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This article contains information and transcripts for Izuru Kamukura's Development Mode events from Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp.


Guide Project Izuru 04
The "hope" they yearn for me to discover here will undoubtedly be a boring thing. And yet...

Hope Fragment[]

Guide Project Izuru 04
My hope? You are looking at it.

Friendship Events[]

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Izuru & Gonta[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Gonta Mini Pixel
Izuru & Gonta
Guide Project Gonta 32
Oh, it true! Lots of bugs gathered here!
Guide Project Gonta 04
Gonta thought Gonta explored whole island, but there is place like this...
Guide Project Gonta 01
Thank you for telling Gonta, Izuru!
Guide Project Izuru 01
It's nothing, You asked me what kind of bugs I've seen on this island, so I answered.
Guide Project Gonta 03
Not many people pay attention to bugs... Gonta happy that we can talk about bugs!
Guide Project Gonta 02
Does Izuru like bugs? What bugs do you like best?
Guide Project Izuru 05
I've studied bug species and ecology before, but I don't have any particular likes or dislikes.
Guide Project Gonta 01
Oh... Gonta glad!
Guide Project Izuru 01
Glad? What part of my answer would make you glad?
Guide Project Gonta 03
Lot of people have bugs they dislike. Gonta glad you have no like or dislike.
Guide Project Gonta 04
It not always easy for people to get along with bugs because of poison, or bug looks scary...
Guide Project Gonta 01
But Gonta love all bugs.
Guide Project Izuru 04
You must consider a lot of creatures pretty special.
Guide Project Gonta 01
Yes! Gonta think that's a happy thing!
Guide Project Gonta 32
Oh...but it not just bugs Gonta love. Gonta loves everyone at Hope's Peak Academy.
Guide Project Gonta 09
Izuru...how do you feel about humans?
Guide Project Izuru 03
The same. I don't like or dislike anyone in particular.
Guide Project Gonta 34
Oh...Gonta see.
Guide Project Gonta 01
Then Gonta will work even harder! Gonta will become a fine gentleman... and make you like Gonta more!
Guide Project Izuru 02
You sure are a simple one... So simple a psychological analysis is unnecessary.

Izuru & Himiko[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Himiko Mini Pixel
Izuru & Himiko
Guide Project Himiko 13
I know nobody else was around to ask, but I never thought I'd have you carrying things...
Guide Project Himiko 35
Someone with every talent as a luggage carrier... or maybe there's a talent for carrying luggage?
Guide Project Izuru 04
There's no need to ever treat luggage carrying as a talent, no.
Guide Project Izuru 05
However, I could probably carry more luggage at once than anyone participating in this camp.
Guide Project Himiko 23
Wh-What!? More than Sakura, or Gonta, or Nekomaru!?
Guide Project Himiko 14
That's something I'd like to see... Could you try carrying everything on this shelf?
Guide Project Izuru 03
Just because it's possible doesnt mean it's reasonable.
Guide Project Himiko 03
It would be fun for me! Probably!
Guide Project Izuru 04
Is that all? How dull...
Guide Project Himiko 10
There you go again... You sure do like to call things dull and boring.
Guide Project Himiko 02
Entertaining someone, making them smile... That's never a boring thing.
Guide Project Himiko 14
Have you ever tried doing something just to see someone smile?
Guide Project Izuru 01
Nobody ever sought such a thing from me.
Guide Project Himiko 24
I-I just did...
Guide Project Himiko 24
You can probably predict anything. But foreseeing and doing are completely different.
Guide Project Himiko 32
You could entertain lots of people... Make them laugh until their sides burst, even...
Guide Project Himiko 02
Can't you do something like that? Why not try it just once?
Guide Project Izuru 03
Making people laugh... Interesting.
Guide Project Himiko 06
That's right. Entertaining someone and making them smile with your talents is a wonderful thing.
Guide Project Himiko 05
But in your case...you may need to learn how to smile first before making your guests smile.

Izuru & Monokuma[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Monokuma Mini Pixel
Izuru & Monokuma
Guide Project Monokuma V3 08
Reading is nice every now and then! But this manga couldn't be any more boring.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 02
The ridiculously powerful hero mows everything down, rinse, repeat. Every issue is the same!
Guide Project Izuru 01
If it's boring...why bother reading it? You're wasting time.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
Says the one who came to my library and isn't reading anything. Who's wasting time now, huh!?
Guide Project Izuru 05
I dealt with the beasts for a while, so I chose the closest building to rest in.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 06
Aww, the beasts I worked so hard to spread, all mowed down by the ridiculously powerful Izuru.
Yeesh, just having you among the students throws off the power balance like crazy.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
As if a virtual world without despair where the wimpiest can fight back wasn't bad enough!
Guide Project Monokuma V3 10
Wouldn't it be more fun if you had a heel turn and sided with the beasts?
Guide Project Izuru 01
That would hardly be fun--whichever side I'm on will win, plain and simple.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 06
New enemies, shocking twists, nothing matters to you. It's all predetermined harmony anyway.
You're a game-breaking character, y'know. If your life was a manga, it would be super boring.
Guide Project Izuru 04
I'm sure it would be.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
Though if you were to pen it yourself, I'm sure even your life would become a bestselling series.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 02
Speaking of predetermined harmony... In a way, your life is the purest form of despair.
Guide Project Izuru 03
Despair... That too is predetermined harmony... To my current self, it is inconsequential.

Izuru & Byakuya[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Byakuya Mini Pixel
Izuru & Byakuya
Guide Project Byakuya 10
Izuru Kamukura. Surely you could use every type of weapon here proficiently.
Using these, I have no doubt that you could eradicate every single beast in our way.
Guide Project Izuru 01
Indeed. While I'm sure these weapons have safety functions in the virtual world...
I could likely disable the functions and exterminate the beasts within half a day, roughly.
Guide Project Byakuya 00
So why don't you?
Guide Project Byakuya 06
Because nobody asked you to? Or is this another one of your infantile excuses?
Guide Project Izuru 03
You must have a lot of free time to be asking questions you already know the answers to.
Guide Project Byakuya 02
If you don't know what to do with your abilities, use them for me. Consider your life after this.
Guide Project Izuru 05
Hmm... Are you scouting me?
Guide Project Byakuya 10
I can compensate you handsomely. Surely you have no other aspirations.
Tell me, what sum do you require? I can assign you an accountant to help if necessary.
Guide Project Izuru 01
Even if you did hire me, you'd never be able to fully manage me.
If you place me beside you...eventually, you would become a parasite reliant on my talents.
Guide Project Byakuya 06
I would never kneel before another's power... Byakuya Togami makes all others kneel to him.
Guide Project Izuru 01
You sure are confident.
Guide Project Byakuya 05
Naturally... I walked my own path to get where I am now.
Guide Project Byakuya 02
Not that you'd understand.
Guide Project Izuru 03
...I'll give your scouting some thought.
Guide Project Byakuya 04
Some thought, you say? You intend to make me wait?
Guide Project Izuru 02
I won't make you wait long. Only until the end of this field trip.
I was previously told by the Ultimate Moral Compass that I lack effort.
Guide Project Byakuya 11
Moral Compass... You mean Kiyotaka? He'd even lecture *you* about effort?
Guide Project Izuru 01
He's told me several times now that I need to exert effort to find applications for my talents.
Guide Project Izuru 03
Such effort is meaningless. But right now...
Doing things differently from usual is what my creator, Hope's Peak Academy, desires.
Guide Project Byakuya 01
Heh. And thus you'll apply Kiyotaka's advice?
Guide Project Byakuya 06
Very well. If, by the end of this field trip, you still can't find an answer...
Guide Project Izuru 03
That's fine. In such an event, I'll follow the objectives you give to me.
Guide Project Byakuya 01
A use for your talents beyond working under me? A preposterous thought.

Izuru & Sayaka[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Sayaka Mini Pixel
Izuru & Sayaka
Guide Project Sayaka 6
Oh... Good morning. Are you jogging too, Izuru?
Guide Project Izuru 04
For once, yes.
Guide Project Sayaka 15
It feels so nice to run here in the morning. The scenery is so different from the academy.
Guide Project Izuru 02
I've never minded such things.
Guide Project Izuru 03
I'm simply exercising my body to maintain my physical condition.
Guide Project Sayaka 6
Hehe... That sounds just like something you'd say.
Guide Project Izuru 01
Just like me, you say... That's the first time someone's said that.
Guide Project Sayaka 1
Is it? I didn't mean it in a bad way though.
It's not like you to work toward a goal, or because you want to better yourself...
Guide Project Sayaka 5
But quietly keeping things in order... that definitely fits my image of you.
Guide Project Izuru 05
You aren't mistaken--my present self has no goals.
Guide Project Sayaka 9
So this is basically a period of maintenance until you do find a goal.
Guide Project Izuru 03
You could perceive it in that way.
Looking at the positive things and conveying it... That's very much like you, as an idol.
Guide Project Sayaka 14
Um...thank you very much.
Guide Project Sayaka 3
I'm sorry, I'm just a little surprised. I never expected you to say something like that to me.
Guide Project Izuru 02
That is to say, it wasn't "just like me." Is that what you meant?
Guide Project Sayaka 1
Oh, not at all. It's just...
Guide Project Sayaka 2
What I think of as "like Izuru" is just one aspect of you.
Guide Project Sayaka 6
But it's not like we've spoken much, so of course I wouldn't know much about you.
Guide Project Izuru 03
I thought we had dispelled this whole "like me" thing.
Guide Project Sayaka 13
Guide Project Izuru 04
Never mind... It's nothing.

Izuru & Gundham[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Gundham Mini Pixel
Izuru & Gundham
Guide Project Gundham 13
There is something I must ask.
Guide Project Gundham 14
I inquire--whose master are you?
Guide Project Izuru 03
Judging from your past words and mannerisms... you must be asking if I have pets.
Guide Project Izuru 01
No, I've never had any pets. I was always at the academy, after all.
Guide Project Gundham 04
Heh. There was no need to even measure your magic power, for the answer was precisely as predicted.
Guide Project Izuru 02
Raising, training, treating animals... Those are all things I can do, however.
Guide Project Gundham 13
And yet you know naught of forming a pact with magic beasts and coexisting alongside them.
Guide Project Izuru 01
Hmm. Are you saying unused talent is useless?
Guide Project Gundham 02
I speak not of worthless human desires. But you...do not know their warmth or feel.
Guide Project Gundham 09
You possess a Vessel capable of attracting any magic beast, yet you do not satisfy that power.
Guide Project Gundham 05
Yet you...do not *satisfy* that *power*!
Guide Project Izuru 04
You must really like that phrase.
Guide Project Gundham 02
Once formed, a pact remains for life. Such casual pacts would only destroy you in the end.
However, in this illusory space...one may form provisional pacts not possible in reality.
Guide Project Izuru 05
So you're trying to tell me to keep an animal as a pet?
Guide Project Gundham 16
If that is your interpretation, your inner voice is surely telling you to do such.
Guide Project Gundham 14
If you desire even a fragment more magic power, you must touch magic beasts with your own hands.
Though surely you are already aware of the magic power such a pact would create...
Guide Project Izuru 03
I am. But...during this field trip, I've been tasked with doing things differently from usual.
Doing things I deemed unnecessary... That may very well lead me to the answer of my assignment.

Izuru & Hiyoko[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Hiyoko Mini Pixel
Izuru & Hiyoko
Guide Project Hiyoko 20
What're *you* doing at the gift corner? You don't have anyone to buy gifts for. What gives?
Guide Project Izuru 04
Nothing. I simply wanted to have a look.
Among the souvenirs, there appear to be pranks that the developers weren't involved in.
Guide Project Hiyoko 16
Hmm... Hey, you're right! Now that I look closer, there's some real weird crap in here.
Guide Project Hiyoko 12
These straps... I thought they had little animals attached, but it's the dang Monokubs!
Guide Project Izuru 01
The snacks beneath them as well. Monokubs manju, it says.
Guide Project Hiyoko 04
Who'd want souvenirs like this! Nobody'd even know where the hell you got 'em from!
Guide Project Hiyoko 07
I dunno if they have admin powers or whatever, but they're going way too far with this crap.
And they just threw whatever onto the beach hut menu. Some Japanese sweets would be nice.
Guide Project Hiyoko 23
Oh, I know! You can make sweets, right? Make something for me.
Guide Project Izuru 02
Japanese sweets? If I had the ingredients, yes, it's possible.
Guide Project Hiyoko 18
Yay! Make me some, make me some!
Guide Project Hiyoko 16
Oh, but don't half-ass it! Presentation and fine details must be of artisanal quality or forget it.
Guide Project Izuru 03
Not a problem. One of my talents is Eastern Pastry Chef.
Guide Project Hiyoko 14
Well damn, aren't you convenient.
There should be one of you in every home! On second thought, every home would be depressing.
Guide Project Izuru 04
Another one of my talents is that of Comedian.
Guide Project Hiyoko 12
The hell!?
Guide Project Hiyoko 15
Comedy, from you? *That's* a good one! Just thinking about it cracks me up though!
Guide Project Izuru 03
Indeed, if not absolutely necessary, I have no intention of ever using that talent.

Izuru & Ryoma & Nagito[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Ryoma Mini PixelFTE Guide Nagito Mini Pixel
Izuru & Ryoma & Nagito
Guide Project Komaeda 25
Oh, hey, you guys came too. What a privilege to see a movie with the two of you.
Guide Project Izuru 01
You exaggerate... One sits quietly during a movie. It hardly matters who else is present.
Guide Project Ryoma 08
So you'd think, but just having strangers around you changes the entire atmosphere.
Guide Project Ryoma 01
Hearing others laugh or cry... That kind of stuff is part of the movie theater experience.
Guide Project Komaeda 07
Huh... What a fascinating way of thinking about it. Are you a movie connoisseur, Ryoma?
Guide Project Ryoma 07
I wouldn't say so. It's honestly been a long time since I've been to an establishment like this.
Guide Project Ryoma 08
But watching a movie with others for the first time in forever reminded me of all that.
Guide Project Izuru 04
But knowing what I know about you, I would assume being surrounded by strangers is not a good thing.
Guide Project Ryoma 01
It can have its drawbacks, sure. But to me... it's all part of the movie experience.
Guide Project Komaeda 24
Wow...what an eye-opening revelation! I bet my movie experiences will never be the same now.
Guide Project Izuru 05
I find it difficult to imagine any of us three laughing or crying during a movie, however.

Izuru & Kirumi & Chiaki[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Kirumi Mini PixelFTE Guide Chiaki Mini Pixel
Izuru & Kirumi & Chiaki
Guide Project Kirumi 01
For afternoon tea time, I made black tea cakes, strawberry parfaits, and tuna crepes to accompany. Your dishes are garnished with flowers from the island. Do enjoy, and keep up the good work.
Guide Project Kirumi 06
I see you dropped your fork. Allow me to bring you a new-- Oh?
Guide Project Izuru 03
I picked it up and got a replacement already, since I'm close to another table anyway.
Guide Project Kirumi 01
I see... Thank you. You're always so quick to act, Izuru.
Guide Project Chiaki 05
Another busy day, huh, Kirumi? Thanks for always working so hard.
Guide Project Kirumi 05
Oh, think nothing of it. I'm simply doing my job.
Guide Project Izuru 01
Fulfilling the requests of others is your life... In that case, may I make a new request?
Guide Project Kirumi 06
From you, Izuru? Yes, certainly. Please tell me the details.
Guide Project Chiaki 09
It's actually a joint request from both of us. Would you care to play a game with us, Kirumi?
Guide Project Kirumi 12
Me...play a game?
Guide Project Izuru 04
It's about more than just play. We're requesting your support in acquiring the strongest gear.
Guide Project Chiaki 03
We've been duoing it up to now, but...it seems the next quest is better suited for more people.
Guide Project Izuru 03
Simply clearing it is doable with the two of us, but this system rewards having more players.
Guide Project Izuru 01
You have experience with games, right?
Guide Project Kirumi 03
That is correct. Thanks to the requests of a past employer, I'm experienced in most game genres.
Guide Project Kirumi 07
So I believe I understand what you mean. I'll do everything in my power to support you.
Guide Project Chiaki 05
That's great, thanks!
Guide Project Chiaki 10
Oh, and while we are trying to master it... it's also important to make sure to have fun.
Guide Project Chiaki 05
It'll be my first time playing with both of you, so let's make it enjoyable.

Izuru & Leon & Chihiro[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Leon Mini PixelFTE Guide Chihiro Mini Pixel
Izuru & Leon & Chihiro
Guide Project Chihiro 10
In conclusion, there are redundant verification mechanisms to maintain safety in this world.
Guide Project Izuru 05
And yet, from the very start, Monokuma was free to do as he pleased.
Guide Project Izuru 04
I assume focus was placed on preventing outside meddling, but *inside* meddling is another matter.
Guide Project Chihiro 02
Ugh... I'm sorry about that. I took measures, but...as you implied, my efforts were inadequate. I thought I was completely thorough, but I ignored the possibility of inside interference.
Guide Project Izuru 03
Friendship is one hell of a drug. Even someone you think you can trust could betray you in a second.
Guide Project Chihiro 01
Ugh, b-but...
Whoa, you guys. Why the heavy conversation over grub? Teruteru's steak is gonna go to waste!
Guide Project Chihiro 12
Oh... right. It would be rude to Teruteru not to eat it while it's still hot.
Guide Project Izuru 02
Are you trying to avoid having to think?
Izuru, buddy. I'm sure you've got good intentions, but every now and then, you freak me the hell out.
Guide Project Chihiro 05
I'm... not trying to avoid anything. I really do want to reflect on this.
Guide Project Chihiro 09
I'm sure part of me wanted to trust everyone and never suspect them of anything... And thanks to that, I might have put everyone in danger.
Guide Project Chihiro 13
I was able to act quickly enough this time... but we were incredibly lucky.
Chihiro... you gotta let it go too. Just enjoy your steak and sleep on it, yeah?
Guide Project Chihiro 08
Thanks, Leon. You too, Izuru... I appreciate you being blunt.
Guide Project Chihiro 13
I'll do things properly from now on. Putting blind trust into everyone isn't friendship...right?
Guide Project Izuru 01
Trust and friends are alien concepts to me, but... I believe you're on the right track.
Guide Project Chihiro 07
Yeah... It's reassuring to hear you say that. Thank you! I really mean it.
All o' that aside... ain't it all Monokuma's fault?

Izuru & Mahiru & Mikan[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini PixelFTE Guide Mahiru Mini PixelFTE Guide Mikan Mini Pixel
Izuru & Mahiru & Mikan
Guide Project Mahiru 10
That's right, Mikan. Juuust like that. Now say chee--
Guide Project Mikan 13
Uh, um...
Guide Project Mikan 05
Ah, waaah!
Guide Project Mahiru 06
I wasn't expecting that! I got the shot, but... Are you two okay?
Guide Project Mikan 02
Y-Yes... Izuru caught me just before I fell over, so...
Guide Project Mikan 21
Th-Th-Th...Thank you so much! I'm so sorry about this!
Guide Project Izuru 03
It's nothing... I simply held out my hand.
Guide Project Mahiru 13
I thought you were standing pretty far away... You've got some reach, Izuru.
Guide Project Mikan 17
B-By the way, Mahiru... You said you took the shot, right? Is that...
Guide Project Mahiru 12
Oh, I might have caught Izuru's moment in action.
Guide Project Mikan 16
Hweh! If that photo leaks, won't I end up stabbed by one of Izuru's fans!?
Guide Project Mahiru 06
Uh, are there people like that? I mean... this *is* Izuru, so it's possible...
Guide Project Izuru 02
At present, almost nobody outside the academy is aware of my existence.
Guide Project Mikan 07
B-But...maybe you have some secret admirers among the students...
Guide Project Mahiru 09
Whatever the case, I'll delete it, so don't worry. It's kind of an embarrassing moment, anyway.
Guide Project Mikan 23
Oh...yes, p-please do that...

Special Events[]

Potential of Talent[]

Summer Festival[]


With Swimsuits[]

My Future...[]

Appearances in Special Events for Other Characters[]

Potential of Talent[]

Summer Festival[]


With Swimsuits[]

My Future...[]


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