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Starring the Ultimate Affluent Progeny Byakuya Togami, it showcases his life before the events of the first game, as told by Blue Ink, the Ultimate Secretary at Byakuya's side. In the story, Byakuya, his power stolen from him, does battle with the Ultimate Assassins targeting him.

Danganronpa Decade art book.

Danganronpa: Togami (ダンガンロンパ十神), full title Danganronpa: Togami Sekai Seifuku Misui Jōshūhan (ダンガンロンパ十神 世界征服未遂常習犯), is an ambiguously canon light novel series (as it is not directly referenced in canon material) that focuses on Byakuya Togami and his encounters with the Ultimate Despair in the Czech Republic. There were three volumes released in the series written by Yuya Sato.


Volume 1

Translation Credit: kyaaa on Dreamwidth

Byakuya-Sama is God

Volume 1 starts of with a short message describing that the following is written by the K2K system version 2.3. The job of that note taking system is to merely make some corrections, but it wishes the best to the spirit of the original, if there is such a thing. Chapter 1 begins from the perspective of Shinobu Togami (or Blue Ink), Byakuya's sister and secretary in charge of writing his biography, Journey Under the Midnight Sun. She has a robotic eye called Borges, which she uses to look things up over the course of the novel. She's in an alleyway with Byakuya, who is laying in front of her unconscious and completely naked besides his glasses. When he wakes up, she hands him a towel and explains the situation. Along with his clothes, his identity was stolen by an unknown impostor. This impostor mimicked his voice perfectly and made a World Domination Proclamation.

The audio recording was broadcasted everywhere, and stated that either he, Byakuya Togami, was to be killed within 24 hours, or the "pitiful cattle" hidden somewhere was to be found. If one of these occurred, the individual responsible would be granted the right to "be Byakuya Togami". If not, he would take over the world. Shinobu and Byakuya suggest that the pitiful cattle could be referring to that, right before Princess Sonia rolls in on an armored car with multiple soldiers.

Sonia says something about Byakuya being straight out of an erotica manga, and also tells him that one of the Togami Conglomerate's satellites crashed. Shinobu attempts to tell her what's happening, but Sonia brushes her off and orders the soldiers to kill them. However, from behind, a black Mercedes-Benz speeds into the alleyway. A red haired girl jumps out and attacks the soldiers with an electric guitar as Byakuya and Shinobu get into the back seats.

The driver offers them Pilsner Urquell (a type of beer), and introduces himself as Hiroyuki and the girl riding shotgun as Yuika. The two of them are twins from the Ketouin Conglomerate, an underworld conglomerate. Hiroyuki tells them that they already know the proclamation was made by an impostor, he just wants to know the secret to the Togami Family's Prosperity. This prompts Byakuya to open the bottle of Pilsner Urquell and pour it onto Hiroyuki's head.

The Mercedes swerves widely several times until it's abruptly stopped by a large figure, also known as Sakura Ogami. Byakuya rolls down his window and asks her why she's in Prague. She apparently used a technique called shukuchi to get there, and wants to capture Byakuya, per the proclamation's request. Byakuya says something about Sakura being in his way ever since she was born with a last name too similar to his, and gets Hiroyuki to turn on the car's jet engine. It blasts off, leaving Sakura in a cloud of dust.

They drive away until they find themselves in the middle of a protest, citizens chanting "we will not give in!" and wielding hastily-constructed flags with the words "World Domination" X-ed out. In the crowd, Shinobu spots one of her classmates, Kazuichi Soda. Hiroyuki offers Byakuya a satellite phone, which reminds Shinobu that internet and phone service have been cut out, possibly due to the satellite that fell earlier. He also gives Byakuya a tuxedo to wear.

On the side of the road, they spot a girl running after them carrying an electric guitar on her shoulders. Hiroyuki pulls over, rolls down a window, and she attempts to climb in - only to be stopped by her large chest. She announces that her name is Taeko Kanai and that she's a cattle slayer. Unfortunately, by sticking half way out of the car and flailing around, she begins to attract the attention of the citizens, who immediately spot and make a move for Byakuya. Hiroyuki floors it, causing Taeko to slip out of the window and be assaulted by the crowd.

The car is unable to gain much speed to get away from the protesters, but they manage to get a bit of distance as they drive through a town. In the sky, Shinobu spots a flying baby. It's jet black, with a gap running down where the eyes and mouth are supposed to be. She uses Borges and is able to determine it's from the Žižkov TV Tower, and that Soda most likely used his talent to make it fly. The baby turns in the sky, suddenly diving for he Mercedes and splitting its face to reveal a machine gun. Hiroyuki turns the car as it shoots for them, racing towards a busy shopping district. The baby continues shooting and ends up killing most of the civilians. Byakuya asks about the jet engine, and Hiroyuki tells him it can only be used once. In front of them, Sonia shows up in her armored car again and starts killing people, no matter who they are.

Byakuya gives Hiroyuki directions until they eventually get away from the baby and Sonia. He turns to Shinobu, missing his glasses. She gets him a new pair as he explains they had a transmitter on them, and he hadn't removed them earlier as they guaranteed the enemy being in front of him, giving him the possibility of defeating or extracting information from them. Shinobu briefly considers the fact that if he had just thrown away the glasses in the first place, the townspeople would still be alive, but then reflects on the fact that she and Byakuya had both lived through the Worst Incident in Togami Family History. A mountain of corpses was just part of survival.

Hiroyuki finally brings them to Škoda Auto factory, his hideout. Byakuya changes into the tuxedo and orders Shinobu to call his classmates using the satellite phone while Hiroyuki showers and Yuika sleeps. She gets a decent way through the list with no response - feeling like "a mother who had only found out that her child was unpopular when she attended Bring Your Parents to School Day" - until he just tells her to call Hope's Peak. She does, and someone finally picks up, Junko Enoshima.

They go back and forth, getting further and further off-topic until Toko Fukawa gets the phone. She asks where Byakuya is, and Shinobu looks up to see he has moved all the way to the opposite corner of the room. Toko makes a comment about his tuxedo and rehearsing for their wedding ceremony, as well as being at the perfect spot in her cycle to conceive when he cuts her off and orders her to explain her current situation. She tells him that riots broke out immediately after the World Domination Proclamation, so she and Junko sought shelter at Hope's Peak. She says that she doesn't know who started the riots, but she heard the people talking about "locked rooms".

Junko gets the phone back, and Byakuya asks where Mukuro Ikusaba is. According to Junko, she hasn't seen her, but Mukuro left a note reading "I wish to defend this planet". Byakuya tells Junko to wait inside/investigate the school, and to tell the teachers he is innocent. He ends the call by telling Junko he will simply claim victory over his impostor, return to Japan, and attend classes as normal. Shinobu agrees that he will win, and win, and keep on winning, because Byakuya is a god.

EVE Burst Error

The chapter starts off with a male shut in's rendition of his food plan, stating how the conveniences of food has brought on some advances. He reveals his routing as him browsing the net, checking on talents related to Hope's Peak, and falling asleep to repeat the cycle.. The scene then skips to him in the future outside, connecting with someone over a meal despite his claims. Another scene skip to the past reveals that with a quick search, plenty of SHSL talents pop up, with him claiming that it makes 'talent itself almost worthless'. He recounts his bitterness over not being talented, and his dislike over people still being happy by latching onto something someone else made. He believes that dreams, hope and those who believe that come true should just go to hell.

This shut-in also noticed the disaster, having been woken up with screams outside, looking out the curtain to reveal crazed citizens, afflicted with the Despair Disease. With that, he attempts to turn on the TV, connect a phone but the lines were down. Initially, he is content to just stay inside. However, once the world goes quiet, he gives in and then decides to head out for something other than food.

He expected the outside be littered with destruction and death, only to find that the area looked almost the same as ever, according to his observations; Excluding the fact that there was no people to be seen anywhere. Without any reason he starts running until his out of shape body gives in, before then being hit by a suitcase. In response to the threat he struck out with his leg, apparently connecting with a girl going under the name of Satomi Aoba.

Apologizing for the attack, Satomi asks what happened to the town, in which he explains that he does not know, the two then conversing for a while before Satomi explains what has happened while he was asleep; Bringing up Byakuya Togami and his 'World Domination Proclamation', stating that if no one kills him, he is going to take over the world. To add in his 'proof', he crashed a satellite into an island in the Mediterranean. The shut-in goes on a rant on Togami's character and his attitude, then wishing he was enrolled in Hope's Peak, stating he has no talent, but a dream when asked by Satomi. She then relayed the events, with the shut-in stating that he was asleep when the Proclamation was declared.

The shut-in then raises three questions: Why target in the middle of nowhere? Why did the townspeople disappear, and why did Satomi hit him? When he asks, Satomi replies she's on a trip to forget about her broken heart and attacked him because she wasn't sure if he was an enemy. As for why the townspeople disappeared, she was on the verge of investigating for it.

Satomi then leaves, with the shut-in tagging along to check where the townspeople vanished off to. Breaking into a house, they both entered a room, not before a crucified student was found suspended with scissors on a wall. The same search for other houses yielded the same result, with a student each killed in a similar fashion. Satomi concluded that the first victim was like Genocider Syo's doing, while the shut-in remarks that the second's was in line with a killer under the name of 'Stabbin' Jack'. The shut-in notes that the police and even the Zero Class Detectives registered under the DSC Library were unable to solve those cases, and rumors say that some of the cases were passed onto the JDC- Japan Detective's Club, or the ER3 Comprehensive Research Center. He notes it was likely this was all done as a result of a copycat killer.

They later investigated fifteen more houses and found fifteen more corpses killed in a bizarrely different fashion-, with the only similarity being a locked room scenario. They then left to an empty supermarket, going wild with their grabbed supplies. Satomi suggested that they go elsewhere, but claims he has no car to transport her with. Nearing an old Toyoto Corolla, he bent some wire into a fish hook shape, using that as a tool to unlock the car and start it up, not before a sound emerges from the distance, with Satomi following it. It seemed that the noise was a couple of children discussing about dismembering a corpse. As they reached the European styled room, the rest of the group switch places as they introduce themselves, going by the name of 'Hope's Peak Academy Affiliated Junior High School Mystery Research Society' which consists of the Club President (SJHL Mystery Maniac), Vice President (SJHL Mystery Fan) and a girl that acts as the club's Treasurer.

The shut-in laughs at this, stating that although Hope's Peak has other schools affiliated with it, even after 'graduating' from those affiliated schools there still is the barrier of being scouted, and even still, many go onto a completely normal high school afterwards. The kids of the group are perplexed by his laughter, and Satomi speaks up, asking if they are related to the terrorism. They explain that Togami is like an upperclassman to them, and how they can spread 'salvation' to the world by doing what they do. They also explained that they copy crimes from mystery novels as well. To top it all off, they concluded that they kill for their sake of the 'Operation Global Locked Room Transformation'. The group of kids start wondering how they will kill the two, and the shut-in then flips the table in order to make their escape. Satomi remarks that what the shut-in did was rather cool, with him internally agreeing with her.

Threeway Battle

The scene skips to Shinobu's perspective, stating that her company was undefeated, and doing nothing but keep moving. She wonders why the Church of Bones was created from such an abnormal amount of skeletons, but she ignores useless thoughts as she, Togami, Yuika, and Hiroyuki pace around the area. Scanning the area, Shinobu confirms that there was a total of 83 confirmed bodies, 31 of them specified to be council members. Hiroyuki asks why she is gathered in this location, and she responds what they're here for par Togami's orders. They then converse about the Council of Global Controllers and their purpose, then moving onto the Despair Disease and the Despair Novel, in which the Despair Novel is a method of literary work translated in many languages served for the purpose to 'spread' despair upon reading, glancing, or even laying attention on the work with no known cause to bypass or avoid contracting the affliction.

She then brushes off the concept, then focusing on another task at hand, finding an unopened vault, then unlocking it to reveal portable rations, a satellite phone and gold ingots. A speaker hidden throughout the area seemed to broadcast Togami's voice, and it revealed their current location. Togami grabs the phone and puts out an order for murder to the former SHSL Hitman, Suzuhiko Ootsuki. As the call went through, it seemed that Ootsuki claimed that Togami was number one on various hitlists online, and as Togami demands to order a hit, it seemed that the former Hitman didn't want any more of his time and hung up, stating that he already has his target set on Togami before hanging up.

Hearing a lot of clamor, it seemed that hordes of people surrounded the Church of Bones, in which Hiroyuki and Yuika climbed up top some steps to get a better view. They proclaim that it reminds them of the 'Reserve Course's Parade' at Hope's Peak. A spark lit up the perimeter and the flames slowly rose up, and just as the crowd grew more agitated, a vehicle burst down the gate to the area, claiming that citizens remove themselves from the area. The truck was oddly decorated and out stepped Sonia Nevermind, being met with the crowd's cheers. She requests that she would handle this issue in turn. Up next was Kazuichi Soda, having hitchhiked the truck and also stepped on. He wanted to verify if the claim of Togami being at the Church of Bones was plausible. Soda got in the truck, starting to extend a crane while Sonia attempted to near the group up top the steps. Togami has had enough and then revealed himself, conversing on how life is a game, before throwing the gold ingots from the church to the ground as his strategy to get the crowd to turn against the enemy Hope's Peak students.

The crowd turned against Sonia and Soda, slowing down their assault. Another vehicle approached, this time equipped with 2 jet engines and with it came representatives from the Hasegawa Research Institute, an organization that Taeko was affiliated with and wanted Togami as well. With Soda and Sonia turning their truck into a robot and a masked Sakura Ogami (who had the learn the truth and is now on Togami's side) joining the fray, it became a three-way fight for Togami. The battle raged on with the robot being wrecked by Sakura, who was in turn trapped in a minefield by Taeko. This gives the Hasegawa Institute the opening to capture Togami and Yuika with a Fulton System, thus leaving Shinobu and Hiroyuki stuck in the collapse of the Church of Bones. As Togami is carried off, he orders her to protect him.

Me and the School and I (The First Half)

The scene reverts back to the shut-in's point of view, with them in the car, listening to Satomi Aoba's CD recording of 'It's Gotta Take Some Skill to Be an Idol'. They've been on the run for two hours, stopping by supermarkets and hospitals in search for life, only to find none. They go into talks about dreams for the future, with Satomi being a believer in them and the shut-in being quite disillusioned and noting that while Satomi is clearly great as an idol, she must not have as much talent for it compared to the likes of Sayaka and the two above her in terms of rank. He muses over this, believing his life as a 'moleman' was better since he couldn't be hurt. However, he contemplates that if the world is in disarray at the moment, he could theoretically do whatever he pleased. Yet, he was still driving safely. He notes that it wasn't because of laws, but rather because he wanted to.

The shut-in contemplated on his past and the concept of regret. He looks back on his life, stating that he had his hopes 'crushed' by Hope's Peak. He used to believe in his own talent, waiting patiently for the opportunity, even dropping out to begin the process over again. On the day of his graduation ceremony, a talent scout arrived, only to pass by him and extend their opportunity to a first year who then was enrolled as the SHSL Cook. Satomi then repeated her advice to him, stating that his lack of willpower was the problem.

The scene skips yet again to Shinobu and Hiroyuki in a Mercedes, listening to a song titled 'It's Gotta Take Some Clout to Conglomerate' as they speed off to search for Togami. Following the GPS signal, it seemed that the target was heading straight to Prague. Turning on a radio, it claimed that the World Domination Proclamation was still in progress, the locked room murders were still happening, with the company agreeing that those events might be related. The satellite phone was on, with Junko at the other end, explaining that during the events, Toko was distraught and left the school. She explains that she is hiding in the school gym supply room, out of sight from the teachers, explaining that the teachers seem to know who the imposter Togami is. She also explains that the school is doing a press about the event and is planning to cover up the event.

The announcement starts up again, with their company's location now being broadcasted at being in the Czech Republic.

The GPS signal was in a strange location. What used to be warning signs turned into full-scale riots. Taking a detour, Hiroyuki zoomed in on the map, taking a longer route to an island. Deciding to leave things to Shinobu, Hiroyuki accelerates the vehicle as far as he could into the ocean, before he uses the car's function to launch Shinobu out of the car towards the island. Landing on the ground, she sees whats to be an old fashioned school building, and in it was Togami's corpse.

The Hope's Peak press conference is now the main focus of this segment, presented in script format.

Jin Kirigiri and two Steering Committee Members are present, with the first question being asked on Togami's influence. Jin's answer was that the Proclamation was not affiliated with their school, and the 'Togami' that has given the message is concluded to be a fake.

The first official question was by a reporter, asking if the real Togami is alright. Jin answers with an investigation pending.

The second question asks if the identity of the Impostor is known, in which Jin replies that he is using his school's full extent of resources as well as help from police agencies to come to a conclusion.

The third question asks what is Jin Kirigiri's personal opinion as Headmaster, in which he would like to avoid answering the question if possible.

The fourth question asks if Hope's Peak has been in contact with the Togami Conglomerate, in which Jin replies that they have been exchanging info but cannot reveal it.

The fifth question asks why the Impostor would take Togami's name, in which Jin replies that they are confirming that.

The sixth question states that Hope's Peak and the Togami Conglomerate has garnered quite some resentment, in which Jin replies that they are confirming that.

The seventh question asks if Hope's Peak would plan to bear the responsibility, and to what degree, in which a Committee Member replies that the question is unrelated to the topic at hand.

The eighth question states that Togami was targeted because he was a student of HPA's establishment in which a Committee Member requests that they clear his name.

The ninth question states that HPA has been playing victim and the person in question wants to hear the truth, in which a Committee Member responds that the situation is completely unrelated to the school and the journalists must expose the situation themselves.

The tenth question aimed for the Headmaster asks what they have to say about the reports claiming that there is an internal conflict within the school, in which Jin responds that those are nothing but rumours.

The eleventh question states that the Parade put on by the Reserve Course students show no signs of resolution, and then asks that there are no rumors of the Despair Novel; In which Jin replies that there are no internal problems with the school, and even if there were, given the state of the world, it would be only natural to conclude that there is a direct correlation there.

The twelfth and final question asks about the Headmaster's thoughts on the latest riots, in which a Committee member snaps back, stating that to refrain from asking personal questions. Jin then replies against the member's concerns that HPA is a 'symbol of hope, uncollapsing', and that the school is working to solve its problems head on.

The speech segment ends there and then switches to the shut-in's company, stating that the speech was 'the worst thing' he's heard. He also states that it was nothing honest and only to suppress a scandal, politically operating. Their car has garnered a fair amount of distance into town, in which a strange sight of a few people caused the shut-in and Satomi to laugh in relief, not before another car veers into their way, with his consciousness fading. He then recovers after an unknown amount of time, setting sights on Satomi's injured state of body, heavily bleeding.

He starts taking in the destruction of the area, along with Satomi's continuous bleeding. He attempts to use one of her shirts to wrap around her wounds, speaking to her in an attempt to calm her, but she keeps still, no responses in turn. A Jeep caught up with them and in it was the Mystery Research Society. The president gloats of their time fleeing as their opposition pleads for help, wanting to save Satomi from bleeding out.

The rest of the group gloats over his soon to be loss, before revealing the Despair Novel.

Me and the School and I (The Second Half)

The scene is back to Shinobu's point of view, and Togami's corpse was positioned siesta style along with a tea table set in the area. She also noticed two members of the Hasegawa Research Institute watching her: a little girl and her butler. She questioned why they've killed him and they both avoid the question as they explained their intentions, stating that their purpose is to research anything and everything until satisfied. They then continued that they have captured Togami to extract information, and since he wouldn't crack, a truth serum was administered, giving them their results along with the side effect being death.

The members of the Hasegawa Research Institute explain the Togami family's operations, with the family members fighting each other in the Legacy Crown Championship to become the next head of the Togami Conglomerate. During the championship, a serial murder incident broke out, which is called the 'Worst Incident in Togami Family History'. They also claim that both Shinobu and Byakuya were among the few survivors. They also claim that Byakuya confessed the truth of the incident along with the both of them having borrowed the Kudan's power to resolve the incident. They then ask for Shinobu's co-operation, in which she refuses.

Shinobu then decides to use Borges to find an optimal escape route, now running off in hopes of concealing herself from sight. She attempted to escape via bridge, which proved to be difficult.

An interlude starts of with another short message describing that the following is written by the K2K system version 2.3. It starts by describing how unbelievable it is that the world is full of fakes and frauds, and is disgusted by the fact. It then asks if the 'book' being shown is enjoyable, as it hopes to one day spread its works far and wide, and needs to know if this 'media-mix' is working well, or if it is itself a sham. It notes that many consider works of said nature to be blasphemous, low-brow ripoffs or cashgrabs, before hoping that you will at least enjoy it's work. It wishes the best to the spirit of the original, if there is such a thing.

The scene reverts back to the shut-in's perspective, with the other group holding up the Despair Novel. Just by the sight of its very little thickness, he almost suppresses his laughter if it turned out that the pages were all blank, according to his thoughts. The president claims that Hope's Peak was the 'root of all evil'. He also goes on that if Hope's Peak never existed then a catastrophe would still happen regardless. The shut-in then contemplates the situation, imagining himself in various situations and scenarios. The club president of held up the Despair Novel, almost bringing it out to tell him to read it.

The child then goes on to ramble about Hope's Peak and the way they handle situations, stating that even if wars and despair were to spread, it wouldn't mean the end of the world to the school. He also states that they are hyper-fixated on talent to the point of uncaring about ordinary people. He also states that they have used the Reserve Course's funds to create the Izuru Kamukura project, but with the state of the world, he assumes it to have failed. The boy then explains the Despair Novel's intent, which its methods mirror the 'Complete Manual of Suicide', in which it both acts as a tool to end one's life and to save it; A cheap paradox stripping away the power from the act of suicide itself.

The Despair Novel acts the same way. Upon reading it, each and every type of despair would make the reader all the more hopeful. The Mystery Research Society stole that system, and abused it. They scattered it, waiting for the effects to spread. They also proclaimed that Hope's Peak will soon reach its limit, and collapse. From there the shut-in begins to understand that the club is acting this way as a way to maintain identities for themselves after the Hope's Peak is gone. The club president then handed the shut-in the novel, wanting to see his despair due to his past experiences. He then contemplates whether to read it or not, with his final decision being to refuse.

He rips apart the Despair Novel and the group of kids simply just accepting it as they jeer from the Jeep's backseat, taunting the shut-in with Satomi's critical condition as he speeds off.

The shut-in drives into the nearest city, only to be met with another traffic jam on the way to the hospital, in which he gives up and dashes to the hospital by foot, realizing that the interior was full, he gave in and left. Attempts to search for more yielded the same results. Driving along another road, he identified a female Hope's Peak Academy student on a one way street, uncaring as he runs her aside with the vehicle. Getting out of the vehicle, the shut-in loses it and begins to assault her, beating her down with stomps to her head and stabs with a survival knife from the vehicle's dashboard onto her arm. Just as the sight of blood meets him in response, the girl regained her composure and retaliated, leaving the shut-in defenseless as he struggles against her grip. When asked to name himself, he does so: His name is Suzuhiko Ootsuki.

Shinobu woke with a start, confused on her surroundings. Heading back to the school, she notes everything around her was halved, from objects to the Mystery Research Society. She then sets sight on Suzuhiko Ootsuki, confused on his intent on staying. The club president escaped from the rubble, setting sights on the both of them. He then realized that their group was killed by the hitman. Suzuhiko mocks the president on how they were with an actual talented Hope's Peak student all this time and that everything Suzuhiko said as the shut-in personality was a bunch of lies. When the Club President asks about Satomi, Suzuhiko remarks that he felt she was lying about her broken heart, with the president being relieved that Suzuhiko remembers Satomi at least. He then kills the boy and just as he is about to kill Satomi, Shinobu stops him. He then continued to monologue on how, as ex-Ultimates, they are bound by talents and nothing more. He then reveals Shinobu's connection to Togami as his older sister.

The scene then skips to Togami standing, with Shinobu witnessing being in a state of shock as he is alive somehow. Togami revealed he faked his death using a trick to avoid spilling the truth to the Hasegawa Institute. He asks her if her plan on creating the autobiography is working, in which Shinobu states that she is still working on it. Togami then states that without his presence the world has reached new heights of chaos, his Impostor remains unvanquished, and the Despair Novel still remains at large. He wants to shoulder the responsibility by taking over the world. There was still the matter of contending with Suzuhiko who advances, but before they could fight, a school bell rings.

Coda - Despair High School

The scene then skips to a school setting, in which Shinobu swears she must be hallucinating. The school building from before has been replaced with a building that has been painted half black and half white, with crumbling walls and some sort of bear that left a bizarre experience in her mind. Suddenly she 'flew' into the sky towards the moon, in which she then was dropped back down onto the school roof, with the appearance of Soda and Sonia operating a giant fishing rod-like machine. Their appearances were completely overhauled, with the originality of Hope's Peak uniform's scrapped to create a 'Despair' vibe, according to them. They introduced themselves as 'Despair High School Level'. The members were Kazuichi Soda (DHSL Mechanic), Sonia Nevermind (DHSL Princess), Sana Kagami (DHSL Brother Complex), Naomi Kagami (DHSL Split Personality) and finally, 'Byakuya Togami' (DHSL Heir).

The impostor states that she is a hostage, and in order to get her and her memories, the original Togami must claim them. The chapter then ends with Shinobu concluding that everything's gone crazy.

Volume 2 Summary

Translation by: @JinJoJess on Tumblr


The Biggest, Worst Incident in the History of the Togami Family: Unusual Days Volume

The Biggest, Worst Incident in the History of the Togami Family: Unreality Volume


Hope. Friendship. Reliance. And All the Other Gross Things

Coda - The WHO

Volume 3 Summary

Translation by: SeriousSeiko from @Dr Medic's Game Surgery on Tumblr

The Three Byakuya Togamis

Regarding the Metaphorical Replacement for Proximity

The Ascension of K

I Don't Want To Be Like Cinderella

Trust, Choice, Hope, Despair, Pity, Sympathy, Sacrifice And, Just Maybe, A Conclusion

Coda - Byakuya-sama is God


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  • Rhinogradentia (mentioned)

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