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Danganronpa: Monokuma no Gyakushū (ダンガン ロンパ: モノクマ の 逆襲, Danganronpa: Monokuma Strikes Back) is a bonus game where characters from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc are in various minigames that the player has to beat.


Shot in the pitching machine Otose!: In this game, the player must shoot at flying things (from Danganronpa 2's Please Insert Coin execution) that throw bombs at the player. The player must beat 5 stages to complete that minigame; each stage increases the number of bombs the enemies throw. In stage 5, Monokuma appears, greatly increasing the game speed.

Fully open, Best regards!: in this game, the player controls Mondo Owada on a motorcycle, jumping over obstacles such as birds, exploding Monokumas and holes, etc. In stage 5, Monokuma appears and makes the screen move faster as more obstacles appear.

Inspiration remedial: In this game, the player plays as Makoto Naegi, who has a certain amount of time to solve math problems such as subtraction and sums. The numbers fly into the screen; the player must collect the numbers needed to make the correct answers. When there's 10 seconds left, Monokuma appears and makes the numbers in the screen go faster.

Barely rocket: In this game, similar to the famous mobile game Angry Birds, the player must fire rockets at Monokumas that are on the moon. In stage 5, Monokuma appears, giving the player a single rocket to hit a super tiny Monokuma in the moon.




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