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The article below describes merchandise released exclusively in Japan.
As such, all information in this article is based on fan-contributed translations.

Cospa (コスパ Kosupa) is a Japanese clothing company who specialise in officially licensed anime and video game merchandise, collectibles and cosplay items.

In 2013, they released a Kyoko Kirigiri costume and Kiyotaka Ishimaru hall monitor armband, as seen in Danganronpa: The Animation. In 2014, they then released Chiaki Nanami and Nagito Komaeda costumes under their sub-company, Cospatio, based on Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Danganronpa: The Animation[]

Kyoko Kirigiri costume[]

Cospa Kyoko costume colour sample

Kyoko's outfit consists of three pieces which were each sold separately. The jacket and shirt were both available in women's' size small, medium and large sizes.

Item Cost Release Date
Jacket 16,800 yen November 30, 2013
Blouse 11,550 yen November 30, 2013
Tie 4,935 yen October 31st, 2013

Kiyotaka Ishimaru armband[]

Kiyotaka's hall monitor armband, featuring the kanji 風紀 (lit. Public Morals) was released in October 2013. It comes with a safety pin so it can be attached to your sleeve.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

Chiaki Nanami costume[]

Danganronpa 2 Character Design Profile Chiaki Nanami

A replica of Chiaki Nanami's costume was released in two parts. Her jacket, ribbon and blouse were sold as a set for 27,000 yen in women's' sizes S to XL. Her skirt was sold separately for 12,000 yen, and also in women's' sizes S to XL.

Nagito Komaeda costume[]

Danganronpa 2 Character Design Profile Nagito Komaeda

A replica of Nagito Komaeda's jacket was released in July 2014 for 23,000 yen, under Cospa's sub-company Cospatio. It is available in men's sizes small to XL. Cospa also produce a replica Komaeda t-shirt for 2,900 Yen, available in men's and women's' cut.

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