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Development Mode is a main gameplay element in Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp. The player completes a 50-round circuit of a board game in order to level up their character for ascension up the Tower of Despair.


This contains some content gathered by the Japanese H1G DRS Wiki

Individual Student Guides[]

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Danganronpa 1[]

Guide Project Monokuma V3 09 Guide Project Makoto 14
Monokuma Makoto
Guide-Project-Aoi-02 Guide Project Byakuya 06 Guide Project Celestia 04 Guide Project Chihiro 12 Guide Project Jack 08 Guide Project Hifumi 17 Guide Project Junko Enoshima 02 Guide Project Junko Disguise 05
Chihiro Fujisaki Genocide Jack Hifumi Yamada Junko Enoshima Mukuro Ikusaba
Guide Project Kiyotaka 08 Guide Project Kyoko 02 Guide-Project-Leon-12 Guide Project Mondo 04 Guide Project Sakura 07 Guide Project Sayaka 4 Guide Project Toko 10 Guide Project Yasuhiro 01
Kiyotaka Ishimaru Kyoko
Sayaka Maizono Toko
Yasuhiro Hagakure

Danganronpa 2[]

Guide Project Usami 04 Guide Project Monomi 03 Guide Project Hajime 07
Usami Monomi Hajime
Guide Project Akane 21 Guide Project Imposter 01 Guide Project Chiaki 06 Guide Project Fuyuhiko 05 Guide Project Gundham 19 Guide Project Hiyoko 14 Guide Assets Ibuki 06 Guide Project Izuru 02
Guide Project Kazuichi 24 Guide Project Mahiru 10 Guide Project Mikan 22 Guide Project Komaeda 17 Guide Project Nekomaru 12 Guide Project Peko 14 Guide Project Sonia 18 Guide Project Teruteru 20

Danganronpa Another Episode[]

Guide Project Shirokuma (2) Guide Project Komaru (21) Kurokuma VA ID
Shirokuma Komaru
Hiroko Hagakure VA ID Jataro Kemuri VA ID Kotoko Utsugi VA ID Masaru Daimon VA ID Monaca Nagisa Shingetsu VA ID
Monaca Towa Nagisa

Danganronpa V3[]

Guide Project Angie 06
Guide Project Gonta 01
Guide Project Himiko 07
Guide Project K1-B0 06
Guide Project Kaede 29
Guide Project Kaito 09
Guide Project Kirumi 01
Guide Project Kokichi 38
Guide Project Korekiyo 06
Guide Project Maki 12
Guide Project Miu 24
Guide Project Rantaro 24
Guide Project Ryoma 01
Guide Project Shuichi 31
Guide Project Tenko 03
Guide Project Tsumugi 16

Early Game Guide[]

The main goal for Development Mode is to defeat the Monobeasts, in order to unlock the additional Jabberwock Islands. The gameplay loop is as such:

  1. Proceed to the Door Square on each island
  2. Defeat the Miniboss inside
  3. Earn a Scroll, which weakens a specific Monobeast
  4. Defeat the matching Monobeast on the Central Island
  5. Proceed to the next island
  6. Repeat

There are five islands in total, with all the Monobeasts residing on the central island. Defeating them will unlock the bridge they are guarding. The training squares in the later islands give much higher rewards, such as the Level Up squares granting 4 levels instead of 1. In the early game, it will be difficult to level up characters beyond approximately level 30/40 in the 50-Day limit, which will also make it difficult to defeat the later Monobeasts or proceed further up the Tower of Despair (Battle Mode).

However, every 10 Hope Fragments that are collected from the board game mode, which are earned automatically after completing the 50 days, will trigger a main plot "Episode" accessible on the main game menu, which grants significant permanent rewards for Development Mode, such as multiplying the Jabbercoins and EXP rewards, making it easier to get further within the 50-Day limit. As such, in the early game it's worth simply replaying the board game with each new card you unlock, enjoying the Friendship events, etc, without focusing too much on min maxing every single card.

Fragments Effect
10 1.5x EXP, 1.5x Jabbercoins
20 +1000 Jabbercoins on Day 1
30 2x EXP, 2x Jabbercoins
40 +3000 Jabbercoins on Day 1
50 3x EXP, +5000 Jabbercoins on Day 1

Every 20 Floors you complete of the Tower of Despair, you will unlock the ability to purchase the Monobeast scrolls in Development mode for only 10 monocoins from the Central Island shop (provided you have previously beaten that Monobeast in ANY previous playthrough), which will allow you to proceed to the higher level islands with more powerful stat boost squares much earlier (skipping the minibosses which drop the scrolls) and getting closer to LVL 99. As such, it is worthwhile to alternate between the Development Mode and Battle Mode after finishing an Episode because it is cyclically rewarding.

Tower Floors Complete Reward
Floor 20 Tiger Scroll
Floor 40 Snake Scroll
Floor 60 Bird Scroll
Floor 80 Horse Scroll
Floor 100 Human Scroll

Character Types[]

Character Type Field Description Battle Description Characters Associated (Trigger Happy Havoc) Characters Associated (Danganronpa 2) Characters Associated (Ultra Despair Girls) Characters Associated (Danganronpa V3)
Athletic (Red) Frenzy

Occasionally enter a state of frenzy at the start of a turn. While frenzied, move double the value of a dice roll, and increases attack and defense in battle. (When using a Move card, movement will not be doubled.)

Amass Power

Grants 1.5x Attack for three turns, and guarantees first attack. (Can only be used once per battle.)

Mondo Owada, Leon Kuwata, Aoi Asahina, Genocide Jack, Sakura Ogami, Junko Enoshima (Mukuro), Monokuma Hajime Hinata, Nekomaru Nidai, Akane Owari, Peko Pekoyama, Izuru Kamukura Komaru Naegi, Masaru Daimon, Hiroko Hagakure Kaito Momota, Ryoma Hoshi, Gonta Gokuhara, Maki Harukawa, Tenko Chabashira
Cerebral (Blue) Investment

Occasionally obtain Jabbercoins equal to 20% held at the start of a turn.

Ultra Magic

An attack that deals 1.5x damage that of a normal one. (Can only be used once per battle.)

Byakuya Togami, Chihiro Fujisaki, Kyoko Kirigiri, Toko Fukawa, Celestia Ludenberg, Junko Enoshima Byakuya Togami (Imposter), Kazuichi Soda, Chiaki Nanami, Sonia Nevermind, Mahiru Koizumi, Usami Nagisa Shingetsu, Monaca Towa, Shirokuma Shuichi Saihara, Kokichi Oma, Korekiyo Shinguji, Kirumi Tojo, Tsumugi Shirogane, Miu Iruma
Balanced (Green) Lucky Chance

Occasionally obtain a card at the start of a turn.


Recover 30% of influence, and reduce damage taken to 1 from a single attack. (Can only be used once per battle.)

Makoto Naegi, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Hifumi Yamada, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Sayaka Maizono Nagito Komaeda, Gundham Tanaka, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Teruteru Hanamura, Hiyoko Saionji, Mikan Tsumiki, Ibuki Mioda, Monomi Jataro Kemuri, Kotoko Utsugi, Kurokuma Rantaro Amami, K1-B0, Himiko Yumeno, Angie Yonaga, Kaede Akamatsu

Development Bonus from Rarity[]

The characters you develop have a set rarity. Higher rarity characters can acquire more skills, and gain more attributes and Talent Fragments from events, making it easier to develop a strong character. Additionally, if you possess rare characters, you will receive bigger benefits for stopping on their events or on the same square as them. Collecting lots of cards is always beneficial.

Other Camp Participants[]

Camp Participants are placed around the active character's square. Stopping on a square with other characters will increase attributes and grant cards, so be sure to prioritize them.


Once in a while, you will be challenged to a duel when landing on a square with another character. Going to the character's space on Monokuma Rock (the Center Island) will trigger the battle. Winning results in a handsome reward.


A clear description on what exactly each attribute does has not yet been discovered.
Attribute Description
Influence (HP) This is your health. The more you have, the more durable you are to enemy attacks.
Focus (MP) This is your MP, used for skills (has an initial value and recovery value).
Strength Influences physical attacks.
Defense Durability against physical attacks.
Intellect Influences intelligence skills.
Fortitude Durability against intelligence skills; affects parameter skills.
Speed Influences turn order, hit rate, and evasion rate.
Luck Influences critical hit rate and Run success rate.


Icon Name Event
DRS Level Up Square
Level Up Levels up your character +1 Level. On each subsequent island this square increases in efficacy (eg, Island 2 grants +2 levels, Island 3 grants +3 levels). The EXP given by these squares will increase with the rewards gained by completing Episodes - for example, Island 1 squares will grant more than the 100 EXP needed to gain a level that they normally give if landed on after the completion of Episode 1.
DRS Battle Square
Battle Square Fight a turn-based battle. If you win, you will win EXP and Jabbercoins. If you lose, you will be teleported back to the start square of 1st Island, or the entrance to the Miniboss dungeon you are in.
DRS Event Square
Event Square Triggers a random event granting a stat boost to one stat depending on your choice.
DRS Friendship Square
Friendship Square A "Free Time Event" style event between characters. After the conversation ends, you will gain a significant boost to one or more stats.
DRS Card Roulette Square
Card Roulette Square Obtain cards that give an advantage during the board game.
DRS Shop Square
Shop Square Spend Jabbercoins you have earned on equipment and cards here.
If you "attack" the shopkeeper, you can steal 1 item from the store if you beat their dice roll. If you lose, you will be teleported to the start square on the 1st Island.
DRS Talent Square
Talent Square Earn Talent Fragments which can be used to upgrade skills.
DRS Door Square
Doorway Square Enter the Miniboss Dungeon for that Island, where you can earn Scrolls to defeat the Monobeasts.
DRS Treasure Square
Treasure Chest Square Obtain powerful cards, money, or items - but beware, there are also traps with negative effects.


Cards can be earned by purchasing them from a shop, from Card Roulette squares, from Treasure Chests, or from Encounters.

Landing on a square that has a Danganronpa character pixel on it - "Encounters" - will grant the player a bonus card. These cards are specific to each character, so if you need a specific card, it can be tactically advantageous to prioritise landing on their squares if you see them nearby.

The most high value card to obtain and keep is the Success card, which guarantees a successful Surgery, significantly boosting your stats. This can be obtained primarily by landing on an Encounter with Byakuya Togami (DR1), Monokuma, Izuru Kamukura, or Monaca Towa. Be warned, this card can also be used up if you receive some other Monokub events, such as the "armour/weapon improvement" event, or the "pick a box" event, so it is advantageous to try and obtain and keep multiple copies of the Success card.

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Card Effect Obtained From
0 Move Card Move 0 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (5th, Central)
Toko, Chiaki, Himiko
1 Move Card Move 1 space Card Roulette
Shop (1st, Central)
Makoto, Kazuichi, Angie
2 Move Card Move 2 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (1st, Central)
Kiyotaka, Hajime, Rantaro
3 Move Card Move 3 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (2nd, Central)
Kyoko, Shuichi, Kaede
4 Move Card Move 4 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (3rd, Central)
Aoi, Ibuki, Tsumugi
5 Move Card Move 5 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (3rd, 5th, Central)
Sayaka, Teruteru, Maki
6 Move Card Move 6 spaces Card Roulette
Shop (Central)
Hifumi, Mahiru, Korekiyo, Kirumi
Double Move Card Double your next roll Card Roulette
Shop (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
Sakura, Junko, Junko (Mukuro), Nekomaru, Monomi,
Masaru, K1-B0, Tenko Chabashira
Triple Move Card Triple your next roll Card Roulette
Shop (3rd)
Quadruple Move Card Quadruple your next roll Card Roulette
Shop (4th)
Quintuple Move Card Quintuple your next roll Shop (Final)
High Jump Card Teleport to a random
place on the board
Card Roulette
Shop (Central)
Genocide Jack, Fuyuhiko, Kaito
Shop Card Teleport to the nearest shop Celestia, Sonia, Nagisa
Goodbye Card Change which character encounters
are currently on the board
Card Roulette
Yasuhiro, Hiyoko, Jataro, Ryoma
Success Card Guarantees success in
random Monokub events
Treasure Chest
Byakuya (DR1), Monokuma, Izuru, Monaca
Encounter Card Teleport to the nearest
character encounter square
Chihiro, Gundham, Usami, Komaru, Kokichi
Recovery Card Heals Influence (HP) Card Roulette
Kotoko, Shirokuma
Revive Card Revives automatically
if you die during battle
Card Roulette
Monophanie Event
Bulk and Brawn Card Attack x1.5 for one day Card Roulette
Mondo, Akane, Peko, Gonta
Steel Skin Card Defence x1.5 for one day Card Roulette
Leon, Byakuya (Imposter), Mikan, Hiroko, Miu
Hope Card Used to negate a despair effect Nagito
1st Island Card Teleport to random spot on 1st Island Card Roulette
Shop (2nd)
2nd Island Card Teleport to random spot on 2nd Island Card Roulette
Shop (2nd)
3rd Island Card Teleport to random spot on 3rd Island Card Roulette
Shop (3rd)
4th Island Card Teleport to random spot on 4th Island Card Roulette

Shop (4th)

Final Island Card Teleport to random spot on Final Island Card Roulette


Central Island Card Teleport to random spot on Central Island Card Roulette
Shop (Central)
Anywhere Card Jump to the square of your choosing Treasure Chest (Final Island dungeon)
Strength Card Increase Strength Stat Card Roulette
Intellect Card Increase Intellect Stat Card Roulette
Speed Card Increase Speed Stat Card Roulette
Luck Card Increase Luck Stat Card Roulette
Defense Card Increase Defense Stat Card Roulette
Focus Card Increase Focus Card Roulette
Influence Card Increase Influence (HP)
Fresh Salmon Card Can be sold for 1000 coins
(rots over time)
Monokubs event
Wealth Card Can be sold for 2000 coins Treasure Chest (3rd Island dungeon)
Duel Card Teleports to Duel spot
on Central Island
Duel Encounter

Secret Level 100[]

If you land in front of the mouse castle on the 4th island you will receive a code that you can use to enter the ruins on the 2nd island after reaching level 99 and beating all 5 Monobeasts, there you can fight the Jabberwock Central island statue in development mode and reach level 100 for even more stats, it is however comparatively unnecessary once you have a full party of Ultras's and full set of the highest gear.


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