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Socki the Sock Book Page 1 (Eng)

Socki the Sock (くつしたソックスちゃん kutsushita Sokkusu-chan) is a picture book which is featured as a collectible in the game Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. The book tells the story of an anthropomorphic sock, and it is split into 10 pages for Komaru Naegi to collect. Collecting all 10 pages will award the player with a trophy.


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The pages of the picture book are spread across Towa City, and appear as a sparkle in the overworld. Each page contains a picture and a part of the storybook.

The heroine of the story is Socki, a white pair of socks worn on a pair of legs. Socki has two black dots for eyes, a button-shaped black nose, a black mouth, and two red dots for cheeks. Other characters appear in the book as well, all in the form of face-bearing pairs of socks. Toko speculates that the book was dropped by one of the Monokuma Kids.

First Socki Page Discovery Dialogue
Guide Project Komaru (37)
...It's...a picture book, right?
Guide Project Toko DRAE (2)
I guess one of the kids must of dropped it. With them controlling the Monokumas and killing adults, I forgot there was even a child inside.
Guide Project Komaru (17)
Maybe it's just a phase we don't understand. Is this what's "in" right now?

Picture Book[]

English Japanese

Socki the Sock Book Page 1 (Eng)
I'm Socki the Sock! You know, showing a little skin is nice, but... I'd like to be noticed, too!

Socki the Sock Book Page 2 (Eng)
Socki the Sock here! Rainy days are melancholy... For some reason, it gets smelly.

Socki the Sock Book Page 3 (Eng)
"Back in the old days, I was the favorite!"
"Those old stories again!? You're living in the past!"
"P-Please don't fight..."

Socki the Sock Book Page 4 (Eng)
"We're just disposable anyway..."
"Even if we get a little hole, they won't fix us...
They just throw us away."
"Don't say that!"

Socki the Sock Book Page 5 (Eng)
Sighhh, I'm tired of this. I should go inside the washing machine and get some sleep.

Socki the Sock Book Page 6 (Eng)
Socki feels like socking all the socks!

Socki the Sock Book Page 7 (Eng)
"Jeez, you're a dirty sock!"
"The first time you were inside me, I was fine but...
Now I'm starting to get all loose..."

Socki the Sock Book Page 8 (Eng)
She calls me unfashionable... You only look good in white socks if your virtue is still white, honey!

Socki the Sock Book Page 9 (Eng)
"But Lord Goshun's mug is, like, sooo ugly! No filter is gonna make that face look pretty! That's why his profile pic is his dog! I'm telling you, our patterns just don't match... Seriously, it doesn't make any sense at all."
"Navy Knee-High looks skinny. I'm so jealous!"

Socki the Sock Book Page 10 (Eng)
I'm sorry... You must be embarrassed by my hole. But I'm just so tired now... For some reason, I feel really sleepy. Thank you for everything. Please get along with the new kid too. Ahh, that was fun...


DRAE Trophy 30
Socki the Sock
Found every page of the Socki the Sock book.
Trophy Silver


Guide credit to TheFinalEmblem at PSNProfiles.com

Chapter 1[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
First Page While chasing the Monokuma Kid down, you will find it just outside the construction zone to the north of a Monomono Machine. Socki Guide Page 1 1 Socki Guide Page 1 2
Second Page During the second visit to the Hospital, in the area where the first challenge took place, you can find it on the shelf behind the counter. Socki Guide Page 2 1 Socki Guide Page 2 2

Chapter 2[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Third Page At the fork before heading to the Secret HQ, head to the left and make your way to the large square area for a Monokuma Kid Challenge. The answer to the question is C 1. Socki Guide Page 3 1 Socki Guide Page 3 2
Fourth Page At the start of floor 2 in Towa Tower, head right into the room and up the stairs inside the room. Socki Guide Page 4 1 Socki Guide Page 4 2

Chapter 3[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Fifth Page After spotting the Monokuma kid behind the fence, NOT catching them, follow their footsteps until the bend of the wall, then go directly north until you find a body. Socki Guide Page 5 (no map)
Sixth Page After leaving the Challenge Labyrinth, head to the left and look behind the crates. Socki Guide Page 6 1 Socki Guide Page 6 2

Chapter 4[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Seventh Page After entering the subway, head to the train on the right and then turn right towards the Destroyer Monokumas. Socki Guide Page 7 1 Socki Guide Page 7 2
Eighth Page In the northwest corner of the room on floor B2 in Towa Factory. Socki Guide Page 8 1 Socki Guide Page 8 2

Chapter 5[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Ninth Page In the first area after the elevator, with the singing Monokuma Kids, it's found on the east side of the room, just behind the gate. Socki Guide Page 9 1 Socki Guide Page 9 2
Tenth Page In the Throne Room, look to the left, on the memorial for Masaru Daimon. Socki Guide Page 10 1 Socki Guide Page 10 2


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