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Danganronpa: The Animation (ダンガンロンパ: The Animation) is an anime series based on Spike Chunsoft's video game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.

The series was produced by animation studio Lerche and directed by Seiji Kishi, who was previously known for directing the adaptations of Persona 4: The Animation and Devil Survivor 2 The Animation. The series ran for 13 episodes from July 4th to September 26th, 2013, with an exclusive extended version of the final episode included with the DVD release. The series has been licensed for English release by Funimation, who have produced both a subtitled version and a full English dubbed version. A full German dub has also been released by FilmConfect.

The series is available for streaming on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Apple TV.

Series Summary[]

Danganronpa: The Animation is an abridged adaptation of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, the first game in the Danganronpa series. As in the game, the series follows Makoto Naegi, an average high school student who wins a nationwide lottery to attend the prestigious Hope's Peak High School, a school for teenagers who are at the peak of their chosen fields. Students with these extraordinary talents are awarded a special title, such as Sayaka Maizono, who is the Super High School-Level Idol, and are essentially guaranteed success in their future life, as graduates of the school are fast-tracked into high ranking careers. However, after stepping foot onto the school grounds it emerges that all is not as it seems when - after meeting the mysterious bear Monokuma - Makoto and his classmates learn that they are to be trapped in this school for the rest of their lives unless they meet his demands: they must kill another student and not get caught by their peers if they wish to leave.


Danganronpa the Animation creators meeting

During the production of the anime series Carnival Phantasm - a production by animation studio Lerche - producer Yuji Higa had the idea of creating a Danganronpa anime. He approach director Seiji Kishi and screenwriter Makoto Uezu, who were working with him on Carnival Phantasm, and recommended the newly released Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc to them. The rest of the staff of Carnival Phantasm also became hooked on Danganronpa after playing the game, and it particularly resonated with them that the game was created by a small staff with a low budget and limited resources, which they themselves could relate to. With his colleagues at Lerche on board, Higa drafted an anime proposal to present to Spike (later Spike Chunsoft), taking care to put across his deep knowledge of the game's lore and with respect for it's unique visual presentation.[1][2]

At the initial presentation to Spike and the staff of the original Danganronpa game, "Team Danganronpa" were hesitant that the game could be abridged into just thirteen episodes, but Higa's team were insistent on retelling the same story with the same visual details and feeling. The series was approved, and Danganronpa's scenario writer and creator Kazutaka Kodaka joined Lerche's project as an advisor and supervisor, visiting the studio every week and often staying so late that he would miss the last train home. There was ultimately a struggle to fit all of the narrative into 13 episodes, and they were ultimately unable to fully adapt the game's script in ways the team were fully satisfied with due to the amount of script which needed to be cut, but despite the difficulties were still pleased with how they managed to adapt the unique personality of Danganronpa in animation.[1][2]

NEWTYPE December 2012 - Danganronpa the Animation Announcement

Danganronpa: The Animation was first publicly announced, with a tentative air date of Spring 2013 (though it was later pushed back to July), in the December 2012 issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Newtype magazine, and the series had promotional spreads and covers in several preceding magazines such as Animedia, Animage, G's Magazine, Otomedia, spoon.2Di, and PASH. The series was ranked at the 6th most highly anticipated series of the Summer 2013 anime season by readers of Famitsu magazine[3]. The anime's first opening - a mix of the original theme from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - was first shown at Anime Contents Expo 2013 on April 8th, 2013[4], and its ending theme Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku was later announced on June 18th, 2013.

A premiere event for Episode 1 was held on June 23rd, 2013 hosted by Megumi Ogata, the Japanese voice actress of series protagonist Makoto Naegi, alongside Yuji Higa, Seiji Kishi, and Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka. Called the Episode 1 Advance Screening & Special Talk Show, the event - and first episodes - were broadcast live from Roppongi to 10 cinemas around Japan. The series aired in Japan on MBS' Animeism programming block between July 4, 2013 and September 26, 2013. The series is licensed in North America by Funimation, who simulcast it as it aired with English subtitles.


Danganronpa the Animation x Pixiv Competition Poster highres

On April 24th - May 21st, 2013 an illustration contest was held on the art sharing platform Pixiv to commemorate the release of the series, with entrants tasked with drawing characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Winners were picked by the anime staff, and would receive a selection of Danganronpa merchandise and signed autographs from both director Seiji Kishi and Danganronpa artist Rui Komatsuzaki. A selection of work from this contest - including the grand prize winner 弾丸論破 by "hagi" was later printed in a compilation art book called the pixiv x Danganronpa The Animation Illustration Collection[5].

Large promotional posters were produced and displayed at 15 stations along Tokyo's Yamanote Line from June 24th, 2013, with each station displaying a poster of a different character from the main cast of 15. The posters were displayed in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Tokyo, Yurakucho, Shimbashi, Ueno, Meguro, Ebisu, Harajuku, Takadanobaba, Kanda, Osaki, and Yoyogi[6]. A large poster was also on display in Akihabara[7].

Main Cast[]

Monokuma (モノクマ) Makoto Naegi (苗木 誠)
Headmaster of Hope's Peak High School Super High School-Level Lucky Student
Monokuma VA ID 日本語 Nobuyo Ōyama
English Greg Ayres
Deutsch Santiago Ziesmer
Makoto Naegi VA ID
日本語 Megumi Ogata
English Bryce Papenbrook
Deutsch Philip Süß
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Aoi Asahina (朝日奈 葵) Byakuya Togami (十神 白夜)
Super High School-Level Swimmer Super High School-Level Heir
Aoi Asahina VA ID
日本語 Chiwa Saitō
English Felecia Angelle
Deutsch Sarah Alles
Byakuya Togami VA ID
日本語 Akira Ishida
English Josh Grelle
Deutsch Amadeus Strobl (Volume 1)
Deutsch Christopher Kohn (Volume 2-4)
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Celestia Ludenberck (セレスティア ルーデンベルク) Chihiro Fujisaki (不二咲 千尋)
Super High School-Level Gambler Super High School-Level Programmer
Celestia Ludenberg VA ID
日本語 Hekiru Shiina
English Lindsay Seidel
Deutsch Runa Aléon
Chihiro Fujisaki VA ID
日本語 Kōki Miyata
English Kara Edwards
Deutsch Jamie Lee Blank
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Hifumi Yamada (山田 一二三) Junko Enoshima (江ノ島 盾子)
Super High School-Level Fanzine Artist Super High School-Level Fashion Diva
Hifumi Yamada VA ID
日本語 Kappei Yamaguchi
English Tyson Rinehart
Deutsch Benno Lehmann
Mukuro Ikusaba Disguised VA ID
日本語 Megumi Toyoguchi
English Jamie Marchi
Deutsch Peggy Pollow
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Kiyotaka Ishimaru (石丸 清多夏) Kyoko Kirigiri (霧切 響子)
Super High School-Level Hall Monitor Super High School-Level ???
Kiyotaka Ishimaru VA ID
日本語 Kōsuke Toriumi
English Austin Tindle
Deutsch Fabian Kluckert
Kyoko Kirigiri VA ID
日本語 Yōko Hikasa
English Caitlin Glass
Deutsch Franciska Friede (Volume 1-2)
Deutsch Johanna Dost (Volume 3-4)
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Leon Kuwata (桑田 怜恩) Mondo Ohwada (大和田 紋土)
Super High School-Level Baseball Player Super High School-Level Biker
Leon Kuwata VA ID
日本語 Takahiro Sakurai
English Justin Cook
Deutsch Patrick Keller
Mondo Owada VA ID
日本語 Kazuya Nakai
English Christopher Sabat
Deutsch Finlay Kühn
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Sakura Ohgami (大神 さくら) Sayaka Maizono (舞園 さやか)
Super High School-Level Grappler Super High School-Level Idol
Sakura Ogami VA ID
日本語 Kujira
English Rachel Robinson
Deutsch Franziska Pigulla
Sayaka Maizono VA ID
日本語 Makiko Ōmoto
English Monica Rial
Deutsch Jennifer Weiß
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile
Touko Fukawa (腐川 冬子) Yasuhiro Hagakure (葉隠 康比呂)
Super High School-Level Literary Girl Super High School-Level Fortune-Teller
Toko Fukawa VA ID
日本語 Miyuki Sawashiro
English Carli Mosier
Deutsch Alice Bauer
Yasuhiro Hagakure VA ID
日本語 Masaya Matsukaze
English Christopher Bevins
Deutsch Christopher Kohn (Volume 1)
Deutsch Sebastian Kluckert (Volume 2-4)
Japanese Official Profile Japanese Official Profile

List of Episodes[]

Episode 1 Welcome to Despair High School July 4th 2013
Makoto Naegi gets a super lucky break and enters the highly prestigious school, Hope's Peak High School. But things take a turn for the worse when Makoto learns that he's trapped in that school for the rest of his life unless he kills a classmate!
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 01 - Episode Title
Episode 2 (Not) Normal Arc: Kill and Live July 11th 2013
When the first person gets murdered, Makoto is the number one suspect! He must prove his innocence during the class trial or everyone but the killer will get executed. Can he find enough evidence to clear his name and identify the killer?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 02 - Episode Title
Episode 3 Not Normal Arc: Kill and Live July 18th 2013
The first classroom trial has begun. Naegi has to think fast or everyone innocent will get punished! Kirigiri seems to be on to something, but she isn't handing out answers. When the trial is over, will Monokuma go through with his "punishment"?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 03 - Episode Title
Episode 4 (Not) Normal Arc: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine July 25th 2013
Part of the second floor has opened, including the pool and locker rooms! Monokuma gives the students a few days to explore before he gets bored. They have 24 hours to kill someone or else he'll broadcast their darkest or most embarrassing secrets.
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 04 - Episode Title
Episode 5 Not Normal Arc: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine Aug 1st 2013
Togami seems convinced that the culprit in this case is a depraved serial killer, but is he merely trying to deceive his classmates? Tensions rise as some of the students' dark secrets are revealed, including an incredible secret about the victim!
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 05 - Episode Title
Episode 6 (Not) Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand Upon the Earth! Aug 8th 2013
Asahina finds ALTER EGO, an AI created by Fujisaki. Ishimaru and Yamada are smitten with the program in their own ways, and neither boy wants to play nice and share. After the laptop goes missing, a "suspicious character" begins attacking students.
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 06 - Episode Title
Episode 7 Not Normal Arc: Return of the New Century Galaxy Legend! O Armored Hero, Stand Upon the Earth! Aug 15th 2013
Two students have been killed one after the next and all of the evidence seems to point at Hagakure. But the way Naegi sees it, things just aren't adding up quite right. Is their blood really on Hagakure's hands or has he been framed?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 07 - Episode Title
Episode 8 (Not) Normal Arc: All All Apologies Aug 22nd 2013
Monokuma announces that he planted a mole amongst the students. Rather than let them figure out who it is on their own, he generously offers the information. Now the rift between the surviving students is worse than ever before!
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 08 - Episode Title
Episode 9 All All Apologies II Aug 29th 2013
The fourth murder case is a locked-room mystery. Two of the primary suspects for the murder aren't actually sure if they did the dirty deed or not! Can Naegi piece the clues together to figure out what really happened in the game room?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 09 - Episode Title
Episode 10 (Not) Normal Arc: The Junk Food of Despair for Racing Through Youth Sept 5th 2013
Kirigiri steals Monokuma's "treasure." He warns the students that everyone will be held equally guilty. Later that night, Togami finds that Monokuma has gone out of order. The next day, there is a new body. Could all of this somehow be related?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 10 - Episode Title
Episode 11 Not Normal Arc: The Junk Food of Despair for Racing Through Youth Sept 12th 2013
Naegi and the others are forced to participate in an awkward classroom trial for a victim they don't know anything about. Naegi is convinced that Monokuma is plotting something, but what? And why is Kirigiri trying to paint him as the culprit?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 11 - Episode Title
Episode 12 The Reason Super High School-Level Bad Luck Attracted Super High School-Level Murder, Super High School-Level Execution and Super High School-Level Despair Sept 19th 2013
Naegi no longer questions whether the principal is the mastermind but if it isn't him, who could it be? He finds the principal's digital notebook, which allows him to find clues that will be imperative in the upcoming trial.
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 12 - Episode Title
Episode 13 Goodbye, Despair High School Sept 26th 2013
Now that the mastermind has been revealed, Naegi and his classmates must uncover the mysteries behind Hope's Peak High School during the final classroom trial. Can hope defeat despair or will the mastermind come out triumphant in the end?
Danganronpa the Animation - Episode 13 - Episode Title

Broadcasts & Physical Releases[]

For more details, see: Danganronpa: The Animation/Releases.


Lerche Danganronpa the Animation Volume 1 (Limited)

In Japan, the series aired between July 4 and September 26, 2013 on MBS' Animeism programming block, then later aired on TBS, CBC and BS-TBS. Lerche, the animation studio which produced Danganronpa: The Animation, was also the distributor of the series on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan, releasing the first volume on August 28, 2013. The series was released in 7 volumes of two episodes each, with the exception of Volume 7, which contained an unaired extended director's cut of Episode 13. Each volume also received a Limited Edition release, each containing bonus merchandise such as collectible cards, booklets of art materials, exclusive CDs, and other items. The Limited Edition release included an exclusive short story by Kazutaka Kodaka, Makoto Naegi Secret File.


FUNimation Danganronpa The Animation Limited Edition (Front)

On December 31st, 2014, Funimation revealed they acquired the North American home video rights to Danganronpa: The Animation[8]. The cast list for the English dub was revealed on April 4th, 2015[9], and differed entirely from the English cast of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc with the exception of Bryce Papenbrook as Makoto Naegi. The full series was released as a Blu-ray and DVD combo standard edition on November 10th, 2015 with both English and Japanese audio options[10]. A limited edition version set was also released on November 10th, 2015 in a collectible box.[11]. A Funimation "Super Amazing Value Edition" (S.A.V.E.) was later released on February 7th 2017, which included the full series on Blu-ray and DVD but at a lower price point[12].

The Funimation releases were distributed by Manga Entertainment in the UK on November 9th, 2015[13] and Madman Entertainment in Australia on February 10th, 2016[14] as separate Blu-ray and DVD editions.


Filmconfect Danganronpa the Animation DVD Volume 1 (Standard)

German publisher FilmConfect announced they had obtained the license to release Danganronpa: The Animation in German on June 8th, 2016, later releasing details of the German dub cast on July 27th, 2016. The series was released in four volumes in separate Blu-ray and DVD releases, with each volume spanning 3-4 episodes and featuring German and Japanese audio. The fourth and final volume was the subject of heavy delays due to a legal dispute[15] between FilmConfect and Franciska Friede, who voiced Kyoko Kirigiri. As a result, Kyoko's lines were re-dubbed by Johanna Dost[16].


Opening Themes[]

Danganronpa: The Animation has three opening themes - the first is an instrumental mix of the main theme of Danganronpa: The Animation, composed by Masafumi Takada. The second, used for the majority of the series, is Never Say Never performed by the ensemble group TKDz2b. The third, a special one-off opening called the Monokuma Song, appears only in episode 4, and parodies the Bullet Time Battle mechanic. It is performed by famous Japanese Enka singer Sachiko Kobayashi, and features Monokuma, voiced by then Monokuma-voice actress Nobuyo Ōyama.

Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku[]

The main ending theme of Danganronpa: The Animation is Zetsubōsei: Hero Chiryōyaku, however, six different ending videos are used throughout the series, with different characters joining the end card image with Makoto as the plot develops.

Ending Credits[]

The final end credit sequence in Episode 13 of Danganronpa: The Animation is an anime remake of the ending of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and uses the same song: Saisei -rebuild- by Megumi Ogata (the voice of Makoto Naegi).



External Links[]


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