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This article contains information and transcripts for Usami's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 3 2 4 2 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 100 75 125 75 75 50


I may not have a homeroom and I may not teach any classes, but I'm still everyone's teacher!


I'm happy I could watch over everyone these past three years. I'm so proud of you all.
No matter where you all go, I know you'll be alright. Love, love...

Friendship Events[]

With Akane Owari and Nekomaru Nidai[]

With Akane Owari and Nekomaru Nidai
A-Akane, you're awake! Are you alright!?
Hm? Why am I sleepin' here?
You were training here with Nekomaru. He really did a number on you... You shouldn't be so reckless...
Ohhh, I remember now. Coach Nekomaru roughed me up a bit.
I made some of the team manager special... An extra large rice ball! You want some?
Oh, it's great!
H-How did you make a riceball the size of your fist so fast, Nekomaru!?
Gah-hahaha! You guys eat pretty well. Eat more! Or else you can't build your body!
I know. If I don't eat and get stronger... I won't be able to beat you or Sakura.
Hmph...it seems like you're starting to get the hang of controlling your body properly... But if you can't beat me, a simple team manager, then you don't stand a chance against Sakura.
A-Akane...you wanna challenge Sakura?
Duh! There's no way I wouldn't fight when such a strong opponent is right in front of me!
Sometimes, it's good to get knocked down a peg by a huge rival. Especially for people like her.
When I fight you or Sakura...I get even more excited when I lose.
I can get stronger... No, I'm gonna get stronger. I'll definitely win tomorrow.
I've never felt this hyped before.
Akane...at first, I wasn't sure if I could watch you get beat up again...
But now, I realize that this is something you have to do.
Don't worry, Usami... As a team manager, I'll look out for Akane.
Yes. I will trust you...and watch over you both.
But...next time, please train outside. The gym's walls are full of dents...

With Hiyoko Saionji and Sayaka Maizono[]

With Hiyoko Saionji and Sayaka Maizono
Hey, Usami. You're my teacher, right? Will you be on my side?
Of course! I'm always on your side, Hiyoko!
Okay then, will you put thumbtacks in Sayaka's shoes? She's getting super obnoxious since everyone's giving her so much attention!
Eh? B-But that's, um...uh...
Huuuh? What? You just told me you were on my side!
Um...I'm everyone's teacher...so I can't condone bullying...
P-Plus, you're a dancer and she's a pop star. Performing is something you have in common! So maybe you two can get along if you dance together...
Huh? I'd prefer it if you didn't compare my dancing with some idol's cheap frolics
Hiyoko, Usami... Good morning.
S-Sayaka...um, you see...
Hmph, are you gonna act like nothing happened? You heard our conversation, didn't you?
Yes...I overheard it.
O-O-Oh d-d-dear...
Hiyoko, you focus on traditional dancing, so I'm sure you think very highly of it.
Hmmm...so you're gonna act like a goody two-shoes when no one's looking?
No, that kind of thing doesn't really bother me. I'm sure from your perspective, idols are just young amateurs dancing on stage. Even so, it's a wonderful job that brings smiles to many people's faces. That's what I think.
And...? What about it?
Well...I think we've both got our own pride when it comes to the stage.
So, are you trying to say...being flashy isn't the only thing you need?
Yes, I would be glad if you could understand that. Okay then, I'm going to leave now. The next class is starting soon.
It has nothing to do with willpower. Those who can't compete on stage will be taken down. Well, I guess you know that already. I'm not interested in picking on her anymore.
Wh-What? Don't stare at me like that. You're creeping me out.
Well... even if you don't always get along, at least you can respect each other.

With Byakuya Togami and Chiaki Nanami[]

With Byakuya Togami and Chiaki Nanami
Why, good morning, Byakuya! You're looking well as ever today!
I've been pondering it for some time, but... What on earth *are* you?
Eh? What do you mean...what am I?
Your true identity...the reason behind your existence. Why are you at this academy?
Um...I'm Usami! Magical Miracle Girl ★ Usami! I'm here to teach everyone!
I'm not interested in that stupid story...
U-Um... I dunno how to respond to that...
Now, now... Usami might say some weird stuff from time to time, but she's sincere.
Oh, good morning, Byakuya.
Are you interfering with people in other classes now, too? You're quite the busy class rep.
Hmph...whether or not I'm in a different class right now doesn't matter.
Byakuya, if you're so curious about me, maybe we should have a nice chat some time! A student-teacher conference to foster mutual understanding between the two of us!
I decline. I've had enough of you and those insipid Monokubs...
Why are there so many damned plush animals running around here anyway? If I'd known this was such a dubious place, I would have never come to this school.
I know this all might seem strange, but... I think you're already used to it, Byakuya.
Plus, the Monokubs help us from time to time.
I have no desire to be helped by some strange teddy bear...
Um... What about me? I'm helpful from time to time too, right? Right...?

With Izuru Kamukura[]

With Izuru Kamukura
Here you are, Izuru! I've been looking all over for you, since you weren't in your room.
...Can I help you?
Well...there are a lot of rumors and such floating around about you...
Yes, I am aware.
What? You are?
I occasionally encounter other students, but most of them do not know who I am.
It is only natural they would regard me with suspicion and spread rumors about me...
True, but...some people are also saying you might be a ghost. I think it's your long hair...
Well? Did you come to stop me from going outside? When I do go out, it's very easy for me to suppress my presence and not be seen.
I...I'm not gonna stop you! I was just worried about you, is all.
I also think it's good for you to go outside and meet other people...
...At least, that's my opinion.
Hmm... You're certainly tolerant.
But...even if you do keep to yourself and only use your talent occasionally... I don't think anyone will hold that against you. The Izuru Kamukura Project may be over...but you're still a product of Hope's Peak Academy.
So, um...if you're interested, that is... Would you...like to become an official student of Hope's Peak Academy?
I declined that offer from the beginning.
Then why are you walking around campus? Isn't it because you're curious?
Not particularly. There's nothing I need to do...and nothing I want to do.
I see...
Then...if you ever wanna go out, or talk, or if you have any problems at all...
Please come to me! I'm always here for you!
If there was a problem I could not solve...it would certainly be beyond the likes of you.

With Kaito Momota and Ryoma Hoshi[]

With Kaito Momota and Ryoma Hoshi
Huh? Oh hey, it's Usami. What are you doing here?
I just came to talk to Ryoma! I'm everyone's teacher...so if you ever wanna talk to me about something, please feel free!
Hmph...Did I look like I was thinking about something? Thanks, but there's nothing to talk about. Don't bother with me. Go back to your students.
It feels...wrong for such a cheery mascot like you to be around someone like me.
Really? I think talking about stuff will help. Come on, just talk to her.
Hmph...is being nosy your talent or something?
What did you say?
Hey! Fighting's a no-no!
We're not gonna fight. There's no use butting heads with him anyway.
Because this guy's a total sad sack now. He used to be an amazing athlete before.
You knew about me?
A little, yeah...
So you get it now. The Şablon:İmp... I'm not that guy anymore. That's in the past.
Yeah, I guess not... The Ryoma I knew was invincible and would go up against any opponent.
K-Kaito... Is everything okay!? Please calm down!
My bad... I'm gonna go cool off.
The air feels so tense... It's all my fault... I shouldn't have said anything at all...
It's not your fault.
But...I do think you're a nosy teacher.
Noooo... Uguu... I might be nosy, but you're still a very important student to me, Ryoma. As long as you remember that, I'll be very happy...
Hmph... Yeah, I can do that. But that doesn't mean I'll respond to your nosiness.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's watch everyone play sports and get along!
...At least, that was the plan before you got chosen to fill in for the volleyball event!
I dunno if I can even play volleyball...
Hmm...your hands are round so I get why you're insecure, but it'll be fine...probably.
At least you take things seriously unlike Monokuma... I can trust you.
Th-Thank you, Chiaki... I'm everyone's teacher, after all. I shouldn't be such a Negative Nancy.
Yeah, let's do our best. There are games where animal mascot characters are super strong.
You went all-out with Chiaki and the others!
Alright, leave it to me!
If I gotta do this, then I'm gonna make sure I get super pumped up! Follow my lead, guys!
Ooooh, Usami's super excited! But there's no way I'll lose in that department!
I'm gonna make and receive every serve...and I'm even gonna spike the ball like a pro, too!
...Well, I'm not expecting that much from you.
Y-You're not...? Ughhhhh...
You made wobbly serves, received with your whole body, and never landed a single spike!
I must greet everyone on the opposing team!
Um...I didn't know you were allowed to participate...
It may surprise you...but I'm a player today! So let's get out there and do our best!
You're right... Keebo's participating, so I guess another robot should be allowed, too...
Robot? Wait, you weren't bothered because I'm not a student?
Well...you're a girl, so there's no problem! Let's do our best!
...Would it be a problem if I was a boy?
Somehow, the other team acknowledged you as a worthy opponent!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... Let's go visit everyone's exhibits and events!
Where do you wanna go?
There are food stands in the schoolyard!
Hello, Leon! How's your crepe stand doing? Are you working hard?
Heyyy, it's Usami. Yeah, we're making some pretty good money.
And we've been getting lots of girls, probably thanks to my pretty face!
I didn't even know how to cook this stuff! Luckily, Kirumi helped me out.
Y-You mean, you had a customer teach you how to make crepes...?
Kirumi's crepes are so damn good! You want one? Can you even eat food?
I appreciate the gesture. I'm happy to see that your stand is doing well.
Hm, so you're a stuffed animal that talks like a teacher, huh?
Hehe... Of course, cuz I'm everyone's teacher.
You spent some time watching Leon serve customers!
They're putting on shows in the gym!
Usami. Did you come to watch us?
Heck yes! There's no way I'd miss your show! I'm looking forward to all the fashion shows and concerts that you're gonna be part of!
Wow, you actually scheduled all of that?
Of course! I'm your teacher, Sayaka! I may not have a homeroom or teach classes, but I care for you just as much as any other teacher!
I'm glad to have such a cute and wonderful teacher!
Well then, I'll do my best! Keep an eye out for me!
Of course! I'll be cheering you on!
You watched Sayaka's show...and you were touched by how hard Sayaka worked!
The main building has lots of exhibits!
Alright, I'm gonna visit all the exhibits!
...At least, that was the plan, but there's nothing here.
Um... Which way are the classrooms hosting all the exhibits...?
What are you doing here?
Huh..Izuru? What are *you* doing here?
...The same thing as always. Wandering aimlessly without purpose.
But...it's the school festival...
I know! Come with me, your teacher, and see all the food stands and exhibits!
I don't remember ever being your student.
Even if you're not really a student of Hope's Peak Academy...you're still my student!
Your thoughts are exactly as I predicted... How boring.
Awww...what a cold response... Have you entered your angsty rebellious phase, Izuru?
Do you think I even care enough about you to rebel?
D-Don't say anything else! You're just gonna make me feel even sadder!
The way back is that direction, "teacher."
Y-You...just called me a teacher for the first time...!
...Yet I do not consider you one.
You followed the directions you were given and wearily returned to the school festival...


Your last winter at the academy... All the students will be graduating soon.
You feel both sad and happy. However, there is one student you're a little worried about...
Nagito... How come you're still in the classroom? Is something on your mind?
Well...when I think how it's almost graduation, y'know...
Do you...feel a little sad about graduating?
No...I'm just surprised that I'll be graduating without anything happening.
I thought at Hope's Peak Academy, I'd be able to see hope overcoming despair...
You make it seem like your school life here was meaningless... Do you really think that?
No, that's wrong. I was still able to see everyone's talents overflowing with hope.
For scum like me, it's an unthinkable honor!
I see...then that's good, I guess. But...hmmm...um...
It seems like there's something you want to say to me.
Are you...really okay with that?
Praising others while you put yourself down... Is that something you're really okay with?
You see...you need to love yourself first. Cuz you yourself are your biggest supporter. As long as you're proud of yourself...you can stand tall and move forward, no matter what.
Haha...so you can talk like a teacher after all, huh Usami?
Of course! I'm everyone's teacher, after all!
You don't know if you really got through to Nagito, but it was a nice talk regardless...
Angie seems a little off-kilter...
Th-There you are, Angie... Um, what are you doing at the pool? It's winter, y'know.
Atua has spoken... Everyone should enter the water and bare their souls.
It works best if you're stark naked, but Atua says He'll allow swimsuits just this once.
...You were planning to swim butt-naked with the other students?
We do this all the time on my island, y'know. When everyone is feeling agitated...
We bare our souls and swim together. It feels so nice and relaxing.
Ha-wa-wa... I feel like I wasn't supposed to know that...
Um, anyway... Are you feeling agitated right this moment?
Hmmm? Why? Because graduation is nearly upon us?
Oh, Angie...maybe you're feeling—
I see now... So that's why Atua said we all need to bare our souls.
But...there's no point in doing this alone. I must bring someone who understands Atua's word.
So, would you like to join us, Usami?
Huh? Me?
Atua accepts all, even robots and plushies! Nyahahaha! He's such a great god!
You ended up swimming with Angie and never got to ask her if she was feeling sad...
He's not a student, but I'm worried about Izuru...
Oh...Izuru! I'm glad I found you! I've been looking everywhere for you!
It would be great if I had to ability to see where everyone is at the academy...
You shouldn't wish for the impossible. Anyway...what do you want?
Over the last three years...we've only ever spoken briefly, if at all.
I know, but...you always listened to whatever I had to say.
You never ignored me or shooed me away... You always treated me like an equal.
Like an equal...? Should be a teacher be thankful for that?
T-True. Painful, but true...
For a teacher, I guess I'm sorta pathetic. I couldn't do anything for you in the end.
We met three years ago... I had plenty of time to try to help you like I helped the others...
Three years... It's been that long.
I thought I was doing my best to be everyone's teacher, but I couldn't really do anything... The Monokubs were probably more helpful to you all than I was. It makes sense, I guess. They're newer and they outnumber me. It's a sign of the times, really.
...This conversation has become even less than small talk.
*gasp!* I'm being such a downer right now!
And it's not even bothering you at all... I'm so sorry!
I'm not bothered by it, nor do I have any interest in it.
Aw... So in the end, this is how things are gonna be between us...
Hm...so this is the end?
Oh... Of course not! As long as you're here at the academy, I'll always be your teacher!
And if the day comes when you decide to leave this place, I'll still be your teacher!
You never learn your lesson, do you?
I can't give up on a future that's brimming with hope that easily!
So...let's stay in touch from this point on. I'll always be watching over you.
In addition to never learning your lesson...you have strange taste.
...You think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Izuru!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the fall school festival... The shops and food stands are tempting you! If you're gonna eat, it has to be donuts! Why don't you go look for some?
That person might know where everything is
She's more like a stuffed rabbit than a person..
Heeey, Usami!
What is it, Hina?
I'm starving and in a hurry, so I'm gonna get straight to the point.
Um, are there any shops selling donuts?
Donuts...? Hmm...I've memorized all the stands and shops cuz I wanna go see them all...
But I don't think there are any donut stands.
N-No donut stands!?
Unfortunately...but there are stands that serve crepes and cream puffs.
W-Well...I guess crepes do sell better than donuts at a school festival...
But I thought there'd be at least one. I should have planned a donut stand myself...
H-Hina...please keep your chin up!
Ugh...Thinking about all the fluffy donuts I can't eat is just making me miss them even more...
Usami comforted you as best she could...

With Genocide Jack[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs asked you to clean the school today...
But once again, your personalities switched! Forget about cleaning! Let's look for Master!
Master must obviously be in the classroom!
Oh, Toko. Where have you been!?
It can't be! Master's not here, but some stuffed rabbit it!?
I'm making sure everyone is cleaning!
You're in the way of everyone's cleaning! That's *my* job!
Welp, good luck with that! I'm gonna go look for Master again!
W-Wait! You need to help clean, too!
Then tell me where he is, and I'll lick the floor beneath his feet!
B-By the time I came to this classroom, Byakuya was already gone...
Useless! Keep an eye on your students! Or do you want me to cut ya up!?
I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
Hey hey! No need for apologies, I am a *murder*, after all! Kyahahaha!
You clearly have a lot of issues...but you're still one of my students.
...What? I hate that kinda lip service. Some plush bunny teacher is giving me up a compliment. That's downright wild! Kinda funny, ain't it? That a murderous fiend like me would lead a normal life here?
Perhaps, but...
Even if you did something really bad... I wouldn't abandon you.
I'd stay by your side and help you get back on your feet again.
Now you're startin' to sound like an actual teacher!
Can't say I'm gonna listen to ya, though!
You ran away from Usami and started your hunt for Master again!

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're being forced to play volleyball.
According to the rules, you can't use magic... What in the world will you do?
Is there a non-human on the other team?
Huh? Are you talking about me?
Who else would I be talking about? I never thought I'd go against someone smaller than me.
Do you...fly with those wings? Do you drop spiky things down below?
Hehe, maybe... I am Magical Girl Miracle ★ Usami, y'know!
Buuuuut that's against the rules...
Um, Himiko?
Magical...? Did you just say "magical"?
I never thought I'd be fighting another mage here...
P-Please calm down, I'll play volleyball normally...
...You did your best while keeping a close eye on your new rival, Usami!

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Your classmates invited you to a Christmas party today... What do you do?
I'll get dragged along anyway, so I'll go
Izuru...thanks for coming today.
You came back without me having to come to get you... I feel so many emotions right now!
I simply bypassed an annoying conversation. I predicted that you'd come to get me anyway.
I'm happy to hear that. Until recently, you never would have come back on your own.
...I do not feel like I have changed.
Hmm...if something has changed, it's the distance between us.
We spent three years as classmates... There's no way nothing changed in that time.
I'm even starting to get a better win rate against you, Izuru.
I'm sure a lot of things changed for you since you came to this academy, too...
Chiaki has a point. If all you did was spend time by yourself...
I don't think you would've grown into the person you are today.
That single act of enrolling at Hope's Peak Academy...will result in great things someday.
Hmm... For once, you actually sound like a teacher.
Oh...that's true. Usami was a little teacherly right then.
I know, right!? I can rise to the occasion when necessary!
...Though I dunno how to feel about that "for once" remark.
You spent Christmas with your classmates...

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the school festival... Obviously, you've decided to perform a piano recital!
It's almost time to go up on stage. What kind of musical piece will you play?
I'll play a melancholic musical piece
I wonder if I performed well enough... I want all those people who listened to me smile.
Kaede...that was a beautiful performance!
Huh, Usami? Were you listening?
Of course. I've been looking forward to everyone's exhibits and performances.
Your piano performance made so many people happy. I'm so touched!
It makes me happy you enjoyed it, Usami. Music can truly teach anyone's heart.
I completely agree. I hope you'll let me hear you play piano again!
Yeah, of course. I always want people to hear me play.
Even Usami enjoyed your performance! What an exciting discovery!

Your last winter at the academy...and you're performing at Sayaka's Christmas concert! You feel nervous to perform on an unfamiliar stage. What will you do before the show starts?
Oh yeah, I forgot to invite someone
Oh, there you are. Are you free tonight, Usami?
Tonight? I'm free earlier in the evening... Why?
Then...will you come watch Sayaka's Christmas concert?
Cuz...I'll be playing piano at her concert tonight.
Whaaat? And you're inviting me?
Well, I never expected to invite a stuffed animal to a concert...
...but I know you've enjoyed my performances before.
Oh, um...if you sit with the general audience, you might scare them... So you might have to listen from wing, but...if you're okay with that, I'd love if you came.
O-Of course I'll come! Lucky me! I get to see you and Sayaka put on an excellent and inspiring show together!
Nuhhh...I'm so happy to be invited... I'm already tearing up...
No way...you're exaggerating. Well, I'm glad you're happy.
...Your audience increased by one tiny person! (Well, not a person, but y'know what I mean!)

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Your last winter at the academy... You were invited to a party by the symbols of hope.
But you feel like someone like you has no place at such a party... What do you do?
I'll watch that suspicious stuffed animal
Hey...everyone's here to enjoy this party. You'd better not get in the way.
Ooooh, Usami... Nagito totally thinks you're up to no good!
B-But I'm up to good! Honest! After all, I'm everyone's teacher! If anyone here is up to no good, it's you!
Both of you. Monokuma of course, but I still don't like having a plush toy for a teacher.
Guhhhhh... It's been three years and you still won't let that go...
Well, maybe both of you were left behind by upperclassmen who already graduated... If that's the case, it's like I'm talking with the embodiment of their talent.
Nagito...that's harsh but fair, I guess.
For all you know, someone younger could've made us instead of an alumni, y'know? At any rate...you seem really interested in us, Nagito.
Not really. At first I was wondering what sort of tricks the person who made you would pull. But after three years, nothing's happened. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed.
Puhuhu... Well, enjoy letting your guard down while you still can. You see it all the time in horror movies. Just when someone thinks the danger is over...
...they end up bein' the next victim on the chopping block!
Nuh-uh! I won't allow any violent acts! Including chopping!
Whather you allow it or not doesn't really matter now, does it?
Well, no matter what kind of despair approaches us, we who are full of hope can overcome it.
You spent time dealing with Monokuma and Usami...

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Today is the summer sports festival. Your events are over and you finally get a break... The soccer game is still going on, so you came to cheer. Where will you watch from?
Usami...may I sit next to you?
Why, you're more than welcome to sit next to me! This spot has a great view!
Thank you. Have you been cheering the whole time, Usami?
Uh-huh! I've been cheering like crazy cuz I'm everyone's teacher!
I didn't get to see all the events, but I saw yours and cheered for you, Peko!
Your moves were amazing. It's no wonder you're the Şablon:İmp...
Even so, you always keep your cool and assist your teammates... I was so impressed!
I see...so you were watching me very closely.
Hehehe... Doesn't it make you happy to know someone was cheering for you?
I bet everyone you cheer for will feel just as happy, too.
You and Usami watched over the game until it was over.

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's cook something for everyone's lunch!
Hanamura Dining Hall Delivery... Wait, no, it's a catering service!
You have a guest, right off the bat. How will you serve them?
...Do stuffed animals even need to eat?
While I may be a stuffed animal...I am your teacher first and foremost!
I heard you were cooking for everyone, so I came to support you!
I'm grateful for the thought, but I'd rather not have stuffed animals in my restaurant...
*gasp!* I'm sorry to be a bother. I'll leave now before I cause any trouble...
Sh-Sheesh... That makes me sound like the bad guy...
Oh! Well, if you insist on cheering for me...
Can you tell everyone I've got a restaurant set up here?
Then I'd be able to assist you!
Also tell them that I'm an amazing gentleman who's kind to stuffed animals.
Usami went to enthusiastically advertise for you...and a lot of customers came!

With Toko Fukawa[]

Today is the school festival... You decided to hold an exhibit to sell your novels. You thought no one understood literature, but surprise! You have a guest! It's...
I never expected a stuffed animal to visit...
I wanna read some books that you've written. Um, that's not weird of me, is it...?
I can't pick and choose my readers. But can you even turn the pages?
Gh... I didn't think that far ahead...
No, I can turn the pages! As smooth as flowing water!
F-Fine... What book do you want?
Umm... I wanna read your latest creation!
Then you have five to choose from.
F-Five!? Um... Are they all your latest creations!?
They've all been published in the last three months.
Of course they were. You're the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, after all...
If you want the absolute latest work, it's Blue Thread from the Scarred Mountain.
Then I'll buy that one and your other four! I'll read them all with my own two hands!
Usami, who was fired up with passion, bought five novels!


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