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Beginning of Killer Killer is the twelfth chapter of the manga Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer. Chapter 12 was published in Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine February 9, 2017, and later re-published in Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer Volume 3 on May 9, 2017.


The chapter starts off with them discussing about the timing of the killings, in which Asano disagrees vocally, causing the rest of the crowd to identify their position. They run off, having encountered a barrage of civilians and Foundation members as they conflict with each other to eliminate Asano. A brief scene skips show Shuji watching Takumi's rampage on a security camera, stating what he sees is 'unsightly'. Another scene skips to the Foundation's 6th branch, in which Sakakura and Dogami fight off the Remnant of Despair civilians, with Sakakura getting a call that "he" is on the move. Asano is about to be killed by the civilians when they are downed by Munakata's members, in which he states he will take care of her wellbeing. He is immediately opposed by Takumi, and he is forced in his place by his blade. Tengan arrives, and Munakata confirms his suspicions of Takumi to him. Tengan then asks Asano what she thinks of Takumi, in which she dashes towards him, stating that he is 'worthy of love'. Immedietly regretting that decision, she concludes that she trusts Takumi. They both are released as Munakata realizes Tengan's actions, having snuck a detonator on Asano's clothes. The two of them then stop at Shuji's hideout, their former abandoned school.