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This article contains information and transcripts for Tenko Chabashira's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 15 4 2 1 1 5 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 162 125 75 50 50 155 95


I'm very excited to spend my school life with so many Ultimates!
Of course, I refuse to associate with any of the degenerate male students!


I encounter so many wonderful things the past three years, like Himiko and the other girls!
I wanna be able to cry and laugh with everyone even more from now on!

Friendship Events[]

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

With Nekomaru Nidai
Oh, that's good! Right from the bottom of your stomach! You're working hard, Tenko!
Hm? What's wrong!? Put your back into it!
Ah, my spirit is decreasing from just having a male speak to me.
What? Losing your focus just like that...? You need to mentally retrain yourself.
Whoa, don't come any closer! I'll destroy you with my sneak attack!
I know degenerate males only think about humiliating girls with their deplorable actions!
Hmph...I, Nekomaru Nidai, won't be taken in by an amateur like you!
There's a lot of stuff I gotta tell you! A SHIT-TOOOOOOOON!
You've got talent for sure! But you don't have the fundamentals down!
You just move your body around however you like... Hmph, you're just like Akane.
So, you're saying you'll train me? Hmph! You're such an arrogant degenerate!
I'll tell you, since you don't know...Neo-Aikido weakness when you interact with males! I'd never welcome a degenerate like you, even as a team manager!
But if you don't sharpen your skills... Your Neo-Aikido will end with you.
Wh-What did you say!? I created Neo-Aikido with Master! If it ended with me, then the art would immediately perish!
If you want to avoid that, then work on your FUNDAMENTALS! I'll come up with a plan for you!
Ugh, a male as my manager... No, I couldn't bear it!
But I must protect Neo-Aikido... What should I do, Master!?

With Chiaki Nanami and Himiko Yumeno[]

With Chiaki Nanami and Himiko Yumeno
Hey...do you two mind if I join?
You're more than welcome to join us, Chiaki! That's fine, right Himiko?
Oh, thank you. Don't mind if I do then. Um...so you must be Tenko, the Şablon:İmp, and Himiko, the Şablon:İmp.
I'm a mage.
A mage... They're useful in a party, and in many RPGs, they're at the center of the formation. Thank you for your hard work.
Hm, it seems you understand my true value.
Oh, my name is Chiaki Nanami. I'm the Şablon:İmp.
Of course, I know who you are! You're the president of your class! I heard from your teachers you're wonderful at leading girls and disciplining males!
Um...I'm only doing it because I was chosen. Well, I am enjoying it though.
I think it's awesome that you're having fun leading everyone. It would be great if you could get along with us, too!
Yeah. Let's play some games together next time.
Nyeeeh...I don't wanna.
How come!? Is it cuz I'm all you need!?
I never said that.
You should totally say that!
You two really get along.
Of course! We became best friends as soon as we met!
Your memory is as bad as Monotaro's. It's kinda worrying, actually.
I-Isn't that a little harsh!? But I'm elated that you're actually worried about me!
Yeah, you two really do get along...I think.

With Aoi Asahina[]

With Aoi Asahina
Great job swimming, Hina!
Oh, thanks! I swam a lot today!
Tenko, were you practicing Aikido... uh, I mean...Neo-Aikido?
Yeah! I completed a lot of training-like stuff today!
...Training-like stuff, I see...
... Um, Hina...well, um...
Huh? You're usually so upbeat, even more than me! What's up, did something happen?
Oh, if you're fine with telling me, I'll listen!
Ugh... Thank you very much!
Okay then, there's one thing I wanted to ask you...
What? You can ask me anything!
Um...will you teach me how to swim!?
I'm embarrassed that I don't know how to swim!
So, I want you to be my master of the sea!
M-Master of the sea?
Yes! I already have a master on land!
Not that... It's just a little embarrasing to be called master...
But I can teach you how to swim! Or more like...I'd love to teach you!
I'll be glad to have a friend to swim with.
But I won't hold back! We're not gonna stop until you learn how to swim perfectly!
Yes! Please teach me! I shall overcome the rigorous training with the strength I have acquired from Neo-Aikido!
The two of you decided to have swimming practice together!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

With Yasuhiro Hagakure
*sigh* How am I gonna meet my quota this month? I gotta get some more sales... But Makoto said no... Some people from the other classes who might go for it are...
Kazuichi, Tsumugi, Mikan, and... maybe Ryoma?
...I smell the scent of evil! Stop, you reptilian degenerate!
Yikes! Tenko!? Wh-What're you doing here?
Just as I thought! Degenerate males are evil to their very soul! This hero of justice will never stop fighting until this whole world is peaceful for girls!
I'm fine with that...because that is my duty! The hero of justice shall defeat you, evildoer!
Huh? Hero of justice? What are you, a little kid or something?
Wh-What's up with that reaction!? Once again, degenerates...
...don't appreciate heroes of justice, they don't appreciate they were born from women... ...and they think being a bad boy or evil is cool! I'll never forgive them!
I-I'm not doing anything bad! Cuz the thing I'm selling this time will make those who buy it and everyone around them... ...super happy! It's an amazing charm!
You're obviously suspicious! You're gonna sin more even when your whole existence is a sin!? Hiro... do you have a mother, a sister, a grandmother, or a daughter? Until the hero of justice arrives, you must appreciate all the great girls in your life!
I-I don't really get it, but gimme a break! Save me, Mom!

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

With Mahiru Koizumi
*sigh* Geez, why are boys so...?
What's wrong, Mahiru!? I heard a girl in trouble!
Ah... Well, I had to scold some boys causing a ruckus in the hall.
How dare they!? They're not kids anymore! They should know better than to bother you!
Totally. They're not kids anymore, but they're so insensitive...it's ridiculous.
Exactly! Degenerates are always creating problems for us girls!
Yeah, seriously. Some are so helpless, and others have no tact...
Exactly! All degenerate males should die!
They should all die! No questions asked!
Well...I think that's going a little too far.
Why!? Wait...are you being blackmailed by a degenerate male right now!?
Curse you, degenerates... You're a bunch of sneaky bastards!
Otenko says to keep the sun in your heart, but this Tenko chooses the daughter!
C-Calm down, Tenko! Don't raise your voice in the hallway like that!
I'm sorry, how could I...? I made the same mistake as those males...
Yeah, well...I understand how you feel, but try not to get too worked up about it.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the exciting summer sports festival! You're gonna be in the three-legged race! It's unfortunate that Himiko is in a different event, but...let's do our best anyway!
I must shake hands with my partner!
I feel like having you is like having the help of a 100 people, Maki! Let's go for the gold!
You're pretty pumped about this. Well, I don't plan to hold back.
Ooohh! You look calm but you're competitive, aren't you? I can definitely rely on you!
Well, not really...but you can assume whatever you want.
I'll do just that then! If it's us, I know going to the top will be a piece of cake!
You were able to strengthen your teamwork at the start of the race...you think!
I must greet the runner next to me!
I'm sure you know this already, but I'm Tenko Chabashira! Let's have a fair match!
Oh, you're the runner in the next lane, right? Yeah, okay. Let's do this.
Krgh...you threw me off for a bit there... You must be an impressive tactician, Chiaki!
...Um, I didn't mean it like that.
But I've played a lot of strategy games. It feels good when your tactics pay off.
You listened to Chiaki talk about games, until the race started...
I must receive energy from those around me!
All the girls in the audience are cheering for me! I'll do my best, so give me all your energy!
Wow! You're so full of energy, Tenko! Ibuki the cheerleader will not lose!
Gooood luuuuuck, Tenkoooooooo!
Thank you very much, Ibuki! Your cheers are the best!
Heck yehh! Leave the cheering toooo meeeeeeeee!!!
Then leave the running toooo meeeeeeeee!!!
You were hyped by Ibuki's cheers and started yelling, until everyone told you to shut up!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordsmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports are hosting a fashion show!
You're in the fashion show, but now you're nervous. Maybe you should walk around the gym?
I will gather my spirit energy by yelling!
Tenko, what happened?
Oh...I was just gathering my spirit energy! Did I scare you!? I forgot I'm not the only one who wants to focus before the show! I'm so insensitive!
I was a little surprised, but I'm fine. I'm used to running around right before the show anyway.
Ooh...you are a national pop sensation, Sayaka! You definitely have way more experience!
I always get nervous at times like these, so I look at my friends on the stage with me. I feel like I can do anything as long as I have my friends. I don't feel so anxious after that.
I hope that helps you a bit, Tenko.
Yes, that definitely helps! I feel like I can do anything now, especially with you on stage with me!
Thanks to Sayaka, your anxiety flew out the window!
Grrr...I see a suspicious shadow
You degenerate male! What are you doing sneaking around like that?!
I'm not sneaking around... You guys said you'd be doing some kinda show...so I thought I'd drop by or whatever.
Hmm, I don't trust you. Your face has "ulterior motive" painted all over.
What did you say to me!?
You're gonna blow all over while looking at the cute girls on stage, aren't you!? Males your age only care about stripping girls of their clothes, no matter what we're wearing!
Tch...I'm used to people being suspicious of me, but being accused of shit like this is a pain...
Spit it out already before I throw you out the gym!
H-Hey, I already spit it out! What's so bad about coming to see the show?
You argued with Fuyuhiko, until Sakura and Peko stopped you...
I'll keep watch at the gym's entrance
Grrr... A degenerate male like you has a lot of nerve showing up here...
Normally, I would destroy you and your ulterior motives without hesitation...
I have no ulterior motives! If you will recall, I *am* on the public morals committee! I would never allow such a disarray of public morals as ulterior motives at a school event!
Ugh... Uuuuggghhhhhhh...
Wh-What's wrong, Tenko!? Does your stomach hurt?
Taka...your ideals are correct. But...but...!
...I can't! I can't accept any degenerate male, so please just go back!
What!? A-Are you saying...you won't accept my opinion, no matter how legitimate, because I am male!?
I'm sorry, but I must refuse all degenerate males!
Th-That's...something that can't be changed, no matter how hard I work at it!
Wait, I have an idea... How about you just work hard to become a girl instead!?
...UWAAAAAAAH! What on earth are you telling me to do!?
You felt a little guilty about how upset you made Taka...


Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
But save your sadness for graduation day! Right now, you're feeling pumped as ever!
So, what will you do today?
I'll go help Mikan, who's always busy!
Ugh, owww... I-I fell...
M-Mikan! Are you okay!?
Ahhh, Tenko... P-please heeeelp!
Leave it to me! Grab on!
O-Okay! Ughhh, th-thank you so much. I'm so sorry I embarrassed myself in front of you.
Please, don't worry about it! I'm glad I was able to help you!
Helping girls is a given! And helping girls in distress is even more of a given!
I'm Tenko Chabashira, hero of justice! Saving girls and crushing men is what I do best!
H-Hero of justice?
Oops...keep that a secret. Although, I'm sure it's no big deal to tell that to a wonderful girl like you, Mikan.
W-Wonderful!? M-Me!?
Of course! You're always doing your part in the health committee and helping everyone!
N-No way... This is the first time...anyone has said that to me...
C-Can you say it...again?
You're a wonderful girl, Mikan!
I'm sure there are times when tears are necessary, but please smile!
A girl's smile is the best reward for a Hero of Justice!
You accomplished a great feat as the Hero of Justice today!
I'll go get what I asked Mahiru for!
Are you finished with the thing, Mahiru?
Yeah, it's done. Here you go...a group picture of your class.
Th-Thank you very much! Aaw...Himiko's eyes are half-closed in this. She's like a cute, sleepy baby animal!
I have mixed feelings about the males in this, but...I'd like to keep them in my memories, too. I must defeat them one day... I'll carve their faces...into my heart!
You want to defeat them...?
Well...with your photography skills, these vile degenerate males look...somewhat endearing. If we can all get along with each other forever...just like how we're doing now... I catch myself thinking stuff like that from time to time.
Yeah...the boys are still acting dumb even after three years...
But, it's sad to think it'll be hard for all of us to meet again after we graduate...
But I think the only time I'm okay with males is...when they're in a picture you take!
Mahiru gave you enough copies of your class picture for everyone!
I'll go train with Sakura!
Sakura! If it's alright with you, please let me join you!
Oh, Tenko...go ahead. Even if we don't have class, we can't rest from training... You're the same, right?
Of course! I still have a long way to go before I master Neo-Aikido!
Plus...training with someone who's aiming for the top will inspire me to work even harder!
If me being here helps you, then that is for the best.
You're such an extraordinary girl! I admire you, but in a different way from Himiko!
Sometimes, I feel like I wouldn't be able to stand a chance against you...
But...there's no way I can give up from that!
I have one thing that I know you can't do! And that's mastering the path of Neo-Aikido!
A new martial art... That is also an extraordinary path to overcome.
Should we train together, Tenko? Perhaps we can bring the best out of each other.
Yes! Let's work hard together!
The two of you trained together with even more passion!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Your last winter at the academy... Himiko is going to perform a Christmas magic show! After working since yesterday to make the set, it's nearly showtime... What will you do?
Maybe I'll just watch from the audience.
Hm? Tenko, why are you in the audience? You helped prepare the show too, didn't you?
Yeah, but I only helped with the menial tasks...but I did send Himiko all my loving support. Angie...thank you for working on the set.
I merely lent my body to Atua, to be used as an instrument of His mighty artistry...
Ugh... Uuuuuggghhhhhhhh...
Hmmm? What's wrong?
When Himiko was preparing for her show, she asked you for help first. Of course she would. You're the only one who could make the perfect decorations for her show.
But...the show couldn't have been completed without me, either! Even if I didn't do anything special, what matters was that I was there!
Very true... Atua agrees with you, Tenko. You are so dedicated.
Mm-hm. You always dedicate your body and soul to doing your very best.
So if you dedicate yourself to prayer, I'm certain Atua will be most pleased.
Ugh...degenerate males may be the worst, but girls can be sneaky too!
I learned that cuz of you! Why would you make me realize that!?
Hmmm... Is this gratitude? Or anger?
You enjoyed Himiko's show while next to the emotionally conflicted Tenko...

With Aoi Asahina[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Alright, I'll go for a little swim!
Hina, are you going to the pool, too!?
Are you heading there now, Tenko?
Yes! I'm a much better swimmer now, thanks to your teachings!
Once you get a taste for the water, you wanna swim no matter what season it is!
Yeah! I hope you love swimming as much as I do!
I don't think I'd be so comfortable in the water without you as my ocean master.
D-Don't...call me that.
Good point! I haven't swam in the ocean yet! Maybe I shouldn't call you by that name!
But it's okay! Thanks to you, I can finally ask Himiko to go to the beach with me!
No, I just mean it's...a little embarrassing...
As my master of the sea, you're welcome to come, too! Oh, I can't wait for summer!
Oh yeah...I gotta train more so my summer bod is ready to show off!
*sigh* She's not listening...but it looks like she's having a lot of fun.
You swam with Tenko, who wanted to improve her swimming, and kept her company...

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're being forced to play volleyball.
According to the rules, you can't use magic... What in the world will you do?
I guess I'll try my best...
If you stay still...you never know when a ball's gonna come flying at your face.
That's the spirit! Why don't you use your magic to throw balls as fast as cannons!?
That's against the rules.
So you wanna follow the rules!
You did your best while being careful not to get hit by the ball.

Your last winter at the academy... You decided to perform a magic show for Christmas! You should be well-prepared for the main event. What will you start with?
I'll start preparing in the gym
Himiko, how's the stage looking? Is it alright?
Hm, it's fine.
Himiko, how are the preparations for your magic going? Anything I can help you with?
No, not really. Only a mage can prepare for a magic show.
Himiko, are you nervous? Is there any way I can cheer you up?
Nyeeeh, that's my line! Why are you more nervous than me!?
H-How can you tell!? I'm just so happy that I get to help you!
If you wanna help me, then calm down! To use big spells like this, I gotta focus!
I-I'm sorry! I won't get in the way of your big spells!
Ughhh, I made you mad... But I'm a little happy...
You're showing me way more expressions than you did in the beginning!
And you're only like this...to me!
No, I'm like this to others, too.
Gaaaahhh!!! You could've said it was just me!
Geez...you're always so weird.
Himiko, you smiled... Or more like...I made you smile just now.
O-Oh god... Your smile was too cute!
What? Don't overexaggerate just because I smiled a little. I can't always be serious.
I'm still happy. Please show me your smile from now on. I'd be pleased with any other emotion, too.
I know. I'll be sure to show you, so...let's get back to preparing, Tenko.
...You worked together to prepare for your magic show!

With Ibuki Mioda[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today's your Christmas party with your classmates!
Your heart is already partying and you're as psyched up as you can possibly be!
But the actual party won't start for a while... You can't stay still...what do you do?
Scream "Merry Christmas" right nooow!
Yaaaaahoooo! Merry Christmas! It's time to start my impromptu concert!
Oh, so it was you, Ibuki. I knew I heard someone loud.
Tenko! Merry Xmas!
Merry Christmas, Ibuki! You're energetic as always!
I'm especially jazzed today because my class is having a Christmas party!
Christmas means cakes, turkey, and death metal! Let's crank this Christmas up to Christmaximum!
Oh, a party? I'm so jealous! I wanna have an all-girls Christmas party with Himiko, too!
Huh? So you don't have anything to do for Christmas, Tenko?
That's an incredibly innocent, but blunt, question!
But I will not be discouraged! For I have a plan!
Tooday is...Himiko's special Christmas magic show!
Himiko's show sounds fun, too! But I'm already booked solid today!
What a Christmas! My day is 100% Christmas!
It's unfortunate you won't be able to come...but I'm sure there'll be another chance.
The next time Himiko has a show, I'll definitely let you know!
There's always tomorrow! Got it! I'll definitely go then!
...You made a promise with Tenko!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
Girls volleyball seems fun to watch!
Wow, the other team has Sakura! But it looks like my class is working hard, too...
Oh, it's Kaede! Did you come to cheer us on!? Thank you so much... Girls are the best! Now, I'm really pumped up!
Tenko, I see power in your eyes.
I haven't lost yet... Uuuooooohhhhhhh!!!
Oh, this is so intense! This reminds me of Chopin's Şablon:İmp!
Alright... Do your best, everyone!
You chanted fiery cheers that matched the intensity of the heated match!

With Leon Kuwata[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the crepe stand to get girls! Because you're kind of a big deal, you decide to take a walk around...
I heard Sayaka was doing a fashion show...
I wonder what kind of clothes she's gonna model? Idol stuff or something more...mature?
So you've come...you miserable pile of secrets!
Oh, Tenko. Are you gonna be in the show too?
Indeed! And it's my duty to banish vile degenerates like you!
What? You're not gonna let any guys in!?
It's a necessary measure! Degenerates will swarm like flies once Sayaka and the others display their elegance! Honestly...if it were up to me, this entire event would be girls-only!
Oh come on! I wanna see Sayaka's show too!
Absolutely not! Go away!
...Fine, whatever.
Hmph...you seem much more reasonable than the average male.
Not really. I'm just gonna come back when you leave and sneak in.
Wh-What did you say!?
So keep playin' guard dog a little longer! See you later!
W-Wait! Come back so I can destroy you!
You ran away, Tenko chasing behind you!

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Today is the fall school festival! A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls with entertainment and sports talents came together to do a fashion show! But you didn't really want to participate in the first place. What do you do?
Distract myself by calming someone down
Ugh, I can't stay still... A show featuring all the girls is just too wonderful...
But I'm not worthy enough to stand on stage with everyone else with a body like this! I wonder if Himiko feels the same way before a show... At a time like this, my Neo-Aikido...
Tenko...are you alright? You've been talking to yourself for some time...
I am absolutely not alright! But thank you for worrying about me!
...That's what I thought.
Arghhh, how could I be calm!? I'm walking on stage after Sayaka, you know!?
Wait... Doesn't that basically make me a performer like her!?
I-Is that so? To be honest, I don't really follow that logic...
Yes! And you're a performer, too, of course!
Wha—!? That...isn't possible! You need to calm down already, Tenko!
You were confused by Tenko's forceful rambling, but at least it distracted you.

With Sakura Ogami[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... All the girls with sports and entertainment-related talents are putting on a fashion show! Unfortunately, that includes you, too... You have time before the show. What will you do?
I will wait to go on stage with my peers...
Oh, that's not a siren! It's just my voice!
Yes, I can tell.
I'd usually be able to overcome this using my Neo-Aikido spirit, but...ghhh, I can't stay still! I can't believe I'll be sharing a stage with a real pop sensation like Sayaka...
Oooohhh, this is bad! Whenever I get this nervous, my face distorts like a demon's!
Tenko...do you remember the purpose of this event?
Purpose...? Hm... We have sports-related talents, while Sayaka and the others' talents are in entertainment... So we want people to see how amazing we girls are, despite our different disciplines, right?
That's right. You cannot compare yourself to others. Take the stage...as yourself.
S-Sakura...it's amazing to hear that from a dignified girl like you! You're so cool! Compared to you...I still have much training to do.
Alright. This'll be a piece of cake!
You were able to help Tenko!

With Usami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's watch everyone play sports and get along!
...At least, that was the plan before you got chosen to fill in for the volleyball event!
I must greet everyone on the opposing team!
Um...I didn't know you were allowed to participate...
It may surprise you...but I'm a player today! So let's get out there and do our best!
You're right... Keebo's participating, so I guess another robot should be allowed, too...
Robot? Wait, you weren't bothered because I'm not a student?
Well...you're a girl, so there's no problem! Let's do our best!
...Would it be a problem if I was a boy?
Somehow, the other team acknowledged you as a worthy opponent!


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