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This article contains information and transcripts for Yasuhiro Hagakure's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


Şablon:İmp has a nice ring to it! I'll *definitely* score some cash!


I'm finally graduating! But I'm still in debt...
But at least I'm the Şablon:İmp! I've got a shot now!...

Friendship Events[]

With Tenko Chabashira[]

With Tenko Chabashira
*sigh* How am I gonna meet my quota this month? I gotta get some more sales... But Makoto said no... Some people from the other classes who might go for it are...
Kazuichi, Tsumugi, Mikan, and... maybe Ryoma?
...I smell the scent of evil! Stop, you reptilian degenerate!
Yikes! Tenko!? Wh-What're you doing here?
Just as I thought! Degenerate males are evil to their very soul! This hero of justice will never stop fighting until this whole world is peaceful for girls!
I'm fine with that...because that is my duty! The hero of justice shall defeat you, evildoer!
Huh? Hero of justice? What are you, a little kid or something?
Wh-What's up with that reaction!? Once again, degenerates...
...don't appreciate heroes of justice, they don't appreciate they were born from women... ...and they think being a bad boy or evil is cool! I'll never forgive them!
I-I'm not doing anything bad! Cuz the thing I'm selling this time will make those who buy it and everyone around them... ...super happy! It's an amazing charm!
You're obviously suspicious! You're gonna sin more even when your whole existence is a sin!? Hiro... do you have a mother, a sister, a grandmother, or a daughter? Until the hero of justice arrives, you must appreciate all the great girls in your life!
I-I don't really get it, but gimme a break! Save me, Mom!

With Angie Yonaga[]

With Angie Yonaga
Oh hey Angie. Thanks for coming! Listen carefully, cuz today I've got a business plan that'll be perfect for you!
Huh? Business plan?
Hmmmm, what do you mean by that? Atua says to spit it out already.
Alright, listen up! This business plan is perfect. You don't even need to do anything different for it! You just gotta keep doing your creative stuff and listening to Atua like normal!
Uh-huh, uh-huh...and then?
All I want you to do is do your prayers and stuff...at the dojo!
Dojo, huh...? You mean where Tenko and Peko are always training?
Yeah, that's the place! I wanna record your prayers and sell CDs of 'em! If I do that, you'll get more followers and I'll get more cash!
I see, I see! That sounds simple enough! That would make us both happy!
Yeah! It's perfect, right!?
Yes, yes! Atua praises you, Hiro! Spreading the word of Atua to the masses is very good!
So...does that mean we're good?
Of course not! Cuz Atua says I can't do that!
Huh!? Why!? I thought Atua was on board!
No, Atua just said it's good that you're always thinking so much.
Huh? Really?
You have a lot of responsibilities, debt, and people who don't take you seriously... And yet, you still work hard as ever. Atua knows.
I-I see... Atua sees right through me!
Atua sees all. Atua watches over you, like a beautiful mother of infinite patience.
Atua...is so helpful!
Nyahahahah! Do you wanna pray?
Yeah! I will! I'm so grateful to Atua!
The two of you prayed to Atua!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

With Korekiyo Shinguji
Hiro... There is a question I would ask you.
Hmm? What's up, Korey?
I have wondered for some time... What format do you use for your fortune telling? Although "fortune telling" is a single umbrella term, there are many ways to go about it... One might divine the future with palms, birthdays, or tools such as cards, yes?
Wow, Korey! You know your stuff! But my fortune telling is different from all of those... It's an inspirational style!
Inspiration... Also known as revelation, flashes, or one's sixth sense.
But don't lump my fortune telling in with the occult, you got it? Cuz my predictions are on the mark more than pretty much anyone else's!
But why're you asking about all that? You want your fortune read? I'll give you a discount.
I was merely curious what style of fortune telling has been acknowledged as "Ultimate."
Many styles of fortune telling have long historical roots stretching back generations. They are all...of great interest to me as an anthropologist.
Hmm, so in other words, you wanna know more about my fortune telling, huh Korey?
Well, I would not mind if you interpreted it that way.
Then I suggest you start by actually having your fortune told by me! Seeing it done for yourself is the best way to learn about it, right?
Indeed...I know your fortunes are expensive, but it may be to my benefit to experience one.
Yeah, you get it, Korey! Cuz of that, I'll tell you a bonus story, no charge!
I have a bad feeling about this, but I shall listen...
I've got these power stones here. They almost have as much energy as the crystal ball I use!
Normally, they're crazy expensive... But if you buy 'em through me, they're just 500,000 yen!
I see.
I bet someone like you could draw out their true power, no problem, Korey!
By the way, Hiro... When you say, Şablon:İmp, you are referring to me, correct?
Well, duh! "Korekiyo" is kind of a mouthful, y'know? I guess my name's the same though, huh?
While I normally tell those who have trouble with my name to call me "Kiyo"... I do not mind "Korey" either. Please refer to me as that whenever you wish.
Oh, sure thing. Leave it to me!
Very good. In that case, I shall see you later, Hiro.
See ya, Korey!
...Huh? Wait, Korey! What about the power stones!?
The bargain did not pay off!

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Hey, you're the Şablon:İmp, right?
Huh? Yeah, so what?
I just thought you were pretty amazing! You look like that, but you're a yakuza!
...What do you mean "look like that"? Say it. Depending on your answer...
Maybe I'll let you choose which ocean I drown you in.
I-I was just sayin' that a guy dressed up in a snazzy suit like yours has gotta be a yakuza!
Y-You're really handsome! You've got a martial artist's body and a detective's brains! Even among all the Ultimates gathered at Hope's Peak Academy, your talent is supreme!
Th-The hell is all this about...? It's fuckin' creepy...
Normally I charge 1,000 dollars for two hours, but I'll read your fortune for a mere 800. It's an unprecedented discount... But me and you are friends, so it's okay!
Since when were we friends...?
Actually, all this is real fishy. What're you scheming!? Cough it up!!!
Well, of course my scheme is to flatter you so you'll help me!
A lotta stuff happened and now I'm being chased by some scary guys! But if I got help from the nation's biggest yakuza gang, then I'd be safe...
Wha–!? I told you everything! This must be the interrogation power of the Şablon:İmp!
...Are you stupid or something?

With Kokichi Oma and Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

With Kokichi Oma and Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
Maaan, running an evil secret organization is tough work, lemme tell ya.
Kokichi...cut that out already. Nobody here's gonna fall for such an obvious lie.
Don't even acknowledge him. Can't you tell how pointless it is to talk to him?
Hey, why are you guys being so mean?
Especially you, Hiro! You're the meanest!
Huh!? Why me!?
Cuz you still don't believe I'm a supreme leader. I have lots of shady connections... Y'know those debt collectors you're always running from? They actually work for me.
Why didn't you say that sooner!? Tell me all about your organization! L-Let's be pals!
Kokichi...do you enjoy messing with Hiro?
Yeah! It's so much fun! I love Hiro!
Hey, does your organization want to hire me as a contract fortune-teller? Act now, and I'll throw in a Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya!
Hey! Don't bundle me in a set without permission!
Hmmm... Well, I'd definitely hire Byakuya! But just him!
What!? But that won't help me!
Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya! I don't care if I gotta be your assistant, let's join him! Come on, pleeease! Think of it as saving me from the scary guys!
Agggh! Come to your senses already! Besides, I refuse to be Kokichi's underling! I am destined to stand above all others!
Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya... You're really committed to your Byakuya act, huh?
Maaan, I really wanted to hire Byakuya. But...I don't like it when other people lie.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... It's a good day to make money! Let's do some fortune telling!
Oh, it's Kaede!
Kaede...I heard that you've been highly-praised for your piano playing...
Hey, Kaede!
Huh, Hiro? It's almost lunchtime... What are you doing here?
Funny that you ask, because the Şablon:İmp is telling fortunes!
Hmmm, so you're a special fortune teller today, Hiro?
How about it, Kaede? As a special for you, first time's free!
Hahaha, that's a pretty cool service. Then, is it okay if I ask you?
Oh, ask away...but you *will* have to register on a partner site first...
But don't worry, that site is free! And you get a magazine in the mail!
Wait! I just remembered I had something else to do! Sorry, can we do this some other time?
Wha!? But it's such a good deal!
Kaede ran away from you!
A business rival...
Well, well...if it isn't Hiro. Perfect timing. I know what you've been wishing for... It's okay to tell me you want it, y'know? For the sports festival, I'll give you a meal that'll lift you up and won't weigh you down.
So you're making lunch for us, Teruteru?
Hmhmhm, call it "catering." I'm pretty popular today... A demanding little minx has been keeping me busy.
Well, yeah...it's lunch time...
Teruteru's lunch was a huge hit, but no one came to have their fortune read...
You there! Want me to read your fortune?
I've never met you before... Perfect for fortune telling! It's a good price! And my fortune telling is right 30% of the time!
So 70% of the time, the future is unknown. Because of your talent, uncertainty is born. However...it is not difficult to find patterns even within that uncertainty.
I don't know what you're talking about, but don't make fun of my fortune telling!
What I am saying...is that your fortune telling is boring.
That's making fun of it! Now I'm not gonna tell your fortune!
I have no problems with that. It is unnecesary to begin with.
You refused to serve a rude customer!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to tell fortunes, of course! Here comes a mark–uh, customer! What do you do?
You look like you need your fortune told!
Haha, that obvious, huh?
I occasionally get deeply serious customers like you, Rantaro...
You can see right through me, can't you?
Say, listen... Could you find a missing person with your fortune telling?
Well, I can't tell for sure, but I know that my fortunes are correct 30% of the time!
30%? ...That's not bad. I'll take those odds.
Nice! So, the price for fortune-telling is 100,000 yen!
100,000, nothing to it!
What, seriously? Wow, Rantaro, you're a generous guy! No take-backs! There are a lot of rich people at this academy, but no one understands the value of my talent! It's only you, a man with voyager's eye, who knows what it's truly worth!
Oh, it's gotta be cash, right? I don't have any on me...but I'm good for it! I'll come back, don't worry!
Any time, Rantaro! I'll be waiting!
Rantaro is going to become one of your best customers!
Oh, tough customer...
...It seems unwise to say something like that within earshot of your intended target.
Uh oh, did I say that out loud? Well, I mean, it's just that...I've never told a robot's fortune before!
Well...obviously you haven't. Do you think it will be difficult? I'm often told that I'm incompatible with the supernatural...
H-Hey! My fortune telling isn't some supernatural occult thing!
Huh? Oh...I'm sorry. How careless of me.
Anyway, I don't pick and choose my customers. As long as they pay!
Hiro, you're not robophobic at all! How much does your fortune-telling cost!?
100,000 yen!
I'm sorry, but that price is too steep for me... I'll have to come back some other time.
Keebo left with a disappointed look on his face...
I don't think you need your fortune told...
That's for the customer to decide, not you! Who the fuck do you think you are, anyway!?
Guess that's true... Well, you look like you have money. I'll tell your fortune, Miu!
Fortune-telling? Pfft, I can already do that shit with my inventions!
You can?
I have this one useless invention that can perfectly predict the next day's weather.
Th-That's not fortune telling! And that's not "useless" either...
...I smell money!
Whatever! I think I've figured out how your fortune-telling can help me!
I've...used my inventions to make predictions about my love life, but it's not enough...
Forget that, what about the invention!?
Forget that!? I came here for your services and you're givin' ME fuckin' attitude!?!?
The business transaction did not go as planned...


Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony has ended. Let's read someone's fortune for next year! Who should you select?
I'll find a hard worker!
Kirumi! Are you still cleaning? Thanks for always doing that, by the way.
Oh, Hiro. Did you come here to eat? Shall I pour you some tea as well?
...Oh, wait, I almost forgot! I want to tell you fortune!
Hold it, Hiro. Unlike you, Kirumi is actually busy, so don't get in her way.
Oh, you're here too, Hina? If you're jealous, I'll tell your fortune for 100,000 yen!
There's no way I'd be jealous. Hold on, that rate for just fortune-telling is too high.
For Kirumi, I'd do it for 90,000!
No, that's still too high! Stop trying to sell this to us!
My apologies... I do not require any fortune-telling at the moment...
Ah! Wait! Hold on! I've got it!
...I'm seeing it!
See what?
Oh...even though Kirumi declined, you're still gonna tell her fortune anyway!?
No, I just saw it! It's all coming to me like "wanananana"... I saw... a super-important-looking dude...asking Kirumi for something!
To me? Is this...a request?
That must be it! You seem like you get some really serious requests, Kirumi!
Alright, I've made up my mind! Kirumi, you get that fortune for free!
You say it like it's some big deal! You can't charge her after you blurt out her fortune!
In exchange! When that fortune comes true, you gotta let me help with your job! To be honest, it smells like a whole boatload of money!
Sorry about this, Kirumi... You can just ignore him.
No, it is quite interesting. It is an important request from a person with such status...
Yeah! And put in a good word for me! I get it right 30% of the time!
You have a 30% chance of obtaining an incredible potential customer!
I'll find one of my best customers!
...Well? See anything? The next country I should visit, things I should look into? Any fortune like that?
I did see something, but... it's kinda hard to describe.
...Is it something bad?
No, not at all! I mean, I can't guarantee that it's something bad, but...
I saw you crying... And you were saying someone's name...
Crying...? Me...?
Yeah, I can hardly believe it. I wonder... what could possibly make you cry.
Well, I...don't cry often... But if...I were ever to cry in front of someone... It might be because... my wish had just come true.
Then that must mean that the future I saw was a good one!
That's probably it. That's what I want to believe.
Then you must be relieved, because my fortune are correct 30% of the time!
A 30% hope is great, I'll take it. Thanks...I feel a lot better, Hiro.
I'm glad, Rantaro. I hope it turns out the way you want.
...Anyway, that'll be 100,000 yen!
You did a good job!
Hey, you! Want your fortune told?
I feel like I've met you somewhere before... I have, right?
Well, now's a good time to have your fortune told! It's a flat rate o 100,000 yen!
No thanks.
Why would you pass up such an incredible opportunity!?
I do not need my fortune read. Even if I did, I could do it myself.
Wh-What!? You can't take away my one thing, man!
Wait, are you trying to be my rival!? You better not be stealing my customers!
This is a baseless concern. I have no intention of using fortune telling for anything.
Really? You have that talent, but you don't wanna use it?
...I don't have any particular purpose.
Are you done talking? If so, then I'm leaving.
Ah, wait!
He's gone... He didn't even listen to my sales pitch!
A weird customer got away from you...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Your last winter at the academy... Himiko is going to perform a Christmas magic show! After working since yesterday to make the set, it's nearly showtime... What will you do?
Maybe I'll go get something to drink.
Oh, there you are Angie! I'm in a pinch, will you help me?
Huh? I'm busy too, y'know.
Come on, don't say that! I really need your help!
Atua has spoken... He says you are okay, but only some of the time.
Rejoice, Hiro. With Atua watching over you, you'll be fine today no matter what happens.
Who's Atua!? What are ya talkin' about, Angie?
Hmm... Does it seem sloppy? I don't think so.
Atua says it's just fine, so there's definitely no problem.
Hmmm... Well, if you're saying it Angie, then I guess it's safe for today. But I'm worried about more than just today! I got debt and some bad dudes chasing me!
I thought I'd be safe here, but... We're graduating soon, y'know?
I didn't get the money, so I'm still in trouble!
It's okay. Even if you're stranded at sea in a fishing boat, you are never alone, Hiro.
No matter what happens... Atua will watch over you.
Watch over me!? I need Atua to do more than that!
It's come to this... I beg you, let me sell your merchandise! I've told fortunes for bigshots and the super rich, I've got *connections*!
I can make you *rich* off of your merchandise, Angie!
Oh, Atua has spoken... There is a solution available to you, Hiro. Ummmm... You should come to my island and offer yourself as a sacrifice.
Don't worry, we're just going to take a teensy bit of your blood. It's nothing scary.
Wh-What!? Are you mad at me or something!?
Mad? Why would I be mad? This proposal comes form Atua Himself.
But if you refuse...you will be punished across six generations.
Nooo!!! Save meee!!!
...Yasuhiro ran away in fear, so you returned to the gym!

With Byakuya Togami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas, but you're not interested! You're not here to celebrate, you just want to sit and have a coffee.
I'll sit at this open table
Yo, Byakuya! Is that seat open?
Oh hey, let me sit, too!
There are plenty of other open seats, why don't you sit *anywhere* else.
Hey, don't say that! How about I lower my price for fortune telling for you?
And I can give you my autograph! In a few years it will be worth a lot!
You certainly have a lot of free time. But I suppose that's the case for the dull.
What are you talking about, Mr. Togami!? I'm super busy at the end of the year! Us fanfic creators... No, all otaku are preparing a crusade!
I'm usually more busy at the start of the year. A lot of people want their fortunes then. So right now, I'm...y'know, saving up my energy.
And I will be busy deleting all of the anime I've recorded to make room for the next season.
You don't sound very busy. But I'm so glad you seem happy.
Oh, so you can tell, Byakuya? My fortune today *was* really good!
...I was being sarcastic. Now go away.
Man, come on! Admit it, we've grown on you a little bit!
It's true! When you first came to this academy, you were cold and heartless...
You gave off the aura of a man who would kill you for getting near them!
That's how you used to be, but look at you now! You've come a long way!
Don't you dare make assumptions about me...
You had...quite the noisy time...

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates. You still have some time before the party. What will you do?
I'll chill in the classroom a bit...
Oh, there you are, Fuyuhiko! You were here after all!
Oh, it's you, Hiro... What do you want? If it's something stupid, I'm kicking you out.
Hey, come on! That's no way to treat the guy who's gonna give you a special fortune!
So it is something stupid...
It's not stupid! My fortune telling is super popular this time of year!
You should have a lot of customers, then. So piss off.
No, really man! I've got a special fortune that told me to tell you your fortune!
I don't care about you... I told you I don't need my fortune told.
I'm telling you, I've seen it! Clear as day!
Next year...there is a 30% chance that you are going to genuinely apologize to someone!
Huh!? Quit fuckin' around!
D-Don't get mad at *me*! If you gotta apologize for something, you messed up!
Geez...barging in here and saying a bunch of stupid shit...
All I gotta do is make sure to not do anything I'd need to apologize for next year, right?
See, I knew my fortune telling would be useful! You get a discount!
I-I don't believe it or anything! I just got caught up in the moment is all!
You decided to spend next year being extra careful...

With Genocide Jack[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Toko finished her events as fast as she could to go see Master in action, but...
Oh my, how lucky! Now you must burn Master's sweaty, youthful body into your eyes! But you don't know which event Master will be in... Where could Master be?
Master's slender body is perfect for basketball!
Aha! The power of love guides me!!! I've found you, Master Byakuya!
Hiro. Rejoice, I have a job for you. Detain her.
What!? You want me to detain *her*!? Byakuya, please! Anything but that!
I'm coming for youuuuuu!
You pushed Hiro aside and passionately cheered for Master!

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Today is the school festival...and you're hosting the Şablon:İmp exhibit!
No one has visited your exhibit yet... But finally, someone has come!
Yasuhiro, can Gonta help you find bug?
Oh, hey. You got any ladybugs here, Gonta?
Of course! Gonta got lotsa cute ladybugs!
Nice! Just what I wanted to hear! You might not know this, Gonta, but...in some countries, ladybugs are good luck!
Well!? How about we try selling the ladybugs you raised!?
Huh!? Sell ladybugs!?
A symbol of good luck that's been raised by the Şablon:İmp! It'll sell like crazy!
N-No... Bugs are Gonta's friends... But if bugs go to nice person who take care of them...
Great idea! This is the chance to try and get lotsa people to cherish ladybugs!
I bet we could sell em for a lot...er, I mean, get lots of people to like bugs!
No, that's wrong!
M-Makoto!? Why are you here!?
After I saw you go in here... I got a little worried.
*gasp* I had a great idea! Makoto, write a testimonial about buying a ladybug!
"I was able to become the Şablon:İmp thanks to this..." It'll sell like super crazy!
I-If I write something like that, it'd just be a lie, I've never had a ladybug...
Oh, do you wanna live with Gonta's ladybug? It really cute and...bring you good luck, too!
You believed that stuff Hiro said!?
Makoto stopped you from accepting Yasuhiro's offer!
Too bad. You just wanted everyone to understand how cute ladybugs are.

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You want to finish your manuscript ASAP! You have to do the three-legged race... Who should you ask to be your partner?
So, Yasuhiro Hagakure...
We have to do this together! Don't slow me down!
I don't even have to use my fortune telling to know we don't have much of a chance...
It'll work out! Don't worry about the quickness of our feet, but rather the syncing of our breath! We need to move in sync, like telepathy! Like we're piloting a Jaeger!
But then, both of our legs might give out! Why did I make that reference!?
...I don't know what you're talkin' about, but I was worried about tying our legs together.
Well, whatever! Let's try...
You didn't tie your legs together well enough, and the string came off during the race...

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Show 'em what you got in the three-legged race!
Maybe you should talk to someone before the race. But who?
Those guys way over there
Hey, Hiro. I can spot that hair of yours from across the field. Isn't it hard to run with?
Honestly...when I run, it shakes back and forth and gets in the way.
You think that's bad... My whole body shakes back and forth when I try to run!
Hahaha, that is pretty bad! I can tell just by looking at you! Just thinking about it is making me laugh. Was that your strategy the whole time!?
...You have to run while trying to hold back your laughter!

With Monomi[]

You've been looking forward to the summer sports festival, and it's finally starting today! But apparently Monokuma is disrupting the events and getting in everyone's way... We gotta find Monokuma and catch him before the afternoon events start!
For everyone's sake, I will uphold the peace! Monokumaaaa! Where are youuuu!?
He might be roaming in the schoolyard!
Monokumaaaa! Where are youuuu!?
...He's not here.
Oh, Monomi! Are you looking for someone? Perhaps I can help you find them!
That's it! Yasuhiro...would you be able to use your fortune-telling to find Monokuma?
Simple! I can do that for the paltry fee of 1,000 bucks!
1,000 bucks!?
Oh, you don't have that? I guess a bunny doll wouldn't have a lot of cash...
Awww...I'm ashamed to say I don't have that much money, but can you still do a reading...?
No can do. No discounts.
...What a cruel world.
You couldn't convince Yasuhiro to conduct a reading, so you couldn't find Monokuma...

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Today is the school festival...a wonderful day where you can see everyone's talent shine! So, what will you do first?
Maybe see the exhibits in the classrooms
Nagito! Why not come on over, have your fortune told? You've got money, right?
Can your fortune telling see what kind of luck is in store for me?
Leave it to me! I'm right 30% of the time, after all!
Hmm, yeah...
I'll pass...
Huh!? Why!?
Now that I think about it, there's no point in me knowing what'll happen in the future.
That's not true! If you've got a good future ahead, you can try to make it your reality, y'know!?
I'll end up reaching a good future without any work, and there's no need to avoid bad futures.
What do you mean?
Well...it's a crappy talent, but...I'm lucky. Even if I don't know what'll happen, it's always a lucky ending for me.
So, Hiro...you should use your talent to fill the world with hope!
...If you asked me to read your fortune, you could fill my pocket with hope.
You politely refused any fortune telling!

With Sonia Nevermind[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! You're going to see and do everything! But where will you go first?
Fortune telling booths are a classic
Hey, Sonia! Thanks for coming! I was just thinking about how we should get to know each other better. Fortune telling?
Yes...I am interested...
But...? You don't have any money?
Um...Hiro, are you determined?
To predict my future...is the same as predicting my entire country's future.
You may see things you don't wish to see and learn things you don't wish to know.
I see what you mean... No need to fret, though! I've told fortunes for a bunch of big shots! Don't worry about it! Just lemme tell your fortune!
And for you, Sonia, a special offer... 11 fortunes for one million yen!
Hiro...I did not say those things to test you. Will you tell me my fortune now?
You serious!? Princesses can't go back on their word, right!?
Yes. There is just one more thing...
There's more!?
Those who tell fortunes for the royal family must offer their own makango as a hostage.
M-My what!? I don't know what you're talking about! Do I even have one of those things!?
Unfortunately, you couldn't get Yasuhiro to tell your fortune...


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