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Byakuya School Mode Icon The article below is from the Danganronpa: Togami light novel series. The canonicity of the series remains dubious as it has not been referenced in any confirmed canonical material in the Hope's Peak Series. Byakuya School Mode Icon

Starring the Ultimate Affluent Progeny Byakuya Togami, it showcases his life before the events of the first game, as told by Blue Ink, the Ultimate Secretary at Byakuya's side. In the story, Byakuya, his power stolen from him, does battle with the Ultimate Assassins targeting him.

Danganronpa Decade art book.

Danganronpa: Togami (ダンガンロンパ十神) is an ambiguously canon light novel series (as it is not directly referenced in canon material) that focuses on Byakuya Togami and his encounters with the Ultimate Despair in the Czech Republic, during his first year at Hope's Peak Academy, and before The Tragedy takes place. There were three volumes released in the series written by Yuya Sato.


Volume 1: Sekai Seifuku Misui Jōjūhan | Synopsis[]

『ダンガンロンパ』×三島由紀夫賞作家! 佐藤友哉による最高傑作(ノベライズ)、いざ開幕!

"This is the "'Sekai Seifuku Sengen'."
Will you kill me within 24 hours from now?
Somewhere in the world
Find the "pitiful cattle"."
With the 'Sekai Seifuku Sengen' announced by his imposter, and with all his power being taken away from him, becoming an "enemy of the world", the "Ultimate Assassins" attack the "Ultimate Affluent Progeny", Byakuya Togami, one after another.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world is in turmoil due to the eerie spread of the mysterious "Zetsubō Shōsetsu"......!
"Danganronpa" and Mishima Yukio Prize winning author! A masterpiece (novelization) by Yuya Sato is about to begin!

Volume 2: Kibōgamine Gakuen VS. Zetsubō High School | Synopsis[]

絶望(ニセモノ)を撃破し、世界を征服せよ! 佐藤友哉×高河ゆん×ダンガンロンパ!

"I have good news for you, fools.
I will bring about this world domination plan that you have set in motion."
"Ultimate Affluent Progeny", Byakuya Togami declares his intention to conquer the world as its enemy, in the dark and despairful event in Prague, and intercepts assassins who are bursting with Despair High School Level talent.
In the midst of all this, the curtain of taboos and of falsities (despair) is pulled back, and the truth about the "Togami Ichizoku Saidai Saiaku no Jiken," the beginning of everything (the origin), is finally revealed......!
Defeat the (fake) despair and dominate the world! Yuya Sato x Yun Kōga x Danganronpa!

Volume 3: Togami no Na ni Kakete | Synopsis[]

佐藤友哉×しまどりる×ダンガンロンパ 堂々完結!

"No matter how the world is,
Despair is nothing in the face of Hope."
The culprit of the "Togami Ichizoku Saidai Saiaku no Jiken", Kazuya Togami, has finally revealed himself!
"Ultimate Affluent Progeny", Byakuya Togami, is arrested by Kazuya, who is now the captain of the World Health Organization's Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Unit, as the root of all evil behind the "Despair Disease" epidemic.
The mysterious "Sage Plan" and "Bible Plan" are mentioned during his transfer. The true identity of the "Kudan" is finally revealed at the end of this blood feud......!
"Okay then, we will take over the world."
Yuya Sato x Shimadrill x Danganronpa, the story is complete!


The Danganronpa: Togami has received mixed to positive reviews among Japanese Danganronpa fans with a score of 3 out of 5 star review on Amazon for Volume 1 & Volume 2[1][2] and 4 out of 5 star review for Volume 3 being the highest reviewed volume[3]. Danganronpa staff team has praised the light novel series[4]. Danganronpa creator, Kazutaka Kodaka has also praised the light novel series and it's writer Yuya Sato various times throughout his Twitter account[5][6][7]


As series creator Kazutaka Kodaka had been a long time fan of Yuya Sato, Yuya was approached to create a novel befitting of the works. Originally, the first pitch was for Danganronpa Dyufufu, before being rejected with the idea for Danganronpa: Togami quickly replacing it, being accepted.[8] Kodaka, Yuya and Takekuni Kitayama all spoke about the possibility of creating new novel entries together, and some more scrapped entries during and event at Shinjuku Loft/Plus One.[9]


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