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This article contains information and transcripts for Teruteru Hanamura's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 75 75 75 125 125 100


Hmm, so this is Hope's Peak Academy... It's in the middle of the city and has modern facilities. Perfect for me, the Şablon:İmp!


Hmhmhm... My success here was like shooting a bird out of the sky and boiling it in red wine! Yeah...I know my mom back in the countryside is happy for me.

Friendship Events[]

With Byakuya Togami[]

With Byakuya Togami
Hey... Who made this food?
Hmhmhm, did you call for me?
You are...the Şablon:İmp.
I'm glad the Şablon:İmp remembers me. But please, call me the Şablon:İmp.
So how can I help you, sir?
Today's lunch was...acceptable. I'll commend you.
Do you have a problem with that? I wouldn't give such an evaulation to second-class food.
I've got mixed feelings about this, but... I suppose I'll consider it a compliment.
Rejoice... I might consider hiring you on as a contracted chef for the Togami family.
Just what I'd expect from the original Byakuya. Your condescending tone is truly top-notch.
Hey... Stop talking like there are other Byakuyas here besides me.
As for your offer...I'm grateful, but I'm going to have to refuse.
Well, I still want to open up my own place. I've gotta chase my dreams, y'know?
So instead of working for the Togami family, you choose to stay buried among the rabble?
A man longs for a castle of his own, no? Besides...I made a promise to my family. I can't up and run off to your place.
But whenever you miss me, I don't mind if you come on over to my place, okay!? I'll boil you all night long till you're hot and creamy!
...Perhaps it's better I don't hire him.

With Kaito Momota and Leon Kuwata[]

With Kaito Momota and Leon Kuwata
Oh, you guys are in luck! There's only three of the desserts Kirumi made left! Let's split 'em!
Oh, nice! Of course I'm gonna have one!
Kirumi personally made these desserts, you say? As a chef, color me quite intrigued...
Hehe, it's gotta be delicious! And since Kirumi made it for us, it's even better. This school's got some pretty hot girls. Like Sayaka, for example!
Between the pool, the locker rooms, and the showers, my imagination is running wild!
The places where no boy has ever gone before... Stuff like that is a man's passion.
Mm-hmhmhm... You get it, Kaito!
When it comes to passion and chasing adventure, there's nobody who can stand as my equal!
I don't get it. Wouldn't it be better to just talk to a cute girl and get a girlfriend?
That's different than what I'm talking about!
I dunno, Leon's got a point.
Wha—!? Are you gonna abandon me too, Teruteru!?
Sure, it's fun to check out fresh ingredients and fantasize over how you're gonna cook 'em...
But you can't know how to prepare something until you've felt it with your own two hands.
I'm disappointed in you guys! Men should chase after passion!
No, I mean...that's just peeping, right? Getting a girlfriend is way more legit.
I never said I wanted to peep! I'm talking about chasing after unknown worlds!
Huh? Did the means and the end get switched around?
Don't sweat the small stuff! Listen up! I'll teach you what a man's passion really is!
You discussed a man's passion while eating dessert!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro) and Aoi Asahina[]

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro) and Aoi Asahina
I'm here, Teruteru. Did you need something?
I was waiting for you, Hina!
I-I'm here, too.
Huh? Junko? Why are you here?
Cuz there's like, no way I can leave you and Hina alone together, you know?
Huh? What do you mean by that? You wound me, madam.
Hey, what did you *really* need me for? If it's something dirty, then I'll get mad. I really hate that kinda stuff...
Sheesh, I know, I know! I'll choose my words carefully around your delicate ears, Hina!
I mean... I wouldn't wanna invoke Sakura's wrath, now would I?
Well, I still don't trust you, so that's why I'm gonna tag along.
Whaaa? I can't believe you don't trust me! Please just listen to what I have to say!
So...the reason I called you out here was because I got a surprise for Hina.
A surprise?
Tah-dah! Beignets, bonne femme style!
Wow, donuts!
Marron, fraise, myrtille... I made so many flavors, so please try some.
Whoa, there's so many types of donuts! It's like a gold mine!
From now on, once a week, I'm thinking of putting these out in the dining hall.
I figured everyone would like some delicious snacks to go with their delicious food.
And I heard there are some people who only eat my snacks, so I thought I'd offer my 3-star snacks. But since these are still works in progress, I'd love to hear your opinions on them.
Works in progress? They look great, though! But why're you asking me?
Um, like...I think it's because everyone knows you like donuts, right?
That's exactly it. I wanted the woman who loves donuts the most to try them out first.
Thank you, Teruteru. I think I might've judged you too quickly before.
Hmhmhm, you can heap more praise on me if you really want, y'know?
Don't get carried away! There's no way you can fix your reputation with some donuts, y'know?
Now, now... Since you're here, why not try one for yourself, Junko?
Mmm, it's delicious, Teruteru! Junko, try one!
R-Really? Then, okay...I'll have one.

With Junko Enoshima and Aoi Asahina[]

This event is duplicate of the previous event, but with Junko taking the place of Mukuro Ikusaba in disguise. This version appears exclusively while playing as Junko.

With Junko Enoshima and Aoi Asahina
I'm here, Teruteru. Did you need something?
I was waiting for you, Hina!
You didn't invite me, Teruteru! That's sooo mean!
Huh? Junko? Why are you here?
Well, I can't leave you and Hina alone together, now can I?
Huh? What do you mean by that? You wound me, madam.
Hey, what did you *really* need me for?
If it's something dirty, then I'll get mad. I really hate that kinda stuff...
Sheesh, I know, I know! I'll choose my words carefully around your delicate ears, Hina!
I mean... I wouldn't wanna invoke Sakura's wrath, now would I?
Whatever. I'm bored of this topic now. Just hurry up and have Hina try it already.
Huh? You already know?
Well, if you're not pervin' out then it's gotta involve food, right?
That's right! I guess there's no fooling Junko. I've got something I want you to try, Hina!
Huh...? Me?
Tah-dah! Beignets, bonne femme style!
Wow, donuts!
Marron, fraise, myrtille... I made so many flavors, so please try some.
Whoa, there's so many types of donuts! It's like a gold mine!
From now on, once a week, I'm thinking of putting these out in the dining hall.
I figured everyone would like some delicious snacks to go with their delicious food.
And I heard there are some people who only eat my snacks, so I thought I'd offer my 3-star snacks. But since these are still works in progress, I'd love to hear your opinions on them.
What, really!? I'm totally fine with that, but why me!?
Seriously? Everybody knows you're a donut-freak, Hina.
That's exactly it. I wanted the woman who loves donuts the most to try them out first.
Thank you, Teruteru. I think I might've judged you too quickly before.
Hmhmhm, you can heap more praise on me if you really want, y'know?
Let me have some, too! I'll pretend I'm a gourmet food critic and do a report on 'em.
A Junko food report... that's super rare! Bon appetit, you two!
Mmm, it's delicious! If nothing else, you're a good cook! Junko, hurry and try one!

With Celestia Ludenberg and Kirumi Tojo[]

With Celestia Ludenberg and Kirumi Tojo
Hmhmhm... Well, Celeste... How was your lunch today?
It was excellent. Teruteru, your cooking skills are quite divine.
Celeste, I have brought you your afternoon tea.
My, thank you. Your royal milk tea is simply the best I have ever tasted, Kirumi.
*sigh* This is bliss... If only you two weren't a female or a Teruteru...
I would have you two serve at my future castle, but...
Eh? Wh-What's wrong with little ol' me?
If you cannot comprehend that, then your rank will never go up.
M-My rank?
Why, I assign everyone a rank. Teruteru, your cooking skills are at an A-rank, but you are barely an E, slightly above an F.
Th-That bad!?
If gender is a concern of yours, then perhaps would you prefer a butler, Celeste?
Yes, but I understand there are a few who are as talented as you, Kirumi...
However, I've decided to be served by only handsome men. That is simply non-negotiable.
In that case, I know of a superb butler agency. If you would like, I can refer them to you.
My... They must be truly excellent butlers to be recommended by you.
Forget butlers... You'll never find a chef quite like me. Aaah, I would work hard for you every day, Celeste...and even harder every night.
This is why...
...I'll never accept you, YOU DUMBASS!!!
Nnnnnnngh! Shout at me more!
Please refrain from shouting in the dining hall.
Hrrrrrrrrrh! Scold me more!

With Hiyoko Saionji and Miu Iruma[]

With Hiyoko Saionji and Miu Iruma
Look! It's the leader of the jailbait brigade. Didja come for some lollipops and bananas?
Hiyoko...welcome to my dining hall. What is your desire? Lunch, sweets, or...me?
Geez, you two are the worst! I wish I could erase both of you from my mind and existence!
You loudmouth brat! The world would be a terrible fuckin' place without my genius ideas!
You're the loudmouth, you lowly, gross pig woman! Quit dirtying the air with your stench!
Oh... P-Pig woman...? Th-That's not bad...!
Ooh...this scene's starting to get me all excited. Please go on, you two.
You two are soooo gross! I'm so embarrassed to be seen with you in public!
Now, now, don't say that. Miu and I are pretty in sync, y'know?
You're way too small to satisfy me! But I guess even a pig like you can whip up a decent meal!
Then do me a favor and go lock yourselves up in a pen like the gross pigs you are!
Hmhmhm, no can do. We need to discuss a joint research project for our next exam.
Huh? Joint research project?
Wow, I guess even pigs are lucky enough to benefit from my genius and beauty!
The problem is...your ideas are really useless. An invention to let you eat 3-star restaurant food in your sleep? So a machine cooks for you?
Huh? Who said anything about a machine doin' the cookin'? Obviously, you're gonna cook.
What? Wh-What do you mean?
Geez, do I gotta spell it out for ya!? I'm gonna remodel ya into a cookin' machine!
Are you a mad scientist!?
Oh, then remodel Teruteru so he can never open his terrible mouth again!
While you're at it, you should sew your mouth shut too, Miu!
I...I've never tried that kinda kink play before...Maybe just a little...
Th-There's no need to try it! We're not going with that invention, geez!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's cook something for everyone's lunch!
Hanamura Dining Hall Delivery... Wait, no, it's a catering service!
You have a guest, right off the bat. How will you serve them?
I have a light menu for the ladies
I thought I smelled something good... Look at this delicious food!
From lunch courses to snacks... I can handle pretty much anything! Since everyone's working up a sweat today, I want them to refuel with some good food.
Rations are still better for you in terms of nutrition...
But I feel like having the luxury to savor food is important, right?
Yeah, something like that.
But, hmm...that's a strange way to look at it. Is it possible that you're not the type who values the joy of eating, Junko?
Well, I have to watch my figure. I'm counting calories.
Your slender, petite body is sexy...but it looks like you could snap in two! You need nutrition!
If you'd like, I can serve you from morning to evening...and even all through the night. Do you want me to serve you as your personal chef?
You better watch yourself, pervert!
Junko got mad and left! You wanted her to eat a lot, but you failed...
I don't think I've got anything for you...
If you'd like, you can order me...is what I'd usually say, but even I have a line...
Well good, cuz I just came here to get my lunch!
Maybe you think, "Hey, this psycho chick doesn't eat normal meals!"
S-Sorry...when you say "meal," I can only picture you eating adorable boys.
Well duh! I could always go for slicing up some adorable boys!
I want to fill my stomach...with Master!
Er, how passionate...bon apetit.
You have my condolences, Byakuya...
Genocide Jack bought a normal lunch...
...Do stuffed animals even need to eat?
While I may be a stuffed animal...I am your teacher first and foremost!
I heard you were cooking for everyone, so I came to support you!
I'm grateful for the thought, but I'd rather not have stuffed animals in my restaurant...
*gasp!* I'm sorry to be a bother. I'll leave now before I cause any trouble...
Sh-Sheesh... That makes me sound like the bad guy...
Oh! Well, if you insist on cheering for me...
Can you tell everyone I've got a restaurant set up here?
Then I'd be able to assist you!
Also tell them that I'm an amazing gentleman who's kind to stuffed animals.
Usami went to enthusiastically advertise for you...and a lot of customers came!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to be the chef at a shop! Do your best!
A new customer has come to visit... How do you greet them?
What would you like...? I'll do anything for you
My apologies for making a request, but do you sell gyoza here?
Gyoza...? Um, I don't have it on the menu, but...
But for you, and only you, Celeste, I'll make them special... Just! For! You!
You can pay me with a...special fee! For example...a passionate kiss!
Thank you. I knew that you would answer my request.
H-Huh? Did you not hear me or something?
I suppose I didn't.
Then shall I say it again? You can give me a passionate kiss...especially to my lower half!
Ah, I see! Now, I am only going to say this once, so please listen closely.
...There's NO FUCKING WAY I'm doing that!!! Get your ass in the kitchen and cook!!!
O-Okaaaaay! I'll make them right away!
You dashed back into the kitchen and made the best gyoza you could...
Greetings mademoiselle...this is on the house
Nyeeeh... Hm...
Hmm...she's more relaxed than ever.
Here you are. The chef's special soup.
Nyeh? I didn't order anything.
Didn't I tell you it was on the house? Your face was saying you're all shaken up, Himiko. When you're nervous, a bowl of soup is the best medicine.
Nervous? Well, I will be performing a magic show pretty soon...
But I'm a pro at magic, so I'm not nervous, But I'll still take the soup...
Well, that's fine, so...how does it taste?
Hm, it's good. Your customer service isn't bad, Teruteru.
Hmhmhm... Only a true chef is able to meet his customer's needs before they ask!
...Himiko seemed very happy!
Hey, you there, what are you doing?
Hello customers! You get to be the audience for my "bear on the street" talk show!
Erm... I'm sorry... I tried to stop him, but Monokuma just wouldn't listen...
Hey, hey! Don't lie now! You were just as excited for this as I was!
Y-You're the liar! I've been trying to stop you from the get-go!
Ugh, you're so annoying... Change of plans! We're doin' a two-man comedy act now!
Hey, what's going on here!? Don't start up some weird show in my restaurant!
Huh? Monomi already missed her line so now I'm over that idea...
Well, people do love the raw, uncut drama that happens during troubled productions like this!
That's right! Raw and uncut is the best!
Yeah! Teruteru knows what I'm talking about!
...What I mean is, get out of here already!
You had a hard time kicking Monokuma and Monomi out...


Your last winter at the academy... You have plans to throw a party with your classmates! While you're cooking for the party, you're also helping with the dining hall...you're very busy! It looks like there are a few students here... Why don't you greet them?
What can I get for you, mademoiselle?
I would like gyoza.
You want gyoza for Christmas, too? You must really like them.
It is true, I have taken an interest in your gyoza, Teruteru.
It makes me somewhat upset to imagine that I will no longer have them after graduation.
Well, I wouldn't mind if you ran to me and leapt into my arms whenever you missed me!
I would appreciate it if you would refrain from making those kinds of remarks.
Apparently, my yelling at you has had no effect at all. It troubles me that you take joy in it.
Hmhm, it's because my bottom half is so hardened, yet my heart is so sensitive!
...You will never learn.
...You prepared delicious gyoza for Celeste!
Sorry, that cake's not for customers
Why not? There's a ton of food here... Is this a special Christmas menu?
Sorry, but that's for our class party later. Is it that you want some cake, Leon? Or do you just want to cover yourself in cream with me?
I don't want any of your cake, man. But the ladies dig this stuff, right?
I thought I could tell Sayaka and the others about how delicious it is...
Hm...well, I can relate to your love of the ladies.
I don't want you to "relate" to me at all.
Anyway, where did you even get this? You didn't make it, did you?
Yeah, I placed an order to the Ultimate Confectioner.
I could've made one myself, but...I thought it'd be best to ask the pro herself.
Then it's gotta be crazy delicious. Maybe I would like a taste after all...
If there are any leftovers, I guess I'll put them out in the dining hall tomorrow.
Really? Then I'll grab some girls and have a little get-together here! This is gonna be fun!
Well, Akane and Byakuya will both be at the party tonight...
But you can make a whole buncha food so the cake doesn't run out, right?
Come on! Save some for us! Please?
Okay, okay. I'll put my back into it, but I can't guarantee there will be leftovers.
...You prepared more food than you planned!
Did you...come to help me?
That was not my intention...but if you require my assistance, I shall provide it.
No, if you came here to eat, I don't mind if you sit and relax.
Even the Şablon:İmp is just another customer to a chef like me.
I see, but...if you need my help, do not hesitate to ask. It is my true desire to help everyone. The Christmas party is today, yes? Shall I help you decorate once I finish my meal?
Hmm...that's okay. I think decorating with everyone is part of the fun.
True... Perhaps I spoke out of turn. It is your party to plan, after all.
Sorry for rejecting all your help... I do appreciate the offer, though.
I can't do that selfless devotion of yours...but I understand working hard for someone.
Is there someone you cook for, Teruteru?
At the start, yes. I wanted to see that person smile... That's why I started cooking.
Of course, now, I'm cooking for the cute customers who come to eat my food!
I see... Now I want to help you even more. When you have your own restaurant, please call me. I can refer you some superb staff.
...You got a heartfelt proposal from Kirumi!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Akane Owari[]

Today is the sports festival... But you were roughed up by Monokuma earlier!
You need to recover in time for the events in the afternoon!
Food food food! Can't fight without eatin'!
Whew, I'm starvin'! Hey, Teruteru, you're makin' boxed lunches, right? Gimme one!
I'd prefer you call it "catering"... But I guess it's fine if it's you.
I know you'd come. Your face says you're longing for a magnificent meal!
Yeah! Gimme meat!
Teruteru fed you an excellent lunch!

Your last winter at the academy... But you're just going to spend it like usual!
You have some free time after the closing ceremony... What do you do?
Food! Food!
This is good! Damn good!
I've still got plenty more, so eat up!
Yeah, bring it on! I'll eat even more than I did yesterday!
I got a little too excited and cooked way too much for yesterday's Christmas party.
I'm totally fine with that! I'm gonna eat as much as I can!
Your food was tasty to begin with, but I think it's gettin' even tastier.
Akane...do you understand the different delicate flavors in each dish!?
Huh? Obviously! I can tell by smell!
Hmm...I know you're a bit on the wild side. Is that why your senses are so sharp?
Well, I've noticed my own improvement too. Everything I make tastes even better now, no? Once I'm gone, the food here will do downhill. I'm worried who will satisfy the underclassmen.
Hm? Are you goin' somewhere or somethin'?
Well, I'll be graduating with you. My skills can't be confined to some dining hall.
I need to start deciding where I should build my restaurant. Maybe in Aoyama?
Anywhere's fine...just make more food for me, okay?
Of course! Whenever you like! Once I've got my own restaurant, I'll contact you right away!
...You've got something to look forward to in the future!

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to sell your original works, of course!
Someone's here already! What do you do?
Oooh, interested in 2D as well?
Mr. Hanamura! I thought you specialized in the 3D world. Have you opened your heart to 2D?
Hmm, the thought of being escorted into the world of erotic 2D by you is exciting, Hifumi...
But I'm not here for that. I brought you something.
Something? For me?
I see you eating snacks and drinking Coke all the time... I'm sure you're tired from pulling all nighters working, so I made you easy-to-digest foods.
Wh-What are you, my wife!?
Hmm? Not into Boys' Love? Well that's certainly surprising.
Why would you think I would be!?
You were taken off guard by Teruteru, but you had to admit the food was great.

With Ibuki Mioda[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today's your Christmas party with your classmates!
Your heart is already partying and you're as psyched up as you can possibly be!
But the actual party won't start for a while... You can't stay still...what do you do?
Head to the party venue right away!
Yaaaahooo! You want me to help with anything?
You're here pretty early, huh Ibuki? It'll be a while before we can start getting ready...
I'm so excited and I have too much energy to wait any longer!
I've been like this since last night! I was so excited, I didn't even sleep!
Well, there's nothing to help with right now. We'll see the dishes out in a bit.
My word, what a hasty little kitten. I'd give you some cream to lick...but I'm busy, too.
Ughughughugh...I'm getting goosebumps! Did I pick the wrong choice!?
But I smell yummy stuff from the kitchen... Even here, my excitement is reaching its limit!
How about you just sit right there and try to figure out the menu from those yummy smells?
Hmm...yeah, okay. I'll wait here a while.
I'll enjoy the yummy smells...oh, and maybe I'll compose a Christmas song!
W-Well, hold on... Maybe you should start decorating the hall instead?
You decided to start decorating with Teruteru's recommendation...

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt says, "Şablon:İmp"! The one you like the most is always inside you, so going to the goal alone would be correct... But explaining that seems problematic. How will you deal with this?
I shall observe the others instead
Well, I needn't win. It would serve me much better to observe everyone else.
So...Teruteru, I give this card to you.
Huh? Is that even allowed?
This card is more suited to you than me... Look at it, and you will understand.
Let's see... Şablon:İmp huh? I see... You got shy, huh? You do look like you'd be the shy type, Kiyo.
I, on the other hand, think it's fine to talk openly about love... This card does suit me! But if you're giving me this card, does that mean you want to...reach the goal together?
...I did not foresee this outcome.
You politely declined!

With Maki Harukawa[]

Today is the school festival... Mahiru asked for your help for her photo exhibit. The photos are set up, so now it's time to sit at the reception desk. What should you do?
...What do you want? Are you a guest or not?
I came to see Mahiru's pictures, of course. But first, I've got a little something for you. A little birdie told me you guys were busy... So I brought you something!
...How about you taste the food first?
What? You want me to make sure there's nothing funny in it? Maki, you know I'd never do that!
If that's the case, then ask yourself whether you *really* wouldn't do such a thing.
Sheesh...I just wanted you to taste my special soup while it's still hot.
Hurry up and take a sip. Do you want to die?
Hmhmhm, you're being awfully shy, aren't you?
I'm serious.
...Sorry. I'll go make a new bowl...
You and Mahiru ate the food that Teruteru brought!

With Miu Iruma[]

Today is the fall school festival... You've decided to exhibit your ingenious inventions! Approach students as they walk by and tell them all about your amazing works!
Hey, pig-face! Get over here!
Huh? You talkin' to me?
Who else!? Get over here! I'll show you some side pieces you can really drool over!
I swear...you're quite the demanding little minx.
Whaddaya think of all these inventions, huh!? Don't get too excited, I just cleaned the rug!
I gotta admit, I'm impressed. There's a bunch of kinky stuff here that even I couldn't dream of...
Just thinkin' about your face while you made this stuff is makin' my loins start to swell...
Oh yeah, that invention will punch you if you say something unfunny and perverted.
Huh!? Then that thing should punch you all the time, Miu!
No... Because it doesn't just punch people outta the blue, either!
Oh my... Now that's a succulent tidbit you just shared with me!
Tidbit? You got my smokin' tidbits right here and that's not enough for ya!?
Hah-hahaha! You may look like a little piggie, but you got the stamina of a fuckin' horse!
...You and Teruteru proceeded to get punched multiple times by your invention.

Your last winter at the academy... and today is Christmas Eve! Upon realizing what day it is, you've been struck by a flash of inspiration!
Time to whip up a "hole-y" invention!
Teruteru! I got somethin' for ya that'll make ya sizzle like bacon outta sheer gratitude!
Why hello there, Santa's horny little helper! Y'know, I was just thinkin' about you... Did you bring me a tantalizingly titillating invention, hmmm?
Now you're gettin' it, porkchop! I've created all kinds of stuff that a lonely boy might need on a hole-y night!
I'll just ignore that "lonely boy" remarks... Anyway, I'll gladly take those inventions.
Hmhmhm... Oh Miu, only you could create such a vulgar variety of pervy products!
Hah-hahaha! I guess even a pig like you can sniff out how amazingly talented I am!
Well, as your peer in perversion, I believe I have a good understanding of your talent! Come get me when you invent another great product! I'll be cheering for you...
Hah! As if I need squeals of encouragement from a little suckling piggie like you! But if you oink real nice...maybe I'll let you be my personal pet pig from now on.
No...I don't need to see your inventions that badly
...You gave Teruteru your inventions and got a Christmas dinner in exchange!

With Monomi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Let's take care of as much unfinished business as possible! What will you do?
I wanna experience new things as a mascot
Teruteru... You've mentioned that you wanna open your own restaurant someday, right?
That's right. It's one of the Şablon:İmp's big dreams!
Well, when you do make that dream come true...please make me your mascot!
Hmm...I never thought I'd get a sales pitch from a mascot character.
I was planning on using my round physique to be my own mascot. What do you think, Toko?
Wh-Why are you asking *me*!?
Well, if you need to know about characters, you ask a writer. You're a pro, aren't you?
W-Well yes, but writing stories about mascot characters is out of my realm.
Some stupid bunny wannabe like this would only show up in comics or light novels.
S-Stupid bunny!?
Hey, food mascots can't be sad. You'd need to always be smiling in front of food.
But she's a bunny, right?
Pigs and chickens, roasted whole. You yourself might be next...
That kind of raw, instinctual thrill should be what you're going for, right?
That's a bit dark, isn't it? Well, just make sure you're happy as you get roasted, Monomi. I think it'd be best if you just keep smiling as you said, "Eat me!" to all the customers.
W-Well now I've lost my appetite!
Um... I mean, I could always be one of those "creepy-cute" mascots, I guess...
Convincing Teruteru to hire you as a mascot seems like it's going to be a hard sell...

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Today is the summer sports festival... It's a good day to make money! Let's do some fortune telling!
A business rival...
Well, well...if it isn't Hiro. Perfect timing. I know what you've been wishing for... It's okay to tell me you want it, y'know? For the sports festival, I'll give you a meal that'll lift you up and won't weigh you down.
So you're making lunch for us, Teruteru?
Hmhmhm, call it "catering." I'm pretty popular today... A demanding little minx has been keeping me busy.
Well, yeah...it's lunch time...
Teruteru's lunch was a huge hit, but no one came to have their fortune read...


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