.
Guide Project Usami 01
How so!? Your children are working hard, and meanwhile you're being a deadbeat...
Guide Project Usami 11
You call yourself a parent? Even a monster like you realizes how precious they are, right?
Guide Project Monokuma V3 06
I told you, I insist on being myself *because* of my consideration for my children.
If it's my place as a parent to teach my Kubs... it'll be about that good ol' fashioned despair.
Guide Project Usami 01
We'll have to agree to disagree.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 02
I never asked you in the first place!

Usami & Ibuki[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Ibuki Mini Pixel
Usami & Ibuki
Guide Project Usami 07
Laalalaa, lalala, la lalaa! How was that?
Guide Assets Ibuki 05
Hmm...better. If we edit out 95% of that phrase, your theme will be done-zo!
Guide Project Usami 12
Then only 5% of my contribution would remain! Although I'm not a music teacher!
Guide Project Usami 06
But I'm really glad you're making my theme song. I can't wait to hear it when it's finished!
Guide Assets Ibuki 10
Heh heh, go ahead and get your hopes up! I'm the Ultimate Musician, baby!
Guide Assets Ibuki 18
Turns out making tunes for others is way more fun that I thought it'd be.
I might have to think about doing a custom song carpet bomb on some unsuspecting classmates!
Guide Assets Ibuki 20
Oops, got carried away for a sec there. But if I were to make one...it'd be for Hiyoko.
Guide Assets Ibuki 09
Hiyoko is the one who likes my music the most, after all.
Guide Project Usami 03
Hiyoko, huh... That's true. I'm sure she'd gripe, but I know she'd like it!
Guide Assets Ibuki 07
She'd be all like, "The hell're you surprising me with this crap for! More like I-pukey!"
Guide Assets Ibuki 19
But that's Hiyokonese for "this rules!"
Guide Assets Ibuki 09
Hell yeah, my motivation is erupting! But first I need to complete Usami's song...
Guide Assets Ibuki 11
Then it's on to Hiyoko's theme! I dub it, "I Fed Him the Tack on the Bottom of My Shoe"!
Guide Project Usami 08
Th-That sounds like a scary song...

Usami & Kurokuma[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Kurokuma Mini Pixel
Usami & Kurokuma
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (3)
Yo, teach... Listen, if you would, to my troubles...
Guide Project Usami 11
I don't recall becoming your teacher... but I'll listen to what's bothering you.
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (5)
Thanks, Usa-you! See, the thing is, nobody around me can ever make up their damn minds!
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (6)
Think about it--they've got me, a legendary star, on the same sand as them. They oughta yell or mosh or faint more, y'know, the kinda shit I can understand! And yet they're so calm. It's almost like they don't even notice me!
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (3)
On second thought...maybe I've been a ghost this entire time?
Guide Project Usami 01
Umm...you're kinda dragging this out. And my quips are locked and loaded, I'll have you know.
Guide Project Usami 10
Besides...isn't it just because nobody knows who you are?
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (7)
EL GAAAAAASP! You been livin' under a boulder, toots!?
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (2)
Is Hope's Peak takin' an isolationist stance? Am I back in the Edo period where nobody knows me?
Guide Project Usami 01
Nope, I've never even seen you on entertainment news from around the world...
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (6)
My image is unrecordable... My good looks are enough to make any cameraman faint on sight.
Guide Project Kurokuma DRS (2)
Ah well. I'll just have to channel the legendary artist myself! Prepare to hear *true* music!
Guide Project Usami 11
He started and ended his own conversation... Maybe talking is his art after all.

Usami & Angie & Jataro[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Angie Mini PixelFTE Guide Jataro Mini Pixel
Usami & Angie & Jataro
Guide Project Jataro DRS (2)
Can you help me with my assignment, Usami? Not that you'll help a shunned person like me...
Guide Project Usami 03
Of course I'll help! I'm your teacher here, after all, Jataro!
Guide Project Jataro DRS (8)
Wait, really? You'll be a prop for my diorama?
Guide Project Usami 12
Bwah!? A...prop!?
Guide Project Angie 16
Ooh, Usami has attracted Jataro's attention.
Guide Project Angie 14
I look forward to seeing how he cooks up Usami... as does Atua, as well.
Guide Project Usami 09
Guide Project Jataro DRS (5)
I'm not cooking, I'm making a diorama. But that reminds me of the saying, "your goose is cooked."
Guide Project Usami 08
Umm, I'm not a goose... Either way, I don't think I like where this is headed...
Guide Project Angie 06
Let me know when you finish the diorama, Jataro. I have something to show you too.
Guide Project Usami 02
That's right, you two are like fellow artists!
Guide Project Usami 11
I'm really trying to focus on the heartwarming part and ignore the impending crisis!
Guide Project Jataro DRS (2)
One of your works, huh... I'll pass. As someone shunned by others, I'll just work by myself.
Guide Project Angie 23
Aww, that's such a waste. You may even become one of Atua's chosen, Jataro.
Guide Project Jataro DRS (10)
He's a weird god if he'd choose someone unpopular like me...unless he's into little boys.
Guide Project Jataro DRS (6)
But I guess he likes girls like you, so maybe he's a creep after all.
Guide Project Angie 25
You'll anger Atua if you say things like that. He might even punish your family three steps removed!
Guide Project Jataro DRS (4)
Hehe, I wouldn't mind that.
Guide Project Usami 08
Aww, I'm forgotten already... But as long as you two get along, it's fine...

Usami & Miu & Kazuichi[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Miu Mini PixelFTE Guide Kazuichi Mini Pixel
Usami & Miu & Kazuichi
Guide Project Kazuichi 01
So different people made Usami and Monokuma... Guess we're not the only engineers.
Guide Project Kazuichi 18
Professor Idabashi was the one who made K1-B0, huh? So it's not just Ultimates, I guess.
Guide Project Miu 04
Yeah, and? I don't give a rip about some numbnuts like that. No one's a match for me!
*I'm* the one with good looks and huge knockers! *They're* nothing but virgin chuds and flatties!
Guide Project Usami 01
Um...what's that have to do with engineering?
Guide Project Kazuichi 12
Exactly! Nothing!
Guide Project Miu 01
Oh yeah, a virgin *would* say that. The power of beauty is absolute, y'know.
Guide Project Kazuichi 06
Even if you are hot, you're so crass the beauty gauge goes all the way back around to zero!
Guide Project Miu 09
B-But you admit I'm beautiful? Because if so, you're just one shove away from becoming my slave!
Guide Project Usami 11
Miu, making your classmate a slave is a no-no. That goes for all students and faculty too.
Guide Project Miu 30
What, so you're saying I'm no good!?
Guide Project Usami 12
Huh? I don't remember saying that!
Guide Project Kazuichi 10
If you just chilled out a bit, I'm sure there're plenty of people who'd tell you you're hot...
Guide Project Miu 28
Huh? Am I being lectured by a dude whose very being just screams virgin?
Guide Project Kazuichi 17
Oh, come on, I'm making way more sense than you! Anyway, I just like Sonia a little too much!
Guide Project Usami 11
I think the both of you could benefit from chilling out a bit...

Usami & Genocide Jack & Teruteru[]

FTE Guide Usami Mini PixelFTE Guide Genocide Jack Mini PixelFTE Guide Teruteru Mini Pixel
Usami & Genocide Jack & Teruteru
Guide Project Jack 11
Thank you, my fellow weirdos, for gathering here today! It speaks volumes of my popularity!
Guide Project Teruteru 15
Hey now, that's a rude way to welcome us. I'm sure you could go even ruder though!
Guide Project Usami 08
Um, I think I'm good without the insults... So what did you want to ask us?
Guide Project Jack 07
It's about me and my White Knight, of course! The two of us are meant to be! So yeah, love advice!
Guide Project Usami 06
Wow, love advice for students... My heart is going pitter-patter.
Guide Project Jack 09
How 'bout you, suckling pig? Got any advice, ya drug-spiked bag of over-seasoned pork rinds?
Guide Project Teruteru 20
Oho, now we're getting somewhere. Mind calling me a bag of pork rinds again?
Guide Project Usami 12
Drugs are bad! And pork rinds are bad for you! And neither are good for your heart!
Guide Project Teruteru 14
As long as our avatars are protected, I doubt drugs will have any effect on us anyway, right?
Guide Project Jack 12
Hmm, you're pretty sharp for a piggy. You speakin' from experience?
Guide Project Teruteru 04
All I've tried is adding a little big o' "special seasoning" to a rice ball, if ya know what I mean!
Guide Project Usami 11
No! Drugs are bad!
Guide Project Jack 09
Maybe it was a bad idea to invite a teacher here. Her pitter-patter might turn into a heart attack!
Guide Project Usami 08
*sob* If all your ideas are like that, you're going to end up *breaking* my heart!

Special Events[]

Potential of Talent[]

Summer Festival[]


With Swimsuits[]

My Future...[]

Appearances in Special Events for Other Characters[]

Potential of Talent[]

Summer Festival[]


With Swimsuits[]

My Future...[]


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