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(Not) Normal Arc: Kill and Live (イキキル (非)日常編) is the second episode of Danganronpa: The Animation, the anime adaptation of the video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.


When the first person gets murdered, Makoto is the number one suspect! He must prove his innocence during the class trial or everyone but the killer will get executed. Can he find enough evidence to clear his name and identify the killer?


For episode screencaps, see: Danganronpa: The Animation - Episode 02/Image Gallery


Danganronpa the Animation (Episode 02) - Switching Rooms (24)

Makoto Naegi took some time to check out his room in closer detail. After reading a notice on his bathroom door, he learned that the water would be turned off each night at 10pm, that he had a tool kit in his desk drawer, and that only girls' bathroom doors had locks. After trying to get into his bathroom, he realized that the door was faulty and difficult to open, and Monokuma appeared to teach him the trick to opening it. After Monokuma left, Sayaka appeared at his door, frightened and telling him that someone had tried to force their way into her room. Makoto agreed to switch rooms with her in order for her to feel safer.

Danganronpa the Animation (Episode 02) - Morning Meeting (55)

The next morning, at the breakfast cafeteria meeting, Sayaka was notably missing. Fearing the worst, Makoto fled back to his room where he discovered it was trashed. He checked the bathroom and found Sayaka's body covered in blood, with a knife embedded in her stomach. Makoto screamed and passed out.

Some time later, Makoto awoke in the gym after being carried there by Sakura Ohgami. The students had all gathered in the gym at Monokuma's insistence, where he teaches them additional killing game rules and how the process of Class Trials work - including executions. If the students are unable to identify the culprit, the culprit will walk free and the other students will be executed. If the students identify the culprit, the culprit will be executed.

Danganronpa the Animation (Episode 02) - Junko Enoshima's Punishment (24)

Junko protested, refusing to take part in the trial. This angered Monokuma, and he charged at her, but Junko stepped on him, pinning him down. Monokuma reminded her that violence against the principal is against the rules, and summons "Spears of Gungnir" out of thin air. Junko is impaled by multiple spears all over her body and fell to the ground, dead. The students were shocked, but realized that they were going to be forced to investigate Sayaka's death or they would meet the same fate.

The students learned from their e-Handbook that Sayaka died in Makoto Naegi's room, which immediately made him the prime suspect. Makoto and Kyoko found the knife that killed Sayaka, discovered her wrist was broken, that she had gold flakes from the katana, and found numbers written on the wall in blood. When investigating the incinerator room with Hifumi Yamada, Makoto found a shattered crystal ball and a piece of bloodied cloth. Kyoko realized that Makoto and Sayaka's dorm room nameplates have been switched.

Danganronpa the Animation (Episode 02) - Investigation Phase (50)

Finally, Makoto found Sayaka's motive DVD in the trash can. He played the DVD in the A/V room: First, Sayaka is shown performing with her idol group, but the scene suddenly transitions to her bandmates on the floor of the state, apparently dead. Monokuma, narrating, told Sayaka that she had no place to return if she ever left the school, and left her with the question of what happened to her bandmates.

After a Monokuma announcement over the monitors, the students then headed for the Class Trial room.


Monokuma (モノクマ) Makoto Naegi (苗木 誠)
Monokuma VA ID 日本語 Nobuyo Ōyama
English Greg Ayres[1]
Deutsch Santiago Ziesmer[2]
Makoto Naegi VA ID
日本語 Megumi Ogata
English Bryce Papenbrook[1]
Deutsch Philip Süß[2]
Aoi Asahina (朝日奈 葵) Byakuya Togami (十神 白夜)
Aoi Asahina VA ID
日本語 Chiwa Saitō
English Felecia Angelle[1]
Deutsch Sarah Alles[2]
Byakuya Togami VA ID
日本語 Akira Ishida
English Josh Grelle[1]
Deutsch Amadeus Strobl[2]
Celestia Ludenberck (セレスティア ルーデンベルク) Chihiro Fujisaki (不二咲 千尋)
Celestia Ludenberg VA ID
日本語 Hekiru Shiina
English Lindsay Seidel[1]
Deutsch Runa Aléon[2]
Chihiro Fujisaki VA ID
日本語 Kōki Miyata
English Kara Edwards[1]
Deutsch Jamie Lee Blank[2]
Hifumi Yamada (山田 一二三) Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子)
Hifumi Yamada VA ID
日本語 Kappei Yamaguchi
English Tyson Rinehart[1]
Deutsch Benno Lehmann[2]
Mukuro Ikusaba Disguised VA ID
日本語 Megumi Toyoguchi
English Jamie Marchi[1]
Deutsch Peggy Pollow[2]
Kiyotaka Ishimaru (石丸 清多夏) Kyoko Kirigiri (霧切 響子)
Kiyotaka Ishimaru VA ID
日本語 Kōsuke Toriumi
English Austin Tindle[1]
Deutsch Fabian Kluckert[2]
Kyoko Kirigiri VA ID
日本語 Yōko Hikasa
English Caitlin Glass[1]
Deutsch Franciska Friede[2]
Leon Kuwata (桑田 怜恩) Mondo Ohwada (大和田 紋土)
Leon Kuwata VA ID
日本語 Takahiro Sakurai
English Justin Cook[1]
Deutsch Patrick Keller[2]
Mondo Owada VA ID
日本語 Kazuya Nakai
English Christopher Sabat[1]
Deutsch Finlay Kühn[2]
Sakura Ohgami (大神 さくら) Sayaka Maizono (舞園 さやか)
Sakura Ogami VA ID
日本語 Kujira
English Rachel Robinson[1]
Deutsch Franziska Pigulla[2]
Sayaka Maizono VA ID
日本語 Makiko Ōmoto
English Monica Rial[1]
Deutsch Jennifer Weiß[2]
Touko Fukawa (腐川 冬子) Yasuhiro Hagakure (葉隠 康比呂)
Toko Fukawa VA ID
日本語 Miyuki Sawashiro
English Carli Mosier[1]
Deutsch Alice Bauer[2]
Yasuhiro Hagakure VA ID
日本語 Masaya Matsukaze
English Christopher Bevins[1]
Deutsch Christopher Kohn[2]



Director Seiji Kishi Script Makoto Uezu
Storyboard Yusuke Kamata Episode Director Yusuke Kamata
Art Directors Ayumi Miyakoshi
Kazuto Shimoyama
Animation Directors Kazuaki Morita
Keiko Kurosawa
Takashi Narikawa
Tetsuya Hasegawa
Executive Producers Yasuyuki Ueda
Yoshinori Terasawa
Producers Kei Fukura
Takanori Honma
Tetsu Koike
Toshihiro Maeda
Original Scenario Kazutaka Kodaka Original Designs Rui Komatsuzaki

English (Funimation)[]

ADR Director Christopher Bevins Script J. Michael Tatum
Lead ADR Engineer: Kenneth Thompson ADR Engineers: Alyssa Galindo
Stephen Hoff
Subtitling: Ashley Hayward, Ben Phillips, Brandy Richmond, Emily Walker, Freddie Arnold, Hailey Ard, Jon Uzzel, Jonathan Castleman, Sara Bachmeyer

Opening & Ending[]

Opening Never Say Never Composer Masafumi Takada
Ending Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku Performer Soraru



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