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Danganronpa V3 Casino Entrance
Danganronpa V3 Casino Game Room

The Casino is one of the main buildings in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. It is one of the two buildings unlocked in Chapter 2 along with Hotel Kumasutra. In the building, there are multiple games that you can play by betting "Casino Coins" and winning exclusive prizes that can only be unlocked by purchasing them at the prize corner, such as Class Trial Skills, Monopad Themes, and special gifts.

The amount of Casino Coins paid out depend on both the game played and the score received.

Most of the games featured in the Casino are very similar to the games that appear in the Class Trials, these games being Hangman's Gambit V3, Mind Mine, and Psyche Taxi.

MonoMono Slots[]

In MonoMono Slots, you need to line up a pattern of 5 slots. The pattern rolled determines how many coins the player gets back. The player can bet between 1 and 7 casino coins a roll. The patterns include: Monokuma 7's, which give you 1000 casino coins when all 5 are lined up; Monokuma 7 and wild slots, which give you 800 coins; Monokubs, which give 20 coins if one Kub is lined up 5 times, or 200 coins, if you get all the Monokubs lined up (No wild slots); wild slots, which can act as any slot; one Kub is lined and wild slots, which give 16 coins; and scatter slots, which give 5 bonus games if the player gets 3 or more on a screen.

Salmon Fishing[]

This Casino game is similar to the Hangman's Gambit V3 game featured in the Class Trials, in which the protagonist has to guess and spell out a word letter-by-letter to advance in the trial. In Salmon Fishing you play as Monokuma. The player's main objective is to catch red, green, and blue salmon. The player must catch the color of salmon that appears in the lower left corner of the display. The object of the game is to catch as many correctly colored salmon within the time limit. Catching multiple correct salmon consecutively increases the points given per salmon.

Treasure Hunter! Monolith[]

This Casino game is unlocked in chapter 3 and is similar to the Mind Mine game featured in the Class Trials, in which the protagonist has to uncover various pieces of evidence on a board. The objective of Treasure Hunter! Monolith is to uncover the "treasures" (fish skeletons and Monokuma Kubs) hidden under the tiles. The time limit is far less strict than in the trials, however it removes the ability to destroy individual tiles, instead ending the game when there are no grouped tiles left.

Outlaw Run[]

This Casino game is unlocked in chapter 3 and is similar to the Psyche Taxi game featured in the Class Trials. In Outlaw Run need to hit people and Monokuma Kubs on the road as much as possible to gain points within the time limit, hitting Monokid will speed up the car and hitting Monodam will give 1000 points.


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