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This article contains information and transcripts for Toko Fukawa's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
10 25 1 2 5 3 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
108 270 50 75 150 100 75 50


N-No one is even going to look at me... I'm just the Şablon:İmp.


N-Now I can use this experience for my new book!

Friendship Events[]

With Peko Pekoyama and Tsumugi Shirogane[]

With Peko Pekoyama and Tsumugi Shirogane
...Glasses girls levels at critical.
D-Don't include me... I bet you're thinking you don't want to be lumped in with me anyway.
Um...I didn't mean it quite like that.
What did you mean then!?
Calm down, Toko. We are only sitting at the same table by coincidence.
You're the biggest problem here!
Glasses, braids, and a black uniform... You're basically copying me!
Don't worry. No matter how similar you two look, your characters aren't even a tiny bit similar.
I-I know that! I just don't want us to be compared, so don't sit near me.
No one would do something so meaningless as compare people who are just having a meal.
Yeah. Everyone's focused on eating. They're not looking at us.
Well, I'm plain so... no one pays much attention to me anyway.
People don't pay attention to you...? Are you suppressing your presence?
I don't mean to. I'm just plain plain.
Hmph...you really don't have much of a presence. But no one pays attention to me, either.
*gasp* Could it be the cosplay girl is the one who's copying me instead!?
Don't worry, I may not have much of a presence, but our characters aren't even a tiny bit similar.

With Byakuya Togami and Kirumi Tojo[]

With Byakuya Togami and Kirumi Tojo
Thank you for your patience, Byakuya. I have prepared you civet coffee and chiffon cake.
Not bad. You've impressed me. But before I enjoy this coffee...
I know you're here. I can feel your eyes on me.
As expected from Master... You're even accompanied by a servant.
But you over there! D-Don't get carried away, just because you're a maid! You're mistaken if you think you can care for Master every morning and all night long!
Toko, you should take a seat as well. Which do you prefer – English tea or coffee?
A cup of tea!
Understood. Please give me a moment.
W-Wait! That's not it!
How annoying... Kirumi, keep her away from me.
The dining hall is a common area, Byakuya. If you wish to spend time in a more private area, then may I make a suggestion?
You're going to disobey Master's orders, even though you're just a maid!? Throw me out already!
I am only offering advice, because I thought that would benefit Byakuya the most. Assertive decisions are necessary, but it is not wise to ignore the emotions of those around him.
Hmpf...I guess it's worth considering.
Master is going to listen to someone else's advice!?
Kirumi is not my equal. No one is. Still, she is rare individual with superior skills. She is a servant worthy of the Togami Corporation. I'll at least listen to her advice.
A-As expected from Master... He truly is the first son of a noble family!

With Kirumi Tojo[]

With Kirumi Tojo
Toko, do you have a moment?
Wh-What...? Are you going to clean me out of existence, since I'm so dirty?
I would never do that. I simply wanted to ask if you do your laundry. If you are too busy and do not have the time, then I can handle it. So, please let me know.
A-Are you saying I'm smelly in a roundabout way? You want me to take a bath, don't you!?
I am sure you are busy writing your novels, but please take care of your hygiene and health.
You will feel refreshed after you shower. Perhaps I can wash your hair for you?
Wh-What!? You don't need to do that!
Is that so? If you have any request for me, then please tell me.
Are you not feeling well, Toko?
Y-You don't need to follow me around! I never had anyone take care of me before, so this kind of thing is unsettling.
Oh...my apologies. I should have known another presence would distract you from your writing.
But shall I do your laundry when you are not here?
Weren't you listening to me!? I can do my own laundry! Geez... I-Is my smell bothering someone!?
Toko, that... It is difficult for me to say, but...
I might be bothering someone, but...you're in a different class, so mind your own business!

With Sayaka Maizono and Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Sayaka Maizono and Mikan Tsumiki
I can't believe a writer is in the same class as me... That's pretty amazing.
Y-You say that even though you're a popular idol who gets all the attention...
To be honest, I haven't read your novels yet, but I was planning to read them soon. I was thinking of starting with your debut work.
Oh...I saw your novel in the library, Toko. I actually read some of them, ehehe...
Hmph... You're probably just doing this for an interview in a trendy tween fashion magazine... Like, "Lately, I've been reading my classmate's book!" or something...
I bet you're planning to say a staged answer like that for the media!
Y-You won't gain anything from using me! I'd never let them turn my novel into a movie, and I'd never pick you as leading actress!
Um...I'm really not planning to read it for those reasons.
Oh...but the heroine from your novel was the spitting image of Sayaka... Just kidding...
What!? Sayaka is like protagonist of my novel!? I-I mean, the reader can interpret my novel however they want, but... that's not possible! It's based off my own fantasy! Are you sure you're not thinking of some other book?
Oh...then I'm interested in the one Mikan was talking about. Can you tell which novel is it later? I think I'll read it, along with Toko's debut work.
Haaa...o-okay! Ehehe...
How rare... My novel was the topic of conversation between two people...
Sayaka! You can borrow it from the library, but you have to buy it! Since you're probably rich!

With Miu Iruma[]

With Miu Iruma
Whoa! For a second, I thought someone left a bottle of milk out in the sun for too long...
But it's just smelly Toko with her milk bottle glasses, wasting my precious time yet again!
Sm-Smelly!? I-I'll have you know, I j-just took a b-bath two days ago! Maybe your nose rotted from how dirty you are, you hare-brained blonde bitch!
B-Blonde bitch!?
...I'm sorry, was that diss supposed to get me all worked up or something?
A-Am I supposed to feel disappointed!? Don't try to drag me into your vulgar kink!
Don't talk to *me* about vulgar kinks, you fuckin' doormat!
Don't talk like I want just anyone to step on me! I only want to be Master Byakuya's doormat!
Hahhhhh! Master Byakuya's doormat!?
To feel his polished shoes as he leaves in the morning, and again when he returns at night... A pathetic doormat who can't do anything but wait for Master to leave and return home!
H-Hey... You might wanna keep that weird shit to yourself... We're in public, y'know...
Don't pretend to be so innocent! You get turned on by way weirder stuff!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is dreaded summer sports festival... You're forced into the scavenger hunt... Ugh, it can't be helped... Which card will you choose?
I always want to pull the card on the right...
The right card is Şablon:İmp... Ugh... I can't get something that doesn't exist...[1]
F-Forget it! Hey, Makoto!
Huh? Me?
Come with me! Y-You aren't a perfect match, but you're better than the rest!
Wh-What!? Wait, Toko!
I'm doing the scavenger hunt, too, y'know!?
You forced Makoto to run with you to the goal...
I sense love from the middle card! I just know!
Şablon:İmp! O-Of course, there's only one answer! M-Master! Please, will you run to the goal with me!?
Did you seriously think that I would expend energy for *you*?
N-No, I would never assume...
Then shut your mouth.
You forfeited the race...but you feel satisfied!
Th-The wind blew the left card away!
C-Come back here! I need that card! W-Wait, stop, where are you going you stupid card!?
...Huh? Hey, don't look at me, you filthy little pig!
Wh-Who are you calling a filthy pig!? Move your dirty little feet!
I-I didn't go that far... What kinda persecution complex have you got?
Move, move! You're stepping on my scavenger hunt card!
While you argued with Hiyoko, who was just passing by, you ended up in last place...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You decided to hold an exhibit to sell your novels. You thought no one understood literature, but surprise! You have a guest! It's...
I never expected a girl like you to visit...
I thought you were just a piano f-freak... You like literature as well?
To be honest, I've never read novels like yours before, but I think I'll start today, Toko.
Hmph. Even though you're an empty-headed bitch, you have good taste...
Yeah, yeah... Thanks, I guess.
You sound frustated. G-Got a problem with me, bitch?
Oh...no, I'm not that frustrated. I would just appreciate it if you stopped calling me that.
But now I'm used to it, especially since there's someone else who calls me way vulgar names.
Oh, that's right... that girl in your class is pretty vulgar...
You both thought of the same person and you were able to empathize with Kaede a bit...
I never expected a stuffed animal to visit...
I wanna read some books that you've written. Um, that's not weird of me, is it...?
I can't pick and choose my readers. But can you even turn the pages?
Gh... I didn't think that far ahead...
No, I can turn the pages! As smooth as flowing water!
F-Fine... What book do you want?
Umm... I wanna read your latest creation!
Then you have five to choose from.
F-Five!? Um... Are they all your latest creations!?
They've all been published in the last three months.
Of course they were. You're the Ultimate Writing Prodigy, after all...
If you want the absolute latest work, it's Blue Thread from the Scarred Mountain.
Then I'll buy that one and your other four! I'll read them all with my own two hands!
Usami, who was fired up with passion, bought five novels!
I never expected a robot to visit...
...Is a robot not capable of enjoying literature?
...Can a robot *read* literature?
This is robophobia! I can read books as easily as I can communicate with you now!
There's a difference between reading it and really understanding it, though.
So you won't budge on your robophobia, huh? Then I will read your book and write a review, to prove I'm capable of understanding literature.
I d-don't care about your little crisis or whatever... but I wouldn't mind a review.
Just you wait, I'll write a review that will make your heart stir!
Keebo, who was fired up with passion, bought a novel!


Your last winter at the academy... You should've been cleaning on the day of the ceremony, but...
Unfortunately, you turned into Genocide Jack before you knew it. The cleaning doesn't seem to be done yet... What will you do?
Master might be in the classroom
There he is! M-Master Byakuya!
Oh, it's you. The obnoxious one.
Master Byakuya...please, let me stay by your side!
If you keep your putrid breath in your mouth... I suppose I don't mind. First, you need a bath. Then stay 50 yards away from me and keep your mouth shut.
I-I'm the only one you ever give orders like that to... Thank you so much!
I-In return...I'll stay by your side forever, Master Byakuya. I will follow my master everywhere, even after we graduate...
A-And of course, once we share a family name, we'll be even closer... 50 yards... 25 yards... down to *sigh* zero!
Didn't I tell you to *shut* your mouth? The air is polluted enough already.
Th-Then! Please! W-Will you read this poem I wrote for you!?
Now you need to get away 100 yards away from me.
Y-Yes, I-I will sprint immedialety, I...
Whoa! Well lookie here, it's Master Byakuya! It must be fate!
Like hell it is!
Oooh, I feel it in the air! My other self was pouring her guts out to you! Master! Please! Take me!
Hey, hey, hey! If you're gonna make me chase you, save it for the honeymoon!
Genocide Jack enjoyed her time with Byakuya!
Maybe I'll take a break in the dining hall
Why, if it ain't the mopey masochist mophead! Shouldn't you be using your body to clean!?
"Mopey masochist mophead"? Y-You're the one who polishes the floor with her groveling!
Huh? There are far better things a genius like me could be doing besides cleaning! Like, I could use this time to invent something that'll let me clean the floor in my sleep!
*sigh* It makes me infinitely happy that I will never have to see your face after graduation.
W-What...? But normally you'd never have the chance to be this close to a genius.
Oh, since you're so mirror-breakingly hideous... you can't stand being near a beauty like me!
The only working part of your brain is the part that invents useless shit!
Eureka! You only act like a stuck-up bitch cuz you can't admit how lonely you really are!
Wh-Where did *that* come from!?
A day without me is like a day without sunlight so I understand why you'd feel so lonely.
I guess I can let you bow before my genius. Every beauty needs a beast, after all!
You're the one who's lonely! B-Because no one can put up with your filthy mouth!
Y-Yeah right... Nothing relieves me more than distancing myself from plebs like you. I'm a genius, after all... Most people don't have what it takes to get on my level.
No wonder you don't have friends...
You spent some time being verbally abused by a dispirited Miu.
I'd rather clean somewhere with less people
Oh, hello, Toko. Did you come to clean up, too?
D-Don't talk to me like we're friends. I wouldn't have agreed to this if I knew the little cult leader would be here.
Atua has spoken... He says that's not a very nice thing to say.
Atua this, Atua that! You're deluded if you think that convinces anyone! I-It's fine to have faith, but you're obviously just doing it to manipulate people.
Hmm? I'm just relaying the word of Atua.
Atua has spoken... No matter the day or the hour. He will teach people how to be happy.
You're just making yourself sound even more suspicious. I c-can't believe you actually managed to trick people into following you.
And some of them even think that you're *friends*, don't they? ...You should keep your friends close. Don't hurt them.
Ohhh... What a suprise. I never imagined you'd be the one to tell me that, Toko.
Don't worry, Atua is watching over everyone close to me.
Whatever, I tried.
You cleaned the music room in silence...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Today is the fall school festival... Your job was to make the haunted house exhibit!
You really want lots of people to come! Why don't you talk to students as they walk by?
Tokoooo! Come insiiiiiide!
Wh-What do you want, Psychoelectric Girl!? Do I look like easy prey to fall into your religion!?
Hmmm... Atua says...that you will enjoy my haunted house.
N-No way... Haunted houses are dark. And I bet it's swarmed with couples doing inappropriate things in the dark!
P-Perverted! What a perverted place!
Ohhhh, that's certainly possible.
Scary experiences do have a way of bringing couples closer together. Hmm, maybe we should've had you come up with designs for the haunted house, Toko.
Don't call me by my name, perverted Psychoelectric Girl... We aren't friends.
Toko refused to enter the haunted house.

With Byakuya Togami[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt! Meaningless child's play...but defeat is not an option for the head of the Togami Corporation! So, which card will you pull...?
"Someone who wears glasses"?
How boring. Hardly a challenge for me.
I suppose I *have* to participate in this childishness. Tsumugi, come with me.
Huh, me? Umm...okay. But why would you need plain old me? Was your card Şablon:İmp maybe?
...Just get moving.
...Master! If you need someone with glasses, I'm right—wait, Master!
You took Tsumugi with you to the goal, hurrying her along!

With Kokichi Oma[]

Today is the summer sports festival! The events you were in ended early...
There's still time until afternoon events start. Why not walk around and kill some time?
Oh, there's a weird smell
I thought I smelled something weird... But it was just you, Toko! That makes sense!
Who smells weird!? I-I just came back from exercising, that's all!
Hmmm, but it's not the kind of smell you get from sweating recently.
A-Anyway...do you know which event Master is going to be in this afternoon!?
You're in the same class, but you don't know? Well, I saw him getting ready for volleyball.
Hmph...you're unexpectedly useful.
...But that's a lie! Only the girls are getting ready for volleyball. You must be so obsessed with Byakuya that you even forgot that! Well, I'll be cheering for you!
Shut up! I won't ask you anymore! Wh-What a waste of time!
You watched Toko leave in a huff.

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Let's take a lot of pictures today!
Where will you aim for the perfect shot?
The scavenger hunt seems fun
I want to get a group picture of everyone before they run.
Alright, everyone. Ooone, twooo, thr—
H-Hold on! D-Don't just start shooting!
Huh? I'm sorry. Do you not like having your picture taken?
Y-You just think I'm ugly! I'm just here to make the other girls look pretty by comparison!
Toko...you're disturbing Mahiru. It is her duty as a photographer to take her pictures of everyone.
N-Not me! And if *you're* in it, there's gonna be a ghost or something in the shot!
...Actually, you may be correct.
Hey, Kiyo... L-Let's not joke about that.
Th-Th-There's no such thing as ghosts! Don't be stupid!
Ghosts are real. I have heard their voices many times. They are merely humans after death.
One needs to follow certain steps to hear their voices, but they are always among us.
N-No way! It's your dumb imagination!
...Why are we talking about this?
You felt a chill in the air the rest of the day...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Today is the school festival... You're in charge of the reception desk for the haunted house! Instead of sitting around waiting for guests...why not try to approach passing students?
I think you'll...definitely like the haunted house
What, y-you think I should join the ghosts!?
I-I never said that! It's a very fancy haunted house, so I really think it's fun...
D-Don't cry... What, do you think I'll forgive you quicker if you cry?
The way you look at people with those puppy dog eyes... It's so irritating!
I bet you think that I'm even more of a doormat than you!
I didn't think that! Toko... How can you ever forgive me?
I-I'll think about it after you stop making a scene!
If I do that, then who will pay attention to me?
I-I don't know! You really are a pain in the ass! I'm leaving!
...You failed at advertising!

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You went to buy drinks...but you got excited and bought too many.
They're heavy... Why not take a break somewhere?
I'm going to keep going till the hallway
I'm sorry if it's a nosy question, but...have you been taking baths, Toko?
N-Not in a while... What about it? Are you trying to say I smell like an ugly bitch!?
Um...that's not what I meant. By taking baths and maintaining good hygiene...you reduce the risk of getting infections... If you wash too much, you'll damage your skin and wash away good bacteria, so you need to—
I-I know that already!
But also, um...if you're dusty all the time, then...
What are you trying to say!? Spit it out already...
Ah... Achoo!
Gettin' covered in dust makes me sneeze!
Uhhh... Genocide Jack...
Hey! Don't cry! It's not like I'm gonna eat you or something!
I-I'm sorry for being so nosy! I'll apologize, so...please don't hurt me!
I don't wanna cut up any chicks!
Because you were talking to Toko, it took you a while to get back to the dining hall...

With Monokuma[]

Today is the sports festival... But instead of competing, you're gonna be a nuisance instead! You've already disrupted a lot of events today... But what will you do during lunch?
Form Stage 2 of my disruption plan
Next is basketball, volleyball, and soccer... Wow, it's all the usual ball games.
I could just storm the field, but then what? Man, tryin' to shock everyone is hard work.
Weren't you messing with all the sports events earlier today? What are you doing here?
What are YOU doing here? Why aren't you eating lunch? No, I dunno where Byakuya is.
I...I didn't even ask you about him!
But you were gonna ask. You're like a little lost puppy the way you chase after him!
Don't make fun of my love...or I-I'll tell all the people out looking for you wh-where you are! A lot of people want to teach you a lesson for interfering with the events...!
Let 'em. I'm always chasin' you guys anyway. Might be fun to be the one gettin' chased.
Phew, that's gonna save them a lot of time tryin' to find me. Thanks for helping me out!
W-Wait! I'd never do anything to make you happy!
You left Toko to handle the rest...and decided to nap until someone comes after you!

With Monomi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Let's take care of as much unfinished business as possible! What will you do?
I wanna experience new things as a mascot
Teruteru... You've mentioned that you wanna open your own restaurant someday, right?
That's right. It's one of the Şablon:İmp's big dreams!
Well, when you do make that dream come true...please make me your mascot!
Hmm...I never thought I'd get a sales pitch from a mascot character.
I was planning on using my round physique to be my own mascot. What do you think, Toko?
Wh-Why are you asking *me*!?
Well, if you need to know about characters, you ask a writer. You're a pro, aren't you?
W-Well yes, but writing stories about mascot characters is out of my realm.
Some stupid bunny wannabe like this would only show up in comics or light novels.
S-Stupid bunny!?
Hey, food mascots can't be sad. You'd need to always be smiling in front of food.
But she's a bunny, right?
Pigs and chickens, roasted whole. You yourself might be next...
That kind of raw, instinctual thrill should be what you're going for, right?
That's a bit dark, isn't it? Well, just make sure you're happy as you get roasted, Monomi. I think it'd be best if you just keep smiling as you said, "Eat me!" to all the customers.
W-Well now I've lost my appetite!
Um... I mean, I could always be one of those "creepy-cute" mascots, I guess...
Convincing Teruteru to hire you as a mascot seems like it's going to be a hard sell...

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Today is the school festival... This classroom is doing an escape room!
Let's work together to escape! Now, what to do...
The floor and walls are suspicious...
This hint is written in blood... Ah, it's fake blood, I suppose...
Toko, you look pale... Are you okay?
Th-There's no way I'm okay... I can't handle blood or gore at all!
...I don't see any gore, though.
Geez...I know it's fake, but I feel sick from these cheap visual effects.
I-I bet you like these inferior attractions, don't you? Well, hurry up and do something!
...Toko, why are you even here?
You worked hard to solve the mystery, without Toko's help...

With Sonia Nevermind[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you're having a party with your classmates!
You decided to start the preparations early. What do you do?
I will wipe down the tables!
Oh, Toko...were you in the midst of having tea? I apologize for the intrusion.
Y-You're thinking I'm just in the way, aren't you!? W-Well I'm about to leave...
E-Even I have plans for Christmas...
Plans with Byakuya? I know in this country, many couples spend Christmas together... Then they go to a fancy restaurant and the men give the women jewelry, right?
Wh-What kind of Christmas is that? But Master Byakuya might do that...
Then those are your plans!
No, unfortunately. I tried to set something up with Master Byakuya, b-but he ordered me to postpone.
Then, are your plans to drink tea here by yourself, Toko?
No, that's not it. I have f-friends to spend Christmas with.
Christmas with friends... That is lovely, indeed. Please enjoy yourself.
We both shall boogie down and have ourselves a par-tay!
...In three years, you never grew out of your weird way of speaking, huh?
You parted ways with an unusually cheerful Toko and got ready for the party!


  1. In the original Japanese version of the game, the exchange between Toko Fukawa and Makoto Naegi during the Sports Festival event references Makoto's sister Komaru Naegi, protagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls and eventual best friend of Toko. Toko complains the "Best Friend" card is bad as she "can't take some who isn't here" as Komaru doesn't attend Hope's Peak Academy, and picks Makoto as her answer since he and Komaru share a surname.

    Toko: のカードは「1番の友達」…ほら、嫌な結果だった ああもう…そこの苗木!
    Makoto: …えっ?
    Toko: あんた、あたしと一緒に来なさい!
    Makoto: 苗木:…えっ?ボク?
    Toko: あんた、あたしと一緒に来なさい!苗字しか合ってないけど…他のヤツよりはマシよ!


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