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This guide details the effects of Event Squares featured in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp Development Mode. Landing on these squares triggers an event which will increase a given stat depending on your choice.

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DRS Event BadHeadache
Bad Headache
I arrived at the drugstore with a bad headache.
Buy headache medicine. Intellect
Buy a protein shake. Strength
DRS Event BarbequeFood
Barbeque Food
I came to buy barbeque ingredients! What would be some interesting food to grill?
Shaved ice. Speed
Watermelon. Intelligence
DRS Event BeachTraining
Beach Training
What's this? Athletic training on the beach!
I've gotta get a piece of this action! Defense
I'll go get them some refreshments! Influence
DRS Event BeachTrash
Beach Trash
The beach is littered with trash... This simply will not do!
Clean it up. Defense
Track down the culprit. Intelligence
DRS Event BiteattheStalls
Bite at the Stalls
I worked up a hunger playing around so much… I’ll grab a bite at the stalls.
Adamantine ice cream. Strength
Gyoza with a face. Defense
DRS Event BobaStand
Boba Stand
Whoa! The Monokubs opened a boba stand!
Buy something. Speed
Open a rival shop. Influence
DRS Event CakeFromTheSky
Cake from the Sky
A cake fell from the sky! What to do...
I'm gonna eat it. Strength
I'll make it into an exhibit. Intelligence
DRS Event CapsuleVendingMachine
Capsule Vending Machine
A palm tree-themed capsule vending machine. Was this always here?
I'll give it a try! Random
I'll give it a try! Random
DRS Event CardGame
Card Game
I got a Rock, Paper, Scissors card game!
People bad at psychological warfare. Fortitude
People good at psychological warfare. Intelligence
DRS Event ChooseaRide
Choose a Ride
I went to the amusement park! So many rides to choose from…
The roller coaster. Speed
The funhouse Fortitude
DRS Event CleantheHotel
Clean the Hotel
We’re having a party in the hotel’s old building! It’ll have to be cleaned thoroughly!
Clean with all my might. Speed
Slack off. Influence
DRS Event CommemorativePhoto
Commemorative Photo
A commemorative photo at the park... I'll make it one to remember!
Atop the bronze statue. Fortitude
In front of the bronze statue. Defense
DRS Event CreakingOldBuilding
Creaking Old Building
I can hear a creaking somewhere in the old building... It's coming from...
Under the floor. Fortitude
The ceiling. Defense
DRS Event DrugstoreInjury
Drugstore Injury
I arrived at the drugstore with an injury.
Buy bandages. Fortitude
Buy a protein shake. Strength
DRS Event DrugstoreWhim
Drugstore on a Whim
I dropped by the drugstore on a whim. Maybe I'll buy something.
Cheap snacks. Defense
Cleaning sheets. Speed
DRS Event EarlyRiser
Early Riser
I ended up waking up ridiculously early. What to do...
Wake the others too. Speed
Take a walk. Defense
DRS Event FarmPlay
Farm Play
I decided to play around at the farm today. What to do...
Gaze at the weather vane. Fortitude
Feed the animals. Luck
DRS Event FilmDirector
Film Director
I ended up as a director for a film. What kind of film should it be...
An action flick. Strength
A horror movie. Intelligence
DRS Event FinalDeadRoomPuzzle
Final Dead Room Puzzle
I can't figure out the Final Dead Room puzzle... I've got to be close though...
Call the Monokubs. Fortitude
Pay the penalty fee to escape. Speed
DRS Event GhostHaunting
Ghost Haunting
While undergoing a test of courage, I ended up being haunted by a ghost!
Take it with me. Fortitude
Fight it off. Strength
DRS Event GiftStore
Gift Store
This is the amusement park gift store. I should buy something to bring back home.
Bear ears. Luck
Tentacle Machine. Influence
DRS Event HospitalWait
Hospital Wait
Waiting around in a hospital is so boring...
Read a book to kill time. Intelligence
Put together a puzzle to kill time. Fortitude
DRS Event HotDay
Hot Day
It's ridiculously hot today, so I'd prefer staying in my room...
Put together a puzzle. Fortitude
Fire up a game. Intelligence
DRS Event InterestingBooks
Interesting Books
I found some really interesting books. Maybe I should do some reading.
The Armchair Traveler Journal Influence
The Super Skill Stockpile (2nd Ed.) Intellect
DRS Event IslandTrip
Island Trip
A trip to a tropical island? This is the life! I could kick back all day if I let myself!
I need to take my studies seriously. Intelligence
I'm gonna have some fun. Defense
DRS Event LightBulb
Light Bulb
The light bulb in my room burned out... What to do...
Enjoy the darkness. Luck
Change the light bulb. Influence
DRS Event LastRamen
Last Ramen
A fight’s started over who gets the last ramen…
Break it up. Strength
Swipe the ramen for myself. Speed
DRS Event LostFriend
Lost Friend
I got separated from my friend...
The Ultimate Detective. Intellect
The Ultimate Lucky Student. Luck
DRS Event MidnightRun
Midnight Run
It's midnight, but I'm craving a run... My entire body is tingling!
Run through the mountains. Speed
Run at the beach. Defense
DRS Event Misfortune Struck
Misfortune Struck
Misfortune struck--I was badly injured...
Treat the injury. Defense
Lift the curse. Luck
DRS Event MonkeysPaw
Monkey's Paw
While cleaning out a closet, I found a monkey's paw in the back...
Make a wish. Speed
On second thought, I'll pass. Intellect
DRS Event MonokubFight
Monokub Fight
Monokid and Monodam are fighting! How should I break them up?
Both are guilty and should be punished. Strength
Have them fight in a game instead. Fortitude
DRS Event MonokumaFactory
Monokuma Factory
I infiltrated the Monokuma factory warehouse on a mission...
Hide in the shadows. Fortitude
Hide under a cardboard box. Speed
DRS Event MonokumaMerch
Monokuma Merch
I have to deal with all this Monokuma merch...
Pass it out to everyone. Strength
Burn it. Intellect
DRS Event MonophaniesTan
Monophanie's Tan
"I'm thinking of getting a nice tan and making myself more feminine..."
I'll apply the suntan lotion. Intelligence
I'll apply salad dressing. Speed
DRS Event MonosukesBusiness
Monosuke's Business
"I'm thinking about broadening the scope of my business. Got any good ideas?"
Open a second beach hut. Defense
Get into the financial business. Fortitude
DRS Event MonotarosLost
Monotaro's Lost
I found a lost Monotaro. He seems to want to reunite with the other Monokubs...
Search together. Defense
Head to lost and found. Fortitude
DRS Event MonotarosName
Monotaro's Name
I'm walking along the beach when... I found Monotaro washed up on the shore!
Monotaro. Intelligence
Your name is Tendie Bear. Defense
DRS Event Nightmare
I had a nightmare in which I was being chased by a ghost...
Go back to sleep. Luck
Talk about the nightmare. Influence
DRS Event OminousBooks
Ominous Books
I found some ominous books on a bookshelf in the back.
The Black Chapter Intelligence
Dreams Come True: The Good Luck Charm Collection Fortitude
DRS Event Overslept
Aww, crap! I overslept! And I'd made plans too...
Take the L. Fortitude
If I seriously hustle, I can still make it! Speed
DRS Event ParticularInspiration
Particular Inspiration
The moment I passed by the barn, I was struck with a particular inspiration!
I'm gonna have steak tonight! Strength
I'll take a nap surrounded by nature! Influence
DRS Event PhysicalExam
Physical Exam
There's a physical examination tomorrow...
Eat nutritious food. Defense
Do some intense exercise. Speed
DRS Event PhysicalExamToday
Physical Exam Today
There's a physical examination today! Should I measure height or weight first?
Height. Strength
Weight. Defense
DRS Event RamenStand
Ramen Stand
I decided to open a ramen stand! Prominently displayed on my menu is...
Ketchup ramen. Strength
Coconut ramen. Defense
DRS Event RestaurantRemodel
Restaurant Remodel
I was asked to remodel the restaurant. I'm brainstorming about the interior now.
A horror theme. Fortitude
A tropical interior. Intelligence
DRS Event RollerCoasterLine
Roller Coaster Line
There's a line for the roller coaster! I wasn't expecting that...
Cut in line. Speed
Blow them up. Influence
DRS Event ShootingStars
Shooting Stars
I saw a shooting star! I should make a wish!
I wish for fortune! Luck
I wish to see a bunch of shooting stars! Speed
DRS Event HospitalSpooky
Spooky Hospital
Hospitals are spooky at night...
Go after it. Influence
Run away. Speed
DRS Event StrangeDoll
Strange Doll
I found a strange doll while sorting out the goods warehouse...
A bojobo doll. Strength
An antique doll. Fortitude
DRS Event SurpriseCoconut
Surprise Coconut
I'm walking along the beach when... Look out! Coconuts are raining down on me!
I welcome the challenge! Strength
Evasive maneuvers! Speed
DRS Event SurpriseBoulder
Surprise Boulder
I was hiking when... A huge boulder came rolling down in front of me!
Run away! Speed
Face it head-on. Strength
DRS Event PotentialTalent
Talent Potential 1
If I really want to find fresh potential for my talent... I should try some crazy stuff!
I'll dance atop a mountain! Defense
I'll read by the ocean! Intellect
DRS Event PotentialTalent
Talent Potential 2
If I really want to find fresh potential for my talent... I'll have to put in an honest effort!
I'll devote myself to bodybuilding! Strength
I'll reinforce a positive self-image! Intelligence
DRS Event TooMuchRamen
Too Much Ramen
I won a year's worth of cup ramen in a bingo competition! I wonder what to do with it...
I'll share it with everyone. Luck
I'll eat it alone. Defense
DRS Event VolleyballTournament
Volleyball Tournament
I'm organizing a beach volleyball tournament.
A tournament with big prizes. Strength
A tournament with some unique rules. Intelligence

DRS Event 10000Customer
10,000th Customer
I've arrived at the drugstore! Whoa! What's this? Apparently, I'm the 10,000th customer!
I got a questionable drink as a present. Luck
DRS Event CountingMonokubs
Counting Monokubs
I just can't fall asleep... I'll count Monokubs until I doze off.
Well, that's all of them. Speed
DRS Event DrunkenMonokid
Drunken Monokid
While walking through the sea of stalls… A drunken Monokid picked a fight with me!
Some days later, he gave me a bunch of honey as thanks for looking after him! Luck
DRS Event ElectricAvenue
Electric Avenue
Seems like I came upon quite the lucky haul on Electric Avenue...
Playing around with a relic of a bygone era made me nostalgic for simpler times! Influence
DRS Event Messageinabottle
A message-in-a-bottle washed up on the beach.
We exchanged letters, but soon they dried up. Good memories, though! Influence
DRS Event SandHills
Sand Hills
I'll relive my childhood and play in the sand!
I made a bunch of sand hills! Influence
DRS Event ReadattheBeach
Read at the Beach
I borrowed a bunch of books at the library. I'll read at the beach while listening to the waves!
I was interrupted here and there, but hey, I was able to read through a stack of books! Strength
DRS Event StreetStalls
Street Stalls
It's an entire street of elegant stalls...
That was a delightful way to pass the time! Influence
DRS Event Switch
I'm walking along the beach when... I discover some sort of switch on the ground.
What... exactly happened? Influence


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